Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L93C. Helper monkey .


monkey helps the hero or heroine, saves them.

Mehen, Bussa, Oromo, Tunis, Kirati, Bhutan, Sinhalese, Minahasa, Visayas, Uzbeks.

Sudan - East Africa. Mehan [the lion has a bull, the leopard has a cow; the cow calved; the lion smeared blood on the bull's ass, took the calf, saying that his bull gave birth; everyone is afraid of Leo, agrees with him; little Monkey ( Cercopithecus) comes late, says he was busy sewing up the torn land; Leo: the earth does not tear; Monkey: bulls do not give birth]: Jensen 1959, No. 9:415; bussa [snake asked the person to carry it across the river, and then refused to get down; the hyena is afraid of the snake, saying that he cannot resolve the dispute; the monkey pretends to understand everything; let the snake get down to the ground; then tells the hunter that he has a knife in his hand; he understood the hint]: Reuss-Nliba, Reuss-Nliba 2016:45; Oromo [the lion has a bull, the leopard has a cow; the lion claims that the calf gave birth to his bull; all the animals gathered to resolve the dispute, the monkey came only in the evening; the lion asks what was going on; the earth melted near the sycamore because it gave birth to a fat bull; a furious lion chased her; pretended to be sick; a monkey stands at a distance, says he has found a deer carcass; the lion jumps up and runs there, the monkey climbed the tree]: Basset 1903, No. 30:79-81.

North Africa. Tunisia [I bought a woodcutter for a monkey, then regretted it, started knocking it. The monkey found the jewel when it was cleaning the house. I went to the palace to borrow dishes for counting the grains, and glued the pearl to the bottom of the saa. The princess noticed this and asked the monkey. She told her that the woodcutter was actually rich, but she hid it for fear of the evil eye and envy. The ruler gave gifts to the monkey. The monkey often went to see the princess, who also gave her gifts so that the monkey would introduce her to the lumberjack. The woodcutter became rich, built a palace in the city center, opened a shop, and married a princess. The monkey grew old and he wanted to get rid of it. The monkey told the whole story to the princess, who complained to her father, and he ordered the lumberjack to be beheaded. The princess returned to her father with the monkey, and they lived as long as God allowed them]: Al-Aribi 2009, No. 4 in Korovkina MS

Tibet - Northeast India. Kirati [a man caught a pheasant, found barley grain in a goiter, planted it, looked after it; the monkey ate barley, the man set a trap, caught a monkey; she asks her not to kill, promises to help; lives in a man's house; promises to marry him to a prince's daughter; a stupid and very rich blacksmith lives nearby; a monkey tells him that gangs of Mongols will come soon, offers two ways: to marry a rich man to the Mongolian prince and hide the treasures and himself in copper barrels in the ground; the blacksmith sends part of the treasures to the prince as a ransom for the bride; the monkey tells the prince that the treasures are sent by its owner, he royal family, but enemies have deprived him of his kingdom; the monkey tells the blacksmith that the enemies are near, he is hiding in a barrel; the monkey brings the young to his house, treasures await them, and the blacksmith suffocates in the closed barrel]: Heunemann 1980, No. 21:148-155; Bhutan [under 18, the guy is lazy, nicknamed Lazy - Pladong (P.); finally, man taught him how to grow corn; a good harvest has ripened, but monkeys they ravaged the field; P. caught only one lame monkey; she convinced her not to execute, promised to make her rich; came to the king: King Bhakho asks your daughter to marry; king: I want to see his palace first; the monkey came to the shinpo (demons), read a letter from the Chinese emperor declaring war; the Chinese have guns; you have to hide in straw huts, the kernels will fly through without causing harm; burned huts with shinpo; begged for scraps of good cloth, hung them in the bushes, P. planted them on a stone in the middle of the river; tells the king that a sudden flood makes sense for the whole army; the king sent good clothes for his son-in-law; delighted with the rich palace; when the monkey grew old, pretended to die; P.: throw the carrion into the river; P. forcibly persuaded him to forgive; later the monkey died again; P. appeared with a statement condolences; the monkey laughed so much that she choked and really died]: Choden 1994:125-131.

South Asia. The Sinhalese [the youngest, seventh prince is lazy, his father drives him away; he buys a monkey; she dances, earns food for both; borrows the king's basket, returning him explains that Ash The prince measured the money with it; says that his clothes have burned down, receives a luxurious robe from the king; the king agrees to give his daughter to PP; he eats a lot at the feast, the Monkey explains that PP was treated and did not eat for a long time; The ways of the procession The Monkey explains every time that these are PP possessions; the Rakshasa are frightened, the Monkey puts PP and his wife in their house; the PP promises to take care of the Monkey, solemnly bury her if she dies; The monkey pretends to be dead, PP tells him to throw carrion into the forest; the offended Monkey runs away into the forest herself]: Volkhonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 81:182-185.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Minahasa [the snake got stuck in the rocks and sand, asked the hunter to release it; said she was very hungry, let him give it one dog; then all five; then she was going to eat it himself; the tree, the cow agree that gratitude doesn't exist; the monkey wants to see how it went; the snake got into the trap again and stayed there]: Bezemer 1904:293-294.

Taiwan - Philippines. Spanish borrowing, but with local details. Visayas [the monkey steals the cobs from Juan's field; he puts a figure covered with sticky wax; the monkey thinks it's H. himself, is angry that he is silent, hits the figure, sticks; promises to marry H. the royal daughter, if he lets her go; steals a few coins, borrows a sieve from the king, returns it with coins - her owner measured the money with a sieve; pretends to dig the ground, says to the Burincantadam cannibals, that enemies are coming, everyone will be killed, we must hide; they jump into the well, the monkey throws a stone from above, cleans the palace of bones, frees the prisoners, tells them to answer that their master is H.; the shepherds are the same ; H. gets the princess; the king will amaze his son-in-law with wealth, died of joy; H.'s wife died of grief that she had such a dirty and ugly husband; H. became king, the monkey became the first minister]: Rybkin 1975, No. 99: 241-247.

Iran - Central Asia. Uzbeks [the Shah tells the craftsmen to make plane trees: the trunk is made of yakhonts, the branches are made of chrysolite, the leaves are from emerald, the fruits are made of pearls; after 7 years the plane tree is ready; the Shah put the bed under it, behind the emerald the foliage of the sky is not visible; but one day a ray of sunlight fell on his cheek: someone stole leaves; the Shah promises to cover with gold whoever finds the thief; the guards around him fell asleep at night; the elder, middle sons, too, are imprisoned; the youngest sees a nightingale, rips his pen off his tail; sons go to look for a nightingale; they reach a fork; whoever goes one road will return, the other will meet danger, according to the third, he will not return; the youngest chose the third road, the elders chose the first; everyone ate, began to work in the tavern; the youngest monkey eats the last cake; promises to help; tells you to take a nightingale with a cage, but not to remove the veil; the prince takes off, he is grabbed; the king promises to give the nightingale for the girl; the monkey orders to take the girl quietly, the prince kisses her; her father agrees to give her if the prince will get the horse Kardylgoch; the monkey helps to get it, turns into a horse, the prince gets the girl, the imaginary horse (monkey) returns, the prince rides the KK horse, carries the girl and the nightingale; the monkey leads to himself, turns into a peri; promises to help; the prince finds brothers; they cut off his legs, gouge out his eyes, take everything away; the nightingale refuses to sing; peri (a former monkey) makes the prince whole and healthy, brings home; the nightingale tells the whole story, the princess dances, the Shah and her elder sons run, the prince reigns]: Afzalov et al. 1972 (1): 81-94.