Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M10. Girl and honey.


girl or woman gets stuck in a hollow, extracting honey, or otherwise eagerly sucks honey and dies or metamorphoses as a result; a woman stuck in a narrow aisle turns into honey, into a honey bee.

Australia. Yualarai [stuck a pen in the bee's ass, the Bat followed her, found a hollow of honey; told his wife to get honey, her hand was stuck in the hollow, he cut it off, the woman died; the same with his second wife - sister first; young relatives of the dead arranged a box, invited her husband to dance, and pushed her into the fire]: Parker 1965:153-155.

Mesoamerica Sister Luna eagerly sucks honey, she is thirsty; she gives her bright eye to Brother Sun in exchange for water. Chatino: Bartolomé 1979:25; 1984:12; Quicateques: Weitlaner 1977:60-61

Guiana. Warrau [old woman eagerly sucks honey from the hollow, the hero closes it inside, she turns into a tree frog]: Wilbert 1970, No. 37, 139-141, 144:104, 282-283, 288, 293, 305; trio [man tells the animal to swallow the voracious mother-in-law; her daughter pursues her husband; climbs into the hollow for honey, her head gets stuck, cut off; the body turns into agouti; the man wounds his leg with an arrow, his leg decays; he rises to heaven, turns into a constellation]: KR 1987, No. 3 [Yaravare's mother-in-law swallows an anaconda; wife puts her head in the hollow to suck honey; I. cuts off his wife's head; head predicts that he He will hurt his leg by cutting wood, monkey meat, baker meat, etc.; he falls asleep, does not hear the name of a small fish; pierces his leg with an arrow, shooting at this fish; shoots at the sky, making a chain of arrows; rises, the chain falls]: 26-30; Magaña 1987, No. 99 [mother-in-law swallows a manatee; an old woman in the woods lures Yalavale's wife into a hollow, cuts off her head; Yalavale turns into Orion]: 153; oyampy [two wives; heads turn into tree frogs, bodies into red daguets]: Grenand 1982, No. 45:284.

NW Amazon. After returning from the vultures, the hero's wife eagerly sucks honey from the hollow. Tatuyo; barasana; yukuna [Kanuma stole sacred flutes from ñamatu women; they left him alone with cultivated plants; he married different animals, but none his wife could not give him cultivated plants; he ate wild plants; his stork grandfather saw Jeechú's daughters by the river, who gave him manioc cake; K. noticed the crumbs under the hammock, made him tell them everything; K. was the first to see the girl who was the owner of the animals, Inérukana; she told him to take the sisters, the owner of the fish, Mairero; M. ordered her to be put in a boat filled with water and fish poison; the piranhas came out of her vaginas, but left alone; when K. got together, she bit off his penis; the penis was on his stomach, the navel was a mark of him; K. sent his wife to the garden, but she saw that it was just a savannah; brought cassava from her father, then yam, coca, peach palm; K. tried to plant them, but J. did not produce seeds, only fruits; M. cooked a lot of wild yams for K.; he ate, his penis jumped out in the place where people have it now; M. told her husband to watch her sisters come and plant cassava; they were cassava themselves; K. heard the girls laughing that he did not have a penis; went out and they ran away; sent J. to chew coca instead younger brother; on the way back, M. pushed him on the site, he fell and became a coca; his soul became a harpy eagle who told K. not to cry - coca would always be there; coca, cassava, pineapple and other plants they were also human and immediately ready for consumption, but K. did everything himself, since then he had to work; M. warned her husband that one day he would kill her; let him bury her in a small tree, covered with leaves; K. mistook his wife's brother for her lover and shot him with a bow; buried his body; she ended up with her father J. (i.e. in the afterlife); K. came for her; J. gave a rolled up hammock and told her not to open it along the way; K. opened, a bee flew out, bit him and disappeared; then K. found out that his wife was living in heaven with the vulture chief; wearing an ulcerative shirt, K. appeared there unrecognized; the fly told the vulture chief that she had seen a lot of fish ( these are worms in the corpses); K. put a thorn, M. began to weave the basket and pricked; the vulture leader went without it; K. took off his ulcerative shirt, took off his wife; on the way they saw bees sucking honey; K.'s wife rushed there and disappeared into the hollow where the bees are]: Hammen 1992:154-157; maku [Idu Kamni (associated with toadstool or cormorant) drank a vine infusion, vomited into the river, and a woman appeared, but he does not want her; drank an infusion of another vine - an Aguti woman appeared with a kitchen pot; he is happy with her; the wife gives the birds crumbs, they bring them to the Vultures, they decide to steal the woman; after the holiday, the wife cleaned IR hair, fell asleep, Vultures took her away; one bird told IC that his wife was with the Vultures, the other (swallow-tailed kite) that she was making beer from them; IK flew to the Vultures in the guise of an old one sick swallows (kite?) with diseased skin (at the same time running on the ground in the form of a deer); one bird recognized him, but IR twisted its tongue; IR dropped (as if from old age) calebass; the leader recognized him, but immediately forgot, because IC turned tongue to the leader's spirit; in the form of a deer, IK lay down in the forest as if dead, began to rot; The Vultures flocked, but noticed that he opened his eye, flew away; then IK killed the tapir; he came to his wife, who was making beer for on the holiday, told the hornet to bite her, she lost consciousness; the leader of the Vultures tells him to stay to take care of his wife; IK revived his wife, took on her true form, and burned everything in the house together with the little birds Vultures; they rushed to save their property, IC and his wife sailed away in the boat; the water rose, washed away the Vultures; IC's wife sees a hollow with honey and larvae, sticks her head into the hollow; IC threw his honeycombs down, his wife fell, Toads jumped out of her womb, galloping into the forest]: Silverwood-Cope 1972, No. 6:234-241; macuna [dies on the spot]: Palma, Feuillet 1980 {without pagination}.

Eastern Amazon. Spiking [Kumafari's wife made kashiri for him; the man persuaded her to get together; K. turned his wife into a wild pig, then back into a man, found out from her who she had met; blew, swallows They took both to heaven; their journey there is the Milky Way, i.e. the "wild pig road"; they greedily rushed to the bees' nest, K. left them in this position forever]: Nimuendaju 1920:1011-1012.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Yabuti [the woman became pregnant, the husband is dissatisfied because the other child is still small; the woman's hand is stuck in a hollow with honey; the husband left and took the baby away; the woman gave birth; the baby the next day was already brings her water, but she died; vultures flew; her husband returned, threw pupunya (peach palm fruit) at them; urubu asked not to kill them; they put the woman's body parts in a basket, the boy sat on top; when He opened his eyes, found himself in the country of Urubu; there are fields of corn and beans; he trapped the uruba in a trap, ripped off his scalp, now they are bald; they want to kill him; he hid corn and beans in his body, ran home to his grandmother; hurt his finger, the grains poured instead of blood]: Maldi 1991:257-259; surui [Palop comes to people in the guise of a dirty old man, the girl rejects him; then appears handsome, explains that he is a creator; people ask for forgiveness; he stains the whole house with his vomit, turns it into a rock; people locked inside call for help; Parrot, Mako hammering the rock outside, breaking axes; a woodpecker comes from afar, cuts a hole; people go out, a pregnant woman gets stuck, turns into a honey bee; the woodpecker is unable to cut a new hole, the rest inside die]: Mindlin 1995, No. 7:62-65; gaviano, zoro [Mountain arranges a party, appoints an organizer; turns into a little boy, asks the organizer's wife to take him to poop; becomes an adult again, copulates with her; people discuss this case; G. invites everyone into the house, turns it into stone; everyone lives inside for a long time; Parrots, Mako break their beaks trying to get out; small the bird breaks a hole; various peoples and tribal groups come out; the pregnant woman is stuck, turned into honey; those behind her are left inside the rock]: Løvold 1987:421-425.

Eastern Brazil. Apinaye [a huge eagle settled on a reaper palm tree, people fled, a couple of old people and their grandchildren Kenkutá and Akréti were left, their parents were eaten by the eagle; grandfather is surprised how easily A. catches up and kills other birds; the brothers stay in a hut by the river, the grandfather brings food there, makes them clubs; the brothers call the tapir a rat; the grandfather builds a hut at the foot of the harvester, A. lures an eagle, hides in the hut; K. does the same less quickly; the eagle is exhausted, the brothers finish him off with clubs; the grandfather plucks him, blows his feathers down the wind, they turn into different birds; another huge Kukád bird lives on a rock, cuts off people's heads with his beak; grandfather builds a hut there, A. lures the bird, hides; K. does not have time, the bird cuts off his head; A. leaves K.'s head on a branch, can no longer lure him out poultry, goes to look for people, meets people with a series, black arar people, monkey people, each group tells what it does; A. finds fellow tribesmen, marries, brings meat to her father-in-law and mother-in-law ( nandu ostriches); calls his wife for honey, offers to put his hand in the hollow, his hand gets stuck, A. kills his wife, roasts her meat, brings her to the village; the victim's brother realizes what he was given, finds her head and bones sisters; people push A. into hot coals; his ashes turn into a nest of earth termites]: Wilbert 1978, No. 172:451-454; crash [wife refuses to wait for her husband to get honey from the hollow of the fallen wood, eats honey greedily; an angry husband kills her with an ax, roasts meat, brings her mother-in-law under the guise of anteater meat; others also eat, only the older brother recognizes the sister's meat; the brothers ask the murdered husband to get from honey trees, kill with arrows, burn a corpse]: Wilbert 1978, No. 148:353-354.

Chaco. Nivacle [The woodpecker pulls out honey, feeds other birds; when she flies away, an old anteater climbs a tree, sucks honey greedily, gets stuck in a hollow with her head, dies; her mother or sister is looking for her, answers Jaguar that he is looking for ants; he laughs at her, knows that another ant died in a tree]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987b, No. 218:526-527; toba [boy Joaquin and his sister are lost; the sister put her hand in the hollow for honey, her hand was stuck; the anteater widened the hole, the girl took out her hand; at night the children climbed the tree; the jaguar came, the boy relieved him, he ran away; the children came to the house of two cannibals; the dove told them to ask the women to light the fire themselves, push them into the fire; each had one breast cut off, from there a male and a female appeared, went up to heaven, became stars]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1982b, No. 6:37-38; Quechua in Rio Salado (Santiago del Estero lowlands) [sister is voracious; when her brother returned from hunting with nothing, she finished the last piece of meat, threw a bone at him; boasted that her lover would come back with fish; her brother leads her sister to a tree where there are bees, she climbs for honey, he cuts off branches, leaves it on a tree, she eagerly sucks honey, wants to drink, turns into kakuy - a gray bird with nightjar wings and a swallow-like tail; brother killed his sister's lover with a knife, put a bone thrown by his sister in his mouth]: Wagner 1909:269-271.