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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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M60. Imaginary physician: finished off enemy, K824, K1955. .

After injuring a demon (robber), the hero goes to his locus. There he, or (rarely) his assistant, pretends to be a doctor and finishes off an opponent.

Irish, Tibetan, Toraja, Koreans, Moldovans, Kalmyks, Georgians, Icelanders, Mari, Bashkirs, Tubalars, Buryats, Mongols, Mongors, Central (?) Yakuts, Udege, Chukchi, Asian Eskimos, Bering Strait and Northern Alaska Inupiate, Koyukon, Menominee, Ojibwa, Western Marsh Cree, Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake), Northern Solto, Steppe Cree, Sauk, fox, montagnier, mikmak, assiniboine, omaha and ponca, iowa, quiche, chayahuita.

Western Europe. The Irish: Curtin 1975 [Finn pushed his shuttle off the shore, sailed far away, a giant approached him into the sea, brought him ashore; F. killed him by dodging his ax, cutting down the steps to his the body, climbing over them and cutting off his head; but he was wounded by an ax, his insides are visible; a raven (blackbird) flew in, pecked Finn's giblets three times, became a dwarf, cured F., explained that he should have stayed a bird until Finn's giblets bite three times; he has a victorious hatchet; they sail to an island north of Ireland; they're sent to local guards; they're cannibals people are supposed to feed; the dwarf easily kills cannibals; the affected residents give everything he asks for, including the princess; the old woman came to spy through the chimney, the dwarf threw his hatchet at her, he was stuck in her forehead, she ran away; to return the hatchet, Finn pretends to be a healer, takes out the hatchet, kills the old woman, brings the hatchet to the dwarf; he is ready to give it to Finn, but F. does not; the dwarf promises to help if necessary; F. returns home, where he hasn't been a year]: 157-165; Larminie 1893 (Galway County) [(first-person story); the man learned the language of birds as a child from his mother; laughed while listening to the voices of the birds, the wife was surprised the husband told me; asked her to cut a stick and hit her husband with it and turned him into a crow; promised to pay money for every crow killed, but the man sat on the chimney; flew up to his wife, believing that she will make him human again, but she turned him into a horse and forced him to carry stones; his wife said that her husband died and buried an empty coffin; the husband, in the form of a horse, began to mutilate suitable crops and trample on crops; wife turned the horse into a fox; the fox began to destroy his wife's poultry; then she turned it into a wolf, the wolf slaughtered sheep; among the hunters was the king, he took the wolf to him; the king was born 8 sons and 3 daughters, but every child disappeared after birth; the wife is pregnant again; the wolf remained to guard the newborn; a hand came down from the fireplace and grabbed the baby; the wolf gnawed off his hand and fell asleep; the baby disappeared, the cradle was covered in blood; the king ordered the wolf to be released; the wolf led to the house, to the chest in the house; there was a hand and a sleeping baby in it; the child grew up and disappeared, the wolf stopped feeding; the wolf saw his wife with that child; broke into the room, saw that stick, hit the child, and the child got angry and hit him; the wolf became human again; he promised his wife not to tell anything; returned to the king, but there only an old woman and her son with one eye in his forehead, whose hand was gnawed off; the man promised to cure the one-eyed man, but let him return the kidnapped princes and princesses; told the old woman not to go in, for the treatment would be painful at first; burned the monster's eye with a hot iron; after receiving the kidnapped, he brought everyone to the king and queen; the king gave him the child saved in the form of a wolf]: 17-30.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans [(one of the "ghost stories"; a rich man meets Yakro Kharto in the forest with the head and tail of a bull, agrees not to kill him; YK meets and companions a born in the forest ( black), -in-grass (green), -In a glass house (transparent); each one takes turns cooking, a woman comes, picks up food; everyone lies that enemies have attacked; when YK stays, he sends a woman to fetch water in a leaky vessel, finds a rope made of human tendons in her bag, replaces an ordinary iron hammer, replaces a chisel with wooden ones; the woman invites each other to tie; she cannot untie; he kills her with a chisel, a hammer, she falls into a crevice; at the bottom of the treasure, YK descends, companions pick up treasures, cut off the rope; YK plants a peach seed, falls asleep for several years, gets up on a grown tree; forgives his companions, goes to visit her parents, sees traces of a girl on the way, from which flowers grow; comes in the footsteps of King Gyajin; there demons - black yaks fight against the gods - white yaks; YL hurts the demon king; comes to him disguised as a doctor; does not take out his arrow, but drives him deeper, he dies; the demoness pursues him, the gods lower the chain, YK is among the stars]: Waddell 1931:294-298 (cf. Mongolian versions below); Tibetans (Amdo) [a mare gave birth to a boy, an old lady adopted him; with two friends he hides from the rain in a cave; they see how they flew in 3 turtles became girls, prayed, flew away again; the same day on August 15 the following year; two years later, young men grabbed and destroyed pigeon bodies, married girls; wives wither away; boys watched a kite fly in, became a copper-beaked witch, she drank the girls' blood, flew away, the mare's son managed to injure her with an arrow; the young men are following a bloody trail, the companions let the mare's son into failure, they cut off the rope, the garuda picked it up; a local shepherd says that a witch was wounded by an arrow; another shepherd herds many goats; this is the son of a witch; replies that in order to tie goats, you must tell them Contact"; to cross the river, you must tell the river to retreat up and down, go dry; after bringing goats, he will lick the wound on the mother's back caused by the mare's son; the mare's son suggests take out his lice; witch son: I have a black mole around my neck, my mother's strength is in it, be careful; the second part of my mother's life is at home wearing a needle in a salt bag; the mare's son crushed a mole {and apparently killed shepherd}, put on his clothes, took his yak tongue with him; told the waters to part, the goats to contact; the witch takes him for his son, asks him to lick the wound; he explains that his tongue is hard because he did not drink water today ; breaks the needle, the witch dies; leaving the witch's house, the son of a mare killed a snake that was about to eat the Garuda chick; the chick explains to its mother that the man saved him; the mare's son asks to be brought to the ground; Garuda asks to prepare 100 bird carcasses and 100 wineskins of water; carries the mare's son across the sea; he forgives his companions, reigns, everything is fine]: Kajihama 2004, No. 28:117-123.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Toraja [seven brothers hunted wild boars; every time one of them stayed to dry the meat, a man came and carried it away; the youngest managed to hit him with a spear, the wounded man ran away; the grandfather the young man demanded that his spear be returned to him; they reached a deep hole; only the youngest dared to go down the vine; in an underground village he was told that the local chief had been wounded by a spear and was stuck in his back ; the young man volunteered to heal the chief, but finished him off and took his spear; on the way he picked up seven beauties who wanted to go to earth with him; the brothers pulled them out, each received a wife]: Adriani 1898:365 in Dixon 1916:214-215.

China - Korea. Koreans [Kil Tong comes to the island by sailboat; wild robbers live there, they kidnapped the daughter of a rich man; when they meet the leader in the mountains, KT wounds him with an arrow in the arm; The robbers captured the sleeping CT, but did not recognize him; he called himself a healer; he put poison into the leader's wound and he died; demons saved him and he married the girl he saved]: Eisenstäder 1912:92.

The Balkans. Moldovans [a woman gave birth from an infusion of grass collected on Ivan Kupala; named her son Basil Green; the princess was kidnapped by a snake, the tsar promises her and half the kingdom for her daughter; BZ comes, consistently kills dragons - from chapter 6 to chapter 24; Half-man comes (vertically), he is not vulnerable to the sword, kills BZ, makes the princess say that he killed the dragons; wedding a year later; BZ's mother found the remains son, saw how one ant revived another with grass; BZ revived the same grass; he went to look for Half Man; St. Friday sends to St. The Trinity, which summons birds, only the dove knows that the power of Half-man in 9 worms in a golden apple in a chrome hares crevice; gives a pipe that makes them dance; BZ hardly swam across the river where snakes (dropped the pipe, found it, began to play, the snakes began to dance); made the hare dance, killed him, took out an apple, began to crush worms; came to the king under the guise of a doctor to treat his son-in-law, finished him off, married the princess]: Moldavian fairy tales 1968:302-312.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks [two paraphrases of the same text]: Badmayev 1899 [a boy with bull horns is born, goes on a journey; he takes black, green, white people born from groves, grass, reeds as fellow travelers; each one takes turns cooking, the old woman asks for water, eats everything; everyone says that the riders took everything away; the cuckold sends the old woman to bring water with a bucket of holes, replaces the rope in her bag, mites, hammer unusable; binds, stings, hits her, she does no harm to him; all four follow the bloody trail to the gorge, at the bottom there is gold and the body of an old woman; the cuckold descends, the companions pick up treasures that leave the cuckold at the bottom; he plants a bast, three trees grow out of it; he rises, forgives his companions; in the battle between the white army of Hormusta and the shimnuses, H. helps, wounds the leader with an arrow. black; H. advises to be a doctor, finish off Khan Shimnus; the cuckold drives the arrow deeper into the enemy's body, throws seven grains into the sky, the chains go down, he climbs them to heaven; gets a wife, that touches him, the horns disappear; she shakes her hands, gold and food appear; the hero lives happily with his wife and father]: 87-93; Jimbinov 1962 [a woman in India gave birth to Massang, a man with bull horns and a bull with his tail; his father wants to kill him, he leaves; meets and takes Ider (black, born in the forest thicket), Gesera (green, born of grass), Adder (white, born of reeds) as companions; they hunt, take turns cooking ; every time a tiny old woman comes, eats everything; everyone explains that a hundred horsemen have attacked; when M. stays, sends the old woman to bring water with a bucket of holes, replaces her in the old woman's bag a wire rope, an iron hammer and wet and wooden pliers; the old woman offers to fight, M. ties her with a wire rope, hits her with a hot hammer; the wounded old woman flies away; together with her companions follows a bloody trail, descends into the abyss, sends treasures upstairs, they remove the rope; M. plants a piece of bast, falls asleep, three trees have grown out of bast in a few years to the edge of the abyss; M. goes upstairs, forgives his companions, meets a girl, comes with her to Khurmust, who asks for help defeat Humnus; M. wounds him in the eye, H.'s army runs; goes to Cave H., pretends to be a healer , does not pull out his arrow, but drives it deeper and, as Khurmust taught, throws 7 grains; Huson hit M. with an iron hammer, M. rises on chains into the air, 7 stars appear in the sky; M. comes with wife to her father, his tail and horns fell off, everything is fine]: 87-92; Basangova 2017, No. 7 []: 43-45; Georgians (Pshavi) [someone steals wonderful apples from the royal garden; elder, middle princes they guard, sleep; the youngest injures the deva with an arrow, a trail of blood leads under a stone; the older brothers are afraid to go down, the youngest mother of the deva says that her son is injured; the young man advises to pour boiling oil into the wound, takes out his arrow; the devil dies, the young man kills his mother, frees three beauties; the youngest warns that if his brothers betray him, he must sit not on a black sheep, but on a white sheep; she will carry him in the underworld, I must say, "Babkin's roof is soft, wadded", will fall on the soft one; brothers pick up beauties, cut off the rope; on a sheep, a young man gets to a crooked old woman, eats porridge from the side where her blind eye; the old woman adopts him, says that Dev took the water; the young man cut off his head; asks the king to lift him upstairs; he says that only Pashkunji can do it; P. constantly eats chicks gveleshapi; one baby cries, it will be eaten today, the other laughs tomorrow; a young man kills Mr. with an arrow; there is thunder, it is raining, it is the mother of the chicks crying, thinks the children are swallowed; children first they hide the savior, then show the mother; she tells them to stock up the meat; in flight it ends, the young man carves the meat from under his knee; P. says she would eat it if she knew that people's meat is so tasty; heals the young man's wound; the swineherd says that the king's eldest son marries the youngest's bride; the young man asks for his clothes, one can pull his bow; the bride recognizes him; he kills his brother with an arrow, marries]: Chikovani 1954, No. 3:28-33 (=Chikovani 1985, No. 3:19-22).

Baltoscandia. Icelanders [there are 5 boys in a poor family; an old lady asks for water; in gratitude she gives boys names they did not have before: Wachgut, Hältgut, Hautgut, Spürtgut< Klettergut (from the words watch/awake, keep, {why Haut is not very clear}, smell, climb); the king has 5 daughters, one is kidnapped at Christmas; another Christmas; the brothers stay on night in a room with three princesses; a hand reaches out of the window to one of them; the first brother did not sleep, the second grabbed his hand, the third cut off, the fourth found the giant's trail, the fifth climbed the rock where the cave is; brothers got up, persuaded the giantess to let herself be tied while they, doctors, treat her husband who lost her arm; kill a giant, then a giantess; find two captive princesses; the wedding of 5 brothers with 5 sisters]: Poestion 1884, No. 34:284-289.

Volga - Perm. Bashkirs: Barag 1987, No. 128 [=Roudenko 1908, No. 1:50-51; the old man met Satan, who first pretended to be human; at night, the old man noticed that Satan's mouth was burning; the old man covered a bunch of brushwood with his Armenian and walked away; Satan burned an Armenian; the old man shot; Satan ran and disappeared into the cave; when he entered the cave, the old man asked two women where the owner was; they replied that he was sick; the old man promised to cure him; he did not recognize him, agreed to give his youngest wife for treatment; the old man strangled Satan, told his eldest wife not to wake her husband, and took the youngest to him; he had another wife; always new asked her husband to let me know about his arrival and not look under his arm; one day he came in suddenly and saw his wife take off her hair and, holding it in her hands, looked at it; when the wife fell asleep, the husband looked under her arm, there was a hole; he put his hand into the hole and pulled out his heart]: 114-115; 1988, No. 10 [an old woman eats a grain of barley, gives birth to Arpa Batyr; he wanders, throws a mace at Semere's bird, she flies away; A. meets, takes as companions a Mountain Fighter (pounding mountains against each other), a Water Fighter (collides lakes and rivers); an old man with a long beard defeats the Water Fighter; A. hangs him by the beard; that goes to the underworld; only A. dares to follow him; the old man's three daughters blow at him to recover; A. promises to heal him if the girls follow him; cuts off his head, says girls who cured their father; companions pull out the girls, cut off the rope; A. kills the ajdaha dragon, which is going to eat Semere's two chicks; the chicks first hide it from their mother, then ask her take A. to the ground; he shot birds, feeds them S. on the way; kills companions, takes three wives]: 75-78; Marie [when he dies, the king orders his three sons to pass off their three sisters as the first to come to marry; three poor old men come successively; the older brothers refuse, the younger gives sisters; they were the Eagle King, Tsar Koschey and Tsar Razhim; the king also warned the sons not to hunt west side; the elder takes people, goes east, north and south, there is no prey; goes west, the game is abundant; a cloud appears, people come out of it, killed the older brother and everyone with him; the same with middle brother; younger Ivan tells him to hide in a hollow; his men shoot themselves, killing those who come; then I. follows the bloody trails; comes to the house, is called a healer; a woman the size of a haystack says that her son was wounded by 14 bullets; I. orders to boil a large pot of resin with fat; let the old woman help pour it on the patient and sit on the cauldron herself; I. scalded them to death, cut off the old woman's head; came to the house is beautiful there; he showed her the old woman and her son who had been killed; then she put him in a silver wagon and they flew; the wind blew out, I. fell out, fell; when she woke up, she came to her older sister; she turned she hid him in an apple, hid it in her pocket; asks her husband what he would do to her older brother; eagle: would swat; the same with the middle one; he would greet the youngest; says that his missing girlfriend was taken away by the "Magadey"; sends to her middle sister; her husband is also afraid of C., refers him to the youngest; her husband Razhim explains that his six-legged horse must be kidnapped from C. first; on his order, the birds brought the horse two days later; I. rode it to C.'s home, freed the girl from her fetters, drove her away; but C. has a 12-legged horse; on it, C. caught up with I. and ordered the horse to crush him into pieces the size of oatmeal; R. tells the birds bring all these remains, fold them, bring living water in their beaks; I. is alive ("How long have I slept"); R. to birds: Can you deliver a 12-legged? birds: no; R.: is everyone here? birds: one old bird is gone; it was delivered, it teaches you how to get a long lasso, make a huge pen, tame that horse; I. tamed, took away C.'s daughter, he chases a 6-legged horse, I. tells the 12-legged horse crush C. into pieces the size of a grain of sand; R. I. marries his daughter C.; they go back - she is on a 6-legged horse, I. on a 12-legged horse; they stopped in a clearing; I. wants to get together with his wife right away; she tells him to wait 14 days; I. tries to act by force; his wife slaps him in the face, he dies, she sits on a 12-legged horse, and the 6-legged runs after him; R. finds out everything, the birds bring living water again; the other two son-in-law have arrived; all three told I. that now let he is looking for his wife himself; I. comes to the old woman, she indicates where his wife's house is in the forest; I. tries to climb the stairs into it, she broke, I. got killed; climbed the other stairs through the window; on the wall swords, they will cut off his head if you try to enter another room; I. climbed into the barrel and rolled in, his swords did not notice him; his wife sleeps there for three days without waking up; he takes her key, then finds second; unlocks the closet from where the heron flies out; finds her horses in the stable; the wife wakes up and asks why she released the heron; everything is fine, they have children]: Beke 1938, No. 47:424-457.

Turkestan. Dungane (Changji, Xinjiang) [the old woman only has a horse; one day she returned - she is a boy, he is a Brother Horse; he went on a journey, broke a rock with an arrow, and Brother Stone came out; then If the tree is split, Brother Elm came out; they cultivate the land, hunt; someone cooks and tidies in the house; they take turns guarding, two fall asleep; when it is Brother-Horse's turn, three white doves arrive, become girls; he asks them to marry him and his brothers, but first become doves again; invites the brothers to choose; takes the rest for himself, the pigeons become girls; the cat comes, stays, mischievous; the women slapped him, for which he put out the fire and left; the women went to look for coals; the shepherd says that the fire is owned by a nine-headed monster, let them go to him; the maids took them deep into the cave; the monster's human body and 9 heads, all but the central one, are blind; he orders to give fire and a bag of beans; it has a hole, the beans woke up on the way back; the next day the monster followed this trail, sucked the blood of women; then the eyes on his other heads see; so many days; The horse brother notices that the wives are losing weight, they tell him everything; the first is Brother Elm, then Brother Stone, both are afraid; Brother- the horse hits the monster in the eye with an arrow, he runs; the horse brother releases the shepherd, comes to the cave under his guise, taking a sheep's tongue with him; the shepherd must lick the monster's damaged eye; the horse brother strokes it with sheep's tongue, the monster hurts; he says that his tongue is rough because he has a cold; then kills the monster, cutting off all his heads; distributes the monster's property; his brothers want to take possession of everything themselves; lead Brother- the horse looks at the lotuses, is pushed off a cliff; he fell on the lotuses, is alive, but cannot climb back; healed the swan's wing, he lifted it upstairs, the flight lasted three days and three nights; he returned home after year; they did not recognize him, his wife did not recognize him, he cries; he takes his bow; the brothers say that only the Horse Brother who fell off the cliff could pull it; he shoots at the stone, the Stone Brother disappears into the stone; shoots at the elm - The Elm Brother returns to the tree; since then, there are stone steps at the gate and the elm trunks are cracked; Brother Horse's wife has stayed with him, and the other two women put on their pigeon robes and flew away; since then people near Mount Bogota love white pigeons]: Shujang Li, Luckert 1994:111-118.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Tubals (black Tatars) [Karatti khan star, Kara Gula threatens war; Karatta Khan's wife gave birth, he hid the child under the roots of a birch tree; KG takes everyone to the fullest, the old man and the old woman remain, they find a child, he grew up, went to look for his father, his name is Tastarakai, he took the form of a bald shepherdess; the blue bull said that the soul of KG is in three quails, in a golden box, in the stomach of a maral; the maral rose sky, bull with T. too (the bull became a star, T. a mouse); T. cut his stomach, opened the box, brought quails; KG is sick, T. said that he was a doctor, he was let in, he looked heroic, killed KG; T. came to his father and mother, the people gave him the name Kan-Uletey]: Potanin 1883, No. 109:371-373; the Buryats [the girl was kidnapped by a bear; she gave birth to a son, returned to people; Son of a Bear (Baabgayan hübüün; next SM) went to see the land; became a sister city of Sabudai Mergen (threw up a hammer), Babudaya (threw up a tree), Habuidai Batora (moved mountains) each in turn stays cook meat; a bearded old man eats meat, throws the owner into the vessel; each of the three brothers is ashamed to confess to shame; SM crushed the old man; he leaves his beard, goes through the crevice; CM descends to the lower world; the girl replies that her father went to earth, returned sick; SM promises to cure him, burns him on fire; three daughters of Hardig birds say that their father is forced to give them to the monster Arkhana; SM cuts off his head; H.-the bird takes him to earth; SM performs feats, marries Ermen Khan's daughter, gets his possession]: Baldayev 1960 (in drill): 365-371 in Ulanov 1974:39 -41; Mongols (western in Urga) [parents drive their son, who has cow horns on his head; he meets a person born from the forest, the other from the mountain; each one takes turns cooking; comes an old nun, asks for food, disappears with her food; her brothers lie that many people have come, forced them to give everything away; the horned woman sends the old woman to bring water in a bucket of holes, opens her bag, replaces an iron hammer and pliers with wooden ones, a rope made of hair veins; the old woman suggests fighting, does not harm the horned with wooden tools, the horned one injures her with an iron hammer; the brothers follow a bloody trail; the horned one descends on a rope to the lower world, finds the old woman dead; gives his brothers jewelry upstairs; they take them, throw the horned one; Hormust-Tangry gives him bow and arrow, raises to heaven; white and black bulls fight there; horned breaks black's head with an arrow; H. asks him to go down to the lower world, finish off the wounded king Shimnus; the horned pretends as a doctor, pushes H.'s arrow deeper; Shimnus's wife throws an iron mallet after the horned, breaking them into seven parts; H. turned them into Ursa Major]: Potanin 1893, No. 2:374-376; the Mongols [ an old man's cow gave birth - the top of a man, the bottom of a bull; this is Amtsagaan, asks the old man not to kill him; meets, companions woodworker Dalger, wooden Dalger, stone Dalger; they cook alternately, the old woman comes, eats everything; A. asks her to bring water in a bucket of holes, takes iron handcuffs, pliers, a hammer out of her bag, puts wooden ones instead; the old woman returned without water, suggests tie each other one by one; A. breaks wooden shackles, the old woman hardly breaks iron shackles, crawls in blood; below the cliff there is a mountain of jewelry, a dead old woman; twins descend on a rope A ., they pick up treasures, leave A. below; he rubs three skulls, sculpts three burkhans, asks for three trees to grow overnight; three years later he wakes up, climbs trees; spares his brothers, follows the child's trail, goes to heaven; the Heavenly Lord, in the form of a white bull, fights demon khan Shulmas every day; overcomes him before noon, gives way in the afternoon; asks A. to shoot him at an asterisk on his forehead; A. shot, the Lord wants to make him immortal; he wants to visit his father; Vladyka promises to help; A. pretends to be a healer, comes to treat Sh.; the old woman lets him through, he drives the arrow deeper into S.'s forehead, he dies; the old woman surrounds the house with iron bars with bolts; from the sky, the Lord lowers the chain, picks up A.; the old woman throws an iron hoop, crushing A. into seven pieces, they turn into Ursa Major]: Skorodumova 2003:18-22; the Mongols [the old man's wife gave birth to a son Ama-Chagan, who has a cow's back half; he accomplished feats for the benefit of people, rose to heaven to Chagan Khan ("white khan"); he asks him to help defeat Khan Devils, says that they will fight like two bulls; become stars of the Ursa Major; A. entered Khan Devils under the guise of a doctor, killed him; when A. was going to heaven, Khan Chertey's mangys wife threw an iron scraper at A., cutting it into seven pieces; they became the stars of Ursa Major]: Čerensodnom 1987:40 in Nassen-Bayer, Stuart 1992:329-330; Mongors: Todayeva 1973, No. 10 [a childless old woman prays for a child; God sends her a son; her black mare gives birth to a stomach, there is a boy in it; children tease him, he tells the old woman fry wheat, clamps hot grains in her fist, she is forced to admit that she did not give birth to him; he goes to look for parents, brothers, sisters; shoots at a stone, a young man Stone comes out from under it; from under wood - Wood; three brothers hunt, someone cooks in their house; Stone, Wood fall asleep, the Mare's son grabs three doves who turn into girls; the most beautiful one is smeared with soot, Stone and Wood are chosen others, the beauty goes to the son of the Mare; the women forgot to leave food for the cat, he put out the fire with his tail; the wife of the Mare's son comes to the nine-headed old woman for fire; she gives fire and an armful of yellow flowers, tells them to throw on the road; in the absence of husbands, he comes to suck women's blood; the Stone, the Tree remain guarded, numb with fear; the son of the Mare cuts off eight heads of the old woman, comes to her dungeon; she orders the boy lick her wounds; the Mare's son tells them to stroke them with cow's tongue, the old woman screams in pain; then the dog, the old woman goes to bed, says that it will be warmer on the iron bed; the son of the Mare and the boy they put it in a cauldron, cover it, burn it; brothers live well with their wives]: 289-295; Schröder 1959 [an old woman's black mare gave birth to a piece of meat, a boy was inside; he grew up; children say that he is the son of a mare; he asks his mother to hold hot wheat, holding her hand, the mother confesses that he is the son of a mare (SK); he goes wandering, meets, takes Stone Brother, Wooden Brother as his companion; they cook one by one; KB and DB fall asleep, at which time the cooked food disappears; when it is the UK's turn, he sees three doves, they threw off their feather clothes, he married them to himself and his companions; he took the most beautiful, but she smeared her faces with soot so that her companions would not choose her; the wives did not leave food for the cat, she put out the fire; KB's wife came to old Mangudze, who gave her a bag of rapeseed with her, they sprouted, rapeseed bloomed, using these flowers M. came to the house where the wives of the KB. DB and SK; drank their blood, they are losing weight; husbands take turns guarding; KB says that a 9-headed old woman came, he was frightened; the same was DB; SK cut down 8 heads, M. ran away; SK followed, asks the shepherd, how he drives cattle; you have to hit the gong, then eat sugar, lick M.'s wounds; SK kills the shepherd, under the guise of a shepherd, drives cattle, strokes wounds with rough cow's tongue, that's rude; then canine, M. she falls asleep, the UK cuts off her head; brings cattle and treasures, brings her home; the corpse has been burned]: 102-115.

Eastern Siberia. Yakuts (place of registration not specified; central ones?) [{a brief retelling of the archival text; probably there is a motive}; the old man has a son with an Abaasa wife; the mother wants to eat her son, he kills her himself; the father could not wake his son, wanted to slaughter him, the son goes to the forest; finds three friends, they live in a forest house; a dwarf beats friends; an old man's son defeats him, persecutes him in the lower world; an old man's son heals (kills) him, marries his daughter, goes up to the ground]: Ergis 1967b, No. 93:179.

Amur - Sakhalin. Udege people: Mozhaev 1955 [=Medvedev 1992:391-395; a hunter kills a snake that is about to bite tiger cubs; Iron Beak pulls people's hearts out, kills the hunter's parents; an old woman tells her daughter The Copper Ear shows the hunter the way to the LCD; the hunter wounds him with an arrow; under the guise of a shaman, he comes to his seven brothers, calls to heal the LCD, kills him, runs away; the LCD brothers chase him; the tigress drives them away; MU revives the hunter's parents, marries him]: 58-64; Podmaskin, Kireeva 2010 [Egdiga is the elder brother, Naguni is the younger; Salemkoi's iron bird takes away N.'s tongue, liver, heart; E. goes to take revenge, his carries a beautiful copper bird Chektamkoi; C. and S. fight, E. injures S., hitting S. with an arrow in the heart; under the guise of a shaman, she comes to S.'s house, where her parents are; tells her not to look while he heals, takes out her arrow, S. dies; S.'s father and two brothers also turn into iron birds; E. is covered with seven copper boilers; birds dive, break through six boilers, E. falls into a cave where many people - extraction of iron birds; finds a way out, marries C.]: 157-161.

SV Asia. Chukchi: Baboshina 1958, No. 50 [while chasing the seal, Ekekenushi sailed to an unknown shore; began to fry meat, kele climbs out of the ground, the dog's body below the waist; E. hit him with a harpoon, kele went under the ground, his seal bubble bag rolls along the tundra, then goes underground, then rolls again; E. sees yaranga, that bag in it, someone screams to call an old shaman; E. asked her, killed her, put on her skin; asks to put out the lights, sing loudly; pulled his harpoon out of Kele's body and stabbed him in his left side; runs away, promises the ground a striped, then colorful whale, the ground hides him from the chase; he swims away to the singing of dog people on the shore]: 133-135; Bogoras 1928, No. 8 [ten brothers go missing; every two walk across the sea on the ice, find freshly cooked meat, taste it, die (this is a human being); The fox promises their parents to send another son; the old woman gives birth to Methino; he asks them to make him a big bow; swims across the sea in a boat, kills a seal, waits for forbidden meat; the Wolf comes, demands from M. give him his liver, kidneys, eyes, intestines, heart; M. gives nerb giblets, pretends to be dying; The Wolf leaves, M. wounds him with a spear; steals clothes from the feathers of his neighbor Wolf Eagle, comes to the Wolf under the guise of Eagle; does not heal him, but kills him with a knife, runs away; the Eagle returns, finds his blood-stained outfit in the Wolf's house, kills the Wolf's children; M., returns to his parents, they soon die; M. lives with deer, wolves, foxes; finally, people catch him; they force him to regurgitate moss, pieces of skins, etc. food eaten while he was an animal; a year later M. is speechless, telling us who he is]: 330-332; Kozlov 1956 [ eleven brothers disappear one by one; the twelfth Nono swims in a kayak, a giant overgrown with hair calls him from the shore; N. puts the heart and liver of the killed seal under the camley; the giant offers hide (N. hides in his torbazes); give each other his heart and liver; N. gives giblets of seals, rips a giant, kills; kills two old cannibals who call the giant a son; puts them on clothes; a hairy head leaned out of the yaranga floor, N. threw a harpoon at it; his head went into the ground, N. followed; he is mistaken for a doctor, the old woman brings a giant with a harpoon N. in his head; N. finishes him off with a knife, kills an old woman; returns to earth; eats berries, the tundra begins to lean to one side to throw N. on knives; he pretends to be dead; the giant brings him home; the giant went to bed; N. strangled the crows- watchmen, the sea poured into the yaranga, the giant drowned, N. pretended to be a bull; returned home]: 39-44; (cf. Bogoras 1902, No. 25 [two old women want to have a child; one acts as a husband, the other gives birth to a mouse boy; he is carried away, eaten by an Owl; the Raven adjusts so that the Owl releases gases, the Mouse's bones fly out his ass turns into a boy; the Raven undertakes to cure the Owl of diarrhea, puts hot stones in his ass; the owl is barely alive, the old women (in the form of husband and wife) beat him; the Owl's bones fall out of his ass various swallowed animals, commercial animals spread by land and sea]: 655).

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos: Menovshchikov 1985, No. 75 (Chaplin) [four brothers go to sea, into the tundra, disappear; the fifth Akhakhanavrak remains; his father does not want to give him a kayak; he makes a kayak sails to a giant sitting on the shore; he offers to play blind man's buff; then eat each other's liver; A. hides a seal under his clothes, the giant cuts out its liver; A. cuts the giant, kills, cutting off his heart ; swims further; a tugnygak comes out of the ground, tells him to give him his intestines, lungs, heart; A. gives giblets of seals, throws a harpoon into t.; he runs underground, a float on the ground; the old woman is ready to treat t.; A. strangles her, puts on her skin; they come for her; the shaman (i.e. A.) tells everyone to sing and scream, putting out the fat seeds; finishes it off with her harpoon; runs away, swims to her parents], 91 (Naukan) [=1988, No. 33:160 -162; four brothers disappear one by one; the fifth kills a seal, enters an empty dugout; an ogre comes, demands that he eat intestines, liver, stomach and kidneys, a person's heart; he gives parts of the body seals; now the cannibal wants the whole man; he pierces him with a harpoon; comes to an old woman who is about to go to treat the cannibal; puts on her skin, pretends to be a healer, pierces the ogre's heart with a knife, runs away; other spirits in the form of wolves rush in pursuit; stop persecution]: 166-168, 210-213; Rubtsova 1954, No. 5 (Chaplin) [as in Menovshchikov 1985; the cannibal requires a heart last]: 86-92; inupiate Bering Strait (west in the village. Shishmarev, although the action takes place in the upper reaches of the river. Kobuk) [brothers disappear one by one; in old age, the couple has another son, Ogoonogoroseok; the father wants to kill him so that he does not leave them; digs traps on the path, puts a noose at the entrance into the house, shoots a bow; W. easily avoids dangers; swims away; before that he received a partridge feather and a weasel skin (amulets) from his father; swims down the river, kills a seal, takes his head with him; on the shore a house with a woman in it; a kayak like W.'s next to it, but old and fallen apart; W. throws a seal's head into the needle; a seal fights a woman, they kill each other; in the next needle, a young woman puts it inside, there is an old woman, a knife hangs above her; W. does not sleep; cuts off the head of a young woman, puts her head where she sleeps, puts her crown where the woman slept; the old woman gets up, lights a lamp, cuts her head like she thinks, to a young man; the way out of the needle has disappeared, but when W. gets out; the needle disappears, the black bear is chasing W., W. manages to sail away in a kayak; hears the bear calling him in that voice old woman; the next needle has several broken kayaks, these are the W. brothers' kayaks; he enters the first house, throws a harpoon at the person who comes in, he disappears; W. comes to the next one, there's an old woman, W. kills her, pulls her skin; they come after him (in the sense of an old woman), ask him to treat the wounded; this is the one W. threw a harpoon at; W. asks to turn off the lights, finishes off the wounded, sheds off the old woman's skin, runs away; after him wolves and wolverines run away, he manages to sail away in a kayak; sees an object hanging on a tree, touches it, is trapped; the catcher brings prey to his mind, believes that the game is dead, falls asleep; his two children they also fall asleep; W. kills a man with a stone, goes out, looks into the house, there is a dead bear and two bear cubs; W. swims on; when he reaches the sea, marries; father-in-law tells not to go to the mountain, W. goes, kills two ferocious dogs, father-in-law says they were his hunters, decides to kill his son-in-law; tells 1) to get a tree for the boat (the log rushes to O. when he starts cutting off branches, W. splits him); 2) walrus boat skin (the storm begins, O. calms the sea); 3) the father-in-law pours resin on the hearth in the dugout, O. caresses behind the turf; takes his wife and daughter to his home, the storm calms down only when he throws them into sea; O. finds them alive with his father-in-law, burns him in the dugout in the way his father-in-law wanted to burn him; brings the family home; along the banks of the river he sees dens instead of dugouts where hostile creatures lived]: Keithahn 1958:52-61; Northern Alaska Inupiate: Alaska Native Writers 1986 (Kobuk River - Noorvik-Selawik) [sea hunters go missing one by one; a young man's rich father promises half his property to whoever finds and returns his son; an orphan living with his grandmother promises to do so; a grandmother teaches that when a grandson finds those people, he must shout to them "Who is home first?" , then row to the house with his eyes closed; after chasing a seal, the young man finds himself on the high seas; after chasing a duck, he finds himself near the ground; enters the house, puts the caught seals and duck on the floor; into the house The monster looks in, mouth from ear to ear, tells him to throw what he has hunted; the young man throws the seal, next time the duck; the third time the young man no longer has meat, he throws his spear; the wounded monster leaves, the young man walks along then, in the village he kills an old woman, puts on her clothes; two men come for her, say that their hunter is seriously ill, asking for help; the young man pretends to be a helpless old woman; when he is brought to The wounded monster, the imaginary shaman asks him to leave her in the dark; when he finds his spear in the monster's neck, the young man carves it out of the monster's body, takes off the old woman's clothes, runs away; he is chased, he screams as told grandmother; when she reaches home, she turns around, sees all the missing, including the son of a rich man, receives rich gifts]: 79-87; Curtis 1976 (20) [hunters disappear, orphan swims to look for them, harpunite along the way leaves, seals, because they helped the murderers; enters the dugout, repairs the harpoon; the owner comes, demands meat, the orphan throws a seal at him, then pierces a harpoon into his neck, he runs away; an orphan comes to two women kills them, puts one on the bed, buries the other in ash, puts on her clothes himself, pulls her skin over her face, tells people who come that she and her sister are feeling bad, let them take them to someone who came; they lead to the mansion where the wounded man lies; an imaginary old woman tells her to be left in the dark while she heals, takes out her harpoon, pierces the wounded Keith into the neck, killing him; the inhabitants of the village find themselves animals, led by the Bear, are chasing an orphan; he asks Fox not to give him away, promises to leave him meat; sails away in a kayak]: 258-259; Keithahn 1958 (Kobuk River) [brothers sail down one after another along the Kobuk River, they disappear; the younger Ugungoroseok receives amulets from his parents; his father tries to kill him, cannot, believes that he is strong; O. swims along the river, kills women who killed travelers (throws the head of the seal in the dugout, the head fights with the woman, both die; replaces her hat and the hair of the old woman's daughter, the old woman kills her daughter, turns out to be a bear); throws a harpoon at the attacker, kills the old woman, puts on her skin, comes to treat the wounded, tells him to turn off the lights and sing, finishes it off; touches something with an oar, sticks, the owner of the trap brings it to his two boys, falls asleep, O. kills him with a stone, sees that it was a bear with cubs; when he reaches the sea, he marries; kills two ferocious dogs, his father-in-law says that they were his hunters, decides to kill his son-in-law; 1) get a tree for the boat (log rushes to O. when he starts cutting females, he splits him); 2) walrus skin for the boat (the storm begins, O. calms the sea); 3) the father-in-law pours resin on the hearth in the dugout, O. hides caress behind turf; takes his wife and daughter to his home, the storm calms down only when he throws them into the sea; O. finds them alive with his father-in-law, burns him in the dugout the way his father-in-law wanted to burn him; brings the family home; along the banks of the river, he sees dens instead of dugouts where hostile creatures lived]: 52-61; Spencer 1959 [hunters disappear one by one; an orphan kills a crow, a seal, comes to the ogre's house; that demands to throw food into his mouth; an orphan throws a crow, a seal, a cannibal harpoons; he runs away; an orphan comes to two old healers, kills them, takes the form of one; goes to treat the ogre, instead He finishes him off; runs; the ogre's people (foxes, wolves, bears) chase him; he comes home; forgets to give the promised meat to the fox, who noticed it but did not give it to his pursuers; falls ill; corrects his mistake; marries the daughter of a rich man who was kind to him; another rich girl had a hard time begging him to marry her]: 388-390.

Subarctic. Koyukon [people go to the lake to hunt ducks, disappear; the raven makes a boat out of resin, fills the basket with tree mushrooms, turning them into human ears; on the lake, an ogre sees a basket ears, believes that the Raven is of his breed, agrees to swap boats; the Raven offers to throw his spears, throws his further, invites the ogre to go forward, stabs his spear in the back, he runs away; The Raven comes to the ogre's mother, kills her, puts on her clothes; the cannibal's daughter comes with the news that her father is sick; an imaginary old woman advises to put a noose around his neck; suffocates to death, runs away; the lake becomes safe]: Attla 1989:135-145.

The Midwest. Menominee [see motive C3B; Myanyabush injures three underground bear gods; meets an old woman going to treat them; asks about her plans, puts on her skin; does not remove patients from their bodies arrows, but drives them deeper; they die; water chases Myanyabush, he hides in a hole]: Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. 7:260-263; chippewa [Wolf is Venebojo's younger brother; underwater snakes kill him; crawl out to bask on the beach; V. pretends to be a stump, injures two snake leaders; an old woman goes to treat them; V. puts on her skin, kills snakes, driving arrows deeper into their bodies; water pursues V.; see B3A motive]: Barnouw 1977:34-38; Ojibwa [see B3A motive; Manabozo injures minito, the old frog woman goes to treat him; without recognizing M., says that minito are going to catch M.; M. kills her, puts on her skin when he comes to the minito, drives the arrow deeper into the body of the wounded man, killing him; the water rushes after M., he climbs a tree, makes a raft; tells Beaver Otter, Muskrat dive; they float up unconscious one by one; M. finds grains of land between the fingers of Muskrat, makes land]: Blackwood 1929, No. 2 [the grandmother admits to Manabazoo that his parents were killed by snakes, living on the island; the water around is covered with resin; M. greases the boat with fat, sails to the beach, pretends to be a stump; The serpent sends a smaller snake to squeeze the bear, injure the stump, but M. does not move; amazes The Snake, who falls asleep with arrows, returns home; the old woman goes to treat the wounded, M. removes her skin, puts it on herself; pierces the tip deeper, the Serpent dies; the rain floods the earth with a flood, M. and animals flee on a raft; Beaver, Loon, Otter, Muskrat consistently dive, emerge dead, M. revives them, finds some land in the Muskrat's paw; M. sends Muskrat for the second time, she brings more; M. creates land, blows on it, it expands, valleys and mountains appear; flowers blow gently, snowstorm blows strongly; sends the Wolf to find out if the earth is big, he returns in 10 days, six months, for the third time not returns; sends Eagle, Hawk, Dove, Crow to the east, west, south, north; as long as they fly, the earth will stretch; creates trees, rivers, lakes, man and woman; goes east, now looks at us]: 323-328; Carson 1917 [Unnecessarily hurts a white Lion; meets the Frog Healer, who tells him what to do; N. kills him, wears his skin, tells him to leave him alone with the sick, drives his arrows deeper, killing Leo; runs away with his nephew; kills Leo's wife, puts on her clothes, cuts Leo's corpse into pieces, throws them away; (without continuing with the diver )]: 491-492; Radin 1914, No. 10 [Nenebojo and Fox lived together; N. warns Lisa not to hunt at the lake shore; The fox is gone; N. found traces, water creatures dragged the Fox; N. pretended to be a stump on the shore; when the water creatures came ashore, fell asleep, N. shot them, but one wounded man disappeared into the water; the frog shaman cries, says that N. injured the water spirit; N. kills her, wears her skin, comes under with the appearance of a Frog to heal the wounded; asks everyone to go out, does not take out the arrow, but kills the wounded with it; runs away, the water follows him; he makes a raft on the mountain; tells the Otter to dive, she pops up half dead; then Muskrat, N. finds grains of land on her paws; blows on them, they have formed land; N. makes mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers with his rod]: 22-23; Radin, Reagan 1928, No. 2 (southeast Ontario) [Manabozo injures Minito Leo, the old frog goes to treat him; without recognizing M., she says that Minito is going to catch M.; M. kills her, puts on her skin, comes to the minito, drives an arrow deeper into the body of the wounded, killing him; the water rushes after M., he climbs a tree, makes a raft; tells Beaver, Otter, Muskrat to dive; they float up unconscious one by one; between the fingers of the Muskrat, M. finds bits of land, makes land; sends the Ferret to see if it is big; the first time the Ferret returns, the second time it doesn't return, so the land is big], 3 (western Ontario) [while Wissekedjak is hunting, his youngest Manabozho's brother disappears; V. gives the Crane a white stripe around his neck; for this he tells how Minito Sea Lions killed M., hung his skin in their doorway; V. turns into a stump on the shore, where The minito go out to warm up, shoots a black minito into the shade, injuring him; the water rushes after V., he makes a boat; tells Beaver to dive, pulls him lifeless by the tied rope, revives, he does not find land on his paws; the same Beaver; when he pulls out the Muskrat, she has particles of earth on her paws; M. blows on them six times, they grow to land; he sends the Fox to find out if it is big; The fox comes back, says he is small; M. blows again on pieces of earth, sends the Fox again, this time he does not return; M. sees the Frog Healer rattling in rattles; he says that goes to treat minito; M. kills the Frog with an ax, puts on his skin, ties rattles to him; under the guise of a doctor, finishes off the wounded; runs away, taking M.'s skin and the body of the killed minito; hides in Groundhog hole], 5 (Minnesota) [M. lives with his grandmother; Sea Lion lives on an island surrounded by resin; M. covers the boat with grease, swims on resin; during the battle, Blue Jay advises M. to shoot his little finger on at the foot of the enemy, M. kills the Sea Lion; takes the young Wolf as his comrades, warns not to jump over streams; the Wolf chases the moose, jumps over the stream, it turns into a turbulent stream, carries it away; more as in (3), Wolf instead of M., Kingfisher instead of Crane, Minito Snakes; water rises but falls; the episode with the Frog and the Minito Killing; Beaver, Otter, Loon, Muskrat dive; Raven, Dove sent to find out if the land is large; the Raven returns four days later, the Dove does not return; now M. lives in the east]: 62, 63-67, 70-76; Ojibwa (Sault Ste. Marie, runoff from Upper to Huron) [ Nanabozho called the young wolf his nephew; warned him not to go out on the ice; when he hunted, underwater spirits broke the ice, drowned it; in the summer N. turned into a stump on the shore; the leader of the Mishi spirits Bizi (white puma) sends a horned snake, a yellow bear, a red bear to check if it's not N.; they can't pull out a stump, they say that it's not N.; spirits in the form of animals go ashore, N. hits MB with an arrow, the spirits are hiding in the lake; N. meets MB's grandmother Frog going to treat him; not recognized by her; learns from her that the spirits are going to fill him with stones; hides, rockfalls do not harm him; with Since then, there are rubble of stones on the ground; spirits send winter (the origin of winter), N. hunts on skis; The frog replies that now the spirits will send the flood; N. finds out how she camlates with a rattle, kills, pulls at her skin, at the entrance to the cave, MB tells two frog guards that she looked like N. because she cried; finishes off MB, driving an arrow into his heart, runs away; escapes from the water on a pine tree, she grows, further cannot; N. tells the Heron to drink water, she drinks part; N. sends Beaver to dive, then Otter, both come dead, N. revives them; Muskrat is the same, but the earth is in its paws; N. blows on it, throws them into the water , a new land appears; Heron lies with a swollen stomach, N. kicks it in the stomach, water pours out]: Kidder 1994:25-29; timagami ojibwa [Nenebuk injures the Queen of the Giant Lynxes; The toad goes to heal her; N. kills the Toad, puts on its skin, pierces his arrow deeper into the Lynx's body, killing it; Lynxes send a flood; see motif B3A]: Speck 1915d, No. 1:34-36; Western Swamp Cree ( stone crees) [Kingfisher tells Wisahkicahk that misipisiwak ("water cougars") play with wolf skins (Wolf is W.'s brother, they killed him when he drove an elk to the lake); V. takes the form of a dried tree, beats with a spear, misipisiwak, who come ashore and fall asleep, takes away wolfskins; V. asks the Frog Healer how he will behave when he goes to treat misipisiwak, kills him, puts on his skin, comes heal, pierces spears deeper, killing misipisiwak; water rises, V. makes a raft; when the water sleeps, revives the Wolf]: Brightman 1989:18-20; northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake) [see B3A motif, motif C6; The Kingfisher tells Visakaizhyak how water monsters killed his brother Wolf; V. paints Kingfisher's throat red; hides on the beach, shoots monsters; the Frog goes to heal them; V. kills her, puts on her skin, hurts M.'s heart, runs away; the flood begins; V. sends Beaver, Otter, Muskrat to the bottom to reach the ground; finds clay on the paws of the surfaced Muskrat; creates land; sends Wolverine to watch is it big; the third time Wolverine doesn't come back, the earth is ready]: Ray, Stevens 1971:20-26; the northern solto [The wolf jumps across the river, three Pumas drag him into the water; his uncle Visekajak hits one arrow; the Toad goes to heal her; he puts on the Toad's skin, drives the arrow deeper, the Puma dies; other Pumas cause a flood; Visekajak with animals escapes on a raft; animals dive get land from the bottom; Visekajac kills the underwater Puma; other Pumas cause a flood; Visekajak with animals escapes on a raft; animals dive to get the ground from the bottom; Beaver, Otter, Muskrat they emerge dead; Visekajak finds clay on the legs of the Muskrat, makes the earth; sends the Raven to see if it is big; she returns twice; the first time the earth is small, then grows; Visekajak sends the Wolf; he doesn't return, the earth is big]: Skinner 1911:173-175; Steppe Cree [see M49 motive; Vesakaicak kills Pum who have come out of the water; the wounded rush into the water; the Toad goes to heal them ; he kills the Toad, puts on its skin, finishes off the wounded; the remaining Pumas cause a flood; animals dive to get the ground from the bottom; see B3A motif]: Ahenakew 1929:320-327; Bloomfield 1930, No. 1 [cf. B3A; Visakechak's younger brother turns into a wolf; Water Pumas and Snakes eat the Wolf; V. injures the Pisces Chief; Frog goes to heal him; V. learns from her normal behavior, kills her, accepts her appearance; shoves an arrow deeper into the Leader's body, he dies; the flood begins]: 16-20; Skinner 1916, No. 1 (1) [see motive F73; Visakecjak meets Volkov, makes the wolf cub his nephew; tells not approach the lake; it comes up, disappears; the Sun tells V. that it was dragged away by underwater Lynxes; V. turns into a stump, then into a tree on the shore, lies in wait for the Lynx; the Sun tells him to shoot in the shade The White Lynx; the wounded Lynx hides in the lake; the old toad goes to heal her; V. kills her, wears her skin, comes to heal the Lynx; instead kills her, runs away, carrying her nephew's skin, revives him; later the flood begins; V. asks Fish on a raft, then Beaver to get the land; they can't; the muskrat brings the earth from the bottom, pops up dead; V. revives it, blows to the ground, it grows; Deer, others animals run around; Wolf is sent fourth; goes so far north that he gets too old to return; the earth is big; V. sends his nephew to the Sun]: 341-346; sauk, fox [Vi-sa-kya and Kshyapatya are sons of the supreme deity; manitu (Snakes?) K. is killed; the spirit of the victim comes to his brother; he does not let him in, tells him to go west; the dead will go to him; the bird tells V. that two murderer beckons are underground; V. paints her feathers under her eyes red; wounds the Snakes with arrows; the Toad goes to treat them; V. persuades the Toad to return; he comes under the guise of a Toad Healer, finishes off the wounded; other Snakes cause the world first fire, then flood; V. escapes in a boat or on top of a pine tree; a muskrat pulls the ground from the bottom; see motif B3A]: Jones 1901:226-235.

Northeast. Montagnier [see motif M53; Mesh companions Wolf; he says he dreamed that he could not chase the Caribbean by swimming across the lake; M. insists that the Wolf sail; Wolf disappears; The bird says that during the day, lake stones raise the Wolf to the island and pull him back at night; M. rewards the Bird with fish; hides in the hollow of a tree on the island; when the stones fall asleep, he hits them with a spear, runs away with the Wolf; The frog goes to heal the wounded stones; M. asks her what she does, kills, pulls her skin; whistles, pours cold water on the stones, the stones do not recover, but die; M. He meets women, they say that they sew bags for the bodies of the stones killed by M.; he kills them themselves, gives them to their daughters; they find mothers inside their bodies; then the motive is "racing with the Boulder", see below. L33; further: stones began to chase M., water flooded the island, animals gathered on a raft; M. tells them to dive, Kalan (loup-marin), Orlan (huard) do not dive; two Minks (muskrats? - visons) dive, one brings earth in her mouth, M. blows into her anus, the earth falls out, becomes big; the Eagle flew from one end of the earth to the other; the second time did not reach the edge - the earth became big]: Savard 1979, No. 7:28-32; Mi'kmaq: Rand 1894 [an old woman finds a child in the forest; he grows up asking to make him a bow and arrow; a huge Culloo bird wants to grab him, but he hurts her with arrows; goes where she flew; says that if his pipe and mat show blood, he is dead; meets girls, then men; both say that the culloo chief will kill his parents and sister ; he comes to where his parents are, everyone cries waiting to die; he comes to a wounded Culloo, he is asked to treat him, but he instead finishes off the enemy; kills all culloo except one chick that becomes his assistant; wears him to hunt; brings him to the old woman who has picked him up; brings him to beautiful girls; the old woman always invites those who take her eldest daughter to fight on the edge of the abyss; the girl warns of danger, the hero throws off the old woman himself; the wife gives birth to a son, he is carried away by enemies; culloo brings his master there; the boy is already an adult; when the father grabs him, he becomes again small; enemies are being killed]: 83-93; Whitehead 1988 [the old woman finds a baby in the forest; he kills larger game; despite her prohibition, she crosses the swamp, finds an abandoned camp; they move there; Kulu arrives, the young man wounds him with arrows; he flies away, the young man goes looking for him; comes to the village where his real parents live; everyone cries waiting for Kulu to eat everyone; Kulu's son comes in and calls a stranger to cure his father; a young man tells him to kill Kulu; kills all Kulu with an ax; saves the cub for promising to carry it by air; a kulusi brings a young man to the upper world to get a wife; the old woman has two daughters; she cooks what she scrapes off her moccasins; the young man pours it into her face; one of the daughters marries him, warns that the mother always kills men; the old woman offers to fight against the edges of the cliff, the young man throws her off himself; a son is born; he is kidnapped, the couch and the young man take the child back, kill enemies; Kulusi brings the owner, his son and wife down to the ground to his parents; everyone is happy]: 192-204 .

Plains. Assiniboine: Lowie 1909a, No. 5 [two orphan brothers sit on the shore of an old man in a boat; the youngest plays throwing a deer's hooves, one falls into a boat, the old man pretends to pass a hoof the eldest in his hands, drags him into the boat, takes him away; the youngest shouts to him that his (younger brother) legs will become wolf; the old man leaves his older brother under the boat, tells the eldest of his daughters to take him husband; she refuses; the old man says that the young man has become ugly because he cried; the youngest daughter takes him as her husband; every day the young man kills his father-in-law's helper spirits; when the last one is killed, the father-in-law dies in his sleep; the young man goes looking for his brother, finds a trail, one leg is wolf; he is told that his younger brother has become a wolf, he cannot be caught up; the elder turns into a dead moose, the animals come to eat the carcass; the youngest wolf feels deception; the eldest grabs him; the brothers live together but are dissatisfied with each other; the elder tells the youngest to drive the moose, he jumps after him into the lake; the Bald Eagle says he watches dogfish play with with wolf skin; that they will go ashore to bask in the sun; the older brother kills and injures many dogfish; the shaman toad goes to treat them; the older brother asks him about his usual behavior, kills him, pulls on his skin, comes to dogfish; pretends to heal and kills them all], 14 [a man injures an ogre giant, the spear remains in his head; Icktonmi is invited to treat the ogre; advises pushing the spear deep down to the anus; the cannibal dies; I. says he died because the spear did not pierce the anus]: 145-147, 165-166; Omaha, Ponca: Dorsey 1888b: 204-205 [ Haxige warned his younger brother not to hunt on the ice of the river; he chased otters, ended up in the lair of water monsters, was dismembered, his skin hung in the doorway; H. went to look for his brother, crying, out of his tears The current rivers appeared; as a leaf, he got to two Ducks discussing the murder of his brother, grabbed them by the throat, tore the evil one, spared the good; tried to penetrate the lair of monsters in the form of an eagle, a leaf , a black-headed kite, exposed every time; in the guise of a grass snake got close; when he became human, shot both monsters, ran away; sees, hunting, that someone has crossed his trail; so four days, this is Ictinike in the form of Vulture, going to heal monsters; H. asked him to tell him how he would shamanize, killed him, took his rattle, etc.; when he came in, he recognized his brother's skin, whispered something to her, servants suspect, others claim that this is a real shaman; H. kills monsters (Vulture ordered hot iron sticks to be quickly inserted into wounds and removed, apparently H. plunged them deeply), cuts them into pieces, cooks; the grass snake looked in, H. filled her mouth with monster meat; ran away, taking his brother's skin, turned into a stone at the bottom in a boiling spring; taking the meat out of the snakes's mouth, the monsters rushed in pursuit, could not pull the stone out of the bottom, come back; H. revives his brother four times in the steam room, but he becomes a spirit again; H. says it means people will die; the old beaver makes a boat, warns of the flood, for water monsters want revenge; if they cannot drown H., they will let snakes into the ground; H. says he is not afraid, kills Bobrikha; once again trying to revive his brother, turns him into a wolf, himself into a deer ], 205-206 [two water monsters killed Haxige's younger brother, hung skin in the doorway; invited all the animals to the party, giving each the meat of the victim; looking for his brother, H. approached two Ducks in leaf form; one says she was only given a little finger, so she will tell him everything to H.; talks to him about the Vulture Shaman healing monsters; H. rewards this Duck by giving (hitting her on the head) a tuft, making white feathers eye; H.'s tears formed rivers; H. asked Vulture to sing his shamanic song, killed him, took his rattle, iron rod, bag; two of the four servants, carrying H. in buffalo skin, suspect deception; Further as on pp. 204-205; Bobrikha, without recognizing H., explains that the gods (i.e. water monsters) took her to help them fight X. They will send a flood and she will gnaw through the bottom of his boat; then send darkness and snakes; H. says who he is, breaks her skull; on the fourth day in the steam room, he makes sure that his brother cannot be revived; tells him to become a young deer, he becomes a wolf himself]; 1890 [=1888b]: 238-253; iowa [ Khashuga and his brother are hunters; his brother disappears when he goes to get water; the Woodpecker tells H. how the Horned Water Pumas killed him, the skin was hung in the doorway; all the animals, fish and birds ate the meat; he, Woodpecker, got it only a fingernail; for the message, H. paints a woodpecker; turns into a stump on the shore; Chief Pum and his wife go ashore to warm up; H. wounds them with arrows; remaining unrecognized, meets Bobrikha, Otter, Toad, Squirrels, Shells; everyone says how animals will kill X.; he kills them himself; now their tails, etc. are used in the witch doctor's ritual; Vulture goes to heal Pum; X. kills him, wears his skin; not heals and kills Poom by piercing her with sharp sticks; other Cougars send Snake to find out if X. is a doctor; H. feeds her with the meat of the dead; runs away, carrying her brother's skin; revives him by shooting up over the skin; brother turns into an eagle; H. goes up to heaven]: Skinner 1925, No. 10:468-472.

Mesoamerica Quiche ("Popol-Wuh") [there was no sun, only Vucub-Caquix ("seven mako parrots"); he said he was the sun, the light and the moon, that his eyes and teeth were sparkling; Hunahpú and Ixbalanqué were really gods; when VK was sitting on a tree eating fruit, Hun-Hunahpú (mistake: Hunahpú) hit him in the jaw with a blowpipe; he fell off the tree, but tore off H.'s hand and carried him away; at home he hung him in the hearth above by fire; told his wife Chimalmat that his teeth now hurt (due to hitting a dart); H. and I. agreed with old man and old woman Zaqui-Nim-Ac and Zaqui-Nimá-Tsiís (Big White Pig ( or rather, Bakers, jabalí), and Big White Coati) that they would go to VK and take them with them as if they were their little nephews whose parents were dead; old people told VK they could cure his teeth, replace them with new ones made of crushed bone; but they were teeth from corn kernels and did not heal his teeth, but crushed them, took his treasures; VK and C. died, and H. regained his hand; the old man and the old woman returned her, attached to H., it grew]: Popol Vuh 1972, cap. IV-VI: 17-25 (episode reviewed in Bassie-Sweet 2008:279; Russian translation in Popol-Vuh 1959:20-23).

Montagna - Jurua. Chayahuita [three options; Kitiha swallows bathing children; Kumpanama turns into a boy, lets himself be swallowed; spends two to three weeks inside; takes a knife out of her bag, cuts a whale the heart, the monster nails to the shore; anacondas and other aquatic creatures, insects heal their mother, she moves again; K. cuts her heart into small pieces; Dolphin with a peanut shell picks up a tear that fell from Kitiha's eye; in fact, it is K., who came out; he sails from the lower reaches in a boat, asks the audience what they are doing; promises to cure their mother if they leave ; cuts off Kitiha's head, carries him to the upper reaches of the Cahuapan River; aquatic life finds his mother dead, chasing K.; he builds a dam of rocks across the river; all anacondas, aquatic people, dolphins remain in an enclosed lake]: García Tomas 1994 (3): 290-299.