Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M29P. Trickster vs Spider. 12.13.46.

See the motives in square brackets.

West Africa. Mamprusi [F65B, M38, M156, M181, M182]; Anpetkova-Sharova 1966, No. 27 [the father said he would give his daughter to someone who eats a whole plate of bitter pepper without taking a break, never once will say "ooh-ha!" ; many young men tried to eat pepper, but they got burned and involuntarily shouted "ooh-ha!" ; he sat down at the table and asked the bride's father: "You don't let him talk while eating," he took pepper in his mouth and finished saying, "Uh-ha!" ; the father replied that he did not allow it; "You can't even..." the spider took the pepper in his mouth again, "make "ooh-ha" quietly?" ; the father said you can't; "And you can't say "ooh-ha" out loud?" - asked while continuing to eat pepper; the father replied that it was impossible; "You can't say "ooh-ha" quickly or slowly?" - the spider asked when swallowing pepper; it was easy for him to eat, because he kept doing "ooh-ha!" , but the owner did not understand his tricks; "So I don't say ooh-ha," said eating up the leftovers of the pepper; the bride's father agreed and gave him his daughter]: 46-47; Dagomba [M181B]; krachi [M181B]; Sierra Leone (mende?) [F65B]; gbandi [M23]; kono [F65B, L34G, M38, M96, M118, M182]; scrap [M118]; loma mende [in two villages a holiday; to get to both, the Nan-sil spider tied two to his belt ropes, giving ends to holiday organizers in both villages; where it starts first, he will pull him there; both began to pull, the spider has remained in place, since then it has a narrow waist]: Pinney 1973:103-104; guro [M124, M171]; mano [L33G]; kuwaa [F65B, M182]; ashanti [M171]; anyi [F64, F65, F65B, K75]; kachi [M171]; baule [M38, M56B, M124, M171]; icom [M106, M181]; eve [F65B, M62F, M91, M171]; hausa [M30, M56b, M62c, M62d, M62f, M9cc, M118, M132, M150, M172, M181, M181a]; dark [K8e, L34G, M62C, M62C, M181a], M124, M182]; goals [ M23, M118]; vai [M65B, M118, M182]; limba [M120]; limba: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010 [The spider is invited to five feasts at the same time; in order not to miss a single one, he tells his five sons to go there, tied a rope to him, and pull when the food is served; served at the same time, the Spider's sons almost tore their father]: 176; Peek, Yankah 2994 [limb has a trickster - spider]: 269; beta [M182]; bassari (Togo) [during hunger, a man cuts a tree by the river, drops an ax, finds a scraper to scrape out cauldrons instead, from which food falls; Spider's son comes to the man, sees that he has the house is full of food; the spider tells the leader that he tells the man to bring a scraper, the leader gathers the people, everyone rushed for food, broke the scraper; the spider climbs a tree, deliberately drops an ax, finds a whip; he hits him, then his family; the Spider brings it to the chief, the whip hits everyone until the chief takes it in his hand]: Frobenius, No. 23 in Klipple 1992:211-212.

Sudan - East Africa. Joluo [K8e, M38, M118, M182]; Zande [L70, M38, M42, M87], Evans Pritchard 1963 [a woman lived across the river, she had 4 big scary dogs and others; grain and dried meat in the barns; Ture (spider) made such a loop that if it steps into it, it throws itself across the river; threw itself, made the same loop on the other side, got food, the woman heard, let the dogs down, T. threw it himself back; Dikdik (Madoqua) asked T. to take him with him; while he was picking up food, T. quietly ruined his noose; he was transferred to the other side, and the dikdik was torn by dogs; the same with the red duker ( Cephalophus natalensis); a shrub duker (Sylvicapra grimmia), whose loop T. also spoiled, used T.'s loop, jumped over himself, and dogs chased T.; he climbed a tree, put it to his eyes fruits, began to look up, play the harp and sing: if I lower my eyes, everyone would die; told the woman to tie her dogs, otherwise she would lower her eyes; she did not recognize T., believed, tied the dogs and left; T. escaped]: 65-68; nzakara [M38, M118]; ngbandi and gbaya [trickster-spider]: Peek, Yankah 2004:269; sarah [trickster-spider]: Peek, Yankah 2994:269; ngambaye [K8e, M118].

Plains. Assiniboine [Sitkonsky, Iktomi, Inktumni, F5A, F58, F63, F64, F92, M32, M41, M51, M53, M60B, M61, M66, M80, M86, M93]; teton [Iktomi, old F64, K1H, K35, K75, M53, M65]; Santi [old Ungtomi, Inktomi (Spider), K75, M93, K35, M32, M38, M53, M51, M66, M67, M86]; Omaha and Ponka [villain, Iktinica, F92, K35, K75, M38, Sisemakan, Iktinike, Ictinike, M53, M65, M120B]; iowa [Ishiinki, Ishji 'nki, F18D, F63, K35, K75, M38, M53, M65, M66, M120B]; from [Ichthínke, M53, M65, M79, M120B].