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M161. A dog in a sack. .13.-.

The character gives the other a bag that should contain food, but in fact there is a dog; or frees the girl (boy) in the bag or chest and puts her in her place a dog or other dangerous animal. The animal rushes at the discoverer.

Tigres, Arabs of Morocco, Algeria, Kabiles, Berbers of Algeria (Quargla), Spaniards, Galicians, Basques, Catalans, Italians (Piedmont, Lombardy, Friule, Tuscany, Rome), Sicilians, French ( Lorraine), Bretons, Germans (Hanover), Viets, Ancient India, Marathi, Macedonians, Bulgarians, Moldovans, Gagauz, Albanians, Greeks, Russians (Moscow, Tambov), Northern Ukrainians (Chernigov), Kalmyks, Ossetians, Kumyks, Georgians, Turks, Sarykols, Danes, Norwegians, Estonians, Setu, Lithuanians, Mordovians, Komi, Altaians, Tuvans, Buryats, Mongols.

Sudan—East Africa. Tigre: Kahsay 1994 (Eritrea, but probably tigre) [The fox stole the chicken, brought it to her hole and ate it for several days. When I was hungry again, I went looking for new food and found a hat on the road. She put on her hat, went to the nearest hut and knocked. The farmer asked, “Who's there?” , the fox replied that the royal ambassador. She gave the farmer a hat to look after her. After eating, she went to bed and hid her hat at night. In the morning, the farmer begged the fox to forgive him for losing his hat. The fox said, “Give me a chicken, then I won't say anything to the king.” It's the same at the next house, I let me hold the chicken, ate it at night, and got lamb in the morning. It's the same in the next house, but in the morning a farmer found the remains of a lamb and realized that the fox had eaten it. The fox asked for a sheep, and the farmer gave her a bag and said he put the sheep in the bag to make it easier to carry. There was actually a dog in the bag. Happy fox went home with a sack. At home, I said to myself: “I'm so full that I don't want to eat anything right now. Let the sheep get caught in the meadow and get fatter, then I'll eat it.” When she opened the bag, the dog jumped out, and the fox barely managed to escape into the hole. I started to blame my eyes - “no, we helped you see the hole”, my nose - “no, I always help you smell food, and this time the bag was tied, I couldn't know anything”, my legs “no, we ran fast”, the tail was “I I didn't bother you, I just followed you.” Aha! The fox let the dog bite off half of its tail. The dog brought the tail to its owner, who was happy and said: “Now I know which fox I'm going to hunt next time.” But the fox said to all the other foxes, “I have an important message for you! The village has a new manager, and he is chasing all the long-tailed foxes. So I cut off half my tail. If you value your life, do the same, otherwise it will be bad.” All the foxes did just that. And the peasants, who went hunting soon after, were very surprised to see that all foxes had short tails]: 1-31; Littmann 1910, No. 4 [the snake wrapped around the man, threatening to kill him; he asked help from the fox, the fox told the snake to let the man go, the snake listened; the man promised to bring lamb to the fox, but brought the bag, putting the dog in it; the fox barely escaped]: 5-6.

North Africa. The Arabs of northern Morocco [after harvesting, the jackal said that he was entitled to four parts and the sheep one; the sheep pretended to go after the donkey to take its share, and complained to the dog herself; I put it in a bag, gave it to the jackal, saying that there were lambs in the bag, they would help carry the grain; the jackal was going to eat the lambs, the dog rushed at him, all the grain went to the sheep]: Lebedev 1990, No. 4:30; Arabs Algeria [sheep and jackal sowed wheat, and when they began to divide the crop, the jackal demanded 4/5's — he had more needs; the sheep agreed, but asked to wait: he would bring the donkey to take its share; I made an agreement with the dog, she climbed into the pack; the sheep told the jackal that she had brought lambs; he climbed into the pack, from there the dog's mouth; the jackal ran away, the sheep went to the whole harvest]: Bushnaq 1987:237-238; kabila [The jackal asks the woman to pull the thorn out of his leg; she pulls it out; the jackal demands his thorn back, the woman cannot find it, she has to give an egg in return; the jackal sleeps in the house, asks to put it on at night an egg under the owner's chicken, at night it breaks the egg, smears the chicken's beak with yolk, the owner has to give a chicken in return for an egg; in the next house: chicken to goats, kills the chicken, smears it with blood on the goat's face, gets a goat; also: a goat for a cow; a cow for a horse; people bury an old woman, a jackal exchanges her body for a mare; comes to the newlyweds house, asks his sick mother to be put on the bed next to bride; cut the corpse's throat; in the morning accuses the bride for stabbing his mother, the groom's father gives the bride a jackal; he carried her in a sack; he stayed in the house, it turned out to be the girl's parents' house; jackal went for a drink, the girl called her father, he released her, put two dogs in the bag; the jackal carried him, stopped, began to sing about how he changed the thorn for an egg, etc., opened the bag, the dogs tore it, returned home]: Frobenius 1921b, No. 6:19-24 (apparently the same text by Rivière 1882:95); the Berbers of Algeria (Quargla) [the jackal and the hedgehog found money, brought the shepherd to buy sheep from him; he promised in the morning choose the biggest one; stabbed a sheep, put a dog in its skin; the hedgehog realized it was a dog, hid; the jackal tore his skin, the dog caught up with him and killed him]: Basset 1897, No. 71:24-25.

Southern Europe. Spaniards: Shishlova 1971 [the mother sent the girl to the spring for water, the girl forgot her necklace there, returned, the beggar grabbed her, carried her in a bag to the villages, making her sing; came to her native village girls, her mother recognized the voice, left the beggar to spend the night, replaced her daughter with a cat and a dog; when the beggar told the bag to sing, there was barking and meowing, he opened the bag, the cat and dog scratched the beggar, he ran away] : 37-41; Camarena, Chevalier 1997, No. 154 (Castile and Leon, Asturias) [a peasant scolds an ox to be eaten by a bear; a bear catches him at his word, a peasant asks to let the field plow; the fox promises portray a hunter if a farmer gives her chickens; fox: what is this under the cart? bear: say it's a log; peasant: log; fox: if it's a log, put it in a cart; tie it; stab an ax; bear: pretend to stab; the peasant hacked a bear; brings dogs rather than chickens in the bag; the fox suspects this is the case, but still picks it up and opens the bag; she manages to escape, she praises all parts of her body for helping; the tail also wants to be praised; fox: if I hadn't squeezed you, you the dog would grab it!] : 267-271; the Galicians [crushed the snake with a stone, she begged the man to release it, and then was going to eat it; agreed to ask the people she met if this was permissible; ox, sheep answer that the man himself ungrateful; the fox told me to show how it was, the snake was again under the stone; the man asked the fox how to thank her, and she asked for chickens; the wife refused to give the chickens and ordered the dog to be put in a bag ; the dog rushed after her, the fox ran, praises its eyes, legs, ears, scolds his tail]: Contos 1972, No. 24:31-32; Basques: Barandiaran 1961, No. 80 [the wolf persuaded the man to release him from the trap, is going to eat; the donkey confirms that there is no gratitude; the fox asks to show how it happened; the wolf climbs into the trap, the man kills him; the fox came for the promised reward — two chickens, took a squirrel; dogs rushed at them; the squirrel climbed the tree, the dogs drove the fox (but fell behind); the fox invited the squirrel to shove it with a nutshell — there were thorns on the road; the squirrel was happy; they came to to the man, he gave them a bag, not chickens, but dogs; when the bag was opened, the savvy squirrel could not climb the pine tree, the dogs grabbed it, and the fox disappeared into the hole], 88-89 [the snake persuaded the man free her from under the piled stone; he did it, she was going to eat it; the dog, the donkey say that the snake is right; the fox wants to see how it happened; the snake climbs under the stone, remains to die; the man promises chickens to the fox, the wife persuaded him to put the dog in the bag; the dog chases the fox, which has difficulty getting away from it, praises all parts of its body at the top of the mountain; the tail asks: And me? fox: I almost got caught because of you]: 130-132, 159-166; Catalans: Oriol, Pujol 2008, No. 154 [the farmer curses the ox to take you away; the wolf appears and demands an ox; the peasant talks about her misfortune to the fox; she promises to help if the peasant gives her chicken with chickens; the fox appears with all the cubs, the wolf is frightened; the fox asks what kind of log there is; it is a wolf, but a peasant says the log; the fox: the log must be on the cart; the wolf: throw me on the cart; the fox: if it is a log, it must be cut; the wolf: pretend to be hitting with an ax; the peasant kills the wolf; the peasant gives the fox the bag is supposedly with chicken; she opens, there are three dogs, the fox runs as much as possible], 331B [a man kidnaps a girl, carries it in a bag, makes her sing (Canta sarró, si no et donaré un cop de bast&# 243;!) , says he has a singing bag; one day he leaves the bag in the house where the girl's parents live; they recognize her voice, put stones or a dog in her place; the kidnapper opens the bag, runs away from the dog, or goes down to the well for a drink, stones pull it to the bottom]: 48, 69-70; Italians: Calvino 1980, No. 37 (Friuli; the plot is known throughout northern and central Italy) [Pierino Pierone boy climbed on a pear; the witch asked him to go down and give her pears; PP refused, threw the pear, she fell into the cow next to the horse droppings; then PP went down, the witch put it in a bag, carried it, along the way stopped and went to relieve herself; PP gnawed the rope, filled the bag with stones, and ran away; at home, the witch dumped the contents of the bag into a boiling pot, which crashed, filled the room with boiling water; the witch put on a wig came back to the pear tree; PP recognized her, but still went down; could not gnaw the rope, but at that moment the hunter came up, untied the bag, replaced the boy with the dog; when the witch untied the bag, the dog bit her and ran away; for the third time the witch has a red wig; she brought PP home; left for a while, telling her daughter to cook it; PP pretends not to know how to put her head on the board so Margarita cut her off; cut off her head, threw her into the cauldron; climbed onto the shelf above the hearth; the witch asks how he got there; PP says he made a ladder out of a spoon, knife and fork; the witch tried fell into the fire and burned down]: 110-114, 723; Crane 1885, No. 38 (Monferrato) [a passerby released a snake crushed by a stone, it was going to eat it; horse and mulberry answer that there is no gratitude; the fox wants to see how it happened, the snake is again under the stone; the man promised the fox a bag of chickens, put dogs in the bag; the fox opened it, they tore it]: 150-151; Cosquin 1887:206 (Rome) [Busk, p. 388; beggar asks a woman for alms; she gives a pea; he spends the night in the house, warns that the chicken does not bite the pea; the chicken pecks her, he receives a chicken; then a pig; a calf; in the fourth house, a sick person the girl wants a calf's heart, kills a cow to get it; the girl's mother promises to give it back, puts it in a bag; but the beggar left the bag until tomorrow and the girl was replaced by a dog; when the beggar opened the bag, the dog bit it; the version from Tuscany is the same, but the dog bit off the beggar's nose], 206-207 (Mantova) [Visentini, no. 10; the person deliberately adjusts to make the deposited goods go missing; bean, chicken, a pig, a horse, a girl, she was replaced by a dog]; Sicilians [a church servant sweeps the floor, finds a coin, buys roasted peas, left one pea for preservation in the bakery, it was pecked by a chicken, he got a rooster, gave it to a miller for preservation, pigs ate the rooster, the servant received a pig, gave it to a friend whose daughter is marrying, the hostess stabbed and ate a pig, he got a bride, gave it to preservation, the owner found it, replaced it with a dog, the servant opened the bag, the dog bit his nose; he asks the dog to give his hair to heal the bite: dog: give bread; baker: bring firewood; woodcutter: give me an ax; blacksmith: give me coal; coal burn: give the cart; the cart master gives the cart, then along the chain]: Crane 1885, No. 79:250-252.

Western Europe. French: Cosquin 1887, No. 62:202-205 (Lorraine) [during the harvest, a lazy man hired to work but did nothing; the owner gave him a pea — more than he deserved; the lazy man stopped at overnight, a chicken pecked a pea, a lazy man demanded a chicken, otherwise he would go to Paris {complain}; he left the chicken in the stable in the next house, but there was a pig, she ate the chicken, the lazy man got a pig; the next time he left a pig in the stable, the foal killed it, the lazy man got a foal; in another house, the hostess's daughter took the foal to drink, which fell into a hole and drowned; the lazy man got a girl, put her in bag; in the next house, the bag was taken for preservation, but the owner was not allowed in; it was the house of the girl's godmother; she called her, the woman let the girl go, replaced her dog; the lazy man carried the bag, sat under a pear, untied it, the dog bit it to death], 205 [Upper Normandy, Fleury, p. 186; Merlicoquet picked up three spikelets of wheat; when he slept, the owner's chicken pecked the grains; he got a chicken; then a horse; the girl went to give him water, the horse drowned; M. left the girl's bag for storage, it turned out to be her godmother's house, who replaced the girl with a dog and a cat], 205-206 (Lozer in Languedoc) [all Turlendu has this is a pea; stopping for the night, warns that it does not go missing; the chicken pecked a pea, T. got a chicken; then a pig; a mule; due to the girl's maid, the mule fell into the well; having received a girl, T. put it in a bag, left it in another house; there she was replaced by a dog; when T. opened the bag, she bit off his nose], 207 (French Flanders) [Jean du Gogué went to Hergnies to eat goose meat; him they gave a sheaf of wheat; then the usual sequence: a rooster, a cow, a girl (who killed a cow when it whipped her tail in the face); the girl was replaced by a dog; J. carries a bag, asks if the girl was his wife; growling out of the bag; the dog jumped out, J. climbed the willow, she broke down, ran over the dog, there was a golden goose in the willow trunk]; the French (Haute-Brittany) [Sébillot, I: 64; stopping for the night, the man left a grain of wheat to the hostess; he was pecked by a chicken; threatening to sue him, the man received a chicken; a chicken for a cow; in the third house, a cow kicked the maid, and she hurried her killed; the man took the girl in a sack, left it for storage to the woman, and this was her godmother; she calls her daughter to eat soup, the girl from the bag: I want it too; the girl was replaced by a dog; when she heard barking from the bag, the man runs away in horror]: Cosquin 1887, No. 62:205; the Bretons [orphan boy Pierre-le-Niais went on a journey, picked up spikelets of wheat, stopped for the night, threw spikelets to the chickens , they pecked the grain, P. demanded chicken in return; left the chicken in the pigsty in the next house, the pigs ate it, he got a pig; instead of a pig, a horse; the servant drove the horses to pasture, and The maid went on business on P.'s horse, not knowing that it was not their horse; the horse ran away; P. told the maid that he would pick it up in return, put it in a bag and carried it away; stayed in another house, and the godmother lived there maids; while P. was eating dinner, she replaced her with a dog and puppies; P. carried the dog, it twitches, P. threatened to drown the maid in the pond; opened the bag, saw the dog, thought that the maid was in collusion with the devil, and left]: Luzel 1887 (3), No. 2:400-406; Germans (Hanover) [the man carried a bag of peas to the bazaar; stopped at a friend; chickens pecked the rumble; receiving chickens in return, the man during the next night left them in the pigsty, the pigs ate them; the next time he got horses instead of pigs; the man stayed with the officer; his little son wanted to climb on the horse, the horses ran away; the man put the boy in the basket and left it at the baker, went for a drink himself; the baker had just had a son, he baked cakes, the boy from the basket asked to give it to him; the boy was replaced by a dog; the man returned, carried basket, wanted to start hitting the boy; but the dog tore off his head]: Colshorn, no. 30 in Cosquin 1887:206.

Burma — Indochina. Vieta [the girl wants to marry only a noble man; regularly buys smoking sticks and lights them in front of the Buddha statue; the chopstick seller hid behind the statue, on behalf of the Buddha ordered she married a chopstick seller; putting the girl in a bag, carried her home; passing through the forest, he came across the prince's soldier, threw the bag and hid; the soldiers took the girl, took her to the prince, he married her; The bag was planted instead of the girl who had just been caught; when the seller opened the bag, the tiger killed him]: Cosquin 1887:209-210.

South Asia. Ancient India (a retelling of two similar Sanskrit texts from central India — Godavari is mentioned) [the hermit took a vow of silence, but when he entered the money changer's house, he saw his beautiful daughter and decided take possession of it; said he broke his vow to warn of the danger: after three days, the house would be destroyed with all its inhabitants if the girl was not put in a coffin and lowered along the Godavari River, putting a lit lamp on the coffin; warned the students that when they saw such a coffin, let them catch it, bring it to his room and not enter it, even if they heard screams; then he would be able to get it for them happiness; the prince hunted, accidentally saw a coffin floating, caught it, took out the girl, married her, and put a live monkey in her place; when the hermit opened the coffin, the monkey rushed at him, terribly wounded and ran away]: Cosquin 1887:211; Marathi (Mumbai) [when a black woman combed the princess and caught a louse, the princess ordered her to be placed in a vessel and fed; when the princess was 12 years old and her they want to marry, she promises to marry only someone who understands what kind of animal she has; the guest princes could not guess; the maid quit, told her son about the louse, he guessed it; the princess was going to marry a black man; after the ceremony, the black man refused to be accompanied, carried the bride in the chest; departed out of need; at this time the prince came up and opened the chest; when he found out what was going on, he took the girl, planting into the chest of two cubs; bringing the chest home, the black man told the guests to have fun and ignore the screams from the bedroom; the tigers tore it; the next day they broke the door and saw them eat up the remains; the princess's father handed over the throne to the prince]: D'Penha 1891, No. 7:111-113.

The Balkans. Macedonians [the fisherman did not catch anything all day; a man came up, gave the fisherman some money, asked him to throw a net for him; a sealed copper vessel came across; a man opened it, from there a snake crawled out, wrapped around the man's neck, asked whether to strangle him or eat him; she takes revenge on people because one of them put her in a vessel, but agreed to ask the opinion of others; the dog, the horse answer that the person is ungrateful and does not deserve gratitude; the fox pretends not to believe that the snake could fit in the vessel; it climbs, the fox demands to hide its head, the person closes the vessel; promises the fox 10 chickens; the man's wife is unhappy, but he puts the chickens in a bag; the wife secretly replaced the chickens with a dog; the fox opened the bag, the dog tore it; the man quarreled with his wife forever]: Martin 1955:65-72; Bulgarians : Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 155 [a person saves a snake from a fire or a wolf from a trap; a snake or wolf is going to kill him; a horse, dog, wolf and other animals say that a person ungrateful; the fox for promising to give her chicken or chickens demands to be shown how it happened; the snake (wolf) is trapped again, the man kills them; the man or his wife puts a dog in a bag instead of a chicken, she kills a fox], 1655:68, 554; Moldovans: Botezatu 1981 [the man hid a wolf in a bag, which was chased by hunters; the wolf is going to eat it; the dog, the donkey answer that the wolf is right; the fox does a kind that does not believe: how could a wolf fit in a bag; a wolf got into a bag, a man beat him to death; promises the fox a bag of chickens, brings a dog in a bag; the fox has hardly run away, since then he has been stealing chickens to get its share of kindness]: 376-378; Gagauz people [the snake wrapped around the man's neck; the wolf refused to judge because the man sent dogs at him; the fox demands that the snake first get off the man, then tells the man to kill the snake; the man promises her chickens; the wife tells her to put a dog in a bag instead of chickens; she caught up with the fox, the man took off the fox's skin]: Moshkov 1904, No. 145:214; Albanians [a bird with a fox they sowed wheat; every time the fox says that she does not know how to do such a job, she will do the next one; in the end, the bird does everything; the fox wants to take the grain, give the chaff to the bird; agrees that their goose judged - she will eat it; bug: call not a goose, but a dog as a judge; the dog asks the bird to feed it first; she distracts the woman's attention, the woman leaves a bowl with a hodgepodge, the dog ate everything; asks get olive oil to lubricate the skin; the bird sits on the wineskin, the peasant throws a stone at it, pierces the wineskin, the oil pours onto the ground; the bird carries the dog in a sack, says that there is a goose; the fox does not believe; the bird releases the dog, the fox goes into the hole, the dog tore off its tail, gives it to the bird, ordered to take all the wheat]: Serkova 1989:244-248; the Greeks Dawkins 1916 [the man went to the mountains for firewood, found the box, the snake opened, crawled out, was going to eat the man; the camel, the buffalo say that people themselves are not grateful; the fox pretends not to believe that the snake could be in the box; it gets there again; the husband wanted to bring 10 chickens to the fox; the wife ordered to put dogs in the bag instead of chickens; the fox managed to escape]: 335-337; Megas 1970, No. 10 [the children wanted to kill the snake, the poor man bought it; the snake grew up, rushed to man, began to strangle; sheep and oxen say that the snake is right, there is no gratitude; the man hints to the fox that he will give her chickens; the fox says he does not believe that the snake could fit into stiffening; that crawls in there, the man kills her; the man tells his wife to put chicken with chickens for the fox, she puts the dog with the puppies; the dog tears off the fox's tail; after running away, the fox blames itself: her parents were not judges , why did she get involved in this]: 11-13;.

Central Europe. Russians (Moscow) [plowman wolf: I'll eat your mare; man: lie down, I'll finish plowing, I'll give it back myself; fox: what's in between? - A stump. - If there was a stump, an ax would be stuck in it. Wolf: stick an ax; the man hacked the wolf; the man promises the fox a couple of chickens; he put two dogs in the bag himself; the fox hid in a hole, asks his eyes, ears, legs how they helped her; tail; he replies that got confused and interfered; the fox stuck it out, the dogs pulled the fox by the tail, tore it]: Vedernikova, Samodelova 1998, No. 13:43; Russians (Tambov, Lipetsk y.) [A man and a bear sow turnips together, a man asks for roots, a bear takes the tops believing that they are more valuable. When wheat is sown, the bear takes the roots, and the man takes the tops. The bear is angry and wants to eat the man, he cries, the fox sees him and promises to help him. She asks from the bushes, “Are there any biryuk wolves here, medvedev?” , the bear asks the man to say no, promises not to eat it. The fox asks what is lying by the cart, the man, at the bear's request, says that the deck, the fox says that the deck should be tied, the man ties the bear, the fox, says that the deck must be stuck an ax, a man sticks an ax at the bear's request and kills it. The man gives her a bag of white chickens as a reward, but asks her not to look, she can't stand it, opens it — dogs jump out of the bag and chase her. She hides in a hole, asks her ears, legs and tail, her ears listened, her legs ran, and her tail interfered — she sticks it out and dogs pull her out of the hole and tear her out of the hole and tear her apart]: Afanasiev (1984), No. 249 (7b) : 35-36; Northern Ukrainians (Chernigov): Berezovsky 1979, No. 221 (Kozeletsky district) [the wolf asks to hide it from hunters and dogs; the man hides it in a bag; when he releases it, the wolf is going to eat it; the fox pretends not to believe that the wolf may have been in the bag; the wolf goes there climbs in, the man kills him; the fox asks for chickens, put a stud in “on wheels”; the man puts three dogs there; the fox opens, the dogs are behind her, she hides in a hole, asks for parts of her body, how they helped to escape; says to his tail that he just got confused, sticks her out of the hole, dogs pull her by the tail, kill her]: 256-257; Malinka 1902, No. 42 (Nezhinsky u.) [as in Berezovsky 1979]: 324-325.

Caucasus — Asia Minor. Kalmyks [elderly spouses want to give their daughter with gems as a dowry; they are going to sacrifice a Buddha statue in the morning; a young fruit seller overheard their conversation, hid inside statues, on behalf of Buddha, ordered the daughter to be the first to come to their house in the morning; he came and received the girl himself; is going to kill her and take possession of the jewelry; to explain their appearance, does pretending to be austerious, as a result of which he will receive wealth; for this time he locked the girl in a chest and covered the chest with sand; the Khan's son and his people accidentally found a chest; the girl said that she is the daughter of the serpent king and will agree to leave the chest only if someone takes her place; the Khan's son married a girl and a tiger is locked in the chest; the fruit seller brings the chest home, locks the door and tells no one should enter, even if screams and moans are heard; unlocked the chest, the tiger tore it apart; the wife of the khan's son gave birth to three sons; the courtiers say that she came from the lower world and the children do not have an uncle mother; so the woman decided to return to her parents; on the way home she met her younger brother; on the site of her parents' modest home, a luxurious palace; the brother explained that they became rich after how the sister got married; nothing around in the morning, her parents died, the Buddha statue in the temple was broken; she returned to her husband, she was well received]: Jülg 1866, No. 11:53-58; Ossetians: Dzagurov 1973, No. 2 [the wolf tells the plowman that while he plows, he will drag him a ram every day, but then he will have to give him a bull; without a bull, the peasant is afraid of going broke; promises the fox a lamb in a bag ; she agrees how the person should answer her; fox: hello; man: have breakfast with us; fox: I'm afraid of your dog (i.e. wolf); man: it's not a dog, but a leather bag; fox: then tie it to arbe; hit him; wolf: only lightly; the man crushed the wolf's head with a yoke; instead of a lamb, he puts a dog in a fox bag; the fox hardly ran away; in the fall he brought the bears, they ruined the sown oats by man; man regretted his betrayal]: 17-20; Miller 1881, No. 1 (Digors) [the wolf suggests that the ploughman bring him a lamb every day until he takes out his plow and when he takes it out , let him give one bull; the plowman agreed, but then does not know what to do: it's impossible to plow on one bull; the fox promises to help; comes and asks what it is next to the plowman. — Bag. — If the bag, tie it to the arba; hit the top of the head; the wolf died; the fox asked for a lamb as a reward; the man put a greyhound in the bag; the fox ran away and hid, but the dog tore off its tail; the fox brought the pigs to the field but they did not give her the promised pig; the fox brought people to kill pigs; they gave her a horse; she does not know how to kill a horse; calls a wolf, teaches how to cut a horse correctly; to do this, let the horse and the wolf shove heads in one loop; both died]: 83-87; kumyks [the fox asked the woman to remove the thorn from her leg; the woman threw a thorn into the fire; the fox demanded bread in return, the woman did not give it, the fox grabbed bread, ran away; she also exchanged bread for chicken, chicken for lamb, lamb for girl, left the girl's bag by the cliff; the shepherds found him, released the girl, put the puppies in her place; the fox hugged bag, puppies screamed, fox fell off the cliff in fear, crashed]: Ganiyeva 2011a, No. 113:276-278; Georgians: Glushakov 1904, No. 9 (Imereti) [the fox found a handful of millet, stopped at the peasant, asked her to put her millet in the chicken coop; the chickens ate it, the fox demanded chicken in return; then sheep for chicken, goat sheep, bull goat; stabbed the bull at night, put the knife in the newlywed's pocket; Fox took the newlywed, carried it in a sack; people fried a ram, Lisa asked her to feed her; the girl from the bag: and me! people hid the girl, put a dog in a bag, she tore the fox]: 63-65; Kurdovanidze 1988, No. 25 [the fox picked up ears, asked to spend the night, put ears in the chicken coop, the chickens pecked the grain, she got a rooster for grain; spent the night with a shepherd, stabbed a rooster on sheep's horns at night; a sheep on a bull; stabbed a bull, a knife in the pocket of her youngest widow's daughter; got a girl, put it in a wineskin, stopped at ploughmen; they sent the fox to bring water with a sieve, replaced the girl with a dog; she scratches, the fox opened her wineskin, the dog tore it]: 65-68; Turks: Stebleva 1986, No. 6 [the man saved the snake that turned out to be on a burning tree, she is about to bite him; the ox and the river answer that man and good are incompatible; a person promises a fox chickens, who says that a snake has no right to bite its savior; man brings instead of chickens, dogs, shakes them out of the bag, the fox barely escaped; promises to always steal chickens from now on], 70 [people want to burn a snake, the shepherd saved it, put it in a bag, carried it, she wants to sting it; a bull, a tree they say that the snake is right, people are not grateful; the fox wants to know how it happened, tells the shepherd to kill the snake; he promises her chickens; the wife advises her to bring a greyhound in a sack; the fox rushed into the hole, but the shepherd noticed the tail pulled out a fox, killed it, made his wife a fur coat]: 25-26, 286-287; Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 1 [the fox and the wolf go to steal grapes (the fox tells the wolf that the vineyard is hers); agree to eat while the grapes are out the nostril will not climb; seeing that the wolf continues to eat, the fox calls the watchman; the wolf cannot crawl through the fence and is beaten; sometimes, instead of a wolf, a bear or a pig; then the wolf and the fox steal honey and negotiate that it will be eaten by whoever wins the stick fight in the well; the wolf's stick is too long, the fox has defeated him; for this the owner (of the vineyard?) promises her five chickens; the owner's wife replaced them with dogs; they tore off the fox's tail; the wolf and the fox quarrel on the bridge and both fall into the water]: 27-28.

Iran — Central Asia. Sarykoltsy (China) [The fox steals pears from three Armytik pears; he smears it with glue; the fox promises to get him the royal daughter; orders him to sell pear trees, buy 400 hats; when she brings the king , throw them into the river; the tsar believes that Prince A.'s warriors have drowned, but he himself is safe and his father will not attack our kingdom; explains to the king that A. is surprised at the new clothes and food, because his groom wore one, rice was oily; the fox runs forward, telling them to say that the herds and herds are not witches in the iron fortress, but King A.; the witch has poker legs, broom hair; the fox says that an army is moving towards her, advises hide under a pile of firewood, burns it; A. and his wife live in a castle; Lisa pretends to be dead; A. says there's a way; Lisa forgives A., leaves, pretends that her lamb is gone, gets paid for it the daughter of an old woman; carries her in a sack, goes down to the well for a drink; the young man catches up, replaces the girl with a dog, the Fox hides from her in a hole; the young man leaves a pumpkin vessel buzzing in the wind, as if the dog is still howling; Finally, the Fox finds out, ties the pumpkins to its tail to collect water; the tail comes off; the other foxes ask the little one to shake the mulberries; she climbs the tree on the condition that she ties the tails of the others; I ate berries, shouted that a dog was approaching, the other foxes ran away with their tails cut off]: Pakhalina 1966:95-101 (=Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 64:471-480).

Baltoscandia. The Danes [the lumberjack agreed to release the snake, which was pinched by a tree; it was going to sting it, but agreed to ask the people she met if there was a reward for good; an old horse: There is no gratitude; a man promises two geese to the fox, she says that good is rewarded, has a snack on the snake's neck; the man follows the geese, the wife puts two dogs in the bag, they bitten to death a fox; she has time think that good is paid for evil after all]: Grundtvig 1920:184-186; Norwegians [the bear is going to pick up a man's horse, the fox promises to help if a person gives it a sheep; pretends to be bear hunter; bear asks to be said to be a stump; the fox tells you to roll a stump on the cart, stab an ax into it; the man goes after the lamb, the wife tells you to put two greyhounds in the bag instead; they drive fox]: Dasent 1970:266-269 (briefly in Hodne 1984, No. 154:42); Estonians: Jakobson 1954 [the bear was hired to guard the field, asks for what is in the ground; the wheat is ripe, the bear has roots; the next year asked for what was above the ground; the owner sowed turnips, the bear the tops; the bear told the fox that he would kill the peasant; the fox: I will help if you give chicken with chickens; the peasant agrees; the bear meets the peasant; the fox barks, the bear believes that there is a hunter with 10 dogs; the fox in a rude voice: what's dark there; bear: say it's a stump; if it's a stump, why don't you load it on the cart; bear: I'll climb it myself; fox: why not you'll tie; man: the ropes are bad; fox: I'll help with dogs now; bear: tie it well; fox: why don't you cut a stump with an ax; bear: hit lightly; a peasant killed a bear; brought a fox in a bag instead of a chicken, three dogs; she opened the bag, threw herself into the hole, the tail out; the dogs pulled it out and killed it; the fox: why did I dig a hole for a bear, I hit it myself]: 169-175 (=1987:111-115); Kippar 2010, No. II .3 (eastern Estonia, Maarja-Magdalena) [bear to man: for guarding your field, my roots; the man collected oats; next time the bear wanted tops, the man picked turnips; the fox to the man: give two a bag of chickens for not letting a bear eat you? the man agrees; the fox taught me how to answer; makes noise; man: these are the royal rangers looking for wolves and bears; bear: climb on the cart, I will say that there is a thick log; fox: why not tied; man tied up a bear; why don't they stick an ax? the man hacked the bear; brought the fox two dogs in bags; untied it, the fox disappeared into the hole; began to ask his eyes and legs how they helped to escape; tail: and I clung to the bushes; the fox stuck him out of the hole, dogs they pulled the fox by the tail and lifted it up]; Mälk et al., 1967, No. 31 (Paldiski) [the fox found an apple, stopped for the night, threw the apple into the stove, demanded chicken for it in the morning; the next time she threw it the chicken in the oven, ate it, burned the feathers, demanded to give a pig for the missing chicken; a calf for a pig; the owner's daughter for a calf; the owner puts a dog in a bag instead of his daughter; the fox tells the girl sang, growled in response; the fox ran away, the dog returned home]: 74-75; Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2014, No. 9 [the man pulled a snake out of the pit; it wrapped around his neck and began to strangle; horse, dog say that people are ungrateful; the fox demands to show how it happened again in the hole; the man promises her chicken; the wife persuaded her to shoot the fox instead; the fox is dying: this is how they pay for good; 85 options in total; in 20 the fox is given a bag of dogs; at 10 she hides from dogs in a hole, but gets angry with its tail and throws it away to the dogs]: 43-44; Lebite 1965 [the bear is going to lift the ploughman's ox; the fox promises to help for a bag of chickens; shouts to a man: the master is traveling with 500 hunters, has he seen bears; man: no; fox: who is in the den; man: a log; branches must be cut off from the log; bear: cut off my paws; a man cut off; then the same thing in the den; a fox: an ax would be stabbed into the deck; bear: put an ax in my head; a man kills a bear; a person brings not chickens, dogs in a bag, the fox hides in a hole; asks all parts of my body how who helped escape; tail: and I kept hanging out so that not me, but you would be grabbed; the fox sticks out its tail to the dogs, they pulled out the fox and bit to death]: 55-57.

Volga — Perm. Mordva (Erzya): Evseviev 1964, No. 6 [old man plows; bear: eat your horse; old man: let the pen plow; bear lay under the cart; fox: old man, did you see a bear? bear: tell me you didn't see; fox: what's under the cart? bear: say that a burnt stump; fox: you would pick it up on the cart; bear: pick it up; fox: if there was a stump, you would stick an ax; bear: stick it; the old man hacked it; promises the fox a club with chickens; instead, I brought a dog in a bag; the fox hid in the hole; - Eyes — how did they take care of me? — We watched so as not to fall. — I'll buy you glasses. How did your legs run? — All go ahead. — I'll buy boots. Tail, how is my shore? — I was confused between my legs; the fox stuck it out, the dog pulled it out by the tail, ate it], 55 [the bear invites the old man to plant turnips together; chose the tops; the next year they sowed wheat, the bear chose the roots; tells the old man that when he comes for firewood, he will eat it; the old man has come for firewood; the bear threatens to eat; the fox: did you see the bear? I'm chasing to the service; bear: tell me you didn't see; fox: what's next to you? bear: say it's a stump; fox: if a stump, he would stick an ax; the old man hacked the bear; promises the fox a basket of chickens; put two greyhounds in the basket, took the chicken in his hand; the fox hid from the greyhounds in the hollow; asks their eyes and legs, what did they do; they showed the way, they ran; and the tail? He got confused between his legs; the fox stuck him out, the dogs pulled it out and ate it]: 41-42, 367-370; Yurtov 1883, No. 20 [poor Damai has only a tub of oil; the fox steals oil, Damai caught her and began to beat her; the fox promises to marry him the daughter of the Thunder King; Thunder praises the power and wealth of D.; advises him to repair bridges, otherwise D. the hero is heavy; he takes D. to the Thunder, on the way he tells the shepherds of geese, turkeys, cows, horses to speak that they are herding the herds not of the seven-headed Karyaz, but Damai; she hardly knocked down the Iron Bridge, told D. to undress and jump into the river; at Thunder, the fox meticulously chooses clothes for D. instead of the supposedly drowned one; orders Karyazu will hide behind 7 piles of oak firewood; he notices that he will come to life from the ashes so that the ashes do not dissipate in the wind; the fox encourages Thunder to burn the firewood and then scatter the ashes; asked as a reward a chicken; instead, D. gave her a bag containing dogs; the fox untied it, they tore it apart]: 119-135 (about the same Anikin 1909: {p.?}) ; Komi [the fox helps the man get rid of the bear with cunning advice; instead of thanking, the man loads the fox with a bag in which the dog is hidden; released from the bag, it immediately tears the fox ( chases her); the fox hides in the hole from the chase; asks its legs, eyes, tail who did what; the tail replies that it interfered, it sticks it out of the hole, and the dogs pull the fox by the tail]: Korovina 2012, NO. 154:76.

Southern Siberia — Mongolia. Altaians [father falls ill, sends daughter Torko-Cachak (“silk brush”) for the old shaman Teldekpey-Kam; he demands that PM become his wife, she refuses; after the campaign, TK says that the father will recover when PM is stabbed in a barrel and lowered into the river; the young fisherman Balykchi took out a barrel, replaced the PM with a dog, threw the barrel back into the river; the TC slaves pulled it out, brought it to its owner, left; the dog he gnawed almost to death; PM painted her portrait on birch bark so that B. could always look at her; the river carried away birch bark; Kara-Kaan saw her, ordered the girl to be brought in; she lived in his tent, but not smiled; laughed when she saw a young man wearing a goat fur outward riding a bull; KK decided to put this fur coat on himself and sit on the bull; he took him away, his heart and liver burst; PM stayed with B.]: Garf, Kuciyak 1978:150-163; Tuvans: Vatagin 1971, No. 17 [Karaty Khan lived in the upper reaches of Kara-khema, a lama with two novices in the lower reaches, and a fisherman Oskus-ool in the middle; to take K.'s daughter, the llama gave him a poisonous powder; he was called to treat the sick person; the lama said that instead of khan, his daughter could be sent to the lower world; let them put him in a chest and throw him into the river; warned novices that a chest would come; O. caught chest, replaced the girl with an evil dog; she ate the llama; O. married the girl; she drew him her portrait so that he would always look at her; the wind carried away the portrait, it fell into the hands of another khan, he sent an army, took away O.'s wife; she does not laugh; O. came in a bear coat and wolf hat on a hornless bull; the woman laughed for the first time; the khan changed clothes with O.; the wife said that the khan was ill, and across the steppe the devil rides in a bear coat and a wolf hat, he must be killed; the khan was killed, O. and his wife lived happily]: 149-153; Samdan 1994, No. 13 (Bai-Taiga) [Karaty Khan lives in the upper reaches of Kashpal-Kara-Khem, in the lower reaches of the Lama with two students, a middle-class fisherman Bagay-ool with an angry dog; the llama wants to marry K.'s daughter, but this contradicts his vow; gives K. a potion, he falls ill; the llama persuaded another lama to tell K. put his daughter in a chest, go down the river; he lowered it, after a laxative he immediately recovered; B. caught the chest, replaced the girl with a dog; the llama opened the chest, the dog tore it, the students killed the dog; B. does not fish, she still looks at his wife; she gives him her portrait to admire; the wind carried away the portrait, another khan saw and took B.'s wife away; three years later, having earned property from K., B. comes to the kidnapper unrecognized; the wife recognizes her husband, smiles for the first time; promises the kidnapper that if he arrives in the same funny clothes, she will be even more cheerful; tells the servants to kill whoever comes tomorrow is an evil spirit; servants Khan is being killed, B. takes his place]: 341-351; the Buryats [Naran-Gerelte (“radiant sun”) has daughter Naran-Sareg (“sun flower”); to marry her, the Lama put potions on and the NS fell ill; said that the NA demands water khan Lusud; she must be lowered in a wooden box along the river, only then will she recover; the NA asked for her red dog; instead of the llama's servants, the shepherd accidentally pulled out the box; NS ordered him to be lowered again, leaving the dog inside; the servants brought the box to the llama, the dog gnawed his throat; the NS gives her shepherd husband a ring, a foreign khan kidnapped her; the husband came in rags, through an old man handed the ring to his wife; when the man in rags came up, the NA told Khan that she liked the dirty and ragged ones; he believed it and dressed like this himself; the NS ordered him to travel for three days (to make the rags look like this more plausible); ordered the servants to push into a hole and stone someone who would appear in three days; returned home with her shepherd husband]: Eliasov 1959:30-35 (very similar text, Kizhinginsky District of Buryatia, 1974 in Bardakhanova, Gympilova 2008, No. 6:33-36); Khalkha-Mongols [“Mongol Ardyn Ulger”, ed. P.Horloo. Ub. 1969:175; the khan has a beautiful and educated daughter; hansha is ill; to take possession of her, the lama says that the disease was sent by a witch, the daughter of the khan; tells her daughter to go down the river in a chest; tells a stupid shepherd catch the chest when it swims by, but not open it; when the shepherd hears the girl's voice, he opens it, the girl tells her to place a large white dog in her place; the llama tells me to bring the chest to it; In the morning, the servants saw a white dog; they thought it was a witch, burned it; the girl became the wife of a stupid young man; she gave him her portrait; the wind blew him away; the portrait was brought to the Khan; he ordered him to be taken a woman and kill her husband; the wife tells her husband to pretend to be dead; then dress up in rags; she will send a blue bull, he will take him to the khan; tells the khan that a witch on a bull will come; the young man was captured and threw him into a well; his wife pulled him out, hid him, threw branches into the well and set him on fire; the khan believed that the witch was dead; the girl: in order to marry according to custom, the groom must dress up in rags and walk around the city and say that he was a khan; everyone thought it was a witch and killed him; the girl dressed her husband in Khan's clothes, who became khan and then a sage]: Egubova 2012 [“Mongol Ardyn Ulger”, ed. P.Horloo. — Ub., 1969, p. 175]: 15-19; Mikhailov 1962:166-167.