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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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L85b1. When he rises to heaven, he attains bodily fullness .12.22.-.25.

Having risen to heaven (meeting God, returning from heaven to earth), a bodily flawed young man (usually: having half a body) becomes full.

Dogon [boy without buttocks], mona (boy with a finger), Thai Vietnam (without arms and legs, becomes thunder), ibana, dusun, ngaju, bataki, Bali, Java, Roti, Timor, loda, vemale, o- wa Kay, Sangihe, Numfoor, Nias, Bukidnon.

West Africa. Dogon [a woman gave birth to a son without buttocks; he comes to God; he demands to bring the hearts of his parents; the boy brings his father's heart, gets one buttock; to get the second, brings and mother's heart; God warned not to wipe himself with straw; the boy broke the ban, his buttocks fell off; he demands compensation from Straw, she gives a grasshopper; he asks the blacksmith to fry the grasshopper, he did not follow and the grasshopper burned down; the boy got a hoe, let the shepherds dig a well with only sticks; they broke their hoe, gave them a wineskin of water; he gives it to girls who carried firewood and were thirsty, gets firewood; the woman in labor burns her buttocks to warm the water to wash the baby, the boy gives her firewood, he gives him a pot of butter; the boy asks the tree why it is white; Wood: I need to be lubricated; he gives him oil, gets a necklace; gives it to the Bird, which flies away without giving anything in return]: Paulme 1976:140.

Burma - Indochina. Mona [the pregnant weaver spread the yarn to dry, and the sun came out and then hid behind the clouds; the weaver scolded him, the Sun made the boy born as tall as a finger; he leaves fight the Sun, meets, comrades a pestle and mortar, a hammer, a duck egg, a corner; the sailor promises to take them to the Sun if they defeat the evil Bill, who bewitched the sailor; in Bill's house a mortar and pestle took refuge under the stairs, an egg in the kitchen, a hammer in a vat of water, a needle in bed, the boy hid outside the door; Bill pricked a needle, went to light the fire, the egg splashed ash into his eyes, In a vat of water, he hit a hammer, fell into a mortar, the pestle finished him off; when he arrived at the Sun, the boy called for wind and rain for help, returned home victorious, became a handsome young man]: Zapadova 1977:206-208; Thai Vietnam (told in Vietnamese) [a woman gave birth to a son without arms or legs; he is smart and knowledgeable; the spirit asks his father how many times he walked from end to end of the field with a harrow; father cannot answer; son asks him to bring the spirit to him next time; promises the spirit to answer if he explains why Pó Fã created land, trees, etc., and crippled him; the spirit brings him to heaven to the thunder Pó ; Thén; he puts the young man in the mold four times and redoes it; the first time he lacks legs, the second time the head; the third time the thunder takes the royal uniform, but still has no hand; on the fourth takes his own shape; the young man becomes whole and acquires all the properties of a thunder, becomes the master of heaven himself; the old thunder shouts that the new one is doing everything wrong, does not observe the seasons, so people are starving; these screams are thunder; when it hits the sky and throws pieces, it's lightning]: Degeorge 1925:965-967.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Coastal Dayaks (ibanas): Hose 1912 [people in the forest mistook the boa constrictor for a log, began to cut down the collected roots on it; when they understood what was going on, they cut and welded the boa constrictor; rain flooded the ground with a flood; on the mountain a woman, a dog, a rat and other small animals escaped; the vine rubbed against the trunk, heating it; the dog noticed this, the woman got fire; married a vine, gave birth to a half-boy (vertically) Simpang Impang; he took grain from the rat, which promised that rats would eat grain from humans; The wind scattered the grains; SI went to look for the Wind; along the way, the tree, on which birds are constantly eating, said ask the Wind to knock him down (so as not to suffer); the Lake asked the Wind to remove the piece of gold that covered the water's runoff; sugarcane and bananas to have branches like trees; The wind suggests competitions; 1) dive (the bubble immediately surfaced, the fish that dived instead of SI won); 2) jump (the swift took off instead of SI); 3) go through the wind gun (ant); the wind does not give up; then SI called his Father's Fire Drill, set fire to the Wind House; The Wind admits defeat, makes SI a fat man in compensation for the grain; as for other requests, the Wind promised to fix the matter; but he will not give branches, because people break customs]: 144-147 (=Hose, McDougall 1912:144-147); Sather 1994 at Platencamp 2005 [Sanggau woman has sons Nyaring Angki; at night someone steals rice from the field; brothers guard, see how from the sky A serpent comes down, kills him with a sarbakan; people cook pieces, women giggle when they hear a promise to flood the land from the cauldron; only Dayang Racha, Angka's daughter, survived on the mountain; the first to receive fire rubbed, became pregnant with a spark, gave birth to Simpang-Inmpang (half boy); went down the mountain, found people; SI grew up, decided to commit suicide by swimming into the sea, but was taken by Indai Jabua (Rat Goddess); asked to look after her family with children; they were rats; XI scalded her children, said they knocked over the cauldron themselves, but the children said he was lying; DR angrily sent him away, but gave him three huge ricins; Wind blew, the ricins split into many ordinary ones; SI gathered all the gods and people, complained about the Wind; they agreed that the Wind must pay, he said it was not his fault; SI convened a military expedition , but Wind explained that he was a friend of Fire, Father XI; gave a ritual gong]: 143-154 (same myth in Jensen 1974:76-77, stating that these are the upper reaches of Lemanak); dusun (Tempassuk) [woman gave birth half boy; he walked for a long time, found his half and merged with it; it may have happened in the village of the supreme god Kenharingan]: Evans 1913:456-457; ngaju [Ranjung Mahatala Langit ordered a man and his wife go down from heaven to earth ("to the bank of the river of peace" {common formula}); a man became a chief, their daughter was married by Djangga (Month, Chief of Men on the Moon), visits his wife every new moon; she pregnant, at this time sex is limited, he is offended, says that there is a bad smell on the ground, leaves, leaving seven arrows for his son to be born; he will have to tie seven silver bamboos, climb them, release darts from the sarbakan into the sky, they form a chain, it will turn into a vine, along which he will ascend to the gates of heaven; D. himself rose in the same way; because the father left his pregnant wife ( this is taboo), a half son was born (vertically), his name is Silai; the mother tells us who his father is, advises him to go to his father's brother Sun first; S. comes to the orangutan leader, who sends ravens to the leader; he asks for a boa constrictor to eat on the way; S. sits on a crow, throws pieces into its beak, which brings it to the gates of heaven; on the way, S. saves drowning ants left in the drying pond of fish, a deer entangled in vines, a monkey stuck between branches, a crocodile lost on land frees a firefly from the web; Uncle S., the sun chief (Djangkarau Matanandau) brings him to the lunar village; The month calls S. a geek, a liar; offers tests; 1) separate water, oil, ash, sand mixed in the vessel (ants, fish separate); 2) pave a path to the forest garden without scratching (C . goes back and forth on a deer's back); 3) climb a tall tree (a monkey dressed as S. climbs); 4) win boat races (a crocodile pulls S.'s boat); 5) go to the box at night in a dark house where he is, A month, sleeps (firefly shows); The month recognizes S. as a son; cuts four times, cooks, sculpts again; for the first time S. becomes a black dwarf, then red, then a rooster, then a strongman, handsome; he is the ancestor of those Ngaju with lighter skin]: Schärer 1966:124-135; bataks [Raja Doli Martua asks god Mulojadi to give at least one son if his brother has seven sons; Raja's wife gives birth half boy (vertically) Siaji Sambola; he grows up, goes west to M.; M. sends a swallow for him, S. sits on her back, brings him to heaven; M. explains that S.'s soul asked for only half of his future destiny; M. suggests that S. choose again; S. believes that possible fields are too difficult, agrees to remain half; but M. says he can completely melt him and create it again; for the seventh time, M. managed to create a whole body for S., he sends it back to earth]: Knappert 1977b, No. 4:154-157 (=1999:294-296); Bali [(synopsis 6 versions); Lejat scolds the gods for being childless; God in the guise of an old man gives him half a biscuit, tells L.'s wife to eat it; she gives birth to a half-boy (one arm, one leg, etc.); he goes to heaven to look for that god; man asks God to ask why rice does not grow on his field; the hermit orders the old man to be grabbed from behind, who agrees to put Half on his bull, the bull rises to heaven; in the heavenly temple, Half finds a stone threshold in the form of half a person, applies it to himself, becomes whole; God explains what sacrifice must be made in order for rice to degenerate; when he returns to his parents, Half (now it is whole) By the power of his word, tames the cannibal giant, tells him to break his head against a stone, gets a Raja's daughter]: Hoikas van Leeuwen Bomkamp 1983, No. 10:59-65; Java: Headley 2005b [The childless king of Wedarasanda is married to two sisters; a monk advises him to sit under a mango tree; the fruit falls; V.'s wives eat half, a half boy is born (each wife?) ; he is left to be eaten by a cannibal, but the halves join together, the young man becomes king of Jarasanda; he can take over the whole world if he maintains his integrity; he is placed on a meteorite, Bima separates again him]: 162-163; Kratz 1973, No. 9 [half man (vertically) goes to the Sun to ask him to give him a full body; the Sun replies that the cloud is more powerful than him, let him turn to it; the cloud refers him to to the wind, to the mountain, to the porcupine that digs a hole, to the dog that the porcupine is afraid of, to the man the dog is afraid of; the man says that it is necessary to ask the Lord; the half meets Haji, who is all life sat on a stone and wiped it; he asks him to know where in paradise is prepared for him and how many gurias he is entitled to; meets a penitent robber, who asks him to know what place hell awaits him; a man who cuts bamboo senselessly, he drives Half away; Half wants to pick a grenade, but all pomegranates vied with each other, Half cannot choose, leaves; two ponds are full, and between them dry, fish jump from one extreme pond to another without noticing the dry one; the Lord shows a place in paradise prepared for the repentant, a place in hell for the Hajji; at the entrance, scissors that cut the incoming to hell to pieces; two ponds - rich who do not notice the poor; chopping bamboo does useless work; grenades are people serving rulers; tells you to walk without looking around a long bridge ; Half reaches the ground, finds a full body; tells the thief and Haji what the Lord showed him]: 57-66; Roti [the youngest of the two sisters is half (vertically); rusha rice, forever she touches her sister's pestle with a pestle; she screams that she is terrible, sees nothing, you know, beats; Half complains to her mother, but the mother confirms that she is really only half a man; Half went to look for her half; the old woman advises you to follow a narrow path from the fork; then the buffalo, the horse, the ant show the way again; the ant explains how to enter the Lord's house; he tells you to cut the Half into pieces, to mold in a ball, cover, three days later the girl is reborn as a fat person; the Lord gives her wealth, sends her to her parents; the older sister also wants to get rich; she goes the same way, but answers not that her sister insulted her and that she wants her share in heaven; the Lord turns her into a black dog, the current ones come from her]: Platencamp 2005:137-141; Timor [married Cabere was one head; otherwise he was a normal boy; during the absence of parents, many people with goods asked for permission to stay under the canopy of the house; K. allowed; at night K. rolled down to them, people fled in panic, leaving goods; parents did not find owners; K. realized his ugliness; the raven carried him to the top of the palm tree, which grew to the sky, K. asked God for a body and limbs; returned on that The same palm tree as a normal young man; the leader climbed the same palm tree, asked God to make it better; God turned him into a black dog, K. married the leader's wife]: Pascoal 1967:268-270; loda (Halmahera) [the first man and woman have a son; when the wife is pregnant with the second, the rain washed half of her garden into the river; she cursed the rain, she had a half son (vertically); he went up to the heavenly god, who told to swim in the pond, the young man became handsome, returned home; his older brother wanted to be just as beautiful; God told him to swim with a white handkerchief around his neck; he turned into a dog with a white spot on his neck]: Baarda 1904, No. 13:444-446 (English retelling in Dixon 1916:215-216; French translation in Platencamp 2005:129-134); vemale (Seram) [girl works in the field, it starts raining, she curses him; becoming pregnant , gives birth to a boy Taunala, he has only the right half of his body; T. comes to the upper world to God Dunai for his other half; D. cooks both halves in a cauldron, sculpts a new T. from the boiled substance, revives; tells him to tell his mother not to curse the rain anymore; after seeing his mother, T. comes to heaven again; chooses people's food, D. gives him a human leg; then animal food; hides rice in the wound on leg, brings it to the ground; D. furiously lowers rice on a rope of mice to devour rice, but T. cuts off the rope, the mice scatter around the world]: Jensen 1939:83-84 in Prager 2005:107; vemale (Seram) [woman the sun curses, gives birth to a boy Haumala, he has only half of his body; he comes to the upper world by the Tuwale sun for his other half; T. shows him the tree on which she hangs, glues the halves together; shows vegetable gardens planted with human bones and hair; Tuniai (Tuwale?) shows bats hanging on a tree; these are people's souls; chooses people's food, D. gives him a human leg; when T. is angry, devours these mice, people die on earth; T. sends H. back to earth tell people not to question the deeds of the gods]: DeVries 1927:182-183 in Prager 2005:107-108; Kay Islands: Barraud 2005:49-51 [the girl is given everything in full, and when she He grows up by himself, he always gives only half to others; gives birth to a half-son (right); he goes over seven mountains to God to look for his left half; he turns him into a normal person; explains what to do be generous], 51-53 [a woman dries beans and lentils; then it rains and then the sun again; she tells God he probably wants to split people in half; gives birth to a half-son; he asks his mother to give him bow and arrow, he goes to God; those he meets ask for questions about their problems; 1) one goes to get water all the time, does not have time for anything else; 2) the second waits for palm wine to pour out, it still does not pour; half stays at the Raja, God comes there, becomes whole, tells the mother not to blaspheme anymore; wine must be poured through a pipe, water must be carried in a vessel]; Sangihe Islands, Numphor, Nias [the main motif of a half-boy who becomes whole like a lod]: Dixon 1916:337 (note 20).

Taiwan - Philippines. Juan Pikas ("The One-Sided") is a half-boy (vertically); went to God to see if he could become a normal person; along the way, a well-fed horse asks why he is tied for such a short rope; then a skinny horse: why am I skinny, even though the rope I am tied to is long; the man at the crossroads feeds everyone who passes by; asks if he will be saved by doing it; another whose house above the waterfall kills everyone passing by; asks if he can escape; God told Juan that he wanted to test him, and now gives him a full body; the first horse is righteous, the second is not; the distributor the food will be saved, the killer will not; when Juan told the person who distributed the food, he replied that, of course, he would; for his arrogance he is now doomed to death, and the murderer will be saved]: Demetrio 1972, No. 2: 8-10.