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M140A. The fox connects its companion .


fox cunningly connects a wolf or person and runs away.

Nganasans, Dolgans, Central Yakuts, Ilimpic, Turukhan, PodkamennoTunguska, Angarsk, Sym Evenks, Evens, Nanais, Tundra Yukaghirs.

Western Siberia. Nganasana [the fox tricked the wolf; some birds (in various records these are swan; geese, duck, seagull; seagull; other loons; bullfinch; sandpiper) refuse to untie it; loon (in one of buzzard records, hawkish family) unleashes; ending options: 1) the wolf gave his painted park to the loon and put on loons to the park, now the wolves are red (1927-06-25, Chunanchar Sundampte, Lekarenko); 2) The loon gave the wolf white fluff from her chest (1938-10-01 Kokara Ngateshi, Dolgikh); 3) the wolf gave the loon a black collar around his neck, called ngulada madachyo, "wolf gift" (1961-07-27, Dolgikh, Nedya Turdagin)]: M. Momzikova, presentation at EUSP on November 26, 2015 with reference to Dolgikh.

Eastern Siberia. Ilympic Evenks (village. Ekonda) [Heweki created a dog, Hargi created a wolf; Lisa suggests that the Wolf tie him with talniks to make him stronger than the Bear; the Wolf cannot tear the talniks, on the fourth day the Bullfinch agrees to untie him if the Wolf paints it; the Wolf stabbed a deer, painted Bullfinch's white breast with blood]: Yermakov 1988:12-14; Turukhan Evenks (Podkamennaya Tunguska, west 1923) [The wolf invites Lisa to tie her legs to jump ridiculously and warm up; then the Fox ties the Wolf's legs, leaves; the white Crossbill unties the Wolf, who kills the moose, Crossbill has been smearing blood since then red breast; a fox broke her tooth on a frozen horse neck (?) ; The wolf found a tooth, came to the Foxes, began to beat his tail on the fire, the tail caught fire, the Foxes laughed, the Wolf identified the Fox without a tooth; invites her to look for lice from each other; leaning over the Fox, kills her]: Osharov 1936a: 10-11 (=1936b, No. 3:277); Evenki (Podkamennaya Tunguska): Suvorov 1956:53-54 [the man filled the box with resin, called the fox to eat honey, it stuck; pretended to be dead; the man's children were at home they say that the fox is alive, they do not believe them; the parents went to buy firewood, the fox promises the children to cook dinner, they untied it, she ran away; asks the wolf to tie her to a tree and feed her; the wolf also asks to be tied the fox tied him to the tree; the fox tied him and ran away; the kuksha freed him; the fox stole the roll, says the wolverine that it caught it on its tail in the ice-hole; the tail froze, the women beat the wolverine with rocker arms, the tail came off; from then since a short-tailed wolverine, looking for a fox], 57-58 [the fox jumps on the ice, the wolf is afraid; the fox: if you tie it, it's not scary; tied it with twigs and ran away; the wolf asks the white-breasted woodpecker to untie it; he calls the other woodpeckers, they untied; the wolf killed the elk, gave it to the woodpeckers; they smeared their white breasts, turned red; the wolf came to the fire where the foxes were sitting; set fire to his tail, the foxes began to laugh, the wolf recognized the one who tied him, her tooth is broken; tore him to shreds]; Angarsk Evenks (Kamenka) [Fox and Wolf agree to tie each other one by one and feed them elk; Wolf kills an elk, binds The fox feeds; The fox ties the Wolf, eats everything, leaves him tied; the Raven refused, the Crossbills were hardly untied, the beaks bent; the fox gnawed the bone, broke the tooth, the Wolf found it; came to the fox yurts, on He burned his tail in the fire, the Foxes are laughing; he looks, everyone has teeth; the following yurts have one toothless; he offered to look for lice, stabbed that Fox with a tooth]: Petrova 1936, No. 8:154-155; Sym Evenks (Chirombu) [ the younger sister forgot the grandmother toys when they migrated; the older sister, the younger brother said that they worked and did not know where the toys were; the ostyak said that he poured it out behind; the girl saddled the deer, took the dog, came to the old place, where the Bear; he asked the names of the deer and the dog, tied the girl and dog to the tree; the girl tells the Bear three times that her deceased parents did not take a bed for urine and feces, going to fresh the vazhenka (i.e. you have to cook everything away); The bear goes to cut away; The crossbills can not untie the girl's fetters, their beaks are bent; the fox freed, for which the girl promised to paint her tail; The bear wants to eat the Fox instead of the girl; she suggests that he put her on his lap, cut it with an ax; the fox dodged, the Bear cut his legs, eat his bone marrow; since then the tip of the fox tail is white, the bear has no bone marrow; the girl went to the river, called her father, mother, uncle; everyone refuses to transport, they say, the girl is a crybaby; she tells the rock to slide down, crush them everyone; the ostyak cuts out a scoop, carries the girl in a scoop; the bear asks how the girl crossed; she sings - "lower, taller"; The bear enters the water, drowns; tells his heels to become bars, legs with sharpeners, back with meat, skull with a stone for rubbing paints, shovels with paint stone, blood with red paint, feces with black paint; now it's all in the mountains; the girl became the wife of Ostyak; carries water, he is everyone once she pours out, says that she wears feces and urine; the girl asks the birds to carry her away; cranes, swans refuse the shamanic birds of gasha give her feathers to fly with them; the ostyak tells her to fall, promises to do dress, bib, back of the head, hat, fringes on her belt; she says she doesn't need it, doesn't fall; she sits at the old woman's door; she asks where to hide her from her sons; she refuses hiding in the fringed belt ("smelly"), hiding in a needle; sons smell, promise to eat the girl at sunrise, then at sunset; she flies away, catches up with gasha, they swear that their mother released her , shoot, injure her wing shoulder; Gurivul asks her to fall, promises a storage shed, says on how many stands; when on 10 stands, the girl goes down; they have a son; G. is hunting, gasha came; woman pretends that the child is dirty, goes out with him, hides in the storage shed; gasha gnaws on the stands; they managed to gnaw three times, the woman sang three times, the third time G. came, killed two gash, the third ran, leaving a fang; G . comes to people, steps over the fire, everyone laughs; he looks - people's teeth are intact; when through the third fire, he sees a toothless man; asks him to take out his lice, stabs gash with his own tooth to death in the back of the head, tells others that grandfather fell asleep, leaves]: Vasilevich 1936, No. 42:45-51; Evens [the fox demands that the cedar throw its eggs, threatens to cut down the tree; the Garandya bird explains that this is not in the fox's strength; the fox tries to grab Garandya, she takes her to the island; the fox tells the seals that it is going to count who is bigger; let the seals line up first, the fox runs ashore on their backs; invites the old man to herd his deer; eats them, fills their skins with grass, leaves them standing; the old man sees deception, shouts to the old woman to hold the fox, she explains that the old man tells her to feed her yucola, berries and nuts; yet the old woman grabs the fox by the tail; the fox says that she grabbed the burned place, runs away; the fox says she is another fox, invites the old man to drag the sledge; says she is tired sits on a sledge, the old man drags it; the fox eats dried berries, leaves his tooth; says he will go for firewood, throws away the ax; the old man tells his wife to sew shaggy pants, call all the animals to the yurt; dances ridiculously, everyone laughs, he sees a toothless fox; the exit is closed, the old man tells the fox to be beaten, and the old woman beats everyone; since then, the hare's ears are black, the ermine has a black end of its tail; the fox asks her not hitting is useful; offers moose to race, pushes them to the shore, they fall, drown; the old man offers to hunt wolves, the fox tells the wolf that he has caught fish on the tail, the wolf tails freeze , the old man killed them, ripped off their skins; the fox leads the bear to the old man, who wounds him with an onion; the fox promises to heal, pulls out the liver, the bear dies; the fox cuts meat with the old man and drags him into the dugout; the fox invites the old man to tie her up, feed her; then ties the old man up and leaves, leaving him in the dugout; the old man sees the wolf and asks him to untie it; the wolf refuses and runs away; the same with the bear; the old man asks mouse, she agrees to helpthen ties the old man, leaves; the wolf, the bear refuse to untie - the fox did not order; the mouse untied; the fox was caught by the old man's crossbow]: Novikova 1987:8-17; dolgans : Efremov 2000 [a fox ties an old man named Ukuut-Chukuut to a cradle made of vazhenka's skin and rocks him; drags an old man who has fallen asleep to a gully and pushes him down; the old man asks for ermines, arctic foxes, mice chew belts]: 196-197; Ergis 1967b, No. 9 [Old man Ukukuut-Chukukuut lived and had many children. A fox came, asked for one child and ate it, then came a second and a third time. The old man had no one left. An old man killed a deer and began to fry meat on the fire. A fox came and said, "Let's play with kids." The old man made a cradle, the fox laid the old man down, tied him tightly with belts. The old man fell asleep, the fox threw him into the ravine, the Old Man cried out: "Ermines, arctic foxes, mice! Gnaw my ropes!" The animals freed the old man and he fed them meat. An old man comes to a house where a lot of foxes are gathered. The old man hits the tambourine, jumps, and ashes fall from his pants. The foxes are laughing. He recognizes the fox that ate his children and kills it]: 163; Yakuts (1938, Kobyaysky District, Central Yakutia) [The fox tells the Tyuyonen bird to drop an egg, otherwise it will chew a meadow, a valley, and knock down a willow; when only one of the four eggs remains, the Chipmunk advises to ask Lisa to carry out the threat; the fox only broke her teeth; invites the Chipmunk to swing in the iron cradle; first swings herself; when she lies down A chipmunk, a fox ties him with an iron rope; the bird T. rubbed the rope with its beak; the chipmunk comes to the fox collection, stored dust falls out of it, the foxes laugh, he sees her teeth broken, beats; since then, fox sivodushki have dark fur; where the rope dug into the Chipmunk's body, there is wool of a different color {stripes}]: Illarionov et al. 2008, No. 3:119-123.

Amur - Sakhalin. Nanais [Naiso tells female chum salmon, male chum salmon to sail along the side of the river where he puts nets, caught a lot, prepared two yukola barns for himself and for dogs; the meeting requires jukola, N. went to the barn is already empty, the bear has eaten it; the bear tells you to prepare hay to lay when he kills N.; the fox advises making the hay a little man and placing it on the window, telling the bear what is coming a crowd of people, let the bear hide in the corner, and then there will be a dialogue: - Naiso, are there traces of my beast here? - Why would an animal come to a person that people kill? - What's in the corner? - Coal. - Take an ax and hit it, if coal, you'll hear a crunch, if there's meat, you'll hear a knock. N. cut the bear, began to eat its meat with the fox; the fox offers to play: put it in a cradle, tie it like a small child, feed it; and then N. will lie in the cradle; the fox tied N., ate everything herself and ran away; N. cries; the mouse gnawed through the ropes, N. gave her a piece of meat; N. loaded a cereal on the sledges, went hunting; towards the fox, asking her to take it instead of a dog; the fox harnessed himself into a sledge; pretended to break her leg , asks to put her on a sledge next to the cereal; in the evening she says that her leg has improved; asks for a knife to cut the herbs for bedding; N. found a knife and the fox ran away; the groats are empty, but in one a fox tooth remained; N. found a ferret, a fox {other}, a hare, put everyone in his bosom, came to the house; animals are camlaat there; bear: N. camlaet well; N. camlaet, sees a fox with a broken tooth; fox: I'll ask You marry an old man's daughter Ka; she came to Ka's house, turned into a terrible beast, tells Ka and his wife Ka to give her daughter, brought her to N.; N. lives with his wife]: Medvedev 1992:282-286.

SV Asia. Tundra Yukaghirs (Nizhnekolymsky District) [a man has a wife, he takes the second one; she meets three men in the forest, meets them; calls her husband to go berries with her, offers to test his strength, tying him with an arcana; he can't tear it apart; she calls men who can't kill her husband, they throw him tied up; wild deer, fox refuse to release him because he killed them; the mouse gnawed through the fetters; the man only the mother finds at home, follows in the footsteps of the kidnappers; the youngest wife beats the eldest; the husband catches up with them, only the eldest wife does not sleep, he bites the peasants' throats with hot forceps; the youngest wife is pushed into a fire; one day two horror stories attack a camp; a husband kills one, saves his wife, the mother is gone]: Kurilov 2005, No. 43:367-371.