Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M114F. Curved pipe. .27.29.32.

The girl has a minor bodily defect. Man: The house is nice, but the pipe is crooked. Girl: But the smoke comes out well.

Albanians, Karaites and Crimean Tatars, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Kurds, Bashkirs.

The Balkans. Albanians [the young man is looking for a smart bride; he was advised by a widower's daughter, but was told that he did not want to give up the girl; without revealing his intentions, the young man returns with that man with bazaar; offers to buy a horse for a penny; asks if anyone has already mowed winter crops that have just sprouted; spent the night in the companion's house; his daughter has injured her leg and is limping; young man: the house is good, but the pipe is by the hearth crooked; girl: but the smoke goes straight; at night a young man hears a girl explaining to his father: a horse is a staff; in hungry years, peasants eat winter shoots; when talking about a pipe, the guest meant lameness; young man married; the young man's parents send a gift: a buryuk with honey and a pretzel with 12 gold coins baked; they send a servant, tell him to say: Full moon, 12 months old, the kid jumps on his legs; on the way, a servant broke off a piece of pretzel, took 2 coins, drank it from the wineskin; the bride ordered to hand it over: Damaged moon, 10 months old, the kid fell to his knees, but don't upset the partridge, don't kill the snake; the groom understood everything and did not beat an employee; wedding]: Serkova 1989:271-274.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Karaites (a similar option among the Crimean Tatars) [the beloved vizier has died; the courtiers ask the padishah to appoint his former young son as a new one; the padishah agreed; satisfied, but decided to check young man; gives gold: buy a goat, two kebabs and a prayer rug, and return the gold one too; the vizier set off, caught up with the old man; invited him, going up the mountain, to carry each other alternately; the old man did not Got it; envious of the forest: let's go there on foot and go out on horseback; same; by the wheat field, at the sight of the funeral procession: has the grain already been eaten? Is the man on the stretcher alive or dead? crippled beggars - dead or alive? the old man became angry; Viir went to the mosque, and the old man went to his daughter and talked about the annoying madman; the girl explained everything: to start a conversation; to find a staff in the forest; whether the harvest had been laid; whether he was virtuous deceased; do the cripples have loving relatives; let the father invite that traveler to visit; baked two buns, a big one and a small one, took 30 eggs, tied them in a bundle and asked her father to give it to that young man; he ate half a big bun and 10 eggs on the way; vizier: did your sun split in half? 20 days in a month? the old man said that his daughter sent him; the vizier sent a servant to her, giving her a pair of gold and expensive cloth on his dress; the servant cut off a piece for himself; the girl: tell the master not to give gifts with the severed with tails and did not offend the servant; the servant guilty to the vizier; the vizier came to the girl: the house is beautiful, but the pipe is slightly crooked; the girl: the main thing is that the smoke should come out smoothly; after spending the night, the vizier spoke about the task of the padishah ; the girl bought a goat cut, weaved two rugs, rescued a gold one, emptied a goat and fried two testicles; but the vizier had to admit that he did not invent everything; the padishah called the girl, called Sultan Haseki married; but immediately went to war; when he left, he gave a sealed purse and ordered him to return to have a son with him, and in the stable to have a horse like his; the CX opened the seal and spent money, learned to play chess, dressed up 12 maids as men, also dressed as a man herself, came to her husband's camp under the guise of a Moroccan prince; won a padishah's horse in chess, paired with her mare, returned to the horse; opened to the vizier, asking for help; CX lost to the padishah and gave the concubine, i.e. herself; three days later, the vizier persuaded her to return the concubine; again in the guise of Prince CX won the last batch and received a ring with the seal of the padishah; nine months later she gave birth to a padishah's son, and the mare got necklaces; 8 years later, the padishah returned victorious; the CX returned his sealed purse to him, showed son and horse; when the padishah and the CX died, their son inherited the throne]: Zherdeva 2020, No. 76; Azerbaijanis [Shah and vizier travel incognito; a traveler joined them; Shah: we'll do it on the road staircase; satellite: why a ladder on a flat road? he refused to receive the imaginary dervishes into his house, telling them to go to the mosque, but his daughter, having learned about the Shah's question, asked them to return; she sent dolma, a cake, a jug of milk: the moon is round, there are many stars, the sea overcrowded; the girl's father ate half of the dolma and the cake, drank milk, but gave the words to his daughter; the Shah asked her to tell her: the moon is flawed, the stars are few, the sea is dry; the daughter scolds her father; the girl is slanting; the shah: the house beautiful, but the chimney is crooked; girl: but the smoke comes out freely; the Shah asks for food so that people can eat the flesh, the middle of the chickens, and the peel of the horse; the girl brought melon; on the way, the Shah meets the shoemaker, speaks to him with signs and riddles; asks if he can pluck the goose; sitting on the throne, the Shah sent the vizier to the shoemaker with an order to understand what he was saying; the shoemaker explains for a fee; At the end, he tells the vizier that this is the goose from whom he took all the money; the vizier: what is the Shah doing now? shoemaker: it is disrespectful in my position to talk about the Shah; give me your horse, clothes, dear whip; shoemaker to the vizier: the Shah throws horsemen like you off his horse and puts people on foot like me in the saddle; The Shah made the shoemaker a vizier, and told the vizier to be a shoemaker]: Nabiev 1988:74-77; Turks [the padishah disguised himself as a commoner, went into the hut, began to talk to the girl; the vizier stood next to him and listened; - Where is your father? - Went out of doing a little bit of things. - And mother? - I went to make two out of one. - Your house is beautiful, but the pipe is crooked. - But the smoke is going straight. - If I send a goose, will you be able to pluck it? - To the last fluff; padishah vizier: if you do not explain our conversation, you will lose your head; the vizier came to the girl, she demanded a hundred gold for each word; the father sows, each grain will make a lot grains; mother is a midwife; crooked trumpet - I have one eye with a scythe; but I see well; you are a goose yourself, and you are told to pluck]: Stebleva 1982, No. 68:282; Kurds: Jalil et al. 1989, No. 90 [padishah commands sell a sheep to the vizier, raise money for it, get wool, bring two skewers of kebab and bring a live ram; the vizier goes with the dervish, who offers to build a bridge over the river; then a ladder climb a hill; asks if the owner of the unmowed field ate his harvest; whether the city they entered was destroyed; the girl explains: it was necessary for one to carry another across the river; start a conversation; the landlord could be a debtor; the dervish wanted to offer to enter the house; the girl sends her brother to take the dervish 12 cakes and 30 eggs; he ate a cake and two eggs on the way; the dervish looked and asks: in a year 11 months and 28 days in a month? The brother said, the sister realized that he ate the cake and eggs; the dervish turns to the tandoor: does the smoke rise straight? girl: yes; the vizier tells her about the padishah's order; she explains: cut the ram, sell half of the hair, leave half of the hair, cut off the eggs, fry it, bring the ram alive; when the padishah finds out everything, he married a girl]: 396-398; Farizov, Rudenko 1959 [the padishah gives the young vizier a ram, tells him to cook a roast, weave a carpet out of wool and return the live sheep; the vizier goes on a journey with him an old man went; the vizier proposes to build a bridge by the river, the old man does not understand; after wading across the river and going to the mountain, the vizier offers to cut down the stairs; asks if there is a caravanserai in the city (theirs a lot); at home, the old man tells his daughter about his companion's strange proposals; she listened, gave her father four loaves and 12 eggs, tells him to take the young man to the caravanserai; after receiving the package, the vizier asks : Is your year 11 months old and 3 weeks in a month? daughter: you ate one bread and one egg! asks to bring a young man to her; the girl is slightly slanting; the vizier: the house is good, but the window is crooked; the girl: only the smoke comes out straight; tells her to give her a ram; explains to his father that the young man offered to brighten up the way with a conversation; wanted stay in an old man's house, not in a caravanserai; the girl scoped the ram and fried her testicles, weaved a carpet out of her trimmed wool; after learning how it was, the padishah tells me to bring the girl to marry her; the girl demands dowry: 20 rams, 30 bulls, 40 lions, 50 wolves, 60 foxes, 70 old skins; does the padishah understand? he's already 70! then the vizier married; the girl demands to solve the riddle: a person earns 5 kurush; one pays a debt, the other lends, the third throws it to the wind, the remaining two live with his wife; the vizier: supports parents, son, daughter; wedding]: 132-135.

Volga - Perm. The Bashkirs [Khan Turakhan's stallion, Khan Yanebakhan threw out the mare 60 versts from T.; Y. accused T.; the bald boy Taz undertakes to resolve the dispute; crossing the river, he puts on boots - not spoil my legs against stones; taking my peers, I begin to kill dogs. - They did not come to the rescue when wolves strangled sheep 60 versts away; I demand a wiser sage, Taz exposes the bull - lives with his mind; then the goat is gray-bearded; Y. gives Taz the name Erense-sesen; T. adopted him; E. went to look for a bride, caught up with the old man; suggests passing the time, making a cauldron out of the ground; says that the straight the road is winding and winding straight; E. comes to the old man's daughter, says that the stove is good, and the pipe is crooked (the girl has a humped nose); girl: but the traction is good; explains to her father E.'s words: he offered to start a conversation, bake a grouse in a hole; the straight road turned out to be uncomfortable; the old man asks for 6 identical mares for his daughter, E. sends 6 rays - the main thing is that they are the same; T. tells the girl to sew stone galoshes; girl: let him send sand threads; T. sent a bull, let him calve; girl: my father gave birth, cannot go out; E. married a girl; for every word he receives altyn from Khan (since then, how he helped to resolve the dispute with Y.); they want to execute Brother E. for lying: an arrow hit the hare's ear through his leg; E.: the hare scratched his ear; the brother was released]: Barag 1990, No. 1:14-19.