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M101. Who's afraid of what (fox and bear) .

The bear replies to the fox (rarely a sable, a wolf) that he is not afraid of people (he usually says that he is afraid of partridges flying out). When he tried to attack people, he was killed or injured. Cf. Motive M101A.

Tofalars, Turukhansky, Sym, Podkamennotungusky [wolf and bear], Amur Evenks [sable and bear], Evens, Western (Vilyuisky) and northeastern (Kolyma) Yakuts, forest and tundra Yukaghirs, Chuvans, Chukchi, reindeer Koryaks, Asian Eskimos, and the Bering Strait Inupiat.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Tofalars: Rassadin 1996, No. 18 [The fox says he is afraid of hunters, the Bear says that hazel grouses when they take off; the fox offers him to fill the hole with people, promises to fill the other with hazel grouses; The bear returns wounded; the fox heals him on a rock by the fire; asks him to move away from the fire, he falls, breaks, the Fox eats meat; tells the Wolves to sit on the ice and howl, God will send bear; Volkov's tails froze; a man killed everyone with an ax, drove them on a sleigh]: 43-45; Sherkhunaev 1977 [same]: 237-240.

Eastern Siberia. Turukhansky Evenks: Vasilevich 1936, No. 11 (Tura) [The bear replies to the Wolf that he is afraid of hazel grouse, the Wolf says he is afraid of a person; The wolf brings hazel grouses, finds the dead {unconscious? } The bear, he tells how he met the hunters; tells the Chipmunk to bring berries, for which he dyed his skin with his paw over it], 13 (Yerbogochen) [The fox says he is afraid of people, the Bear says he is afraid of people, the Bear says he is afraid of people, the Bear says he is afraid of people birds suddenly flying out; without waiting for the Bear, the Fox finds a log house, and there is a bear's head], 14 (Ika) [as in (13)]: 15, 16-17, 17; Evenki (Podkamennaya Tunguska) [the wolf says he is afraid of a person, and a bear is like a woodpecker (how it will fly, how it knocks!) ; a wolf caught woodpeckers, and a hunter killed a bear with an arrow]: Suvorov 1956:59-60; Sym Evenks (Chirombu) [The bear says he is afraid of birds suddenly flying out, Fox, that people ("hemp with transverse with his eyes"); The bear found a hunter, he killed him, peeled off his skin, inflated his hair, and in the morning it turned into a deer; Lisa found a bear's head in the storage shed]: Vasilevich 1936, No. 12:16; Amur Evenks ( Urmi) [The bear says he is afraid of birds flying out, Sable that of people; Sable brings birds, the bear is killed by a hunter, puts his head on the storage shed; if the Bear killed a person, people would eat bears ]: Vasilevich 1936, No. 15:18; Evens [the hare has 10 bunnies; the fox demands to give one cub every day; the hare complains to the eagle; he advises asking the fox to fight the tree first; she butts, her grass horns are broken; the fox asks who taught the hare to answer this way; when she finds out that the eagle grabs him sleeping; the eagle broke the fox's leg, threw it on the island; she cries, burbot asks what case; the fox asks all the burbot to swim to the surface, she will count them; believing that she crossed their backs to the shore; asks the old man to give her a ride in a sledge; he asks what the rivers are called; Initial; Medium; Ultimate; the fox took the ax, went to get firewood; threw the ax, ran away; the bag of food was empty, it had two fox teeth; the old man called birds and four-legged animals, stuffed rotten and moss in his pants, lit it, smoke came through the holes, everyone laughed, the old man recognized the toothless fox, began to beat her; she asked not to beat her, promised to marry Kagankan's daughter; she entered K.'s yurt, ordered him to give her daughter, otherwise will make K. unable to sleep and walk; brought the girl to the old man as his wife; hired to herd the old man's deer; when the old man came to see, the deer have only bones; the old man screams to his wife to catch the fox for tail; the fox explains that he asks to tie a piece of fat to its tail; the bear says he is afraid of hazel grouses, the fox says he is afraid of a crossbow; the bear went ahead, the arrow hit his stomach; the fox volunteered to heal, pulled out her guts, the bear died; once she was caught by a crossbow herself]: Novikova 1987:17-21; Yakuts: Sivtsev, Efremov 1990:17 [=Ergis 1964, No. 2]; Ergis 1964, No. 1 (Vilyuysky, 2nd Bordeaux Nasleg Suntarsky Ulus) [The bear suggests that Lisa hunt cross-eyed, go after the bekas himself; Lisa says he is afraid of people, it is better to do the opposite; The bear is killed], 2 (the recording location is not specified; Vilyuisky?) [(=Sivtsev-Omoloon 1976:25-26); The fox says he is afraid of two-legged animals, the Bear says that the birds flying up from under his feet; the Fox is called to fill the ravines with bekas, and let the Bear fill it with bipedal ones; people killed and they ate the Bear], 11 (Kolyma, Srednekolymsky ulus) [The bear says he is afraid of woodcock, Wolverine is afraid of a person; the bear attacks people, they kill him]: 31, 32, 64-65.

SV Asia. Tundra Yukaghirs: Kurilov 2005, No. 11 (Hallerchin Tundra, Nizhnekolymsky District) [the bear says it is afraid of partridges, the fox says it is afraid of hummocks; the fox brought many partridges, the bear - not a single person, he himself was shot; the fox promises to cure the bear, put a hot stone on the shot; the bear died, the fox ate it]: 241; Kurilov, Varlamova 1986 (probably tundra) [the fox asked the bear who he was afraid of; he said a partridge because it suddenly flew out from under his feet; the fox admitted that it was afraid of man; the bear said it eats people like berries; promising to show a place with berries, the fox took the bear to the man; the man hit the bear with an arrow, he ran away; when he met the fox, the bear said that he had a stomachache; the bear felt very bad at home, his children called the wolverine; he began to shamanize; jumping, he noticed fat sticking out of the bear's wound; he began to eat this lard; the bear accidentally hit the wolverine with his paw in dying convulsions; he flew into the burning the hearth, jumped up and ran away; at home, the wolverine's mother began to treat him: she cut out a piece of smoky suede, covered the burnt area with it, and sewed it up; since then, the wolverine's back has turned black]: 26-29; Chuvans [ A fox and a bear met and asked each other: who is afraid of whom. Fox: "hummock" (human), bear: partridges. We agreed to go and kill and bring whoever the other is afraid of. The fox brought partridges. A man injured a bear. The fox began to "treat" him, hoping to kill him and eat fat. She put hot stones on him, assuring him that she was healing. The bear roasted alive, the fox ate it]: Brodsky, Innecay 2018, No. 1:13-15; Chukchi: Belikov 1982 [Lisa says the worst thing is man, Bear is partridge; Fox catches partridge, Bear wounded with a spear; the fox offers to treat him, puts hot stones in his wounds; eats bear meat; tells the Wolf that she killed the Bear; ties his vertebrae to his tail, the Wolf runs away; pretends to be sick, asks Wolf pour blood (this is an alder broth) into the sea; The wolf drowns]: 30-34; Menovshchikov 1974, No. 106 [the fox tells the bear that it is afraid of people; the bear replies that it is afraid of partridges; went to hunt people, and the fox for partridges; the fox caught 20 partridges, and the bear was seriously injured by people; the fox volunteered to treat the bear with heated pebbles; began to put hot stones in the wound; says that it will now eat greasy bear meat; bear died]: 337-338; Tyn'etegyn 1959 [The fox says it is afraid of people, the bear is afraid of partridges taking off; the fox went to hunt partridges, the bear says he is afraid of people, returned seriously wounded; The fox promised to cure him, put hot stones in his wounds, ate bear meat]: 79-80; Bogoras 1902, No. 26 [The fox says that the worst thing is man, the Bear is partridges; Fox catches partridges, Bear wounded with a spear; Fox offers to treat him, tells him to swallow hot stones; feeds foxes with bear meat]: 655; reindeer Koryaks: Jochelson 1908, No. 36 [The fox meets the Bear; he says he is not is afraid of people; the fox reports this to the hunters, they injure the Bear with an arrow; the fox comes to treat him; inserts a sharp hot stone into the wound; the Bear dies, the Fox brings his meat to the children], 41 [Fox makes an arrow out of urine, an onion from feces, injures the Bear, says that the Chukchi have attacked; heals him by putting a hot stone in his wound; the Bear dies; The wolf wants his share of meat, falls asleep; The fox ties him to bear bones in the tail, screams that the Chukchi are coming; next time the Wolf finds Lisa and her relatives on the ice; they urinate, their tails freeze, the Wolf kills them; in the afterlife, the Fox revives his own; pretends half-blind and lame, Wolf and Bear don't recognize her]: 185, 188-189.

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos [Bear and Fox hunt together, Bear kills Moose; Fox offers to sleep first, hides fat, says Raven stole it; Bear notices Fox pulling fat out -under the kitchen; The fox explains that he eats its giblets; the Bear kills himself; when he sees another Bear, the Fox turns the carcass over with the uneaten side, says that he mourns his comrade; says that more He is afraid of people, the Bear replies that partridges; people shoot at the Bear; the Fox promises to cure him by putting hot stones in his wounds; the Bear dies; the story of a friend's mourning is told Wolf; he kills a mountain ram, agrees to sleep first; Fox ties a stone to its tail; The wolf runs away with his tail cut off, the Fox eats the ram]: Menovshchikov 1985, No. 18:51-54; Bering's inupiate strait [The fox goes after the partridges, the Bear promises to bring a man; the wounded returns; the fox promises to pull out an arrow, presses hot stones into the wound herself, feeds the foxes with bear meat; tells The wolf should fish with its tail down; he froze, comes off; the fox pretends to be another fox, the wolf dies, the Fox eats it; tells the Black Bear that the Brown Bear killed her son; they fight, both die, Lisa eats bear meat]: Jenness 1924, No. 16:44-45 (translated to Menovshchikov 1985, No. 138:334-337).