Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M56A. The crocodile's secret .

A weak character hits a crocodile, but the crocodile is safe. He says he would be killed if the attack hit a specific location. Next time, the same character hits this place and kills a crocodile.

Southeast USA. Usually the chief promises to grant the Rabbit's request if he brings him Crocodile skin; the Rabbit summons the Crocodile from the water, hits him, the Crocodile runs into the water; denying that it was him, the Rabbit summons the crocodile again; kills with a blow across the hips. Natchez [the animal leader gave everyone their food: acorns to the Squirrel, the Raccoon, the Possum, the Fox persimmons, grapes, etc.; the rabbit waited under the sycamore, but when he fell, the fruits broke; he asked the chief other food; the chief promised to give him if the Rabbit gave him what he needed; the Rabbit tells the Crocodile that the chief calls him, hit him on the way, the Crocodile ran away; the Rabbit killed the deer, put on his skin, called A crocodile on behalf of the Deer; on the way, the Crocodile says that if he were hit on the back, he would die; the Rabbit kills the Crocodile, brings the leader's skin; the chief tells the Rabbit to steal beans, sends his dogs chase]: Swanton 1929, No. 31:255-256 (=1913, No. 4:197-198); tunic [(two options); God tells the Rabbit to bring a snake; he tells the Snake he wants to measure it, ties it to a stick, brings it; brings it crocodile tooth; Rabbit invites Crocodile to dance, hits his teeth when he opens his mouth, brings a tooth to God]: Haas 1950, No. 14:101-107; screams: Swanton 1929, No. 64:58-59; hichiti [y The crocodile is also vulnerable to the back of the head]: Swanton 1929, No. 26:104-105; Seminoles [people agree to give Rabbit a wife if he kills the Crocodile; The rabbit is friends with the Crocodile, walks with him, hits him on the back with a stick, The crocodile runs away; the rabbit turns into a Squirrel; the crocodile says that his head and ass are vulnerable; the imaginary Squirrel hits him with a stick on these places, kills him; people ask to kill a rattlesnake; the Rabbit kills her at her holes with a stick; people ask to cut down a thick tree; Rabbit sees the Woodpecker hammering the trunk on all sides; when the trunk becomes thin, the Rabbit knocks down the tree with a single blow; gets a wife; he is advised comb her hair parting, hitting her right with an ax, there will be two wives; Rabbit misses, girl dies; Rabbit runs away into the forest]: Greenlee 1945:144.

Mesoamerica Totonaki [The rabbit complains to God why it is so small and the other animals are big; God promises to make it big if he brings the Crocodile's tears and the Elephant's tears; he tells the Crocodile that his grandfather died, the Crocodile cries, the Rabbit collects tears into a prepared vessel, says that these tears are the cure; the same with the Elephant; seeing the tears brought, God decides to leave the Rabbit small; if It will be big, it will destroy all animals; stretches Rabbit's ears]: Levy 1997:294-311; chooh [like in the Southeast United States; God promises to make Rabbit king of animals; Rabbit plays ball by the river; A crocodile goes out to play with him; a rabbit hits him with a stick; A crocodile says a blow to the tail would be fatal; A rabbit lures another crocodile, kills him with a blow to the tail]: Kunst 1915, No. 1:353; chol [The rabbit asks his grandmother to give him sandals; she tells her to bring her Crocodile and Jaguar teeth for this; the Rabbit promises to teach him to read and count; hits when he goes ashore; Crocodile escapes back into the water; the Rabbit finds out that the Crocodile's soul is in his tail; lures him again in the same way, kills him; tells Jaguar that a storm is coming; he asks him to tie him up so as not to be carried away; The rabbit kills the Jaguar; brings his grandmother's teeth, gets sandals]: García 1988:58-59; acateques [The rabbit lent his "hat" (horns) to the Deer, he did not give it back; the King promises the Rabbit that he would receive horns if he brings the skins of certain animals; The rabbit distracts the animals by playing the guitar, then kills them; when he brings skins to the King, he does not give the horns, but stretches the Rabbit's ears]: Peñ alosa 1996, No. 6:31; kanhobal [The deer asked the Rabbit to lend him horns, he did not give it back; he complained to the king; the king promised to make the Rabbit tall so that the horns would suit him better; to do this, he must bring 15 burdens of skins; The rabbit began to play the guitar for the Snakes; asks the Snake where its sensitive place is so as not to hurt; she replies what is at the end of the tail; the Rabbit kills the Serpent, brings it to the king; the same with Crocodile; Monkeys and Coati invites them to get into the bags to weigh who is heavier; he kills everyone, brings skins to the king on the Battleship; he says that if the Rabbit is big, he will become completely dangerous; stretches his ears]: Peñalosa 1995b: 99-105; chol, chooh, mom, mopan, pokomam, kekchi, tseltal, tsotsil, tocholabal, tsutuhil, yucatec [God or king promises the Rabbit to make him big if he brings animal skins; The rabbit trickles animals, brings skins, but only gets his ears stretched out]: Peñalosa 1996, No. 74E: 53-54; chorti [The rabbit asked the Creator to make it big; he ordered to bring deer, snake and water iguana skins; by the Rabbit River began to play with pieces of paper; Iguana went out to play with With him, he hit her on the head with a stick, she jumped back into the water; the next day Rabbit spoke to Iguana (pretending he wasn't what he was yesterday?) , found out that a blow to the tail was fatal for her; the Iguana began to play, the Rabbit killed her with a stick on the tail, brought her skin to the Creator, but he only made his ears big]: Anónimo s.a.

Guiana. Varrau [The rabbit asks God to make him big; he demands to bring him a jaguar's paw and a crocodile tooth; the rabbit tells the Crocodile his name is elders; at night he hides by the path, hits The crocodile is on the back with a stick; in the morning The crocodile reports that if that tree fell in front of his eyes, he would die; next time the Rabbit kills the Crocodile; tells Jaguar that a storm is coming; he asks tie him so as not to be carried away; God refuses to comply with Rabbit's request, only stretches his ears because he is too big a deceiver]: Wilbert 1970, No. 182:408-410; taulipan [man suggests Cayman spends the night on the riverbank; hits him with a knot, pretends to fall on both; Cayman says that if he were hit on the nose rather than on the back, he would die; next time a man hits him on the nose and kills]: Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 49:145.