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L9A. Ostronog, G341.1.



character's leg is maimed (intentionally or accidentally) or initially pointed. He uses sharpened bone as a piercing tool.

Nzakara, Socotra, Quarry, Quileout, Quinolt, Thompson, Curdalen, (Upper Coquill), Steppe Cree, Stoney, Sarsi, Seneca, Blackfooted, Assiniboine, Grovantre, Arapaho, Arikara, Kiowa apache, screams, warrau, kalinya, chikuna, yagua, surui, munduruku, spiking, juruna, trumai, kuikuro, vaura, rikbacza, paresi, iranshe, kayapo, kraho, ramkokamekra, apaniekra, apanaye, tupina, chamakoco, chorote, nivakle, toba, matako, maka.

Sudan - East Africa. Nzakara [a man has a son with a leg in the form of a dart; his father asks him to protect the field from elephants; he stabs his leg into an elephant, the father finishes off the animal, roasts the liver for his son; Toûlé ( spider) asks to lend him a boy; after hitting an elephant, the boy calls T., who shouts an insult in response; the boy calls his father, he comes running; next time the elephant manages to go across the river into the land of elephants; eagle Krakpa takes the boy away and returns him to his father when they are going to eat him]: Retel-Lautentin 1986, No. 21:139-148.

Western Asia. Socotra [ginnia is a genie woman; there is a ginnia "on an iron nail" (mismar); she has one leg that looks like an iron nail, she jumps around a person, you can't run away from her]: Naumkin 2012:424 -425; Naumkin et al. 2014, No. 18:7; Müller 2005, No. 6:65.

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry [see motive B6, L1; brother and sister stay alone, get married; their young son kills people by taking their tongues out to sleep; two girls were in ritual isolation, escaping; pushing a child into a fire, his ashes turn into mosquitoes; one conceives from a stone; dies because her child is too heavy and hard; the other conceives from a pen, gives birth to Ahlnuk and his three brothers ( Ahlnuk, Tachandalkan, Taslas and one more); they kill a big snake that drowned people; kill two grizzlies that did not give people water; A. asks the person what he is doing; I cut out a club to kill A.; A. touches his lips with his finger, he falls dead; brothers come to people who are going to cut a woman to extract the child; A. teaches childbirth; a man harpoons his fish pointed tibia; A. turns into salmon, man misses, breaks bone against stone; sharpens again; A. makes him a normal leg, gives him a jail (the origin of the jail)]: Jenness 1934, no .6:129-136; Thompson [the fat old man never shows his legs; wears them off, sharpening them like awls; kills many people; one young man dodges the blow, first one leg then the other leg of the old man gets stuck in a pole; a young man kills him; var.: a young man cuts off an old man's legs with a big knife]: Teit 1917b, No. 28:46; quinalt [the giant has sharp icicles on his toes instead of his nails; he pierces them with them his victims; a man hides behind a stump, a giant's leg gets stuck in a stump; a man kills a giant with a spear]: Farrand 1902, No. 15:125-126; quileut [Tustus kills people by piercing them with his with a long, sharp leg; a woman gets lost, comes to his house; he eats her child's liver, bewitches a woman; like the other captives, she cannot move; her three brothers one by one they come to look for her; two are killed, T. swallows their liver; the youngest hides behind a thick log; T.'s leg gets stuck in a log, the man pierces T. with a spear; takes what he swallows from his stomach, resurrects siblings and nephew; spells fall, bewitched women are able to move again]: Reagan, Walters 1933:327-329; kordalen [woman goes out daily to dig rhizomes (probably hogfennel, Peucedanum palustre (marsh mustard plaster); her mother looks after her son; he has grown up, asks about his father, the grandmother replies that he did not have a father; he threatens to kill her with a stick, she admits that his father - mustard plaster rhizome; young Chief Son-Root (SK) leaves, summons a monstrous fish out of the water, pulls its throat out, turns it into a boat; the Pest boy asks to take it with him, jumps in a boat, SK turns it he's just in a pestle; he sees a burning tree, comes up, there Grouse (Foolhen, Falcipennis canadensis) touches his burnt eyebrows; SK tells him to peck raw moss, no longer build a house or cook for fire; and Grouse used to collect moss under his wing, set fire to a tree and rush into the fire; the rabbit jumped into the boat, the SK killed him; the Otter (Fisher) demanded its prey, threatened to hit it with its tail, began to beat him with his tail on the water, spraying the UK; he killed her, threw her to the rabbit; comes to the house, there are many children, the hostess tells them that the father will soon return from hunting; the children see the Otter killed by the UK, he was their father; SK his revives; enters a house where there is an awl on the walls; takes a large one with patterns, awls dig into it; he sets fire to the house, says that Shilla will no longer be cannibals, but will become awls for making moccasins; then But in the house where the Combs are; where Bubbles (they will now store tobacco in them); Kingfisher dives, but the fish slips out; he washes the smell of fish into the bucket, cooks soup, CP likes it; he makes Kingfisher like this claws and beak to make the fish easy to grasp; he must not live in a house, but by the river, eat raw fish; the same with Osprey; by the river, a person with one leg is a spear; SK turns into salmon, gives himself harpoon, breaks off, takes the tip away; he harpoons the fish with it; Ostroonog sharpens his tibia again; SK comes to him, says he has caught salmon with the tip stuck; Ostronog tries cover your leg with a cape; SK offers to play hoop and stick on capes, wins, Ostronog is forced to give his own, SK hits him on the leg with a stick, makes it normal, gives a moose horn, tells from now on make tips out of a moose horn, not from your own bone; everyone goes out to meet the UK; the ugly Toad causes rain, enters the house; the UK is forced to enter her; he addresses her, calling her to varying degrees kinship finally says "wife"; she jumps between his eyes; you can't tear her off; Coyote says to choose the Sun and the Month; Robin is too hot, Coyote talks about everything he sees; SK says will become a Month, it will take far so that the Toad is not so visible on his face; Toadstool's son is one-eyed, becomes a good Sun - he does not see everything so clearly and is not so hot; when the sun is less bright, he is discernible one-eyed toadstool]: Reichard 1947, No. 1:57-63; (cf. Upper coquil [Coyote sees a crane harpooning salmon spear on the other side; does not share the catch with the Coyote; the Coyote turns into salmon, harpoons, swims away, taking the tip away; the crane is going to make a new one from the bone of its own leg; the Coyote says he has found that salmon, returns the tip; the crane and his wife give him dried ones salmon]: Jacobs 2007:266-268).

The Midwest. Steppe Cree [the older sister wants a bright, younger dim star as her husband; both wake up in the sky; the husband of the youngest young, the eldest gray; the stars leave home for the night; the old woman advises the sisters to dig up the root that grows where the bison droppings lie; there is a hole in the sky under it; the sisters go down the rope; the old woman tells the elder to blindfold not to open it before reaching the ground; she peeks, the rope breaks, sisters fall to the top of the tree; Bear, Lynx can't take them off, do not want them to marry; Wolverine takes them off, but the older sister falls, breaks her leg above the knee; sisters turn Wolverine into a wolverine; at night The eldest of the fire cuts off her leg, sharpens the broken bone, calls the youngest My Husband; The tit tells the youngest to run north; Bear, Lynx, Great Serpent can't help them, older sister kills them with his sharp leg; a one-legged man pounding an ice-hole in the lake; agrees to help his younger sister when she calls him brother; kills his older sister by dropping a stone on her; see below story Bison Kidnaps a Woman]: Bloomfield 1930, No. 34:326-332.

Northeast. Seneca [a person hits a fish with a pointed tibia; explains to others that he sharpened it himself, can make it whole by spitting on it; people break their legs, can't catch anything, suffer from wounds; understand it was the Shodieonscon trickster]: Curtin, Hewitt 1918, No. 56:283-284.

Plains. Sarsi [two hunters spent the night, one asked the other to set up separate huts, threw him meat, it turned out to be human; he heard a crunch of bones and saw his friend sharpening himself leg bone; the man asked the log to be responsible for him that he was sleeping when the companion offered to kick each other; having received an answer for the third time, the sharp-headed split the log with his foot; the man climbed one of the four trees; the sharp-footed knocked down three, and his leg was stuck in the fourth; the man shot the sharp-footed with a bow, returned to the camp; the trunk with the bone that pierced him is still visible]: Dzana-gu 1921, No. 31:40; stoney [the pointy leg motif is popular with stoney]: Lowie 1909a: 119, 184 (note); blacklegs [one wife is jealous of the other; cuts off and sharpens her leg; people run; she comes to another camp; bone pierces many; warrior kills her; she is buried]: Wissler, Duvall 1908, No. 9:153; Assiniboine: Lowie 1909a, No. 23 [And no one sees four boys throw their eyes at the pine tree, they return to the eye sockets; I. catches his eyes one by one, the boys warn him not to go far away often; one cuts off his legs, sharpens his bone, kills antelope; kills an elk in the same way; they give the same strength to I., but tell him to do this trick only in someone's presence; I. catches his eyes twice in a row, they stay on the pine tree; boys they reach out their eyes, return I, but they deprive him of his ability to do the trick; I. one sharpens his legs, kills an antelope; when he wants to kill a bear, he gets stuck in a tree; the boys release him, take him away strength, I. did not try to sharpen his legs anymore], 27 [two young men travel; at night one hears his companion cutting a bone; he sharpened both legs; the young man runs, the companion catches up, pierces, revives him; the young man himself turns into a bison, an elk, a bear, kills and revives his companion; both continue his journey], 28 [the young man sleeps in the house; hears his friend outside cutting a bone, making himself a sharp leg; the young man runs, a friend chases him, his leg gets stuck in a tree, he dies]: 117-119, 184-186, 186; grovantre: Cooper 1975, No. 10 [a man with a sharp iron leg invites others to play football; pierces them; the hero puts a tree in his place, it gets stuck, the hero kills him]: 477-478; Kroeber 1907b, No. 20 [see motif K27; a clot of bison blood turns into a young man, goes to exterminate monsters; a man with a sharp leg plays with others, kicks to death; a blood clot puts a poplar in his place, his leg gets stuck in it]: 82-90; Crowe [two young men return from a hike, spend the night in a hut ; one cuts, cooks, eats meat from his leg, sharpens his tibia, chases a friend; he climbs a tree, then another; Ostronog breaks all the trees one by one; sparrows advise the young man to climb hardwood wood; bone gets stuck in the trunk, Ostronog dies]: Lowie 1918:212-214; sheyens [a man with a pointed leg pierces it into trees, pulls it out; you can only do four once a day; a European sharpens his leg with an ax, repeats the prank four times; animals ask him to show his art again; his foot gets stuck in a tree, the European dies]: Grinnell 1900:169 in Edmonds, Clark 1989:187; (cf. Shayena [the daughter is naughty, her mother kicks her out the door, says that owls take her; the Owl takes her to her parents' house; in the morning she is sent for brushwood; the Sparrow, then the Flycatcher, Blackbird says that the Owls are going to eat it; the Hawk takes her to the mountain; calling Hawk her husband, she enters the cave; the owl demands to open the door and return his food; the hawk grandfather tells me to open it a little, girl pushes the door again, cutting off Owl's head; they burned her body, beads and jewelry fell out of it; the girl wanted to take them, the hawk grandfather shoved everything into the fire; the girl grew up, wanted to go home; she was dressed up as Backward-Talking-Warrior (Shayen's best warriors); Grandfather hawk gives affection; a woman calls to her on the way, offers a brain cauldron, the girl feeds everything to caress; eats bison meat; at night a woman scratches her leg, making it a club; the girl does not sleep, lets go of caress, she gnaws the meat out of the woman's leg; she dies; the girl comes to her own; the young men ask for her costume; she teaches that the warriors of the union Backwards must do the opposite (if told to go forward, they must go back); this is how Shayen's military alliances arose]: Marriott, Rachlin 1975:43-48); arpahoes: Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, #57 [friend Nihansana sharpens her leg, acting like a spear, kills a bison, treats N. with meat; N. repeats the trick, but his leg gets stuck in the bison; a friend frees him], 108 [the young man hunts, is hungry at night, cuts off his legs, roasts and eats; sharpens his leg; others run away, leaving decks instead; he kills many, kills himself with an arrow; his corpse has been burned], 109 [two young men travel, spend the night in two separate huts; one sharpens his leg with an ax, offers to shove each other with his feet; the second runs away; the sharp-head kills people; one person swallows a stone, asks to hit it in the stomach; a sharp leg breaks]: 112, 257, 258; Arikara [the old man sharpens his leg, kills another son-in-law, asking him to kick each other; this is how anyone who moves to his winter camp and marries his daughter dies; the latter climbs a tree, father-in-law jumps to pierce it, but pierces his leg into the trunk; stays hanging, dies; son-in-law, wife and mother-in-law return to the village]: Parks 1996, No. 6:143-145; kiowa- Apache [warriors go camping, two are lost, come back, starve; one offers to cut the meat off the leg, split the bone, eat meat and brain; the other says he will go for fire, leaves him responsible for a moccasin, runs away; a tree lifts it to its fork; a one-legged one comes running, trying to crush the trunk with a sharp bone; a tree clamps a bone; a man kills a one-legged arrow, returns home]: McAlister 1949, No. 37:105-108.

Southeast USA. Screams: Gouge 2004, No. 15 [the lion came to the hunter's pregnant wife, snatched the baby from her womb, left it in the basket under the bed, the woman's body was dragged away; the father raised the boy, made him an onion, he loses his bows every time; he admits that there is another boy in the thickets who calls himself the brother of the first; one day he came to live in the house; his father tells him not to go where the Poor Hoof is; wild brother offers to go; boys steal his bow, Sharp Hoof chases, tries to hit, his leg gets stuck in a tree trunk; boys cut off his nose, kill him, bring his father's nose to make a smoking pipe; the father lit it, ordered it to be thrown away; he did not tell me to touch the eggs of Thunder; the wild boy decided to get eggs; the brothers climbed for them, took them, went up into the sky, became thunders; one real, another false boy]: 65-67.

Guiana. Varrau [after attending a festival in the village of toads, the elder brother deliberately burns his leg in the fire while hunting; chasing his younger brother, he kills a deer instead of him; people come to the forest, kill the elder, they cut the flesh into pieces; they give rise to harmful creatures]: Wilbert 1970, No. 41 [burns both legs, sharpens one; without chasing the deer], 156 [anneals and sharpens both; hummingbirds first, then squirrel they lure the monster into an open place where people kill it; without turning into harmful creatures], 157, 158 [has fun in his sleep]: 110-112, 332-339; kalinya [in the forest, the wife waits for a man to hunt ; she thinks that she hears a bird, whistles back; it was the demon Yawahë, he is furious, turning a woman's legs into stone points, her heart into stone; a woman rushes to kill everyone, eventually killed herself]: Penard in Goeje 1943, No. d36:126.

NW Amazon. Chikuna: Nimuendaju 1952:146-147 [two brothers hunt; find a basket of boiled yams; the youngest eats; at night a demon tears off his leg; in the morning he says that bats have eaten his leg; deftly jumping on one leg, the cripple kills game with a club; he kills a vulture tapir, asks him to be taken to heaven; turns into Orion], 147 [two hunters find a basket of boiled yam in the forest; younger eats; sleeps soundly; the forest spirit tears off his leg; he deftly jumps on one leg, killing game with a club; vultures take him to heaven; he turns into Orion]; yagua [warriors go to take revenge on enemies; by they hit a toad in the road; this is the shaman Vatachar; the warriors rape his wife; two do not participate, they see V. weaving the basket; he says it's an eye basket, tells those two at night to settle away from others; in the form of a bat, it extracts from sleepers in the eye; in the morning, the curves decide to turn into bakers; some become a howler monkey, birds, a deer, an anteater; two go home; one warns another not to break a fruit tree branch, he breaks it; V. screams that he has been bitten in the heart; eats fruits with people, spits bones, says they are eyes; warriors understand that they ate the eyes of comrades (the origin of the delicious fruits of the ungurahui palm tree); at night, V., in the guise of a bat, cuts off the leg of a broken branch, he throws it into the river, his leg turns into a caimana, one-legged continues his journey; climbs a tree for night monkeys, the satellite explains that they are mushrooms; the one-legged turns into a toucan, flies ahead, showing the way; The squirrel lures the rest to cross the ravine along a log whose end does not reach the other side; the log is an anaconda; a man jumps, swallows; finds a live Deer inside; they cut the anaconda from the inside with piranha teeth when it comes out into the sun digest food; the anaconda chases them, they throw it into the calebasa river, the anaconda sinks into the water; the man is bald, the birds make new hair out of bast, the monkey dyes it black; every night a person spits with another animal, everyone warns of the next meeting; Partridge's anus stinks, man spits, Partridge flies away, carrying fire; Man plugs anus to an anteater with a tampon; he thinks that the Partridge has bewitched, is grateful to the man when he removes the tampon; the turtle mumbles that he will eat poisonous rhizomes, the man turns it into a turtle; Termite mound falls off a tree to crush a man, he dodges, tells the termite mounds to be on the ground since then; copulates with the Frog, which warns that her husband Battleship is jealous; Battleship calls a man in a hole, hoping to leave him in the lower world; a man climbs a tree, a battleship causes the wind, he has to get down; a man comes to the Wild Pigs Festival (a series of episodes); to Agouti (kills them); home to wife and sons]: Powlison 1959:11-12; 1993:97-118.

Central Amazon. Munduruku [Akainoatpyo is his nephew, Karujuribo is his uncle; K. turns into deer and other animals, A. cannot kill them; Grandma A. advises him to kill a tapir with his hand in him ass; tapir - K.; he jumps up, drags A. through Tapajos, frees him, emptying his stomach; advises choosing a third crocodile with trees growing on its back to cross the river; now the name A. - Perisvat; returning home, P. goes through various adventures; spends the night with a man whose leg bones are devoid of flesh, pointed; he tries to pierce P.; when his leg pierces a tree, P. ties her with a bowstring; releases her in the morning]: Kruse 1949, No. 33:643; Murphy 1958, No. 29:95-102.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Surui [two warriors think of home, which is not allowed to campaign; both go missing, probably killed; another laughs at an owl, says her face is like her wife's vagina; Owl asks Groundhog to wean the mocker's leg; he eats away, a sharp bone remains; warriors laugh when their friend waddles on one leg; he kills mockers with a sharp leg; one cuts it off with an ax; he turns into Santi - forest owner killing people but helping shamans]: Mindlin 1995, No. 7:25-27.

Eastern Amazon. Spiking: Nimuendaju 1920 [an old cannibal pierces those she asks to remove her sand flea with a sharp leg; she also cleans the forest from the undergrowth with her sharp leg; brothers Kuñarima and Aruniatá decided take away the shoulder blade; A. began to take out the flea, the old woman pierced it, fried it, ate it; K. collected A.'s blood, revived it; when he began to take out the flea, he dodged, his leg was stuck in a tree; K. killed the cannibal, the leg cut off, ordered A. to take it to his father]: 1020; 1922 [the warrior kills the enemy, fastes, stops fasting ahead of time; tells his wife to hang him a hammock in the forest; at night ants eat meat from his leg; he sharpens his bone, hunts for his son; then kills him, turns into a forest spirit]: 370; Juruna [Sinaá's father is a giant jaguar; like S. himself, he sees a pair of eyes on the back of his head; he conceived S. by sticking his penis in the hole where S.'s mother urinated; S. has three sons, the youngest is not his, their mother conceived him with an animal; S. tests his sons, wanting to make sure that they are his children; there is no water, it was brought by a juriti pigeon, once brought it; the eldest son decided to go break the water tank; S. warned that there was a dangerous fish in the water; the youngest son broke it, but did not bounce to the side, the fish swallowed it, his legs were sticking out of his mouth, the fish was rushing with with a stream of water; the brothers run, make dams, the stream blows them away; the latter did not demolish, the elder brother snatched the youngest out of the fish's mouth, revived it; he lost his memory, he had to be taught everything again; S. warned sons to be careful with the stork Jabiru; the brothers decide to grab his beak; the youngest turns into a fish, swims up, is swallowed; the elder has turned into a fly, collected blood from his beak, revived the youngest from it; He became a fish himself, swam, became human, broke off his beak, brought it to his father; S. warns that there is someone who can cut it in half; they come to that man's house; he asks them to take sand fleas out of his leg; the youngest comes up, he kicks him with his foot, cutting it in half; the elder turns into a wasp, collects blood, revives the younger one from it; approaches that creature; when he tries to kick, breaks off his leg, brings to his father; S. warns that there are dangerous wild Indians; brothers find them; the youngest turns into pirarara fish to bite off the hook, caught, fried, eaten; the elder turns into a wasp, picks up blood, revives the younger one; becomes a piranha, bites off, takes the fisherman's hook, brings it to his father]: Villas Boas, Villas Boas 1973:232-236.

Southern Amazon. Trumai [one of the two hunters intentionally burns his leg in the fire; his companion runs, hides in the house; the stalker's pointed bone gets stuck in a log]: Monod-Becquelin 1975, No. 24:130 ; kuikuro [Viti-Vití, his wife and his wife's brother went to the forest for honey; when he climbed a tree, cut the meat off his leg, sharpened his bone, threw his blood down, not between; the wife and her brother ate clots, mistaking them for honey, then the brother smelled them; the wife and brother run away, do not open the door when BB comes; he went to the forest, made ditches with a sharp foot, which are abundant in the upper reaches of Shingu; in these ditches told his people to hide from the cold; now lives by Lake Kuikúru-Ipa]: Villas Boas, Villas Boas 1973:163-165; vaura [hunter kills a huge toad; it makes its leg thin and sharp; his a companion warns his wife, she flees; Ostronog goes to live in the forest]: Schultz 1966:134-135; Rickback: Pereira 1973, No. 13 [the husband of an unfaithful wife burns his leg alone in the woods; kills opponent]: 47-48; 1994, No. 27 [two cunhados went hunting night monkeys; one found a potion (remedy, leaves - remedio-do-mato) of the Forest Spirit (he walks on one leg); put it to his leg; at night put it in the fire; the companion noticed, put a deck in his hammock, climbed a tree; the first cut off the meat, his leg became like a deer's horn, hit the hammock, left, became the Forest Spirit himself, left; turns into Forest spirit; descendant returned home; people failed to find and kill the Forest Spirit]: 178-180; paresi [a woman persuades her son-in-law to take her to the garden instead of his wife; a bird screams at night; mother-in-law every time interprets her scream as advice to lie closer and then have sex; at night, a man's leg hangs from a hammock; an owl pecks around her; a man turns into a demon with a spear leg]: Pereira 1986, No. 28:339-342; Iranian: Pereira 1985, No. 20 [a woman brings food to her son-in-law's garden instead of his wife; makes him lie in the same hammock with her; eats his leg at night; he turns into an ogre Aan; tells his wife don't speak to him; lives on a fruit tree; his wife and sister kill their mother; two birds (Penelope jacupeba and jacutinga) fly out of her belly; the younger sister talks to A. invites him to drink chicha; the eldest hangs her hammock and the children's hammocks higher under the roof; A. comes, lies down with his younger sister, eats her, starting with her feet; the eldest revives her, but she remains thin]: 106-107.

Eastern Brazil. Kayapo: Wilbert 1978, No. 165 [(Metraux 1960:33); Tedyuare stabbed on a stingray, his leg began to rot, left on the trail for his wife to pick it up; T. sharpened his leg bone in the sand, pierced the person who came for his son; began to kill people; the woman climbed onto a palm tree, threw off a leaf, injuring T.'s throat; T. continued to kill; the rest made a figure out of a trunk stump; T. plunged her leg, got stuck, killed], 166 [ Banner 1957:62; the man was catching stingrays, his leg festering, his foot fell off, he was named Tedjuáre ("Sharp Leg"); when his wife was about to drag him on his back, he pierced it with his foot; people did a wooden figure, T. stabbed her leg, got stuck, killed; a woman climbed onto a bakab palm tree for fruit; saw T.'s head and shoulders climb after her; the woman poked him in the neck with a walnut shell; T. fell, people finished it off; this is how people learned to make spear tips from pointed bones]: 417, 418; Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a, No. 132 (shikrin) [Vidal 1977:247; Têdjoare stepped on a stingray; his wife brought him to the village, he copulated with her (it is forbidden to be bitten by a snake or stung by a stingray); his leg has rotted, he sharpened his bone, pierced his wife, ran into the forest; people make a wooden doll, T. stabs his leg, it gets stuck, he gets killed; his head with ribs comes to life; he climbs a tree for a woman, she manages to jump off, he chases her; he is lured again to attack the doll, killed, buried in the ground] 133 (pau d'arco) [Nimuendaju MS; the fisherman stepped on the stingray, his leg rotted, he asked to be left in the hut with food; he burned his leg in the fire, sharpened his bone; his wife came for him, put her back up so that he climbed, he pierced it with his sharp leg; kills many people; when a man climbs a tree, he climbs his head upside down, pierces him with his foot; asks two women if he has already arrived to the top; they all say no; one of them pierces him with a piece of bark, he falls dead]: 407, 408-409; crash [Schultz 1950:119-122; man and sister's husband spend the night hunting in the forest; pretends that he has fallen asleep; sees a companion putting his leg into the fire; for the third time he does not respond to a request for help to remove his leg; the companion burns his foot, throws him into the forest, asks him to go pick up the fallen fruit; sharpens bone with a sharp shell; is going to pierce a person with a sharp leg, he turns into an opossum, hides in a termite mound; returns to his sister; the sharp-head (now called Hitewá) kills with his sharp with the foot of hunting companions; people make a doll out of thick bark, H. pierces his leg into it, gets stuck, he gets killed]: Wilbert 1978, No. 164:413-416; frame camera [Nimuendaju 1946a:248; man went hunting with his wife's husband; noticed him putting his foot in the fire, shoved it off twice, but he put it back in; burned his foot, threw it into the forest, ordered him to look for the fallen fruit; sharpened the bone with a scraper from the shell, attacked; the man turned into a rat, hid in a hollow; Tečware (Te is the bottom of the leg, čwa is the point, -re is the clever suffix) lit the dry leaves and tail in the hollow, but the rat slipped away; (the text ends)] : Wilbert 1978, No. 167:419-420; apaniecra [Pompeu Sobrinho 1935:198-200; Têttxuá invited Pótxête, his sister's husband, to hunt Cariama cristata birds; set fire to a bush, but they did not get anything; P. pretended to be sleeping, T. put his foot in the fire, then burned the second one, threw his foot into the forest, shouted that the fetus was falling; sharpened the bones on his legs with a shell, tried to pierce P., who dodged; became a rat, hid in a hollow; T. lit a fire there, but P. turned into a lizard, ran away; T. turned into a bee, sat on a branch above the path to the village, killed those passing by with a sharp leg; boy covered his back with a piece of thick bark, told others to walk a distance away; a sharp leg was stuck in the bark, T. was killed]: Wilbert 1978, No. 168:420-422; apinaye [Nimuendaju 1978:422-423; wife Tečware's brother comes with him into the forest; at night T. puts his foot in the fire, breaks off his foot, throws him into the thickets, tells his companion to go after the fruit that has just fallen; at this time he sharpens his bone; tries to kill the companion, he runs away to the village; T. kills people with a sharp foot; people disguise the tree trunk as a human figure, T.'s leg gets stuck in it, he is killed; the severed head rolls; attacks people, grabbing them by the back of their heads with their teeth; people dig a hole, their heads fall into it, they burn it there; this is where the Hancornia speciosa tree grows; men use its latex to make balls and body paint]: Wilbert 1978, No. 169:422-423; tupina ["I am found this motive among residents of Aldea Santa Rosa in Bahia, probably Tupinaki descendants "]: Nmuendaju MS in Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a: 408 (note 8).

Chaco. Except tobe: a person becomes a cannibal after eating meat from his burnt leg; remains alone in the forest; kills honey pickers who come to the forest. Chamacoco [burns his leg while hunting rodents with fire; taking daredevils as bait, people kill him; a severed spear leg is brought to the village]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987a, No. 108, 109:426- 432; chorote: Wilbert, Simoneau 1985, No. 89 [handsome Kiésta (mockingbird) sang well, attracting girls and irritating men; decided to argue with Káhopo (the cuckoo) to sing all night; falling asleep, burned his right leg in the fire; people left him alone; he feels hungry, ate meat from burnt leg to bone, sharpened the bone, began to kill animals and then animals with it; the Hawk pretended to get honey from a bottle tree, provoked K. to strike, the bone got stuck in the tree; the Hawk burned it, a mockingbird flew out of the fire; the first time he became an ogre again, the second time finally a bird], 90 [Kiestá j and Likiku argue who will spend the night without sleep; K. falls asleep, accidentally burns his leg in the fire; people leave him alone; he eats meat from his leg, sharpens bones, kills, eats people; Hawk provokes him to hit, his leg breaks against a tree; a hawk burns him, a mockingbird appears from the fire]: 164-167, 168-171; nivakle [like a chorote; Cuckoo and Mockingbird compete singing]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987b, No. 184 [The cuckoo puts the foot of a asleep Mockingbird in the fire], 185 [The Cuckoo and the Mockingbird compete to sing all night; the Mockingbird falls asleep, the Cuckoo sings but actually sleeps , only his lungs sing; at dawn, the Cuckoo put the sleeping Mockingbird's leg into the fire; Ovenbird killed and fried Mockingbird; he came to life, became an ogre; sharpened his burnt leg, killed people with it; Fitsakajich called him to look for honey; climbed a tree; I had eyes on the back of my head, saw Mockingbird about to hit him, broke off a branch; he shredded his sharp leg against the tree, people killed him; he became a mockingbird ], 186:448-450, 451-455; toba [a man kills others with his pointed tibia when he asks them to remove worms from his rotting leg; Hawk kills a murderer with his own club]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1982b, No. 170-172:323-325; 1989a [killer's sharp leg gets stuck in a tree where the Hawk hides in the hollow; he kills a monster], No. 335, 336, 337 [short version]: 430-433; matako [leg the monster is an iron blade; it kills people with it; the hawk destroys it (without details)]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1982a, No. 169:269; poppy [a man with a pointed tibia kills honey pickers in the forest ; dodging blows, the Hawk forces the killer to break a bone against a tree trunk; kills it]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991a, No. 72:158-159.