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M135A. The wolf regrets his own stupidity.



wolf (rarely a bear, jackal, fox) approaches various pets (less often only one animal) to eat them, but, agreeing to comply with the request, remains hungry and usually beaten, and in conclusion he blames himself (“Am I a mullah to read?” etc.). In the Persian version, a fox talks to him about this.

Kabiles, Spaniards, Catalans, French, Dutch, Tibetans (Amdo), Sinhales, Ancient Greece, Serbs, Bosnians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Gagauz people, Russian written tradition, Russians (Ryazan), Ukrainians (Chernigov), Kashubians, Poles, Slovaks, Crimean Tatars, Adygs, Ingush, Kumyks, Avars, Archins, Georgians, Lurs, Tajiks, Pashtuns, Baluchis, Swedes, Finns, Bashkirs, Karakalpaks, Kyrgyz, Salars, Tuvans, Buryats, Dagurs.

North Africa. Kabila [the jackal threatens the chicken to climb the rock, which has to throw off the chicken; she tells the cockerel not to crow so as not to attract the jackal's attention, but it continues to crow; when there is only one chicken left, the stork explains that the jackal will not be able to climb the rock; the jackal grabbed the stork, who asked him to eat it by the pond; carried the jackal and threw it into the water; replied to the sheep that he was swimming, promised not eat it and watch it; on the fourth day, the sheep saw the herd and ran away; the jackal: why did I have to guard it? my father did not guard and my grandfather did not guard!] : Rivière 1882:141-142.

Southern Europe. Spaniards (everywhere) [the wolf is sure the day will be good; did not pick up the pig leg he found; demands that the mare give him a foal (or rather mulina); she asks to pull it out first she has a splinter from her back leg, kicks her hoof; two lambs ask for help to divide the meadow between them: they will disperse in different directions and whoever reaches the wolf first will get the best part; they butt him on both sides; goats ask for permission to celebrate mass first, bleat, shepherds come running, beat the wolf; the pig asks her piglets to be baptized in the river first; pushed the wolf into the water and took the piglets home; the wolf got ashore and laments: who are you to pull out splinters, divide meadows, perform church services, baptize piglets? let lightning strike me from the sky; there was a woodcutter with an ax nearby, hacked a wolf]: Camarena, Chevalier 1997, No. 122A: 199-201; Catalans [the wolf is going to eat a pig; she advises Let her wash in the river first, runs away; wolf: who told me to talk to her? Wolves have been attacking without talking ever since]: Camarena, Chevalier 1997, No. 122G: 210-211.

Western Europe. French: Lopyreva 1959, No. 11 [the wolf did not eat salted bacon, and then regretted it; the pig asks to baptize the piglets first, then eat; the wolf goes to fetch water, the pig pushes him into the pond; rams want to serve Vespers first, people bleat, people run; cows want to dance, they almost took care of the wolf; mare: before eating, a foal must be shoved; a foal kicks a wolf; a wolf complains about his fate; a man sat on an oak tree, cut off branches, threw an ax, killed a wolf]: 29-31; Delarue, Tenèze 1976, No. 122 [two rams (bulls) agree to be eaten by a wolf (or give him a lamb, but they come up with an excuse to be on opposite sides of him; let the wolf help them divide the meadow or choose who to eat first; after that they butt him; this is an episode in the series others; every time the wolf regrets his stupidity and eventually wants the sky to fall on his head; at this time, a man sitting in a tree throws an ax at him; the wolf is left without a tail or at all killed]: 363-364; Dutch [the wolf is going to eat the sheep; she says she has heard of his beautiful voice and asks me to listen to it before he dies; the wolf howled, the sheep ran away; wolf: am I a musician, and not a bone grave?] : Soer 1979:29.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans (Amdo): Kajihama 2004, No. 13 [the wolf is going to eat a goat and a goat; the goat says it's spring, it's better to eat them in autumn after returning from pastures; in autumn the rabbit asks why the goat cries; teaches what to do; rides a goat, holding a piece of paper, the kid carries an iron chain; reads the royal decree to the wolf: “100 wild yaks from the royal menagerie are in place, 100 tigers too, and only 99 wolves “Aren't you the hundredth? kid, give a chain here; the wolf ran away in horror], 6 [the rabbit began to cook glue, put on a bull's saddle; told the wolf that having such a saddle makes it easy to kill animals, and shepherds are not afraid; gives the wolf's saddle; it didn't help him, the shepherds almost killed him; now the rabbit promises the wolf to deliver his sheep, offers to wait while sitting on a rock; the stone was glued, the wolf stuck and stayed]: 24-26, 48- 50.

South Asia. Sinhalese [the leopard bit off the calf's ear; he said that the leopard would not get enough of them anyway, advised them to come when he grew up; he agreed; when the leopard came, the calf became a bull, told the leopard to tie one end of the vine by the neck and the other to his belt; he ran; the leopard died, and before that he shouted how stupid he was not to eat the calf]: Parker 1914a, No. 162:399-400.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece [the wolf is sure that he will eat today; does not pick up a pie on the expensive one, salted pork, sees a horse with a foal; she asks to pull out a splinter first, lies the wolf on the forehead; two rams are asked to help divide the meadow: whoever reaches the wolf first is the owner; they butt it on both sides; the pig asks to be baptized first by piglets, pushes the wolf into a ditch, the water carries it under mill wheel; goats ask them to serve them first; the wolf howls, people come running, hitting the wolf; he laments: why is he so proud, was his father a healer or bishop; let a sword fall on him from heaven; a man sitting in a tree threw an ax at the wolf; wolf: Lord, our prayers reach you so quickly!] : Gasparov 1991, No. 50 (36): 251-253; Ancient Greece: Gasparov 1968, No. 97 [a fable from the “Rhetor Anonymus Brancatianus”): the kid fell behind the herd, chased by a wolf; The kid said, “Wolf, I know I'm your prey. But in order not to die inglorious, play the pipe and I'll dance!” ; the wolf began to play and the kid started to dance; when the dogs heard this, they rushed after the wolf; he turned around on the run and said to the kid: “This is what I need: I, the butcher, have nothing to pretend to be a musician”]: 92; Bosnians [the wolf and the dog walked together; when the wolf sees the ram, he asks: What are we going to do with it? dog: whatever you want; ram: let's jump into your mouth myself; hit the wolf with horns; the donkey asks you to remove his horseshoe from his leg before eating; hits the wolf with his hoof; they came to town, the dog brought him to where corned beef was kept; after that, the wolf wanted to drink; the dog offered sour water, which is alcohol; the wolf wanted to sing; the dog ran away and was beaten terribly; he reproaches himself: my parents never We had dogs; didn't wait for the ram to jump into their mouths; didn't take off their donkey horseshoes; didn't drink acidic water; that's right: I deserved to be beaten! then a man came up and started hitting the wolf with a stick; wolf: don't say bad words in the forest! {rhyme}]: Eschker 1992, No. 65:241-243; Serbs [the wolf sees two rams in the meadow; they ask him to stand in the middle of the meadow to separate it; they butt from the take-off on both sides; the wolf wants to lift the horse ; he asks to remove his horseshoes first, lies down; wolf: am I a surveyor to divide the meadow, am I a blacksmith (albátin) to unleash the end?] : Zlatkovich 2005, No. 15:27; Hungarians [after a series of failures, a wolf sits under a tree and thinks: it's right for me to be smarter, let someone hit me on the head here too; when I hear this, woodpecker went down and pecked him; wolf: no joke!] : Kovács 1987, No. 79**: 262-263; Bulgarians: Klyagina-Kondratyeva 1951 [the wolf is going to eat two oxen; they suggest running to him from both sides in a race, who is first to eat in the morning, the other is now; they butt him on both sides, the wolf is slightly alive, laments that he has decided to leave the ox until tomorrow; the mule says that he has a letter under his hoof, the wolf kicks; wolf: why did I need to read literacy; donkey: jump over me three times, sin will be forgiven; dogs saw a wolf jumping, the donkey escaped; the pig offered to play the bagpipes first, screamed, the swineherd came running with the dogs; the fox calls the wolf goes to the village for the wedding, he is beaten; she ate the porridge herself at the mill, smeared herself, said that her brains are running out; the wolf carried the fox on his back, she says that the patient is healthy; the wolf guessed, the fox disappeared into the hole, the wolf grabbed her leg, the fox said that he grabbed the root, let the wolf let go; the wolf died of hunger and grief]: 231-235; Shereshevskaya 1957 [the foal asks the wolf to take it off first horseshoes lie down so as not to choke; the goat offers to open his mouth wider, butts; two rams offer to eat the one who gets to him first, butt from the take-off on both sides; the donkey says that the wolf is called to be a godfather at a wedding; a wolf rides on a donkey's back, he is beaten; wolf: grandfather and father were modest, and for some reason I decided to go for a walk at the wedding]: 28-31; Macedonians [the wolf approached two rams; those offered him the first to eat the one who reached him faster; they hit him with horns on both sides, the wolf is barely alive; the mule says that the royal decree prohibiting harming him was written from behind him; the wolf bends down to look, the mule kicks him with both hooves; the donkey offers to jump over it three times before eating it; the wolf jumps, the owner of the donkey notices this, runs to help; the pig asks permission to play the pipe first; screams at all possible, the owner comes running; the fox assures that the wolf was invited to the wedding; people are hitting the wolf; the fox ate porridge, smeared his head with the rest, says the wolf that her brains have been knocked out; the wolf agrees to carry her to her hole, she says “the beaten unbeaten man is lucky”, hides in the hole; the wolf grabs the fox by the leg, she asks why he holds the root; the wolf releases the fox; dies from grief and beatings]: Martin 1955:172-180; Gagauz people [the fox fraternized with Marivka's sheep, then with the wolf; the wolf wants to eat the sheep, but the fox does not; the wolf offers the sheep to exchange fur coats; she offers to go to the ass for confession - we will change if the pop approves; leads the wolf to the trap, he gets there; the man began to beat the wolf, he forcibly escaped; wants to eat piglets ; pig: let me sing first and you dance; people came running to the scream, drove the wolf away; wolf: and why should I go to confession, eat sheep and that's it; why dance, it's better to eat piglets; I would find the man who grabbed my tail and beat me; wanted to defecate under a tree, and there was a man sitting there, grabbed the wolf by the tail and beat me to death]: Moshkov 1904, No. 141:208-209.

Central Europe. Ukrainians [the wolf asks God for food, he asks him: whatever you meet in popovo, you are ready to eat; the popova mare replies that she brought papers from the city; while the wolf looks at them, she ran away; Wolf: and not I am, and illiterate, why should I look at papers? the ram offers to open his mouth, runs down the mountain, the wolf butts; the wolf: am I a pan that I wanted light bread? pigs ask for permission to sing a song, the peasants drove the wolf away; the tailor asks to allow him to wash his face with death, wipe his wolf's tail, wraps him around his arm, yubet the wolf with arshin; climbs an oak tree; wolf calls the others, they stand on each other's backs, tailless below; the tailor sneezes, the wolf thinks he says “arshin”, rushes away, the other wolves fall, tore the tailless]: Petnikov 1955:42-43; northern Ukrainians (Chernihiv, Borznensky district) [the priest's tailor went to work in the city; at this time the wolf asked God for food; he said that the wolf would meet the popov — this is his food; the wolf met the mare, asked whose it was; the mare replied that Popova ; the wolf said he would eat it; the mare replied that she was in town and brought the papers; invited the wolf to look at them; while he watched, she galloped off; the wolf thought, “What a fool I am: am I a pan or a writer, why Should I look at papers?” ; then he saw the ram, asked whose it was; the ram replied that he was a priest; the wolf warned that he would eat it; the ram said that he would climb the mountain and jump into the wolf's mouth; as a result, he accelerated and hit him in the forehead ; the wolf began to think, “What a fool I am, am I pan or something, since I wanted light bread”; met pigs, asked whose they were; the pigs replied that they were pops; the wolf warned that he would eat them; they asked for permission sing a song; while they were singing, people came and drove the wolf away; he met the tailor, asked whose it was; the tailor replied that he was priests; the wolf said he would eat him; the tailor asked for permission to finally wash his face with his tail wipe off {the intention to measure the wolf is not said}; wrapped the wolf's tail in his arms, “yak letting go of three arshini”; then ran away, climbed an oak tree; the wolf called for help from other wolves; they stood on top of each other; He was tailless downstairs; when the wolves almost reached the tailor, he smelled tobacco; smelling, he sneezed: “Achhi!” ; the wolf from below thought that the tailor was shouting: “Arshin!” ; ran; other wolves got into; caught up with the tailless and tore it]: Rudchenko 1869, No. 2:5-6; Russians (Ryazan) [the animals fell into the hole, decided to eat the donkey; he asks to read what was written by him on his hoof; killed a bear by kicking him; wolf: Well, okay, the bear climbed, why am I, because I can't read; where did I go?!] : Samodelova 2013, No. 12:10; Kashubas [the wolf dreamed that he had a good breakfast and really found a piece of bacon; tells the mare that she will eat her foal; she tells him to do it as soon as possible, and first pull a splinter out of her leg; hits with a hoof; the pig asks for permission to baptize the piglets before the wolf eats them; came to the river, the piglets began to scream, the pig pushed the wolf into the water, and the dogs began to vomit; goats ask for permission to pray, a shepherd comes running to bleat; a ram offers to jump into the wolf's mouth, hits him with horns; the wolf laments that he is so stupid; good for nothing except for him the tail was cut off; the peasant heard and cut off the wolf's tail with an ax]: Lifshits-Artemyeva 2017:206-208; the Poles [the wolf is looking for prey; the horse advises to attack him from behind, hits him with a hoof; the ram offers jump into his mouth, kill or maim; the wolf laments his stupidity; the guy cuts off his tail]: Krzyżanowski 1962, No. 47B: 54 (cf. Rzepnikovska 2016:39); Slovaks [the wolf came to the shoemaker to order boots; he promises to sew them, but requires a heifer for the skin, then make linen and hemp a dratva, a wild boar to grease; when gave the wolf boots, they didn't fit him; shoemaker: I thought you needed special ones, you had to jump into a hole with liquid clay; only then don't go into the water; they chased the wolf, he's across the river, boots disappeared; the wolf summoned the shoemaker to a duel, in seconds a boar and a squirrel; a squirrel from a tree: comes with two; one has red lights blaze, the other has enough stones from the ground; the wolf ran away in horror; the shoemaker was walking with a rooster and a dog that poked a clod of earth with its nose; now the wolf wants to eat the foal; the mare: it must be baptized first; brought the wolf to the water and kicked; the wolf wants to eat the kid; the goat: it still needs to mourn; the wolf howled, the peasants came running and beat him; the bird promises to feed the wolf; lured the women, who left their food baskets, the wolf ate; when he put his head in the pot to drink, he could not pull it out ; ran, broke the pot against a tree; wolf: all because he chased what was unnecessary; my father did not order a boot and was not a church singer; at that time two foresters shot him, the skin fell a furrier on a nail]: Gorbov 1949:71-77.

Caucasus — Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars (steppe Crimea, Deir, now Amber) [the wolf tied a turban and told the calf that he was going to the Kaaba; tells the sheep that he wants to apologize to them; the same goes for horses; 10 days later the wolf could not stand hunger, ran back; the horse asks to pull the thorn out of its leg first; kicked at the nose; the rams first ask for help to divide the site, run away on both sides and butt; the calf asks sing to him first; dogs ran to howl; the wolf disappeared into the cave; laments: why did I take out the thorn, since I was not a blacksmith; that I am a royal surveyor to divide land for rams; folk singer to sing; if a man was sitting behind me, he would take me by the tail and knock me down; the man was sitting in a cave, heard everything and knocked down a wolf]: Zherdeva 2020, No. 58; Adygi [=Huth 1978:298-299; lamb asks the wolf first let him jump three times; runs away; the horse advises him to eat it from behind; the wolf sits on the horse's back, which throws it off; the other horse asks you to read what is written on its hoof first, knocked out the wolf's teeth; the wolf laments: let someone take a stick and kill me; the old woman took a stick and killed the wolf]: Aliyeva 1978, No. 72:342-343; Ingush [=Sadulaev 2004, No. 16:44-45; the wolf saw two rams; they asked him to stand between them, and they would look at each other before they died; the rams hit the wolf with their horns, broke his ribs; the ox decided to eat the horse; he asked him to pull the nail out of his first horseshoes, knocked out the wolf's fangs; the donkey asked him to shout before he died, people came running, began to beat the wolf; he fell into a hole, two robbers fell there; began to beat him, grabbed his tail, their wolf pulled it out, they threw it back into the hole; the wolf thinks: Yes, clean me up, God. What am I, my son-in-law who came to see the Shuryaks, or did I come to talk to my sister-in-law? Was I a veterinarian to pull nails out of a horse's hooves or was a dentist checking a horse's teeth? That's what I need it]: Malsagov 1983, No. 153:290-300; Kumyks [the donkey asks the wolf not to eat immediately, but to let him grind the grain first; he will come back and bring a donkey with him; says that the watchmen his name is Poperechny Zachov and Straight Wedge, and his name is Multi-Knowing; without waiting for the donkey, the wolf came and found the gate locked; he calls out to the watchmen, and the donkey replies that the transverse bolt was pushed and straight they drove a wedge; and that the knowledgeable left the fool outside the gate; wolf: lost both a donkey and a donkey; began to howl and barely escaped from dogs]: Ganiyeva 2011a, No. 50:160-161; Avars [the wolf grew old, saw a bull; that offered to kiss his forehead first, butted; the foal asks him to shove him first, without a horseshoe he will go to hell; kicks the wolf; the donkey advises not to eat his old one, promises to lead him to a young donkey; sings on on the road, people beat the wolf; the wolf sings: am I my mother-in-law kissing the bull? Shove a foal, am I a blacksmith? sing a song with a donkey, am I a singer?] : Ganiyeva 2011a, No. 43:146; Archins [when the fox came to the ram to eat it, he advised him to bring the cauldron to cook its meat, ran away himself; the goat advised me to go get a razor to shave it; the fox met a wolf, complained that she was starving; the wolf decided to show how he would fail his horse; - Do your eyes spin? Is wool on the back of the neck? the fox got its part for itself and the foxes; met a hare, decided to show him how to kill a horse; the horse suggests that it is better to take a piece of gold out of its hoof and sell it; hit the fox with a hoof; fox: why am I Did you go to get the boiler? why shave a goat? why does the fox need gold? and then the shepherd threw a stone and hit it; there is no happiness; the fox ran away]: Dirr 1920, No. 33:155-157; Georgians [the wolf decided to go to Jerusalem to become a monk; he does not touch cattle on the way; but to his church they did not let him in, he returns; the donkey asks to take off his horseshoes first, kicks him out, knocks out his teeth; sheep ask for help to divide the meadow first, run from both sides, butt the wolf; the chick asks her to sing first, butts , the wolf falls off the steep, barely alive; after each episode regrets not doing his job]: Chikovani 1954:385-387.

Iran — Central Asia. Lura [the bear wants to eat a lame goat; she says she is tired of living, but asks to be allowed to bleat; a shepherd came running with his dogs, beat a bear; the same camel; he asks him to look at hooves, it says what kind of animal he is; he kicks a bear; the same donkey, he asks him to ride on horseback, brings him to people, the bear was beaten half to death; he laments: did my father tell me to disassemble lame goat cases? Did he send me to school to read what was written on a camel's hoof? Did he know how to ride a horse? the bear went to the cave, and before that a man hid from him; grabbed him by the eggs and threw him off the mountain, the bear died]: Amanolahi, Thackston 1986, No. 8:41-43; Persians (Isfahan) [bear saw in a dream that he has one piece of stone; a fox: so you will find one game today; a bear rushes at a camel, that: didn't you read your father's will? raised his leg and asked the bear to come closer, began to crumple it; the next day, two pieces of stone; two fallow deer in the cave ask for permission to fight their horns first; run away; the third time again alone a piece of stone; a bear rushes at a donkey; he offers a ride, jumps to people; a bear is beaten; a fox: what kind of will did your father make your will? How did you become an expert to know that deer do horn fights? How did you become a clever rider? I've never seen a donkey like you before]: Romaskevich 1934a, No. 8:61-63; Tajiks [the wolf grabbed a goat, she asks him to read his father's poems first; the wolf howls, dogs come running; wolf: what Am I related to reading poetry?] : Levin et al. 1981, No. 228:231; Pashtuns (Bannu District, Pakistan) [the wolf and the jackal hunt together, but the jackal stays away; the lamb asks the wolf to sing first, bleats, the shepherds come running; jackal to wolf: did your father or grandfather love music so much? the donkey promises to teach him to ride, carries a wolf, shepherds hit the wolf with sticks; the camel tells you to look at the amulet under his chest first, tramples to death]: Thorburn 1876:221-222; baluchis [a wolf in a dream I saw that I ate three fat pieces; went looking for them in the morning; donkey: your fathers and grandfathers were riders — ride me and eat it; when you ride, close your eyes; the donkey brought the wolf to the village, the wolf forcibly left the dogs; the sheep suggests that the wolf first splash, let him close his eyes; ran away; camel: I have a book under my chest; when you read it, a hole will open in my chest, you can eat me; your fathers and grandfathers were excellent literate; the camel began to crush the wolf, he barely escaped; climbed into his lair; “Stupid — was your father a dancer or a grandfather? That donkey just happened to run away from your tray! OK, well, go to hell! With that sheep (same); with the camel: he killed you himself!” And the thief brought a lot of things into the lair; he grabbed the wolf by the tail and beat him until he killed]: Zarubin 1932, No. 19:212-214.

Baltoscandia. Swedes [the fox asks the mare to give her the foal; she offers the fox to wash herself first and then dry it with a towel, i.e. tail; lies with its hoof; the fox asks the ram to allow it to eat; the ram puts the fox on a stump to jump down its throat, butts; the fox asks the pig for piglets; it wants to sing a waste on them first, the boar comes running, the fox flees; the fox asks the goose for geese, that replies that she must wash them in the lake first, does not return; sitting under a tree, the fox wonders why she was so stupid; a man sitting in a tree dropped an ax on her tail]: Stier 1971, No. 45: 181-182; Finns: Salmelainen in Schreck 1887, No. 9 [people lost pieces of roast pork, the wolf found it, but the pork was salted; he wanted to eat the pig, and first asked for permission to baptize the piglets, rushed with them into the river, swam to the other side and did not return; the bull asks for permission to try on the field first, runs away to the village; the horse says that it is impossible to eat its foal, because this land is not belongs to a wolf, you can see a record of it on her hoof; wolf kicks; wolf: am I a pastor to baptize children, am I a surveyor?] : 232-234, in Concca 1991 [the wolf wants to eat the piglets, she asks permission to baptize them first; they flopped into the river and swam across; the wolf wants to eat the goat; he asks for permission first cross the field, ran away to people; wants to eat a foal: the mare does not have permission to graze in these meadows; she tells me to look at permission under her hoof, lies down; wolf: because I'm not a pop to baptize, not a surveyor to make furrows, not an official to check the certificate]: 314-315.

Volga — Perm. Bashkirs [the wolf wants to eat the merchant, who suggests measuring him first — whether he will fit in his belly; hits him with an iron arshin; the goat asks for permission to shout Azan before death, his owners beat wolf; the foal says he has a ticket under his tail so that the wolf does not eat it, the wolf kicks; every time the wolf asks himself why he did it, allowed this and that to eat]: Barag 1989, No. 110:427 -428.

Turkestan. Karakalpaks [the goat replies to the wolf that he is the leader of the herd, the ram says he is a Khan's tightrope walker, the mare tells you to read the message on the tag on its tail first, hits the wolf with its hoof; when he dies, he sings a song: why did I feel sorry for the tightrope walker, am I an artist; why did I go to read, because I am illiterate]: Volkov, Mayorov 1959:65-66; Kyrgyz [the wolf wants to eat a cat whose Wings are broken, he advises you to take sausage lying on the hill; sausage: eat a goat better; goat: I'm skinny, eat a goat; goat: you won't get enough of me, a mare is stuck in the swamp; mare: pull me out first, and then write your name on my hoof; wolf kicked; wolf: what a fool am I and why did I sign my hoof, am I a competent mullah?] : Brudny, Eshmambetov 1981:270-271; salars (Ujirem, Xunhua-Salar Autonomous County) [the wolf saw a horse stuck in the mud; said he would eat it; the horse ordered to first pull it out and clean it dirt; when the wolf did this, he kicked him and ran away; the wolf: “The horse who pulled the horse out of the mud is a strong wolf, the horse who has been cleaned of dirt is a pure wolf, the horse who has been slapped in the face is a miserable wolf!”] : Tenishev 1964, No. 8:22.

Southern Siberia — Mongolia. Tuvans: Samdan 1994, No. 19 [the wolf wants to eat the foal; he suggests riding it first when he is running in a small amble; the wolf does not know what it is, riding, falling asleep, a foal leaves it in the steppe; wolf: am I changi or hondyu (categories of officials) who ride a small amble; the same is a large amble; the same is to ride a mixed run; foal suggests reading the inscription on his hoof; the wolf bends down, gets hit by his hoof; “Am I a literate scribe, I'd rather eat him”; the wolf dies]: 365-367; Taube 1978, No. 8 [the foal speaks wolf, that he can always eat it; but he is an unusual foal, and riding a large amble; offers to sit on it; an intrigued wolf sits on a foal, falls asleep, the wolf throws it off; the wolf: Am I a shepherd to ride a large amble; twice more (in a small amble; trot); a foal invites the wolf to read the decree on his hoof; when hit by his hoof, the wolf laments: am I a scribe, to read decrees; dies]: 23-24; Buryats (Bokhansky District, Irkutsk Region, 1946) [the foal is stuck in the mud, the wolf is going to eat it, he asks to pull it out first, then wash it — not dirty eat; and then let it dry — do not eat wet meat; then read the inscription on the gold seal under the right hoof; the wolf lies down and runs away; wolf: what inscription did I want to read if I don't understand the letters ? ; the bull asks me to ride it first, rushes home, the wolf hits the crossbar; the wolf: I'll never ride a horse again; pigs want to sing, people come running, hit the wolf; wolf: why did I need it pig singing? the dog offers to eat not her, but a fallen horse; the wolf falls into a trap, the hunters finished him off]: Barannikova 2000, No. 16:79-83 (=Dugarov 1990:354-357; =Eliasov 1959:134-135); Dagurs [the wolf found on on the side of the road, a sheep's stomach; the stomach said, “What am I with all my contents, wouldn't you rather go where a one-year-old foal is stuck in the mud?” ; the wolf ran to the foal, who said to him: “It doesn't matter if you eat me. But before you do that, you get me out of the mud, lick me with your tongue. Wouldn't my meat taste even better then?” ; the wolf pulled out the foal, licked the dirt on it; the foal asked, “Wouldn't it be better to look at the sea lettering on the hoof of my back leg before eating me?” ; the wolf bent his neck to look at his hoof; the foal hit him on the forehead and ran away; the wolf met the bull; he said, “If I am so unhappy, let me be eaten. But would you like to test me how I can ride before that?” ; the wolf agreed, the goby told him to sit on horseback, turning in the opposite direction; the wolf sat down and grabbed the tail of the bull; the goby ran to the village; the residents beat the wolf; he barely escaped, said: “What am I Literacy that you decided to read the foal inscribed on the hoof? When did I learn to ride a horse to decide to ride a goby? What a fool I am, how ignorant I am!”] : Todayeva 1986:101.