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M182B. Animals in sledges, ATU 158. .16.27.-.29.31.32.

The animals ask them to ride in a sleigh. Sledges break down, animals bring unusable material from the forest for repair. While the sleigh owner goes to the forest to look for a replacement for the broken globe (or goes to cut wood), the animals eat the horse (bull) and leave a scarecrow instead of it.

Germans (Prussia), Slovenes, Romanians, Macedonians, Slovaks, Poles, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Novgorod, Pskov, Tverskaya, Vologda, Gorkovskaya, Voronezh, Ryazan), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Hutsulshchina, Transcarpathia, Podolia, Poltava, Kherson, Kursk), Belarusians, Turks, Finns, Karelians, Veps, leaders, Estonians, Setu, Lutsi, Latvians, Lithuanians, Komi, Udmurts, Mari, Mordovians, Kazan Tatars.

Western Europe. The Germans (Prussia): Uther 2004 (1), No. 158:112

The Balkans. Slovenes, Romanians, Macedonians: Uther 2004 (1), No. 158:112

Central Europe. Russians (Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Novgorod, Pskov, Tver, Vologda, Gorkovskaya, Voronezh, Ryazan), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Hutsulshchina, Transcarpathia, Podolia, Poltava, Kherson, Kursk), Belarusians [Animals in a sleigh by a fox (old woman): while the fox is looking for a replacement for a broken globe in the forest, the animals eat the horse (goby) and leave a scarecrow instead] : SUS 1979, No. 159:79; Russians (Novgorod) [the orphan came to the hut with a bast, put her bast not to her bast, but to her straps; the next morning she says that she had a strap, took the strap; in another village she put it sheep strap; took the ram; then the lamb; the cow; the horse; went for firewood, the hare with her; sang a song about what happened to her; met a fox on the way, took it with them; the fox began to sing the same song; then wolf; bear; when the bear sat down, the gulf burst; the girl sent the animals one by one for the gullies; the hare brought a knot, a fox a wand, a wolf to a young tree, a bear a tree; the girl went for the gullies ; while walking, the animals ripped off the horse's skin, ate the meat, and filled the skin with snow, sewed it up, put the horse standing; the girl was left with horse skin]: Smirnov 1917, No. 76:298-300; Russians (Pskov) [the fox spent the night with the man, begged for bast shoes; the next night, asked to put her bast shoes to the chickens, buried it, demanded chicken in the morning; then duck; sheep; goby; firewood to the goby; went; the hare asks allow her to sit in a sleigh; then the wolf; when the bear sat down, the gullies broke; the hare brought thin, the other fox too, the wolf brought the shaggy forest, the bear with roots; the fox went by itself; during this time the animals they ate the goby, filled it with hay; the fox: whoever eats the bull will fall into the hole, let's jump; everyone has fallen; the fox: let's voice, whoever falls short, we'll eat it; we started with a hare; the fox and the bear remained; the fox hid the intestines under him, now pulls it out and eats, says that he is his own; the bear pulled out his own, died, the fox eats it; but he does not get out; the thrush threatens to eat his children if he does not pull it out of the hole; the thrush put sticks the fox got out; the fox tells her to drink; the man is carrying a barrel of wine to the wedding; the thrush sat on the barrel, the man hit, the thrush flew away, the barrel broke, the fox got drunk; now laugh; two brothers are threshing, the thrush has sat down one on the head, the other hit, the thrush flew away, the fox laughed; now evaporate; the fox is steaming, the thrush says that the dogs are coming; the fox out the window, then into the hollow, asks his legs - how did they run? ears; eyes; tail; tail - dogs dank her tail and ate her]: Chernyshev 1950, No. 33:73-75; Russians (Ryazan) [gave mercy to my grandmother - a bast; she asked for a better chicken; they gave her; they gave her; asked for an overnight stay; let her chicken with geese; in the morning she says that she had a goose; next time she changed a goose for a lamb; a lamb for a calf; made a gully, rides a goby, sings how she changed one to another; the hare, fox, wolf, bear are asked to be put in a sleigh; the gullies broke, the old woman went to make new ones, pulled her skin over the branches, ran away; the grandmother came up, the scarecrow fell; went to change her bast again to chicken, chicken for duck, etc.]: Samodelova 2013, No. 55:59-61; Ukrainians (Poltava, Romensky district) [The chicken brings poppy seeds, the rooster brings millet, the woman bakes poppy pies, the grandfather eats his own, she puts it on the window to cool down. A fox steals them from the window, eats them out poppy seeds in one, puts his bowel movements, changes this pie for a bull in the forest, asks them not to break them until he disappears, the grandfather breaks and screams, but neither the fox nor the bull is gone. She rides in a sleigh drawn by a bull, a wolf, a bear and a lion ask for a ride - she agrees. The lion puts one leg at a time on the sleigh, after which it breaks. The fox asks to break even and crooked branches to fix the sleigh, the animals bring crooked ones, she goes to the forest on her own; the wolf; the bear and the lion eat the bull's insides, put sparrows under their skin, and run away. Lisa returns, realizes what happened, runs away]: Gnedich 1916, No. 1508:33-34; Ukrainians (c. 1878, St. Poltava, Kabishchany) [The fox freezes in her hut, runs to the village, goes into the hut, asks to let her warm up, she is left, she steals a poppy pie and runs away, replaces the filling with garbage, exchanges for a bull (requires that they do not start eating until it disappears). The fox builds a sleigh and harnesses the bull, the wolf asks to let him down, she refuses to break the sleigh, the wolf asks to put his leg, then the other - every time the sleigh creaks, he says it's the nuts he crunches eats. The fox agrees, but when the wolf puts its last leg, the sleigh breaks down. The fox is angry, sends him to the forest to chop wood, explains that crooked and even sticks are needed, the wolf brings crooked ones. She goes looking for herself, the wolf eats the bull, puts sparrows under her skin and runs away. Lisa comes back and discovers his fraud and wants to repay. She lies down on the road, fishermen pick her up, think she's dead, she throws the fish they catch off the cart, jumps herself and eats her own food, the wolf asks for a treat, she explains how to catch it herself - put it down tail in the ice-hole. When the ice begins to bind the wolf's tail, the fox calls the villagers, they come running and kill the wolf]: Rudchenko 1870, No. 4:6-9; Poles [animals ride in sledges, break them, bring them unusable for repair material, and when the owner goes for them, they eat the horse]: Krzyżanowski 1962, No. 158:65; Slovaks: Uther 2004 (1), No. 158:112.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Turks (one entry) [the man found a wooden shoe, stayed overnight in the house, putting his shoe in the chicken coop; took it quietly, said that the shoe was eaten by the chickens, got the chicken; the next I got a sheep for a chicken in the same way at home; a horse next for the sheep; harnessed it into a cart, picked it up a fox, a bear and a wild boar along the way; went to find material to fix the cart {will I glob?} , at this time, the animals ate the horse, made a scarecrow and filled it with earth; a man quilts a scarecrow and the horse comes to life]: Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 35:51.

Baltoscandia. Finns, counselors: Uther 2004 (1), No. 158:112; Lutsie (Western 1933) [the fox decided to get rich; put a pea in the bag, stopped for the night; the rooster pecked the pea, the fox served in court, the owner was told to give the fox a rooster; then the same: a pig ate for a rooster - for a sheep pig; a bull for a sheep; a stallion for a bull; with a horse came to the winter forest; a fox: straight trees, crooked trees - become a sleigh; a sleigh fell from the sky; a hare, a wolf ask to take them; when the bear sat down, the sleigh broke; the hare brought a twig, the wolf brought a crooked oak tree; the fox went by itself; told the hare to scream if the wolf and the bear became tear a horse; bear to a hare: you shout, we'll eat you too; the fox lowered a new sleigh from the sky, harnessed the horse, but instead of it there was a scarecrow; the fox caught up with its companions: whoever jumps across the river is not to blame ; the hare jumped over, the wolf and bear fell into the water and drowned; the fox pulled them out and began to eat them]: Annom et al. 2018:299-301; Latvians [Animals pay off: the bull brings various animals to the stable: a ram, a dog, horse, bee, wolf, etc. The man wants to slaughter them. Animals promise to bring meat, honey, etc.]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 159:260; Karelians [the old woman asked to spend the night, asks where to put her bast shoes; she is offered to put her bast shoes, she asks for chickens; in the morning she says that she had a chicken with her, gets it; in the same way she changes chicken for a calf, a calf for a cow, a cow for a horse; a mouse. then a fox, a wolf, a bear are asked to take them to sleigh; the gulf is broken; each of the animals brings the wrong thing from the forest (a crooked stick, a knotty log, etc.); the old woman walks by herself, the animals ate the horse, crucified her skin on poles, ran away; the old woman the horse hit, it fell apart; old lady: so my paw is gone]: Concca 1959:51-53; the Veps [the old man and the old woman sowed turnips on the roof of the bathhouse; the old woman climbed there, fell on the harrow, died; the old man harnessed his horse, went to look for mourners; asks everyone he meets how he sings; invites everyone to sit in a sleigh: a squirrel, a hare, a fox, a wolf, a bear; when the bear sat down, the gulf broke; the old man asks everyone to bring the forest to make a new globe, the animals do not bring what they need; the old man goes by himself; at this time the wolf and bear ate the horse, they crammed moss into the inside; the animals ran away; the old man returned home and began to cry]: Onegin, Zaitseva 1996, No. 43:158-160; Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2014, No. 26 [the old man has a goby named Three-year-old Bull Bought for Bulovka; the wolf asks him for a ride, sleigh broke; the wolf undertakes to guard the sleigh while the old man goes to cut down the runners; ate the goby, left a scarecrow full of straw]: 66-67; Lebite 1965 [the woman baked the muffin, put it on the window to cool, the muffin ran away; towards the laundress; muffin: the woman was chasing, the grandfather was chasing, you were chasing too; the laundress also chases, then the muffin meets the plowman - the same, the fox; the fox says that she does not hear well, grabs the muffin, ate the middle, sealed a hole , exchanged shepherds for lamb; in the forest she says: runners made of crooked wood, hooves made of straight wood, sleigh turned out by themselves; the fox harnessed the lamb, went; the wolf asks for permission to put one leg, the second, etc., the tail, climbs by itself, the sleigh is broken; the wolf repeats the fox's words about runners, etc., the sleigh does not appear; the fox goes to the forest itself, sings, the sleigh has appeared; in the meantime, the wolf picked up the lamb, ate the meat , filled his skin with moss; the fox tells him to carry the sleigh, he is out of place; he looks - he is full of moss]: 15-18; Estonians (Pärnu) [The fox stole a horse and cart from a drunk man; Hare, Wolf, Bear ask to plant them on the cart; at the swamp they insist to drive further; the horse breaks the gullies; the Hare, the Wolf, the Bear bring the unusable; the fox brings suitable ones, but sees that his comrades are eating up the horse; decides to take revenge; smeared goose blood, promises the Hare that he will have the same beautiful fur coat, he must get into the haystack; sets fire to the haystack, the Hare burned; pretends to be dead, the man is carrying fish, picks up the Fox, she drops the fish from carts, jumps off by herself, carries a bag of fish, answers the Wolf that he needs to put his tail in the ice-hole, the fish will be caught; the tail is frozen, the Fox called the dogs, they tore the Wolf to pieces; smears the block with honey, advises the Bear stick it inside your paw, knocks out a wedge; people killed the Bear]: Kippar 2010, No. IV.2:69-72; (cf. (Kirbla) [the man was driving from the tavern, fell asleep in the forest; the bear, the wolf, the fox and the hare threw him out of the sleigh and drove by themselves; the horse exploded, the sleigh broke; the fox went to the village for the tool, at which time the wolf the horse failed; the fox: let everyone cross the hole on the perch, the culprit would fall; all three fell; the fox began to dance on the edge and also fell; the wolf lifted the hare; the fox decided that now it was her turn, persuaded the bear to eat the wolf; when the lupus is over, it pretended to eat its giblets; the bear tore itself, died; the meat began to deteriorate; the fox to the crows: fill the hole with spruce legs, then I'll give you something to eat; the crows filled, the fox got out, began to live in the forest]: Järv 2016:25-27); setu [wolf fox: would be beautiful like this woodpecker! fox: get into the haystack, now you'll be colorful; the haystack is set on fire, the wolf burned down; the fox collected the bones in the bag, they jingle like money; bought a horse from the man, told him to open the bag at home, collecting everyone relatives - good luck; a hare, a wolf, a bear consistently ask to take them into a sleigh; the gulf is broken; the fox sends everyone to bring a suitable forest, the animals bring the unusable one; the fox brought it itself, they go on; fox: whoever tries to eat the horse first will bleed out of his eyes; but soon she starved to the horse; the horse was eaten; the fox felt sorry for the horse; fox: I'll go to the village for the headman, let him punish you for eating the horse; returned with the cat, the hare mistook the cat's tail for iron scrap from a distance, the animals hid; the cat saw the tip of a wolf's tail under a pile of brushwood, thought that the mouse, clung, the wolf ran, the cat to the tree where the bear hid; he fell, ran away with the hare; and the fox's eyes began to bleed; healer: you need to grease it with bear fat; the fox comes to the tree on which the bear ruins the hive; pretends to see nothing; it's plaintive: your parents threw me honey a little bit; the bear threw it off generously; the fox: and with joy they walked on the tree with a wheel; the bear tried it, fell and crashed to death; the fox healed its eyes and ate bear meat]: Mägiste 1990:7-14.

Volga - Perm. Komi [while the fox is looking for a replacement for a broken globe in the forest, the animals eat the horse (goby) and leave a scarecrow instead]: Korovina 2012, No. 158:76-77; (cf. Komi [a hare, fox, wolf, bear climb into a boat made of magpie's chest bone]: Korovina 2012, no number: 79); Komi-Permyaks [the old man stayed overnight, said that He took his bast with him, put him in the chicken coop; in the morning he said that he had a chicken, took the chicken; the next time he went to the sheep, took the sheep; the cow; the horse; the bear ordered him to be put in a sleigh; then the wolf; the gulf broke; the wolf brought a spruce paw, the bear a stump, the old man went by himself; at this time, the wolf and the bear ripped open the horse's belly, ate his giblets, filled him with hair; the old man came, got into a sleigh, wanted to go, but saw that the horse has straw in its stomach]: Genetz 1897, No. 2:42-44; Udmurts: Kralina 1960, No. 30 [a peasant goes to the bazaar; a hare, a fox, a wolf, a bear ask for a ride, sit on a sleigh; the glob is broken; everyone goes, brings a twig, a stick; the man went by himself; when he returned, it turned out that the animals ate the horse, sheep, chickens and cabbage; everyone then comes up, the peasant hits everyone]: 81-84; Wichmann 1901, No. 19 [the fox persuaded the person to take her into the house; leaves three times, says that for the child's wedding {apparently for christening}; when asked what the child was called, answers: Beginning; Middle; Scraped; eats the stored one herself honey as a man; a man rode on a sleigh, sings, another fox met her, asked to put her on a sleigh; they go together and sing; then the wolf; the bear; the gulf broke; the fox went, brought a branch; the bear brought whole fir; then the man went by himself; the animals ate the horse, only bones were left; the man came back, cried, walked home]: 106-108; (cf. Udmurts [the fox found a bast, asked to spend the night, put its bast in the chicken coop, hid it at night, demanded chicken for the missing bast; then goose, ram, oxen; the fox slaughtered them all, meat hid it, filled the ox skin with straw, stole the yoke and sleigh, invited the wolf and the bear; pretends to drive the ox, but he left; the wolf and the bear attacked the ox, but under the skin only straw]: Wichmann 1901, No. 24:118-119); Marie [the girl was orphaned, went on a journey, praised the reaper, she allowed her to take a spikelet; the girl stopped in the hut, at night the chicken pecked the spikelet, the hostess gave the chicken; in the next hut, the duck pecked the chicken, the girl got a duck; then the goose, the ram, the bull, the mare; the girl returned home; in winter she harnessed the mare, went to the field, sang how she changed spikelet for chicken, etc.; squirrel, hare, fox, wolf, bear consistently praise the song, the girl allows you to sit in the sleigh; the gulf is broken; the girl consistently sends animals to bring a new one from the forest, everyone brings the wrong thing; she goes by herself; the animals ate the mare, made a scarecrow, ran away; the girl whipped the mare with a whip, the scarecrow fell]: Tudorovskaya, Eman 1945:90-94; Mordovians: Uther 2004 ( 1), No. 159:112; Kazan Tatars [The Fox, the Wolf and the Bear went on a sleigh horse to the forest for firewood; while the Wolf and the Bear were cutting wood, the Fox ate the horse's insides and plugged her ass with straw; pretended to cut wood too, told her to wait for her return; Wolf and Bear tried in vain to persuade the horse]: Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 4:30.