Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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M132. Ears instead of sandals. 12.-.14.

The enemy is ready to capture the character. He asks to take and throw away his clothes or shoes first, and puts his ears in. The enemy grabs it by the ears and throws it away, the character runs away.

Hausa, Zulgo, Nzakara, Mundang, Tuareg.

West Africa. Retel-Laurentin 1986 [the story is popular in West Africa, usually the Hare deceives Hyena]: 201; Zulgo [The Hare deceives the Panther]: Retel-Laurentin 1986:201; Hausa: Olderogge 1959 [ The chipmunk {apparently Earth Squirrel} climbed into Hyena's hole, tells her children his name is "Everything for you"; the children ask Hyena who the meat was for, she replies that "everything is for you", the chipmunk is everything eats; the deception is revealed, the Chipmunk sticks out his ears, tells him to take "his shoes" first; Hyena grabs what he has offered, throws the Chipmunk away]: 216-217; Ohotina 1962 [while the hyena is not at home, the spider asks her children what their names are, his name is "For all of you"; eats everything that the hyena brings to the children; the spider puts out his ears: hold my boots first and then I will go out myself; the hyena pulls the spider by the ears, he runs away; tells the hyena that whoever she is chasing is a dog; she rushes at the dog, the spider runs away]: 268-269; Schön 1862 [the fox climbed into the hyena's lair, says her name is "all of you"; hyenyata they ask the mother who she brought the meat to, she replies that "all of you", the fox eats everything; when the deception opens, she sticks out her ears, says that these are her shoes; the hyena grabs the fox by the ears, throws it away runs away]: 168-171.

Sudan - East Africa. Nzakara [The hare is hired by the Panther as a servant; she tells him to take the prey to the children; the hare eats everything himself; the next day Hyena does not get anything, the Hare eats her three cubs; the remaining two they talk about what happened; the Hyena tells the Hare to come out of the hole; he asks to throw away his hair first, Hyena grabs him by the ears and throws it away, the Hare runs away]: Retel-Laurentin 1986, No. 33:202-203; mundang [every time Hyena throws meat to the cubs in the lair, says Nate, eat it all!" The hare listened, came to the hyenyats, said his name was Eat Everything Hyena told him to raise hyenyatas; when Hyena quits meat, the Hare eats everything - she said, Na, Eat Everything; The hyenyats starved to death, went out alone into the forest, told their mother; the hare put out his ears, told Hyena to pick up his sandals; she grabbed him by the ears, threw him away, said that he would never see his sandals again; when she rushed after the Hare, he stopped next to the Dog; the Hyena did not recognize him and asked if anyone had seen anyone running away from her; the hare asked - which of us are you asking, probably the bigger one was running away out of breath; Hyena rushed at the Dog; since then Hare, Hyena, and Dog hate each other]: Louafaya 1990:24-25.

North Africa. The Tuaregs [The hare tells Hyena's children his name is all; Hyena brings meat, the children ask who will eat it, the father answers, you are all; The hare takes the meat, the Hyena's children they lose weight; the deception is revealed, the Hyena tells the Hare to go out (out of the hole); he asks to throw away his sandals first, puts his ears in, the Hyena pulls it out and throws it away, the Hare runs away]: Contes touaregs de l'Aïr 1974:46-59 in Retel-Laurentin 1986:201-202.