Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

M199L. Convinces the enemy that it can fly (ATU 1098*) .15.16.27.-.31.34.

When the giant blew, sneezed, etc. or let go of the bent tree on which the man was sitting, he was thrown far away. The person says he did it of his own free will (to show how he can fly, to repair a roof, etc.).

Ladins; Germans (Austria), Bosnians, Bulgarians, Ukrainians (Ugric Russia), Kabardian, Balkarians, Avars, Georgians, Megrelians, Turks, Tajiks, Swedes, South Altai Tuvans.

Southern Europe. Ladina [the tailor decided to become a shepherd; got cheese for work in the fall; when he woke up, he saw that the cheese was covered with flies; killed 50 with one blow; wrote "50 with one blow" on his hat, went to wander; the king tells him to defeat the giant, promises his daughter; the tailor fed the bird, put it in his pocket; the giant offers to crush a stone in his fist, the tailor crushed the cheese; to throw a stone - released the bird; the giant bent the tree, the tailor climbed to the top of his head, the giant let go, he took off; invites the giant to learn to fly too; he fell into the ravine and crashed; now the king orders to kill horned dragon; the tailor hid behind the tree, the dragon's horns are stuck in the trunk, the tailor decapitated him; the king: I have already promised my daughter to the Minister; let her lie between you; whoever I face in the morning for and he will marry; at the feast, the minister got drunk, he was full of fumes at night, and the princess turned towards the tailor; he received the princess, and after the death of his father-in-law, the throne]: Brunold-Bigler, Widner 2004, No. 44: 261-268.

Western Europe. Germans (Austria: Styria) [three giants grab citizens every week, take them home, eat them; the tailor came, saw a giant on a cherry tree, asked if the berries were ripe; he suggested that the tailor himself looked; when the tailor climbed in, the giant bent and let go of the cherries, the tailor took off, but landed successfully; said that the giant could also fly; the giant stuck his head at the fork in the tree; the other two giants offer to compete; who will throw the stone further (the tailor released the bird), who will crush the stone in his hand (the tailor clenched his turnips); at night they hit the bed where he slept with something heavy tailor, but he moved to another place in advance, said in the morning that fleas were biting; the giants got scared and left these places]: Krainz 1880, No. 285:375-377; the Germans [the village teacher went to haymaking; hell wanted to grab him, he squeezed the cheese, and said that the stone would also flow water from the devil; the devils offer a bag of gold coins if the teacher agreed to serve them for a year; they sent to bring water, that pretends to dig in and bring the entire well; they tell him to bring an oak tree, the teacher pretends to cut down the entire forest; the devils decided to get rid of the worker before the deadline; they had to pay the money and bring it themselves; the teacher taught the students what to say; the children started shouting, "I want damn meat," the hell threw the bag, ran away; the young devil came to figure it out; the teacher to fight with his grandfather (a bear in a cage), the hell is a little alive; run with his grandson (let the hare out); throw a hammer into the sky; teacher: I have a relative in heaven as a blacksmith, he will need a hammer; then the hell offered to throw a stone, the teacher released a goldfinch; whoever clicks louder; the devil clicks the whip; the teacher tells him to blindfold, hits him with a club; fight with swords; the teacher drew a long line, and took a short one himself, the line ran out; then the devil asked for a short one; the teacher advised him to climb into the pigsty, stuck it through the crack; scratch (the teacher took the brushes); the hell blew, the teacher was under the ceiling ; says he darns holes so that when it blows, the hell doesn't fly to the moon]: Cerf 1992:105-110.

The Balkans. The Bosnians [9 giants have a mill; whoever goes there will not return; in the village the peasant has three sons, the youngest fool; decided to go to the mill with a bag of ash, cheese and a drill; a giant, a boy, came in threw ash into his eyes; the giant offered to measure his strength; crushed the stone with his hand, but did not squeeze the water; the guy squeezed the cheese; the giant offers to make holes in the log with his finger; the guy drilled 5 in advance holes; the guy climbed the cherry tree, and the giant tilted and held it; decided to collect it too, let it go, the guy flew far and fell on the hare; brought it - they say, caught it; to make a cow pen, the guy breaks branches, does not pull trees - says it will be stronger; roasted a cow - who will eat more; the guy quietly throws meat behind him; who will throw the stone next; the guy pretends to want throw over the ninth mountain; giant: no need, it's my house; brought me home; the guy was supposed to climb into the vat for the night, but hid behind the vat; at night, the giants poured a pot of boiling water into the vat; in the morning the water cooled down and the guy went to the vat; the next night the guy was sent to the barn and he hid behind the barn; the stable was set on fire, the guy was unharmed in the morning; on the third night, the giants blurted out of the gun to where the guy was supposed to sleep, but he lay down elsewhere; on the fourth night, the giants poured boiling water over the vat, and the guy slept inside the vat; the giants loaded the guy with ducats and let him go home, and then chased after him; guy: 9 giants robbed and I'll rob nine more; the giants are back]: Eschker 1992, No. 12:68-73; the Bosnians [the gypsy stole a bag of corn, began to grind it in an abandoned mill; a giant came; the gypsy squeezed the cheese, the giant believed that he squeezed water out of the stone; brought an ox, telling the gypsy to bring firewood; he pretends to bring a whole beech, the giant broke off the branches himself; the gypsy hides pieces of meat, the giant believes that ate more than him; the giant bent the cherries, then let go, the gypsy threw it up, he grabbed the daw, said he jumped after it; he could not bring a wineskin of water, pretends to carry spring; ties the forest with a rope, pretends to bring it whole; at night he put a saddle on the bed instead of himself, the giants hit him with a hammer, in the morning the gypsies said that fleas bit; the giants compete who will throw a stone further; the gypsy pretends to aim at a distant tower; the giants stop him - their king lives there; the giants themselves brought a wineskin of gold to the gypsy's house; the gypsy says that his smokehouse the trumpet will answer; the giants are frightened, they run away, the gold remains for the gypsy]: Golenishchev-Kutuzov 1991:72-76; Bulgarians: Daskalova-Perkovsk et al. 1994, No. 1098* [when the giant exhaled, the man was carried away the top of the beech tree, where he grabs a woodpecker; pretends to play with joy], 1098** [the dragon exhales, the man is thrown to the ceiling; he explains that he is looking for his father's baton or sword there]: 384.

Central Europe. Ukrainians (Ugric Rus) [Who will breathe more or let out air: a person takes off into the air, says that it is him for joy or trial]: SUS 1979, No. 1098*: 264.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kabardian people [the old woman has three dwarf sons; the first is hired by a giant; he tells me to bring something to sit on from the yard, but that the thing is not made of stone, wood or earth; the worker hesitates, not knows what to do, the giant alone ate lunch and then the worker; the same with the second brother; the third brings an iron bar, quietly dumps the meat into the hole, says he would like to eat the giant as well; the giant with the wife agrees to throw a stone on the worker at night; he puts a bunch of reeds in his place, says in the morning that the pebble has tickled him; the giant put the promised wage in the chest and carried the dwarf home; he he sat on the chest himself; the giant bent over the pear tree, and when he let go, the dwarf flew over it and fell on the fox; says that he flew over himself and caught the prey; ran ahead, agreed with his mother; they they discuss what to feed the guest with giant meat; when they heard this, the giant ran away]: Lopatinsky 1891a: 137-141; Balkarians [The cowardly cunning man decided to leave home to earn respect; took a wineskin with iran and cheese; suggests that emegen squeeze butter out of the ground; stepped on a buried wineskin; crush the stone - the cheese presses; tells emegen to bend the apple, caught on the branch, the apple tree straightened; says he climbed to support the rock; the emegens ask for water, he pretends to bring the river; received a chest of jewelry, emegen carries it; the man taught his wife how to answer; emegen hears: now I'm cooking emegen's thigh; emegen has run away; the fox leads him back, he's holding her tail; cunning: why are you driving so thin? emegen killed the fox, all the emegens are gone]: Kapiyeva 1991:114-116; the Avars [the young Rakukirsh ("rummaging through the ash") is idle; the mother said they are giving out sweets outside the door and locked the door behind him; he asked for a bag of ash, an awl and a head of cottage cheese; came to the river, on the opposite bank of the sledge; R. made a hole in the bag with an awl, followed by a stream of ash; the sledge was surprised, offered to squeeze the water out stone; R. squeezed out of cottage cheese; R. suggested that the sledge carry it across the river; he is surprised that R. is light; R.: I'm holding on to the sky; sledge: let go; R. plunged an awl into the sledge, he screamed - let R. again holds on to the sky; the sledge asks R. to turn the bread in the pan, she falls, R. stays under it; explains that his stomach is sick, he begins to warm it; digs a barrel of wine dug into the ground, saying no it makes sense to walk with a ladle; one sledge sneezed, R. flew to the ceiling beam; says to the sledge: how dare you sneeze in my presence, I'll hit you with a rod (points to the beam); sledges scared, left; the fox tells the first sledge that R. is an insignificant man; he agreed to return with his fox tied to his belt; R.: liar, you should have brought all nine sledges, not one; sledge ran away, dragging a fox with him; R. and his mother settled in his house]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 74:600-602; Georgians: Kurdovanidze 1988 (2), No. 128 [the lazy person does nothing but blow ash, nicknamed Zoloduv; on Easter, his daughter-in-law did not let him into the house; he left with a bag of ash, an awl and cheese from her; when he saw a deva across the river, he pierced the bag, the ash rose in the cloud, the devil was frightened; Z. invited the deva to squeeze water out of the stone, squeezed him out of a piece of cheese himself; told the deva to carry himself across the river; dev is surprised that Z. is light, he replies that he is holding on to the sky; dev asks to let go of the sky, Z. stabs him with an awl, dev asks better again hold on to the sky; in the house, Deva Z. knocked over a stone frying pan, told the Devas that he was warming his aching stomach, let them now remove the frying pan; the devas sent Z. to the yard for wine, he could not pick it up a scoop, he pretends to bring the whole vat; one dev sneezed, Z. flew to the ceiling, grabbed the beam: how dare you sneeze in front of me, I'll take this whip and hit me; the devas are terrified they ran away, the fox says that this Z. ruined the chicken coop, leads the deva back, he tied himself to her with a rope in fear; Z.: you drag one deva, but promised 12; dev ran away, dragged him, crippled the fox]: 251-253 (=Dirr 1920, No. 2:6-9); Lominadze 1892, No. 3 (Racha) [Natsarkekia ("ash raker") only dug into the ash; his relatives drove him out; he poured ash into the calebasa, went to the river; tells the deva that he is coming kill nine deva brothers living across the river; dev takes him across the river, asks why N. is so light; he says he is holding on to the clouds; puts an awl in the deva, says he has now let go of the clouds; Dev asks them to hold on to them again; across the river, Dev powdered a stone, N. a pumpkin and ash; dev sent N. for wine, who pretended to dig up and bring the entire cellar at once; bread fell on N. , he can't get out; he says he wanted to warm his sick stomach; dev farted, N. flew to the ceiling beam; threatened to hit the deva with it for impoliteness; N. stayed in the deva's house, and he ran away to his brothers; N. tied a sieve to his feet and began to walk in the snow; the devas decided that these were N.'s footprints and went away]: 28-31; Wardrobe 1894, No. 1 (Guria) [giant strongman invites others to compete with him; the king gathered all the army; the dwarf: let's see who wins; the giant squeezed the stone, squeezing out the water; the dwarf squeezed out his sponge, squeezed out more water; the giant threw the stone on the ground, breaking it into dust; the dwarf quietly buried a stone, poured flour on the ground; the giant held out his hand to the dwarf as a sign of friendship, the dwarf refused to shake it: he cannot moderate his strength and has already killed many with his handshake; by the river, the dwarf is afraid that the water will carry him away; says that he suffers from his stomach and does not want to climb into cold water; the giant puts him on his shoulders; surprised that he is light; dwarf: I fight for heaven; giant: try to fall all over heavy; the dwarf plunged two nails into his shoulders; the giant asks him not to press any more; at home he suggests that one of them take bread out of the oven and the other bring wine from the basement; seeing that this size He will never pick up bread, the dwarf goes down to the basement, pretends to dig caras out of the ground and bring everything upstairs; the giant rushes into the basement instead of him, and the dwarf has to take out the bread; bread fell on him, pressed him down; he explains that he wanted to warm his stomach, and now the giant can put bread on the table; the giant sneezed, the dwarf flew off, grabbed the rafters; says that if the giant breaks decency again, he will break the beam; the giant removed it]: 146-150; Megrelians [after the death of both sons, the priest does not leave the house for three years, then goes on a journey; replies to the giant that he is his king; he breaks the stone, the priest throws the flour prepared in advance; the giant squeezes water out of the stone, the priest from the cottage cheese; he is sent to bring wine in the giant's house, digs in the caras, pretending to bring it all at once; feeds goat meat to dogs as if he were eating himself; the giant burps, a stream of air throws the priest to the ceiling beam; he shouts from there that he will hang a giant on it if he does not recognize him as king; since then, the giant has begun to listen to the priest unquestioningly]: Stepanov 1898, No. 12:39-46; Turks [hero (pahlevan - ironic), afraid leaving the house at night, I looked at the monkey at the bazaar, and when I got home, my wife had already locked the door; went into the light, there was a tavern; people say that Dev will come and pick one up to eat; The pahlevan digs a hole, tells it to be filled with cheese and sprinkled with earth; suggests that the maiden stomp to squeeze the water out of the ground; then squeeze the water out of the stone (the pahlewan squeezed the cheese again, and the dev only crushed it into powder grindstone); dev offered to go to him, where the other 40 devas; pahlevan: only if you carry me; dev: you are light; pahlevan: if I fall down, it will be hard (stabbed the deva with a knife into the deva's neck); devas do pretending to eat 40 bulls and dumping meat into a hole; devas ask for water and firewood; the pahlevan pretends to move the entire spring; the mountain with the forest on it; the devil bent the cherries pick the berries, she straightened up, threw the pahlavan into the air, he fell next to the hare and grabbed it; says he jumped to catch the hare on purpose; the devil wants to fight, the pahlavan pretends to is going to throw him into the sky; the devas give the pahlevan a horse, a bag of gold, send him home]: Dmitriev 1967, No. 71:373-378.

Iran - Central Asia. Tajiks [starting as a separate text in Niyazmukhamedov 1945:46-48; on his way, the weaver picked up a turtle, a horse tail, a oxhorn; came to the divas fortress; the divas offered to measure by force; threw his louse (the size of a cockroach) from behind the wall; the weaver threw the turtle; the other threw his hair off his mustache, the weaver threw his horse's tail; whoever sneezes louder; when the diva sneezed, the weaver was thrown into the corner ; he says that he plugs the cracks so that the diva does not stun; he blew a karnay; the diva was horrified and ran away; the weaver went into the fortress, brought out the captured girl from there; the village thought that the weaver was a hero, asked to kill the bear; the weaver watched the hole when he saw the bear, screamed, the bear jumped, stuck his head between the branches of the tree; the weaver was asked to defeat the robbers; he ordered to tie himself to the skinny the horse; the horse was carried, the weaver grabbed the poplar and snatched it out, the enemies retreated in horror; at night the weaver returned home unnoticed]: Amonov, Ulug-zade 1957:317-319.

Baltoscandia. The Swedes [the shepherd met the giant; squeezed the cheese pretending to be a stone; also threatens to squeeze the giant himself; the giant: whoever throws the axe higher; the shepherd quietly hid the ax in his bag, he is so and did not fall to the ground; the giant offers to cut down an oak tree, tilted it, the shepherd grabbed, he was thrown up; he tells the giant that since he cannot jump like this, let him cut it himself; undertakes to carry a tree with the giant - he carries, and the shepherd sits on the branches; wonders why the giant is tired; goes with him to thresh in the dark, cannot raise his flail, hits the ground with a stick; the giant asks to take the bulls to the stall; there is no door; the shepherd cut them into pieces and pushed them out the window; at night, the shepherd put a pot of milk on his bed, the giant hit this place; in the morning the shepherd: the flea bit; who would eat more: the shepherd put everything in stomach bag; ripped it open, porridge fell out; the giant ripped open his stomach, died]: Suritz 1991:77-79.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. South Altai Tuvans [an old man herded 7 black cows, saw three black mangys; they suggest throwing a stone; old man: there (i.e. in the sky) a place where he can get stuck; the old man buried his gut with with blood, offers to play the game "Crush the belly of the frozen earth"; when the old man beats, blood flows; brought the mangys, agreed with his wife: where is the back of the middle mangys, where is the ham of the latter? Mangys undertakes to bring water in a huge wineskin instead of the old man; he blew the winds, the old man is thrown away, he clung to the stump; "I want to shut up your ass with them"; the mangys are gone, the wolf tells them to come back , they pretended to put a leash around his neck; old man: wolf, hold the mangys tight; the mangys ran, dragging the wolf, he's dead, his teeth grinned; mangys: he's still laughing!] : Taube 1978, No. 58:282-285 (=Taube 1994, No. 31:240-244).