Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M29V. The dwarf deer is a cunning winner. .11.-.13.24. (.30.)

The character defeats or deceives strong opponents using cunning. The protagonists are dwarf ungulates, usually duker or deer - taxonomically distant from each other, but similar in appearance. In some publications on African traditions, it is difficult to determine which animal we are talking about, but it is certain that these are small cloven-hoofed animals, usually (always?) dukers. See the motives in square brackets.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Swahili (Zanzibar) [gazelle, K119]; isanzu [duker, M104]; kuba [duker (?) , M119, M120]; songe [dwarf (?) antelope, M104]; bena lulua [duker (?) , M104, M112 (bega lulua or another band in Kasai)]; Congo [duker (?)] ; zombo [Gazelle, M91c2, M156]; sakata [duker, M91c2, M102, M104, M119; Colldén 1979, No. 161 {and other texts in which an antelope (apparently a duker) deceives Leopard} [duker sells a crocodile a dog, tells him to come for it tomorrow; the same goes to the leopard; both come, fight with each other, leave, the money remains for the duker]: 329-330; ngelima [duker, M181]; (bena) - canioka [duker, M118, M181]; luba [duker, L45, M91c2, M102, M118, M156]; lingala [Mbokolo antelope (duker?) , M181]; Bangala [duker (?} , M156]; douala [gazelle, M104]; yaka (Congo) [gazelle, M104]; aka [duker, M156]; nyanga [duker, M157]; benga [gazelle, M181]; lega [one antelope (duker?) the other was annoyed, she decided to leave and build her own house; the next day she saw piles already driven in in the chosen place; every day the house is being built, but the antelope does not know who the builder is; in the same room a lion family settles, and an antelope family settles in another; a lion brings 15 dead antelopes; an antelope finds a dead lion, brings a carcass; an antelope's wife calls a lion for lunch; he refuses, moves out, the family Antelopes too, the house remains empty]: Lambrecht 1963:167.

West Africa. Von [duker (Cephalolophus maxwellii), M {there's some confusion here, we have to find out} remains fat; he goes to his mother, calls her with a song, she lowers the rope, KO gets up, eats; the animals sent the cat to follow; when she heard the song, the cat called the animals, they grabbed the rope; KO's mother felt that her child could not be so heavy, cut off the rope; there, where the animals fell, the sea formed, and Mawu sent food to the animals and now they are not hungry]: Müller 1907:279; eve [gazelle, K119]; bamileke [antelope (duker?) , M157]; guro [antelope (duker?) , M62C, M62E]; banen [duker, L45, M23, M104, M131, M140, M181]; wute [duker, M38, M62F]; mungaka [duker, M104].

Sudan - East Africa. Zande [there was a woman across the river, she has 4 big scary dogs and others; grain and dried meat in the barns; Ture (spider) made such a loop that if she steps into her, she throws it over river; threw himself, made the same loop on the other side, got food, the woman heard, let the dogs down, T. threw himself back; Madoqua asked T. to take him with him; while he was picking up food, T. quietly ruined his noose; he was thrown to the other side, and the dikdika was torn by dogs; the same with the red duker (Cephalophus natalensis); the shrub duker (Sylvicapra grimmia), whose loop T. is also spoiled, used T.'s loop, jumped over himself, and dogs chased T.; he climbed a tree, put fruit to his eyes, looked up, played the harp and sang: if I lower my eyes, everyone would die; told the woman to tie her dogs, otherwise she would lower her eyes; she did not recognize T., believed it, tied the dogs and left; T. escaped]: Evans Pritchard 1963:65-68.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Kanchil (aka pelanduk, plandok) is a dwarf deer, deer, Tragulus Kantjil Raffl. Javanese [M3A, M91c2, (M130B), M143, M144, M152, M182; Deer Munjak with Kanchil, M156]; Bali [Kanchil, M156]; Sunda [M3A]; Aceh [M3A]; Lampong [M3A]; Simalur [M23, M91c2, M182]; Malays [M51, M61, M145, M152, M152D, M156, M169, M182]; Dusun [M3A, M131, M166]; Tidong [M143, M144] Sea Dayaks (Ibanas) [M144]; Bahau [M144]; minahasa [M3A]; toraja [M3A]; galela [M3A].

(Wed. Iran - Central Asia. Uzbeks [deer, M127, M127B]).