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M199k. He digs in a well. .15.16.27.-.29.31.-.34.

The giant sends a man to fetch water, giving him a huge wineskin. He cannot raise so much water, but he gets out of the situation by cunning (pretends to bring the entire well at once; that he has already brought water and drank it all himself; etc.).

Portuguese, Sicilians, Italians (Ticino, Veneto), Bretons, Germans (south?) , Romanians, Bosnians, Albanians, Greeks, Czechs, Slovaks, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Vladimir, Voronezh), Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, Stavropol Turkmens, Kalmyks, Abazins, Balkarians (and Karachays?) , Avars, Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Kurds, Swedes, Karelians, Veps, Kazan Tatars, Udmurts, Kazakhs, Tuvans, Khalkha Mongols, Mongols of Inner Mongolia.

Southern Europe. The Portuguese [the giant is going to hire a worker, but not to be called Pedro; Pedro meets three times and the giant, not realizing that it is the same guy, finally hired him; he herds the sheep , drove them into the pen for the night; the giant sent him to fetch water; P. pretends to dig in a well, the giant brought water himself; the next evening he sends P. to bring the pine tree that has already been cut down; P. pretends that He ties the pine grove with a rope to bring everything at once; the giant let him bear the floor of the pine tree; he wobbles under its weight; says he remembered how fandangos dance; the giant said himself; the giant decided that P. is of little use, let him go; P.: first I want my share; those goats that have a hole under their tail, let them be mine; it turned out that everyone has a hole; P. sees an eagle: he will now take away all the goats; giant: and me? runs away]: Dias Marques 2019, No. 420:636-639; Italians (Ticino) [Marco and Clara are the owners of a castle above the valley; once a rickety humpback shoemaker Giovanni saw cheese lined with flies, threw it at his shoe, killing many flies at once; attached a paper above the door with the inscription: a hundred with one blow; M. saw, offered to compete: who would bring a bunch of firewood heavier, the loser would pay 500 thalers; M . brought his own, J. no; M. returned to the forest, where J. folds willow twigs: not to bring them, but what to make a rope out of them, tie them and bring the whole forest at once; knowing that people will not live without a forest, M. paid 500 thalers; K. advised her husband to offer another test: to bring a huge bucket of water from the pond to the village; J. began to dig in the pond; received another 500 thalers; then who would throw it further into the lake is a heavy iron ball; he threw it a mile from the shore; J. shouts to the villagers: go faster, I will throw the ball over the lake, it will fall on the village; M. asked not to do this, paid again; J. . bought a snack, began to take walks; hearing M. approaching, J. hid the horse and looked at the sky: he spurred the horse so much that it flew into the clouds; later explained to M. that the sky had returned the horse to him]: Wildhaber, Uffer 1971, No. 68:248-253; Italians (Veneto) [the peasant's son is strong and lazy, his nickname is Massafadiga (Faulhanns); his father told him to go find food himself; M. was hired as an employee for to the giant; he asks for help to bring water from the well; M. begins to dig in the well, pretending to bring it in its entirety; the giant agrees with his wife to roll a large worker at night stone; M. overheard, lay down at the door; shouts for the giant to calm the boys - they throw stones; the giant leads M. to his hunting hut, chases two bears at him; when they broke in, M. jumped out and locked him door; told the giant that he took the bears by the ears and brought them into the house; and to finish them off and bring them home, let the giant do this himself; the giant sent M. to his wife for a pickaxe; he says that the owner asks for he has the key to the chest of gold; his wife shouts to the giant: right? he: yes, give it back; M. took the gold and rushed to run; on the way he bought a sheep from the shepherd, slaughtered him, threw his giblets on the ground, asked the shepherd to tell the giant that M. had cut out his guts in order to run faster; Hearing this, the giant ripped his stomach open and died]: Widter et al. 1866, No. 2:13-16; Sicilians: Crane 1885, No. 19 [the shoemaker hits the cheese with his shoe, killing 500 flies and injuring 400; comes to the king, says he killed 500 and wounded 400; the king tells him to kill the cannibal giant; the shoemaker meets the giant; clutches a piece of alabaster, the ogre believes it is marble, leads to him; asks for water with a jug, the shoemaker pretends to bring the whole well, the cannibal goes to fetch water himself; at night, the shoemaker puts a pumpkin in his place, the cannibal hits it thinking it is the head of a shoemaker; he says that a flea bites; the cannibal offers to eat a pot of pasta; the tailor ties his bag, puts the pasta in it, pretends to cut his stomach, the pasta falls out; the cannibal cuts his stomach, dies; The shoemaker shows the king a murdered ogre, gets the princess]: 95-96; Gonzenbach 2004a [1870], No. 18 [starting as in the Milanese version; the shoemaker meets the giant; clutches a piece of alabaster, the cannibal believes that it is marble, leads to itself; the ogre asks for water with a jug, the shoemaker pretends to bring the whole well, the cannibal goes to fetch water himself; at night, the shoemaker puts a pumpkin in his place, The cannibal beats her, thinking that it is the head of a shoemaker; he says that the flea bites; the cannibal offers to eat a pot of pasta; the tailor ties his bag, puts pasta in it, pretends to cut his stomach, pasta falls out; the cannibal cuts his stomach, dies; the shoemaker shows the king a murdered ogre, gets a princess] (retelling in Crane 1885, No. 19:95-96): 118-122.

Western Europe. The Bretons [winter and Korolek quarreled; winter lets in more and more cold, and Korolek consistently spends the night in the laundry room, in the newlyweds bed, in the crack near the baker's stove; there he quarreled with the mouse, resulting in a war between birds and animals; first the animals won, then the eagle flew in and the animals had a bad time, but the prince watched the battle from the window and broke the eagle's wing with a saber; the four-legged won, and the eagle told the prince to feed him nine months until he recovered; then he sat him on his back and brought him to his mother; said that he was the son of the King of Lower Brittany; she wanted the eagle forbade eating it; the eagle's sister fell in love with the prince; the mother invited the prince to play skittles: if she loses, she will lose her life, and if she wins, she will get the eagle's sister; the eagle's sister gives bubbles instead cast-iron pins and teaches words after which they fly up into heaven; the eagle believes that the prince threw cast iron pins; bring water from the spring in two huge barrels; the sister teaches you to start digging in the spring, to bring it all at once; cut down an alley of oaks; the sister gave a wooden ax - the oak fell at his touch; the prince and sister were released, but the sister said she could not come to the king with him; gave half a scarf and half a ring; hired a jeweler; the prince forgot his bride, was preparing a wedding with the princess; the servant came to the feast, showed the halves of the ring and shawl, they grew together with halves of the prince; put a golden chicken and a cockerel; they are talking, which shows that the prince forgot his bride; prince: I had a casket, I lost it, got another one, but found an old one that take it? everyone says he's old; the prince married a jeweler's maid]: Carlin 1991:50-58; the Germans [the village teacher went to the haymaking; hell wanted to grab him, he squeezed the cheese and said the stone was out of hell water will also flow; the devils offer a bag of gold coins if the teacher agrees to serve them for a year; they send them water, he pretends to dig in and bring the entire well; they tell them to bring an oak tree, the teacher pretends to want to cut down the entire forest; the devils decided to get rid of the employee before the deadline; they had to pay the money and bring it themselves; the teacher managed to teach the students what to say; the children began to scream, "I want damn meat," the hell threw the bag, ran away; the young devil came to figure it out; the teacher to fight with his grandfather (the bear in the cage), the hell is just alive; run with his grandson (released the hare ); throw a hammer into the sky; teacher: I have a relative in the sky as a blacksmith, he will need a hammer; then the devil offered to throw a stone, the teacher released a goldfinch; who clicks louder; the devil clicks the whip; teacher tells him to blindfold, hits him with a club; fight with swords; the teacher gave a line a long bar, and took a short line himself, stuck the line; then the devil asked for a short one for himself; the teacher advised him to climb into pigsty, stuck it through the gap; scratching (the teacher took his brushes); damn it, the teacher was under the ceiling; says he darns the holes so that when he blows, the hell does not fly to the moon]: Cerf 1992:105-110 .

The Balkans. Romanians: Nortines 1935 [=Kremnitz 1882, No. 1:1-16, =Mirener 1958:19-26; a shepherd named Stan-le-Roc has no children; he met God and St. Peter, they are ready to fulfill his wishes; he asked for children three times; when he returned home, he saw a house full of children, everyone was hungry; he sold everything, left; the shepherds say that they are tyrannized by the dragon, ready to give a third the herd to the one who kills him; S. tells the dragon that he is stronger than him; the dragon offers challenges; S. squeezed the cheese, the water has flowed, the dragon could not squeeze water out of the stone; the dragon hired S. to serve, promising gold; the dragon threw an iron club; S. pretends to wait for the moon to be gone, otherwise his brother, a blacksmith, will take the club; the dragon tells him not to throw; tells him to bring water, S. begins to dig in the well, to take everything at once; refuses to carry a tree, but begins to tie the forest with a rope to take everything at once; hears the dragon negotiating with his mother to hit him at night with a club; puts himself under the blanket is a log; in the morning he says that the fleas have bitten; pretends to stay for another two years; he is given not 1, but 3 sums of gold; the dragon agrees to take him to S. home; when they approach, S. explains that children scream because they want dragon babies; the dragon ran away; those S.'s children who did not die still live]: 113-124; Mirener 1958 [shepherds complain that the dragon is stealing sheep; Stan promises it win; the dragon offers to squeeze water out of the stone; S. squeezes a piece of cheese; the dragon takes S. to serve for three days, promises gold; the dragon's mother offers to test the servant's power first; the dragon throws the iron a mace beyond 5 mountains; S. looks closely to throw the mace on the moon; the dragon asks not to be thrown; S. pretends to dig a well so as not to carry water in the wineskin; ties the forest with a rope to carry all at once; at night he puts a stump in its place, covers it with a blanket; the dragon hits him with a mace; in the morning S. says that flies tickled; the dragon pays money for the year and carries it himself; S.: my kids love dragon meat; the dragon comes up, the kids scream what they want to eat; the dragon left the gold, ran away]: 19-26; the Bosnians [the gypsy stole a bag of corn, began to grind it in an abandoned mill; a giant came; the gypsy squeezed the cheese, the giant believed that he squeezed water out of the stone; brought an ox, telling the gypsy to bring firewood; he pretends to bring a whole beech, the giant broke off the branches himself; the gypsy hides pieces of meat, the giant believes that he ate more than him; the giant bent the cherries, then let go, the gypsy threw it up, he grabbed the daw, said he jumped after it; he could not bring a wineskin of water, pretends to move the spring; He ties the forest with a rope, pretends to bring it whole; at night he put a saddle on the bed instead of himself, the giants hit him with a hammer, in the morning the gypsies said that fleas bit; giants compete to see who's next He will throw a stone; the gypsy pretends to aim at a distant tower; the giants stop him - their king lives there; the giants themselves brought a wineskin of gold to the gypsy's house; the gypsy says that his chimney will give answer; giants are scared, run away, gold remains for the gypsy]: Golenishchev-Kutuzov 1991:72-76; Albanians [every night a bear slaughters several shepherd's sheep; a dervish promises to help, let only a shepherd give sheep cheese for him; invites the bear to measure his strength; crushed three heads of goat cheese, the bear could not crush the stone; the bear invites the dervish to go for firewood, and let him bring the bull; dervish: from -I won't go anywhere for such a little thing as a bull, at least I need a lion; the bear went to pick up the bull himself, and sent the dervish for firewood; he begins to entangle the forest with a rope to tear out all the trees at once; bear amazed, brings firewood himself; leaving the bear to fry meat, the dervish goes to fetch water; pretends to bring the spring along with the rock; the bear brings a wineskin of water himself; the bear offers to fight; he squeezed the dervish so much that his face turned red; dervish: if I don't want to squeeze you like that, you'll turn into minced meat; the bear asks why the dervish hardly eats; he says he has recently eaten sheep; the bear leads him to her; tells his mother and sister to sharpen the ax, but the sister warned the dervish about the bear's intention to hack him at night; the dervish did not lie on the bed, but hid under a pack saddle; the bear struck three or four hitting where he thought the dervish was lying; in the morning he complained that fleas were biting; the bear was delighted; asked him to make him just as strong; dervish: to do this, you have to put your head in boiling milk; the bear cooked; as a reward, the dervish took only a goat from the shepherd; spent the night in a wolf's lair; the wolf ate the goat; the dervish took off his pants in annoyance and shut the way out of the lair; the wolf got stuck, the dervish shoved it in like a bag and carried his pants with him in the morning; he meets a priest in the village; says he is carrying a shepherd that should not be fed; the priest let the shepherd into the cat; in the morning he did not find sheep; took a gun and went look for a dervish; thieves ask him to split the money; dervish: first I'll tie you to a tree so you don't quarrel; took all the money; the priest untied them and together they came to the dervish's house; he called for help and neighbors tore those who came to pieces]: Dozon 1881, No. 3:17-25; the Greeks [shoemaker Lazarus loved honey; flies flew in and he slammed 14 in one blow; ordered a sword with the inscription "14 with one blow" and went on a journey; after walking for two days, he fell asleep at the well; the Dragon came for water, read the inscription on his sword, decided to fraternize with the hero, brought him where other dragons were; he was given a huge the wineskin, ordering him to bring water; L. began to dig in the well, pretending to bring it in its entirety; when they sent the tree to bring it for firewood, he tied the forest with a rope to bring it all at once; the dragons agreed to slaughter L. at night with batons; he overheard, lay down elsewhere, said in the morning that mosquitoes were biting; the dragons asked if L. wanted to return to his wife and children, they would give him gold; L. ordered one of them to carry the gold; warned the children to shout "We want dragonyats!" ; the dragon ran away; the fox: yes, I'm stealing their chickens; if you're afraid to go alone, tie yourself to my tail and let's go; L. shouts to the fox: you promised to bring all the dragons, but you're only dragging one! the dragon rushed away, the tied fox crashed against the rocks]: Hahn 1864 (1), No. 23:173-176.

Central Europe. The Czechs [the gypsy went to serve the line; pretended to dig in a well to bring plenty of water at once; who tied the forest with a rope, bring all the trees at once; the old devil advised the young kill the gypsy at night with an iron stick; he lay down elsewhere, leaving his sheepskin coat on the bed; hell hit, the gypsy sighed: the flea bit; the old devil advised him to pay off the gypsy with money; young offered to compete first; 1) kick a stone (the gypsy poured water under the stone, she splashed, the hell believed that the gypsy squeezed water out of the stone); 2) who would throw an iron stick higher (gypsy: I have two in the sky blacksmith brother, hell tells me not to leave); 3) race (the gypsy offers a younger brother instead of himself, this is a hare); 4) fight (instead of a gypsy, his father is a bear); 5) who whistles louder (the gypsy tells blindfold the line, hits him in the ears with an iron club); hell left the money and left]: Erben in Lifshitz-Artemyeva 2017:148-152; Slovaks [hell said he was hungry, the woman gave him an egg, and when he swallowed it, she said that the egg was magical and now the devil was pregnant; the gypsy promised to help the devil give birth, ordered him to lie on his stomach, hit him with a stick, at which time a hare jumped out of the bush: gypsy hell: that's yours the son ran; the devil and the gypsy decided to test their strength; the devil crumbled a stone in his hand, the gypsy clutched a piece of bread soaked in milk; the devil was frightened, ran to his mother, who advised him to pay off gypsy or kill him; hell and gypsies began to compete to see who would collect more plums; hell filled the bag, the gypsy began to dig in the trees as if they wanted to carry them away with the fruit; who would knock down more trees ( the gypsy began to tie the forest with a rope to knock down and carry everything away at once); who would take more water (the hell filled his wineskins, the gypsy pretended to dam the river); the hell gave the gypsy a bag of money]: Dobš inský 1970, No. 6:26-27; Russians (Arkhangelskaya: Pinega) [the serpent arrives in the village, has already eaten everyone, the last man is left; a gypsy has come, goes to the snake's hut; he offers to whistle; whistles, the hut shudders; the gypsy blindfolded the snake, warmed him with a club; the serpent sends the gypsy to bring water in reindeer skin; he began to dig in the well, the snake brought water himself; tells him to uproot and bring the tree; the gypsy pretends to bring the whole forest; let's go to the gypsy's house; gypsy: my children are hungry, you will be eaten; the snake ran away; the gypsy went to the carriage and three horses]: Nikiforov 1915, No. 15:149- 150; Russians (Vladimirskaya, Pereslavl-Zalessky U.) [the gypsy and the goblin began to show strength in front of each other; the goblin gave up a stone - sparks fell down; the gypsy - turnips, the water flowed; the goblin brought him, sent him with fur for water; the gypsy began to dig in the well ; the goblin himself brought fur with water; sent to bring three oxen, the gypsy ties 12 with tails so that everyone at once; the goblin brings three oaks himself; sends three oaks, the gypsy binds 12; the goblin himself brought three]: Smirnov 2008, No. 9:73-74; Russians (Voronezhskaya, p. Bolshaya Vereyka, 1925) [A gypsy stays with an old man in a village where Pakarym ate snakes. The serpent arrives to eat the last old man and is greeted by a cunning gypsy. The serpent shows its strength by breaking a stone, the gypsy squeezes water out of the cottage cheese, as if out of stone. The snake whistles so that leaves fall from the oak tree, the gypsy blindfolds the snake (otherwise they will jump out) and hits the forehead with a club, the snake's ears ring. The serpent sees the power of the gypsy and offers to put up, invites him to visit him. The gypsy kills the bull, removes the skin, the snake flies for firewood, the gypsy realizes that he cannot bring water in the bull's skin, tries to "dig the well around". The serpent arrives and brings water in its burden by itself, saying that one is enough. The gypsy accidentally spills a quarter of the vodka, tells the snake that he drank it. The gypsy pretends to drink and eat, actually pours out vodka and throws away pieces of meat. The serpent is surprised at the gluttony and strength of the gypsy. The gypsy is going home, warns the snake that his children are hungry and can eat it. The serpent arrives with the gypsy to the village, sees the gypsies "black, smeared, torn off", gets frightened and flies away, leaving three horses. Gypsy tells his wife about his adventures]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 35:156-158; Ukrainians (Kharkiv, Lebedinsky, Vorozhba, until 1890). [The snake eats all the people of the settlement except one grandfather, asks the gypsies to spend the night with the latter, who promises that the snakes will not be able to eat them. The serpent appears, getting ready to eat two instead of one. The gypsy declares his power "Look, don't choke!" , a snake squeezes a stone that crumbles in flour, a gypsy takes a bag of cheese, squeezes it, and water flows out. The serpent offers to go after an older friend, offers to bring an ox for lunch, the gypsy goes, cannot even lift one leg of the ox, ties several animals with tails - as if he will have one few, snakes do not wait, they are angry, they carry them themselves. He takes off his skin from the ox and lets the gypsy bring water, the gypsy cannot lift the full skin, sees the children "piggy" digging, starts digging around the well, says the snake will not wear one at a time the skin, the snake is angry, carries itself. The serpent sends the gypsy for a dry oak tree, who says he would bring 20 at once, brings the snake himself, cooks, the gypsy does not eat lunch, gets angry, tries the last spoon, invites the snake to his mother for dumplings. The serpent eats first, the gypsy puts food in his pants. The snake offers to "spin on the stone", the snake "yak I'm spinning" - fire comes out, the gypsy presses the dumplings - water is pouring, the snake builds a gypsy hut on the outskirts, wants to burn it with his mother, the gypsy hears their conversation, hides, a loan extinguishes a fire and sits in a burnt down hut with a barrel of water, tells the snake that he has taken a good steam bath, the snake wants to visit the gypsy. His children run towards the gypsy, he tells the snake that it was the devils who came for his soul, the snake runs away, leaves the stroller and money]: Manzhura 2003:105-106.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars [Akhmet-Akhai Ozenbashsky was frightened of a mouse, his wife swears; but he killed 40 flies with one blow; went to look for work; Kosh has one shepherd crying (7-headed deva with goat legs horse his tail will eat it today), the second laughs (eats tomorrow), the third dances (eats it the day after tomorrow); AA: I am the hero Ayu, the son of Buke-Bugai, who keeps the ground on his copper horn; buried the skin of a ram with a roll, head with beard and legs separately; suggests the deva 1) hit the ground for the katyk to go, 2) for his legs to jump out, 3) a beard pops out; dev called for a visit, carried it to the mountain; whose stone core will fly up above; AA: I'll throw 7 cores with the gun, it'll stay at the top; dev: no need, the gun is expensive; deva's mother advises letting AA raise the deva's father's iron stool; AA: throw it on the moon or in the sun? deva's mother: no need, the lights will fade; asks for water in a 40-bucket vessel; AA begins to dig in a well; dev takes AA home to Ozenbashi, gives you three bags of gold; why are you so light? AA: I keep my strength in the air; dev: show strength; AA stabs it with an awl; dev: better in the air; AA tied his three children with a rotten rope, tells them to shout "eat" and his wife to "have lunch with a deva"; dev runs away; fox leads him back; AA fox: that's when I caught you; dev killed the fox, ran away]: Mirer 1940:226-236; Stavropol Turkmens [after getting to the divas, Jesus the hero (Ica-Behlewan), using various tricks - pulling trees in the forest, devouring an entire calf, squeezing brains out of the ground (jer meillici), extracting the earth's stomach and intestines, digging an entire well of water - misleads divas regarding their strength; the divas could not kill I. with either boiling water or a hammer and decided to get rid of him by giving him a bag of gold and letting him go home; the hero pretended to throw a heavy bag right out the forest to his house, but he was offered to go on his back a diva; this diva was surprised at the hero's lightness, but begged "not to impose weights", as soon as the hero began to poke his back with an awl; having learned The diva frightened his wife when he arrived in the house, I. turned him to flight; the fox wanted to help the diva, but she also died from the hero's cunning]: Samoilovich 1914, No. 16:; Kalmyks [grandfather in a quarter, a four-quarter beard buried the goat's brain, asked seven Musas to bet: who would get to the earth's brain; the Muses admit defeat, invite them for gold; they gave them an iron tourniquet, sent them for firewood; the old man begins to tie all the trees to supposedly bring everything at once; begins to dig in a well to bring it whole; when the meat is ready, he sends mousse for salt, throws the meat into the river, says that he ate everything; the same with the soup; at night the old man covers a stone with his fur coat, the Musa tries to stab this place with daggers, in the morning the old man says that the lice have bitten; negotiates with his wife to say as if there are no supplies, but he will advise you to take Musa's giblets; my husband came, heard, started running; the fox leads Musa back with his tails; old man: my beloved yellow son is leading Musa to death; the mousse killed fox; the same with the wolf (gray son); the old man made fur coats out of wolf and fox skins]: Dzhimbinov 1962:57-60 (=Egorov 1978:43-47); Abazins [the fox takes food from shepherd Kabizhchikun every time; he sees on the other side of the river is a giant (Ainizh); pretends to squeeze water out of the stone (a piece of cheese), rubs the stone into dust (a handful of flour); the giant carries it across the river, wonders that it is light; to show that it is actually heavy, K. sticks an awl into the giant; brings him to himself; K. pretends to eat a few bulls (throws meat into a hole), begins to tie the forest trees with a rope when he is sent for with firewood; dig a ditch from the river when sent for water; leaves a stone under the burka when the giants agree to pour boiling water over it ("it rained warmly at night"); throw stones ("thunder rattled all night") ; the giants send K. home, he demands gold, refuses to carry such a little himself, the giants bring it; K. negotiates with his wife, let him say "how much giant meat to take"; Ainizh hears, runs away, the fox drags him back; K.: thank you fox for bringing this Ainizh back; Ainizh killed the fox, ran away]: Tugov 1985, No. 98:288-295; Balkarians [The cowardly cunning man decided to leave home to earn respect; took wineskin with ayran and cheese; invites emegen to squeeze oil out of the ground; stepped on a buried wineskin; crush the stone - the cheese presses; tells emegen to bend the apple, caught on the branch, the apple tree straightened up; says that he climbed to support the rock; the emegens ask for water, he pretends to bring the river; received a treasure chest, emegen carries it; the man taught his wife how to respond; emegen hears: now I'm cooking emegen's thigh; emegen has run away; the fox leads him back, he holds it by the tail; cunning: why are you driving so thin? emegen killed the fox, all the emegenes are gone]: Kapiyeva 1991:114-116; Karachays or Balkarians [the boy takes cheese and wineskin with ayran; suggests that emegen squeeze oil out of the ground (presses the wineskin) and squeeze water out of the stone (crushes cheese); emegen promises to do his will; the boy tells him to be carried across the river, he brings him to the emegens; they ask for a huge wineskin of water; the boy inflates his wineskin , air lets out near the cave; at this time it rained; the emegenes believe that a boy brought all this water; at night, emegenes pour boiling water over Kunatskaya, throw stones from above; the boy is unharmed under (magic?) burka; the boy demands gold, tells emegen to drag it; after agreeing with her son, the boy's mother says loudly that she will fry the guest's leg with emegen; frightened emegenes have left the valley]: Aliyeva, Kholaev 1983:68-71 ; Avars [young Rakukirsh ("rummaging through the ash") is idle; the mother said that sweets were being distributed outside the door, and locked the door behind him; he asked for a bag of ash, an awl and a head of cottage cheese; came to the river, on the opposite bank, a sledge; R. pierced a bag with an awl, followed by a stream of ash; the sledge was surprised, offered to squeeze water out of the stone; R. squeezed it out of the cottage cheese; R. suggested that the sledge carry it across the river; he is surprised that R. is light; R.: I'm holding on to the sky; sleigh: let go; R. plunged an awl into the sledge, he yelled - let R. hold on to the sky again; the sledge asks R. to turn the bread over in the pan, that falls, R. remains under her; explains that his stomach is sick, he began to warm it; digs a barrel of wine dug into the ground, saying that it makes no sense to walk with a scoop; one sledge sneezed, R. flew to the ceiling beam; says to the sledge: how dare you sneeze in my presence, I'll hit you with a rod (points to the beam); the sledges are scared, gone; the fox tells the first sledge that R. is an insignificant person; he agreed return with a fox tied to your belt; R.: a liar, you should have brought all nine sledges, not one; the sledge ran away, dragging a fox with him; R. and his mother settled in his house]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 74:600 -602; Georgians: Kurdovanidze 1988 (2), No. 128 [the lazy man does nothing but blow ash, nicknamed Zoloduv; on Easter, his daughter-in-law did not let him into the house; he left, taking a bag of ash, awl and cheese from her; seeing across the river, the deva pierced the bag, the ash rose in the cloud, the devil was frightened; Z. invited the deva to squeeze water out of the stone, squeezed it out of the piece of cheese himself; told the deva to carry himself across the river; dev is surprised that Z. light, he replies that he is holding on to the sky; Dev asks to let go of the sky, Z. stabs it with an awl, dev asks him to hold on to the sky again; in the house, Deva Z. knocked over a stone frying pan, replied to the devas that his aching stomach warms, let them now remove the pan; the devas sent Z. to the yard for wine, he can't lift the scoop, he pretends to bring the whole vat; one dev sneezed, Z. flew to the ceiling, grabbed the beam: how dare you sneeze in front of me, I'll take this whip and hit it; the devas ran away in horror, the fox says that this Z. ruined his chicken coop, leads the deva back, he tied himself to her in fear with a rope; Z.: you drag one deva, but promised 12; dev ran away, dragged him, crippled the fox]: 251-253 (=Dirr 1920, No. 2:6-9); Wardrobe 1894, No. 1 (Guria) [giant strongman invites others to compete with him ; the king gathered all the army; the dwarf: let's see who wins; the giant squeezed the stone, squeezing out the water; the dwarf squeezed out his sponge, squeezed out more water; the giant threw the stone on the ground, breaking it into dust; the dwarf quietly buried a stone, poured flour on the ground; the giant held out his hand to the dwarf as a sign of friendship, the dwarf refused to shake it: he cannot moderate his strength and has already killed many with his handshake; by the river, the dwarf fears that water he will be carried away; says that he suffers from his stomach and does not want to climb into cold water; the giant puts him on his shoulders; surprised that he is light; dwarf: fighting for heaven; giant: try to fall with all the weight; the dwarf put two nails in his shoulders; the giant asks him not to press any more; at home he suggests that one of them take bread out of the oven and the other bring wine from the basement; seeing that bread is this size for him never pick it up, the dwarf goes down to the basement, pretends to dig caras out of the ground and bring everything upstairs; the giant rushes into the basement instead of him, and the dwarf had to take out the bread; the bread fell he pressed him down; he explains that he wanted to warm his stomach, and now the giant can put bread on the table; the giant sneezed, the dwarf flew off, grabbed the rafters; says that if the giant breaks again decency, he will break the beam; the giant removed it]: 146-150; Armenians [Kazar is cowardly and boastful; his wife locks the door and leaves it outside; went to bed by the forest, hit himself in the face in the morning, interrupted a lot of midges; K. told his ass about this, and he wrote to him on his headscarf: the one who hit once and killed everyone at once; next time K. falls asleep near the house 7 giants; they read the inscription, were frightened; they lead him to wood for firewood, K. pretends to tie trees to carry the entire forest, he is stopped; he does not want to carry water in his wineskin, is going to dig a ditch from the spring, he is stopped (water in spring will tear down the castle); K.: Who will squeeze the stone to let water flow? so that it becomes like flour? (presses the egg, shows the hidden flour); the giants give their sister for K.; the king of the East wanted to take it himself, went to war; first the giants went to fight themselves, then called K.; the horse carried it, K. grabbed the tree, dragged him with him, the enemies ran away in horror; the king of the East was beheaded, and K. was put in his place]: Nazinyan 2014:196-200; Azerbaijanis [Ahnazar is afraid of foxes, is idle and stays at home; a neighbor advised his wife to pour kishmish from the door to the outside of the gate; A. began to collect it, his wife closed the gate behind him; A. asked his wife for eggs, an awl, flour and his stick; wrote on a piece of paper "I'll crush the head of forty divas," fell asleep; the diva read, woke him up, offered to crush the stone with his hand; A. showed flour; squeeze water out of the stone (crushed the egg); the diva believed that A. was strong, carried it to him; asked why it is light; A.: I don't want to press with all my might; I plunged an awl into the diva, showing what would happen if he made his strength; the divas asked to bring water; A. inflated his wineskin, said that he immediately drank all the water, and let him drink all the water for himself the divas bring them themselves; the divas sent A. for firewood; he tied ropes to the fallen trees, pretended to want to drag everything at once; divas: no need, the forester will be angry; A. put a branch on his bed for the night, covered it with a blanket; the divas threw the millstones; the next time they poured boiling water; A.: fleas bit, sweaty; the divas gave A. gold and silver, that first diva took him home]: Bagriy, Zeynally 1935:525-530; Turks [the hero (pahlevan - ironic), afraid to leave the house at night, looked at the monkey at the bazaar, and when he came home, his wife had already locked the door; he was born, there was a tavern; people say that Now a dev will come and take one to eat; the pahlevan digs a hole, tells him to fill it with cheese and sprinkle it with earth; offers the deva to stomp to squeeze water out of the ground; then squeeze the water out of the stone (pahlevan again squeezed the cheese, and the dev only crushed the grindstone); dev offered to go to him, where the other 40 devas are; pahlevan: only if you carry me; dev: something you are light; pahlavan: if I fall down, it will be hard (he stabbed the deva's neck); the devas pretend to eat 40 bulls and throw meat into a hole; the devas ask for water and firewood; the pahlevan pretends to move the entire spring; a mountain with a forest on her; Dev bent over the cherries to pick berries, she straightened up, threw it into the air, he fell next to the hare and grabbed it; says he jumped to catch the hare on purpose; dev wants to fight The pahlevan pretends to throw him into heaven; the devas give the pahlevan a horse, a bag of gold, send him home]: Dmitriev 1967, No. 71:373-378; Kurds [Kezerkanun was afraid of a fox; to lure him out from home, the wife told her son to throw pies from the roof, sent K. to pick up and locked the door; K. asked for a bag of flour and an awl, went on a journey; came to the house of 7 devas, called himself a hero; having buried an egg, he offered to test his strength - who stomps so that yellow clay splashes from under his heel; going for firewood, pretends to tie all the trees in the forest with a rope to drag them at once; inflating wineskin, pretends to fill it with water from the river and immediately drinks (the devas are afraid that he will drink their river); K. overheard that they want to hack him with an ax, put a block of wood on his bed in the morning complains of insect bites; devas give K. treasures, carry them to his house; dev is surprised that K. is light; K.: I don't want to fall all the weight; dev: try; K. stabs an awl in the back of the deva, that asks not to fall down anymore; at home, K. loudly asks his wife to let the mace deal with the devil, he runs away; the fox says that K. is afraid of her, ties Dev with a rope and leads him back; K.: holds the deva, I I'll help now; Dev runs, dragging the fox, she died]: Farizov, Rudenko 1959:73-78.

Baltoscandia. The Swedes [the giant sees a shepherd squeezing water from soaked bread; thinks he squeezed water out of the stone, but he cannot; takes the shepherd as a worker; offers to thresh; the shepherd pretends to uses the beam of the house as a flail, the giant stops it, threshes it himself; sends it for water, the shepherd pretends to bring the entire well; the giant tells him to clean it up - the big one into a large hole, a small one in small; a shepherd slaughters all his cattle, puts him in two holes; hears a giant and his wife agree to kill him at night; puts his wineskins with blood on the bed, lies under the bed himself; the giant hits him with an ax, blood splashes, and the shepherd is alive in the morning; the shepherd offers to drill a hole in the tree with his penis, drilled it in advance to disguise the hole; the giant poked his penis to no avail; they compete to see who is bigger will eat porridge; the shepherd quietly puts the porridge in the bag, the giant admits that he can no longer eat; they compete to run; the shepherd cuts the bag, the porridge falls out, he explains to the giant that now light, overtakes him; the giant cut his stomach and died; the shepherd took possession of his property]: Stier 1971, No. 31:123-127; Karelians [men give a goblin, but one did not give; the goblin offers him measure strength; says he can knock down all the trees; man: can I push the sky against the ground if they had staples; the goblin squeezed the stone so that the water splashed; the man squeezed the baked turnips, it became porridge; the man offers the goblin to carry the tree even to the top, he is ready to carry the butt himself; sits on a tree, the goblin drags; the goblin takes the man to work; tells him to bring water, he begins to dig in the entire well; cut down trees - the man ties the forest with a rope; he hears the goblin and his wife agree to throw a weight on him at night; the man puts a sheaf of straw on his bed; in the morning he says he dreamed how the mosquito bit him; they threw off a heavier weight - the man is unharmed again; the goblin and his wife ran away from home]: Concca 1959:73-75; the Veps [gypsy measures the snake by force - who whistles harder; ties the snake's eyes and hits him with a stick; the serpent sends a gypsy for water, who digs around the well to bring the entire well at once; the gypsy is outsmarted by a snake]: Onegin, Zaitseva 1996, No. 135:210.

Volga - Perm. Udmurts [the snake invites the gypsy to measure his strength; whistles; the gypsy blindfolded the snake, hits the forehead; the snake asks to cook the bull, the gypsy ties them by the tails, pretending to pull everyone at once; snakes tells them to bring water, the gypsy pretends to bring a well; to bring firewood - connects several trees; they go to visit a gypsy, snakes in a carriage, gypsies as a coachman; they hear the rumble of children, explains that they are happy - their father brought food; the serpent ran away, the gypsy got the carriage and horses]: Kralina 1960, No. 74:222; Kazan Tatars [the gypsy invites Azhdakha to whistle - who is louder; tells me to blindfold, hits with a club; Azhdaha crushed a stone, and the gypsy suzma squeezed out water; Azhdaha sends a gypsy to catch a wolf, the gypsy pretends to catch 40 wolves, Azhdaha catches one himself; orders to bring an oak tree, the gypsy pretends to bring 40 oaks; to bring water, he digs in a well; did not eat lupus; they came to the gypsy; the gypsies: what we will eat; the gypsy: ajdaha; Azhdaha ran away, three horses went to a gypsy]: Zamaletdinov 2009, No. 72:294-296; Bashkirs [Altynbay hit a pile of manure, killed 68 flies, wrote "I am a batyr, killed 68 souls with one blow"; du-pyarias called him to their place; gave him lasso bring firewood; A. pretends to bring all the forested mountain; go fetch water; pretends to bring the river; they put gold in his bag, he made a hole, gold filled the hole; dew -Pyariy brought gold to A. home; A. mother: if there is no water, we will spit into the cauldron, we will slaughter the du-pyaria; he ran away]: Barag 1992, No. 9:37-39.

Turkestan. Kazakhs [Kurai grandfather is fishing; every time he sees a fox; slammed a hundred mosquitoes, thought he was brave, went on a journey; found and buried duck eggs; speaks to the person he met a one-eyed giant who killed a hundred with one blow; offered to knock his brain out of the ground; stomped where the eggs were buried; the giant brings it to his yurt, which is the size of a mountain; K. refuses to eat (just now ate 10 bulls); suggests bringing the entire well of water at once; puts a stupa in its place at night; the giant hits with an ax; in the morning K.: fleas did not let sleep; K. brings the giant to his house; wife: nothing feed; K. I left you 7 one-eyed giants; the giant ran away, the fox leads him back, K.: thank you for bringing him; the giant killed the fox; K. began to skin it, could not turn it over to the other side]: Sidelnikov 1964:112-117.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Tuvans [old Kara Möge pulled a tiger out of the swamp; he took it to his tiger cave; he gave him cowhide, asked him to fill it with water {like a wineskin} and bring it; KM began to dig in the well, pretending to bring all the water at once; the tiger asked not to do so; at night, the tigers agree to kill KM; he put a stone in his place; one of the tigers hit so that the stone split; in the morning KM says he dreamed that his cat hit his paw at night; the tigers gave the old man gold and sent me home; KM: When people see me with a bag, they'll think I'm begging for alms, let one of the tigers he will carry the bag; he came back earlier and made an agreement with his wife; she shouts that there is nothing to serve to the guest, the KM ate everything himself, only the head of that big tiger remains; the tiger threw gold and ran away; KM tells his wife about her adventures; the fox overheard, told the tiger how KM deceived him; then ran to KM and said that the tiger was going to kill him; let him go to the forest right away to buy firewood; a tiger came up; a fox: we are hunters , we are looking for predators, who is next to you? tiger: say it's a stump; fox: if it's a stump, hit it with an ax; KM hit it lightly; fox: load it into the cart; the tiger climbed into the cart by itself; fox: tie the stump to the cart; now split with an ax; KM killed the tiger; others tigers decided that humans and tigers should not live close to each other]: Taube 1978, No. 16:37-40; Khalha Mongols [the tiger invites the old man to face off; the wife teaches how to cut a tree in the forest, then offer to fight with big trees; the old man pushed the tree, it fell; the tiger could not cut down the tree; offers to squeeze the brain out of the stone; the old woman gives her husband sheep cheese; the tiger calls to her, leaves it night; the old man puts a copper mortar over his head, the tiger smashed his sword against it; the tiger sent for water, the old man pretends to bring the whole well; the tiger gave a bar of gold, the old man asks the tiger himself took him to his house; the tiger brought the ingot, went back; the old man loudly to the old woman: catch up with the tiger, tear out the guts, fill them with meat; the wolf explains to the tiger that the old man is not afraid, offers to tie with a rope, leads back; old man: wolf, you owed me a tiger, are you paying back the debt? the tiger ran away, dragging the wolf]: Mikhailov 1962:17-20; the Mongols of Inner Mongolia [the wolf takes one ram from the old man every day; the old man meets a tiger, he offers to face off; they agreed to meet in the same forest; the old man cut down the trees in advance, easily knocked them down in front of the tiger, the tiger could not knock down his own; squeeze his brain out of the stone; the old woman gives the old man a piece of cheese ("yogurt"), the tiger believes that the old man squeezed his brain out of the stone; leads to himself, sharpens his spear; the old man puts a stone mortar in his place, at night the tiger breaks his spear against it; in the morning he is amazed at the strength of the old man; asks for water; the old man begins to dig in the well; the tiger gives the old man gold and agrees to carry it himself; the old woman says that their meat is left with yesterday's tiger's throat and the back of the day before yesterday; the tiger runs away; the wolf says that the old man is not scary, leads the tiger back with a rope; the old man to the wolf: are you leading the tiger you owe? the tiger runs, dragging the wolf; the dead wolf has a grin on his teeth; the tiger: still laughing]: Coyaud 2012, No. 64:137-140.