Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M175. The carcass of a lion behind the hyena's back. 11.13.

The hyena sees the carcass of a larger predator behind him, does not understand that he is dead, and runs away in horror.

Dabida, kamba, amhara, oromo, tsamai.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Dabida [the hare caught a goat, led him on a rope; so that the porcupine and rhino do not bother him, the hare says that he is leading the goat to his father a lion; towards the lion; after slaughtering a goat, he sends the hare to the river bring water in the bubble; the hare, having made a hole in the bubble: I can't do it, bring it yourself; the lion leaves, the hare hides the meat in a cave with a narrow entrance; invites the lion to butt harder, he broke his head, died; the hare tells the hyena that his father sleeps, let him gnaw his bones quietly; ties the tails of a hyena and a dead lion; the hyena sees a lion, rushes away, dragging the carcass with him, dies of fear]: Vinogradov 1984:334-335 ; kamba [The hare and the lion decide to live together; cattle begin to die; The hare assumes that cattle bewitch their mothers; offers to kill mothers; hides his mother, brings duck liver; offers Leo try - whose liver is bitter, that mother bewitched cattle; the lioness's liver turns out to be bitter; the hare continues to go to his mother to shave; says that he is shaved by a bull; Leo goes to the bull, he does not shave; spies on the Hare, his mother kills him; he cries, says that smoke eats his eyes; offers to kill the bull, cook meat; throws meat down Leo's throat; then throws a hot stone, the Lion dies; the Hare tells Hyena that Leo is sleeping; ties Hyena's tail to the tail of a dead Leo; Hyena is running, Leo is behind her; Hyena hides in a hole; a few days later eats the lion's corpse]: Lindblom 1928, No. 7:13-19 (translated in Okhotina 1962:221-225, a brief retelling in Kotlyar 1975:134, Arewa 1961, No. 831:52-53).

Sudan-East Africa. Amhara: Gankin 1979, No. 28 [the leopard and the hyena ask the Gveretz to forgive them their sins; she refuses, they eat it; they confess the baboon: they only ate donkeys and goats; the baboon refuses let go of sins, Liena and the lion bind him up, want to kill him; he just asks not to throw him into the ravine; they untie him and throw him, the baboon makes faces for them; the donkey invites them to ask for remission of sins from monkeys; she first asks for help her get the thing forgotten in the cave; with the help of a leopard, she lowers the hyena on a rope off a cliff, leaves it there; gives the leopard a hot stone wrapped in fat, a leopard dies; pulls out a hyena, says the leopard wants to kill them both; quietly sews the hyena's tail to the leopard's neck; when he sees a leopard, the hyena runs, falls into the abyss, breaks], 30 [hyena the lion ordered donkeys to be guarded, things to the snake, sorghum to the macaque, made the monkey a maid; the monkey saw that the watchmen were sleeping, killed the donkey, smeared the hyena's mouth with blood, pulled out the sorghum, put it next to the macaque, ruined things next to the snake; the guards were thrown into prison; they said that the monkey could sew sandals out of stone; she replied that she needed snake fat, macaque veins, hyena skin; went to prison, tore out her veins etc.; in order to sew sandals, they must be soaked; when she saw her reflection in the lake, she told the lion that another lion did not allow her to do her job; she tied a stone to the lion, the lion jumped into the lake and drowned; gave the lion's son a red-hot stone wrapped in a piece of fat, the lion died; gave the hyena lion giblets; tied a lion's carcass wrapped in bull skin to the hyena's tail, asked him to throw the garbage into the abyss; turning around, the hyena saw a lion behind her, fell into the abyss in fear]: 41-46, 48-50; Oromo [The Jackal says he is an orphan, Leo takes him home, leaves him to cook; when Leo returns, Jackal throws a hot stone into his mouth, the Lion dies; Hyena comes, the Jackal quietly ties its tail to the Leo's tail, says that Leo is sleeping; Hyena sits still until Leo's corpse begins decay]: Werner 1915:70; tsamai [the lion died, he was the brother of a mole's mother; the mole cannot bury the body; calls the hyena to nibble on ox bones at the lion's den; says the lion is sleeping; asks for permission tie its tail to the lion's tail; screams that the lion has woken up; the hyena runs away in horror, dragging the carcass; this is how the mole got rid of it]: Jensen 1969, No. 9:382.