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M149. Say I'm a tree stump, ATU 154.

(.11.12.) .

A strong opponent is ready to kill a hero (human or weak animal). Someone, as if not knowing this, loudly says that the hero's enemy is being wanted to kill. The hero is saved. The enemy usually asks not to give him away, say he is a stump, a log, etc. This allows him to be treated like appropriate items - throw him, cut, etc. (ATU data not entered; story 154 includes several independent motives; it is impossible to determine which of them are present in the traditions referred to by ATU without referring to primary sources).

(Nyamwanga, Twi), Kabilas, Spaniards, Basques, Catalans, Gondas, Oraons, (Condas), Chinese, Zao, Hungarians, Serbs, Bulgarians, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Pskov, Smolensk, Moscow, Tula, Ryazan, Tambov, Voronezh), Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Galicia, Podolia, Kiev, Chernigov, Poltava, Kharkiv), Belarusians, Adygs, Abazins, Ossetians, Kumyks, Avars, Rutulans, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Persians, Yazgulyams, Tajiks, Yagnobes, Baluchis, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Setus, Finns, Veps, Norwegians, Mari, Mordovians, Bashkirs, Komi (probably), Kazakhs, Uighurs, Altaians , Khakas, Tuvans, Khalkha Mongols, Inner Mongolian Mongols, Nanais.

(Wed. Bantu-speaking Africa. Nyamwanga [the rat asked a man for help crossing the path, promised to help cross the river; it rained, the man and his dog took refuge in a cave; a lion came in, said a man killed 5 guinea fowl; rat (lion does not see it): let the dog eat guinea fowl, the lion eat the man, and I eat the lion - hear the termites say "woo"; the lion is gone]: Arewa 1961, No. 2527:122-123; gogo [man took refuge from rain in the cave; a lion came with two dogs, insisted that a man eat dogs, and then he would eat a man; a frog (the lion does not see it): in this case I will eat a lion; the lion is frightened, left; the man carried it frog to a non-drying lake]: Arewa 1961, No. 2527:123).

(Wed. West Africa. Twi {fox episodes are clearly a recent borrowing} [the hunter took panther cubs from the hollow; the fox asked for one, then the hunter gave it to her; the panther mother became a girl came to the village, promised to marry someone who fell into a calebas hung from a tree; only the hunter got there; his amulet warned him not to fall asleep before his wife fell asleep; the hunter pretended to be asleep, the wife became a panther, the amulet turned the hunter into a mat; the next time the panther tore the mat, but the hunter turned into a pillow; then the wife called the hunter to her city, and he forgot the amulet; she knitted he went after her husband to pour the blood of the hunter's heart on her own amulet; a fox came and taught the hunter what to do; when his panther wife returned, he invited her to tie her lightly to A fox came up to her, and she would grab it and eat it; fox: hunter, how are you? "I caught something and I want to get rid of it." Scratch it with a knife so I can see blood. Panther: Just a little bit. The hunter killed the panther with a knife; he escaped thanks to the fox]: Bellon 1914, No. 3:17-20; translated in Olderogg 1959:191-193 - the text is referred to as acan).

North Africa. Kabila [the peasant plows on oxen; the lion demands to give one, then the other, the next time he eats the peasant; the jackal promises to help if the peasant gives him a ram; when the lion comes to to a peasant, a jackal from afar in a changed voice: who are you talking to; a lion thinks it's God's voice; a peasant: it's just Asco {?} ; jackal: so split the log with an ax; lion: hit gently; the peasant cut the lion's skull; at home, the wife feels sorry to give the ram; they put the bag of sheep in the basket, and the dog next to it; wife: leave it, in the evening look - if the ram is there, then the jackal did not come for him, bring it home; the jackal comes to the bag, the dog rushes at him, he runs away; the peasant took the ram back]: Frobenius 1921b, No. 7:24-26; Tunisia [Once upon a time there was a woodcutter. He met a shepherd once. They talked and the shepherd gave the lumberjack a pregnant sheep. When he brought her home, she gave birth to two lambs, named Abirik and Shamarik. The woodcutter loved these lambs very much. The wolf found out about them and decided to eat them. He came to the lumberjack one day and let him in. They started talking, and the woodcutter showed his lambs to the wolf. The wolf asked the lumberjack to give him one of them, but the woodcutter refused, so the wolf decided to take revenge on the lumberjack. One day, when the woodcutter went to the forest, a wolf came to his house and knocked. He told the lambs he missed them and wanted to see them because they must have grown up. The lambs opened the door for him and he ate them. The woodcutter decided to take revenge on the wolf. He went into the woods with a rope, stick and leather and painted it green. The woodcutter met the wolf and started talking to him as if nothing had happened, and then pretended to be frightened as if he had seen a hunter. The wolf asked him to hide it, so the woodcutter asked him to climb into the skin and pretend to be a tree. The wolf climbed in, the woodcutter tied him up and beat him until he beat him to death]: Al-Aribi 2009, No. 80 in Korovkina MS).

Southern Europe. Catalans [a peasant curses an ox to be taken by a wolf; a wolf appears and demands an ox; a peasant talks about his misfortune to a fox; she promises to help if a peasant gives her a chicken with chickens; the fox appears with all the cubs, the wolf is scared; the fox asks what kind of log there is; it's a wolf, but the farmer says the log; the fox: the log must be on the cart; the wolf: throw me on the cart; fox: if a log, it must be cut; wolf: pretend to be hitting with an ax; a peasant kills a wolf; a peasant gives the fox a bag - supposedly with a chicken; she opens, there are three dogs, the fox is running as best as he can]: Oriol, Pujol 2008, No. 154:48; Spaniards (Castilla y Leon, Asturias; same Catalans, Basques) [a farmer scolds an ox for a bear to eat you; a bear catches him at his word, peasant asks to let the field be plowed; the fox promises to portray a hunter if the farmer gives her chickens; fox: what is this under the cart? bear: say it's a log; peasant: log; fox: if it's a log, put it in a cart; tie it; stab an ax; bear: pretend to stab; the peasant hacked a bear; brings dogs rather than chickens in the bag; the fox suspects this is the case, but still picks it up and opens the bag; she manages to escape, she praises all parts of her body for helping; the tail also wants to be praised; fox: if I hadn't squeezed you, you the dog would grab it!] : Camarena, Chevalier 1997, No. 154:267-271

South Asia. Gondas [old baiga: if a tiger bit off my arms and legs, I wouldn't have to work on the field; the tiger comes to bite them off; the baiga asks him to wait until the harvest is ripe and fat; Baiga's wife pretends to be a hunter; wife: old man, haven't you seen a tiger? tiger: who is this? old man: hunter; tiger: hide me; old man hid it in straw; wife: find me a tiger; tiger: shove my head away; the old man cut it off with an ax; the old man offers to slaughter a rooster in joy; wife: I'd better sell a rooster, buy bracelets for myself]: Elwin 1944, No. 19.2:412-413 (translated to Zograf 1971, No. 10:50-51); Oraons [merchant to son: don't go, in the twilight yard (Bikal); tiger hears, fears that Twilight stronger than him; the thieves stole a bag of silver, went to the barn, there was a tiger, they loaded it thinking it was an ox; in the morning they saw it, ran away, the tiger got stuck in the ravine, started screaming, the shepherd took off his bag; tiger: fold money in a basket of leaves, say you are carrying beef, never remember the name Twilight, otherwise I'll eat it; the shepherd's wife is going to her parents; shepherd: don't go, in the yard of Twilight; the tiger took the shepherd, that asked me to wait for the sun to come out and it would soften; the shepherd's wife dressed strangely, took the drum, came; tiger: who is this? shepherd: Twilight; tiger: hide me; wife: shepherd, have you seen tigers? ; what's on earth? shepherd: a bunch of rags; wife: hit her with a rock; shepherd bales gently; wife: stronger; shepherd killed a tiger]: Elwin 1944, No. 19. 1:410-411 (translated to Zograf 1971, No. 11:52-53); (cf. conda [the tiger starved the hare; he asked him to let him go for a couple of days to get fat, or he is now too thin; ordered the blacksmith to wear iron clothes; the hare offered to invite the man to admire to their battle; to his surprise, the tiger could not harm the hare and fled in shame; the husband and wife were plowing, the tiger asked him to hide it; a hare came and demanded to show where the tiger was; they showed and he ordered kill a tiger; after killing the tiger, the peasant also hit the hare with an ax, but the ax split and the hare ran away safely]: Tauscher 1959, No. 67:133).

China - Korea. Chinese [old Kim killed almost all tigers, but his son did not want to learn his father's craft; after his father's death, he went to the forest for brushwood, one of the remaining tigers to meet him; the guy begged let him take brushwood to his wife; his wife promised to help; pretending to be a hunter, she screams from behind the stones: hey boy, isn't the tiger next to you? tiger: say it's not a tiger, but a log; wife: why don't you knit a log with a rope? tiger: tell me, I can't tie it alone; wife: can I help you? the tiger thinks old Kim is behind the stone, asks the guy to tie him up; wife: why once, knit more; when the guy tied the tiger 15 times, his wife in Kim's clothes came up; this is how they caught the tiger alive]: Riftin 2007: 59-61; zao [a lame tiger always takes the prey of a young hunter; he is fishing; the tiger is interested in how to fish; young man: there are huge dangerous fish in the river; it is better if the tiger is will climb to a big peak - a big fish will not swallow it, and a small fish will swim inside; the tiger agrees, the young man pushes him into the river, the tiger can hardly get ashore; the hare promises to help escape from tiger; when the tiger is about to rush at the young man, a terrible cry is heard from somewhere above: I have been sent by the deities to execute you terribly; the tiger asks the young man to take the trouble away, he promises; answers the hare: this is not a tiger, but a rotten stump; hare: if it is a stump, I command it to fall to the ground; the tiger falls and rolls on the grass; the hare: if it is a stump, why does it roll on the grass; young man: this is my basket of rice; hare: if a basket, then tie it more tightly to a tree; the tiger asks to tie it; the young man ties it tightly, takes it off the lower branch of the hare, both leave]: Nikulin 1990:219-222.

The Balkans. Bulgarians [the bear is going to eat the ox or the ploughman himself; the priest who let the family say that the bear gave him honey; the man who deceived him when sharing the harvest; the fox negotiates with human: he will speak in a strange voice, pretending to be a hunter; the person replies that next to him is not a bear, but a stump; kills a bear; the rescued person promises the fox a chicken with chickens, and he lets the dogs down]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 154:67-68; Serbs [a bear met a man in the forest; he asked him to let him say goodbye to his family; the cart and oxen remained a bear; the fox promises to help and teaches what to do; a voice is heard; a bear: who is this? man: hunter; bear: where do I hide? man: get in the bag; fox: what's in the bag? person: oats; fox: can you hit the bag with a club? man: hit 10 times; next: wheat in the bag (also 10 times); barley; beans; bear died]: Eschker 1992, No. 62:234-235; Hungarians [poor man laughs when he sees a hare fight with a bear; offended bear promises to eat it with his cows; the fox promises to help if the poor man gives her 9 chickens and a rooster; the poor man does not have them, but he promises; in the evening the fox blows, pretending that hunters are coming; the bear asks hide it in a bag; fox: what's in the bag? poor man: a burnt log; fox: well rubani; a man killed a bear; after bringing a fox, the poor man went into the house and began to bark: hounds; the fox ran away]: Ortutai 1974, No. 61:430-432.

Central Europe. Russians (Karelian Pomorie, Snikhcha) [the bear and the old man sowed turnips, the bear chose the tops; sowed the roots; the bear met the old man, was going to eat; the old man: today the bear will come pick up meat; bear: put me on wood; hunters: who are you taking? - Kokoru. - Kokora would be tied with ropes like that. Bear: tie it up; hunters: there would be a coconut, the ax would be stuck; bear: slap; the old man spotted a bear, got meat and skin]: Razumova, Senkina 1974, No. 66:312-313; Russians (Pskov) [Man cultivates the field for turnips; the bear asks for a share; they draw lots who gets the bottom and who gets the top; the bear gets the upper hand; the next year the man sows wheat; the bear demands the bottom, gets roots ; threatens to kill a man; he asks to say goodbye home, meets a fox, she promises to help for the chicken and the rooster; rattles in bags of iron, pretending to be approaching hunters; the bear asks the man to cut off paws him and say he is dead; a man kills a bear; a fox demands the promised chickens; a man brings two dogs in a bag; dogs drive a fox into a hollow; the fox asks his legs, eyes, how they helped her run away; the tail replies that it was dangling and clinging, the fox gives it to the dogs; dogs pull the fox by the tail]: Smirnov 1917, No. 105:348-350; Russians (Tambov, Lipetsk U.) [A man and a bear sow turnips together, a man asks for roots, a bear takes the tops believing that they are more valuable. When wheat is sown, the bear takes the roots, and the man takes the tops. The bear is angry and wants to eat the man, he cries, the fox sees him and promises to help him. She asks from the bushes, "Are there any biryuk wolves here, medvedev?" , the bear asks the man to say no, promises not to eat it. The fox asks what is lying by the cart, the man, at the bear's request, says that the deck, the fox says that the deck should be tied, the man ties the bear, the fox, says that the deck must be stuck an ax, a man sticks an ax at the bear's request and kills it. The man gives her a bag of white chickens as a reward, but asks her not to look, she can't stand it, opens it - dogs jump out of the bag and chase her. She hides in a hole, asks her ears, legs and tail, her ears listened, her legs ran, and her tail interfered - she sticks it out and dogs pull her out of the hole and tear her out of the hole and tear her apart]: Afanasiev (1984), No. 249 (7b) : 35-36; Russians (Moscow) [plowman: I'll eat your mare; man: lie down, I'll plow, I'll give it back myself; fox: what's in between? - A stump. - If there was a stump, an ax would be stuck in it. Wolf: stick an ax; the man hacked the wolf; the man promises the fox a couple of chickens; he put two dogs in the bag himself; the fox hid in a hole, asks his eyes, ears, legs how they helped her; tail; he replies that confused and interfered; the fox stuck it out, the dogs pulled the fox by the tail, tore it]: Vedernikova, Samodelova 1998, No. 13:43; Russians (Arkhangelsk, Pskov, Tula, Smolenskaya, Voronezh, Ryazan, Tambov), Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Galicia, Podolia, Kiev, Chernigov, Poltava, Kharkiv), Belarusians [Man, Bear and Fox: Fox helps with tricky advice get rid of the bear; instead of thanking, the man loads the fox with a bag in which the dog is hidden; released from the bag, it immediately tears the fox (chases it); the fox hides in the hole from the chase; asks her legs, eyes, tail, who did what; the tail replies that it interfered, she sticks it out of the hole and the dogs pull it out]: SUS 1979, No. 154:77-78; northern Ukrainians: Rudchenko 1869, No. 8 ( Chernigovskaya, Kozeletsky u.) [the man was plowing in the field; a bear came and said he would eat the ox; the man persuaded him not to eat the ox until it passed the furrow; the bear lay down on the cart; the fox ran up and asked what was on the cart; the bear asked the man to say it was a deck; the man did so; the fox said that an ax would have been stuck in then; the bear told me to stick an ax; the man hacked it; the fox asked what the man would give her; he called her with him; said he would give chickens; the fox ordered them all to be brought to her; the man put three chickens and a dog in the bag; the fox said to release the chickens one at a time, caught them all; the man released the dog, it chased fox; the fox ran into the hole; the dog stood above the entrance; the fox asked her eyes what they were doing when she ran away; they said they watched how closer to the hole so that the dog would not catch up; the fox said that she would buy them glasses; asked her legs what they were doing; they replied that they jumped and did not stumble to prevent the dog from catching up; the fox said she would buy them shoes; then asked the tail; he replied that he was dangling and clung to the bush and then to the stump so that the dog could catch up with it; the fox stuck out its tail and told the dog to bite it off; in the end he barely escaped; a man came, decided to dig it out; went home for the spade; left it at the hole an empty jug directed against the wind; the wind was buzzing, the fox thought it was barking; looked out and saw a jug; said: "Dak se ti mene? Well, I'll give you!" ; tied him with a rope to his neck, carried him to drown; the jug began to gurgle; the fox told him not to ask - it would not help; the jug was filled with water, began to pull it; the fox: "Tyu is stupid! Here I'm crazy, but woon is already good!" ; went on, saw the balalaika, started playing, saying: "Beautiful voice, damn thought!"] : 17-18; Eastern Ukrainians (Poltava, Romny Utilities) The bear sees how they plow, sow, harvest, plows everything that remains, carries it into its hole, demands half for himself, and promises to eat all the oxen. The peasants offer the bear what the potatoes have above the ground, they don't like what they get. The fox asks if there is a bear, she is told not, and the cart has a deck. The fox says that an ax should be stuck in the deck, and the bear asks you to stick an ax into it to look like a deck. The fox says that she saved the peasants' lives, asks them for a bag of chickens, they give her two dogs in a sack, they run after her, tear off her tail, she hides in a hole, praises parts of her body, she is not happy with her tail - she sticks out outside, they tear it off. They laugh at her. She goes to the forest, invites animals to collect "oxalis". She twists the rest of the tails, screams as if she sees hunters, the animals lose their tails, she manages to type...]: Gnedich 1916, No. 1476:7-8.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Adygi [bear to an old man: why don't you answer the greeting? old man: I wondered if one bear's skin would be enough for a fur coat; bear: I'll get you firewood for the winter, but if you tell me, I'll be your enemy; the old woman made me tell you who brought the firewood; the bear took it away; the old man went to get firewood; the fox tells me to wait for the bear to knock the ax, explains what to do next; fox: my hunters missed a bear; old man: I haven't seen it; fox: why does it turn black? bear: say it's a stump; old man: stump; fox: why don't you put it in a sleigh? bear: pretend to put it down; old man: I'll put it down now; fox: why don't you tie it up? bear: pretend to tie; fox: why don't you cut the stump with an ax? bear: swing; the old man killed a bear with an ax; the fox received honey from the old man]: Aliyeva 1978, No. 73:343-345; Abaza [Chaltyk notices that his horse's back is all torn; sees like a bear, the wolf, the fox ride it at night; the fox grabs; it asks her not to kill; the wolf lures C. into the forest, where the bear grabs him; the fox calls C., asks if he has seen the bear, hunters are looking for him; the bear lets C. go, asks him to say that there is a stump in front of him; - Why does the stump have ears? - These are branches; - Then hit the axe between the branches; the bear asks to hit lightly, C. kills the bear with an ax]: Tugov 1985, No. 17:35-36; Ossetians: Dzagurov 1973, No. 2 [the wolf tells the ploughman that so far he will plow, he will drag him a ram every day, but then he will have to give him a bull; without a bull, the peasant is afraid of going broke; promises the fox a lamb in a sack; she negotiates like a man must answer her; fox: hello; person: have breakfast with us; fox: I'm afraid of your dog (i.e. wolf); man: it's not a dog, it's a leather bag; fox: then tie it to an arba; hit it; wolf: only lightly; the man crushed the wolf's head with a yoke; instead of a lamb, he puts a dog in a fox bag; the fox hardly ran away; in the fall he brought bears, they ruined the oats sown by man; the man regretted his betrayal]: 17-20; Miller 1881, No. 1 [the wolf suggests that the ploughman bring him a lamb every day until he takes out his plow, and when he takes it out, let him give one bull; plowman agreed, but then does not know what to do: it's impossible to plow on one bull; the fox promises to help; comes and asks what it is next to the plowman. - Bag. - If the bag, tie it to the arba; hit the top of the head; wolf died; the fox asked for a lamb as a reward; the man put a greyhound in the bag; the fox ran away and hid, but the dog tore off its tail; the fox brought the pigs to the man's field, but they did not give her the promised pig; the fox brought people to kill pigs; they gave her a horse; she does not know how to kill a horse; calls a wolf, teaches them how to cut a horse correctly; to do this, let the horse and the wolf put their heads in the same loop; both are dead]: 83-87; Kumyks [Chaltuk-Ahmed notices that his horse is wounded; he catches a wolf, bear, wild boar, fox that scratched it at night; the wolf promises to bring sheep, the boar to plow the field, the bear to show it a hollow with honey; the fox does not promise anything, but asks to let her go; the wolf, the boar keeps the promise, the bear leads the CHA to the tree, begins to strangle; the fox calls CHA, shouts that hunters are coming, they need a bear skin; the bear asks him not to betray, to say that he has a block in front of him, not ears, but branches, asks him to hit him easily with an ax; CHA hits with all his might, kills a bear, collects honey together with the fox]: Kapiyeva 1974:126 -128; Avars: Atayev 1972, No. 25 [Gelega forester sees that his mare has drained him; watches; at night, a wolf, a fox, a boar and a bear ride it; G. caught them, began to beat them; wolf: I'll bring you fat rams; boar: I'll dig up a vegetable garden for you; bear: I'll show you a hollow with honey; fox: I'll help you in difficult times; wolf, boar fulfilled their promise; the bear took me to the forest, said he would eat it now; the fox pretends to be Khan Nuker Khan is getting married, he needs bear skin, have you seen a bear? bear: tell me you didn't see; G.: didn't see; fox: what's in front of you? bear: say that a stump; G.: stump; fox: why does the stump have ears? bear: say it's branches; fox: hit between branches; bear: quietly; G. kills a bear with an ax; since then, a fox's friend]: 32-33; Saidov, Dalgat 1965 [poor Chakarilav notices that his horse is thin, back in sores; at night he watches: wolf, bear, boar, fox ride it; C. rushed and caught animals; let go after the fox promised to help, and the rest returned with gifts; the wolf brought sheep, boar plowed the ground, and the bear led to the tree where honey was going to eat; suddenly the voice: C., the khan's servants are looking for a bear, the skin is needed, did you not see it? a frightened bear tells C. what to say to him; C.: did not see; fox: Who is next to you? C.: block; fox: Does a block have ears? C.: this is a branch; fox: Hit the fox between the branches with an ax; Bear: Only quietly; C. split the bear's head, hugged and kissed the fox]: 138-140; Rutultsy [Urdukhan notices that his favorite horse is losing weight; watches, sees how at night a bear climbs a horse and drives it; then a jackal, a boar and a fox do the same; W. points a gun; the bear promises to bring honey, the jackal to bring birds to the chicken coop, the boar - dig up the site and remove the stones from it, the fox says it will be useful; the jackal and the boar keep their promises; the bear orders to take honey vessels, leads to the mountain to the tree, where honey is supposedly; someone asks: Grandpa W., what's that next to you? The bear tells me to answer that it is a trap; - Why does he have ears? - These are locks; - Hit the trap between the locks with an ax; W. does so, the bear is dead; the fox comes out, says that the bear wanted W. to get honey (the tree is tall, the bear could not reach it himself), and then was going to kill him; teaches him to make a smoky fire, smoke bees, get honey]: Ganiyeva 2011a, No. 105:253-254; Georgians [after eating pears, the bear lay down on the peasant's field, tells him not to extradite him, otherwise he will kill; the fox asks her for food, promises to help; shouts from the hill, if he saw the bear, the king and the army are looking for him; the peasant: did not see; the fox: what is this? bear: say it's a log; fox: then load it on the arba; tie it; cut it with an ax; a peasant hacked a bear]: Kurdovanidze 1988 (1), No. 21:60-62; Azerbaijanis [the fox invited a stork to visit, spread the porridge on a tray; the stork invited the fox, put the porridge in a jug; offered to ride the fox; when the ground was not visible, he threw it down; the fox fell into the school yard, stole the notebook, came to the hole, pretended what she reads; tells the bear to call her mullah baba, promises to learn the cubs; the bear: the meat is yours, and the bones are mine (in the sense of learning); the fox ate the cubs, replies for several months that they cannot be shown otherwise they will become unaccustomed to reading; then throws the bear a bag with their bones; the bear is stuck in a hole, the fox came out from the other side, went behind the bear and "began to crumple it"; the bear asks the ploughman if he saw it; that: saw; the bear promises to bring rams for silence; but he told his wife; the bear heard, promised to kill the ploughman; the fox promised to save him if he gave her two chickens; teaches what to say; tied to a broom's tail; bear: what's the dust? - The king's son was prescribed bear meat, the army is looking for a bear. - Where can I hide? - Get into the bag, they will think that wheat; the fox and the plowman beat the bear with sticks; the fox has come for the chickens; the plowman's stomach grumbles: a few years ago he ate a hunting dog puppy, now wants to go out; the fox ran away]: Bagriy, Zeynally 1935:505-512; Turks [the man left a sick black horse in the field, anointed his back with resin so that the wounds would not fester; the fox, then the wolf, the bear, try to ride a horse, they stick; the horse comes home, the owner is going to kill the animals, they ask them to let them go, promise gifts; the wolf brings the stolen sheep; the bear leads to a chestnut tree, but is going to kill a person; There is a "hunter" voice (this is a fox): who is sitting on a person; man: this is my fur coat; "hunter": you have to pick up my fur coat, put it in a bag; the bear allows himself to be killed; this is how the fox repaid kindly]: Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 40:53-54

Iran - Central Asia. Persians: Romaskevich 1934a, No. 5 (Isfahan) [the old man and bear sowed wheat; the bear left, and when the old man harvested the harvest, the bear demanded that it be divided; the fox offered to help: it will raise dust, let the old man tell the bear that it is the king's riders who are jumping to remove the bear's skin; then: get into the bag; let the peasant kill the bear with a stick, but give her, the fox, a piece of his thigh; the old man killed the bear , the fox grabbed his thigh, the old man made an indecent sound; told the fox that he ate 7 puppies, one is now out, if you still come, 6 others will come out; the fox ran away], 28 (Shiraz) [same]: 52-54, 131-133; Yazgulyam [the grandmother told her grandson to herd two goats; the wolf demanded that one be given to him; the grandmother did not order him to give it back, gave her a bundle of food; the fox asked for this food, promised to help; began to scream in a scary voice: orphan, did you see a wolf? boy: no; who's behind you? boy: supply bag; fox: why does he have a tail? wolf: cut off my tail as soon as possible; fox: why ears? wolf: cut off your ears; why legs? wolf: cut off the legs; after cutting off the wolf's legs, the boy returned to his grandmother]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 68:494-495; Tajiks: Amonov 1980 [while the wheat was growing, the bear trampled on it, and then demanded share: he drove away sparrows; the peasant is ready to pour grains on the bear, sends him for the bag; the bear tells him to bring it himself; the peasant's wife made a fuss as if the padishah's people were coming; wife: did you see the bear? farmer: why do you need it? the padishah's daughter is sick, you need bear fat; bear: don't talk about me; peasant: they'll find you anyway, your ears stick out; bear: cut them off with a sickle; wife: my head is sticking out; bear: I won't let you cut off my head; ran away]: 125-127; Levin et al. 1981, No. 17 (Muminabad) [the bear spoiled the dekhanin's rice field; then began to demand that the harvest be divided: he drove away sparrows; the dekhanin is forced to agree, sends a bear he refuses to bring dishes - there are dogs, the dekhanin goes home by himself; tells them to put the children on a horse with a bag of dust, walk ahead herself, scream if anyone has seen the bear, the padishah's daughter needs medicine; wife does everything, bear asks him to hide; peasant: ears will stick out; bear: cut them off with a sickle; wife: bear's legs out; bear: their compartments; wife: whose head; bear: bran her; dekhanin killed bear, brought rice home], 44 (Parkhar, =Farkhor) [the bear tells the dekhanin that he is his companion, demands to share the harvest; for promising to give her chicken eggs, the fox depicts a hunter; fox: did not see the bear ? man to bear: hide in straw; the bear was burned, the fox is waiting for eggs; the farmer's stomach rumbled; he says that there are two dogs there, asking to let the fox eat; the fox runs away]: 124-125, 146-147; Yagnobes [the fox asks two cubs to tell their mother that he will copulate with her; the bear chased him, the fox slipped through the mill wheel room, the bear is stuck, he raped her ; the bear hears the plowman laughing about what happened to her son; the bear promises to eat him; the ploughman is afraid to go out into the field; the fox tells him to go, raise dust, I must say that this is the royal man looking for six-year-old bear; bear: put me in the furrow; plowman: bulls will crush; bulls will find under the hay; into the bag; the bear climbs into the bag, the ploughman and the fox beat her to death]: Andreev, Peschereva 1957, No. 18:105-106; the Baluchi [the tiger wants to eat the ploughman; he asks for permission to harvest first; the farmer's wife changes into men's clothes, screams in a rude voice: the king has sent to hunt tigers, Didn't you see any traces? tiger: who is this? peasant: king's vizier; tiger: hide me; wife: what's under the covers? peasant: burn a piece of wood for coal; wife: cut off a piece of it for me; tiger: cut off my ear; wife: cut off more; tiger: and second; what pieces, bigger; peasant cut off the tiger's tail; wife: must cut off half; the tiger runs away; the jackal: there is no vizier and no army, let's tie with a rope, let's go back; wife: promised to bring 14 tigers, but you're leading one crazy and tailless; the tiger ran away, dragging the jackal, he died]: Dames 1892, No. 5:522-524 (=Porozhnyakov 1989:86-88).

Baltoscandia. Estonians: Jakobson 1954 [the bear was hired to guard the field, asks for what is in the ground; the wheat is ripe, the bear has roots; the next year he asked for what is above the ground; the owner sowed turnips, bears tops; the bear told the fox that he would kill the peasant; the fox: I will help if you give chicken with chickens; the peasant agrees; the bear meets the peasant; the fox barks, the bear believes that a hunter is coming with 10 dogs; fox in a rude voice: what's dark there; bear: say it's a stump; if it's a stump, why don't you load it on the cart; bear: I'll climb it myself; fox: why don't you tie it; man: the ropes are bad; fox: I'll help you now with dogs; bear: tie it well; fox: why don't you cut a stump with an ax; bear: hit lightly; a peasant killed a bear; brought three dogs to the fox in a bag instead of a chicken; she opened the bag, rushed into hole, tail out; dogs pulled it out and killed it; fox: why did I dig a bear hole, I hit it myself]: 169-175 (=1987:111-115); Kippar 1986, No. 154 (many records, including the set) [man in hearts call his horse a bear food; the bear came and demanded a horse; the fox promises to help; makes the bear agree to be put in a sleigh in the manner of a log, the man hacked him down; instead of the promised chickens or geese, a man brings a bag containing dogs to the fox; the fox can hardly escape, asks its dicks how they helped her; the tail was of no use; the fox sticks it out of the hole, dogs tore it apart]: 112-115; 2010, No. II.3 (Eastern Estonia, Maarja-Magdalena) [bear to man: for guarding your field, my roots; the man collected oats; next time the bear wanted tops man picked turnips; fox to man: will you give two bags of chickens for not letting a bear eat you? the man agrees; the fox taught me how to answer; makes noise; man: these are the royal rangers looking for wolves and bears; bear: climb on the cart, I will say that there is a thick log; fox: why not tied; man tied up a bear; why don't they stick an ax? the man hacked the bear; brought the fox two dogs in bags; untied it, the fox disappeared into the hole; began to ask his eyes and legs how they helped to escape; tail: and I clung to the bushes; the fox stuck him out of the hole, dogs they pulled the fox by the tail and lifted it up]; the Finns [the peasant went for firewood, scolds the horse: oh, you are a bear's son; the bear tells you to give him the horse; the peasant asks to wait, he will give a cow; the fox asks letting her go from the trap will repay her kindly; tells the bear not to give the cow to the bear, agrees with the peasant to help him; the bear is furious - where is the cow; at this time the noise in the forest; peasant: this is my son with with a gun; fox: isn't it a bear next to you under the fir; peasant: it's a stump; fox: so cut off his branches; the peasant cut off the bear's paws; fox: put the stump in the cart, tie it with ropes; the peasant loaded a bear in a cart, tied up; fox: an ax must be stabbed into the stump carried on the cart; a peasant killed a bear]: Goldberg 1957:62-66; Veps [man and bear agree to cultivate the field together ; a person works, asks the bear not to come up, because his horse is afraid; the bear knows which part of oats is edible, thinks that turnips also eat tops, chooses tops; a person is afraid to go for turnips: the bear has rotted, he will now eat it; negotiates with his wife; she screams from a distance like a hunter; the man replies that there are no bears here; lies down in the cart, allows himself to be tied, hit with an ax; man kills a bear, takes the carcass home with his wife, then comes for turnips]: Onegin, Zaitseva 1996, No. 50:174-176; Latvians: Alksnite et al. 1958:22-23 [the peasant scolded the horse: for a bear to lift you up; the bear comes; the peasant asks for let him plow; the fox agrees to help for the chicken; knocks on trees; the peasant: they are hunters; the bear asks to hide; the peasant: climb into the cart; the fox in a rude voice: What's on the cart? peasant: firewood; fox: so take them home; a peasant killed a bear with an ax; a fox and foxes are already at home in the chicken coop; the peasant slaughtered them all], 24-25 [=Niedre 1952:22-23; the bear threatens to kill the farmhand, he promises him a pig; the fox teaches him what to do for the promise of a chicken and a rooster; the bear climbed the cart where the pig is; the fox comes out of the forest: if you're taking a bear, drag him to court; farmhand: it's a stump; fox: why not tied; bear: tie me up; fox: hit the stump with an ax to check if he is tightly tied; bear: hit lightly; farmhand killed bear; farmhand gave chicken and rooster]; Arys 1971 [man sowed turnips, bear requires part of the harvest, agrees to pick up the tops; next year he demands roots, and the man sowed wheat; in winter the man goes for firewood, the fox asks why it's so quiet; man: so that the bear does not hear; fox : feed chicken, I'll explain what to do; the man cuts wood, the bear comes up, the fox pretends to be hunters are coming to beat the bears; bear: hide me in the cart; fox: what's in the cart; man: log; fox: why not tied with a rope; the man tied a bear, killed him with an ax; the man leads the fox towards him, dogs rushed at her, she climbed into a hole, asks parts of the body how they helped escape; tail: I'm under his legs were confused; the fox stuck its tail out to the dogs, they pulled it out and killed it]: 31-33; Aris, Medne 1977, No. 154 [the bear wants to eat a man (his horse); a fox helps a person: a bear is tied to a cart and kill; fox does not receive the promised chickens; fox talks to members of his body]: 259; Lithuanians [the bear is going to pick up the plowman's oxen; the fox promises to help for a bag of chickens; shouts to the man: the master goes with 500 hunters, have you seen bears; man: no; fox: who is in the den; man: log; branches must be cut off from the log; bear: cut off my paws; man cut off; then the same thing in the den deck; fox: an ax would be stabbed into the deck; bear: put an ax in my head; a man kills a bear; a person brings not chickens, dogs in a bag, the fox hides in a hole; asks all parts of his body how who helped escape; tail: and I kept on metal, dangling so that not me, but you would be grabbed; the fox sticks its tail out to the dogs, they pulled out the fox and bit to death]: Lebite 1965:55-57; Norwegians [the bear is going to to lift a man's horse, the fox promises to help if a person gives it a lamb; pretends to be a bear hunter; the bear asks to say that he is a stump; the fox tells you to roll a stump on the cart, plunge it into it an ax; a man goes after a lamb, the wife tells you to put two greyhounds in a bag instead; they chase a fox]: Dasent 1970:266-269 (briefly in Hodne 1984, No. 154:42).

Volga - Perm. Marie [the wife tells the man to go to the forest for firewood; the bear is going to eat it; a fox appears; a bear: I'll lie down in a sleigh, knit me like firewood; fox: Kovyrlya, what are you doing? K.: I knit firewood; fox: firewood is first split into logs with an ax; bear: pretend to prick chopping blocks into logs; K.: I'll split the chopping blocks in the sleigh; kills a bear with an ax]: Aktsorin 1984:259-260; Mordovians (erzya): Evseviev 1964, No. 6 [old man plows; bear: eat your horse; old man: let the pen plow; bear lay under the cart; fox: old man, did you see a bear? bear: tell me you didn't see; fox: what's under the cart? bear: say that a burnt stump; fox: you would pick it up on the cart; bear: pick it up; fox: if there was a stump, you would stick an ax; bear: stick it; the old man hacked it; promises the fox a club with chickens; instead, I brought a dog in a bag; the fox hid in the hole; - Eyes - how did they take care of me? - We watched so as not to fall. - I'll buy you glasses. How did your legs run? - All go ahead. - I'll buy boots. Tail, how is my shore? - I was confused between my legs; the fox stuck it out, the dog pulled it out by the tail, ate it], 55 [the bear invites the old man to plant turnips together; chose the tops; the next year they sowed wheat, the bear chose the roots; tells the old man that when he comes for firewood, he will eat it; the old man has come for firewood; the bear threatens to eat; the fox: did you see the bear? I'm chasing to the service; bear: tell me you didn't see; fox: what's next to you? bear: say it's a stump; fox: if a stump, he would stick an ax; the old man hacked the bear; promises the fox a basket of chickens; put two greyhounds in the basket, took the chicken in his hand; the fox hid from the greyhounds in the hollow; asks their eyes and legs, what did they do; they showed the way, they ran; and the tail? He got confused between his legs; the fox stuck it out, the dogs pulled it out and ate it]: 41-42, 367-370; the Mordovians [Andamo and the bear sowed wheat, the bear chose the roots; and when the turnips were up; the bear leads A. into the forest, to eat there, A. fills pits and ravines with tears; fox: bears and wolves are called to war; have you, A., seen bears or wolves? bear: say you haven't seen it; fox: what is it around you? bear: say it's a deck; fox: if it's a deck, you need to tie it on a sleigh; fox: if there is a deck on the sleigh, an ax would be stuck in it; A. hacked a bear]: Yurtov 1883, No. 13:51-55; Bashkirs [ the bear wants to eat the huntsman, a fox appears; the bear is a huntsman: say that you are collecting firewood, put me on the cart, when the fox comes, I will eat it; fox: the firewood on the cart is tied; the bundle must be tightened with a peg; bear confirms everything; fox: thick firewood is pricked with a stake; Yeget killed by a bear, a lion became the king of animals]: Barag 1989, No. 99:410-411; Komi [fox helps a man get rid of the bear with cunning advice ; instead of thanking, the man loads the fox with a bag in which the dog is hidden; released from the bag, it immediately tears the fox (chases it); the fox hides in the hole from the chase; asks his legs, eyes, the tail, who did what; the tail replies that it interfered, it sticks it out of the hole, and the dogs pull the fox by the tail]: Korovina 2012, No. 154:76.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Kaskabasov et al. 1979, No. 39 [The fox met two cubs, says he wants to have love with their mother; the bear is furious chasing the Fox, who slips through a crack in a tree, The bear gets stuck, the fox comes up to her from behind, makes love to her, runs away; the bear asks the shepherd what he saw; the shepherd replies that nothing, only one fox had love with the bear; The bear gave the shepherd gold for his silence, he brought gold, told his wife, the Bear heard; the fox tells the shepherd to bring a bag, awl and ketmen; raises dust, tells the Bear to explain to the Bear that the princess she is sick, the royal people go for bear bile; the Bear asks to hide her in a bag, the Fox kills her with an awl and catman; as a reward, the Fox demands to give him one of the two (apparently testicles) shepherds; he mutters in his stomach, he says he swallowed the dogs and now they want to get out and attack the Fox; the fox runs away, the shepherd grabs her tail, kills her], 48 [The fox tells the cubs he wants to have love with their mother; next time the Bear rushes after him, gets stuck in a hole in a stone; the Fox raped her, the Bear had a hard time getting out; asks the shepherd if he saw anything; he replies that nothing special, only one fox raped one bear; the bear gives the shepherd gold for silence, and if he says, she will kill; the fox overheard, promises to save the shepherd from the Bear, demands the reward is the opportunity to use any part of his body; the fox set fire to the reeds, the shepherd told the Bear that it was the khan's servants who were sent to get the bear liver as a medicine for the khan's wife; suggests hiding A bear in a bag; he hits her there, kills her; the shepherd undressed, his stomach began to rumble; he said that as a child he swallowed two little kumai (a winged dog), they grew up and felt close to a fox; The fox ran away], 49 [The bear chased the Fox, who went into the house, she got stuck in the door, the Fox went out, raped her; the bear asks the shepherd what he saw; What could I see? A fox raped a bear, that's all; the bear threatens to kill the shepherd if he tells; the shepherd spoke in the village, the children began to sing about it; the bear came for the shepherd, he asked say goodbye to his relatives for three days; the fox offered to raise dust, as if the Khan's son was following a bear's heart for his wife to eat; the shepherd invites the Bear to hide her in a bag, kills her; the fox demands help the shepherd's kidney; his stomach is rumbling, he says he swallowed the hound puppy; the fox runs away]: 80-81, 109-111, 113-114; the Uighurs [the wolf begged the ploughman to hide it from the hunters; when they rode away, is going to eat; a cow, an apple tree confirm that people are not grateful; the fox wants to see everything for herself; the plowman covers the wolf with a robe, the fox tells him to kill the wolf with a stone; now she wants to eat the ploughman herself; appear same hunters; fox: what are they screaming? plowman: they ask who is standing near me; fox: say it's a stone; hunters: and you hit a stone with a stone; the ploughman killed a fox]: Kabirov 1963:286-289; Uighurs [a wolf and lambs were going to eat a sheep and lambs; she asked for time until autumn for them all to gain weight; in the fall she took the lambs to the wolf, met a hare, asked why the sheep was crying; promised to help; picked up a piece of felt and a piece of tea wrapping paper, and He went with them; when he saw the wolf, sat down on a piece of felt, unfolded the paper and said that this was the Khan's order: he demanded to get the skin of a wolf, a hare, a sheep and a fox; "My skin is there, your skin is, the sheep have a skin, But there's not enough fox, don't you know where we can get it here?" The wolf got scared and ran away; the sheep asked how he could thank the hare; the hare: "In a few years you will have many descendants, there will be a whole herd of sheep, and if you see an eagle attacking a bunny, surround him and drive him away." Since then, sheep have bred and saved many hares from eagles]: Zhou Yang et al. 2001a, No. 261:373-374.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Tuvans [old Kara Möge pulled a tiger out of the swamp; he took it to his tiger cave; he gave him cowhide, asked him to fill it with water {like a wineskin} and bring it; KM began to dig in the well, pretending to bring all the water at once; the tiger asked not to do so; at night, the tigers agree to kill KM; he put a stone in his place; one of the tigers hit so that the stone split; in the morning KM says he dreamed that his cat hit his paw at night; the tigers gave the old man gold and sent me home; KM: When people see me with a bag, they'll think I'm begging for alms, let one of the tigers he will carry the bag; he came back earlier and made an agreement with his wife; she shouts that there is nothing to serve to the guest, the KM ate everything himself, only the head of that big tiger remains; the tiger threw gold and ran away; KM tells his wife about her adventures; the fox overheard, told the tiger how KM deceived him; then ran to KM and said that the tiger was going to kill him; let him go to the forest right away to buy firewood; a tiger came up; a fox: we are hunters , we are looking for predators, who is next to you? tiger: say it's a stump; fox: if it's a stump, hit it with an ax; KM hit it lightly; fox: load it into the cart; the tiger climbed into the cart by itself; fox: tie the stump to the cart; now split with an ax; KM killed the tiger; others tigers decided that humans and tigers should not live close to each other]: Taube 1978, No. 16:37-40; the Mongols (khalha) [the sheep has broken off the herd, the wolf is going to eat it; the hare asks to give it to him too try sheep meat, but asks him to wait - he will finish business in the village; returns with a piece of paper: the Dalai Lama announces that he will sew a blanket from the skins of 70 wolves; the wolf ran away]: Mikhailov 1962:165); Mongols (western Inner Mongolia) [two sheep go to Lobon-Chenbo Monastery; the wolf wants to eat them; they ask for permission to worship first; on the way back they meet a wolf, then a hare ; he promises to help; sits on felt, which removes the cauldron from the fire, takes paper from the tea wrapper, pretends to read the decree of the Manchurian Khan; ordered to sew Doha from 72 wolf skins; one is missing; the wolf runs away]: Borovkov 1937:12-13.

Amur - Sakhalin. Nanais [Naiso tells female chum salmon, male chum salmon to sail along the side of the river where he puts nets, caught a lot, prepared two yukola barns for himself and for dogs; the meeting requires jukola, N. went to the barn is already empty, the bear has eaten it; the bear tells you to prepare hay to lay when he kills N.; the fox advises making men out of hay and placing them on the window, telling the bear what is coming a crowd of people, let the bear hide in the corner, and then there will be a dialogue: - Naiso, are there traces of my beast here? - Why would an animal come to a person that people kill? - What's in the corner? - Coal. - Take an ax and hit it, if coal, you'll hear a crunch, if there's meat, you'll hear a knock. N. cut the bear, began to eat its meat with the fox; the fox offers to play: put it in a cradle, tie it like a small child, feed it; and then N. will lie in the cradle; the fox tied N., ate everything herself and ran away; N. cries; the mouse gnawed through the ropes, N. gave her a piece of meat; N. loaded a cereal on the sledges, went hunting; towards the fox, asking her to take it instead of a dog; the fox harnessed himself into a sledge; pretended to break her leg , asks to put her on a sledge next to the cereal; in the evening she says that her leg has improved; asks for a knife to cut the herbs for bedding; N. found a knife and the fox ran away; the groats are empty, but in one a fox tooth remained; N. found a ferret, a fox {other}, a hare, put everyone in his bosom, came to the house; animals are camlaat there; bear: N. camlaet well; N. camlaet, sees a fox with a broken tooth; fox: I'll ask You marry an old man's daughter Ka; she came to Ka's house, turned into a terrible beast, tells Ka and his wife Ka to give her daughter, brought her to N.; N. lives with his wife]: Medvedev 1992:282-286.