Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M38d3. A blurred lump of earth.

The character, who is a lump of earth (oatmeal, salt), blurred in the rain or after going to get water.

Lavrung, Uttar Pradesh (Hindi), Chattisgarh, Haria, Assamese, Kalmyks, Lucks, Tajiks, Baluchis, Kazakhs, Tofalars, Oirats (Burguts).

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Lavrung [a needle, a turnip, a lump of earth, a clay vessel, oil lived together; the needle began to sweep the floor, fell into the gap; the turnips went to feed the cows, they ate it; a lump of earth went beyond water and blurred; the vessel climbed up to become king, fell and broke; the oil began to make a fire and melted]: G.yu lha 2012:55.

South Asia. Uttar Pradesh (Mirzapur, Hindi) [the mouse has no girlfriend; finally, a lump of land became friends with her; she took him to swim in the river and he disappeared into the water; the river gave a fish; the mouse put the fish on To dry the pole, a hawk carried it away; the table gave a piece of wood; they went to buy sweets, and while the mouse was eating, the hostess threw a piece of wood into the fire; gave it a cake; it was eaten by a goat; the shepherd gave a kid; they went to the shop where musical instruments were sold, the owner of the goat slaughtered and cooked; gave a drum; women pushed rice, made a hole in the drum, gave a girl; the girl and the mouse sowed wheat, but when the girl became reap, she didn't notice the mouse and cut it in half with a sickle]: Rouse, Crooke 1899, No. 24:101-104; Chattisgarh (ethnicity?) [cow cake, a lump of land, and a chicken set off; a lump of land went to get water and melted, a cow cake went to get the fire and burned]: Twente 1938, No. 20 in Thompson, Roberts 1960:43; haria [ a lump of earth and a leaf lived together; a lump of earth covered the leaf from the wind and the leaf from the rain; but one day the wind and rain started together, a lump of earth got wet and spread, the leaf carried away]: Pinnow 1965, No. 5:48; Assamese [a man dug the ground next to bamboo; a piece of bamboo bark {bamboo has no bark - apparently a dry fragment of the stem} fell on a lump of earth and they began to live together; a piece of bamboo covered a lump from the rain, and A lump held him back if there was a strong wind; but one day the wind blew away the bamboo and the rain washed away the earth; both lamented until the last moment how the other would live without it]: Grierson 1903a:435.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks: Basangova 2002:152 [Throat with hair, Tumbleweed and Salt slaughtered the sheep, let the elder brother throw the intestines and droppings away; he ate abdominal fat, choked and died; Tumbleweed suffered pour out the sewage, the wind picked it up and carried it; Salt sees that the brothers died, melted in the rain; the dog got the sheep], 152 [Rib, Salt and Tumbleweed built a house; it rained, the wind blew out, Tumblew- The field went out to save the house, the wind carried away Tumbleweed; Salt came out to save the house, melted from the rain; The rib went to look for Salt, it was eaten by a dog], 152-153 [Throat with a hair, wormwood shin, egg-shaped head, The spleen slaughtered a sheep; The throat stole the peritoneum, gnawed off fat, choked and died; The wormwood shin broke its leg and died; The egg-shaped head jumped with joy, hit the joint, died; The spleen began to scream happy that she would get everything, she froze to the ice]; Lucky [a nutshell, a lump of oatmeal and a fly went on a journey; the shell was the first to try to cross the stream, the water carried it; a lump rushed to her aid, melted into the water; the fly flew to the other side and laughed at her friends; her belly burst with laughter]: Kapiyeva 1974:155.

Iran - Central Asia. Tajiks [a leaf and a lump of land were friends; a leaf covered a lump from rain, a lump of it from frost and wind; the fox was jealous; told everyone that the current situation benefited from the current situation another; the wind carried away a leaf, the rain turned the lump into clay]: Levin et al. 1981, No. 297:251; the Baluchis [A lump of earth came to Kishka, said he was invited to visit the funeral; Kishka went with him; The Kishka stream asked Lomok to jump first; he fell into the water and dissolved; the gut laughed so much that it burst]: Zarubin 1930, No. 1:653 (=Porozhnyakov 1989:137).

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Oirats (burguts) [salt, paper, bone lived in a yurt; dogs barked, paper, like the elder, told the bones to see what was going on, the dogs took away the bone; sent salt - it melted in the rain; she went out by herself - the wind blew her away]: Potanin 1983, No. 97:359.