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M63. An enumeration of body members .10.11.19.-.21.23.25. .

Before reaching the part of the body that is most suitable for certain purposes, others are named or tried. (Cf. Motive F22: The enumeration is related to finding the partner's genitals).

SW Africa. Bushmen: Kotlyar 1983, No. 113 [Kauha tries to insert a penis into his wife's nose, then into his wife's ears; notices his crotch, copulates, his wife gives birth; this is how Gar (the creator of the earth) had children; then they everyone came out of the hole in the ground], 130 [Gara first tried to insert his wife's penis into his nostrils, then into her ears, back into her nostrils; she explained how to copulate]: 237-238, 257-258.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Bemba [all animals lived together, suffered from Leo's arbitrariness; Owl moved to a male village, became a leader there, and also ruled arbitrarily {this ends the topic of animals}; women lived separately; a young man came to their village, invited the girl to marry him; she asked where he would "bite" her - head, face, neck, chest; he replied no, showed where; she liked it ; she told other women who went to the men's village and stayed with them]: Verbeek 2006, No. 81.6:431-434.

Melanesia. Inanwatan Berau [Monanare ate raw food in a hole in his face; he fired an arrow, she fell next to the woman, who went to look for the owner of the arrow, brought fire with her; the man inserted his penis into a hole in the wall; when he saw a woman, he tried to copulate with her ear, eye, etc., until he found the right place; the woman put fire in his hands, he cried out and was speechless]: Miedema 1997, No. 5.2: 16.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Losap (Central Carolina) [Nipenimong's widow lived in a man's house; saw a beauty go fishing; threw his penis into the sea, she caught it, wondered what kind of fish it was, put it with basket; he started saying it wasn't his place; she put it on different parts of her body, the same thing every time; when she put it in her vagina, the penis said it was his place; she brought it home, hid it , told her two daughters to look into her things; the youngest daughter found a penis; not realizing what it was, she smashed it with a stone; N. then died]: Mitchell 1973, No. 67:191-193; 190-191; Marquises [(Spanish translation and comm. Blixen 1987:253-254); Tiki married Hina-Mata-One, a daughter was born; when she grew up, T. told her to go up (upstream?) , there will be a house with a man with a face like his, T.; she went there, slept with T., not knowing it was him; he sent her back in the morning, came earlier again; next time she smeared her face secretly lover with coal; at home told him to look into the water, he was convinced that he was exposed; they began to live like husband and wife; the wife gave birth to a boy and a girl (or three children, this is not clear from the text); the brother became ask my sister where the Motea remedy is (el remedio de Motea; according to Steinen, "Motea" probably means "healer"; according to Blixen, "ejaculation" from omo means "suck", motea means "white", i.e. perhaps "sperm "]: Steinen 1934:232-233; Hawaii [Tane makes the first woman to marry Tiki; asks where to place her genitals; consistently names the head, eyes, mouth, breasts, etc., finally, places in the lower abdomen]: White 1887 (1) :155f in Blixen 1987:256.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Lepcha [the women had the vulva on the top of their heads, menstrual blood flowed down their faces; the gods moved the (source) of menstrual blood under the men's knees; when they hunted, blood dripped everywhere; gods asked the birds to help move the vulva to the women's lod; from there it gradually slipped to the nose, lip, chin, navel, and finally to the right place]: Elwin 1949:270 (note 1).

South Asia. Koya [the vulva was on her forehead; people decided to move it under the arm; then to the navel; under the knee; there she was pecked by a rooster, she moved higher; women comb their hair on both sides and put their foreheads on both sides a stain of paint to remember that the vulva used to be there; the hair under the arm is also in memory of the vulva; there is a dent on the navel]: Elwin 1949, No. 51:266; gondas [after getting married, the young man does not know what to do with his wife; grandmother advises trying where it is red; he puts his penis in a spot on his forehead; where is the hair (under the arm); where is the hole (navel); where all three are together (vulva)]: Elwin 1949:266 (note 1); Tamils [brother with sister, younger sister; they went to herd goats, sister climbed the tree to pick fruit; pey {drink, some evil spirit} came, the other children ran away, but she did not get down; pey asks him to throw off the fruit with her hand; then with his legs; then with his hair; he could not grab his arm and leg, but pulled her down by the hair and brought her to his place; 7 parrots took her to their house; tell her not to unlock the door; stand on the roof and if in the well you can see the fire, then it's us; the food is over, the girl went looking for people, came to the house to drink; when she saw it, she rushed back and locked the door; but drink put one claw above the door and the other under the door; When she saw the light in the well, the girl unlocked the door and went out; her claws pierced her and she died; the parrots put her in the coffin and let her go to sea; the raja and the vizier caught the coffin; they agreed that the vizier would take it for himself the coffin, and the Raja is inside; he took out his claws and the girl came to life; brought him home, but three women already live in his house; he promises to marry someone who will peel the rice without damaging the grain; parrots did it, and three women crushed grains; Raja married a parrot pupil]: Blackburn 2005, No. 17.

Taiwan - Philippines. Atayal [the big stone splits, two men and a woman come out of it; one man does not like it on earth, he returns to the stone; the one left with the woman thinks how to breed; first, the woman puts her genitals in the wind; nothing happens; then they try to copulate, consistently using the sphincter, nostrils, ears, mouth; the fly sits on the woman's hips; she understands this as instructions from the gods to use a vagina; gets pregnant, gives birth to atayal ancestors]: Norbeck 1950, No. 1:13-14 (=Ho 1967, No. 52:238-239); arm [vagina was on the forehead, touched the face during menstruation; her placed on the back of her head, but not found there during copulation; on her ankle - grass and dirt got inside; between her legs; her teeth grew there, her husband died during copulation; the woman was given wine, removed teeth, people began to multiply]: Ho 1967, No. 226:385; paywan [The sun laid an egg, the first man hatched from it; only brother and sister survived the flood, got married, they have two children, they have eyes on their feet; the kids got married, their children have eyes on their knees; they got married too, their children have eyes where they are now]: Egli 1989:31.

The Balkans. Bulgarians [4 texts, western 1988 in the village. Govezhda, region Montana; God gathered various animals to decide where to place the vulva; offered on the forehead, on the gokáchi, on the nose; not good, because it is too accessible; finally decided between the legs; The goat stepped there with its hoof, the Fox gave its smell, the Bee gave its honey sweetness]: Badalanova 1993:135-137.

Central Europe. Ukrainians (Podolia) [God wanted to place his genitals on his forehead, then under his arms, finally between his legs]: Belova 2004:231.

Western Siberia. The Nenets (Gydan, Western 1979) [Vadisey Salako (Left-Handed Fool) has been lying in a yurt all his life; finally he gets up, raises his hands, asks his father what it is. "These are your hands." So does the head, face, ears, genital penis. "This is your reproductive penis, you have a wife." The Sun comes out, easily defeats the strongest heroes; he is Num, his father is Hehe Nisya ('Father of the Gods'), his wife is Ya-Myunya (goddess of the Earth), his son is Yavmal (a wanderer god who "watches the world", lord of the southern/warm/ upper sea, close to the Ugric Mir-Susne-Khum)]: Golovnev 2004:115-119.

Amur - Sakhalin. Wilta [the two younger women went for firewood, the eldest was at home; the old woman is coming: the belly is blacksmith's fur, her hands are forceps, the head is a hammer, her eyes are the size of a cup; the woman hid under the bunk; the old woman began to dance, dropping a lizard, a frog; farted; the woman laughed; old woman: come out, I'll look for lice from you; found one: where to crush? put it in my bag; old woman: does not fit; then the same thing: on my hand; on the hearth board; on the bed; on my back; on my head; into the fire; on the tongue; old woman: then stick out your tongue; the old woman pulled it out and left, woman fell dead; the sisters returned: the eldest died long ago; the middle sister stayed at home (all the same); when the youngest was left and the old woman farted, she attacked her with a dagger, cut off her arms and legs, drove her away, chopping; a lot of worms have come out of her, they cry; she caught up to the house in which the girl; says that the old woman killed her parents and raised her at home; there is a box in the house with the soul of an old woman in it; the woman found in a box of lizards and frogs, suppressed everyone, then the old woman died; she saw two tongues hanging, blood was dripping from them; she inserted her tongues into her sisters, they came to life; all four (three sisters and that girl) came to another old woman with a hammerhead; old woman: yesterday my sister was killed, one worm came to cry; she curses, and her husband pacifies her, tells the women to leave as soon as possible; they came to a house where shamanic idols or people (more the informant does not remember)]: Ikegami 2007, No. 15:54-62.

The Arctic. Igloolik [parents send their daughter to take the dryer to the dance dugout; the girl calls the dugout spirit; that goal and hairless; she asks where his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, arms, legs, etc.; he every time she replies she's here; when she calls her penis, her spirit grabs her; she asks for permission to put the dryer first, runs away]: Rasmussen 1930a: 224; Baffin's Land [entering the dugout for dancing, the girl calls the spirit of the dugout; that goal and hairless; she asks where his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, arms, legs, etc.; he answers what's here; the last question concerns his head; touching before her, the girl falls dead]: Boas 1888:636 (possibly reviewed; see note 1 in Boas 1888:616).

Subarctic. Helmet [The beaver invites the cannibal giant to trap him; puts a stump there; the giant pulls, the stump pops up, hits the giant in the forehead; he licks the blood, thinks what part of his It is better for him to eat bodies; rejects ears, nose, etc., because they can be useful; decides that genitals are not needed; eats them, dies]: Teit 1917a, No. 1:432.

NW Coast. Quakiutl [Norka calls Otter to war; kills him with a spear; Otter's widow asks how her husband was killed; Norka points to her forehead; tells her to lie down, shows all the seats between her legs, copulates with her]: Boas 1910, No. 12:157-161.

The coast is the Plateau. Thompson [The skunk convinces his four brothers to go to fight in the trees; during the night he hits them with his jet; takes their wives for himself; begins to point his finger at the women's bodies where they were Their husbands are injured: in the eyebrow, nose, mouth, chin, chest, navel; reaches the genitals; brothers return, descend Skunk down the river; var.: three brothers; only one woman recognizes Skunk as husband; brothers turn him into a skunk]: Teit 1898, No. XIII, note 190, 198:58-61, 112-113; lillouette [the Frog's three sisters come to the Month; he invites them to sit by the fire; they refuse; invites them to sit down on his leg; many parts of the body are consistently listed and rejected; On his forehead? -Yes! ; they jump on the face for the Month, they can still be seen there]: Teit 1912b, No. 3:299; upper chehalis [the girl has her first period; her parents did not tell her to swim in a certain place on the lake, but she went; a one-legged man came, took her clothes, grabbed her, started pointing to different parts of her body, asking what it was; every time she said, "my neck," "my chest," etc., he repeats ("my chest, my wife"); when she reaches the genitals, the girl stumbles, the one-legged takes her away; at night she copulates with her, inserting her big toe into her vagina; each of her 5 brothers goes in search; finds a sister, and On the way back, the one-legged man catches up with him to supposedly give him skin, swallows him; when he returned, after eating the fourth, he laughed, his wife saw hair in his teeth; by this time she had given birth to a son and a daughter; the woman took her daughter, and burned the house in which the one-legged and son remained with them; playing with the other children, the one-legged daughter pulled out another child's eye; the woman's mother and uncle put her in a bucket, thrown into the river; she was picked up in another village, where she also pulled out the child's eye, she was thrown into the river again; like this three more times; she sailed to a giant, who raised her, made her a wife]: Adamson 1934, No. 58:121-124; Katlamet [Blue Jay sends her leader's daughter to marry Puma; Puma's slave Owl pretends to be him, hides the woman in his bed; at night, Puma hears Owl asking: What is this? - My hair. - Our hair, wife! She answers the following questions in her ears, face, eyebrows, forehead, mouth, nose, throat, shoulder, arm, abdomen; only the navel answers the second question; the owl threatens to scratch her, forcing her to answer her My genitals; she ties a piece of fat with her hair; Puma finds a woman's long hair; finds a woman, carries her to bed; fights Owl in the air; falling pieces of Owl's flesh the woman burns, collects the Puma's flesh; accidentally burns the Puma's intestines; he sends her to the Bear, Raccoon, Wolf, Beaver, Otter to ask them for half of their intestines; only the Lynx's intestines are suitable; woman gives birth to a cougar and an owl]: Boas 1901a, No. 16:129-141; Tututney (Joshua) [Coyote finds an old woman when her sons are at sea; goes to sleep in the steam room, sends a storm, the old woman comes in to wake him up; he tells her go out first; when she bends down, exposing her genitals, copulates and kills her; her sons send him to sea in a boat without oars; when he meets marine animals, he makes their teeth smaller; jumps into a whale He swims inside him for five years, becomes bald, loses skin; takes a knife out of his ear, cuts a whale when it approaches the bank of the Ampkwa River; the chief's youngest daughter, a teenager, finds him; he feels her body, demanding to name each part; when she touches her genitals, the girl freezes in place; he asks her, puts her on her skin, turns the girl into salmon, lets her go to sea; lies between her sisters, all three became pregnant; their mother noticed the coyote's leg, cut it off, he ran away; she squeezed the coyotes out of her daughters' bellies, crushed them to dust, let them go north]: Farrand 1915, No. 18:233-238; upper coquill [The Coyote comes to the River Cus; the old woman replies that her sons are at sea; the Coyote says he will go to sleep in the steam room; when the sons arrive, let the old woman go into the steam room to pinch him, he will not hear a shout; when she enters, the Coyote rapes her; her sons see it; send the Coyote who has fallen asleep in a boat to the open sea; he calls the Seal, corrects his head; Keith makes teeth out of the basket (whalemustache?) ; lets Keith swallow himself; cuts Keith's heart with a knife, goes outside when he feels that the carcass has been washed ashore; hides in the sand; those who are going to slaughter the whale say that it smells like a living person; they themselves are dead, they abandon the whale, leave; the Coyote climbs into the whale again, sews the hole, the whale nails to the other side; the Coyote is bald and blind; a girl with her period has come; holding her by the hand, the Coyote touches all parts of her body with the other hand, each time asking what it is; she calls it; after she calls her vagina, he pulls her skin off it, puts it on himself; now he is again sees; before that he asked the girl what she would have to do when she returned home; he walks along a rope, holding a tree in each hand, losing his balance a little; the girl's mother is surprised at this; the little brother asks what it is between his sister's legs, they don't pay attention to him; everyone has gone to cut the whale carcass, and Coyote lies down with another sister, who is also a period, rapes her; when the victim is found, The coyote has already run away; he hid in the hollow, telling the hole to overgrow, so he spent the winter; in the spring he screams, consistently sends birds and animals that have come, but the Woodpecker asks to open the hole; he cut, Coyote pulled out his feathers, the woodpecker flew away; the Coyote cuts himself to pieces, pushes them out; The Raven (?) takes his guts away; he eats strawberries, berries fall out of his ass; he seals his anus with resin; jumps over burning grass, his ass lights up, he rushes into the river, it dries up; into the sea; burns; She takes the remains ashore; they are bitten by a beetle, the Coyote comes to life, scolds the beetle for not letting him sleep; comes to his grandmother; gets deer; hears singing, this is the dance of girls who are menstruating; grandmother warns of danger, but he goes from mountain to mountain, singing moves away; eventually tells his excrement to dress him as a leader, joins the dance; dances day and two nights; dancers tear him off hands, even in spite of him; Puma is indignant, goes dancing but breaks out of the circle; only he managed to survive; the dancers were dead]: Jacobs 2007:159-172; tillamook [girl goes look for a husband; meets the Rat, Muskrat, Squirrel, Flycatcher; everyone asks where to insert his penis; she names all kinds of places on her body except her vagina; she also does not like the Wolf and the Deer; gives herself hero because he doesn't ask how to copulate with her]: Jacobs, Jacobs 1959, No. 25:90-91; Western sachaptines [Coyote sails down the Snake River to the dam behind which five Swallow Sisters are held salmon; turns into a baby, adopted by an older sister; the youngest suspects it is a Coyote; he sleeps out of bed with a foster mother; consistently touches all parts of her body, asking what it is ; - My head; - My mother's head; - My hair; - My mother's hair; about genitals, the woman says it's for men; - My mother's "men"; so they they reach their feet; he asks for a drink, drinks all the water, he is told to go to the river and get drunk himself; he breaks the dam by releasing fish into the river; running away, he shouts how his sisters should name the children they will give birth to him ]: Farrand, Mayer 1917, No. 2:140-141.

California. Oloni [during the flood, the Eagle, Hummingbird, and Coyote climbed to the top of Pico Blanco; when the water reached there, the Eagle carried the Hummingbird and Coyote to Sierra de Gabilan; the water descended and the Eagle sent the Coyote find out if the earth is dry; he came back and said it was dry; the Eagle tells Coyote to marry a girl; the Coyote asks how to conceive children; consistently suggests (inserting the penis) under the knee, under the elbow, in the eyebrow, in the back of the head; the Eagle disagrees every time; the hummingbird points to the lower abdomen; Coyote wants to kill the Hummingbird, but he hid under the Eagle's wing and Coyote did not find him; Coyote came to the girl, asks look in his head; she finds a tick, throws it away in fear; the Coyote tells her to see it, swallow it; she swallows it, becomes pregnant; runs in fear; the Coyote creates a good road for her, but she runs through the bush; the Coyote creates flowers along the edges of the road so that she stops picking them; she doesn't want to; he almost grabs her, but she runs to the sea, rushes into waves; turns into a shrimp or sand flea]: Kroeber 1907a, No. 1:199-200 (=Margolin 1978:134-135); kawaiisu [two options; The Bat is the younger brother, the Horsefly is the elder; the Bat does not see the deer at first, then pursues shoots; brothers find a deer lying down; The bat points to the eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, deer tail, each time asking what they serve; when it reaches the anus, the deer jumps up, runs away; the Bat finds him again, brings him home; dances, kills his brother, wife, mother-in-law, children except a baby girl]: Zigmond 1980, No. 44:151-153; Cahuilla: Curtis 1976 (15): 106-110 [in the primary darkness of Two creatures appeared in red and white lightning; they began to feel parts of their bodies, naming them from crown to toe; Múkat easily reached the smoking pipe, and Témayawut had difficulty; each said he was older; they took out two (red and white) crickets, pupae, lizards, mudhen, told them to postpone the night; they pushed them back a few; the brothers took out a rod, made a pole out of it, told all the snakes wrap around him, attach a web to all the spiders; climbed up the pole; the bottom from which they got out was menstrual blood; from their hearts they created earth, sky and water; created stars; the earth was rotating, they sent ants into it, it froze; M. created the sun and T. the moon; the people created by T. had membranes on their fingers, too many eyes and ears, and noses and mouths in the wrong place; T. wanted death, and M. wanted the dead to shrink; T. decided to leave, taking his creations; the Moon woman stayed with M., taught people how to shoot bows and dance; M. offended her, she rose to heaven; people decided to kill M.], 110-121 [The night woman and the immensity man created Múkat, then, at his request, Témayawut; M. told him he was his younger brother, T. responded in the same words; they long they argue who is older, who will create what, T. repeating Mukata's words every time; everyone creates tobacco and a pipe; M. wants them both to create one world, and T. wants each to create his own; M. creates land from a handful black sand, T, gray; M. wants to create people as they are now, and T. wants to create people with two faces, feet back and forth (to see and go both ways), webbed fingers to swim; both created 12 pairs of their own people; M. asked their father Huge to give them Sister Moon; M. created the sun, it shines more in the south, where half M.; offended M. and his people went north and then down; when this is where mountains appeared on earth, many people died; M. created new ones; M. began to come to his sister at night; she recognized and went to heaven; before that she created a bow and arrow; M. created a rattlesnake; people decided to kill him; Yasheritsa saw where he was relieving himself, and the Frog swallowed his excrement, carried him to the lower world; M. dies, spits, Coyote swallows his phlegm every time, wants him with this kill faster; M. died; the woman lay down, the Fly man began to rotate the spindle on her, first blood splashed, then the fire lit; the woman turned into a fireboard, the man into a fly (and now something rotates his paws); the Coyote was sent away, but he saw smoke, came back, jumped over the short Badger, took away and ate his heart]; luiseño [in the primary darkness, the supreme deity creates a man in heaven and a woman on the ground; a man touches various parts of her body asking what they're called; she answers; finally she gets to the vagina, they copulate]: DuBois 1908:140.

Big Pool. Utah [the eldest of two Shin-au-av (Wolves) brothers asks Geese for feathers; flies with them, they take their feathers, he falls; eats his own brains from a broken skull; this is the first meal which he eats in his life; Geese kill many people; S. finds a woman who has escaped, sees a baby for the first time in his life, wants to take it with him; Geese say he will not be able to carry it on his feet (needed for walking), in his arms (you need to hold a bow), on his back (it will fall); must carry it in his stomach; he swallows a baby, then gives birth to a girl; it hurts; decides that men will not be able to tolerate labor pains and they should be women's lot]: Powell 1971:88-89.

Big Pool. Utah: Lowie 1924, No. 36a (Southern Utah) [Jealous Fox beats his wife; she leaves with her young son; gets to Skunk, who kills her; Badger revives, demands payment; she doesn't understand his words; points to various parts of his body and clothing items; when he points to his genitals, Badger says: Yes!] : 67-68; Sapir 1930, No. 4 (Uintach) [Owl's wife places sharp bones in front of the house; the husband asks to see what's wrong with his soles, she pierces the bones deeper; the owl tells his wife to go beyond his death his brother Chicken Hawk; they come to Skunk's mother, who tells them to run; the Skunk catches up with them; the woman throws a louse, says that there are mountain sheep, asks Skunk to get them, runs away herself, wrapping her her cape around the bush; the Skunk catches up, kills them with his jet; the Badger revives them; she asks how to reward him; names all the items clothes; finally, My vulva? The badger copulates with her; at the camp, the Coyote offers the woman rabbits, she does not take; she climbs the cliff to the Hawk; in the morning, the Hawk kills the Coyote with a club, hits Badger]: 495-505; chemeuevi [Going north, the South Fox fires arrows in front of him, flies faster than them, each of the four arrows pierces the ground, where a source of water appears; kills the Bear; when he learns what it is Woodpecker's pet revives it; Blue Jay lives with Woodpecker; when hunting, Woodpecker hides trills, moccasins, etc. Jays; The bear shows where they are, Jay catches up with the Woodpecker; Jay is hunting for the first time; the Woodpecker kills the deer, tells Jay to cut it; he consistently asks the names of all parts of the deer's body; when calls "the nose", the deer jumps up, runs away; the brothers catch up, kill him; they are attacked by the Raven (Crow) and his men; the bear kills their enemies; the wasp is almost torn in half, since then she has a narrow waist; but Wasp didn't die, killed South Fox and Woodpecker; Raven revived them]: Laird 1975:18-19.

The Great Southwest. Hicarilla [Enemy Slayer (HC) hears about monsters; every time his mother asks him not to walk; he goes, wins; a giant elk lives in the east; a woman gave birth to him masturbating with a moose horn, when women separate from men; Moose paralyzes victims with a look, kills; UV wears four sets of hot clothes according to the number of directions and colors, each time the heat neutralizes the Moose's gaze; Gopher digs passages in four directions; asks Moose to allow him to gnaw the hair off his chest to make a nest for the young; UV receives a rainbow bow from the Rainbow, a lightning-arrow from Thunder; shoots at Moose from below, sends four arrows in four directions; The elk runs every time, plows the horn of the dug passages; at the end of each, the spiders placed flints; the elk is exhausted, dies; UV takes its right horn, fills his stomach with blood, lets the huge Eagle grab himself; the eagle throws the victim onto the rocks; when he sees the blood, he thinks it has broken; the chicks tell their father that the prey moves and frightens them; the father does not believe , flies away; UV asks the chicks how their mother will arrive - with a quiet rain; the father - with hail; kills both parents with a horn, turns the chicks into ordinary eagles; the old woman Bat lowers him off the cliff into basket, tells her not to open her eyes; UV gives her Eagle feathers, tells her not to go to plants and little birds; she goes, feathers stick to plants and birds (this is their fluff); The Bat gets black skin; UV returns to his mother; Colliding into boiling water shoves passers-by off the trail into a hot spring, where his daughters devour them; UV pretends to pass, collides the monster itself, daughters eat it ; UV comes down to them; their father used them to lure men; these girls are the only ones with a vagina, they are vaginas themselves; they want to copulate; UV lets them swallow a drug made from sour berries; it brings them to orgasm, their vaginal teeth, which they used to devour their father's victims, fall out; vaginas hang everywhere on the wall, girls guard them; UV takes the biggest and smallest, brings mother, who gives them to two girls; others suggest placing vaginas on her head, then on her chest, arm, knee, foot; when vaginas are placed between her legs, everyone, including UV, decides that this will be the case; four female vaginas come and tell UV that they suffer without it; he refuses them; they say that people will have sexually transmitted diseases and those who touch menstrual blood will get sick; UV goes Destroy the Rolling Stones]: Opler 1938, No. 9:57-77; chiricahua [two old fools lie in a cave, turned away from each other; joker burns one ass, old men accuse each other, fight]: Opler 1942:89-90; kiliwa: Meigs 1939:64-66 [it was night; Metipá took water in his mouth, spat south, north; took more, spit west (sea arose), east (Gulf of California); smoked, sea grew up; created four mountains, each with a mountain ram (on NE, SE, NW, SW); sheep horns, respectively (the informant does not remember who is in which direction) are dark brown and blue, yellow and oak colors the bark (tan), silver and gray, red and white; took off his skin, pulled it over his horns, but it sagged; told the Mole to dig a passage around the world; a ridge formed, over which M. pulled his skin, and The mole lifted his skin around the perimeter of the world with his paws and head; to make the sun, M. removed it from his elbow, thigh, head - unsuccessfully; then it worked out of his mouth, but it was too hot; ordered The Rattlesnake push the sun higher; M. fell ill, died; he was burned], 66-67 [Metipá came out of the earth, from a small red mountain; created four sons and the moon (month?) ; to make the sun, he took it out of his stomach through his mouth, then took it out of his genitals - both times unsuccessfully; then out of his ass - hung in the east; since then, people's sphincter seemed to be burned; M. died and was burned, returned to the ground again; his bones are the veins of rock].

Mesoamerica Tequistlateca [God creates a man and woman without genitals; the devil cuts off his lips, makes a vulva out of them; puts it under a woman's arm, then under her knee, finally between her legs]: Turner 1972: 59-60; kekchi, mopan [Mahamats forest spirit asks a person for honey; eats with wax; when a person climbs a tree, M. makes it tall, leaves; various animals refuse to help, because a person hunted them; the koati form a chain, tell them not to step on a pregnant female; a person steps, but manages to jump to the ground; runs, gets to Chuck, he hides a man, tells a cougar and a jaguar to tear M. apart; makes a man his assistant; tells him to work in the garden, but not to look at his roots; a person looks, sees his house on the ground, brother, wife through the hole; goes down a rope, but hangs between heaven and earth; Chuck pulled him out; C. waits for guests, tells them to sweep, the man sweeps the frogs, but they were guests and musicians; in the absence of C., the man wears him clothes, opens a bag of wind, takes a calebass of water, a drum, thereby causing a hurricane, rain, thunder; falls into the sea, C. revived him, sent him home, giving calebass with endless wax and honey; allowed him to walk to heaven if he doesn't hello to anyone; the wife follows the person; Chuck asks her for the names of body parts; when she points to her genitals, she wants to answer, but the hurricane takes her and her husband away]: Thompson 1930:146-150.

Honduras-Panama. Hikake [during the first sexual intercourse, a man tries different places on the woman's body; his companion suggests the right hole]: Chapman 1982:57-58.

Llanos. Sicuani: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 87 [the girl always cries when her parents leave her alone, drags after them, they tell her to stay at home; she was met by the Fox; began to copulate, not knowing where inserted a penis; tried between her fingers and toes, into her ears, noms, eyes, mouth, collarbone, into all concave parts of her body; ordered her to climb a guava tree, shed fruit; saw a vagina from below; began to cut a tree, the girl had to get down; when she smoked tobacco, Nora seemed to her home; she gave birth to children with human faces and fox tails; she came home, her brother threw her children on the roof of the house, saying that they were cubs; the fox came, heard his children blowing the winds, gave them names accordingly; on the way back he came across something, forgot everything; came back, everything happened again], 88 [approximately same]: 333-335, 335-337.

Southern Venezuela. Piaroa [Vahari's wives swing on a swing; his younger brother Buoka carries his penis over his shoulder, sends him to women; V. turns into a woman; when B.'s penis crawls towards him, he cuts off five pieces from it, giving it a normal size; B. is stained with blood, menstruates; V.: men should not menstruate; women ask where B.'s discharge comes from; called consistently head, ears, mouth, fingertips, knees, legs, anus; naming the penis, copulate with B. after receiving menstruation from it; V.: menstruating should not touch the meat brought by a man]: Kaplan ( ?) in Cavendish 1980:262-263.

NW Amazon. Baniva [preparing to make a mouth hole to an anthropomorphic creature, the hero names different parts of the body but receives a negative answer; the creature nods when his mouth is named]: Saake 1968 : 264.

Eastern Amazon. Hissing [first Akakani put people's hearts in the sole, they died when they stepped on a thorn; then they died in the ankle from a stingray; then they died in the knee from a blow; then they put them in the chest]: Nimuendaju 1922 : 385.

The Central Andes. Chipaya [the wife was weaving, the husband left, the Fox came; pointing to various parts of the woman's body, began to ask what it was, the woman answered; head (forehead), eye, chest, etc.; when he pointed to the vagina, she replied that it was dinner for her husband; Fox asked if he could eat lunch, the woman agreed; when they copulated, her husband came back; Lisa could not take his penis out, the woman cut it off; the fox stayed outside the house waiting , the wife answered her husband that the Fox was waiting for sheep; took out his penis, threw it away, the Fox took it, tied it with the thread that the woman gave him; smeared it with clay; began to cross the river, the clay softened, the penis came off; his picked it up by a woman herding the sheep, brought it home to cook as a seasoning, began rubbing it with a pestle, his penis jumped into her vagina; she has two daughters, at night the penis climbed into the vagina of one of her daughters; they threw it on a bunch of ash; Fox's penis is lost]: Pache 2012:489-490.

Montagna - Jurua. Kashinahua: Ans 1975 [a man finds a parrot's nest, makes a ladder; it breaks down every now and then; the wife advises taking his brother as an assistant; he climbs to the nest and finds him human baby; gives up to his sister; in a few nights the boy grows up; turns leaves into fish, makes a field overnight; when he makes another field, the mother comes to spend the night in his hut; he consistently touches her hair, nose, mouth, ears, neck, arms, chest, abdomen, toenails, heel, leg play, thigh and asks what it is; when it touches her genitals, she laughs and replies that it's "your father's fresh and juicy flesh", "your father's sweet and juicy banana"; "What does this serve for?" - "If you want to know, I'll teach you"; he becomes her lover, she gets pregnant; with the help of his parrot relatives, he clears an even larger field, becomes a parrot himself; his adoptive father follows him, loses his way, dies]: 195-200; Tastevin 1926 [a man asks a woman what parts of her body are called and what their purpose is; ends with a question about the genitals; the couple marries, from them Kashinaua occur]: 170; capanahua [worm mink under a grain grater; girl explains her movements to her mother by being bitten by an ant; mother pours boiling water over the worm; woman gives birth to worms and a son; son grows up, sees monkeys copulating; asks his grandmother the names of all parts of her body; when the vulva is named, the boy says monkeys used this part]: Hall Loos, Loos 1980 (2): 49-51.

Southern Amazon. Rickbacz [people eat tapir crap, wood mushrooms, cassava, don't know onions and arrows; a woman commanded men, only drank and ate, a man was cooked; one finds a seed, it turns into a bird's egg; she puts it in all the folds and recesses of her body; when she clamps it in the palm of her hand (var.: under the knee, in the fold of her abdomen), the egg gives birth to a boy; while the mother was not at home, another woman became massage his penis, got along with him; his penis grew; his mother took her son to the forest, he turned into Tapir; his mother made his legs and ass invulnerable by burning fire, stuffing leaves; but he can be killed in the armpit; Tapir copulates with all women, starting with the one that came when he was a boy; men suspect, sent birds to find out; while women in the field make their first bows, go to the river, imitate in the voices of women, Tapir was shot dead; the husband of the one who came to see the child hung Tapir's severed penis over her hammock; the women turned their children into birds, animals; one blew on a leaf, the water poured down, formed a river; Cayman carried the ugly ones first, then the beautiful ones; warned that the wind would blow in the middle of the river, they should not spit; the ugly ones held back, one beautiful spit, he spit them drowned; their voices and laughter can be heard from the river; some have turned into fish, stone, birds; sweet potatoes and corn grow at the bottom; the Sloth told the men what happened; they began to copulate with him, he told him it is better to catch women; men caught Carp first, but missed it; then Akara fish, she turned into a woman, new people from her; if they were more beautiful from the Carp; women carried the fire across the river; cf. D4A motif]: Pereira 1994, No. 1:17-34 (=Pereira 1973, No. 12:46-47).

Chaco. Maca: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991a, No. 100 [were blind honey pickers; the woman is unhappy that her husband brings her little honey, goes to the forest, eats the honey of a blind collector; tells him that she is a woman offers himself to marry; he summons his comrades; they feel all parts of her body, she calls them; when she reaches the vulva, she says that people sometimes fight because of her vulva; blind people also decide to fight, injure and they kill each other; a woman first tells them to fight only with her hands, not with hardwood axes, then tells them to stop fighting altogether; the woman married the nephew she first approached; blind people catch blackheads with their hands; blind people drank honey, got drunk, fell asleep; the woman smeared their eyes with menstrual blood, the latter only had enough for one eye; blurred eyes saw the light], 101 [husband did not brings her wife enough honey, she goes to the forest to see the blind intowoolei; eats the honey they throw from the tree into the calabasses; says she took her to be a woman; she takes the blind to her village; they they consistently feel parts of her body, ask them what they are called; when she reaches the vulva, she says that men fight to have access to it; the blind also fight, the woman tells her not to fight with sticks and fists; when her husbands fell asleep after drinking honey, she smeared their eyes with her menstrual blood; they saw the light, was alone blind, he did not have enough blood; so they are still blind; until When they saw the light, the Lizard laughed that they were eating eels raw without fire], 102 [the woman loved honey, always looking for honey pickers; once she found a skillful one, he was blind; he felt it, called others, they had never met a woman before; they felt her genitals, then wanted to fight on sticks, she persuaded them to eat honey better; they ate, fell asleep; she smeared their eyes with her menstrual blood, they they saw the light; blood alone was not enough, he saw a light in one eye; the blind began to scream, and the woman used these screams to name the objects surrounding her in the land of the blind]: 219-223, 223-226, 226-227.

The Southern Cone. Yagany [the youngest of two Yoálox brothers makes a female figure; tries to insert the penis into the eyes, nostrils, armpits, breasts, navel, finds satisfaction between the legs; teaches people sex]: Wilbert 1977 , NO. 16:42.