Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M53E. Allegedly inedible whale .40.-.42.

A character (always a raven) kills a whale and points others to imaginary signs that whale meat is not suitable for food. People believe and all the meat goes to the deceiver.

Nuniwak, central Yupik, Chugach, Bering Strait Inupiate, Tanaina, Upper Tanana, Haida.

The Arctic. Nuniwak Island: Himmelheber 1951 [The Raven's leg on the littoral is grabbed by Crab; the Raven promises him a kayak, then a spring on the mountain; they come there, but the spring is contaminated with Raven's excrement; The Raven finds dead herring, rubs himself with it, tells a fresh deer man that there is a lot of herring nearby, wants to eat meat, eats all the best, flies away; the same applies to birds that make a fire fry fish; blocks the Marmot's passage, demands the berries collected; the groundhog invites him to dance with his eyes closed, slips into the hole; the same with Mink; the raven sees a dolphin, flies into his mouth inside, the woman knocks threads, tells not to touch the bladder; the raven pierces the bladder, it becomes dark, the dolphin dies, throws it ashore; people cut the carcass, the Raven flies out unnoticed; comes back, says something has flown out of the dolphin, probably an evil spirit; people throw the dolphin, the Raven eats it alone]: 58-64; Lantis 1946, No. 28 [The raven asks the White Whale to open its mouth wide, jumps inside, cuts Beluga whales from the inside, flies out like a crow; comes to people cutting the carcass, says that he will not eat meat if a black bird flies out of the whale; people throw white whales, the crow gets the whole carcass]: 299-300; central yupik: Alaska Native Writers 1986 [On the shore, a fishskin mitt and grass bag, each repairs itself, tells the Raven that the other has tore it; the Raven invites the Beluga Whale to swim to On the shore, gaping her mouth, rushes inside, where a woman makes a park of dry beluga whales, feeds the Raven, tells him not to touch the fat lamp; he touches him, Keith dies, throws him ashore; people cut the carcass The raven jumps out quietly, saying that he would not eat this whale because something flew out of it (i.e. himself); people decide not to eat the whale, the carcass goes to the Raven; he marries Norka, they are together they harvest and eat kitten meat; the Raven asks him to make akutak (fat with berries), leaves; in a strange voice, he demands acutak from the aisle, otherwise he will eat Norka; she throws him akutak; the Raven returns, his wife talks about what happened; the same the next day; the akutak is over, Norka throws his head; The raven comes with a black eye; Mink notices coal from the head in his eye; the Raven did not try again deceive Norka; but they had no children]: 46-58; Wassilie 1978 [On the bank of Cuskoquim, the Raven steps on Sea Anemone; he lets go of his foot for promising to give him Uncle Raven's wife or him relative; when free, Raven says that he does not have an uncle, pokes Anemone with a stick, killing him; sits at Groundhog's hole, not letting him inside; he asks the Raven to dance, promising to give something slips down the hole; the Raven tells the Bear who has raised the elk that there are seals nearby; the bear goes to look for them, the Raven eats the moose; asks the White Whale to swim closer, jumps into his mouth, there is a small one inside the old woman and the lamp; the Raven touches the lamp, it goes out, Keith dies, is nailed to the shore; the Raven flies out unnoticed, returns in human form, tells the people cutting the carcass that meat dangerous; they leave, the Raven eats all alone with the old woman who has come out of the whale; asks him to come back to make "Eskimo ice cream", hides, frightens her, eats everything himself; the old woman throws ash at him then notices it in the Raven's eye, forgives him]: 99-101; chugach [Raven Kitu: My partner said you have a big ugly tail; Keith opens its mouth, Raven jumps inside; from above a bag hangs, it's Keith's heart; a little woman smokes herring swallowed by Whale; a raven cuts his heart with a copper knife; a woman disappears, Keith dies, he is washed ashore; people are refreshing him, Raven flies out; comes back as a man, warns not to eat a whale, you can die; people go away, Raven, Magpie, Jay eat the whole carcass; Magpie and Jay are thirsty; the Raven advises them to drink the lake; they burst, die]: Birket-Smith 1953:171-172; Bering Strait Inupiate (Norton Bay Unalick): Nelson 1899 [The Raven marries a Goose; flies south with the Geese in the fall; when they see that he is tired, The raven lies that an arrowhead is stuck in his heart; the geese do not believe, the Raven falls into the water, has difficulty getting to the shore; asks Keith to open his mouth, flies inside; inside, the beautiful woman warns not touch her lamp; the beauty is the soul, the lamp is the heart of the whale; the raven touches the lamp, the whale dies; the raven swims inside the carcass to the shore; forgets the fire drill inside the whale; when people fresh the whale and find a drill, the Raven says it's a bad sign; people run away, the Raven takes all the meat for himself; looks for a fat vessel, meets Norka, they build porridge; the Raven; sends Mink to invite marine life to the festival; Seals come; the Raven says he should improve their eyesight by touching their eyes with his rod; glues their eyelids with resin; forgets the seal in the doorway; he raises the alarm when another seal cries trying to open his eyes; The raven kills guests with a stick one at a time, only the seal in the doorway is saved]: 462-467.

Subarctic. Tanaina: Kalifornsky 1991 [The raven marries Goose; tries to fly south with them in autumn, gets tired, carried first, then left, tells the rock to rise out of the waters, sits on it; flies then, asks the whale to give him a ride, the whale hides under water; the other whale agrees; the raven climbs into his breath, bites from the inside, says he pecks parasites, tells him to swim with all his might, the whale finds himself on a coastal shallows, dies; when he sees people, the Raven flies away; returns in human form, says that it is dangerous to eat a dead whale; people see how the Raven in the form of a crow bite whales, chasing away a crow, butchering a whale]: 93-97 (Ruppert, Bernet 2001:321-322); Vaudrin 1969 [Chulyen (raven) marries Goose (species of geese with black heads, necks and legs are his descendants); in autumn wants also fly south; first geese help him, then get tired and throw him; he falls, tells the rock to be under him; Belukha offers to get into her breath, takes him to the shore; C. eats her fat, lies that the shore still far away; Beluga whales jump ashore, C. throws stones into her breath, she dies; people appear, he flies out, returns in human form; people say that something black has flown out of the beluga whale's womb; . says that his relatives ate beluga whales under similar circumstances and all died; gets the foreman's daughter, eats beluga whales at night; people find fat on his mustache, beat him to death, throw it on a garbage dump; an old woman cuts off his beak; Magpies defecate on C., he comes to life; creates enemies; covering his face with his hand, shouts that he must run and throw everything; finds a beak, hurriedly applies, now he is crooked]: 35-40; upper tanana: Brean 1975 [The raven tells Keith he is his relative, asks him to open his mouth to compare their throats; flies in, makes a fire, eats kitten; cuts off the heart when the whale swims to the shore; people cut the whale, notice how something flew from within; the Raven comes back, advises not to eat this meat, people leave; the Raven offers his nephew Galka (blackbird) drown fat, drinks everything melted unnoticed; Jackdaw pushes it off a cliff; regrets it, collects it from the remains, revives it]: 48-53; McKennan 1959 [The raven asks the Big Fish to open his mouth; flies inside, makes a fire, hurts the heart; a dying Fish jumps ashore; people slaughter it, crows fly out of there; returns in human form; says fish is poisonous; he and Magpie eat Fish alone; people They come again, melt fat, filling the long intestine; The raven settles in at the far end, swallows everything that Magpie pours in]: 192-193.

NW Coast. Hyda (Skidgate): Swanton 1905:130-131 [A raven finds a woodpecker's feather, turns it into a woodpecker, tells the Fisherman he knows an island where there are many woodpeckers; they sail there, the Raven beats himself on the nose, turns blood into woodpeckers, sails away in a boat, comes to the Fisherman's wife in the guise of her husband, eats a lot; the abandoned calls his seal whipping club, she carries him across the strait; he He hits the Raven, throws him into the latrine; he gives a voice; he pushes him into the dust, throws him to the surf, presses him down with a stone, he comes to life again; tells the whale to swallow itself, eats its insides, an exhausted whale it nails to the shore; people cut the carcass, a black bird flies out; the raven puts on the skin of an old man who lived on the outskirts of the village, who says that the bird that has flown out is not good; people are leaving, Raven one eats a whale], 144-145 [The raven tells the Master of the Wind that he has seen an island where there are many woodpeckers; they come there; the raven hits his nose, turns blood into woodpeckers, pretends to fall asleep in a boat, swims away to her; comes to the wife of the Wind Master in the guise of her husband; abandoned calls his rattle, she arrives, he crosses the strait like dry; beats the Raven, throws his bones into the latrine; when the Wind's wife comes there, the Raven spits in her genitals; the Master of the Wind throws the bones into the sea, the whale swallows them; the people kill the whale; the chief's son cuts it, the raven flies out, the young man falls dead; the raven returns in the guise of an old man ; he is told about what happened, he advises him to leave the village; eats all supplies].