Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M29b1. The wolf is a loser and a loser.


As a result of his stupidity or antisocial behavior, the wolf dies or suffers damage. See the motives in square brackets.

SW Africa. Southern Kalahari Bushmen [M172].

Bantu-speaking Africa. Herero [M104]; Tswana [M104, M134C]

Sudan - East Africa. Nubians [M159].

North Africa. Moroccan Berbers [M158]; Arabs of Morocco [L108, M108E, M159]; Algerian Arabs (Blida) [M134C]; Tunisian Arabs [M134C, M149, M159]; Arabs of Egypt [L108? , M134C].

Southern Europe. Spaniards [F73B, K8C, L108a, M74a, M74b, M109, M109a1, M109b, M131, M134, M134C, M135, M143, M153, M159, M162, M169]; Basques [M109D, M131, M156]; Galicians [L109D, M131, M156]; Galicians [L109D, M131, M156] 8a, M153] Portuguese [L108a, L118, M74a, M74b, M109a1, M109b, M134, M134A, M134C, M135, M143, M153, M165, M169, M193]; Catalans [L108a, M74a, M74b, M101b, M109a1, M109b, M131, M134, M134A, M143, M153A, M158, M169]; Aragon [M74b, M101B, M109a1, M109b, M135, M153]; Basques [M109a1, M109b]; Italians (north) [L108a, L118]; Italians (center) [L108a, L118, M169]; Italians (south) [L118, M153, M169, M191]; Italians [K8C, L108a, M109, M109b, M134A, M134C, M156]; Sicilians [M109, M109b, M156, M169]; Sardinians [M134C]; Ladins [M134C].

Western Europe. Scots [M74a, M74b, M109, M153, M158]; Irish [M109, M134C, M143, M153, M169 (?)] ; British [M134A]; Bretons [L108a, M109D, M134, M134A, M134C, M169]; French (Haute-Brittany) [M134, M134c, M158]; French [F83b, K8C, L118, M74a, M74b, M109, M131, M134, M134A, M134C, M135, M152A, M153, M156, M158, M169]; Walloons [M74a, M74b, M109, M134, M134A, M134C, M143, M146a]; Flemish [L108a, M109, M134C, M143, M153]; Dutch [M134, M169 (?)] ; friezes [M153]; friezes [the wolf asks the fox how to prepare for winter; the fox: cook meat; leads to the meadow, shows the horse to the wolf; and to be faithful, you have to contact its tails; the horse ran, dragging an unfortunate wolf]: Sundermann 1922:125; Germans (north) [M101b, M134C, M146, M191].

Western Asia. Arabic Written Tradition [M159]; Arameans [M146, M159]; Syrian Arabs [M134C]; Iraqi Arabs [M134C]; Saudi Arabia [M159].

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans [M109A, M152A, M156]; O-Connor 1906, No. 7 [the wolf is going to eat a wild donkey; he suggests waiting until autumn when he gains fat; six months later, the wolf goes to the meeting point; fox, then the hare is asked to take them with him; the donkey offers to kill him without shedding blood; the fox brings a rope from the shepherds' parking lot; the hare orders to put a noose around the wolf's neck, and the other two around the wolf and fox's neck; lets go of its end, the donkey drags the wolf and the fox until they suffocate; drops its loop and continues to graze]: 43-47; Tibetans (Ladah) [M94A, M109]; Tibetans (Amdo) [M94A, M152A]; Eastern Tibetans (Ham, Suchuan) [M94A, M145, M152A, M194].

Burma - Indochina. Khmers [M130B].

South Asia. Ancient India (Panchatantra) [M148]; Punjabi [M152A, M169]; northern India (Hindi) [L42, L70].

China - Korea. The Chinese (Jilin) [the wolf was going to eat the hare, which complained to the monkey, she persuaded the wolf to eat a horse instead of a hare - tie himself to its tail to keep up and eat it on the road; in As a result, the hare's lip cracked with laughter, the monkey fell from the tree and smashed its ass, the wolf turned gray with dust, and the horse has not slept on the ground since then]: Zhou Yang 1992, No. 261:389; Chinese (Jiangsu ) [same in Jilin]: Zhou Yang et al. 1998a, No. 402:474; Chinese (Zhejiang) [same as Jilin]: Zhou Yang et al. 1997, No. 480:579; Chinese (Hubei) [M156]; Chinese (Liaoning) [M21]; Koreans [M169].

The Balkans. Ancient Greece [M109, M134C, M135, M153, M169]; Hungarians [L42, L108a, M101b, M109, M109a1, M134, M134C, M74A, M152A, M153, M191, M199]; Romanians [L118, M109 (?) , M134C, M153, M191]; Moldovans [M153, M156, M191]; Greeks [M127b, M134C, M146? , M153, M169]; Slovenes [M74a, M64aa, M74b, M134C, M191]; Croats [M74a, M74b, M135, M153, M153B]; Bulgarians [K8C, L108a, M109, M109a1, M131, M134C, M101A, M135, M153, M153B, M156, M162, M191]; Macedonians [M74a, M109a1, M109b, M131, M135, M153, M191]; Serbs [L108E, M74a, M109, M109a1, M109b, M131, M135, M153, M191]; Gagauz [M162]; Albanians [M74a, M1010] 9, M131, M135, M153, M156, M159, M191].

Central Europe. Russian written tradition [M135A, M169]; Russians (Tersky Bereg) [fox, M74a, M74aa]; Russians (central provinces) [L108a, M74b, M109, M134, M134b, M135A, M149, M153, M191] ; Russians (southern provinces) [M109, M134, M134B, M153, M191]; Russians (Arkhangelsk) [M74a, M74aa, M74b]; Russians (Novgorod, Pskov) [L108a, M109, M134, M134b, M156]; Russians (Vologda) [M140]; Northern Ukrainians [M74b, M109, M134, M146, M156, M191]; Western Ukrainians [M74b, M109, M109a1, M131, M134A, M134C, M135A, M143, M146, M156, M165, M169, M191]; Eastern Ukrainians [M74b, M109, M109a1, M134c, M143, M146, M156, M191]; Belarusians [K8C, M74b, M109, M109a1, M156, M165, M191]; Poles [M109, M109a1, M131, M134C, M153]; Kashubians [M153]; Luzhitans [M109a1]; Slovaks [K8C, L108a].

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks [M83a, M146, M152, M177]; Abazins [M83a, M109, M153, M156, M159, M169]; Abkhazians [M153]; Adygs [M74a, M153, M153B, M156, M159, M169, M191]; Ossetians [M60b1 , M74a, M83a, M94A, M135, M156]; Karachays and Balkarians [M74a, M74b, M77b, M83a, M109, M109A, M153]; Terek Cossacks [M134, M134b, M146, M153]; Ingush [L108a, M146, M153, M159 , M169, M191]; Kumyks [L108a, M74a, M83a, M94b, M109, M141A, M153, M156, M159]; Avars [M74a, M74b, M109, M146, M153, M159, M177A]; Dargins [L108a, M94a, M94b, M94b, M177A] 153]; varnishes [M146, M153, M153A, M159, M169, M191]; cezes [M174 (hwarshins)]; Lezgins [M94a, M94b, M109, M120, M146, M165]; Kyurins [M94a, M120, M146, M153, M174]; Tabasarans [M83, M83a, M94a, M120, M146, M165]; aguly [M94a, M162]; Tatas [M153, M153A, M159]; Georgians [L108E, M83a, M94a, M109, M109a1, M153, M159, M169]; Armenians [M109, M135, M146, M153, M156, M159, M162]; Azerbaijanis [M94a, M94b]; Turks [L108a, M94a, M109, M109a1, M131, M134C, M153, M162, M169]; Kurds [L108a, M109, M134C, M153, M159]; Talysh [L108a].

Iran - Central Asia. Persians [K8C, L108a, M94a, M143, M146, M159, M165, M169]; Bukhara Arabs [L108a]; Tajiks [L108a, M74a, M74b, M109, M134C, M146, M153, M158, M162, M165, M169, M191, M193]; mountain Tajiks [F83b, M94b, M109a1, M152A, M153B]; Yagnobs [M101A, M149]; Bartangans [M152A]; Khufs [L108a]; Yagnobs [M165]; Parachi [L108a]; Parachi [ M153]; Uzbeks [L108E, M60b, M109, M146]; Pashtuns [M153, M153B, M159, M165, M169]; Baluchi [M159]; Turkmens [K8C, M146, M159]; Dardis (tire) [M193].

Baltoscandia. Swedes [M101b, M134C, M143]; Norwegians [L108a, M100, M134C, M158, M169]; Danes [M134C]; Western Sami [M191]; Latvians [K8C, L53, M74a, M74b, M95, M109, M109a1, M134C, M101B, M134, M146, M156, M169, M191]; Lithuanians [K8C, L53, L108a, M74a, M109, M109a1, M134, M134C, M146, M153, M162, M165, M191]; Livonians [the wolf promises to tear the fox if it does not get it to eat for him; the fox steals pies from the windowsill; the wolf goes by himself, knocks the bowl over, is beaten]: Loorits 1926, No. 160**: 11-12; Lutsi [M109, M109b, M141, M162, M170]; Estonians [L53, L108a, M74a, M109 , M109a1, M120a1, M134, M134C, M135, M143, M153, M156, M169, M191]; set [K8C, L108a, M109, M109a1, M120a1, M135, M156, M158]; Karelians [M74a, M109, M109a1, M109b, M191]; Finns [M74a, M74b, M109a1, M120a, M135A, M153, M158, M162, M169, M191]; Veps [K8C, M109, M109a1, M140, M191]; Warlords [M134C]; Livonians [M134C].

Volga - Perm. Komi [F83b, L108a, M74b, M109, M162]; Udmurts [M134, M153A, M156, M191]; Marie [L108a, M74b, M109, M181a, M191]; Mordovians [K8C]; Chuvash [K8C, M74b, M109, M153, M181a]; Kazan Tatars [L108a, M94a, M94b, M109, M120, M153, M158, M159, M191]; Bashkirs [M94a, M94b, M109, M120, M153, M169, M191].

Turkestan. Kazakhs [F83b, K8C, L108E, M100B, M134, M146, M152A, M153, M159, M162, M169]; Karakalpaks [M109, M146? , M152A, M153, M153B]; Kyrgyz [K8C, M146, M148, M153, M156, M165, M177, M191]; Salars [M125, M153A, M194]; Uighurs [M149, M152A, M156, M159]; Dungans [M130B].

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Tubals [M74, M109]; Chelkan people [M74, M109]; Altaians [K8C]; Tofalars [M109]; Khakas [M82, M109, M152A, M153, M153A]; Tuvans [M125, M152A, M153, M153B, M156]; South Altai Tuvans [M74, M109, M152A]; Buryats [M83a, M145, M152A, M153, M153A, M153B]; Khalkha Mongols [K8C, M83a, M109, M109A, M152A, M153, M156, M194]; Mongols Inner Mongolia [M152A]; Oirats [M109]; Oirats (Xinjiang) [a sick fox comes to a wolf and asks for meat; when refused, goes to the village and enters the yurt where they were the food prepared for the wedding is left; he eats up meat there and takes raisins with him; when he returns to the forest, he notices a wolf and, before approaching him, falls asleep raisins in his nose; approaching the wolf, as if casually regurgitates raisins; the wolf is interested in this unprecedented product; the fox says it's a life-giving pill and talks about where it got it; teaches the wolf to get it, you need to go to the village, break into the yurt, take off the gun hanging on the wall, hang it around your neck, drink araks, eat pills and eat meat, and then pull on your favorite song and go outside ; the wolf does everything as the fox said; people kill him (from the collection "Betege caγ boqširγ", published in 1981 in Urumqi in the series "Xinjiang Oirat Folklore")]: Ubushiyeva, Damrinjav 2020:14; Mongors [K8C, M100, M109]; Dagurs [M153, M153B].

Western Siberia. Nganasany [M100, M140A]; Nenets [M162].

Eastern Siberia. Dolgans [M109]; central Yakuts [M74b, M109, M109a1, M109B, M156]; northeastern (Verkhoyan) Yakuts [M109]; Western Evenks (Ilimpic, Turukhansky, Yerbogachen) [ K60A, M109, M140A, M150; Kirensk Evenks [M109]; Angarsk Evenks (Kamenka) [M140A]; Severobaikal Evenks [M109]; Amur Evenks [M109]; Evens [M109].

SV Asia. Forest Yukaghirs [M109]; Itelmen [M109]; coastal Koryaks [K8C, M74]; kereks [K8C, M82]; Chukchi [K8C, L44A, M82a].

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos [K8C, M82a, M109, M162]; Bering Strait Inupiate [M109]; Northern Alaska Inupiate [K8C]; Copper [M109].

The coast is the Plateau. Shuswap [coyote? , L70]; upper coquill [coyote? , L70].

The Midwest. Potauatomi [M109]; menominee [The raccoon makes a ball out of his excrement, gives it to the hungry Wolf to eat, hides in a tree; the watchman under the tree, the Wolf falls asleep, the Raccoon smears his eyes with resin; a blind Wolf stumbles upon trees, asks them their names; drowns in a lake; an old man catches a corpse, melts fat, summons birds and animals; whoever took how much fat is from him now]: Bloomfield 1928 , NO. 92:303-310.

Plains. Osage (coyote?) [M51].

Southeast USA. Chirokee [L70, M115]; catawba [L30, M115]; choctaw [L30, M115]

Big Pool. Utah [B44].