Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M11A. The fish was removed from the body .

The character gives others fish extracted from his body.

Melanesia. Vedau [only one person always brings a lot of fish; men send a boy to follow; he sees a man take his head off his shoulders, lean over the water, and sleep out of his throat fish; he comes back, puts his head in place, collects fish; at home, the boy does not eat fish, in the evening he tells others what he sees; men follow the fish owner; when he takes off his head, they throw it away it into the thickets; unable to find his head, a person rushes into the sea, becomes a big fish; the first coconut palm grows out of a fallen head; an old woman decided to try nuts, since then everyone has been eating them]: Ker 1910:92-96.

Amur - Sakhalin. Wilta [Old Man: "We need to take our girls to the woods to get lost. When we're alone, we'll catch three trouts, we'll leave one to eat tomorrow, we'll catch two, and we'll eat them all. And this is how children eat half. The father took his two daughters to pick berries. He put his hat and jacket on the stump and left. The sisters came to the broken house, a small child was sleeping in the cradle, they rocked it, and stayed overnight. Fresh fish at the doorstep in the morning. We decided to watch secretly. The child got up, went to the doorstep and began to take the fish out of the anus. The girls ran away, and the child turned into a healthy old man, chased them. On the other side of the river, grandmother and girls ask to stretch their legs. They ran over her legs like a bridge. Old lady: "You go faster, my little sister lives there. You'll go into the house." On the shore where the grandmother was sitting, the old child also asks to stretch his legs. She pulled it out, he began to cross, and when he came to the middle, the birds flew in and began to peck at the old woman's knees. The man fell into the water and said: Old lady, you can make a boat out of my back, an oar out of my hands, a pot from my head, a stern paddle out of my legs, and a kettle out of my testicles. I swam downstream. The girls came over. Old woman: "When the sun goes down, you will sit quietly, you will not talk or cough. I'll cover for you. My brothers are coming." Brothers enter the smoke hole: one eye in the middle of the forehead, arms in the middle of the chest, and a large mouth. They say it smells human. The old woman had a hard time convincing her that no one was there. In the morning, he gives the girls wings and tells them to fly high. The younger sister is flying higher and the older sister goes down. Someone grabbed her, pulls her, and the youngest is pulling her towards her. She tore off her top to her lower back, put it on her back and flew to good ground. I left it on a tree broken by thunder. She looked around and her sister was crying, she took her again. Found a tree broken by a bear. I looked around - half of my sister was smiling happy. The youngest flew to the house, the man shot, the wings fell off, the girl fell off. She agreed to marry, the house is rich. My husband went to see what happened to his older sister. There are two bears playing there. One has a front part from a person (like a person), and the back is from a bear. "Whoever has a human head must be his wife's sister." I went into the house and saw a girl at the door without a lower part, one back torn off. And a man sits in the middle of the place of honor. The house is full of wild deer meat and dried fat. "Take dried meat for your little sister," the girl suggests. The youngest's husband refuses gifts to the brothers, but agrees to tell his wife how her sister lives. Younger: I'm the one who tore half off and the devils ate half. Husband: Apparently, the bear connected the back of his sister to hers and she became like a bear. Their backs were bearish and the front parts were human. They saw me and ran to their house. When we entered our house, they became real people. I went to their house, she sat half by the door, and her husband was a young man, a real man. The youngest is afraid to visit the eldest. A few years later, the husband went back to his wife's younger sister. There is no one in the house, the fire is a little burning. The owners have returned - just human beings. My husband went hunting and never came back. His wife remembered him once saying that he would go overseas to look for people who killed his parents. He sailed to the island, put his spear into the seal, which left with his spear. It goes on top of the water, does not fall under water. He sees lots and lots of houses. A bald man came out of one: "What kind of person? Mergen manga or what?" {From this episode, the man's name is Manga}. A person carries a bunch of firewood. The manga lay in the middle of a tree split by thunderstorms. When the man started stepping over it, Manga squeezed him (killed) him. He put on his clothes and pretended to be a lumberjack worker. People: There's a wedding tomorrow. Many people came to marry the girl, all dressed in silk clothes. Healthy, tall. They try to move a stone the size of a deer, they try, they suffer, they can't. Manga's relative recognized him. The manga picked up a rock, threw it to a relative, who caught it and threw it back. He says that since they were little, the rock has grown. Whoever will pick it up is a good person. When the party was over, a relative married a neighbor's daughter and took him away, and Manga sailed in a boat to those who ate his parents and killed everyone. These people scooped water out of the bay, Manga home in shallow water, as if skiing, the proposed girl did not take the proposed girl. But when he got home, there were already two wives there, and he started living with them]: Sam et al. 2012:134-143.

Mesoamerica Nahuatl Veracruz (Ichcacuatitla, Municipality of Chicontepec) [After the flood, the young man marries the beautiful Malintzin; she feeds her husband fish from her body; the husband finds out and scolds wife, she goes to Tamiahua, where they now find salt]: Williams García 1955:6-7 in Horcasitas 1978:184.

Guiana. Arecuna [mother-in-law feeds Jilijoaíb fish, sitting on a calebasa and pulling fish out of her womb; J., a shaman, finds out about this, sprinkles sharp flints covered with leaves on the shore, mother-in-law stumbles , flints devour her, jump into the water, turn into piranha; her chopped liver turns into an aquatic plant with red leaves (the heart is the heart-shaped seeds of this plant); the hero kills her mother-in-law, who feeds him fish from her womb; his wife asked J. to make a sword out of palm wood, cuts off his leg when he climbed the tree; the bird informs Brother J. (Does J. turn into the Pleiades?)] : Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 19:60-61; pemon {probably the same arekuna} [mother-in-law brings Chirikawai fish as soon as he says he is hungry; his children have seen fish fall out of her body, when she sits on a pumpkin; he no longer eats, puts thorns and something slippery on the trail; then asks for fish again, her mother-in-law slides, her body is torn, all that remains is blood in the pumpkin; her daughter Wadararé finds blood, decides to take revenge; calls her husband to collect uruku dye; C. climbs a tree to collect seeds, V. cuts the branch on which he got up, C. falls, breaks both legs; V. goes home, lies down in a hammock her husband's younger brother, whom she is in love with; C. crawls to the house, sends her ear jewelry forward, they sing that V. broke C.'s legs; brother hears, tries to escape from V.'s arms, she does not let him in; C. he crawled, told his brother that he would go up to heaven, asked him to be brought to a bench, a calebass and a horn (trumpet); when he sounded, frogs would ferment, when he rose high, storms would begin, the fish would spawn; younger brother stayed with V.]: Armellada 1964:70-76 in Butt Colson, Armellada 1989:194-196; macushi [fish from his womb]: Magaña 1988a, No. 65:113-114; oyana [gives others fish from the anus] Magaña 1987, No. 106:56.

Montagna - Jurua. Machigenga: Baer 1984, No. 3 [Parenya has daughters and sons; she took fish out of her anus, they were also her sons; tells her daughter to let part into the river, cooks, gives her husband a Hummingbird, says what she caught; he saw where she was getting the fish, refused to eat; she turned him into a hummingbird, let him drink flower juice; her second husband, the Bee; began to lick her sweat, she turned it into a bee; the next The fly saw that she was eating crap, made it a fly; the next was the Battleship; P. made masato, sent her sons for her brother Pachákama; he said he would come; walking back, the boys climbed on a tree for pakae fruits; P. came, asked for it, they peeled him; he turned them into monkeys; together with his son I 'giane came to P.; said that her sons would come , eat fruits; they came running laughing; P. called them, they turned into little and black monkeys; they ran again as humans, then finally into monkeys; I. turned her daughters into tapir, deer and paka ; P. told Pachákam to sit down, he began to fall into the ground; tried to become bamboo, ants, did not help; The battleship took it to the mouth of the Amazon, secured it with pillars; I. turned the Battleship into battleship; P. placed I. in the upper reaches of the Amazon; when the ground shakes, Pachakama's son goes to him; the same one does not move; if he moves, the world will end; Pareni turned into a salt water rock, with her youngest daughter; fish swim up to suck their mother]: 426-429; García 1942 [from the womb]: 236; Pereira 1988b [from the belly]: 28; Renard-Casevitz 1992:138-140 [from the womb].)

Southern Amazon. Rickbacza [old woman pulls fish out of her genitals (anus?) , gives others]: Pereira 1994, No. 66:238.