Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

M39a5a2. The screaming judge. 27.29.30.

My husband found a treasure. He knows his wife will talk about it. In order not to believe her, her husband says, and the wife then repeats, that the judge suffered from the hail that fell at that time (soup spilled from the sky) (lost an eye, ulcers on his face). The judge furiously drives the woman away, the treasure remains with her husband.

Bosnians, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Albanians, Georgians, Persians.

The Balkans. The Bosnians [the husband beat the fool his wife; she thought that the cow was looking at her the wrong way, killed her with an ax; the husband salted the meat, ordered the ham to be covered with cabbage leaf and taken as needed; his wife cut it, scattered it in the garden among the cabbage; the dogs ate everything; the wife caught one, tied it to the plug of a barrel of wine, began to beat; the dog rushed, the wine flowed out; the wife covered the puddle with flour; fearing her husband, ran into the forest and found the treasure; the husband hid it, but the wife found it, took out a few coins, bought pots, put a fence on the stakes, one did not have enough stake; she began to beat the others to move apart, killed everyone; the husband realized that the treasure would be known; said that a chicken army would come, put his wife in a hole, covered it with skin, scattered grain; the chickens began to bite, the wife was a little alive in fear; then the husband said that to those who did not hid, the chickens pecked out his eyes; the husband was brought to the cadia to talk about gold; husband: the wife is also crazy; asked his wife when she found the treasure; when the chicken army came and the cadia pecked out their eyes ( kadiy crooked); kadiy ordered the woman to be expelled]: Golenishchev-Kutuzov 1991:329-331; Bulgarians [to hide the treasure found from his stupid wife, the husband tells her that there was a "chicken hail" (that birds are pecking out people's eyes; that the army is coming, etc.); hides his wife in a hole, puts something on top, sprinkles grain and lets chickens; in court, the wife declares that the treasure was found when the chicken hail was walking; asks crooked judge, whether his eyes were pecked out; the judge considers her crazy, the treasure remains for her husband]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 1381:448; the Macedonians [the camel with royal goods is behind; his husband stabbed him, took the goods; showed his wife to the chickens pecking grain, said that it was the crows who were pecking his eyes; the king sent the woman to buy camel meat as if for medicine; the wife sold a piece, said that the husband killed the camel; at the trial, the wife said that it was when crows pecked their eyes and pecked one at the judge (and the judge was crooked); the wife was considered a fool, her husband was released]: Sumtsov 2015:89; Albanians [husband tells silly wife that Ramazan is long and more food should be bought; wife asks every passerby if he is a long Ramadan; one young man replies that he is; the wife gives him everything the meat bought by her husband; the husband bought the sheep again, ordered it to be stewed with cabbage; the wife spread the pieces of meat on the cabbage in the garden, it was eaten by dogs; the wife tied one dog to the plug of a barrel of wine, began to beat it, the dog escaped, pulling out the plug, the wine poured out; the wife began to beat the ground with a sickle, the sickle bent; the husband brought Pasha's fleeing camel and let him eat meat; so that the wife would not spill, said She covered her that Allah wanted to stone them with a lid; put them in a cauldron, told her friends to throw stones; her husband let his wife go; she told Pasha's sons that she saw how the camel was strangled and chopped; Pasha ordered grabbed the woman's husband, began to ask her; she replied that it all happened when Allah threw stones and knocked out Pasha's eye; Pasha let the couple go]: Serkova 1989:287-290.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Georgians [a stupid wife invites frogs to knit her socks; they croak; she takes it for consent, throws yarn into the pond; when she came for socks, she found a golden reel in the pond; explains that the frogs did not knit her socks and she took their gold; exchanged the reel for several dolls and one flip flop; her husband beat her and drove her away; she sees a dog, a rooster, thinks that her husband sent them for her, decides do not go; when the camel came with her luggage, she went with the camel; the husband sees that the camel is loaded with jewelry; he put his wife in a tone, covered it with leather, put grains on top and let the geese go; she thinks that hail is coming; the husband killed the camel, hid the luggage and meat; the wife says that she brought a camel, her husband was captured, he tells the king that he knows nothing; the wife says she brought a camel when he was walking hail and knocked out the king's eye (he was crooked); the tsar drove her away]: Kurdovanidze 1988 (2), No. 146:290-292.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians [a rich man hung his pants to dry; the wind tore them off and carried them into the poor man's yard; he does not want to return his pants, offers one of his three daughters; the wife sees cracks in the roof, waters them oil and syrup; the husband returned his wife to her father, got a second daughter; she washes the donkey and puts her to bed; the third daughter hears the frog croaking, throws supplies into the well to prepare meals for the guests; the food is not ready, the wife jumped into the well and took out the gold brick; husband: three days later, Ramadan, this is for him; the passer-by replies that he is Ramazan; his wife gave him gold; her husband kicked her out; she drives her aunts a dog and a cat, but agrees to return with his camel aunt; the husband sees that the camel is loaded with gold; the husband: sleep, and then meat soup and meatballs will flow from the sky; the drovers come and take the husband away; he tells his wife guard the door; the wife took it off its hinges and went to pick her husband; tells the Shah that the camel came on the day when soup spilled from the sky, dripped it on the Shah (he has a mark on his face pendinki); the Shah let both go]: Rosenfeld 1956:94-103.