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L92. The imaginary help of an animal to the cannibal.



demon, an ogre, cuts down a tree or rock on top of which the hero hides. The animal offers to cut the cannibal instead of him to rest, but instead spoils his work, saving the hero.

Lobi, Tuaregs, Stavropol Turkmens, Georgians, Lithuanians, Bashkirs, Mari, Udmurts, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Uighurs, Altaians, Tuvans (Khemchik and Southern Altai), Buryats, Oirats, Mongols, Darhats, Mansi, Southern Khanty, Ket, Northern and Southern (?) Selkups, Shuars, Aguaruna.

West Africa. Lobi [Sie drives three cows; when it rains, he tries to hide in a house; only a third cow breaks through the door; there is a dintinker cannibal; Sie replaces the pots of ointment that D. gives him and her son; at night she kills her son; in the morning she tells S. to bring milk in a leaky vessel; S. notices holes, sends d. to bring water in a leaky jug; leaves with cows; the bird teaches d. to seal holes with clay; not finding S., D. chases after her; the woman asks S. to wash her back; he reluctantly agrees; she gives him a stone, a stick, a broom, an egg; thrown behind, they turn into a forest (broom), a mountain (stone) , a stick (thick trees), the sea (egg); d. swims across the sea in a boat, appears in S.'s house in the guise of a girl; S.'s father tells his son to marry her; D. tries to poison S.; rushes with an ax; S. climbs a tree , d. cuts the trunk; The frog offers to chop for it, the felling overgrows; the same second, third frogs; S. played the flute; the animals that his father bought him {not named} heard, ran, torn to pieces d.]: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010:127-131.

North Africa. The Tuaregs (central Niger) [a person wanted to see something amazing; came to a stream of oil, then to the buttocks, then to the eyes that were fighting with each other; djinnija (a genie woman) asked if this was surprising, the man replied that it was nothing special; Ginnia became a woman, invited her to her place, she had many children; she fed the traveler, he went to bed, she sharpened the knife, but sang rooster; when she saw that the man had gone on a camel, Ginnia rushed in pursuit; she was a giantess to heaven; he left the rooster, she ate it; then began to bite off and devour the camel's legs, one at a time; when she ate the last leg and the whole camel, the man climbed the tree; she tore off his penis, turned it into an ax, began to cut down a tree; the chameleon (considered a wise and good animal) asked for cut him down, told him to cut down, the tree was the same as before; the man called the dogs; one wife wanted to let them off the leash, the other said they should not; finally they let the dogs down, they came running, they tore the woman apart; to go down, the tree had to be made below {it is not clear who did it}; the man divorced his wife, who prevented the dogs from letting down]: Rasmussen 1998:269-270 (retelling), 279-284 (subline).

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Stavropol Turkmens [the old man pulls the human liver out of the well, throws the dog; pulls out the old woman; she demands her liver back; does not agree to take the liver of the old man's wife, agrees to take his son's liver; the old people migrate, leave golden alchiki in the old place, send their son for them; a stunted foal is called to take him, turns into a horse; teaches him what to do; the young man says he can't get down, the old woman that she cannot serve; the young man says that his father is coming, he will give; while the old woman looks around, grabs the alchiki, jumps away; stops three times, each time the owner's dog is born a puppy, the young man takes it; not knowing whether he stays with the old woman's son; he asks to leave the dogs at home; an old woman appears, the young man climbs a tree, the old woman pulls out two a tooth, turns them into an ax and a chisel, cuts a tree; a fox calls to cut for it, carries an ax and a chisel; an old woman pulls out two teeth, they turn into an ax and a chisel; the same episode with the Wolf; an old woman cuts again; the boy ties bells to the crane, tells them to fly to the camp; three dogs come running, tear the old woman apart]: Bagriy 1930 (2): 114-119; Georgians [a daughter is born after a son, she has two tooth; brother watched the sister get up, devour the cattle; warns the mother; she does not want to kill her daughter; the brother leaves, gets to the one-eyed maiden; at night the ram tells the deva to be blinded with a hot spit, slaughter a sheep, pull its skin over him; dev lets the sheep between his legs, the young man goes out; dev promises to adopt him; tells not to herd on the mountain of the black maiden; the young man kills the one, his dev is grateful; the same with a red maiden; with an eagle; she asks to give birth to her; the young man hides the male; the eagle gives him both eagles; the young man comes home, sees his sister holding his parents' heads in her hands; she gnaws off one by one The brother's horse's legs, he agrees that he came in three-, two-, one-, legless, came on foot; the sister goes to sharpen his teeth; the mouse wakes up his brother, talks about danger; he leaves a stone in bed above him a bag of ash, climbs on the poplar; the sister cleans her eyes of ash, gnaws on the poplar; the fox offers to throw off the young man, touches the poplar with a branch, the gnawed one overgrows; the same with the Bear; the young man calls eagles, they eat cannibal; three drops of blood fall on a piece of paper, a leaf says that the young man will regret taking it and regret not taking it; the young man hides it in his bosom, his side dries up; merchants suggest guessing what they have it in their chests; the young man does not guess, he must give his eagles; the sheet says that she is wearing cotton wool, the other is beautiful; the young man catches up with merchants, gets chests and eagles, marries a beautiful woman]: Kurdovanidze 1988, No. 46:182-187.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians: Lebite 1965:105-107 [nine brothers went to war, the sister stayed with her witch stepmother; she sends her to the forest where a 9-headed serpent lives; a girl climbs an apple tree, a snake chews on a snake the trunk; the Bear, then the Fox is offered to gnaw at it, make the trunk thicker; at this time the Cuckoo screams for the brothers to approach; they cut off the snake's head, burned the witch], 111-114 [about the same in Kerbelite 2014, No. 59:134-136; an orphan boy inherited horses, bulls, dogs; after feeding them, he sledges down the mountain, sings a song; limes make big sledges, also ride and sing; make a bag, catch the boy, along with the sledge, is brought home to fry; the boy cut the bag with a knife, put the sleeping lime in his place; it was fried; the boy runs, climbs a tree, the limes begin to cut it; the fox offers sharpen axes, blunt them; limes gnaw the trunk with their teeth; the boy calls his animals; horses, bulls, dogs come running, tear lime, crush them into powder; since then, the snow has been sparkling in the sun - it shines lime fat].

Volga - Perm. Bashkirs [the boy Altyn-Sak ("goldgrandmother") has a goldgrandmother; his father brought cattle to the lake; a witch in the water grabs animals by his beard, by the lip; lets go for a promise to give the fact that the old man has one thing is a son; the old man migrates, burying his son's goldgrandmother in the old camp; the son goes after her, choosing a thin foal; he has become a good horse; the boy asks for his grandmother, that tells him to get off the horse; the horse picks up his grandmother himself, jumps away; after him; her horse (previously said that Ubyr is chasing in a mortar with a pestle) calls the boy's horse brother, asks him to slow down his run, he refuses; when she hears what her horse says, she ate him; the boy's horse tells him to climb a tree, hides himself in the water; Ubyr coughs up the sharpener and axe, cuts the trunk; the fox offers a rest throws an ax and a sharpener into the water, the felling overgrows; the second, then the third fox; the crow refuses to call the boy's dogs Akkulak and Sakkulak, because he wants to drink his blood; the sparrow calls, pecking out lead poured into the ears of dogs by an old woman; ubyr rushes into the water; dogs say that if black blood comes up, they killed Ubyr, and if red blood, it is them; blood is brown first, then black; dogs come out water, one ear torn off; then a horse comes out; the boy returns home on it; they live richly]: Zelenin 1991, No. 98 (108): 428-431; Marie: Sabitova 1992 (meadow): 87-93 [(=Aktsorin 1984:133-139 ); old man Yangelde leans to the river for a drink, Black Water grabs him by the beard, tells his youngest son to marry the old man's daughter Silver Tooth Pampálche; she paints over her silver teeth with resin, runs away; on the way she sees Verny Vodyanoy on horseback in a luxurious outfit; the Water Old Woman, carrying wine to the wedding, sings; P. laughs, the resin bounces off her teeth, the old woman recognizes her; A. climbs on a pine tree, an old woman cuts the trunk with an ax; the hare offers to chop it instead, throws an ax into the lake; the old woman drinks the lake, cuts it again; the same episode with the Fox; with the Bear; when the pine falls, sister P. lowers her silk swing down the mountain; this older sister is already married to Vodyanoy; she puts the youngest in a bag, tells her husband to take it to her father as if there are cakes in a bag; when he sits down to try cakes, the girl screams, I see; returns to father], 153-158 [seven orphan sisters have gone out of fire; sent the eldest to Wever Kuva (them: V.-Kuva); the girl invites V. to their house; V. gives fire, says that the sisters are angry the dog asks to hit her in the leg; going to the sisters, he sings that her tow is like a calf, the spindle is like a rolling pin, a spinning rod is like a millstone; the dog barks, V. is afraid, leaves; so with all the sisters in turn (break every next leg to the dog, burn it, scatter the ashes); at the invitation of his younger sister, V. comes, lay down on the stove, with her six sisters, except the youngest; at night, one after another, the skulls eaten fall to the floor ; V. each time replies that a spindle, spindle, etc., has fallen; in the morning, the youngest invites V. to open her mouth to jump into it; throws boots full of hot coals into V.'s mouth; runs, taking a comb, a bar, canvas; an abandoned comb turns into a forest; The hare is called to cut, throws an ax into the lake; V. drinks it; the bar is a mountain; the same, the Fox supposedly cuts; the canvas is the river, V. drinks; the girl climbs on birch, V. cuts; the girl asks her older sister to lower her spindle from the sky; she replies that she sows, then pulls hemp, etc.; at the last moment she descends, the girl rises to heaven; her sister hides it from her husband; he promises not to eat; the girl stays with her sister]; Tudorovskaya, Eman 1945 [the hunter has the daughter of Srebrotoothed Pampálce; picking berries, she sees a kite, asks if trouble will happen; in this while her father leaned to the water for a drink, grabbed the water beard, told her not to fish in his lake and give her daughter; P. put on a torn dress, covered her silver teeth with resin, left; to meet her on black the stallion, the Lord of the Waters, blows a golden horn, P. hid in moss; then towards the girls, old men, aunts; everyone sings that they are going to P.'s wedding; when the old woman, P. laughed, the resin bounced, the old woman saw the silver teeth and grabbed P.; she ran away, climbed a pine tree, her hatchet fell out, the old woman began to cut the trunk with them; P. asks her sister living on the mountain to lower her silk swing; she replies what is not enough time - unwinds the silk ball; the bear offered to chop it, threw the ax into the lake; the old woman drank the lake, began to cut again; P. again asks his sister for help, receives the same answer; the fox offers cut, threw her ax into the lakes, the old woman drank the lakes again, continues to cut; the same episode with the hare; the pine tree began to fall, the sister lowered the swing, picked up P.; Mother of Water found only three hairs on the pine tree ]: 13-19; Chetkarev 1941, No. 37 [the soldier returns home, leans to the pond by the mill for a drink, the devil grabbed his beard, let him go for promising to give what he does not know at home; his son Ivan is at home; I. goes to look for the one he has been sold to; walks through the door in oak, down the stairs; the old man (he is the younger brother of big Satan) tells you to walk three hundred miles, 11 pigeons will fly to the lake, turn into girls, become swim, put on their clothes again and fly away; after that, the 12th will arrive, her clothes must be hidden, returned for promising to become a wife; she promises that she is three years away, she will hang a ribbon from the window, her house will be the third is on the edge; I. comes, the wife tells you to go to her father, slam the door loudly, take away his spoon, start eating himself; Satan is surprised, promises to give work in a week; tells 1) to uproot the forest overnight (wife sends workers, I. brings the last stump); 2) plow, sow, harvest, bake bread, bring one boat of bread (same); 3) build a church and let the pop serve; same; Satan will turn into a pig, his wife tells you to throw a hammer at her; tame the stallion; this is Satan himself, you must beat him with a hammer; Satan tells you to choose a wife from 12 girls, they are in the form of pigeons; wife: I will go down and get up; 12 sheep (the wife will come out third); 12 dewdrops (the third is on the edge, here she will drip); Satan sends the young to a cast-iron bath, wants to burn; the wife tells the broom, trough, bucket to answer that they are still soaring, they wash; the young are running, the 11 daughters of Satan are chasing; the wife turns I. into a chapel, the old woman herself, the sisters are returning; Satan is chasing himself, the wife is a ruff, the husband is a lake; Satan becomes a pike, cannot catch ruff, breaks the shore so that the young do not go out, but I.'s wife restores everything; wedding at Father I.'s house]: 282-286 (=Sabitova 1992:102-109); Chetkarev 1948 [the old man bent over to the river for a drink, the water devil grabbed let him go by the beard, let him go for promising to give a lamb with a silver head; at this time he had a silver-headed son, Pazi; grew up quickly, rode a horse, does not stop meeting girls, men (that's all hell), climbs a pine tree; hell made an ax out of a tooth, an axe out of his finger, began to cut it; the Bear offers to chop it for him, throws an ax into the lake; the hell drinks it, cuts it again; the same the episode with the Wolf, the Fox; The squirrel climbs with an ax on a pine tree; the devil makes a new one out of another tooth and finger; the squirrel tells P. to ask Aktavius to lower the iron chain; P. climbed into the sky, left one hair; damn it, said it was tasty, but not enough, went into the water]: 8-10; Genetz 1889, No. 3 {it's not entirely clear, this is the same text as Chetkarev's, or very similar} [the old man and the old woman are childless; the old man went to the forest, leaned down to the water for a drink, grabbed him by the beard; let him go for promising to give him a silver-headed Pazi; when he returned home, the old man found out that he had a son; he grew up a young man in three days; a young man chooses a thin skate among his father's horses, leaves; meets many women, but does not pay attention to them; meets a crowd of men - the same; to get away from the water, he climbed a fir; made a waterman out the axe, the axe from the tooth, began to cut his finger; tired, the bear offers to chop it for it; the waterman fell asleep, the bear threw the ax into the lake; the waterman woke up, drank the lake, found his ax, became again to cut; the wolf offers to chop for him (the same); the fox (the same); the squirrel; the waterman does not believe her, but she persuaded him; did not throw the ax into the water, but climbed with it on the fir; the water drank the lake, did not find an ax , made a new one in the same way as the first ax, began to cut, the fir is ready to fall; the squirrel tells the silver-headed Pazi not to wait, but to pray to Aktβi; the young man asked A. to lower the iron chain; the young man climbs under it, leaving a lock of his hair on the fir; the fir fell, the water ate his hair, said it was tasty, but not enough and returned to the lake]: 83-84; Udmurts [the man leaned over the ice-hole, Vu- Peri grabbed his beard, told him to give his 12-year-old son; his father ordered him to take the horse that would look at his son, which was the skinniest; V. chased him on a good horse, did not catch up, ate it; the boy came to one, to the other to his sister, each gave a puppy; came to sister V., V.; V. became a fire in the oven, one of the dogs was lying in the snow, extinguished the fire; V. became a feather bed, the dog lay down on her; V. locked the dogs in the barn, chases the boy; the boy's horse became a tree, V. began to cut him, went to bed; the bear put chips back, threw his ax into the lake, ran after the dogs; they killed V. in the lake where he rushed for an ax; V. was burned, the boy returned home]: Klabukov 1948, No. 27:69-73 (Kralina 1960, No. 47:132-136); Chuvash [the motive matches Chuvash tales: Sirotkin 1967:113; Sidorova 1972:357; Tuktash 1941:51]: Rakhno 2016:480.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Sidelnikov 1958 (2) [Mundybay sees blood in the well, the old man grabs him, tells him to give his son; deliberately leaves the boy's gold and silver grandmothers on the old nomad; horse helps the boy grab the money, the old woman throws a braid under the horse's feet, cuts off one leg, then all the legs; takes the boy underground, tells the cattle to herd; the cow reports that the witch's strength is in her braid; he asks the braid to drive the heifer, runs away, climbs the birch tree; the mystan pulls out his tooth, digs the ground for it; the magpie offers help, takes it away; the same with the other three teeth, they are carried away by a wolf, a fox, a hare; a boy kills the witch with her scythe, frees the prisoners]: 25-28; Tursunov 1983 [bai brought his horses to a watering hole, he shoved him in the water, it turned into Zhalmaus-Kempir, she grabbed his throat, demanded son; he promised to leave the boy's golden bat at the place of the night, he would return for it; the boy takes a two-year-old scabies, he turns into a heroic horse; he becomes low, the boy grabs the bat, not getting off the horse, jumps away; the LCD pulls out one, the second tooth, throws one leg, the other leg, the horse on two legs jumps to the bayterek (poplar), the boy climbs on it; the LCD digs up a poplar, using the third tooth as a spade; The fox offers to work instead of an LCD, throws the tooth into the river; so twice (Lisa says she is another fox); the LCD digs his fifth tooth; the boy asks the crows, the ducks to pass his message to the wolfhounds, they refuse; the swallow reports; the dogs tore the LCD to pieces; her daughter went to look for her, the boy killed her with arrows, knocking out her eyes]: 143-145; Kyrgyz [Kechpesbay decided to migrate for the first time, because the cattle ate all the grass; the wife was busy with their luggage for a long time, they set off only at night; Shukurbek's son forgot his alchik in the parking lot, went back; the horse says that the witch Zhelmoguz is there now; Sh. the old woman, she does not give an alchik, let S. dismount; he picked up the alchik, galloped away; stopped at the old man; saw J. in a dream, woke up, galloped away, grabbed three puppies; fell asleep in the parking lot, woke up as an adult, puppies became dogs named Sensitive, Sighted and Listener; J. was afraid of dogs, offered peace, let S. live with her; persuaded S. to go hunting without dogs; chased him; S. left Alchik, he became poplar, S. climbed onto the poplar; J. pulled out two teeth, turned it into an ax and a saw; the red fox offered to work for J., threw the ax and saw into the river; the same was the white fox; S. asks the crow to call the dogs; those they uprooted a tree, ran, drowned J.; S. returned to his father when he was about to wake him]: Ledenev 1987:83-88; Uighurs: Kabirov 1963 [woman gives birth to a son with her husband; later daughter from a neighbor, she has one eye in her forehead; the boy sees his sister reach out of the window to the river to get water; tells his mother that it is yalmauz; his mother scolds him, he leaves; takes it with him on the way three puppies; grows up, marries; decides to visit the house, asks his wife to let the dogs down when they bark; his village is empty, only his sister is alive, who has eaten everyone; while cooking, asks him to play the dutar on the roof with its legs hanging; the mouse tells her to pour sand into the hanging boots, run, runs along the strings herself; yalmauz pulls her boots, sand falls into her eye, she chases the young man; he climbs one of the five poplars; yalmauz takes out a tooth, cuts the trunk; the fox offers to cut for it; yalmauz falls asleep, the Fox taps, runs away with the tooth in the morning; the same with the Wolf; when the last poplar remains, the dogs break off the chain , rush to Yalmauz, she runs to the lake, drowns; the young man scolds his wife that she forgot to let the dogs down right away]: 170-174 (=Kabirov, Shakhmatov 1951:74-77); Malov 1956, No. 14 (Lobnor) [seven-headed Yalmunguz pursued a man named Kaya-kokul ("black braid"); he climbed into the osokor; I took out my tooth, made an ax out of it, began to cut it; the fox asked me to chop it; I. fell asleep, and the fox pounded with a shovel for the sake of appearance and with an ax; asked K. to remove the glue; corrected (glued) the special, leaned it against others; another portion glued the witch's eyes; ran to K.'s parents; the witch rubbed her eyes, began to cut again; the fox again she came and said that she was steppe, and she was from sandy places; the fox sealed Y.'s eyes again, told K.'s parents; they came with an army; they cut down the 7th head, and the orphan head ran away; they caught up with her too killed]: 86-88.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Altaians: Katash 1978 [Delbegen came down from the moon to swim, the old woman scooped him up with a bucket; promised a son in her life; migrated; her son Chalma found her; she said that his the toys remained in the same parking lot; the plain foal offered to drive it; C. grabbed the toys, C. set off in pursuit; cut off the foal's hind legs, he rode on the front; cut off the front legs; C. climbed a tree; Lisa asked D. to cut down a tree, threw his ax into the lake; D. drank the lake; C. sent Magpie (refused, You called me glutton), Tit for their dogs; they killed D.; C. returned to his mother, dogs howl at the moon at night]: 84-86; Potanin 1883 [Chelbegen chased Tardanak, who climbed the ironwood, C. began to cut him; the red fox deceived him, an ax stepped in, threw it into the lake; repeated the trick, changing the red coat to black wool; the crows fought with C. and killed him]: 774-775; Sadalova 1989 [Diellbegen wants to eat a man; he promises instead of his son, migrates, sends his son to wait for D.; D. chases him, cuts off the legs of the horse on which the boy rides; the boy climbs an iron poplar; the fox begs for D.'s ax, throws him into the lake ; D. drinks the lake; boy asks Magpie, Raven to call his dogs; they refuse, Goose calls; dogs defeat D.; one is injured, the boy forgets her, she turns into a wolf; options: old man at night he goes to fetch water, scoops up D., sends his son to the former camp for a forgotten toy; the father promises his son to the owner of the water; he turns into a girl, marries him; the old man in the forest meets D. complains that he has no heir; he promises that the old man's wife will hurt his finger, if he squeezes blood, a son will be born; the old man promises that when the son reaches 18 years old, he will give it to D. to be eaten; boy grows up, his parents tell him to run, he climbs poplar (the episode with the Fox and the ax in all versions); when dogs fought in D., his blood splashed on the moon; so dogs, when they saw spots on the moon at night howling]: 83-84; Sadalova 2002, No. 17 [a man grabbed a felt floating along the river, it turned out to be Dyelbegen; the man promised a son for himself; migrated, leaving his son's bow, he went after him; dismounted to pick him up bow, D. chased him, cut off the horse's leg, the boy (Yeskuus-Uul) sat on the roe deer that offered himself; D. consistently cut off all her legs; YE. throws D. twice in the face of her giblets, climbs on iron poplar; D. spends time wiping; begins to cut poplar; Fox offers help, cuts stone, throws an ax into the water; D. drinks the lake, pulls out an ax, cuts; Fox, pretending to be different fox, repeats the trick, D. pulls out the ax again; Raven, Magpie refuse to give the message to his parents ë., because he called them names; Goose reports that two dogs came running, tore D.; he managed to cut off one finger; the dog tells E. to bring food no later than three days; YE. brings in seven, the dog became a wolf]: 147-153; Tuvans (Dzun-Khemchik district) [the boy raised two golden eagles, received from a friend the father of two dogs, began to understand their language; when he returned, he did not find a yurt; where his mother slept, found a needle and a fragment of a crest, where the father was a whetstone; a six-headed mangys Kalchaa-Mergen came out of the ash; cut off his legs the boy's horse; the boy threw a whetstone, comb, needle, they became a rock, a thicket, an iron poplar; K. climbed the rock, made his way through the thicket, began to cut down the poplar; the young man sat on top; the axe flew into side, K. fell asleep, the Frog threw his axe into the lake; K. drank the lake, began to cut further; the fox offered to cut for it, hit the axe with the blunt side, threw it into the lake; K. drank the lake again, sharpened his axe; the boy asked the crows to call his golden eagles, who carried the boy on their wings to his father; he gave him the name Deer-Møge (Heavenly Strongman); Cher-Aldy Khan gives his daughter to the one who wins archery, horse racing, wrestling; D. wins, kills K. in a duel, marries]: Vatagin 1971, No. 11:112-117; South Altai Tuvans [a rich man leans to the water at a watering hole, jelbag grabs him for his beard; he promises to give her son, leave his bow and arrows in the old parking lot; the father tells me to go there on a horse that does not look at him, his mother on the one that looks and stops; he does; picks up a bow and arrows, jumps away; a jelbege consistently interrupts the horse's four legs with a leather stick; the horse flies; she cuts the horse in half, cuts the neck, carries the boy's head, throws it on the poplar; the fox offers to saw while the jelbege is resting, throws the leather into the sea; she drinks the sea, saws again; the Raven and others refuse, the Eagle brings news to the dogs; they fight with jelbag in the depths of the sea; first red but then black blood rises; dogs float up, one leg is broken; the boy leaves her, she becomes a wolf]: Taube 1994, No. 23:206-210; Buryats: Barannikova et al. 1993, No. 3 (Hentei aimag of Mongolia) [the lama tells the elderly that their daughter is a cannibal; parents drive their daughter; the horse brings her to rich places on a wooded mountain; servants tell the khan that grief is settled by a handsome man, but they do not know whether a woman or a man; the horse tells you to pretend to be a man so as not to become Khan's daughter-in-law; she wins horse racing, wrestling and archery; but an astrologer determines that she is a girl; she marries a khan's son; in the absence of her husband, she gives birth to a boy with a golden breast and a silver ass; that lama replaces letters both times, the khan's subjects are ordered to bury daughter-in-law with child into a hole; daughter-in-law's horse tore his fetters, dug a hole, took the woman and child to the mountain, but did all his energy; after dying, he turned into a house and 4 sandalwood; Sholmos appeared {this is the one same llama?} , a woman with a child climbed a tree, he began to cut it down, the wolf offers to chop it for him, throws away an ax; Sholmos regurgitates another - the same thing, the fox throws it away; the last tree is left, two come running dogs; sholmos urinates, a hole forms, he hides in it, dogs behind him; they say that if red foam rises, they are defeated, and if white foam rises, they win; there is red and white, then dogs come out- winners; run away; Khan returns, executes messengers, returns wife and son]: 61-85; Burchina 2007, No. II.3 (Unghinsky, Nukut District) [Uliger Episode: Han Sagta Abhay Maiden Climbs One of Four aspen; mangadhai rushes after her, but the aspens rise higher; mangadhai, having made an ax out of his tooth, cuts an aspen; a fox comes and says, "Sorry for you, old man! Because of an alien girl, you cut off floors on a bush, wiped your soles on the sand. Have a rest, smoke!" ; takes an ax from him and cuts a tree; when the mangadhai turns away, he hits his butt; when he looks, he cuts it with a point; the mangadhai smokes and falls asleep; the fox throws the ax into the sea and runs away; mangadhai, taking out a tooth, does the axe and continues to cut the aspen; Khan Sagta Abhay jumps to another tree; the mangadhai begins to cut it; the wolf comes and says the same thing as the fox (the situation repeats); the mangadhai does again an ax out of a tooth and cuts an aspen; Khan Sagta Abhay jumps over to another; a bear comes and pretends to sympathize with mangadhay (the situation repeats like a fox and a wolf); mangadhai cuts the fourth aspen, is going to knock her down; two dogs Khan Sagta Abhay come running; mangadhai jumps into the sea; dogs are poisoned after him, punishing the hostess: "Give us plenty of food! If we are defeated, the sea will turn red, and if we win, the water in the sea will turn black!" ; Khan Sagta Abhay throws pet meat; the sea turns red; Khan Sagta Abhay cries, throws meat into the sea again; the sea turns black; dogs come out of it slightly alive; explain that the sea turned red when their ears were injured; Khan Sagta Abhay feeds dogs and returns to Khartagay Lomon Khan's palace]: 113-114; Oirats [the old woman went on the water at night, scooped up with a bucket of Telbegen; promised to give her son to Chalma; sent him to pick berries with a box full of holes, migrated herself with the old man; Chalma found his way back; then his mother said that his toys remained in the old yurt; a thin horse tells him to take it; an old man sits by the old yurt, saying that he cannot give toys; the horse tells him to grab them himself, run; T. throws his ax, cuts off the horse's hind legs, then the front legs; C. climbs a tree; the fox invites T. to cut for him while T. sleeps, throws an ax into the lake; T. drinks water from the lake; C. asks Magpie to call his dogs, she refuses, because he called it glutton; Tits fly and talk; T. hides from dogs in the lake; they fight him in the mud until night; black blood splashes to the moon, dogs come out alone with a broken leg; dogs howl at the moon at night; spots on the moon - T .]: Popov, Basangov 1936:32-35; darkhats [Khan Khanchin Geseg's daughter had a sled horse with a foal standing on two legs flying through the air; the girl wanted to be picked up by the lama mangas; the foal tells the girl should take the comb of the mother of the dogs Hasar and Basar; the abandoned comb became a thicket, the lama mangas got lost in it; the girl flew into the gray yurt to the old woman, tells her not to say that she is a woman, dressed a man, began to hunt and feed an old woman; became pregnant, gave birth to a child; her gray flying horse grew old, told her to climb with her child to the meat tank he would turn into; lama mangas began to hit meat on a sword and climb it; Lisa offered to cut instead of mangas, threw her sword into the sea; the mangas lama began to gnaw pieces of meat with her mouth, reached the top of the obo; dogs Khasar and Basar came running, the lama mangas threw them into the sea, but they came back; the lama threw himself into the sea; Hasar and Basar said that if the sea turned red brown, then the lama mangas had defeated them, and if it did not change color, they defeated him; Khasar and Basar fought under water for a long time, grabbed one leg and the other by the hand, tore the lama mangas]: Neklyudov et al. 2006 (somon Khujirt, Uburkhangai aimag, western 24.08.2006, No. WS 30020); the Mongols [the young man Tseiben forgot his two gold-silver ankles at the former camp, returned for them on his eight-legged horse, saw a mangyska, grabbed his ankles; the pursuer mangyska consistently cuts off the horse's 8 legs, its back, front, head, C. climbed onto the golden aspen; The fox twice offers to cut down aspen instead of mangyska, seals her eyes; C. runs away on a goby, he splashes droppings into the eyes of the mangysk; C. finds a fragment of his father's sharpener, a comb, a mother's needle; throws behind, a forest, a mountain, a river appear; C. replies to Mangyska that he crossed the river, tying stones to his feet , the mangyska drowns; the goby tells him to be stabbed, C. refuses; orders to kill a red louse on it, dies immediately; in the morning at this place a yurt, a woman and herds]: Sanzheev 1931, No. 7:96-98.

Western Siberia. Mansi: Lukina 1990, No. 139 [Ekva-Pyris lives with his grandmother; loses an arrow, a woman with an iron body takes him away; he drills a tiny hole, runs away; twice; on the third since the body is copper, the knife breaks, the woman brings E. to her daughters, goes to kick birch bark; E. asks the girls to release him, he will make them a wooden ladle the size of their skull; cuts off their heads; taking hot ash and red-hot scrap, climbs a tree; a woman cuts a trunk; Fox, Hare, Wolverine offer help, axes blunt against a stone, a woman takes another one each time; E. asks a woman to open her mouth to jump into it; throws ash and scrap, finishes off the cannibal with an ax; returns to his grandmother]: 373-376; Popova 2001, No. 7 [grandmother does not tell Ekva Pygrisyu to walk towards the north wind; he goes sees a boat, shoots ducks, a boat takes it to old Kirp Nölp; carries it in a birch bark body, he cuts a hole with a knife, runs away; it repeats itself, KN carries it in an iron body, he drills a hole, falls out with a needle; the third time, the copper body, the EP knife is broken, KN brings it to his two grandchildren, goes to make birch bark scoops; EP promises KN's grandchildren to make wooden ones, they they release; he asks to put their heads on a log to measure, cuts off, cooks meat, climbs larch; in the corner he ties mice to squeak like children; KN eats grandchildren; Lisa offers KN to help cut a tree, breaks an ax against a stone; the same is Olenikha; EP invites KN to open his mouth to jump there; throws a hot walk; KN dies]: 59-69; Rombandeeva 2005, No. 25 [Ekva-Pygris lives with her grandmother , fires an arrow, goes looking for it; the woman invites him to climb into her birch bark body, promises to look for his arrow herself, takes him away, he drills a hole along the way, gets out; the next day the same with an iron body; on the third day she cannot drill a stone one; a woman brings it to her home, tells her son and daughter to watch, goes for firewood; E. asks them to release it, make it for them shpyr shonah (ladle) drink his blood; cuts off their heads, cooks meat, climbs larch; a woman eats her children; begins to cut larch, the Hare offers to cut for it, dumb the ax on stone; the same Fox; Wolverine; E. invites her to open her mouth, throws hot ash with her, then hot scrap; she dies, E. returns to her grandmother]: 237-245; Southern Khanty [hunter's dogs - bear and wolf; when leaving, he does not tell his sister to take revenge on the floor and scratch her head; she does this, filled the dogs ears with tin, put them on a chain; her lover, a seven-headed menkv, comes; then chases her brother, that climbed the larch; the menkv is chopping, tired; the hare offers to chop it for it, the larch is getting stronger than it was; the same fox brought land and sand, the larch became even stronger; the same otter; the brother asks the sparrow to call his dogs; the bear and the wolf do not hear; the raven hear; the bear fell off the chain, helped the wolf break; after three years of battle, the wolf, bear and their owner killed the menqua, the corpse was burned; the prince gave the hunter the youngest of 7 daughters; the sister put a menqua tooth in bed; the hunter was buried, the animals dug him out, pulled out his tooth, tore his sister to pieces]: Patkanov 1999, No. 3:328-330; chum salmon: Dulzon 1966, No. 5 [when Baba Yaga (translated by the storyteller) comes, Casket and Totabol hide behind olatina and under a focal chock; Kleinitsa gives them away, B. puts them in their pants, carries them to their daughters; tells them eat more; K. fills his sleeve and dumps it out, T. eats, gets fat; while B. hunts bears, K. asks her daughters to give him a drill, drills a hole in the wall of the stone plague; kills his daughters hangs their meat, runs away through the hole; T. gets stuck, K. carries his head; B. mistakenly eats his daughters' meat; pursues K., who creates larch trees, climbs to the top of his head; B. regurgitates an ax, cuts trunk; The hare calls to help; puts chips back while B. sleeps; when she wakes up, K. asks her to open her mouth and eyes; throws sand in her eyes; goes down, kills with a horn, burns; puts her head T., he comes to life]: 23-27 (baked in Alekseenko 2001, No. 125:222-225); Nikolaeva 2006 (village. Pakulikha, western in 1959 R.V. Nikolaev) [{just like Osharov 1936a, but the name of Chuuta's hero]: 158-162; Osharov 1936a [Damn it, this is his trap; Ichekochko stuck; asks the Devil not to eat him, but to take him to his daughters for toys; asks him to untie his daughters, he will cut out spoons for them; killed the girls with a knife, cooked them, placed the fried pieces on sticks on the way to the plague; ran away, leaving the little birds in the canopy as if the girls were having fun; Damn it ate meat, released the birds, found the heads of his daughters; counted the stars, missed the grains of sand, realized that I. ran away on the ground; I. climbed the tree, the devil began to cut, the Hare offered to cut for him; when the Devil fell asleep, hit him with the butt of an ax, as if the forest had fallen, ran away with the ax; Damn a new axe vomited (he swallowed it once, swallowing seven cities); the same episodes with the wolverine; with the bear; I. offers the Devil close his eyes, open his mouth, he'll jump there; threw sand, killed Devil, burned it, mosquitoes, spiders, midges appeared out of it]: 101-105; Selkups (southern?) [Icha (Itya) falls into the trap of the line, he drags him into his home; in the absence of a devil, I. kills his daughters, runs away, climbs a tree; the devil vomits an ax (he's last year swallowed the whole city); Bear, Fox offer to help cut down a tree, but they deceive the line; I. promises to jump the line into his mouth, he lies face up; I. falls asleep with ash eyes of the line, jumping off the tree kills, burns it; sparks turn into mosquitoes]: Voskoboynikov, Menovshchikov 1951:135-139; Prokofiev 1935 (northern) [Icha lives with his grandmother; shoots an arrow at a teal, she flies by; tries take an arrow, sticks with his fist, heel, etc.; hell brings it to his daughters, goes after the cauldron; I. promises his daughters to make a wooden spoon, kills them, climbs on larch; the devil eats his daughters ; cries; an ax vomits to cut larch; Bear, Wolverine, Fox consistently offer to help cut down a tree, run away with an ax, the devil vomits a new one every time; I. promises to jump the line into mouth, he lies face up; I. falls asleep with ash, the line jumps off a tree, kills it, burns it; sparks turn into mosquitoes], No. 1:101-102.

Western Amazon. Shuar: Pelizzaro 1993 [people hide from Ivia at the top of a cliff; the monkey Machin (arachnid) turns the stone into an ax, sends I. to swim, replaces it with an ax, throws it into the river; I. hit M. on the genitals, he now has a small penis]: 49-51; Rueda 1987, No. 54 [people are hiding from Ivia at the top of a cliff; the monkey Tsere offers I. help to cut the rock; does The appearance that the axe bounced and fell into the river throws it further and further; I. unsuccessfully tries to stop it, creating rocky rifts, dense forest, etc.], 54a [as in (54); Cere pretends to help to dry the river, and he throws the axe further]: 234-237, 238; Aguaruna [people climbed from the cannibal Iwa into a tree; he began to cut it with a stone ax; the monkey Machin sent I. to swim, replaced his ax with an unusable fake, put back the chips that had already been chipped off, cutting down the thicket; hit the trunk so that I. could hear blows; told people to go down, threw the real ax into the river; I. broke the fake ; began to dive, M. carried the axe deeper into the river, I. could not drain it; I. pulled his waist and mutilated his penis; M. invited everyone I. to go pick fruits from the tree on the other side of the ravine; when everyone came on the bridge of vines, brought it down; all I. died]: Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1977 (2), No. 84:666-668.