Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M61a2. The character quarrels stones. .43.

The character provokes a quarrel between two stones of different breeds. To do this, he told everyone how the other supposedly spoke hostile or offensive towards the former.

Shuswap, Thompson, Sanpual, Tillamook, Coutenay.

The coast is the Plateau. Shuswap [flint tips cover the Grizzly sisters's bodies like wool; Tiisa promises every Grizzly to marry her, they fight each other out of jealousy, the tips crumble; T. gives tips for their brothers, they scatter flint across the country]: Teit 1909a: 645; Thompson [the young man needs arrowheads; he separately tells two old men as if each of them calls the other by bad names; while they are fighting, a white stone for arrows falls from the body of one, black from the body of the other; after gaining enough, the young man tells the old people to make peace]: Teit 1898, â„– XXV: 76; sanpual [ the fire was in the sky; the leader gathers animal people, orders them to shoot at the sky, make a ladder of arrows; the arrows do not reach the sky; the woodpecker does not participate, makes a bow from the rib of an elk, arrows from the branches of the Canadian irgi ( Amelanchier arborea, serviceberry); tells the Golden Eagle that the Bald Eagle says nasty things about him and vice versa; Eagles fight, feathers fly, Woodpecker uses them to plumage arrows; to make tips, his grandmother sends him to the Flint and the Hard Stone; the Woodpecker tells everyone that the other speaks ill of him; The stones fight, the fragments fly, the Woodpecker uses them; when the chief again tells them to shoot at the sky, the Woodpecker hits, his arrows form a chain; everyone climbed into the sky, the Golden Eagle is ahead, the Grizzly is the last; he took a heavy bag of food, the lower arrows broke off, the Grizzly remained on the ground; in the sky everyone found fire; the owners chased, those who came saw that the chain of arrows was broken; the Eagle ordered each of the birds to put an animal on its back and lower it; Woodpecker (Sphyrapicus varins, Sapsucker) did not fly off, but jumped, broke his nose, since then he has been flat; the fish slipped off Magpie's back; he had arrows with him, they pierced his body, so the fish have a lot of bones in their bodies; chief and The grizzly shared the fire, gave Firefly and the Hummingbird, they smashed it around the world]: Ray 1933, No. 11:152-153; tillamook [The South Wind wanders, sees a whale carcass on the shore, there is nothing to cut it with; goes to Copper to man, says that Flint Nose spoke badly of him, says Silicon Nose that the Copper Man promised to beat him; they fight, pieces of flint fly off, South Wind makes a knife, cuts the carcass; Copper Man and Flint Nose realize they've been fooled]: Thompson, Egesdal 2008:21-22; coutene [the hero needs flint for his arrows; he tells Flint that Diorite promised to smash it; same, but vice versa, says Diorita; stones fight, both fall to pieces]: Boas 1918, No. 105-107.