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M127A. A bird makes a fox laugh, ATU 223.


When asked by the character to laugh or feed him, the bird sits on the head of a person or cattle or on a fragile object. Another person tries to knock out a bird, kills or maims the person on whom the bird is sitting on, breaks the object. Or the bird distracts a person's attention and at this time the character eats the food that the person was carrying.

Swahili (Zanzibar), Arabs (?) Algeria and Morocco, Berbers of Morocco, Kabilas, Portuguese, Spanish, Basques, Catalans, Italians (Lombardy, 1 entry), Corsicans, French, Germans (Mecklenburg), Zhuang, (Chinese?) , Koreans, Punjabi, Kumaoni, Gondas (East Madhya Pradesh, Mandla District), Koreans, Yi, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Albanians, Greeks, Gagauz, Hungarians, Slovaks, Russians (Voronezh, Samara, Saratov, Novgorod, Pskov, Karelia), Ukrainians (Volyn, Galicia, Podolia, Yekaterinoslavskaya), Belarusians, Abazins, Abkhazians, Adygs, Karachays, Balkarians, Ossetians, Ingush, Kumyks, Georgians, Tatas, Uzbeks, Tajiks, mountain Tajiks, Yagnobes, Shugnans, Sarykols, Pashtuns (Bannu, Pakistan), Kho, Latvians, Lithuanians, Lutsi, Estonians, Setus, Danes, Eastern Sami, Bashkirs, Kazan Tatars, Chuvash, Mari, Mordovians, Komi, Udmurts, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Karakalpaks, Khakas, Mongols.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Swahili (Zanzibar) [Fox forces another animal to process food and pleasure for him; the fox is finally betrayed]: El-Shamy 2004, No. 56E*: 22.

North Africa. Arabs (?) Algeria and Morocco, Berbers of Morocco [jackal and bird]: El-Shamy 2004, No. 223:85; kabilas: Frobenius 1921b, No. 5 [the partridge invites the jackal to make him laugh; sits on a man's head, next to which another cultivates the field; he wants to kill a partridge, it takes off, he hits a friend's head with a hoe, a friend falls dead, the jackal laughs; the partridge now asks her to laugh; they see meat in a trap; the partridge replies to the jackal that the meat is probably good; he sticks his paw, falls into a trap, the partridge sits on a tree and laughs; advises the jackal to pretend to be dead as soon as the owner the trap will strike him first; he did so, the man threw him away, he ran away; the jackal asks the partridge to feed him; the woman carries food to her daughter, who has recently given birth; the partridge pretends to have the wing is broken, the woman puts food on the ground, runs after the partridge, the jackal eats everything; now it is his turn to feed the partridge; the man brought peas to the field to sow; the jackal distracted him, the partridge is all pecked; the jackal with the partridge is still friends], 9 [the jackal turns to God; wants to be laughed, fed and made to cry; the bird promises to do everything; one brother goes for the plow, the other is next to him with an ax in his hand; the bird sits on the first's head, the second kills him with an ax, the jackal laughs; the man carries the child, the wife carries the food in the basket; the bird pretends not to fly, both rush to catch it , the jackal eats the food left; the bird leads food to the lying fig, the jackal takes a fig, falls into a trap; howls from morning to evening; bird: your wishes are fulfilled]: 16-19, 27-29.

Southern Europe. The Portuguese [skylark (bullfinch {? bullfinch} promises to feed and make fun of the fox (or dog) if it lets him go or in gratitude for his help; the bird flies in front of people carrying food; they leave what they carried and rush to catch the bird, the fox eats up; the bird sits on the heads of two people, they start fighting, the fox laughs]: Cardigos 2006, No. 223:47; Spaniards, Catalans: Uther 2004 (1), No. 223:141-142; Italians ( Lombardy): Cerise, Serafini 1965, No. 17; Corsicans [the fox convinces the thrush to show her her chicks; as soon as she flew away, the fox ate the chicks; the thrush asks the stray dog Chippon to bite the fox ; he replies that he is too hungry and weak; the thrush promises to feed him; pretending to be unable to fly, he jumps around a shepherd carrying cheese in a sieve; he tries to catch a thrush, while a dog eats cheese; replies to the thrush that she is so full that she has a bad stomach; the thrush offers to give her oil to get rid of constipation; to do this, she spins under the feet of the seller (olive) oil, who dropped the jug, the oil spilled, the dog got it up; pretended to be dead, the fox believed it, came up, the dog grabbed it, bit it]: Massignon 1984, No. 6:12-13; Basques [The fox suggests that the Wolf howl when the man, after milking the sheep, will carry the milk home; he will leave the milk, run back to the sheep; the fox has eaten cream, drank milk, filled the pots with mud, and some cream on top; The wolf agrees to give the Fox cream if he will give him all the milk; the fox licks the cream, the Wolf is left with dirt, the Fox says that the shepherd deceived; invites Blackbird to pretend to be wounded; the boy carrying lunch to his father in the field will run after him will leave his basket; the fox eats everything without leaving Thrush; asks the boatman to move it to the other side, promises to tell three truths; 1) cornbread is worse than wheat bread; 2) it is lighter during the day than at night; 3) the boatman will soon rub his pants if he charges everyone the same fee]: Kustova 1987:115-123.

Western Europe. The French [the fox ate the thrush's chicks; he asks the dog to pretend to be dead and grab the fox; she does; the grateful thrush promises to treat the dog; pretends to be wounded, the peasant woman runs behind him, leaving a bundle of lunch, he goes to the dog; the threshers do not believe the peasant woman's story; the thrush sits on her shoulder, one of the threshers hits him with a flail, the thrush takes off, the woman falls like knocked down]: Lopyreva 1959, No. 18:60-62; Germans (Mecklenburg): Uther 2004 (1), No. 223:141-142.

Burma — Indochina. Chuang [the fox grabbed the pigeon; he asks him to let him go, promises to feed him, gives his son hostage; leads to the field where the peasant works, and next to him a pot of food; distracted the peasant, the fox ate; demands to make her laugh; the dove sat on the ox's back; the peasant tried to hit him, but hit him, he ran, all oxen followed him; the fox laughs; but everyone wants to eat the pigeon chick; he brought the dog, the fox managed to escape; she grabbed the pigeon again; dove: is today the fifth or sixth of the month? to answer, the fox opened its mouth, the dove flew away]: Coyaud 2012, No. 27:72-75.

South Asia. Punjabi [The Jackal tells Partridge that friendship with her is of little use; demands to make fun of him; The partridge sits on the traveler's stick, the other throws a shoe at it, hits a friend, both fight ; now the Jackal tells him to make him cry; The partridge asks the Jackal to climb into the hole, lures the dogs that almost tore him up; the Jackal asks for food; The partridge pretended to be hit, the woman ran After her, the Jackal ate the food that the woman left in the bundle; tells him to be saved; the Partridge asks the Crocodile to transport them across the river; in the middle of the river, the Crocodile says he has not eaten anything in the morning; Partridge says he will fly away and the Jackal hides his life in a hole; The crocodile takes his friends ashore, they run away; the Jackal is happy with his friendship with the Partridge]: Steel, Temple 1884, No. 21:184-188 (Zograf translation 1964:63-68, = 1976:30-34); Kumaoni [the jackal asks the partridge to feed him pies; the partridge pretends to fly badly, the man leaves the basket, runs after it, the jackal has eaten pies; asks him to get it sour cream and cream; the partridge distracts the attention of the shepherd going to the bazaar, the jackal is full again; asks him to laugh; the partridge takes turns sitting on the head of each of the fakirs walking one after the other, each hitting The jackal laughs at the head of the person in front; wants his back scratched; a partridge leads him towards the hunter with dogs; then distracts the dogs; the jackal is barely alive, he is hot; asks him to pour on him water; a partridge ties him to a mill wheel; a miller lets water in; a partridge distracts him, but the next day he sees a dead jackal; cries with grief]: Minaev 1968, No. 25:67-70; gondas ( east of Madhya Pradesh, Mandla County) [the fox asks the partridge to feed her cottage cheese; she rushes under the feet of three girls, they leave their pots, run after the partridge, the fox eats up cottage cheese; asks her make fun; the partridge sits on the head of the sadhu (ascetic), the other wants to hit her with a stick, hits her on the head first, they quarrel, the fox laughs; asks to make her cry; the partridge warns that their friendship will come to an end; lures the peasants, they set fire to the thickets, the fox barely escaped; ran to where pigs and chickens were slaughtered, dogs and vulture ate heads and giblets; the vulture responds to the fox that his meat doesn't taste good, let him eat horses; she believes dogs are horses, they tore it up]: Elwin 1944:467-468.

China — Korea. Koreans [the fox releases the quail for promising to cheer her up; the quail distracts the attention of a woman carrying food in the field, the fox eats the woman's food; asks her to laugh; quail makes the jug seller's brothers laugh and the jugs are broken; the quail tells the fox to pretend to be sick, stick only his nose out of the hole; a passerby tries to hit the quail with a stick, hits the fox nose; the fox rushes at the quail, but only bit off its tail, now it is short; when flying away, the quail defecated, the white droppings hit the fox's nose, now it's lifted up]: Choi 1979, No. 16:6-7; yi [bear meets the Shabuan bird; she promises to feed him; the girl carries a bowl of food; the bird pretended to be dead, then took off, the girl ran after her, leaving the bowl, the bear ate; now the bear wants eat the bird itself, asks where it sleeps; the first time it says it is on a stone, the second time it is on a wasp nest; the bear broke its teeth; bitten by wasps; the bird both times says that someone attacked at night and it hit him in the face with a sword]: Coyaud 2012, #13:48-50; (cf. Chinese: ATU link to Ting 1978, which has a deaf reference to questionable Chinese publications).

The Balkans. Bulgarians, Greeks: Uther 2004 (1), No. 223:141-142; Hungarians [the dog asks the bird to feed it; the bird distracts people carrying food baskets, the dog eats everything; asks it make fun; the bird provokes a quarrel between people, the dog laughs; asks to save its life; the bird sends a wolf to the beaten dog, which jumps up cheerfully {not entirely clear}]: Kovacs 1987, No. 223:291; Macedonians [to get the rooster, the fox picks up the rosary, says that it is going to the monastery; the rooster agrees to follow; the hoopoe too, but keeps its distance; the fox invites the rooster into its hole and eats it; threatens a hoopoe, who promises to bring her 12 chickens; finds a badger, who says he is sick and weak to attack the fox; the hoopoe sits on a wineskin of butter carried by a peasant, who tries to hit the hoopoe hits the wineskin, it bursts; the badger was lying in oil, his skin shone, he felt better; to feed him, the hoopoe pretended to be a chick, the woman's child asked him to catch him, that put her supplies on the ground, chased the hoopoe, the badger ate; the hoopoe led him to the fox, said he had brought chickens; the badger killed the fox, the hoopoe got its tail; since then it has been his tuft]: Martin 1955:154-160; Albanians [a bird and a fox sowed wheat; every time the fox says that it does not know how to do such a job, it will do the next one; in the end, the bird does everything; the fox wants to take the grain, give the chaff to the bird; I agree that the goose will judge them - it will eat it; bug: call not a goose, but a dog as a judge; the dog says that it is old and weak, asks the bird to feed it first; it distracts the woman's attention, the woman leaves a bowl with a hodgepodge, the dog ate everything; asks for olive oil to lubricate the skin; the bird sits on the wineskin, the peasant throws a stone at it, pierces the wineskin, the oil pours onto the ground; the bird carries the dog in a sack, says there is a goose; the fox does not believe it; the bird lets the dog out, the fox releases the dog into the hole, the dog tore off its tail, gives it to the bird, ordered it to take all the wheat]: Serkova 1989:244-248; Gagauz people [the fox suggests putting the board through the hole to see who is sinless; the fox, the hare, the wolf have passed, the bear has failed; but running around the hole, the first three also fell into it; first they ate the smallest, then the one who was drawn (the bear); the fox hid part, tells the wolf that it eats its meat; the wolf began to tear its meat, died; the eagle flew, dropped its chick; the fox promised to return it if he gave it a drink; let him fly into the field, sit on the baklaga, the man hit, the baklaga tip over, the eagle bring water in its beak; the fox tells you to pull it out first, i.e. bring the rope, then laugh three times; let the eagle be on the current will sit on the man's head; he sat down, the man's son tried to hit the eagle, killed his father with a flail; the fox laughed three times and returned the chick to the eagle]: Moshkov 2004, No. 144:213-214.

Central Europe. Russians (Voronezh, Samara, Saratov, Novgorod, Pskov, Karelia), Ukrainians (Volyn, Galicia, Podolia, Yekaterinoslavskaya), Belarusians [Fox and Thrush (nightingale) : the fox threatens to eat the thrush's chicks; the thrush pulls it out of the pit, feeds and water it; gives it to dogs or laughs — it sits on the person's head, hits the head with a flail; instead of the bird, a person was injured]: SUS 1979, № 248A*: 95; Russian (Pskov) [the cat ate sour cream, the woman began to beat him, is going to slaughter a goat and a ram; all three have left home; wot consistently meets a hare, fox, wolf, bear; everyone is asked to jump over the hole, everyone falls into it; fox: let's howl and eat the one who can't be the first one; she sits with her mouth open, but does not howl; the hare paused, he was eaten; then the wolf; the fox she hid her guts under her, pretends to eat, tells the bear that her own; he began to pull out his intestines, died; in the spring a thrush flew in, the fox threatens to eat his children, tells them to pull him out of the hole, for this purpose wear chopsticks; the fox jumped out, threatens the thrush again, tells her to feed her; the woman will carry her daughter a cup of porridge, sit on a cup, she will hit the cup, it will fall apart; the fox is full; now get drunk; the man will be lucky the barrel with beer, sit on a barrel, pretend to be hammering; the man hit, the barrel broke; now wash it in the bath; while the fox was washing, the thrush lured the dogs; brought the chicks himself into the nest]: Ploschuk 2004, No. 3:62-64; Russians (Pskov) [the fox spent the night with the man, begged for bast shoes; the next night, asked to put her bast shoes to the chickens, buried it, demanded chicken in the morning; then duck; sheep; goby; firewood for the goby; went; the hare asks for permission to sit in her sleigh; then the wolf; when the bear sat down, the gullies broke; the hare brought thin, the other fox too, the wolf brought the shaggy forest, the bear with roots; the fox went by itself; for this time the animals ate the bull, filled it with hay; the fox: whoever eats the bull will fall into the hole, let's jump; everyone has fallen; the fox: let's voice, whoever does not make it, we will eat it; we started with a hare; the fox and the bear remain; the fox hid its intestines under it, now pulls it out and eats, says it's own; the bear pulled out its own, died, the fox eats it; but does not get out; the thrush threatens to eat its children if it does not pull it out of the hole; the thrush put on chopsticks, the fox got out; the fox told her to drink; the man was carrying a barrel of wine to the wedding; the thrush sat on the barrel, the man hit, the thrush flew away, the barrel broke, the fox got drunk; now laugh; two brothers they hammer, the thrush sat on one's head, the other hit, the thrush flew away, the fox laughed; now evaporate; the fox is steaming, the thrush says that the dogs are coming; the fox through the window, then into the hollow, asks the legs - how did they run? ears; eyes; tail; tail — dogs dank her tail and ate it]: Chernyshev 1950, No. 33:73-75; Russians (Voronezhskaya, Sredny Ikorets village, Liskinsky District, 1966) [The fox asks the thrush to feed her, otherwise he promises to cut down the tree on which he lives with his children. He agrees. He distracts his grandmother and granddaughter, they try to catch him, and the fox picks up the basket of pies they left behind. The fox asks her for a drink, and the thrush sits on a barrel of beer that the man is carrying, he can't drive away the thrush and hits the barrel with an ax, the beer spills, the Fox gets drunk. The fox asks her to laugh, the thrush brings her to the village, pulls the hair from the cow that her grandmother milks, the old man tries to drive away the thrush, but hits his wife, she falls and tumbles with milk. The fox asks the thrush to scare her, he blindfolds her and brings her to the flock, dogs chase the fox and catch up and tear it in front of its hole]: Kretov 1977, No. 3:18-19; Russians (Vyatskaya) [at the sparrow 6 chicks in the nest on mountain ash; the fox threatens to cut mountain ash, eat a sparrow; the sparrow pays off with one cub; on the second day the same; on the third day the sparrow promises to feed the fox; jumps on the ground, old woman put down the cooking, ran after him, the fox ate the cooking; demands to drink; the man, waving off the sparrow, pierces a barrel of beer; the fox gets drunk, demands to laugh; the sparrow sits on the man's bald patch, the other hits him bald spots, the fox laughs, “pulled off his navel”; asks him to fly after his grandmother; the sparrow tells the dogs; dogs tore the fox]: Smirnov 1917, No. 138:412—413; Russians (Samarskaya) [old people do not there were horses, one cat; you have to go for firewood; the old man harnessed the cat into a sieve and went; the hare asks to plant him too; then a fox, a wolf, a bear; the old man asked the cat to jump over the hole, they would fall into the hole; animals decide to eat someone who can't reach out; eat a hare; then a wolf; the fox hides its bones under it; tells the bear that it eats its eyes; intestines; the bear pulled out its own; dead; the fox ate it; threatens a nightingale ruin his nest if he does not pull it out; the nightingale brought “teasing” into the pit, the fox got out; tells her to drink, feed her, laugh, learn to fly; the woman was carrying pies and beer; the nightingale sat on an arc, the woman hit with a stick, broke the arc, the horse ran away, the woman followed her; the fox ate, got drunk; the nightingale on the threshing floor, sat on the peasant's bald head; his fool son killed his father, the fox laughed; the nightingale put the fox on his back, she tells her to fly higher; the nightingale threw her; “God grant her to the haystack!” ; fell on a stump and was killed]: Sadovnikov 1884, No. 53:176-178; northern Ukrainians (Volyn, Kamenetsky district) [the owner takes the dog to the forest and leaves it; the child offers to live together, promises to feed; distracts a woman with two children; at this time the dog eats what the woman was carrying; now he is thirsty; woodpecker beats through the windows of the tavern; Jews who saw there rushed after him, the dog drank everything; now he would like to laugh; the woodpecker pulled out a plug in the tar barrel, the tar poured out, the tar was angry, killed the dog; the woodpecker began to beat the tar's wife's pots; she covered him with a sieve; the tar threw a macogon (a poppy processing tool} at him, but killed his own child, and the woodpecker flew away]: Malinka 1902, No. 44:326-327; (cf. Eastern Ukrainians (Kharkiv) [yatlyk {some bird} asks who is ready to baptize his chicks, a fox summons him, sends him to the forest, promises to baptize himself, and eats the chicks. Yatlyk returns when one chick is still alive, and the fox says everyone but him has been baptized. Yatlyk sees that the fox is eating up the last chick and cries. He asks the greyhound puppy (horta) to catch the fox, which agrees in exchange for food. Yatlyk takes the dog to the market, jumps in front of the women who have laid out pies and sour cream, they drive him away, while the dog eats their goods. The dog asks for a drink, the yatlyk takes him to the barn, jumps in front of the milkmaids, the dog drinks. Yatlyk leads the dog to the fox, which chases it when they run across the road, the man throws it at the fox with a stick, but hits the dog, which dies. Yatlyk cries, gets angry at a man, bites his mare, a man throws a stick at a bird, hits a horse, she dies, an yatlyk bites a window in the man's house, he throws a stick at him — breaks the window, the yatlyk sits down on the child's head and bites, the person throws a stick, kills the child. The man cries, the yatlyk feels sorry for him and flies away]: Grinchenko 1895, No. 155, 145-147); Slovaks: Uther 2004 (1), No. 223:141-142.

Caucasus — Asia Minor. Abazins [the fox asks the quail to feed her; she pretends to be wounded, the boys leave the jug of sour milk, chase it, the fox is full; asks to laugh; the father-in-law and daughter-in-law blow grain; quail sits on the head of the bride, the father-in-law asks not to move, hits the daughter-in-law on the head with a shovel, she falls; the fox laughs; asks to make her run; the quail bandages the fox's head, leads to village; dogs drive the fox; the fox grabs the quail; she tells me to say “Abaza”, flies away; friendship is over]: Tugov 1985, No. 10:27-28; Abkhazians [the fox grabbed a sparrow, he tells her to sing a song Ajweipshaa, flutters out; promises to feed the fox; pretends to break her wing; the woman and the boy brought her husband dinner, put everything on the ground, ran after the bird, the fox ate dinner; asks the bird to make her laugh ; the bird sits on the head of the older, middle, younger brother; they hit each other on the head, the latter hits himself with a dagger, everyone falls dead, the fox laughs; the fox wants to run, the bird leads it to dogs and shepherds, the fox barely escaped in the hollow of a tree; she asks parts of her body what they did to escape from dogs; the tail only smelled a fox; the fox stuck out its tail, her dogs pulled out, the hunter took off his skin]: Khashba, Kukba 1935:111-113 (=Shakryl 1975, No. 6:25-27; probably the same in another translation in Mikava 1960:79-81); Adygs: Aliyeva 1978, No. 68 [the wolf asks for his quail feed; she lures the reapers, the wolf eats the provisions they have left; asks them to laugh; the quail sits on the head of the woman who milked the cow; the husband tries to hit the quail with an ax, kills his wife; the wolf laughs; now wants to run; the quail leads him to the Nogai village, he hardly escaped; asks him to scratch, grabs the quail; she asks him to say “bismillah” first; the wolf opens his mouth, the quail flies away ]: 336-337; Kerashev 1957 (bzhedugi) [=Huth 1987:299-302; the fox asks the sparrow to feed her and laugh; the sparrow distracts the old woman carrying the pot with food, the fox eats; the old woman comes back, carries her to the field again eating to her husband; makes excuses; a sparrow sits on her head, the old man wants to hit him, hit an old woman on the head, almost killed him; a sparrow sits on the old man's head, now the old woman beats her husband, the husband beats his wife; the fox laughs ; wants to run; the sparrow buries it in the ground so that only the tip of its tail goes out; the hunters start digging up, the fox jumps up, the dogs after her, she barely ran away, decided not to ask the sparrow for anything else]: 297-299; Balkarians or Karachays: Aliyeva, Kholaev 1983 [the fox asks the quail to feed her; the woman Kyzay carries pies, the quail fluttered out, K. left the pies, chased the quail, the fox has eaten everything; asks the quail to scare her; the quail tells her to run after her, leads to the village, the dogs tore off her tail; the fox grabbed the quail, she asks me to say what day it is; the fox opens its mouth, the quail flew away]: 13-15; Balkarians []: Malkonduev 2017:661-662; Ossetians (Digoria) [The quail wants to go to Mecca with Lisa; she tells her to feed her first; Quail pretended to be wounded, the woman who was bringing breakfast to the mower ran after her, leaving her cakes and braga, Lisa ate and drank everything; wanted to laugh; The quail sat on the horn of a bull threshing the grain, then on her head women; her husband tried to knock her out, broke the bull's horn and killed his wife; Lisa laughs, now asks to scare her; Quail brought hunters with dogs, Lisa's tail was torn off; Fox asks to tie her turban, enough Quail; she tells you to say God's name first, flies away]: Dzagurov 1973, No. 9:30-33; Ingush [The fox asks Quail to feed her first; The quail flies in front of the woman, she puts the cakes on the ground tries to catch a quail, the Fox eats cakes; now asks to laugh; The quail sits on the plowman's head, the other wants to hit her with a stick (which cleans the ground from the plow's share), hits the head comrade, he falls on his back; Fox laughs; asks for scare; Quail brought hounds to Lisa, who tore off her tail; Fox grabbed Quail, she asked what day it was, Lisa replied that Wednesday, The quail flew away]: Malsagov 1983, No. 149:286-287 (a very close version in Sadulaev 2004, No. 132:357); Kumyks [the fox grabbed the quail; agreed to let it go if it feeds her, makes her laugh, will scare; the quail began to lure the woman, she put the bundle on the ground, the fox ate the supplies; the quail sat on the bull's horn, the ploughman hit, the bull roared, the others were frightened, broke the ploughs; the quail lured the dogs, the fox barely escaped, grabbed the quail; she asked if it was Friday or Saturday, the fox said it was Friday, the quail flew away]: Kapiyeva 1974:129-130 (=1991:252-253); Georgians: Kurdovanidze 1988 (1), No. 28 [the fox ate fell, asks the quail to help digest; she took off, the fox ran after her; asks to laugh; the quail sat on the bull's horn, the owner tried to knock it down with a whip, broke its horn; the quail sat on a pot of matsoni, threw it with a stone, the pot broke; sat on the child's head, he waved a twig, hit himself on the head, cried; the fox laughs; decided to catch a quail, but the threshers waved their whip, the quail flew up, and the fox got there]: 70-71; Chikovani 1954 [the fox meets the rooster, says it is going to Jerusalem; they are joined by a goose, a kite, a bustard; they come to the fox nora; fox: we are already in Jerusalem, let the rooster read a prayer; accuses the rooster of waking people up with his scream when she comes to the chicken coop, curls her neck; the same is the goose (screaming); the kite (killed poor widow's chickens); the bustard asks her not to eat, promises to feed her; distracts the woman carrying lunch in the field, the woman puts dinner on the ground, the fox eats it; the bustard: let's laugh now; the church has two monks, The bustard sits on one's head, the other wants to hit her, hits a friend; the bustard sits on the head of another monk — the same thing; the fox laughs; the bustard promises the fox that it will run soon; calls the dogs, they killed the fox]: 399-401; tatami [the fox fraternized with the pheasant, wants pilaf; the pheasant distracts lovers, the fox eats their pilaf at that time; the next day the pheasant sat on the girl's shoulder; the young man threw a piece of wood at him, hit the girl in the temple, she died, and he went on a journey; the fox ate pilaf, threatened to eat the pheasant; the pheasant tells me to go where the herd is being driven; the fox was attacked by dogs, its tail was torn off; the pheasant says she punished on merit]: Ganiyeva 2011a, No. 72:195-197.

Iran — Central Asia. Uzbeks: Afzalov et al. 1972 (1): 34-36 [=Konovalov, Stepanov 1986:15-17; The wolf asks Lisa to feed him; she turns into a quail, pretends to be limping, women going to the wedding put it down to the ground with their knots of treats, they run after it, the Wolf is full and has fun; asks him to scare; the fox leads him to the vineyard, he eats up, cannot crawl into the hole under the wall, the Fox calls the owner, he hits Wolf, he hardly ran away; Wolf asks for food without joking; Fox leads Wolf to the trap in which the fat tail, the Wolf falls into him], 54-57 [=Sheverdin 1984:97-100; The fox tells Magpie to throw off the chick, threatens to tear out a tree; this is how it eats four out of five chicks; Quail tells you not to believe the Fox; she grabs her sleeping; Quail promises to help Lisa steal food from the wedding; pretends to be knocked down, distracts people; now the Fox demands her to laugh; The quail sits on the horns of the cow, the owner throws the stick, breaks the horn, the cow overturns the milk; to get rid of the Fox, the Quail invites her to grab a piece meat on the road; Fox falls into a trap, killed]; Tajiks: Levin et al. 1981, No. 16 (Muminabad) [the fox asks the lark to feed him, laugh and scare him; the lark distracts the attention of the woman carrying a dish of sour milk, she puts it on the ground, the fox eats it; the lark flies into the forge, the blacksmith wants to hit him, hits the student's head with a hammer; the lark brings the dogs, the fox barely ran away; the fox grabs a lark, he asks to be told what the father's name is a fox; the fox first says Rubiz, then Rubaa opens his mouth, the lark flies away], 320 (Angren, Fergana Valley) [the fox tells the sparrow to throw off the chicks; he promises to feed her fish; an arbakesh was carrying a barrel of fish, a sparrow flies, an arbakeş tries to hit him with a stick, hits the barrel, the fish fell out, the fox began to eat it; next time the sparrow promises feed them honey; two girls carry a bucket of honey; the sparrow jumps, distracts them, the fox ate honey; the third time the fox tells her to laugh; the old woman milked the cow, the sparrow sat on the old woman's head, the old man wanted him hit, hit an old woman on the head with a stick; the fox tells her to scare her; the sparrow brings hunting dogs; the fox hides in a hole, asks what she would do without her eyes and legs; and the tail was not needed; she she stuck out her tail, the dogs ate it]: 122-123, 255; mountain Tajiks: Rosenfeld, Rychkova 1990, No. 35 [the fox asks the quail to feed her; she takes her to the vineyard; asks her to make her cry; the quail brings the dogs; they can't find the fox's hole, but someone tied a pumpkin to the stick near the hole and, hearing the sound, the fox thought the dogs were there for a long time; then tied the pumpkin to its tail, she lowered her tail into the water, the throat was filled with water, the fox had difficulty getting out; two thorn pickers picked up the fox, thinking it was dead; the fox began to scratch, the man thought it was thorns; ran away; I saw that the fox was not at home; the woman was carrying a pot of milk to her husband, the quail began to curl in front of her, the woman was behind her, the fox drank milk, the husband was surprised that the pot was empty, the fox laughed; the quail sat on the edge the cauldron in the woman's house; the woman threw a ladle into her, the quail flew away, the cauldron cracked, the fox laughed for a long time]: 136-137; Semenov 1900 (2) (Darvaz) [=Semenov 1903, No. 6:108-110; Budon's bird frightened Lisa , she grabbed her, she promised to feed her; B. flew in front of the woman, who tried to catch her, leaving her cup of food; Lisa ate everything, leaving her litter in the cup, covered her with another cup; the wife brought food to her husband, who found only fox droppings, beat his wife; Lisa asks her to laugh; B. flies into that woman's house, sits on the bed, the husband throws a stone at B., kills the child; B. sits on the edge of the cauldron, the woman throws a bucket into her, hits her husband's forehead, killing him; Fox and B. laugh; B. lures two dogs; Lisa hides in a hole, gets out the other way, finds a pumpkin, says she frightened her, ties her to tail, lowers it into the river, the current drags the pumpkin, it gurgling under water; B. tells Lisa that she filled her pantaloons with stones and, hanging it around her neck, dived; the fox did so, drowned]: 20-22; Yagnobs [ the quail offers the fox to be friends on the condition that she allows herself to laugh, cry and feed herself; sits on the old woman's head, her son throws a stone, the quail takes off, the old woman falls dead, the fox laughs; the quail takes off in front of the old women carrying tortillas; they rush to catch it, the fox eats the cakes; the quail smears the donkey with glue, invites the fox to sit on it, leads the donkey to the rosehip bushes, the fox all scratched; removes the fox, promises to cure it, brings a hunter with dogs, he caught up with the fox, took off its skin]: Andreev, Peshereva 1957, No. 38:177-178; Shugnans [the fox says to the quail that it's bad hears, asks her to come closer, grabs; he promises to feed her; the woman carries oil to her husband, the quail distracts her, the fox eats oil; asks her to laugh; the quail flies into the house, where the woman interferes with a spoon porridge, throws a spoon at the quail, hits her husband's head, who is covered in porridge; the fox laughs; asks to make her cry; the quail leads her to the hounds, the fox into the hole, the hound tore off her tail; the fox is furious, grabs a quail, he asks to show her voice first, the fox opens its mouth, the quail flies away]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 75:501-503; Sarykoltsy [the fox offers the peasant work in the mill, and she will herd cattle; every day she eats sheep; through the gap in the fence, she consistently shows the nose, ears, neck, etc. of the last sheep left; then says that the wolf has picked up the sheep, offers to sew a sheepskin coat, eats flour, runs away; the peasant finds only the horns and legs of sheep; the fox makes friends with the quail; asks her to feed her; the woman brings her husband lunch, the quail distracts her, and the fox gets lunch; she asks her to make fun of her; the quail sits on the ox's horn, the woman shouts to her husband that it is the same quail, the husband throws a stone, the quail flew away, and the ox is killed; throws again — the cauldron is broken; once again, the wife is killed; the fox laughs; asks to make her cry; the quail tells her to go to the royal gate, dogs are let down on the fox, she has difficulty hiding into the hole; she grabbed the quail; he asks her name, she opens her mouth the quail flew away]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 76:503-506; Pashtuns (Bannu District, Pakistan) [the jackal asks the partridge to make fun of him; the partridge sits on the man's head; the other wants to hit her, the partridge flies away, and people fight; the jackal asks him to feed him; the partridge pretends to be destroyed, distracts the boy who brings dinner to his father, he leaves everything on the ground, rushes to catch the partridge, the jackal eats lunch; asks him to make him cry; the partridge brings dogs, the jackal barely managed to hide in the hole]: Thorburn 1876:220-221 (quoted in Bødeker 1957, No. 208:31); kho (Chitral) [fox asks make fun of her quail; she sits on the head of the Turkish Lukuma saleswoman, then on her husband's head; the wife is confused to hit her husband, hits him in the face with a spoon, he is all smeared, beats his wife; the fox laughs, asks feed her; the woman brings her husband bread, the quail sits on her head, then distracts her, the woman runs after her, the fox eats bread; asks her to make her cry; the quail calls the dogs; running away from them, the fox jumps, breaks her back; asks the quail to wipe the blood off her face; grabs a quail; she asks the fox to say her name before eating it; the fox opens its mouth, the quail flies away]: Leitner 1893b, No. 4: 5-7.

Baltoscandia. Latvians: Alksnite et al. 1958 [The cat knocked over the pot of milk, decided to leave to pray for sins; he is greeted, the Hare, the Fox, the Wolf, the Bear decide to go with him; the cat puts a perch through the pit - some it will pass, her sins will be removed; the cat crossed, the rest fell down; they decide who to eat - who has the weakest voice (the Hare), the rudest (the Bear); the fox eats the bear's intestines, says his own; The wolf rips open his stomach dies; threatens the Starling to eat his chicks if he does not fill the hole with branches; climbs along the branches; tells herself to feed herself, teaches herself to waddle on the way in front of an old woman carrying a pie; an old woman runs after the starling, the Fox eats the cake; give a drink: distract the man carrying a barrel of beer; cheer: the men are threshing, let the starling sit on one's head; others hit with a flail, the starling flew away, the man fell; the starling hid in the nest; the fox went, sees an empty jug, decided to drown it, put it around her neck, drowned]: 55-57; Aris 1971 [the fox stays in the house, wraps her bast around the rooster's neck, says he ate her bast, gets a rooster; then a ram; a cow; a horse; gets a sleigh and a harness to the horse; a hare, a wolf, a bear are asked for a ride; the gulf is broken; the hare brings a twig, the bear is a snag, the fox goes by itself bring a suitable pole, the rest ate the horse; the fox: whoever falls off the perch, crossing the river, ate it; the hare, the wolf, the bear stumbled, but crossed, the fox fell into the water, asks the starling to sketch into the river brushwood, gets out; asks her to feed; the starling distracts the old woman, she puts a bag of bread on the ground, the fox has eaten bread; asks for a drink; the old man carries a barrel of water, the starling sits on the plug, the old man tries to hit him, the plug falls out, the water pours out; make him laugh; the starling sits on the back of the head, his son tries to hit the starling with a flail, hits his father; the fox laughs]: 46-51; Lutsie ( western 1927) [the old woman answers the hare that she is looking for a shepherd for her three geese; towards the wolf; the old woman: how do you sing? wolf howls; old lady: no, you will scare all geese; the fox sings a song, the old lady is happy; the fox ate the goose, the feathers are under the threshold; says that she is called for christening, to the attic herself, there is a barrel of oil; what was the name? fox: Beginning; ate another goose; again for christening; called Half; ate the third, again for christening, ate butter, called the hostess to the cold bath and told everything; her mistress with a broom — she stuck, with Since then, the fox has a tail; it pretended to be dead, the fisherman carried the fish and picked it up; the fox threw it all off, eats, tells the wolf that it caught, putting its tail into the well; the tail froze, the fox called the people, they ran to beat wolf, fox head in sauerkraut, full, head in the test; tells the wolf that the brains have leaked; the beaten unbeaten is lucky; the wolf: how beautiful the woodpecker is; the fox: I'll do the same, get into the haystack; set fire to the haystack, the wolf burned; the fox carries bones in a bag, tells the man that she exchanged the money for his horse; open the bag when you go beyond that blue forest; the fox killed the horse, eats; says that if anyone gets to this horse meat faster than her, then she will cry; cancer caught on the fox's tail; when she runs up, he is already eating horse meat; the fox has tears from her eyes; old woman: you will recover if you eat the meat of a 9-year-old bear; the fox walks, knocks on the Christmas trees, on each bear, she asks how old she is; 3, 6 are not needed; 9; well, turn around; the bear turned, fell, the fox eats it; the fox tells the people she meets that she is going to repent of their sins, asks what sins they have; the cat ate sour cream, the hare poisoned the sheep, the wolf ate the sheep, the bear lifted the horse; the fox: we cross the hole on the perch; the cat crossed, the rest fell; whose voice is weaker, we will eat it; ate the hare, then the bear; the fox hides under giblets himself, tells the wolf that he eats his own; the wolf pulled out his own, died; the fox ate the wolf, spring has come; the fox to the woodpecker: you can't pour sawdust, eat your chicks; the woodpecker poured, the fox got out; the fox demands for the woodpecker to make her laugh; the husband carries bread, the wife carries porridge with eggs; the woodpecker pretends to be knocked down, they rushed to catch, the fox ate everything; asks for water; the woodpecker punched a hole in the beer keg; asks her to mock; father and sons are threshing grain; woodpecker on their heads; sons wanted to hit the woodpecker, killed their father; the fox laughs; climbed into a hole, asks body members what they did; everyone helped, only the tail behind the bushes clung; she stuck it out to the dogs, they pulled out the fox and tore it]: Annom et al. 2018:289-298; Estonians: Jakobson 1954 [The cat knocked over the pot of cream, went to repent of his sins; they join him Hare (ate oats in the field), Fox (stealing geese), Wolf (stabbed a cow), Bear (ate a horse); The cat offers to cross the hole on the perch, whoever crosses will be removed; The cat crossed, the rest fell into the hole; Fox offers to eat someone whose voice is weaker (they ate a hare), louder (bear); the fox suggests to the Wolf — whoever knocks a stone out of the edge of the pit with his head will eat another; The wolf breaks his head, dies; the Fox threatens the Starling eat his chicks, if he does not help her get out, fill the hole with branches; when he gets out, tells her to feed her; the starling distracts the woman, the Fox eats the porridge from that pot left; give her a drink (Starling flies around a barrel of beer, the owner hits the plug, the Fox drinks pouring beer); laugh (father and son are threshing, the Starling curls at the father's head, the son hits him, they quarrel, the Fox laughs); make him jump; The starling calls the hounds, the Fox hides in the hole; asks its dicks who helped escape; the tail only clung to the bushes; the fox stuck it out of the hole as a hound as a punishment; the hound ate both the tail and the fox]: 119 -129; Estonians (the plot is especially popular here) [threatens the bird to eat it if it does not pull it out of the hole, feed it and drink it, makes it laugh]: Kippar 1986, № 56C*: 66-67; Lithuanians [cat knocked over the sour cream, the mistress kicked him out; answers the fox that he is going to confess; the fox is with him, then the wolf; the cat offers to cross the hole on the perch, whoever crosses is without sin; crossed, and the fox and the wolf have fallen; the wolf managed to jump out; the fox threatens a sparrow: if you do not help me get out, eat the chicks; the sparrow brought the birds, they threw chips into the pit, the fox got out; threatens with a sparrow, tells her to feed her; the sparrow distracts the shepherdess who was carrying food, the fox ate everything; demands to make her laugh; father and son are threshing; the sparrow sat on his father's bald head, the son hit, the father fell, the fox laughs]: Kerbelite 2014, No. 35:79-81; oriental Sami {apparently Skolts}: Kecskeméti, Paunonen 1974, No. 56C*: 218; Danes: Uther 2004 (1), No. 223:141-142.

Volga — Perm. Bashkirs: Barag 1989, No. 82 [The wolf asks the Fox to feed him; she pretends to be dead, the fisherman throws her into his sleigh, she throws away all the fish, runs away; the Wolf is happy; the fox explains what she caught fish on the tail; The wolf lowered its tail into the ice-hole, the tail froze; in the morning, the women hit the wolf with rocker arms, the tail came off; the Fox asks Quail to make her laugh; he sits on the reaper's head, her husband hits him with a flail head, tore off his wife's head; Fox laughs; asks her to scare her; Quail filled her eyes with resin, brought her to the village; dogs are chasing her, Quail laughs], 83 [the fox asks the quail to feed her; quail pretends not to be able to fly, the husband and wife run after her, leaving a bunch of chicken, the fox is full; asks her to laugh; the quail sat on the head of the woman who was milking the cow; the husband swung his stick, the quail moved the cow to the horn, the husband hit, broke the horn, the cow knocked over the bucket, the woman fell into the milk, the fox laughs]: 386-387, 387-389; Bessonov 1941, No. 78 []: 333-334; Tatars [Lisa asks Quail to feed her; he pretends to be unable to fly; his wife and husband leave their luggage, try to grab the bird; the fox ate the whites and the chicken, the quail ran away; the fox asks to scare her; Quail leads her to the hunters, she barely escaped; asks her to laugh; The quail sat on the tip of the stake sharpened by the man; then on the cow; the man grabbed the stake, the cow spilled milk; The quail sat on his wife's head, man hit his wife with a stake; Lisa laughed so much that her mouth stretched from ear to ear]: Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 8:38-40; Chuvash [the fox fell into the hole; replies to the woodpecker that he was digging a well, he asks him to dig it too, she tells her to sketch out the branches to fold the log house, gets out by branches, asks her to give her kvass; the woodpecker cut a hole in the barrel of kvass, pecked the owner, pretended not to fly, the owner followed him, the fox got drunk kvass; asks her to laugh; the woodpecker sits on the head of the merchant's son, bites, he screams, the farmhand comes running with a flail, beats, the merchant's son falls down like a knockdown; the fox laughs, asks her to scare; the woodpecker called dogs, the fox jumped into the hollows, the dogs bark around; the fox asks at its feet and ears, they say that they were not afraid, rushed forward; the tail replies that everyone thought they were about to grab it; the fox angrily sticks it out to the dogs, they drag the fox by the tail, tore it]: Eisin 1993:40-42; Marie: Akzorin 1984 [The fox asks Quail to feed her; Quail distracts the merchant's attention, the Fox grabs the basket with food; asks her to laugh; Quail sits on the merchant's head, the other wants to kill her, hits a friend on the head, he falls into the water; the same with the second merchant — he is hit by a third; merchants fight, Lisa laughs; asks to scare; Quail calls dogs, Fox hides in a hole; Quail says the dogs are gone; The fox began to darn its ragged tail, quarreled with Quail]: 268-270; Sabitov 1992 (meadow) [fox asks the tit to feed her; she distracts the attention of the woman carrying two buckets of lunch; the fox eats everything; asks her to laugh; the tit sits on the worker's head, the other tries to hit her, hits her with a flail a friend on the head; the same with another employee; they all fight, the fox laughs; asks her to scare her; the tit sings, two dogs run out; the fox ran away, but became friends with the tit]: 62; Mordovians (erzya): Evseviev 1964, No. 4 [the old woman swept the ground, baked a cake, it rolled; meets, takes a bear, wolf, hare, fox as companions; everyone fell into the ditch; threw lots, ate a cake; then a wolf; a hare; a fox hid the hare, told the bear that it was eating its giblets; the bear pulled out his giblets, died; the fox asked the woodpecker to pull it out, he lowered his tail, the fox got out; asked for food; the woodpecker descended in front of the girl who was carrying pancakes, she ran after the woodpecker, the fox ate pancakes; asks for water; the girl carries kvass (the same thing); laugh; the bride was toku with her grandfather, the woodpecker sat on his head, the girl hit the flail, killed the old man; the fox laughed, wants to run, run after the woodpecker, which is flying along the village; the dogs caught the fox and ate it], 7 [the fox pretended to be dead, the crow came down, the fox grabbed it, she promises to feed her pancakes; she descended in front of the woman, she left her pancakes, ran after the crow, the fox ate pancakes; asks her to laugh; the crow sat on the old woman's head; the old man waved his flail, killed the old woman ; the fox laughs, tells her to scare her; the crow began to knock on the gate, the dogs ran out, the fox hid in the hollow; asks its eyes, legs, tail how they helped escape; eyes looked, legs ran, the tail was tangled between the legs; the fox stuck it out to the dogs, they pulled it by the tail and ate it]: 30-33, 45-46; the mordovians [the fox pretended to be dead, the crow came down, the fox grabbed it, the crow promised it feed; the Tatar woman carried a bucket of salma; the crow pretended to be unable to fly, the Tatar woman after her, the fox ate salma; now she promises to laugh; the Tatar and the Tatar are threshing; the crow sits on its head Tatar, then his wife; Tatar swings his flail, hit his wife's head, killed; cries, the fox laughs; the crow promises to make the fox cry; leads to a rich house, croaks; dogs jumped out, over her; fox into the hollow; tail outside: interfered when she ran; dogs pulled the fox by the tail, tore it]: Yurtov 1883, No. 7:15-19; Komi [(1 entry); fox threatens to eat thrush chicks; thrush pulls it out of pits, feeds and waters; gives dogs or laughs — he sits on a person's head, hits the head with a flail; instead of a bird, a person was injured]: Korovina 2012, No. 248A: 78; Udmurts [wife carried her husband in the field noodles; the quail threw herself at her feet, the woman chased her, the fox ate the noodles; asks the quail to make her laugh now; the quail sat on his wife's head, the husband hit her with a stick, killed his wife, the quail flew away, the fox laughed; now asks to scare her; the quail brought the dog, the fox barely escaped]: Kralina 1960, No. 40:95.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Bosingen 1984:54-55 [the fox promises to let the quail go if it makes her laugh; a quail sits on the head of an old woman who milked a cow; an old man swings a birch stick, a quail flies away, the old woman shies away, falls, the bucket of milk overturns; the fox laughs; asks her to be frightened; the quail tells her to close her eyes, leads the fox towards the hunter, who has falcons and dogs; the fox is saved, when everyone rushes for a hare that passed by; the quail asks if the fox is happy, she replies that she can't hear well; the quail sits on her nose, the fox grabs it; she asks the name of the wild ancestor animals; the fox says that Mangyt, the quail flies out, the fox has time to grab its tail, so the quail is short-tailed], 168-169 [the fox tells the quail to feed it; quail distracts the girls, they put food on the ground, they run for the quail, the fox eats everything; then the quail arrives in the village — the same trick, everyone runs after it, the fox eats to the dump; the quail asks if the fox is full; she replies that she does not hear well; when a quail sits on her nose, he grabs it]; Kaskabasov et al. 1979, No. 61 [], 62 (Chimkent) [], 63 []: 126-127, 129-130, 130-134; Kyrgyz [fox has enough quail, I agree not to eat it yet, let him eat it will laugh; the quail sits on the woman's head, the boy wants to hit him with a stick, hits his mother on the head, the hat flew off her head, the cow was frightened knocked over a bucket of milk; the fox laughed; asks her scare; the quail leads towards the hunter, who has a golden eagle and two greyhounds; the fox has barely disappeared into the hole; grabbed the quail; he promises to teach her how to read before death, asks to say “o”, the fox opens mouth, quail flies away]: Brudny, Eshmambetov 1981:277-278; karakalpaks [the fox asks the quail to feed her, she distracts the women, they left the dastarkhans, the fox is full; asks to laugh; woman milks a cow, a quail sits on a woman's head, her husband hits her with a shovel, the quail flew away, the woman fell dead; the fox asks her to scare her; the quail tells her to hold her tail and close her eyes; leads to people; the fox ran, tried to grab the quail, now the quail has no tail]: Volkov, Mayorov 1959:62-64.

Southern Siberia — Mongolia. Khakas: Balter 1986 [=Torokova et al. 2014, No. 7:65-69; the quail invites the fox to make her laugh; flew into the hut, sat on the old woman's head, the old man wanted to hit the quail with an ax, killed his wife; the fox laughs; agrees to look at the terrible; the quail led her to the village, the fox barely ran away from the dogs; pretended to hear hard, asks the quail to approach, grabbed it; the quail asks like a cow mooing, a horse laughing, a wolf howling; the fox opened its mouth, the quail flew away; offered the fox to feed it; distracted the hunters, the fox ate the meat; stayed in the cave; the quail brought hunters there, hunters killed a fox]: 33-35; Katanov 1907, No. 380 (=196:127-130); The fox threatens the yellow-breasted bird to knock down a tree, every year forces it to give it its four chicks; The scoters tell the bird to answer The fox, who has neither a knife nor an ax; the fox catches two Turpans; they promise to take her wherever she wants; they throw her into the sea, she climbs onto the rock; leaning against the rock, asks the maral to hurt her, he crashes against a rock; wolves take her meat; she lowers her tail into the water, runs, rattling with ice floes attached to its tail; wolves lower their tails, they freeze; one runs away with his tail off; the fox lures him to people, he is killed; the fox tells the quail that she has not eaten before, she promises to feed her; distracts the poor old man, who throws the bag and stick, the fox eats the provisions from the bag; quail promises to make fun of her; sits on the horns of a cow, then on an old woman's back, the old man hits her with an ax, kills a cow, then his wife, the fox laughs; the quail promises to scare the fox, brings dogs, they tear off the fox's tail ; the fox grabs the quail; she says that if the fox has good thoughts, she will throw it over her back; the fox does so, the quail flies away; but then the fox pretended to be dead, caught and ate the quail]: 392 -395; Ungvitskaya, Mainogasheva 1984 [the fox ate the relatives of the quail; the quail undertakes to make her laugh; sits on the crown of the old woman, the old man hits the old woman with an ax, kills the old woman; the quail undertakes to frighten the fox; leads to ulus, people hit the fox with sticks; the fox tells the quail that it is deaf from the beatings, asks them to come closer, grabs their teeth; the quail asks the fox to scream in the voices of various animals; when the fox howls like a wolf, it opens its mouth, the quail flies away; promises to feed the fox, distracts the hunters, who left the game in the sleigh, the fox ate meat; the quail lured the fox into the cave, where it was shot by hunters]: 218-219; Mongols [Grouse asks not to eat his chicks, Fox demands to feed her; Grouse sits on the porch of a rich house, people run out, Fox eats supplies in the house; demands her to laugh; Grouse sits down on the head of the owner of the house, the wife tells her not to move, whips, the Grouse flies away, the Fox laughs; tells her to scare her; Grouse leads her to where the dogs are, she can hardly hide in the hollow; Teterev grabs the tail, with it's short ever since]: Skorodumova 2003:56 -57.