Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

M47. The head is attached to the rear .

When punishing a person or animal or restoring a dismembered body, a character intentionally or accidentally puts his head to his ass.

West Africa. Ashanti [the spirits take off their heads and splash water from the stream to the shore to catch fish; ask the Ananse Spider to be allowed to remove his head so that he also splashes out; A. gladly He sings along to them; gets his share of the catch; the spirits warn that if he sings their song himself, his head will fall off; he sings, the perfume puts his head back, but this is the last time; he sings again, puts his head back, puts his head back, but this is the last time; he sings again, puts his head back a fallen head to its ass; that's why the spider has a small head and a big ass]: Rattray 1930:67-71.

Mesoamerica God usually punishes a person who cooks food without permission after a flood; man is thus turned into an animal. Aztecs: Bierhorst 1992 [Codex Chimalpopoca; the people of the first Sun were devoured by jaguars, the second were blown away by the wind, turned into monkeys, the third was destroyed by the fiery rain, turned into turkeys, the fourth was a flood, turned into fish; at that time the heavens fell; Titlacahuan told Tata man and his wife Nene to hide in a hollowed out trunk, sealed it; they took corn seeds with them; when went out and began to fry fish; the gods Citlalinicue and Citlalatonac smelled smoke; Titlacahuan, Tezcatlipoca went down, put their heads to the ass, turning them into dogs; (more on creating our world)]: 142-144; Historia de los Reynos de Colhuacan y de Mexico in Lehmann 1928 [gods destroy the world with a flood; man and woman remain; gods tell them to eat only corn; they also fry fish; the gods turn them into dogs by putting them in head to ass and back to neck]: 788-790; mountain totonaks [a person cuts trees to clear a field; at night the Rabbit revives them; a person puts a resin doll, the Rabbit sticks to it; the man cuts off his tail, since then he has been short; the rabbit tells him that there will be a flood, tells him to make a box, take food, fire, a parrot; the parrot hits his head against the sky (since then it has been red with blood), screams; therefore man manages to hide his head; people turn into fish; after the flood they die; The rabbit offers to fry fish; smoke is understood to the sky; the gods decide to punish people for this; before it was enough to look up to die in peace; now death is painful; the gods send Vulture to find out who made the fire; the vulture eats fish with man; the gods tell him to eat carrion from now on; send the Hawk, the one takes a man to heaven; the gods turn him into a monkey with his head to his back]: Ichon 1969:46; mountain shelters: Foster 1945a, No. 43 [man clears the area, trees are in place in the morning; sees how the rabbit restores them; this is Jesus; he gives man cedar seeds, from which trees will grow in seven days, trees must be made into an ark, take a couple of animals; it's raining, the Parrot clings to the ark, which hits the sky, since then the parrot's legs are broken and crooked; after the flood, I. does not tell you to eat without permission; the man and his wife make a fire, fry fish; I. sends Vulture to find out why a fire; he joins the meal; the Hawk says what he saw; the Hummingbird confirms; I. puts the head of a man, his wife and children to the ass, and his ass to his neck, turns them into monkeys; The vulture tells the vulture to eat carrion], 44 [I. tells the man to build an ark, take animals; after the flood, the survivors fry fish; I. sends Vulture, who also eats; the Hawk returns, says that people they eat the former inhabitants of the earth; Hummingbird confirms; I. puts people upside down, makes them monkeys]: 235-236, 239; Micah Veracruz [old man (=God) tells man to plant a seed; grows cedar; a carpenter makes a boat out of cedar; a man escapes in it from the flood; after the flood, he makes a fire, contrary to God's prohibition; roasts the corpses of animals; God turns him into a punishment into a howler monkey, changing in some places his head and ass; turns his sons into vultures]: Lehmann 1928, No. 1:753-754; juice [God went swimming with the orphan, told him to swim down the river; the orphan began to watch God bathes; God put his head to his ass for it; that's why dogs wag their tails — there used to be a head]: Sulvarán López 2007:40; tequistlatecs [God saved several people after the flood sends them one by one to the ground; the first three fry dead fish without permission; the first head is put to the ass, he has become a dog; the others have turned into vultures; dogs and vultures are allowed eat all food]: Carrasco 1960:112; tsotsil [wife meets lover; dog tells her husband about it; he kills lover and wife; god puts the dog's head to the ass so that he no longer spoke]: Gossen 1974, No. 64, 87:286-287, 297; Guiteras-Holmes 1961 [lover urinates through a crack in the house wall; husband sneaks up, cuts off penis; lover dies; husband gives wife penis disguised as agouti meat ; she eats, feels thirsty, drinks until she dies; God turned the dog's face into an anus]: 261; Laughlin 1977, No. 86:278-286; Celtal: Hermitte 1970 [Angel (=God) warns people about the flood; only brother and the sister is building a tall house; another person hides in a box; after the flood, the Angel sends the Vulture to see if the earth is dry; he eats carrion; the Angel sends the Eagle, he brings a dry branch; the Angel places Vulture's head to replace his butt and vice versa; turns the survivor into a monkey; allows brother and sister to marry (and repopulate the land)]: 25-27; Stross 1977 [the hunting dog speaks to the owner that his wife has a lover; husband watches; after finishing the act, the lover sticks his penis into the slit outside to urinate; the husband cuts off the penis, the lover dies, the wife buries it shallow under the bed; the husband gives her a penis under the guise of animal meat, tells me to cook with tortilla; the wife eats, she is thirsty, he drinks, bursts; Jesucristo moved the dog's ass and head so that the dogs no longer talk]: 13-15; chol: Anderson 1957, No. 1 [God turns a person who survived the flood into a monkey], 2 [God punishes a dog that opens a bag of mosquitoes; the dog turns into a snake]: 314-316; Whittaker, Warkentin 1965, No. 9 [ like Anderson, No. 2], 10 [God decided to destroy people, make new ones; darkness came, jaguars were everywhere, people died; one person closed tightly in a house with thick walls; God tore his head off, put it to the buttocks; a tail grew in place of the head; this is how the howler monkey appeared; arachnids come from strangers]: 54, 55-57; Chorti: Hull 2016:22 [by Concurso literario idioma Ch'orti' 1999:25; the shells were human; they ate their seed; God got tired of it, he tore off the shell's head and put it to the back; where the shells now have their tail, they had their heads], 23 [by Concurso literario idioma Ch'orti' 1999:8; after the flood, some people were saved; they replied that thanks to their own efforts; God got angry, ripped these people off their heads and put them to their backs; now they are monkeys]; jacalteki [The dog could talk, talked about God's creation and origin; he took out his tongue, placed it in the back, and put the ex behind her head; now that the dog wants to say something, on her There is no expression on the face, but the tail expresses everything]: Montejo 1991:51.

Honduras vs Panama. Rama [Adam's brother is married to Mako's sister (parrot), they have two children; A. makes love to Mako's wife, breaks down their house, fights with Mako; the house falls on the heads of Mako and his wife, they die; Adam cuts off their heads, turns them into birds; puts the tail in place of the head, the head in the place of their tail]: Loweland 1985:141.

Southern Venezuela. Piaroa [to guard the house of sacred flutes, Vahari turns himself into a big one, his younger brother Buoku, into a little sloth; he fears that with such a big head the sloth will start there are people; changes his head and ass]: Kaplan? in Cavendish 1980:263.

Montagna — Jurua. Kashinahua [The turtle tells Tapir that his brother left her when she became pregnant; offers to copulate but covers his vagina with his tail; offers oral sex; bites off Tapira's penis ; Turtles eat a tapir; one has kept a piece of its skin; the Jaguar considers the tapir his prey; after listening to the Turtle's conversation, he discovers a piece of tapir skin, tears off the Turtles' heads; Condor arrives There is carrion, but the Turtles are alive, talking about what happened; then Condor puts their heads to their ass; from now on, the turtles are silent]: Ans 1975:71-73.

Bolivia — Guaporé. Chimane [see motif B28]: Daillanat 1995 [Dohiti, Micha are brothers; their sister Dobose invites them to heaven to give their third brother Tsung 'a (the sun) a drink to leave it is at its zenith and prevent people from sleeping; it fails; D. and M. throw a balsa raft down, it grows, forms the ground; they cry, a vine emerges from their tears; D. goes down, M.'s vine breaks, he falls, breaks; D. sticks it together, but puts his head to the ass; D. and M. come to the frog women; D. took one, M. raped everyone at night, they urinate with blood in the morning; M. digs a tunnel east to the edge of the world, now the dead are coming to him; D. pretended to be dead with worms; the Frogs have thrown him into the river; he has turned them into frogs, worms into fish; goes looking for M.]: 163; Hissink, Hahn 1989, No. 1 [Dohitt created the earth like a raft on the water; brought Kiri (the moon), the wife of his brother named Micha, to see; made a vine out of snot, went down to the ground; K. climbed, the vine broke off, it fell; on the next day returned to heaven; D. and M. come to women who live without men; they lock them in the house; M. digs a tunnel to the end of the world; D. dies, women throw his wormy corpse into the river; he comes to life, turns them into frogs; cuts down a tree without noticing that M. is sitting on it; M. falls with his neck broken; D. puts his head to his ass]: 60-63.

Southern Amazon. Nambiquar [only the Sloth (Bradypus tridactylus) has a tail, he teases other animals; The squirrel grabs its tail, the rest divide its tail into parts, each gets their own; the Sloth is cut off head, put in place of the tail; since then Sloth has been sad]: Pereira 1983, No. 65:97-98.