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M181B. How did the spider live under the roof. 12.

The story of the Spider Trickster ends with his transformation into a spider that lives under a roof, in remote corners, etc.

Ikom, Ashanti, Anyi, Eve, Kono, Kuwaa, mamprusi, dagomba, tart, (dark).

West Africa. Ikom [The spider follows his wife, takes the Grasshopper with him; says he does not want to reveal his names to strangers, let his name be Stranger and the Grasshopper Dabi; the girl's father tells him to serve food to the guests, the Spider says that it was for him, but the Grasshopper was not asked; finally, the girl's mother finds out what's going on, feeds the Grasshopper; the Grasshopper leaves his shell in the room where the food goes to dance; when the Spider comes to eat food secretly, he mistakes the shell for Grasshopper and does not understand how he can be indoors and in the yard at the same time; tells his father-in-law that he will return for his wife later, but now they have to go; father-in-law gives everyone a dog; the Spider ate his own on the way, and the Grasshopper's dog brought an antelope; The spider ate it, pretended to catch the skull of his eaten dog; The grasshopper understood; his dog grabbed wild cow leg; The spider began to say in the village that he was the chief's domestic cow; everything was clarified; the Spider became so angry that he became a spider, and has been hunting insects ever since]: Dayrell 1913, No. 7:113-116; Ashanti: Zhukov, Kotlyar 1976, No. 65 [Anansi's spider tells Ako's wife that he is dying, telling him to bury him in the field, put kitchen utensils with him in the grave; at night he gets out of the grave, cooks, eats yam, corn; wife and sons ask their father's soul to protect them from thieves; when this does not help, they put a resin doll; Anansi bickers with her, hits her, sticks; sons and wife took Anansi to court, he escaped crawled into a dark corner, has been hiding in similar corners ever since]: 155-158; Herskovits, Herskovits 1937, No. 1a [Ananse comes to the heavenly god Nyame; asks for stories called "Nyame Stories" were now called "Anance Stories"; N. agrees if A. brings a snake, ants and mmoatia; A. smears a wooden figure with resin, puts a plate of food on her hand; m. sticks]: 55; anyi [spider (Kaku Ananze) wanted to eat all the yam; pretended to be dying, told him to leave a mortar, pestle, pot, salt and butter on the grave; his son suspects deception, puts a sticky doll at the grave; in the morning his wife and children do appearance that they did not recognize him and were about to burn him; the resin melted from the heat, the spider rushed to his wife and children and dragged them into the river; since then, spiders have been visible on the surface of the water]: Paulme 1976:30-31; eve [when the time is hungry, the Spider tells his children to bury him when he dies in a spacious coffin full of food and everything needed for cooking; pretends to be dead, the children bury him; at night comes out of the coffin, steals yams from the neighbor's garden, brings it to him, cooks and eats; the neighbor puts the drummer's sticky scarecrow; the spider begins to dance, touches the drummer, sticks; when the neighbor frees him, The spider hid under the roof and stayed there]: Spiess 1918, No. 2:108-109 (translated in Olderogg 1959:174-175); kono [Orphan watched spirits enter his home, saying, Stone, get up ; in the morning, Orphan said the same words, found a lot of food in the spirit habitat, including the eggs they had laid; the Spider found out about it, went too, decided to take everything away at once; in the evening spirits came; The Spider only had time hide under the roof; became a spider]: Holas 1975:261-262; kuwaa [the forest spirit gave the spider the ability: if you whistle three times on the bank of the stream, any food appears; the spider gets fat and its children have died from hunger; the wife went to the sorcerer, found out everything; said that an elephant had been killed somewhere; the spider ran there, and she came to the stream, got food; when the spider came there, witchcraft did not work; his wife beat him and drove him out; they pretended to be dead, she buried him; at night he snuck into the kitchen, where food was lying, and ate; his wife went back to the sorcerer, found out everything; put the resin doll, the spider stuck; she beat for a long time him; when he escaped, he became a spider, climbed to the ceiling and still catches flies]: Pinney 1973:130-132; mamprusi [during hunger, the Spider notices that the Grasshopper and his children are getting fat; sees him asks his wife to serve a hot frying pan, rolls on it, melting her fat; tries to do the same at home; howled in pain, became a spider, hung on the web]: Anpetkova-Sharova 1966, No. 19:37-38; dagomba : Anpetkova-Sharova 2010 [The chameleon sowed the field; the Spider paved the way to him from his house, the leader believed that the field was his; the Chameleon put on a shirt covered with green flies, promised to give it to the Spider if he will fill the hole with grain; a large pot is hidden in the hole, the Spider gave away all the grain he had; came to the chief in a new outfit, the child peed himself in the Spider's arms, honey with which the flies were glued, melted, the Spider remained naked; in shame he jumped to the ceiling, and stayed there]: 23-24; Cardinall 1931 [the leader has a special sheep; he announced that whoever touched it will be executed; Patin'naraga (P., spider) saw this the sheep in his field, threw a stone at it and the sheep fell dead; he picked it up on a walnut tree, brought Kusumbuli nuts (a larger bunch); he liked them and went to the tree; when he was on it the sheep climbed and fell down; K. believed that he was to blame for her death; P. asked him to apologize to the chief; but K. first went to his wife; she guessed that P. was a liar (sheep, unlike goats, by trees are not climbed) and agreed with her husband; let him come back and say that the leader not only forgave him, but also gave him the sheep carcass; then P. began to shout that he killed the sheep; K. and his wife brought him to the leader and everything was told; the chief kicked P. and he crumbled into many spiders]: 151-153; terns [cassava degenerated on the chameleon field, and Anance's spider's field dried up; A. tells the children to pave to chameleon field path; declares that this is his field; chameleon to the chief: but I do not use trails, I walk through grass and bushes; the chief did not believe it, awarded cassava A.; then the chameleon dug a large hole and covered it the hole, leaving only a small hole; asked A. to allow him to collect the leftovers from the disputed field; he allowed it; cassava was no longer there, but the chameleon collected thin vines, caught flies, and woven a robe out of the vines, tying many flies to the vines; came to the chief; everyone admired the unusual buzzing outfit; the chameleon refused to sell the outfit to the leader, but agreed to give in to A.; let him fill that tiny hole with food for it; And . lowered all his supplies there, borrowed a lot from his neighbors, but did not fill the hole; the chameleon gave him everything his outfit; by this time the vines had rotted, and when A. put on his outfit, the flies flew away; in shame the spider began to hide from humans]: Cardinall 1931:151-156; (cf. dark [The spider steals vegetables from the mother-in-law's garden; the fortuneteller Malinovka advises putting the figure of a woman and wood resin on the field; The spider talks to an imaginary woman, wants to hug her, sticks; in the morning mother-in-law found Spider and beat him so much that he has since been flat]: Turay 1989:44-47).

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