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M141B. Beasts flee from the demise of the world, ATU 20C.



animal takes an insignificant event (a leaf, an acorn falls, etc.) as the beginning of a catastrophe (the end of the world, war, the fall of the sky, etc.) and flees. Other animals join the runner.

Xhosa, Suto, Ewe, Arabs of Sudan, Egypt, Spaniards, Galicians, Aragon, Catalans, Italians (Veneto), Alsatians, Germans (Schleswig-Holstein), Flemish, Frisians, Irish, British, Tibetans, Tibetans Amdo, Khmers, Ancient India, Bulgarians, Slovenes, Bosnians, Hungarians, Greeks, Russians (Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Olonets), Kalmyks, Georgians, Turks, Norwegians, Danes, Finns, Veps, Latvians, Lithuanians, Mari, Mordovians, Chuvash, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Evens.

{In Uther 2004, a reference to Sidelnikov's Kazakh text; neither there nor in other publications on Kazakhs could not find the ATU 20C motive; Tajiks in Levin et al. 1981 and the Khanty in Steinitz 1939 is also different stories; there was no Scottish version in Campbell 1890}

Bantu-speaking Africa. The braid [the hare sleeps under a Nux Vimica tree, a nut falls on his head; he runs, meets different animals, tells everyone that "Vee" said something and filled his head with a bump; antelope, buffalo, elephant and others run with the hare and find themselves in a waterless area; the hare suggests digging a well]: Klipple 1992:323-324; suto [the hare in the cave is busy dressing the skin when there is a noise; the animals fall dead, a crooked stick remains; the hare runs, meets a rabbit, then an antelope, tells them about dead animals and a crooked stick; all three come to an empty kraal; there comes Mpphotanyane monster; antelope and rabbit take turns guarding, M. plays a trick on each; when it's the hare's turn, he plays with M, a deceptive cooking game and cooks M.]: Klipple 1992:324.

West Africa. Eva [a fruit fell on the chicken, she thinks the sky is falling; goes to tell the king; meets a rooster who goes with her; then a duck, a fox join them (same question and answer); a fox brings birds to a cave where foxes get them for lunch]: Klipple 1992:324.

Sudan-East Africa. Sudanese Arabs: Al-Shahi, Moore 1920, No. 41 [the cat was sitting under a tree, a dust storm began, the tree rustled, the cat ran, killed the goat, began to tell me that it was sitting under the tree, a dusty bird began, the tree made a noise; they run together, someone else joins them every time; lamb; rooster; donkey; when a man met, he also listened to it all, but did not run], 42 [ cat and fenech (vulpes zerda) fell on the goat; cat: it fell on me from the sky like a thunder; it repeats the same thing to a dog, goat, sheep, donkey; they all came to a big tree, cooked beans and left until morning; At night, the donkey got up, ate the beans, and lay down again; fenech suggested that everyone jump over the well and swear in the name of the sheikh that he did not eat beans; they did it all; the donkey was the last to jump and fall into the well]: 171-172, 172-173; El-Shamy 2004, No. 2033 [when a nut falls on a rooster's head, he thinks the world is over]: 969.

North Africa. Egyptian Arabs: El-Shamy 2004, No. 20C [animals flee from the end of the world]. 2033 [when a nut falls on a rooster's head, the rooster thinks the world is over]: 6, 969.

Southern Europe. The Portuguese [link to this story in Braga, Povo portuguez, I, p. 201-202 {this is not the case in Braga 2002, but perhaps the text is not in the first but in the second volume}]: Camarena, Chevalier 1997:45; Galicians [the chicken was under castiro and a hedgehog fell on it; she ran, shouted to the rooster that the world was falling apart; they run in a place, say the same thing to the hare, then to the fox; fox: if peace breaks up, you have to eat well; and grabbed a chicken]: Contos 1972, No. 17:26-27 (=Camarena, Chevalier 1997, No. 20C [no Spanish options]: 44-45); Aragon [walnut (or whatever) falls on my head chickens; thinking that the sky is falling, she runs and, also panicking, other animals join her]: González Sanz 1996, No. 20C: 64-65; Catalans (including Mallorca) [walnut falls on the pet's head (a family pet); whoever he falls on rhymes about what happened and the objects he comes across]: Oriol, Pujol 2008, No. 20C: 26; Italians (Veneto): Cirese, Serafini 1975, No. 20C: 12.

Western Europe. Alsatians [chicken runs in panic; duck: what happened? chicken: the sky is falling - a twig fell on my tail; then a goose, a puppy, a pig, a calf; the boy explains to them that there is nothing to fear]: Lefftz 2006, No. 16:223-224; Irish [on the chicken tail a nut has fallen; she shouts to the rooster that the world is over; they run, meet a duck, she follows them; then a goose, a fox; in the forest, a fox undertakes to count them; leads everyone by the bush, "relieves suffering"; so everyone rescued]: Kennedy 1875:25-26; Germans (Schleswig-Holstein), Flemish, Friezes, British: Uther 2004 (1), No. 20C: 28.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans (apparently Amdo; the text is almost identical to that published in Zhou Yang et al. 2001a, No. 259:369, see below [the quince fruit fell into the water; the hares living nearby rushed to flee, answer the fox, that Bultykh has come; the fox is running with the hares; then they are joined by a monkey, a doe, a boar, a buffalo, a rhino, an elephant, a bear, a leopard, a tiger, a lion; they reached the mountain where an old lion lived in the cave; he stood at everyone to find out where the story about Bultykh came from; reached the hare, everything turned out]: Cassis 1962:86-87; Tibetans (Gansu) [there was a grove of fruit trees on the lake shore; one day the fruit fell off a tree and fell into the water with a loud sound "zhar"; the rabbit heard, got scared and ran; the fox asked why he was running, the rabbit: "Zhar" has come!" The fox was also frightened and ran after him; the monkey asked the fox, then other animals joined the runners; the lion began to find out who was the first to say "zhar"; reached the hare and told him to be taken there where he saw "jhar"; they returned to the lake; at this time another fruit fell; everyone was happy that the alarm was false]: Zhou Yang et al. 2001a, No. 259:369.

Burma - Indochina. Khmer [the hare was sleeping, a nut fell from a coconut palm nearby; the hare ran, shouting that the earth was collapsing; buffaloes, wild boars, elephants joined him; the lion began to find out where the rumors came from, led the animals to palm tree, they were ashamed]: Marunova 1971:161-162.

South Asia. Ancient India (Jataka on the frightening sound, 322) [the hare was lying under a palm tree wondering: if the earth opens, where should he go; a fruit fell from the apple tree, the hare ran, sees another, screams that The earth has opened; they are joined by other hares, deer, boar, antelope, buffalo, wild bull, rhino, tiger, lion, elephant; Botthisattva, in the form of a lion, stopped the runners and asked questions one by one I found that first hare and reassured everyone]: Paribak, Erman 1989:59-61.

The Balkans. Bulgarians [drake (rooster, hare, old man) are frightened by a minor event (a leaf, dogwood berry, acorn, etc.) fell on him; he flees, joined by a bear, wolf, fox, hare, hedgehog; he tells everyone to run, because the earth is on fire (the Turks are chasing, the hail of chicken is coming, stones are falling from the sky, etc.; animals jump over the hole and everything but the drake (or rooster) falls into it ]: Daskalova-Perkovskaya et al. 1994, No. 21C: 44; Slovenes, Hungarians, Greeks: Uther 2004 (1), No. 20C: 28.

Central Europe. Russians (Murmansk, Olonetskaya) [Animals are fleeing from the death of peace (war)]: SUS 1979, No. 20C: 55; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pomors) [someone frightened the chicken, she runs, shouts to the rooster, that war is called; then a hare, a fox, a wolf, a bear; everyone fell into a hole; fox: let's count the names: Bear bear is a good name (hereinafter referred to as fox fox, wolf wolf, cockerel petenka), and chicken- pakurica is a bad name; the chicken was eaten; then in order of the following; the fox and bear remained; the fox pretends to pull out and eat its own guts; the bear pulled out its own, the fox ate it as much as it wanted]: Razumova, Senkina 1987:5-7.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks ["chal" means the sound of a leaf falling into the water; frightened of it, the hare runs, dragging other animals with him - a fox, a wolf, a ferret, a leopard, a lion, an elephant; the hare believed that "chal" is beast; the lion was the first to stop and began to ask where the "chal" was; then the second leaf fell; everything was clarified, the animals calmed down]: Ochirov 1909-1911 in Basangova 2019:160-161; Ossetians (Java District, 1948 .) [the hare is frightened of the fallen dewdew, the bright fox, the wolf, the bear join; they stole the cow, melted the fat, collected it in a jug; the fox ate the fat, filled the jug with ash; the mejed blew, the ash blinded him, him ate; the same with the wolf]: Byazirov 1958, No. 5:312-313; Georgians: Chikovani 1954 [a leaf fell on the fox, it ran, tells the wolf that the sky is collapsing, the wolf also ran; with them a bear, a goat, a ram, rooster; stopped at the mill; fox: I am the eldest, the wolf is older (etc.), and the rooster is younger; everyone rushed at the rooster, ate it; so take turns with the rest of the animals, the wolf remained; the lard was drowned, the fox advises does not eat right away, eats it himself, the wolf opens the pot, the fox runs away, the wolf follows her, gets stuck between the trees; later he freed himself, saw a fox, cut off its tail with an ax; the fox to other foxes: got fat, tearing off its tail with an ax; the fox to other foxes: got fat, tearing off its tail with an ax tail; they also want, the fox advises to lower the tails into the water, the river will freeze, the tails will come off; the wolf stretches out a rope bridge, whoever stole the lard will fall; the guilty fox falls, the wolf wants to kill her, she promises decorate it; cuts off his head]: 404-406; Turks (one entry) [a leaf fell on the chicken, he flees in horror; he meets a chicken, a rooster, a goose, a fox, tells everyone about what happened; Everyone but the fox is also scared, and the fox ate it]: Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 20:38.

(Wed. Iran - Central Asia. Tajiks (Khodzhent district) [the gypsy urinated in the fire, the camp fell into darkness; the fox jumped on the gypsies, they thought the world was over; the fox loaded their goods on the donkey, sat down and drove; answers a bear, a wolf who has decided to make a pilgrimage to the next world; they promise to obey any orders so that the fox takes them with him; the fox says that his donkey is sick, rides a bear; a wolf; through the river is a log; the fox shows the bear its reflection: there are guards of the other world, they must be killed; the bear jumped, the river carried it away; the same with the wolf; under the cliff there is a siskin's nest, the siskin lies with its paws up; says that The sky will soon fall, he is going to hold it; I agree to hide the fox, let him jump into its nest; the fox jumped, the nest fell apart, the fox crashed against a stone]: Levin et al. 1981, No. 365:275-277).

Baltoscandia. The Norwegians [the chicken decided that the world was over and ran; many different animals join it; after all, the big animals eat the little ones]: Hodne 1974, No. 20C: 27-28; Danes : Uther 2004 (1), No. 20C: 28; Finns [the chicken made a barley meal for the rooster, he had a stomachache, the chicken went to the well to wash its stained pants, a leaf fell into the well, the chicken told the rooster that the light had begun; they ran towards a hare, wolf, fox, bear; when they learn about the death, they run with the chicken and the rooster; they stopped in the forest, and decided what to eat whoever started this business first; started with a chicken; then a rooster, a hare, a wolf; a bear wants to eat a fox, it hid in a hole, the bear grabbed its leg; fox: you hold the root; bear let go, grabbed the root, the fox screamed feigned; the bear did not get it]: Rakhimova 2000:165-166; Veps: Kecskeméti, Paunonen 1974, No. 20C: 217; Latvians [manure soprel, began to smoke, the chicken and the rooster decided that the earth was burning, ran with the chickens; they were joined by a hare, a fox; the bear does not believe it, it is led to a manure heap - the owner has already removed it, the hole remains; the chicken and its rooster flew over, the rest fell; ate the hare, the fox hid its guts, tells the bear that it eats its own; he ripped his belly; the fox got out of the hole]: Alksnite et al. 1958:64-65; Lithuanians [on the kitten fell a birch leaf, he rushed to run - the sky is collapsing; a hare, a fox, a wolf, a bear join him; they ran into the forest, began to live in a hut; decided to fill up the moose when he came; attacked him, but they just hurt themselves, and the elk left]: Lebite 1965:33-36.

Volga - Perm. Marie [a bump fell on the hare, he rushed to run, replies to the squirrel that the war is going on; then the fox, the wolf, the bear; the animals ran to the hut and began to live; the fox went to look for meat, met a strange beast; told others that she would invite him to lunch, only so that there was fatty meat; let the hare meet, the rest would hide; the bear under the bench, the wolf behind the stove, the squirrel on the crossbar, the fox on the floor; the cat I climbed onto the table where the meat was, saw the fox tail move, snorted; the animals ran away in horror; the cat left, the meat ran out; decided to eat each other; ate the squirrel, the hare; the fox: let's slaughter the one who wakes up in the morning with greasy lips; greased the wolf's lips; the bear crushed him; there was no fire; the fox showed the bear the moon, told him to climb the spruce tree, take the splint and light it; teaches him to jump, then he will get it; the bear fell, crashed, the fox ate it]: Tudorovskaya, Eman 1945:95-97; Mordovians (Erzya) [an acorn fell on the mouse, she ran, told the hare that the sky had fallen, the hare ran with her; then the fox, the wolf, the bear, everyone fell into ravine; decided to eat the one with a thinner voice; ate the mouse, the fox hid a piece; then the hare; the wolf; the fox eats the hidden, tells the bear that it eats its giblets; the bear pulled out its guts, died, the fox she got out of the hole on it]: Evseviev 1964, No. 3:24-26; Mordovians [a nut fell on the mouse, her mind ran out, she ran; says to the little girl that heaven and earth have come together; they run together; then the rat, the hare, fox, wolf, bear; we ran to the hole; the mouse fell behind, but also ran; bear: we will pull voices, whoever is thinner, we will eat it; we ate the mouse and then take turns, the fox and the bear remain; the fox is not at all screamed, just pretended, and then said that her scream would kill the wolf and bear; she ate hidden meat, said that her guts; the bear pulled out his own and died]: Yurtov 1883, No. 11:35-41; Chuvash [ the acorn fell on the rooster's head, he ran; the hare: what's the matter? rooster: wedding, noise and din, something fell on their heads; let's go together; fox, wolf, bear join them; went into the hut; ate a rooster; then a hare; at night the fox greased the wolf's lips; in the morning: who finished eating a rooster? The wolf has oily lips, it was eaten; the fox extinguished the fire, sent the bear to go for the fire - the grandmother lit it (points to the stars); the bear climbed the oak tree; the fox tells him to climb higher; the bear fell, ripped his stomach; the fox eats bear meat, lives in the house]: Chuvash tales 1937:213-214; Kazan Tatars [the girl fried peas in the stove; he started jumping in a frying pan and shooting; the cat got scared and ran; towards him rooster; cat to rooster: a pea army is coming; the rooster runs with the cat; they are joined by a turkey, a crane, a duck; having reached the top of the mountain, they decided to stay, the pea army will not come there; before with the onset of cold weather, the cat made a home for itself, and others said they would overwinter anyway; but soon they asked to let them in; the cat first drove them away, but they threatened to break the house, they had to let them in; two divas came up; they told another to go into the house; a duck, a turkey, a cat, a crane began to scratch him, peck, and the rooster screamed; divas to a friend: one wanted to drive a nail into his head, the other scratched his face, almost caught; when summer came again, the animals returned home; the owners wondered where they had been all winter]: Zamaletdinov 2008, No. 34:92-95; the Bashkirs [a leaf fell on the mouse; she ran, says to those she meets that the kernels are falling, she is fleeing war; after her, a bear, a wolf, a fox, a corsak, a hare, a ferret; the bear offers to stop; says: the bear is everyone's uncle, the wolf is the elder brother, the fox is the sister, the corsak is the nephew, the hare is the younger brother, the ferret is the great-grandson, and who is the mouse? the animals ate it; then they ate a ferret (neither a godfather nor a matchmaker), a hare; they wanted to eat the fox, but she offered to distract the approaching hunters, and then return; running away from the bear and the wolf, the fox offers the rooster go down from the fence; under the new law, all friends; rooster: that's good, a man is coming here; the fox immediately runs away - in a hurry to visit the geese]: Barag 1989, No. 86:393-395.

Turkestan. Kazakhs [=Daurenbekov 1979:242-243, =Kaskabasov et al. 1979, No. 51:116-117; hail has gone, broke the tibia of the mice; bear: where are you running? mouse: the enemy attacked; they are joined by a tiger, a wolf, a fox, a badger; the animals are hungry; the mouse: we all honor the uncle of the tiger, the bear is our sister, the wolf gives us news, the fox is our messenger, and the badger is nobody for us, so we will tear it up and eat it; then the fox, the wolf, the bear; when the bear was torn, the mouse hid its eyes; eats and pretends to be its own; the tiger pulled out its eyes, died, the mouse ate it for a long time]: Sidelnikov 1962:181-183.

(Wed. Western Siberia. Northern Khanty (b. Son) [the fox looks into the bear's den - no one; a bear looks like; a fox: what are you wandering around, get inside as soon as possible, our father sky will fall; says the same to the wolf, the wolverine, the hare; the paws, says a bear that eats its giblets: only the first hour hurts, and then it's good; the bear and everyone else began to pull out their guts, the fox helps; the fox stocked up on meat for the winter]: Steinitz 1939, No. 10:131-136).

Eastern Siberia. Evens [something fell on the partridge's head, she thought the sky was falling, went to report to the owner eagle; she meets a capercaillie, a duck, a hazel grouse, they are going with her; the fox says they are going the wrong way leads to its hole; consistently kills capercaillie, duck, hazel grouse; partridge runs away]: Novikova 1987:35-37.