Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M11B. The meat was removed from the body .30.34.

A woman feeds a man with benign meat or fat that she cuts off from her own flesh or removes from her body, and stops doing so when he finds out about the source of food.

Mountain Tajiks, Altaians, Kumandins, Tuvans.

Iran - Central Asia. Mountain Tajiks (Vanch) [young man sees wagers swimming; one agrees to marry him if he does not watch her, does not watch her wash her hair, cook food; he breaks prohibitions, sees that the bet walks without touching the ground, takes off his head, and after washing it, puts it in place, puts oil in food, which he pulls out from under his arm; the bet flies away]: Gornensky 2000:165-167.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Altaians [(zap. V.F. Khokholkov, 1987); when the hunter returns, his wife always puts bread, milk, and boiled meat in front of him; her husband spies on her, sees her cut off pieces of nails, pieces of flesh from her legs, heels, turns it into meat; armpit hair into bread, milk from breasts into real milk; the hunter tells others about it, who explain that his wife is Almys, she turns into a goat, runs away]: Khokholkov 1997:37; (cf. Altaians: Oinotkinova et al. 2011, No. 91 [returning to his camp, the hunter finds the meat cooked every time, but does not eat it, but throws it away; he watched a woman come down from the cedar, cut off the meat from her thigh, put it to cook, returned to the cedar; the hunter poured out the meat, returned home], 93 [a girl came to the hunter's camp, became his wife, did not allow her to touch her back; the shaman said that it was an Almysk, she had hair on her back, she had to be shot; the hunter saw the girl become a red puppy, began to eat parts of old leather shoes, and after eating she became human again; ripped her chest apart, took out her ribs, etc., began to cook for food; the hunter shot her; the Almyks are smelly]: 215-217,. 219-221); Kumandins [three brothers were fishing near the mountain on the river. Biya; he went into the cave alone, there was a girl, he met with her, stayed; he did not fish for two years, there was always meat for lunch; she gave birth to him two sons; the hunter decided to spy on where his wife got the meat - she carves it from He puts himself in his bosom, then puts himself in the cauldron; he screamed, his wife fell in fear, ordered her sons to be taken and left, she died herself; she was the mistress of the mountain]: Potapov 1929:129; Tuvans [were in Kara-Khola stories about hunters cohabiting with Albanians are common; they give good luck hunting, feed hunters milk from their long breasts thrown over their shoulders, and meat cut off from their ribs]: Dyakonova 1976:284.