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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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M170. Beasts in repentance, ATU 20D*, 61A.


Pretending to be only concerned about performing religious rituals or fulfilling regulations (he repents of his sins, goes on a pilgrimage, refuses meat and etc.), a zoomorphic character kills those who trust him.

Fulbe, Mukulu, Zaghawa, Western Sahara, Kabiles, Algerian Arabs, Egypt, Italians (Puglia, Basilicata), Corsicans, Germans (Pomerania), Friesians, Flemish, Palestinians, Syrian Arabs, Jordanians, Tibetans, Meitei, Thais, Burmese, India (Hindi), Gujarati, Rajastanis, Punjabi (?) , Kumaoni, Bengalis, Oriya, Telugu, Sinhales, Maldives, Chinese, Ancient Greece, Greeks, Serbs, Slovenes, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Poles, Russians (Teresky Bereg, Arkhangelskaya, Olonetskaya, Vladimirskaya, Voronezh), Ukrainians (Yekaterinoslavskaya, Poltava, Kharkiv), Belarusians, Crimean Tatars, Kalmyks, Adygs, (Abazins), Balkarians, Ossetians, Ingush, Chechens, Avars, Dargins, Lucks, Georgians, Turks, Persians, Tajiks, Yazgulyams, Baluchis, Estonians, Lutsis, Lithuanians, Latvians, Chuvash, Tuvans, Buryats, Mongols (Khalkha, Inner Mongolia).

West Africa. Fulbe [The cat returned home after the Hajj, called the mice to preach to them; the mice first doubt, then come closer; the cat grabs the fattest, the rest in all directions]: Vinogradov 1984, No. 5:277; mukulu [the raven called an earthen squirrel to visit; told his mother to mix millet with sand; calmly pecked on grains, and the squirrel tried to gnaw it; called a crow to visit, told her mother to cook broth; slurped with a spoon, and the raven burned its beak; invited the squirrel to ride it; lifting it into the air, threw it; she fell on the back of a donkey led by a learned doctor (marabou); rode a donkey; says to the lion that went on a pilgrimage; promises the lion to heal him; let him make buffalo belts and skins; tied the lion with belts - let him try to tear it, then he will be cured; the lion cannot tear; the squirrel shoved him a sliver in the ass and left; after 7 days, the ants gnawed through the belts; the lion went and fell into the well; no one wants to help; finally, the rhesus monkey pulled it out; the lion is going to eat it - starved for 7 days; the monkey jumped on tree but fell and broke its neck]: Jungraithmayr 1981, No. 38:180-184.

Sudan - East Africa. Zaghawa [the fakir went down to the water; the jackal flopped in front of him, he got scared and ran away; the jackal went to the donkey, the Koran, and the fakir's clothes; he explains to the lion how to study to be a fakir; of course, but it's worth a try; kill a big bull, make a wineskin out of the skin, stuff it with thorns and get inside; the jackal rolls his wineskin, the lion is barely alive; the jackal ate the bull, changed the donkey for 6 rams and left; the lion asked termites gnaw through their belts; then ate them all; went to look for the jackal; in the first village they say that the jackal drove 5 rams and carried one skin; then 4 and 2; etc.; when the lion caught up with the jackal, he asked permission to leave out of need; began to scream that the rock was falling on him, let the lion hold; the lion stayed to hold the rock, the jackal ran away; the old man to the lion: let the rock not fall; the jackal in the hole, the lion grabbed his tail; jackal: why are you holding the root; the lion let go; the jackal got out through the other exit, came from behind, helped expand the hole to catch that jackal; lion: look, cows! the lion turned, the jackal warmed him with a stick, disappeared into the hole; the lion's throat: what are you doing? lion: there are two jackals in the hole; the lion left his throat to guard the hole, went to smoke jackals for the fire; the jackal to the throat: the watchman must keep his eyes wide open; threw sand into her eyes, ran away; the lion wants eat a turtle, but it teaches you better to put it on your paw and say: be the size of a camel! I'll be there and you'll eat me; the lion put its throat on its paw, it flew away]: Tubiana, Tubiana 2004 (1), No. 13:79-86.

North Africa. Western Sahara [the cat asks the rat chief to announce to people that he has returned from Mecca and is no longer stalking rats; the rats gather, the cat wants to start preaching, but the rat leader stops him; tells rats that one sign of returning from Mecca is the cat's mustache trembling, so let anyone who can throw themselves into burrows; the rats have run away]: Aris, Cladellas 1991:143; kabila [ the cat was good at catching rats, and when he could not catch it, he announced that he had become a haji, let the rats and mice come fearlessly; when everyone gathered, the cat told the kitten to close the door, killed thousands of rats and mice; only one old mouse did not believe it and refused to enter the cat's house]: Taos Amrush 1974:192-194 (=Grim 1983:66-71); Arabs in Eastern Algeria (Souf) [the cat grew old and went to Mecca; returned from there to green turban; the mice were about to look at the Haji; but when he saw a gleam in his eyes, the mouse leader noticed that although he had a Hajji turban, his eyes were the same]: Scelles-Millie 1963:209-210; Egypt : El-Shamy 2004, No. 61A: 26.

Southern Europe. Italians (Puglia, Basilicata) [wolf confesses his sins to God]: Cirese, Serafini 1975, No. 77*: 20; Corsicans [before Easter, the fox came to repent to the curé, promising not to steal lambs anymore and do not strangle the chickens; but before the curé forgave her, she said she needed to run; she saw the herd and ran there to strangle the lamb]: Massignon 1984, No. 55:132; (cf. Spaniards, Catalans, Basques, Portuguese [it's about pets traveling to the city but not to holy places]: Uther 2004 (1), No. 20D: 28-29.

Western Europe. Germans (Pomerania), Flemish, Friezes: Uther 2004 (1), No. 20D*: 28-29; Germans [the lion king issued a decree proclaiming peace between animals; the fox put on a cassock, assured the rooster that he became a hermit and gave up meat; the rooster took the children out of the monastery fence, the fox began to strangle them one by one]: Goethe 1972, song 1:7.

Western Asia. Syrian Arabs: Bushnaq 1987 [when the cat king returned from Mecca, the mouse king came to congratulate him; explained to the mice that the cat king must now devote all his days to praying; seeing the king mice, the cat rushed at him and tore off the tip of his tail; when asked by the mice, their king replied that although the cat looks like a haji, it rushes like a cat]: 216; Kuhr 1993 [The fox is tired of being beaten when he steals chickens in the village; he announces that he is going on the Hajj; chicken, rooster, partridge, raven agree to go with him; by the sea, the fox says that the ship will arrive at night, but for now it is necessary to spend the night; consistently enough accuses his companions of sins and eats; the chicken is to blame for the fact that the hostess did not have enough eggs for the guests; the rooster woke up the owner too early, he set off in the middle of the night, he was eaten by hyenas; partridge frightened the egg seller's donkey, the eggs broke; the raven appeared in the eyes of a woman with a sick child, she lost hope; the raven replies that it is black because it is dirty; let the fox take the sieve and a colander and will bring water from the sea; the fox goes to the sea, the raven is flying home; the dogs have found a fox trail, tore the fox]: 247-251; the Palestinians [the cat lay down by the mouse hole with a rosary around its neck; said to the mouse, that she had improved, performed the Hajj and prayed; the mice believed, but still decided to send an experienced rat; she noticed that the cat was preparing to jump, ran away and explained that Kochla could learn prayers , but don't change your nature]: Hanauer 2009:243-245; Jordanian Arabs: El-Shamy 2004, No. 61A: 26; Kuwait [when old, the fox dressed as a mullah and prayed five times a day and said that is going to Mecca; the raven asked if he could go with him; fox: first we must be cleansed of sins; everyone will be confessed one by one; a fox enters the cave, then a rooster, then a partridge, then a raven; He tells everyone what sins he is guilty of, kills and eats; the fox refused to travel to Mecca]: Dickson 1949, No. 9:324-326.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans [the cat has grown old, came to the mice, began to repent, promised not to eat anyone; let only in the morning and evening the mice take turns to bow to him for his kindness; began to quietly grab one mouse that was walking behind the others; then the mice began to echo and call the last one by name; the cat had to leave home]: Komissarov 1997:230-232; Meitei [the cat climbed the banyan tree to the nest an old vulture; called himself a monk and asked to teach; then brought a mouse; the vulture was happy, fell asleep; seeing that the birds on the banyan had calmed down, the cat ate the chicks and left; the birds thought that the chicks ate the vulture, and killed him]: Singh 1985:261-265.

Burma - Indochina. Thais [the cat took the rosary, pretended to be immersed in thought, the mice came close; the cat grabs the last one passing every time; the mouse leader noticed this, the mice did not come close anymore]: Kornev 1963:170-171; Burmese [the cat put his head in a pot of fish, the owner threw a stone at it, the pot broke, and the corolla remained around the cat's neck; he walked and told the people he met that this was his sign wisdom, let them put the children in foster care; a duckling, a chicken, a crow and a bow chick went with him; at night, the cat eats a duckling, then a chicken; the other two guessed, attacked him, since then the eyes of cats are not along, but across]: Nikulin 1988:459-462.

South Asia. India (translated from Hindi) [the crow stood under the tree on one leg and opened its beak; told the birds that she was a hermit: if she put the other leg, the earth would fall from weight, but feed only by air; the birds believed in her holiness and asked them to guard their eggs; for several days the crow ate eggs; then the birds followed her, pecked her, she barely escaped]: Starling and the Pea 1956:10-12; Gujarati [the cat climbed headlong into the jar of oil, but its head could not be pulled back; the king broke the vessel to free the cat, but the neck remained around his neck and the cat ran away; in the sorghum field told the mice that he is now a holy man, began to preach; slowly grabbed and ate mice; then they noticed and hid]: Hertel 1921, No. 68:298-299; Kumaoni [the cat climbed his head into the molasses vessel, could not pull it out, the vessel broke, but the neck remained on the cat's neck; he told the mice and birds that he was now a vegetarian and pilgrim; they went with him, stopped in a cave; the cat spoke to his companions and they themselves asked him to settle not in the depths of the cave, but at the entrance; at night he ate birds and mice, and in the morning said that some had broken the agreement and left; the fox advised him to look at the cat's bowel movements; birds and mice terrified of their credulity]: Upreti 1894:116-117; Rajastans [the cat put her head in the pot to lick the rest of the cottage cheese, but could not take it out; broke the pot and the corolla remained around her neck; she began to say that it was Kedar's chain, that she refused to kill and was going to bathe in the sacred Ganges; persuaded a peacock, a pigeon, and a mouse to go with her; began hitting cymbals and her three followers to dance ; but the mouse noticed that the cat was ready to jump, began to dig a hole quickly; the cat rushed to the mouse, but did not reach it, and the peacock and the pigeon also disappeared at that time; the dog came in; the cat muttered in horror about Kedar's chain, but the dog tore it; the mouse found only the whisk of the pot and brought it to show the peacock and the dove; all three laughed heartily]: Dinesh 1979:67-73; Punjabi (? , translated from Urdu) [The cat as sham holy man]: Jason 1989:22; Bengalis [the cat assures the mouse and pigeon that he has become a hermit; enters the temple with them, but they keep a decent distance from him; then depicts a hermit in a state of trance near a mouse hole and quietly grabs the one who comes out last; but one day the mice joined forces, dragged the cat down the hole and gradually ate it]: Devi 1915:47- 49; oriya [the crane tells the pond dwellers that he has become a yogi, does not eat at all anymore; then says he sees how the pond will dry out in the future, suggests moving everyone to another one at a time; eats everyone; when a crab sees a bunch of bones in half a tree, he clenched the crane's throat with claws, he died]: Mohanti 1975:80-82; Telugu [the stork tells the fish that he is old and repents of his sins; pretending to be a friend, reports that drought is coming soon, but he is ready to take the fish to a deep pond nearby; takes everyone one by one to the mountain and eats them]: Pantulu 1906, No. 24:72-73; Sinhalese [so that the cat does not go to steal to the village, the owner tied a bell to his neck; the cat met a rat and replied that he had gone to worship the bell; the rat followed him; then a squirrel; a wild rooster (jungle-cock); the cat brought them to the cave, said he was hungry; the rat did not resist; the same squirrel; the rooster also said he agreed, but scratched the cat's eyes with spurs and flew away]: Parker 1910:352-353; Maldives [the cat stuck its head into a jug with leftover fish paste and could not pull it out; the jug broke, but the corolla remained around the cat's neck; she thought it made it look noble; told the rat that she had a rosary around her neck, that she is only fasting and praying; the rat invited her to her place; the cat ate one of the seven rats every night and then ate the rat itself]: Romero-Frias 2012, No. 33:126-127.

China - Korea. The Chinese [two mice see that the cat does not even think of rushing at them; they believe that the cat has improved and reads prayers; as soon as the mice approached, the cat caught one; the other ran away and said: who would I thought a cat who closed his eyes and read prayers could do this]: Dennys 1876:147.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece [the cat put on a mitra, called rats and mice, declared himself bishop, offered to come closer; one rat said it was better for her to die unbaptized; the crowd fled]: Gasparov 1991, No. 43 (132): 243-244; the Greeks [the fox says she is going to become a nun, has given up meat, the rooster, then the dove, the lark go with her, come to the cave; the fox tells them to confess, speaks to the rooster that he woke people up at night, pecked seeds with a dove, eats them; a lark stole the royal crown; a lark flies up a tree to look for a witness, brings a hunter, who kills a fox]: Megas 1970, No. 2:3-5; Bulgarians [the fox announces that it refuses meat, goes on the Hajj; she is accompanied by a rooster, goose, stork or rooster and hoopoe; eats a rooster and a goose; a stork after he takes her bone out of throat; hoopoe promises the fox chicken with chickens, brings the dog, she tore the fox to pieces]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 20D*: 44.

Central Europe. Russians (Vyatka), Ukrainians (1 entry), Belarusians [Animal pilgrimage: the fox undertakes to guide them, lures pilgrims into its hole (pit) and gnaws them]: SUS 1979, No. 20D: 55; Russians (Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Voronezh), Ukrainians (Yekaterinoslavskaya, Poltava, Kharkiv): SUS 1979, No. 61A [Confessor Fox: professes a rooster, grabs and eats it; sometimes the rooster is cunningly released]: 60; Russians (Teresky Bereg) [the fox went to steal a chicken with a calf, the rooster heard, began to scream; the fox for three days under the bush in fear lay; the rooster flew into the forest; the fox says that she has not eaten meat for 30 years, wants to confess a rooster; he had 20-30 wives, and now he will be the only one; the rooster wanted to sit on the grass, but sat on the fox's head; the rooster I began to talk about the Krytsky Monastery, how there is a lot of food there, the fox loosened its grip, the rooster flew to a branch: Hello, my mother is a fox, in a new country, and eat white snow like ham]: Balashov 1970, No. 153: 406-407; Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [the fox went to the boyar's house, wanted to steal a calf from a calf, a child from a woman, a lamb from a sheep, etc., but the rooster screamed; after lying under the bush for three days, the fox She went to the tree on which the rooster was sitting, urged him to repent: the last times are close, and he has many wives; the rooster began to descend, the fox grabbed him; he began to tell him how they would live together, take care of the fox, sing songs; the fox loosened its grip, the rooster escaped; a crane towards the fox, offers to teach it to fly, puts it on its back, asks what the ground is; when the fox replies that the ground is sheepskin, the fox throws; it fell on the hay; the crane again offers to sit on it; this time the fox fell to a solid place - three fathoms of bone are gone]: Onchukov 2008, No. 11:110-112; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Mezen) [the fox was going to drag the chicken coop from the chicken coop, the calf from the calf; the rooster screamed, the fox lay under the bush for three days; tells the rooster that he will not go to paradise, for He has many wives and does not go to confession, and she has not eaten meat for 30 years; and the one who wanted to drag the calf out of the calf was another fox; the rooster listened, the fox grabbed him; the rooster began to convince the fox that if she lives with her, and not with the man, they will bake prosphora; but the crane mocks her; the fox listened, the rooster escaped; the crane offers to teach her how to fly; when the earth is off the millstones, threw it off; the fox fell on the haystack; the crane continued its training, this time the fox fell into the swamp, the bones went three fathoms into the ground, the skin remained on the ground, the crane took it to the nest]: Nikiforov 1961, No. 117:303- 304; Russians (Vladimirskaya, Pereslavl-Zalessky universities) [(in poetic form); the fox praises the rooster, tells a parable about the publican and the Pharisee, the Pharisee died for his pride; the rooster was afraid, went down; the fox grabbed him and began to reproach him for his sins, as he screamed and did not let her steal a chicken; the rooster cries; says that yesterday he recommended a fox to the Metropolitan in a virgin; she loosened her grip, the rooster flew to the tree and began to laugh at the fox]: Smirnov 2008, No. 10:74-75.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars: Zarubin, Zarubin 1991 [rooster, chicken, turkey, goose and duck decided to go to Mecca; when they saw them, the fox joined, took them to their house, locked them up, ate them (pilgrims without documents, them they are still executed); the rooster spent the night in a tree, pretended to be a muezzin in the morning; says that a hunter with two dogs is coming; the fox is running away]: 49-52 (=Useinov 1992, No. 13:180-185); Zherdeva 2020, No. 58 [the wolf tied a turban and told the calf that he was going to the Kaaba; telling the sheep that he wanted to apologize to them; so did the horses; after 10 days, the wolf could not stand hunger, ran back; the horse asks to pull it out first legs thorn; kicked in the nose; rams first ask for help to divide the site, run away on both sides and butt; the calf asks him to sing first; dogs ran to the howl; the wolf disappeared into the cave; laments: why did I take out the thorn if I was not a blacksmith; that I am a royal surveyor to divide the land for rams; a folk singer to sing; if a man was sitting behind me, he would take me by the tail and knock me down; a man was sitting in a cave, hearing everything and knocking down a wolf]; Kalmyks [mice gnawed sacred books; the old Gelyung pulled out his mustache and turned it into a cat; the cat gathered the mice and said she was assigned them teacher; soon the mice noticed that there were fewer and fewer of them, and mouse hair was visible in the teacher's feces; the mice began to dig their minks, and the cat buried its bowel movements]: Basangova 2017, No. 33:85; Adygs: Aliyeva, Kardangushev 1977 [the cat is old; told the mice that he repents of what he did; the mice came to the cat, he handed them all over]: 52-53; Kerashev 1957 [the cat is old, put on a turban as if he were Haji, announced to the mice that he wanted to apologize to them; two old mice did not believe it, the rest came to listen to the cat; he killed everyone by letting go of one mouse; the old mice decided that it was not worth living in the world, but another told how she lost her children herself and tried to commit suicide, but no longer tries; mice gave birth to mice and multiplied]: 278-280 (=Kapieva 1991:78-81); (cf. Abaza [the older cat sends the younger ones to tell the mice to come to him: the cats will no longer hunt them; only one old mouse did not believe it; the mice and cats went to bed, the cat got up, strangled mice]: Tugov 1985, No. 13:32-33); Balkarians: Malkonduev 2017:653 [the cat announced that he was going on the Hajj; ordered the mice to gather to apologize to them; one blind pregnant mouse did not come; The cat ate the rest; the current mouse comes from this mouse], 732 [the cat swears by Allah that he is going on the Hajj and will no longer touch the mice; they let him in; he must come up with an excuse to break his oath; "You, when the bag is open, why do you hole from below instead of going from above?" The cat killed all the mice, only the blind pregnant female hid; the mouse genus comes from her]; Ossetians: Dzagurov 1973, No. 6 [the cat is old, asks affection to announce that he is going to Mecca, wants repent to the mice; the mice came, he killed them all], 12 [the wolf decided to become Haji, gave up meat; he was hungry, rushed to the horses, they ran away; on the rams, carried away, ate the lamb; on the calf, that asked him to sing, people came running to the noise, killed the wolf]: 26-28, 38-39; Kapiyeva 1991 [the wolf goes to repent, sees the horse, decides to eat it; she says that first you have to remove the nails from the horseshoe, hits the wolf hoof on the head; when he wakes up, he sees two rams; they offer to run to him on both sides - the one who falls behind is fatter; the sheep butt the wolf, he is barely alive; the calves ask for permission to sing first, the meat will taste better; shepherds run, kill the wolf]: 370-371; Ingush: Kibiev, Malsagov 1965 [the wolf decided to go to Mecca, but returned halfway; the horse decided that the wolf really became a hajj; the wolf wants to hug the horse; he asks to remove the horseshoe from his leg first, kicks; the wolf refuses to remove the second horseshoe; the ox asks to remove a piece of rope from his horns, butts; the donkey asks for permission in honor goodbye song; people came running, shot the wolf]: 31-35; Sadulaev 2004, No. 14 [the cat ate sour cream and the owner kicked it out; caught the mouse and asked it to announce universal peace and repentance to others; all mice gathered, but one limping, seeing the cat's eyes, decided not to risk it; the cat said that the housewives were complaining about them and rushed at them]: 38-39; Chechens [the wolf put on a turban, went to Mecca, changed his mind, with halfway back; the horse greets him as if I was walking, but understands what's going to do when the wolf is going to hug him, asks him to take his horseshoe off his leg, hits him in the face with his hoof; the ox asks to remove a piece of rope from his horns, hits with horns; the donkey wants to sing a song first, people came running, shot the wolf]: Kapiyeva 1991:450-454; Avars: Atayev 1972, No. 3 [the wolf announced that he repented; did not touch the donkey, the bull; was hungry, I'm going to eat a horse; she says that she has a will on her hoof, according to which he will receive a whole herd; a wolf kicks; a bull: I have a will for bulls in the right horn, the wolf butts; the donkey follows his With a will home, people come, beat the wolf], 19 [the cat announced that he wants to go to Mecca, will no longer touch the mice; the mice surrounded him, only one old mouse is left by the hole; said that the cat has changed, but his mustache remains the same; besides her, the cat strangled the rest of the mice]: 13-15, 27; Dargins [the cat announced that he has repented; the mice have gathered, he preaches them, accuses them of eating the grain of the poor, kills]: Osmanov 1963:18-19; Lucky [Arakan is a woodcutter, his younger brother Sarakan sold clothes; A. found a kitten in the forest, gave it the name Maracan; M. grew up, S. persuaded A. to give M. to him; M. says that he is a harbinger of happiness; S. comes to a city where hordes of rats, M. exterminates them, S. receives a lot of money; returns the cat A.; he tells the mice that he will no longer eat them, prepares for the pilgrimage to Mecca, asks everyone to gather; asks who gnawed through his new charyks; everyone is silent, he strangled all the mice, set off; settled in a fox hole; the fox took his tail ran away for the snake; the wolf, the bear are afraid to approach; the fox suggests that the wolf and bear bring meat, get the cauldron themselves; the "snake" will crawl out, smell the meat; the cat comes out, fumbles in the bushes; the fox thinks that her looking for ashdah, rushes away; the bear climbs a tree in fear, falls; the cat jumps into the bushes in fear, there is a wolf, he rushes away; M. ate all the meat, returned home to A.]: Kapiyeva 1991:285-290; Georgians: Chikovani 1954:385-387 [the wolf decided to go to Jerusalem to become a monk; he does not touch cattle on the way; but he was not allowed to enter the church, he returns; the donkey asks to first remove his horseshoes by kicking him, knocks out teeth; sheep ask for help dividing the meadow first, run from both sides, butt the wolf; the chick asks her to sing first, butts, the wolf falls off the steep, barely alive; after each episode regrets that did not do his job], 399-401 [the fox meets the rooster, says he is going to Jerusalem; they are joined by a goose, a kite, a bustard; they come to the fox hole; a fox: we are already in Jerusalem, let the rooster read prayer; accuses the rooster of waking people up with his scream when she comes to the chicken coop, curls her neck; the same is the goose (gagging); the kite (killed the poor widow's chickens); the bustard asks her not to eat, promises to feed; distracts a woman carrying lunch in the field, a woman puts dinner on the ground, a fox eats; a bustard: let's laugh now; there are two monks at the church, the bustard sits on one's head, the other wants it hit, hit a friend; a bustard sits on another monk's head - the same; the fox laughs; the bustard promises the fox that it will run soon; calls dogs, they killed the fox]; Turks [the fox makes a wreath of donkey manure, goes on a pilgrimage, followed by chickens, partridges and pigeons; she puts them in a dry well to eat later; jumps there and not get back; then promises to create a stream of honey and a stream of oil, if only God helps her out; gets out through the gap, tells God that she has deceived him, but falls back into the well; after new conversions to God, she gets out, lies in the mud, pretends dead; she is picked up by an oil merchant and a honey merchant; one puts it on his shoulder, she gets in his ass, he thinks the companion has homosexual intentions, the merchants are fighting, the fox pours honey and oil, fulfilling its promise]: Eberhard, Boratav 1953:415-416.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians: Aliyeva et al. 1958 [=Rosenfeld 1958:39-43; the fox put on a turban, said she was going to repent; followed by a rooster, a wolf, a donkey, a bear, a ram; predators stop in a destroyed caravanserai they occupy one room, pets another; fox: I'll go first, then the wolf and the bear; the donkey kicked her, the ram poked his horn in the stomach, the rooster pecked out one eye; the fox jumped out, said what happened tasty; same with the wolf; with the bear; people came running, finished off all three]: 475-479; Persians (Kerman) []: Lorimer, Lorimer 1919, No. 20:118-123; Marzolph 1084, No. 20D (Markazi, Khorasan, etc.) [the fox dresses appropriately, says it goes to Mecca; it is successively joined by a rooster, duck, chicken, peacock, hoopoe, raven, etc.; the fox eats birds under various pretexts ( the rooster prevents people from crowing; the duck muddy the water; the chicken gets under its feet with its chickens, the peacock is arrogant, etc.); when the fox grabs the hoopoe, it provokes her to say something, she opens its mouth, the hoopoe flies away; or calls people, they kill the fox; or relatives of birds kill it]: 36-37; Tajiks (Sumbula) [the fox fell into the chimney, fell into the blue hum, grabbed the rosary hanging in the house came to the chickens, told the rooster that he was going on the Hajj; the rooster, then the quail, the hoopoe join him; he leads his companions into his hole, accuses him of improper behavior (rooster wakes up in the middle of the night, the quail soars from under the feet of Muslims, the hoopoe pounding the ground contrary to Sharia), eats; the hoopoe says that there are two witnesses in his favor; the fox releases it, he brings the hunter to the hole with a dog; the dog killed him, the hunter took off his skin]: Levin et al. 1981, No. 14:116-118; the Yazgulyam people [a friend's mouse and cat; the cat told the mice that it had stopped eating mice; the mice brought her a dish of meat and bacon; the cat rushed at the mice, ate them and the meat and bacon]: Edelman 1966, No. 20:216; the Baluchis [the fox dressed as a dervish and invited the lion to go to the praying mantis; he told the jackal to call others; jackal called a leopard, a tiger, a wolf, an elephant; they came to one place, the lion was hungry; the fox mullah: "Why is this jackal with us? Take this jackal, knock him down and kill him!" Then the same about the wolf; the elephant; the fox tied the elephant's intestines; the lion went hunting; the forests pretended to stretch and eat its own guts; the tiger believed, ripped open its belly and died; the fox began to eat the tiger; told the returning lion that the tiger had a heart ache and ripped it open; the fox and the lion came to the rock; the fox: our fathers jumped from here; the lion jumped, the fox ate it]: Zarubin 1932, No. 20:214-217.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians [old cat, wolf, fox, hare decided to confess; the cat threw a perch over the hole, whoever crosses has no sins; crossed, the rest fell; the fox offers to sing, hare does not stretch, is eaten; the next one, who has a thinner voice, ate a wolf; the fox hid the meat, tells the bear that it eats its guts; the bear ripped his belly, died; the fox asks the starling to sketch into the hole branches so that she can get out and admire his children; when she gets out, asks for chicks, eats one at a time; the crow says this to the starling; the fox pretended to be dead, the crow comes down, her fox tore]: Löbite 1965:35-37; Latvians [The cat knocked over the pot of milk, decided to go out to beg for sins; he is greeted, the Hare, the Fox, the Wolf, the Bear decide to go with him; the cat puts a perch through the pit - who It will pass through it, the sins will be removed; the cat crossed, the rest fell down; they decide who to eat - who has the weakest voice (the Hare), the rudest (the Bear); The fox eats bear intestines, says its own; Wolf rips open his stomach, dies; threatens the Starling to eat his chicks if he does not fill the hole with branches; climbs along the branches; tells himself to feed himself, teaches him to waddle on the way in front of an old woman carrying a cake; the old woman runs after the starling, the Fox eats the cake; give a drink: distract the man carrying a barrel of beer; cheer: the men are threshing, let the starling sit on one's head; others hit with a flail, the starling flew away, the man fell ; the starling hid in the nest; the fox went, sees an empty jug, decided to drown it, put it around her neck, drowned]: Alksnite et al. 1958:55-57; Lutsie (West 1927) [the old woman replies to the hare that she is looking for a shepherd for your three geese; towards a wolf; old lady: how do you sing? wolf howls; old lady: no, you will scare all geese; the fox sings a song, the old lady is happy; the fox ate the goose, the feathers are under the threshold; says that she is called for christening, to the attic herself, there is a barrel of oil; what was the name? fox: Beginning; ate another goose; again for christening; called Half; ate the third, again for christening, ate butter, called the hostess to the cold bath and told everything; her mistress with a broom - she stuck, with Since then, the fox has a tail; it pretended to be dead, the fisherman carried the fish and picked it up; the fox threw it all off, eats, tells the wolf that it caught, putting its tail into the well; the tail froze, the fox called the people, they ran to beat wolf, fox head in sauerkraut, full, head in the test; tells the wolf that the brains have leaked; the beaten unbeaten is lucky; the wolf: how beautiful the woodpecker is; the fox: I'll do the same, get into the haystack; set fire to the haystack, the wolf burned; the fox carries bones in a bag, tells the man that she exchanged the money for his horse; open the bag when you go beyond that blue forest; the fox killed the horse, eats; says that if anyone gets to this horse meat faster than her, she will cry; cancer caught on the fox's tail; when she runs up, he is already eating horse meat; the fox has tears from her eyes; old woman: you will recover if you eat the meat of a 9-year-old bear; the fox walks, knocks on the Christmas trees, on each bear, she asks how old she is; 3, 6 are not needed; 9; well, turn around; the bear turned, fell, the fox eats it; the fox tells the people she meets that she is going to repent of sins, asks which their sins; the cat ate sour cream, the hare poisoned the sheep, the wolf ate the sheep, the bear lifted the horse; the fox: we cross the hole on the perch; the cat crossed, the others fell; whose voice is weaker, we will eat it; ate the hare, then bear; the fox hides its giblets under itself, tells the wolf that it eats its own; the wolf pulled out its own, died; the fox ate the wolf, spring has come; the fox to the woodpecker: you can't fill in sawdust, eat your chicks; woodpecker poured, fox got out; the fox demands the woodpecker to make her laugh; the husband carries bread, the wife carries porridge with eggs; the woodpecker pretends to be knocked down, they rushed to catch, the fox ate everything; asks for water; the woodpecker punched a hole in the beer keg; asks her to make fun of her; father and sons grind grain; woodpecker on their heads; sons wanted to hit the woodpecker, killed their father; the fox laughs; climbed into the hole, asks their body members what they did; everyone helped only the tail clung to the bushes; she stuck it out to the dogs, they pulled out the fox and tore it]: Annom et al. 2018:289-298; Estonians [The cat knocked over the pot of cream, went to repent of their sins; to him join the Hare (ate oats in the field), the Fox (stole geese), the Wolf (stabbed a cow), the Bear (ate the horse); The cat offers to cross the hole on the perch, whoever crosses - the sins will be removed; the Cat crossed, the rest fell into a hole; the fox offers to eat the one who has a weaker voice (they ate a hare), louder (a bear); the fox suggests to the Wolf that whoever knocks a stone out of the edge of the hole with his head will eat another; The wolf broke his head, died; The fox threatens the Starling to eat his chicks, if he does not help her get out, fill the hole with branches; when he gets out, he tells her to feed her; the starling distracts the woman, the Fox eats the porridge from that pot left; to drink (Starling flies around a barrel of beer, the owner hits the plug, the Fox drinks pouring beer); to laugh (father and son are threshing, the starling curls at the father's head, the son beats him, they quarrel, the Fox laughs); make them jump; Starling calls hounds, Fox hides in a hole; asks his dicks who helped escape; the tail only clung to the bushes; the fox stuck it out of the hole as a hound as a punishment; the hound ate both the tail and the fox]: Jakobson 1954:119-129.

Volga - Perm. Chuvash [the cat has confessed, a hare, a fox, a wolf, a bear join her; there is a hole in the place where they confess; the cat jumped over, the rest fell; the fox is literate, takes a maple leaf, says that this is paper, it tells the hare to eat; the next leaf is to eat the wolf; the fox hid some of the meat, tells the bear that it eats its guts; the bear ripped its belly, the fox ate it until it is in the pit caused snow, got out of it]: Sidorova 1979:39-40.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Tuvans [the llama invited the cat as his assistant, told the mice to obey him; the cat read sacred books every night and grabbed the last mouse that left; when they saw that there were fewer of them, the mice tied up there was a bell to the cat's tail; when he grabbed the last mouse again, the bell rang, the mice came running and saw everything; they've been wary of cats ever since]: Calzan 1964:131-133 (=Taube 1978, No. 17:40-41); Buryats [(=Dugarov 1990:340-345); the aged Fox wants to avoid death; the fox burkhan tells her not to eat anyone; she pretends to repent to go to the valley of happiness; the Hare, the Wolf, the Bear go with her; The fox tells the Wolf that the Hare looks at him strangely; the Wolf kills him; the Fox persuades the Bear to punish the Wolf by taking his meat; says that the Wolf looks strangely, the Bear kills him; the Fox lies The bear seems to eat its ears and eyes; helps the Bear pull them out; invites the blind to lie on the edge of the cliff, asks him to move; hides the meat of the crashed Bear in the crevices of the rock so that people can come there later mice; praises her burkhan for his good advice (her victims killed themselves)]: Barannikova et al. 2000, No. 1:33-43; the Mongols of Inner Mongolia: Lin Lin, Ustin 1959 (Inner Mongolia) [the cat began to wear rosary, muttering prayers, mice were no longer afraid of him; the cat began to explain prayers to the mice in the evenings, but made it necessary to sit quietly with his eyes closed; the mouse opened, saw the mouse in the cat's teeth, raised the alarm, mice scattered]: 165-166; Todayeva 1981 (khorchins, Khoshun Khoshun Khorchin of the eastern middle wing) [the cat began to pray daily near mouse holes; the mice heard it and, piously, began come to prostrate; while the cat prayed, went around its house, and then hid in its burrow; when the procession was over, the cat paw the last one, hid it and continued read a prayer; then ate the caught one; after a while, the mice began to wonder why there were fewer and fewer of them; decided that the cat was to blame and became more careful; noticed that it caught one of them on another detour and told her about it; the cat denied her guilt, but could not hide her tracks: there were a lot of mouse tails and hair lying in the yard; since then, the cat has become sprinkle their sewage with earth]: 89-90; Khalha Mongols [the cat stole the lama's rosary, the llama grabbed his tail, his tail came off; the cat put a rosary around his neck, told the mice to pray too, after praying walk around it in single file, grabbed the last one; the old mouse offered to hang a bell around the cat's neck; the mice presented it as a gift; the ring rang, the mice saw the cat eat the mouse; moved to other place]: Mikhailov 1962:200-201.