Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L89. One is secretly feeding the other. .

One person, wanting to harm another, quietly lets him eat a certain food or use a certain item. As a result, he suffers damage, dies, or experiences metamorphosis.

South Asia. Sinhala [a peasant is widowed; an old woman comes to his daughter, asks for fire, eats everything; a peasant finds her, marries; she asks to cook soup from her stepdaughter's eyes; a father ties his daughter in the forest to a tree, pulls out his eyes; her little brother finds eyes on the shelf, finds a sister, returns his eyes; brother and sister meet the king, he takes the girl as his wife; goes to war; if the queen gives birth to a son, it must shake the silver chain; the stepmother hears it before the king, makes pies with snake eggs, smears the sleeping queen's lips, she turns into a cobra; when the brother rocks her child, she comes out of the anthill feed him, takes on a human form for a while; the tsar returns, cuts the cobra, the queen remains a woman; the stepmother and her husband are sent a box of snakes, they die]: Volkhonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 103:255- 258.

The Midwest. Menominee [a person is not allowed to eat porcupine meat; others put this meat in his bowl; he is terribly thirsty, turns into catfish; goes into a stream, turning it into a huge lake; sends commercial animals to his father]: Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. 42:476-477; Ojibwa [father envies his youngest son because he is a good hunter; sends him to kill a giant, puma, horned a water snake, an elk; a young man kills them all; puts on a moose skin, it freezes, he cannot free himself; his sister turns into a wolf, finds a brother, makes a fire, freeing his brother; he gives his father and brothers eat horned snake meat; they turn into snakes themselves; a young man cuts them into pieces; pieces turn into toads, snakes, frogs]: Radin 1914, No. 35:67-70; kickapoo [father is jealous of his youngest son hunting luck; tells the Deer, the Moose, the Bear, the Water Monster to kill him; the young man sticks to the Monster's horn sticking out from under the ice; the father tells people to leave his son; the sister stays with his brother, brings him a witchcraft; it kills the Beast; gets a lot of meat; other people are starving; brother and sister give meat to the Raven to feed her children; people come back; father and his older sons eat meat, become into frogs]: Jones 1915, No. 8:55-67.

Southeast USA. Caddo [a talking dog tells the owner that his wife goes to a tree, whistles three times, copulates with a snake crawling out of the hollow; the husband calls the snake with the same signal, cuts it to pieces, lets it eat wife disguised as a fish; wife turns into the same snake, crawls into the same hollow]: Dorsey 1905, No. 39:66-67; tunic [(two options); man quarrels with mother-in-law; cuts off the tail of a sea serpent, lets her eat instead of fish; mother-in-law turns into a snake herself (more precisely, the snake crawls out of her navel and her mother-in-law's body becomes small); son-in-law and daughter cut off the snake; the snake crawls, making one of the Mississippi ducts (bayou)]: Haas 1950, No. 11:87-89.

Guiana. Kalinya [the young man must hunt excessively for his wife's relatives; the Seiba spirit cuts off pieces of the snake, gives him to feed his family with them; everyone except his father-in-law eats and turns wild pigs; father-in-law ties his son-in-law to a pole in the rain; son-in-law rises to the sky, turns into Orion; father-in-law manages to cut off his leg]: Magaña 1987, No. 67:249.

Montagna — Jurua. Kashibo [husband finds a tree with spider nests of birds; sends his wife's lover to get them; throws away the ladder; the vulture lowers the man, putting him on his back; gives a parcel with ants and paint; he hands it over to her husband; after turning it around, the husband and his men die]: Estrella Odicio 1977, No. 6:41-42; Machigenga: Elkins de Snell 1976 [a young man falls in love with his older brother's wife; the woman asks him to get rid of her husband; the young man asks his brother to throw the spider chicks off the tree; destroys the stairs, leaves; the spider's daughter turns into a woman, invites him to her, becomes a wife man; he explains to her father that he wanted to help raise chicks, not eat them; he turns into a spider himself, sees grasshoppers as monkeys; spiders give him a special achiota (red paint); he comes to his wife and brother, they want him to paint them; paint attracts grasshoppers, they eat both colored ones and crops]: 91-97; Ferrero 1966, No. 2 [as in Elkins de Snell; younger brother wants an older wife; The owner of the spiders lets her older brother down, gives paint; when the younger brother and wife smear her, insects, snakes, toads attack them; lovers die]: 421-423.

Bolivia — Guaporé. Takana [man is unlucky to hunt; his wife's relatives send him to the tree to the parrot's nest; cut off the vine, summon a snake from under the roots of the tree; the Forest Master kills the snake, tells him to feed him mother-in-law with snake fat; mother-in-law becomes a snake herself]: Hissink, Hahn, 1961, No. 62, 67 [feeds his wife's mother-in-law and two brothers; they first turn into parrots, then snakes; the Master of the Forest kills them], 220 [the wife's brother tells climb into the battleship's hole; closes the exit; the battleship takes it back, gives a comb; the sister's husband scratches himself with it, rushes himself into the cauldron, dies]: 165-166, 180-183, 351-352

South Amazonia. Vaura [man's brother is his wife's lover; a man puts two tails of lizards with the fish, gives it to his wife; she gives it to his lover; after eating, he will turn into an anaconda; mother and other people come him see; he crawls into the river]: Coelho 1988:522-526; kalapalo [a woman and her husband send her younger brother to get honey from the tree; leave; a tree frog saves the young man, gives him magic paint ( Uruku); after rubbing it, the sister and husband turn into a rainbow and its reflection]: Basso 1973:95-96; nambikwara [two men climb a tree to get eagle feathers; the eagle flies away; the first gets off, makes a trunk the trees are thick (it is not clear why); the second asks Squirrel (Sciurus pyrrhonotus) first, then Sagui (Hapalideo), then Urubu to lower it; they are too weak; Greater Urubu (Sarcoramphus papa) plants a man on his back; when he lowers it to the ground, brings water, sweet potatoes, meat; gives three cigars, one of them for his enemy; after smoking it, he turns into a big anteater; an abandoned palm leaf becomes anteater's tail]: Pereira 1983, No. 61:91-93.

Chaco. Nivacle [a man gives his wife's sister honey mixed with anaconda eggs; she turns into an anaconda]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987b, No. 129, 130:295-297; tereno [woman gets her menstrual Caraguat leaves (bromeliad family, leaves covered with red spots) with blood, feeds them to her husband; when he learns about this, he kills the snake, takes out and presses the embryos, mixes them into honey, gives them to his wife; she turns into a cannibal; he climbs a tree, drops her parrot chicks; while she catches them, she goes down, runs around her trap pit; the wife rushes after her, falls into a hole, dies; this is where the first tobacco grows]: Baldus 1950, No. 2:220-221.