Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M35. Who won't freeze? .

Two zoomorphic characters compete to see which of them will spend the whole night in the cold and stay alive. By morning, one of them dies. Cf. K27A motif (the cold test does not involve a two-animal competition).

The Great Southwest. Lipan [The Owl and the Raven sit on a branch at night; by morning the Owl freezes; the Raven hides the corpse in a crevice (the lipan bury the dead like this)]: Opler 1940, No. 2b: 40.

The Central Andes. Fox and Condor at the top of the mountain. Quechua (Tarma, dep. Junin): Metraux 1935b: 412-413; Kauqui (Tupe County, Prov. Yaujos, dep. Lima]: Farfan 1952, No. 2 [The Fox and Condor are betting who will spend the night on top of the mountain; the Fox freezes to death], 4 [same, the Condor eats the Fox]: 80, 82; Cusco District [The Fox and the Condor are betting who will spend the night at the top of the mountain; the fox freezes, the Condor eats it]: Uhle 1968:36-37; Aymara of mountainous Bolivia: Arnold, Yapita Moya 1992 (Kacachaka, dep. Oruro): 16; La Barre 1966, No. 1 [Fox climbs the mountain in search of food; looking at his fluffy tail and at Condor's bare legs, invites him to sit all night long; whoever does not freeze will eat another; first responds to Condor's hails, then falls silent; Condor eats a frozen Fox]: 134; Estrada Serrano 1943 in Toro Montalvo 1990b: 595-596 [as in Farfan 1952, No. 4]; Paredes Candía 1953 (dep. Potosi) [Condor and Fox compete to see who will stay on the snowy top longer; the fox starves]: 52-53; chipaya [The Fox and Condor bet who will not freeze on the snowy top; the winner will eat the loser; 40 times Cogdor cries "Antonio", the Fox responds "Chief"; before dawn he falls silent, Condor eats him; explains to his relatives that the Fox ate the worm above]: Metraux 1935a: 75-76.

Chaco. Toba: Wilbert, Simoneau 1982b, No. 109 [Fox and Hawk Carancho agree to sit on a frosty night in a tree; K. asks Lisa from time to time how he feels; The fox replies which is beautiful; by dawn he falls silent - froze to death], 110 [The Fox and Vulture agree to sit in the tree for a frosty night; the Vulture asks the Fox how he feels; by midnight, the Fox stops answer - he froze to death; Vulture was not sitting on a branch, but climbed into the hollow]: 226-227.

The Southern Cone. The Araucans [the fox and the vulture agree to stay awake all night long; at dawn, the fox freezes, the vulture pecks out his eyes]: Lenz 1896, No. 7:37-38.