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M165. Wolf coat, ATU 102. .14.-.17.27.-.31.33.

One zoomorphic character promises another to sew a fur coat (boots), asks him to bring sheep, eats them, and does not sew anything.


Berbers, Moroccan Arabs [lion jackals], Kabilas [lion jackals], Arabs of Algeria, Egypt, Portuguese [fox to wolf], Germans (Silesia, Sudetes), Palestinians [leopard fox], Arameans, Arabs of Jordan [jackal fox], Syria, Iraq [wolf to lion; jackal to lion], Saudi Arabia [lion jackal], Moldovans [dog to wolf], Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks [shoemaker to wolf], Poles [dog to wolf], Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia , Ugric Russia, Hutsulshchina, Galicia) [fox or dog to wolf], Belarusians [fox (dog?) Lezgins [fox to wolf], Tabasarans [fox to wolf], Armenians, Lurs [fox to wolf], Persians [fox to wolf], Tajiks [fox to wolf], Yagnobs [fox to wolf], Wakhans [fox to shepherd], Pashtuns [fox to wolf], Baluchis [fox to wolf] fox to shepherd], Latvians [wolf fox], Lithuanians [fox to wolf], Estonians [dog to wolf], Seto [dog to wolf], Finns [mouse to cat], Eastern Sami [?] , Kyrgyz [fox to wolf], Karakalpaks.

North Africa. Kabila [Jackal makes sandals out of cow skin, walks them up the hill to be visible; The lion comes and asks him to make them like them; Jackal: that skin is dry, bring another cow; Jackal asked for more shoelaces, sewed Leo's sandals to the soles of his paws, ordered him to keep his paws to the sun - the skin would dry out, the pain would go away; the pain became unbearable, Leo persuaded two Wild Hens to free him from sandals; wanted to eat them, they flew away noisily; since then, when a lion approaches, wild chickens take off noisily]: Frobenius 1921b, No. 3:11-13; the Arabs of Morocco [the jackal undertakes to sew boots for the lion, demands more and more sheep; boots are tight, the lion tears off the jackal's tail, which to celebrate and then punish; the jackal adjusts so that all jackals remain tailless; the lion kills another jackal]: Nowak 1969, No. 30:66; Algerian Berbers (Quargla) [the jackal asks the hedgehog how many tricks he has; he replies that one and a half; the jackal has a hundred; they climbed into the garden to steal onions; the hedgehog ate enough to crawl back, the jackal ate and could not get out when the owner appeared; asks the hedgehog to give him half the trick; the hedgehog advises him to pretend to be dead; the owner's little son stabs the jackal twice with a thorn, he twitches, but the father does not believe his son, that the jackal was alive; he threw it over the fence; the jackal ran away with his shoe; told the lion that he and all his relatives were famous shoemakers; if the lion wanted shoes, let him bring two fat camels; With camel skin, the jackal wrapped not only the lion's legs, but also the lion's body; the skin is dry, the lion is suffering unbearably; the jackal ran away, but the lion tore off its tail; screams that he identifies him as tailless; the jackal brought others jackals stole that bow and tied their tails to a palm tree; the owner came, they all cut off their tails; the lion could not identify the jackal; offered all jackals to eat black pepper, whoever says "I" is guilty; jackal: I did not say "Ay"]: Basset 1897, No. 68:12-17 (almost the same No. 69:18-20 from Bejaia); Algerian Arabs: El-Shamy 2004, No. 102:36-37; Moroccan Berbers, Egyptian Arabs: El-Shamy 2004, No. 102A§: 37.

Southern Europe. The Portuguese [the fox found tattered boots, put it on; answers the wolf what she sewed; he asks him to sew too, tells him to bring a bull, a ram, sheep, lambs; when the wolf understood the deception, he chased the fox, she went down the hole , he tore off her tail; the fox invites other foxes to teach them how to dance abroad, to do this, contact her tails; shouts that hunters are coming, the foxes have run, cut off their tails; the tailless convinced the wolf that all foxes are like this]: Shustova 1994:264-266; (cf. Galicians [the fox invited the cat to go to the girls together; towards the dog; the cat climbed the tree, the fox hardly ran away; decided to remember the cat's betrayal; after a while again invited the cat to go to the girls; advised me, since they were going to the princess, to wear walnut shell shoes; I'll catch the dogs again; the fox ran away, but the cat in his shoes could not; the Basques have the same plot, Barandiarán, Mente vasca, 2:131-132]: Camarena, Chevalier 1997, No. 24:50-51).

Western Europe. Germans (Silesia, Sudetenland): Uther 2004 (1), No. 102:77

Western Asia. Aramei: Uther 2004 (1), No. 102:77; Jordanian Arabs [the jackal saw Abu l'Hssein (the fox) bring sheepskin (clearly stolen) and started watering it; the fox said it had been two years worked as a tanner; the jackal asks to make him clothes; the fox explains that different types of clothes require different numbers of skins; the jackal chooses the rider's clothes that require the most skins; foxes asks to bring the whole lambs - he will peel them off himself; a month later, the jackal comes for his order, the fox asks to wait another month; then another week - the sleeves remain to be sewn; in the end, the jackal grabbed the fox by the tail when he tried to escape into the hole, tearing it off; the fox called his tribesmen and said that he knew the vineyard in which the grapes were ripe; so that no one would eat more than others, tied the foxes by the tails, and when the foxes ate to the dump, he called the owner of the vineyard; the foxes ran away, cutting off their tails; now Abu Al-Hsein is just like the rest of the foxes and the jackal could not distinguish him]: Bushnaq 1987: 234-236; Palestinians [the fox asks the eagle what the world looks like from above; does not believe that it is as small as the eagle says; the eagle offers to carry it through the air and, when the world is gone, drops it; the fox fell on the soft ground where the shepherd's sheepskin lay; ran away with the sheepskin; answered the leopard that he was making jackets; the leopard agreed to send six lambs; then the fox demanded three more; etc.; finally, the leopard rushed at the fox, grabbed the tail; the tail came off and the fox disappeared into the hole; the leopard left a hornet's nest at the entrance, the fox was afraid to go out for several days because it heard a noise; ate the children and his wife; when he went out, a tailless fox brought others to the vineyard, tied everyone by the tail so that the foxes would not make noise; called people; all the foxes cut off their tails, ran away]: Hanauer 1935:205-207 (=Hanauer 2009:253-256); Arabs Syria: El-Shamy 2004, No. 102:36-37; Iraqi Arabs: Nowak 1969, No. 30 [the jackal undertakes to sew boots for a lion, demands more and more sheep; the boots are tight, the lion tears off the jackal's tail, which to note and then punish; the jackal adjusts so that all jackals remain tailless; the lion kills another jackal]: 66; Stevens 2006, No. 14 [the stork calls the jackal for lunch, leads to the thorny thickets, easily pecks berries there, and the jackal ripped off; the jackal calls the stork, pours milk on the stone, licks, the stork is hungry; the stork offers the jackal to teach him how to fly, lifts him on his back; drops when the jackal replies what is more does not see the ground; the jackal asks God to let him fall on the shepherd's sheep coat; puts it on, the sheep take him for a shepherd, he takes them to the cave, feasts with jackals; the lion asks where the fur coat comes from; the jackal says that everyone in his family was tailors; measures a lion: you need 20 camels, 50 sheep, 100 chickens; when all this is eaten, he asks for buttons for another 20 sheep and 50 chickens; after figuring out what's going on, the lion grabs the jackal, he runs away with his tail cut off; promises other jackals to teach them a new dance, ties his tails, shouts that a pack of lions is coming, jackals are running, now everyone remains tailless; the lion cannot find a culprit], 15 [lion sees a wolf in the well; he replies that he is sewing a fur coat; the lion also wants a fur coat, the wolf asks to bring sheep - a pair at a time; finally he says he is ready, asks to lower the rope; covers himself with skins tells you to pick it up; the lion thinks he's lifting his fur coat; when he gets out of the well, the wolf throws his skins at the lion, runs away]: 80-82, 83-84; Weissbach 1908, No. 28 [translated to Lebedev 1990, No. 2:26-29; the fox invited a stork, poured the soup into a flat plate; promised to teach her how to run, sat it on her back, ran over the thorns; the stork grew feathers, he offered the fox to teach her how to fly, threw it from a height, she fell on the shepherd; he ran away, the fox put on his sheepskin coat; told the lion that she was sewing sheepskin coats; he asked her to sew, she demanded 300 sheep skins; dug a hole, hid the skins there, hid herself; the lion hung it at the exit a jug, he was buzzing in the wind, the fox thought that the lion was guarding it; got out; offered the lion to feed him, led him to the mule; the lion said that his valley, the mule, was on his hooves; the lion leaned down, his mule killed him, the fox ate the lion]: 139-145; Saudia [the stork offers the jackal to ride it, lifts it into the air and throws it away; he falls on the shepherd, the shepherd runs away, the jackal gets the sheep; he summons other jackals to a feast elected by the jackal shah; the jackal promises the lion to sew a fur coat for him, asks for a considerable price; to celebrate the deceiver, the lion tore off his tail; the jackal arranged it like other jackals were left without a tail; the lion was unable to identify its enemy]: Nowak 1960, No. 4:50.

The Balkans. Moldovans [the shepherd drove away the old dog by taking the puppy; the dog offers the wolf to sew boots, tells them to bring a calf, pig, geese - their skin is needed for work; the dog is tired, began to tear wolves; they ask peace, offer a ransom; the dog asks to drag the sheep out of its former owner's herd; the young dog ran and the old one tore the wolves; the owner took him back]: Moldavian tales 1968:462-465; Hungarians: Uther 2004 (1), No. 102:77.

Central Europe. Czechs: Uther 2004 (1), No. 102:77; Slovaks [the wolf came to the shoemaker to order boots; he promises to sew them, but requires a heifer for the skin, then linen and hemp to make a dratva, a boar, to grease; when he gave the wolf boots, they did not fit him; shoemaker: I thought you needed special ones, you had to jump into a hole with liquid clay; only then do not enter the water; they chased the wolf, he through the river, the boots dissolved; the wolf summoned the shoemaker to a duel, in seconds a boar and a squirrel; a squirrel from a tree: comes with two; one has red lights blaze, the other has enough stones from the ground; the wolf ran away in horror; the shoemaker was walking with a rooster and a dog that poked a clod of earth; now the wolf wants to eat the foal; the mare: he must first be baptized; brought the wolf to the water and kicked; the wolf wants to eat the kid; goat: he still needs to be mourned; the wolf howled, the peasants came running and beat him; the bird promises to feed the wolf; lured the women, who left their food baskets, the wolf ate; when he put his head in the pot get drunk, couldn't pull it out; ran, broke the pot against the tree; the wolf: all because he chased what was unnecessary; my father did not order a boot and was not a church singer; at that time his two foresters shot, furrier's skin hit a nail]: Gorbov 1949:71-77; Poles [option: Shcherbakov 1980:16-18; the dog promises to sew boots for the wolf; let him get the necessary materials and food; wolf brings a cow, a pig, etc.; a wolf declares war on a dog and is defeated]: Krzyżanowski 1962, No. 102:57-58; Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Ugric Russia, Hutsulshchina, Galicia), Belarusians [A dog (fox) is a wolf shoemaker: it requires material for boots and eats a cow, a pig, a ram brought to her by a wolf; {for Russians, the only record outside the Russian ethnic territories in Lithuania}]: SUS 1979, No. 102:66.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Lezgins [the fox pretends to read a book, the wolf asks her to teach his cubs; the fox asks for lamb skins to sew fur coats for his children, the wolf brings sheep; the fox eats both sheep and cubs; runs to the mill, pretends to be another fox; the wolf asks him to be taught the craft of a miller, the fox tells him to put his head under the wheel, the wolf loses his scalp; the fox weaves baskets, says she is another fox; the fox braids the wolf inside the basket, rolls down the mountain to the shepherds]: Ganiyeva 2011a, No. 25:109-111; Tabasarans [the fox answers the wolf that he is reading the Koran; the wolf asks to teach his children to read; the fox tells first bring 10 sheep to sew fur coats for children, come for the children in the spring; eats sheep and cubs; runs away, pretends to be a miller like another fox; the wolf asks to teach him how to work at the mill, the fox tells put his head under the millstones, the wolf is almost killed; the fox weaves the basket, again says that she is another fox; the wolf asks to teach him, the fox puts it in the basket, braids it, lowers it down the mountain to the shepherds, dogs a wolf was killed]: Khalilov, Osmanov 1989:12-13; Armenians: Uther 2004 (1), No. 102:77.

Iran - Central Asia. Lura [the wolf stole a goat and a doodle burka from the shepherd; put it on; replies to the wolf that the burka was sent to her from Hamadan; if the wolf wants one, let him bring 40 sheep; then asks for two more; Seeing the rider in the burka, he tells the wolf that he took the burka intended for him; the wolf rushed at the rider, who seriously wounded him with a sword; the fox smeared with wolf blood, lay down as if dying; the wolf carried her; the fox hums: I saw a dead man carrying a woman; rushes into a hole; the wolf tore off half of the fox's tail, promised to identify the tailless one; the fox led the other foxes to the mountains, tied it by the tails to the tree, said that a lion was coming; all the foxes cut off their tails; when she sees a wolf, she says that he confuses it with someone else - they are 40 brothers and all tailless; offered to put it in a chicken basket and let it down mountains into a herd of sheep; braided the basket, lowered it; the shepherd beat the wolf for a long time, threw the frozen lake on the ice, the wolf died]: Amanolahi, Thackston 1986, No. 9:44-46; Persians: Aliyeva et al. 1958 [at the shepherd's shepherd; the wolf asks the fox to send him animals from their family, but weaker - he wants to choose an assistant; so he ate a lot of weasels, martens, wild cats; the fox also came and saw that all the tracks went to the wolf's lair, and not back, did not go in; she left, ate the baby lioness; told her that she saw a wolf with a bloody mouth; told the wolf that the lioness wanted to appoint him chief; let her come and say, "This is my business"; the lioness tears the wolf's skin on his stomach; the bear helped the wolf recover; the fox takes him to the barn to eat kaurma; he is overweight, cannot stand up, a chain is thrown over him, the fox runs away; a slightly alive wolf is released; the fox asks him to pick up two sheep, promises to sew a fur coat; asks for more sheep to make long sleeves; says that the fur coat is ready, but the peasant stole it; the wolf demands a fur coat, the peasant cut it in two; the fox followed, mocking the wolf, and the peasant killed her too]: 497-502; Marzolph 1984, No. 102 (Farce, Khorasan, Kerman, Hamadan) [many records; the fox finds some skin; the wolf thinks it is a tailor; the fox asks to bring her sheep; when the wolf realizes that the fox did not even think of sewing anything, it runs away]: 45-46; Tajiks: Levin et al. 1981, No. 92 (Gissar district) [the wolf decided to take away the fox's fur coat, but the fox promised to sew him too, ordered him to bring fat tails; then said that one sleeve was broken, bring it more; so several times; the wolf could not get into the fox's hole, left a jug at the entrance, blew in it the wind, the fox was afraid to go out; finally came out, tied the jug to its tail to collect water, the tail came off; the fox tells the wolf that it was not the one who deceived him, it had a tail, and the others were tailless; the fox leads into the vineyard, quietly ties their tails to the vine, calls the owner, the foxes ran away, cutting off their tails; the wolf was afraid of the tailless foxes, and they chose that fox as their leader], 394 (north of Nurek) [fox promises the wolf to sew him a fur coat, tells him to bring sheep; sits in a hole for a long time, finally goes to fetch water and meets a wolf; says that she sewed him a gorgeous fur coat, and now she will lead him to the padishah on wedding; there the wolf was torn apart by dogs]: 169, 299; Jagnobes [the fox threw a fur coat on the wolf's head, his head falls into the sleeve, the wolf runs, the fox catches up, says he can sew, the wolf asks him to sew a fur coat; the fox asks for 20 rams, eats it, throws its skins into the river, then asks for 10 lambs, also eats it, runs away; hides in a hut, the wolf hangs a leaky vessel over the entrance, says he urinates; the fox believes only after 3 days, she comes out hungry; ties the jug to her tail, lowers it into the river, the river has carried it, the tail has come off; 4 foxes hit her, she pretends to be dead; gets up, offers to beat the one whose tail breaks , and she herself will tie the chapar to her leg; puts stones on the chapar to others, goes to the mountain to see, shouts that a hunter is coming, the foxes run away with their tails cut off; the fox pretends to be dead, two apricot sellers pick it up , she points her finger at one of them in the back, he thinks at the companion, they fight, the fox steals donkeys with apricots; invites the wolf to eat a fat tail, supposedly there is no owner; when the wolf is full, leaves the house, screams that the owner is coming, people beat the wolf half to death; the same with the vineyard; with fried cakes; the fox leads the wolf to the well she dug, brushwood and fat tail on top; the wolf fails, dies]: Andreev, Peschereva 1957, No. 39:181-184; Vakhans (Tashkurgan, 1957) [the fox stole bread from the miller twice; then came to him again and said that she was not the fox that stole it; tried to steal bread again, but the miller noticed it; the fox: "Don't hit me, I I will herd cattle"; the miller agreed; the fox grazed the cattle for five years, then ate them; said to the miller: "You did not close the gate tightly enough at the cattle pen, your cattle scattered, the wolves ate them all"; the miller took half of the sheep's carcass and gave half to the fox; told her to eat meat and make him a sheepskin coat; the fox said that she needed flour for cooking; the miller sent it; the fox coated the skin with a dough, then ate it; told the miller that the skin had rotted; he asked her to make a hat; the fox ate the skin intended for this purpose; the miller asked to make mittens; the fox also ate this skin; the miller said that he would kill the fox; the fox promised to marry him to the king's daughter; went to the king; the king wanted to drive her out, but the vizier advised me to ask her for a big dowry; King Lisa: "Consider that I gave you my daughter , just imagine ten red satin horse packs"; the fox collected the rags, loaded it on ten horses, and drove to the river bank; ripped open the packs with a knife, threw them into the river, and began to cry; the king's people came running; the fox: "They promised that we would wait for you on the river bank, and I went to the river bank - there was no one, so all the packs of red satin from my horses fell and ended up in the water, for me This is a very unpleasant lesson, because I brought these ten packs of red satin to the king as dowry for his daughter, and now all these red satin packs in the water, who should I bill?" ; the king admitted that he was responsible for what happened; the fox brought the miller, who married the king's daughter]: Pakhalina 1975, No. 3:146-149; Pashtuns [the hungry fox undertook to sew a fur coat for the wolf, asked to bring it sheep for her; when it became difficult to postpone the order, she told the wolf that the rider had taken the fur coat; the wolf rushed after him, the man dragged him on the arcana; the fox to the wolf: you became the servant of the man who would pay me for a fur coat?] : Lebedev 1958:177-178; Baluchi [the fox seemed to have fat tail in the well; she jumped and hit a white stone; a jackal came up, then a lion; the fox talked to everyone about lard, he jumped down; she invited the lion to eat the jackal; she tied her jackals, then ate them, pretending to eat her own intestines; the lion ripped open its belly and died; the shepherd fell, the fox said he was sewing a fur coat, promised to sew him too; asked for two sheep, then a lamb; then told the dogs to tie and throw the stick away, lower the rope; the shepherd picked it up, the fox ran away; another time the shepherd lowered it on the fox dogs, she hid in a hole, the shepherd left a jug at the entrance; three days later, the fox decided to get out, got angry at the jug, tied it to its tail, began to drown it; the jug pulled, the tail broke off; the shepherd came up , the fox told him not to hit her - she was not the one who deceived him, but she would bring nine tailless ones; the fox took some paper, came to the foxes and said that this paper contained permission to eat in the garden than you want the other foxes not to prevent each other from eating grapes, the fox tied them; lured the gardener; the foxes rushed and cut off their tails; the fox brought the tailless foxes to the shepherd; he was so amazed that he gave them a sheep]: Zarubin 1949, No. 5:52-58.

Baltoscandia. Latvians [the fox promises to sew the wolf for him, asks him to carry sheep; the horse fits the collar; the wolf drags the horse, the fox drives him, the horse carries it, kills the wolf; the fox eats sheep]: Alksnite et al. 1958: 46; Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2014, No. 21 [3 options; the dog promises to sew boots for the wolf; asks to bring two horses, then two piglets to lubricate the skin; leads the wolf into the swamp; when leaving, the wolf falls asleep, dirt dries up; when he wakes up, he believes he has boots on his feet; when he runs through the swamp, he sees that his boots are gone; dog: it's not my fault you lost them]: 58-60; Lebite 1965 [the woodpecker tells the wolf he has boots not needed, it's the wolf that freezes in winter; the fox promises to sew a fur coat for the wolf if he brings her a sheep; then says that the collar is not enough - let the wolf lift the stallion; the wolf threw a halter over the stallion, he dragged him, smashed him against the gate]: 10-11; Estonians, Setu [the dog promises the wolf to sew boots for him; demands that animals be brought to her - supposedly as material for work; he eats them himself; the wolf still since without boots]: Kippar 1986, No. 102:87; Finns [the mouse served as a cat's dressmaker; he let her sew a coat; when he came for the order, the mouse said that there was not enough material, but pants could be sewn; información suplementaria vest, cap, pouch, tinder; the cat grabbed the mouse's throat and they hate each other ever since]: Rakhimova 2000:176; Eastern Sami (Inari): Kecskeméti, Paunonen 1974, No. 102:219.

Turkestan. Kyrgyz [The fox found an expensive robe; promises the Wolf to sew one if he brings her rams; the fox ate them, disappeared into the hole, the Wolf managed to tear off her tail; the Fox invited others into her hole fox; said that the Wolf was waiting at the hole, we must tie each other by the tails, go out together; while the Wolf chooses the best one, you can run away; when you see the Wolf, the foxes rushed, all cut off their tails; the Wolf continued to watch the Fox; hung the neck of a broken jug by the hole; the wind howls, the Fox thinks that the Wolf is still sitting; when she went out, she put her head in her neck, went to the river to drown him; poked into the water, her neck dragged to the bottom, she drowned]: Brudny, Eshmambetov 1981:279-280; Karakalpaks: Uther 2004 (1), No. 102:77.