Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

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M149B. Dogs in the belly.

A person says that in his stomach (in a box) dangerous creatures he has swallowed (put in a box) that can come out. A predator who is going to eat (bite) a person believes and runs away.

Punjabi people (? Urdu), Assames, Santals, Oraons, Azerbaijanis, Persians, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz.

South Asia. Punjabi (conditional: translated from Urdu) [a cotton scratcher went to a neighboring village with his tool; towards a tiger; he did not see such a gun and was frightened; the man also froze; the jackal to the tiger, and then to man: what will you give if I relieve danger; tiger: all today's prey; and the man agreed to give two pieces of meat from his thighs; the tig ran away; the jackal tried to bite the man, but he yelled; the jackal: Who's screaming like that? Human: Last year during a famine I swallowed two puppies; now they're grown up and asking outside; jackal: just don't let go; human: then run away more alive]: Starling and the Pea 1956:46-49; Assames : Borooah 1955 {cf. dhanwar} [tiger and crab cultivate the plot together; when rice is planted, the tiger chooses stems, and the crab chooses ears, when eggplants, crab fruits, tiger stalks; tiger invites crab to visit prepares tasteless food from stems, the crab pretends to eat; calls a tiger, cooks deliciously, but the dishes are small; invites the tiger to put its tail in the hole, it will tie food vessels to it; clamps the tail; the tiger asks the man to release him, promises not to eat; he cuts off the tail of the tiger; the tiger promises to bring deer to the man, but tells no one about this case, otherwise he will kill him; the man is sick, the fortune teller said that he would recover if he organized a party; the guests who came refused to eat when they saw a pile of bones in the yard; the peasant had to tell what was going on; a tiger appeared and took him to the forest; a man his stomach began to rumble; he explained that his mother let him swallow 120 crabs, half came out and the other would come out now; after hearing about the crabs, the tiger ran away]: 31-39; Goswami 1960 [the tiger and the crab raised together vegetables; the crab calls the tiger for lunch, tells him to put its tail in its hole to pull out rice and curry; grabs the tail with its claws; the tiger asks the son of a peasant woman to help; that compartment has a tail for the tiger; the tiger promises everyone it's a day to bring a deer, but the guy should not talk about what happened; one day he had to tell him, the tiger took him to the forest; the guy's stomach rumbled; he replies that it was 66 crabs he swallowed; the tiger let him go, ran away; when he saw the remains of milk under the tree, the guy drank it, climbed the tree; buffaloes came, they liked the cleanliness, they made the guy a leader; they gave two horns: a horn of joy (with a guy all right) and a horn of anger (he's in trouble); the guy's hair swam along the river, he was swallowed by fish, the fish was brought to the king, the princess saw the hair, wanted the owner as her husband; the pet crow threw the guy a mango and when he bent down, carried away the horn of anger; the royal servants took the boy away; he claims that buffaloes are his property; the king offers to ride the buffalo on horseback; the guy sits down; gets the princess and the kingdom]: 82-83; Santals [hares used to eat tigers; the tiger asked the blacksmith to hide it; after launching an ax, the blacksmith killed the hare; the tiger told no one to tell anyone about the incident; the blacksmith told his wife, the tiger overheard dragged the blacksmith into the forest, he shakes in fear; explains that he has just swallowed the hare, and now he is asking outside; the tiger asks to hold the hare, runs away]: Bodding in Zograf 1971, No. 8:47-48 (=197:46-47 ); orahons [the man did not kill the lizard, she promised to help; watched the herd; the tiger came, it got into his stomach, agreed to go out at the man's request, the tiger stood for it every day bring a deer; but warned: if a person talks about what happened, he would eat it; one day neighbors persuaded him to tell; the tiger heard it, and soon at night he took the man along with his bed; the man asked allow tobacco, took out the snuffbox, said there was a lizard inside it; the tiger ran away]: Hahn 1906, No. 26:50-52.

Iran â€" Central Asia. The Persians (Isfahan) [the old man and bear sowed wheat; the bear left, and when the old man harvested the harvest, the bear demanded that it be divided; the fox offered to help: he will raise the dust, let the old man answer to the bear, that it is the king's horsemen who jump to remove the bear's skin; then: get into the bag; let the peasant beat the bear with a stick, but give it, the fox, a piece of his thigh; the old man killed the bear, the fox grabbed him in the thigh, the old man made an indecent sound; told the fox that he ate 7 puppies, one is now out, if you still come, 6 others will come out; the fox ran away]: Romaskevich 1934a, No. 5:52-54; Tajiks (Parkhar, = Farkhor) [the bear tells the dekhanin that he is his companion, demands to share the harvest; for promising to give her chicken eggs, the fox pretends to be a hunter; fox: have you seen a bear? man to bear: hide in straw; the bear has been burned, the fox is waiting for eggs; the farmer's stomach rumbled; he says there are two dogs there asking to let the fox eat; the fox runs away]: Levin et al. 1981, No. 44:146-147

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Kaskabasov et al. 1979, No. 39 [The fox met two cubs, says he wants to have love with their mother; the bear is furious chasing the Fox, who slips through a crack in a tree, The bear gets stuck, the fox comes up to her from behind, makes love to her, runs away; the bear asks the shepherd what he saw; the shepherd replies that nothing, only one fox had love with the bear; The bear gave the shepherd gold for his silence, he brought gold, told his wife, the Bear heard; the fox tells the shepherd to bring a bag, awl and ketmen; raises dust, tells the Bear to explain to the Bear that the princess she is sick, the royal people go for bear bile; the Bear asks to hide her in a bag, the Fox kills her with an awl and catman; as a reward, the Fox demands to give him one of the two (apparently testicles) shepherds; he mutters in his stomach, he says he swallowed the dogs and now they want to get out and attack the Fox; the fox runs away, the shepherd grabs her tail, kills her], 48 [The fox tells the cubs he wants to have love with their mother; next time the Bear rushes after him, gets stuck in a hole in a stone; the Fox raped her, the Bear had a hard time getting out; asks the shepherd if he saw anything; he replies that nothing special, only one fox raped one bear; the bear gives the shepherd gold for silence, and if he says, she will kill; the fox overheard, promises to save the shepherd from the Bear, demands the reward is the opportunity to use any part of his body; the fox set fire to the reeds, the shepherd told the Bear that it was the khan's servants who were sent to get the bear liver as a medicine for the khan's wife; suggests hiding A bear in a bag; he hits her there, kills her; the shepherd undressed, his stomach began to rumble; he said that as a child he swallowed two little kumai (a winged dog), they grew up and felt close to a fox; The fox ran away], 49 [The bear chased the Fox, who went into the house, she got stuck in the door, the Fox went out, raped her; the bear asks the shepherd what he saw; What could I see? A fox raped a bear, that's all; the bear threatens to kill the shepherd if he tells; the shepherd spoke in the village, the children began to sing about it; the bear came for the shepherd, he asked say goodbye to his relatives for three days; the fox offered to raise dust, as if the Khan's son was following a bear's heart for his wife to eat; the shepherd invites the Bear to hide her in a bag, kills her; the fox demands help the shepherd's kidney; his stomach is rumbling, he says he swallowed the hound puppy; the fox runs away]: 80-81, 109-111, 113-114; Kyrgyz [the tiger and the shepherd met, both afraid of each other (the tiger thinks the shepherd is not a stick, but a gun); the fox promises both that it will save everyone; the shepherd agrees to allow her to bite off his leg twice for this; the fox tells the tiger that she persuaded the shepherd not to shoot, the tiger runs away; bites the shepherd, he screams, says he ate two puppies and now they have grown up and smelled a fox; she says she needs to run to the tiger on business, runs away]: Brudny, Eshmambetov 1981:272-273.