Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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M100A. Jump off a cliff .

One of the characters encourages the other to jump off a high cliff or tree, because this is what the other's ancestor supposedly did. The other one jumps, crashes, or falls into the first one's clutches.

French (Gascony), Walloons, Harsousis, Tabasarans, Kurds, Persians, Tajiks, Sarykols, Turkmens, Baluchis, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz.

Western Europe. The French (Gascony) [the fox tells the squirrel how far her father jumped from branch to branch; the squirrel says it jumps as well, shows it; fox: But your grandfather, the squirrel, jumps again; but my great-grandfather - this time the distance is even greater, the squirrel falls, falls into the fox's paw; asks for permission to confess and perform the sign of the cross before death; the fox loosened its grip, the squirrel ran away]: Arnaudin 1967, No. 8:116-118; walloons [the fox sees a squirrel in a tree and says she knew her father and grandfather, they jumped from the tree to get there; the squirrel jumps, falls into the fox's mouth; "Thank God there is get enough!" ; when the fox says this, it opens its mouth and the squirrel runs away; "I knew your father and grandfather, but they didn't praise God without finishing eating"]: Laport 1932, no. *61:27-28.

Western Asia. Harsushi [the fox, wolf, leopard, hyena, vulture, and raven went hunting; the vulture flew away, the fox and the raven found nothing, the hyena found a basket of dates, the wolf stole the kid, the leopard killed camels; they gathered around the fire to cook meat; the hyena went to bed and told her to wake her up when everything was ready; the fox ate both dates and meat intended for the hyena, shoved bones and bones into her ass; in the morning told the hyena that she had already eaten everything herself, told her to relieve herself, bones and bones were under the hyena; the fox asked the hyena to carry it to the acacia, and then she would carry it; she jumped and started screaming that the hyena was tired; hyena: the fox was tired; but others rushed to the hyena and ate it; the fox offered to jump off the cliff - this is what their fathers did when they were circumcised; the fox and the leopard jumped safely, and the wolf broke his leg, he was eaten; the fox offers to jump off a high cliff, jumps; the leopard crashed; invites the fox to start eating it; the fox: eats when the leopard dies; eating the leopard, the fox told the donkey that she was dying of thirst; she allowed her to go inside through her ass - she had water in her stomach; the fox drank water, ate the donkey's insides, she died; the fox wanted dew to fall, then she will fill one wadi with blood, the other with milk; the dew has fallen out, the donkey's ass is softened, the fox has come out; tells the woman and daughter that they are called to be circumcised, and she is ready to guard their herd; the fox milked the goats filled the wadi with milk; stabbed them, filling another wadi with blood; arranged the carcasses as if the goats were grazing; the woman and the girl returned without finding anyone; the girl saw the goats slaughtered and shouted to her mother hold a fox; woman hears hard; fox: she screams that robbers are coming, let the woman give her the necklace, she will bury it and hide it; daughter screams again; fox: she tells you to give yourself to me; woman in rabies, the fox runs away, carrying jewelry; hangs it on a dry tree, relieves itself by throwing sand at excrement; tells the caravan that the tree makes jewelry; he gives his herd for the tree; warns that if he copes with the need near the tree, it will not give jewelry; the caravan waits three days, catches up with the fox; they come back, the fox tears off its excrement, says that this caravan is not held on; the fox brings its camels to places where there are many others; she is told that its camels may be trampled by local camels and horses; but the fox refuses to take its own; its camels are dead, she has received a big ransom for them]: Stroomer 2004, No. 2:5-17.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Tabasarans [the fox tells the lion that his grandfather jumped over the river; the lion does not dare to jump at first; the fox: your grandfather is also scared for the first time; the lion crashed, dies, the fox eats it from behind; the lion is also afraid says that the brisket tastes better; fox: I'll get to the brisket]: Ganiyeva 2011a, No. 26:112; Kurds: Jalil et al. 1989, No. 158 [fox, wolf, hare, dove, bear are hungry; everyone calls themselves says he's inedible; dove: I'm like a crumb of buttermilk bread; fox: nothing tastes better; bear ate pigeon; hare: I'm like a cracker fried in butter; fox ate it; wolf: I'm pumpkin head; fox: tastier pumpkins are just pumpkin, the bear eats the wolf; thirsty; the fox came out of the cave, came back, told the bear that water was given in exchange for the eyes; the bear gives one eye then the other; the fox brings two cups, if more, you have to go by yourself; brings the bear to the abyss, says there is water ahead, the bear breaks], 163 [the fox leads the lion to the edge of the cliff, says that his father always ran away before and jumped over the abyss; the lion also jumps and crashes; fox: I told you not everything is like your father]: 460-462, 469).

Iran - Central Asia. Persians [the fox came to visit the crane, it poured wheat on the stone, ate everything himself; the fox called the crane, poured flour into the water, poured it on the stone, licked everything itself; promised to show the crane a game , put his head in the mud under the stone; the crane put the fox on his back, flew up, threw it away, it fell and went into the mud; the shepherd pulled it by the tail; the fox: I wanted to dig my father's treasure here, you prevented it, Now give me one sheep; he brought a fat one, but the fox did not like it and she took a skinny one, sat on horseback and rode it; everyone says that she is going to a mantis; wolf, hyena, bear, leopard, boar, lion join; the sheep died, it was cooked; at night the fox ate the meat, put the bones in the wolf's ass; let's jump over the ditch - whoever loses bones from his ass ate; they fall out of the wolf's ass, they kill him, put him down into the cauldron; the fox ate the meat, the bones in the bear's ass; then the same with all the animals; the fox and the lion remain; the fox pretends to eat its eyes; the lion let his eyes be pulled out; the fox: our fathers jumped over this cliff; lion jumped, crashed to death]: Romaskevich 1934a, No. 45:227-230; Tajiks (Kanibadam) [same Amonov, Ulug-zade 1957:22; lion to meet the fox; she says she remembered his late father, he You jumped over the gorge, can you? the lion jumped, crashed]: Levin et al. 1981, No. 258:242; Sarykoltsy [The fox asks the Bear if he wants to fly, he answers what he wants; she ties his wings from branches, offers to jump from rocks, broken but still alive, eats from the tail; Wolf leads where mutton fat tail, Wolf falls into a trap, Fox eats fat tail]: Pakhalina 1966:192-193; Turkmens [fox, lion and wolf have caught wild goat, jackal and hare; the wolf began to divide, gave the goat to the lion, the hare to the fox, took the jackal for himself; the lion killed the wolf and ripped off his skin; the fox to the lion: eat the goat, the jackal, and if you don't get enough, the hare; lion: stupid fox, who did you learn to share from? fox: seeing the red meat of the wolf under the torn skin; the lion ate everything, they moved on, the fox cries: I remembered your father, he always jumped over this ravine; the lion jumped, fell into the ravine; the fox began to eat it with tail; lion: eat from the head; fox: I'll get to the head]: Stebleva 1969, No. 12:38-39; Baluchis [the fox dressed as a dervish and invited the lion to go to the praying mantis; he told the jackal to call others as well; jackal called a leopard, a tiger, a wolf, an elephant; they came to one place, the lion was hungry; the fox mullah: "Why is this jackal with us? Take this jackal, knock him down and kill him!" Then the same about the wolf; the elephant; the fox tied the elephant's intestines; the lion went hunting; the forests pretended to stretch and eat its own guts; the tiger believed, ripped open its belly and died; the fox began to eat the tiger; told the returning lion that the tiger had a heart ache and ripped it open; the fox and the lion came to the rock; the fox: our fathers jumped from here; the lion jumped, the fox ate it]: Zarubin 1932, No. 20:214-217.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Bosingen 1984 [the camel got lost, the fox offered to go together, the wolf and the lion join; they found a place in the mountains where there is a lot of grass and game; but in winter the camel found grass, and the rest they began to starve; the fox offers the camel to sell himself to them, and in the spring he will be revived and he will buy a beautiful camel; he agrees; while the wolf is resting, the fox ate the camel's intestines and eyes; complains to the lion that the wolf ate it without waiting for it to be shared; while the lion was chasing the wolf, the fox hid the carcass; the fox told the lion that the camel came to life and left, sent the lion to chase him; she and the wolf find a piece of meat, the fox provokes the wolf to take him, the wolf falls into the trap; the hunter took off the skin, the fox ate the meat; tells the lion that he saw his brother, he jumps off the cliff and grabs the prey; the lion reluctantly agrees to jump off the cliff to wild goat, breaks; fox ate it]: 116-119 (about the same in Kaskabasov et al. 1979, No. 40, 41, 42:83-86, 86-90, 94-97, 97-99, 99-101); Sidelnikov 1971 (3) [fox to the wolf at the edge of the cliff: remembered yours father, how cleverly he jumped down; but also decided only the fourth time; the wolf jumped, crashed; the fox laughs; the wolf: is it funny? fox: I also praised your father, and then gutted him]: 210-211; Kyrgyz [tiger, wolf, fox and bear agreed to share everything they got; accepted a camel as friends; fox to a camel: Take we have four, eight sheep, two sheep at your expense; if everything is decided by agreement, we will slaughter you and take sheep in the spring, so you will be happy; let's not disassemble sheep into pregnant and cowhide, which they will be caught, we will give them away; if the sheep turn out to be pregnant, you will have sixteen sheep after lambing; lambs are your profit, where else can you find such benefits for yourself? The camel agreed; "A cunning fox looking sideways where it is, there is real fun, this camel is its prey"; with these words, the fox divided the camel carcass into five parts: one part to the tiger, one part to a bear, one part to a wolf, one part to yourself. "Well, will the camel be left empty-handed?" - said the fox, prescribed another part to the camel and added it to her share of meat; the fox secretly swallowed the remaining camel buds after the section; and when she made signs to the wolf to take it for himself, the bear, lifting his hair, muttered - "but there is no heart." Tiger: Where are the camel buds? the fox squinted at the wolf, the tiger killed him; the bear and tiger packed their meat separately and went to have fun; the fox carried all the meat to the cave; the bear and tiger returned: Where is the meat? fox: The camel began to doubt, "now they are quarreling and gnawing, how can you expect sheep from them later", changed his mind, got up and walked away; the bear and the tiger believed her; brought them to a huge rock and turned to Tiger: Your late father used to jump from this side of the gorge to the other in one jump! It looks like you can't get over, you look like a coward! The tiger is ready at the top of the cliff; Fox: He steps and blows up the ground with his paws, just like his late father. Ayay-ayay, if not for cowardice, would have been like a father!.. Your father was a great brave man, if he was going to attack, did not back down, and did not give mercy to those caught. Facing the barrier, he never backed away, as he squeezed to jump, and jumped. I don't want to say that you have a fearful heart, that's all, apparently, your youth has an effect. The tiger jumped, broke his back and died; the fox: "I'll go and bury Joke (the familiar abbreviation of the Kyrgyz word "zholbors": tiger) in a clean place"; hid the corpse; lay down over the hidden meat, catching it, eats quietly; replies that she ripped open his belly, stretched out her large intestine and eats it; the bear tugs his gut, cannot finish because of pain; the fox has stretched it out, the bear died; lives well, decided to get rid of fleas; bit a piece of felt and went to the river; lowered its tail into the water; the fleas went from tail to back; the fox immersed its body in water, the fleas ran from the back to the neck; the fox and neck were immersed in water, fleas ran to felt, the fox let it go with the flow]: Seytaliev 1985:19-20.