Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M65. The trickster was pinched and the meat was eaten. .41.43.-.46.


trickster bakes meat obtained by trick, deception; immobilized by sticking to a tree, ground, or stone; at this time, another character (fox, wolf, coyote, birds) eats all the meat. See M53 motif.

Subarctic. Chipewayan [rain floods the ground; Visákecak makes a boat, asks the Duck to dive; she brings silt on her paws several times, V. creates land; sees larvae in a deer skull, asks allow him to join the meal, sticks his head, gets stuck, swims along the river like a deer; people rush to him, he jumps ashore, breaks his skull; leads the Bear to the berry tree, he eats, gets fat, falls asleep , V. kills him; cooks meat, asks juniper trees to move apart, otherwise his stomach hurts; gets stuck, birds eat meat; twists juniper, since then its trunk is crooked; V. decides that his his eyes are rather weak, takes them out, goes blind; goes asking trees for their names; rejects poplar, etc., when he finds a pine tree, makes new eyes out of resin; creates landscape features, animal habits; his ass burned, he throws scabs at the birch tree; asks geese to dance with his eyes closed, kills one at a time; one opens his eyes, the birds run, V. steps on water-hen and the loon, since then they have not been able to walk on drier; V. laughs at the bear's excrement, he rushes at him; V. asks the caress to get into the bear's ass, gnaw the heart; then washes the caress, the tip of the tail remains black; V. eats something black that causes gas erupts; sits on a hot stone, throws burnt scabs on a birch tree; asks geese to give him feathers, flies with them; they take their feathers, he falls, people defecate on it; he runs away naked, turns into stone, goes into the ground; only his hair is visible on the cliff's surface]: Lowie 1912:195-200.

The coast is the Plateau. Thompson: Teit 1917b, No. 15 [The Coyote bakes marmots, leans against the rock, falls asleep; the fox makes the Coyote stick to the rock, eats the marmots; when free, the Coyote sets fire to the grass around him The fox; the foxes have been red since then], 16 [The coyote finds the animal's carcass, bakes the meat; the fox tells the tree to fall and crush it, eats the meat]: 7-8; kalispel (spokane) [The bison tells Coyote that the other four the bison is chased and driven away; the Coyote asks for his horns to be borrowed; three buffalo butts to death, the fourth flees; the buffalo chief recognizes strength in Coyote, marries Bisonich as his wife; they go for a long time , Bisonicha still grazes, Coyote is starving; kills Bisoniha, cooks her meat, sits down to relieve himself, his hemorrhoids stick to the ground; all meat is eaten by birds, coyotes and other animals; finally, the Coyote succeeds get himself off the ground; he returns to the Bison Chief to get a new wife, explains that his wife is dead; suddenly sees her alive; Chief Bison drives the Coyote away]: Thompson, Egesdal 2008:142-145; coutene [The Coyote shoots enemies attacking Bison; he gives him one of his two wives; Coyote tells her to go around the hill on one side, comes to meet her, kills her; sitting on a stone, sticks; Wolf eats all the meat; the Coyote gets up, agrees to race with Badger, loses, he eats the bone marrow; Jay sends the Coyote for the roots, pecks what's left]: Linderman 1997, No. 13:135- 145.

The Midwest. Winnebago [Wakjunkaga bakes raccoons; the gnashing of a tree prevents him; he climbs to split a tree as punishment, his hand gets stuck; wolves carry meat]: Radin 1956, No. 30-31:31-32; menominee: Bloomfield 1928, No. 85 [Menapus invites Moose to look in his head; he falls asleep, M. kills him with a club; cooks meat; hears the cat's voice on the tree; climbs there, his hand pinched between trees; before M. is released, Wolves eat all meat]: 245-247; Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. 21 [like Winnebago; Myanyabus bakes elk meat; sandwiched between two trees]: 297- 298; Ojibwa: Barnouw 1977 (chippewa) [Venebojo killed an elk, bakes meat; irritated by the creaking of a tree, climbs a tree, pinches his hand; Wolves carry meat], 1, 4 [asks the snake to climb into the moose ass and kill him from within; calls trees to a feast]: 24-25, 72-73; Kinietz 1947 (Michigan) [Manabozo asks Wenange (like a blue eagle) to ride it; he leaves him on the edge of the cliff, saying that he himself hurries to the party; M. falls, falls into a hollow stump; two women named Bad Woman and New Woman cut a stump, believing that there may be a white porcupine inside; M. replies that it is him and yes; PJ expands the hole, Nj tells her not to do it; M. tears off suede clothes from PJ, runs away; makes greaves out of it, but a toad is in them, M. throws out greaves; sees a reflection red berries, dives, hits his head in the blood against a stone, this is the first bruise; sees berries on the bushes, breaks branches angrily; takes the form of a dead moose; Wenange is the last to peck carrion; M. clamps his head backwards, drags him along, releases him when his feathers have peeled off, since then the vulture has been bald; M. calls an elk, tells him this story, kills him with an arrow; cooks meat; hears a creak trees, this prevents him from swallowing meat; he climbs a tree to spread its branches, his hands are pinched; wolves came, ate all the meat and fat, only his head was left; M. freed himself, wished to eat a worm brain; climbed, but then could not take out his head; looking for cedar (growing by the water), he knocks on trees, finally finds it, jumps from it into the river, swims to Beaver, he gnaws through his moose skull, falls asleep; M. beats him, puts it in his bag; Beaver woke up, ran away with his bag]: 211-214; Coleman et al. 1971 (Minnesota, Font du Lac, 1958) [Nanabozhe killed a deer, baked it, began to eat; the trees creak, N. thinks they are hungry, climbed a tree, his hand was pinched; wolves were coming, N. shouting not to approach them; they came up, ate the meat, only the deer's head was left; N. freed himself, began to try to get what was left of the deer's head, him his head got stuck, he swam across the river to ask his grandmother Nokomis for help; people thought a deer was swimming, the deer's skull split, N. laughs]: 74-75; Josselin de Jong 1913, No. 10 [The bear wants to eat Not abojo; tells him to bring a skewer; he brings unusable ones, is sent again; asks Laska to get into the Bear's ass, cut off his heart; for this he makes Laska white in winter, brown in summer; cooks bear meat; the trees are creaking, he sticks his hand, he is pinched; Kidder 1994 (Sault Ste. Marie, runoff from Upper to Huron) [Nanabozho killed a bear; two trees creak nearby; he climbs to break the branch so as not to creak; his hand is pinched; Wolves come and eat meat; so that N. does not get angry with them, they give him a young wolf; N. makes him his nephew; (see motive C5)]: 32; Radin 1914, No. 1 [as in Radin, Reagan; Non-bozho; without asking tree names]: 3-4; Radin, Reagan 1928, No. 10 [Manabozo kills caribou, roasts meat; the creaking of trees prevents him, he sticks his hand between them, cannot take it out; wolves eat meat; freeing his hand, M. turns into a snake, eats the brain inside the caribou skull; regains its appearance ahead of time, his head remains inside the skull; M. walks, bumping into trees, asking them for directions to lake; swims; people mistake him for caribou, shoot; he breaks his skull against a stone, they recognize him]: 86-87; timagami ojibwa [the girl sees the Sun in a dream, now she can't look at it, goes to live to the Sun; after 4 days, four boys, one with horns, find themselves in a wooden bowl left at home, the grandfather sends them to 4 directions; these are 4 winds; the fifth is Nenebuc; he went to punish the west wind, blowing too much, this food is not enough; he broke one horn with a club; killed three geese, told his anus to guard; he signals that N. is angry, tells him to be silent; people stole meat; to punish the anus, N. sits down in the fire; finds and eats burnt pieces of his flesh, thinking that they are animal meat; defecates on partridge chicks, since then they are not white, but brown; sleeps at the edge of the cliff, his partridges thrown down; burnt pieces of his flesh became lichens; kills a bear; two trees creak, N. sticks his hand between them, gets stuck; all animals have come to eat bear meat; only the rabbit did not eat, remained skinny; N. became an ant, climbed into a bear's skull; became human again, unable to pull his head out; when he bumped into trees, he asks what kind of trees they are; so he reaches the river, swims, people think that a bear is swimming; N. fell on a rock, the bear skull crashed; N. wounds the queen of the Giant Lynxes with an arrow; the Toad goes to heal her; N. kills the Toad, puts on its skin, pierces his arrow deeper into the Lynx's body, killing her; Lynxes are sent the flood; N. tells Beaver to reach the ground, he does not dive to the bottom; the muskrat pops up dead with the ground in his paws; N. makes the earth; sends the White Crow to find out if it is big; he eats dead fish, becomes black; The seagull eats a little, its wings turn black; the owl eats fresh fish, does not return]: Speck 1915d, No. 1:28-38; Algonquins [Whiskejack (Canadian jay) kills a bear; two trees rub against each other, creak; V. sticks his hands between trunks, gets stuck; various animals carry meat]: Speck 1915d, No. 2:4-5; sauk [Visakia dives, catches ducks from under the water; bakes prey; your father hears the word in the creaking of two branches; he climbs to put hot coal between the females; his hand is pinched; the meat was eaten by wolves; for this V. bandages the tips of their penises; now wolves and dogs feel uncomfortable completing coitus]: Skinner 1928, No. 5:148-149; kickapoo [Visakya kills an elk; he is annoyed by a creak, he climbs to burn a mult tree, he is pinched; wolves have stolen meat]: Jones 1915, No. 3:15-17; potauatomi [Visakya tells geese, ducks, cranes to dance with their eyes closed; kills them; one duck opened, raised the alarm, since then her eyes are red; V. bakes meat; two trees creak, V. climbs on them, his hand gets stuck; two Winnebagoes eat meat; you will be called Winnebago, smelly thieves]: Skinner 1924:339; Steppe Ojibwa [Nanybozhu kills deer, roasts meat; tree branches creak in the wind; N. climbs to unhook branches, his hand gets stuck; wolves eat meat leaving only their heads; when free, N. turns into a snake, climbs into the skull A deer is a brain; it turns into a person, the head remains in the skull; N. asks trees if the river is far away; it goes with the flow; when they see deer antlers, the boys throw stones, breaking the skull]: Skinner 1919, No. 9: 288-289; eastern swamps: Bird 2007 (Winisk River) [Wisakaychak asks the Bear if he sees something wali; suggests making his eyes better by squeezing out the juice of sour berries into them; blind The bear falls asleep, V. breaks his head with a stone; eats up, asks the trees to squeeze him to fit more; the trees squeeze, invite animals and birds to a feast, let V. go when all the bear meat is eaten]: 190- 193; Ellis 1995, No. 19 (West Bank Hall. James) [Weesakechahk asks the Bear if he sees that spot; suggests improving his eyesight by squeezing sour berry juice into his eyes; flattens the head of a blind Bear with stones, bakes meat; to fit more, asks two trees to squeeze it; they squeeze but do not disperse; call all animals to a feast; animals eat meat, throw away giblets; when free, V. eats bear giblets], 27 [Weesakechahk asks the Bear if he sees that spot; suggests improving his eyesight by squeezing out the juice of sour berries into his eyes; flattens the head of a blind Bear with stones, bakes meat; decides to climb into a fork in the tree; gets stuck, trees call animals, they eat meat; V. twists trees, since then their trunks are twisted in a spiral; B. melts fat from bear bones, tells Beaver to cool the bubble with fat in the water; the bubble burst, the fat spread; V. wanted to kill Beaver, tried to jump over the stream, but Partridge flew from under his feet, V. fell into the water in fear; V. eats pieces of his burnt flesh; Blue Soyka tells him this; he says it was his grandmother who prepared the blood]: 129-137, 167-169; Skinner 1911 [Wicágatcak asks the Bear if he sees that thing protruding from the water; Bear replies that no; V. explains how to improve eyesight; you need to fill your eyes with berry juice, go to bed with a stone under your head; breaks the head of a sleeping Bear with a stone, melts fat; asks Muskrat to take a bubble of fat, swim in cold water to make the fat freeze; cuts off the fat from the Muskrat's tail so that it swims faster; the muskrat used to have a tail like a beaver; the muskrat swims so fast that the bubble bursts; since then, there has been an oily trail on the water behind the muskrat; V. eats bear meat; asks two birch trees to squeeze it to empty the intestines and eat further; birch trees hold it, call the animals to a feast; The seal eats the most fat, the Rabbit is the least; when released, V. curls birch trees; since then, seals are fat, rabbits are lean, trees grow in a spiral]: 86-87; Western Forest Cree (northern Manitoba) [ Wesukechak calls the Bear his younger brother, says that berry juice is good to drip into his eyes; the Bear goes blind, V. puts hot stones in his eyes, finishes him off, melts fat, asks Muskrat to cool him in the lake; he asks two trees to squeeze it to make room for a new portion of bear meat; the trees do not let him go; the muskrat dives, the fat spills out of the vessel, the animals come and eat it; released V. manages to grab only the Hare, throws it into ir on the water, the Hare sinks up to the neck; therefore, the hare has fat only on the neck]: Clay 1978:85-88; Western marsh crees (stone crees) [Wīsahkīcā hk fills the bag with moss, responds to waterfowl (geese, ducks, loons) that carries songs; everyone gathers in the dance house built by V., V. tells them to dance with their eyes closed, curls the birds' necks, starting with the fattest; Loon stood at the exit, opened her eyes, raised the alarm, V. kicked her in the ass, since then the loons had flat legs; V. ate, climbed between two birch trees, told him to squeeze him so that he could empty their intestines; when he ordered to let go, they refused; V. called Thunder, who split the birch trees with lightning; V. returned to where he left the meat; someone ate the meat, only the bones were sticking out of the ground; V. whipped birch trees with a willow branch, since then their bark has been in stripes and sherbins]: Brightman 1989:29-30; (cf. Western Marsh Cree [Wīsahkīcāhk asks the Deer (Moose) to move him across the lake; sitting at on his back, cuts off pieces of meat from his ass; when the Deer goes ashore, V. cuts his throat; bakes and eats meat; asks two birds to squeeze it so that he can empty his intestines; birds squeeze him and do not let go until others eat all the meat that is left; V. whips birds (species not established) with a willow branch, they have stripes left]: Brightman 1989:37-38); Steppe Cree: Ahenakew 1929 [ Vesakaicak kills and bakes birds; lies between two birch trees, tells them to close around it so as not to eat too fast; birch trees hold it; birds and animals eat meat while V. sleeps; Vulture wants peck out his eyes; V. frees himself, whips birch trees with willow twigs (stripes on a birch tree), rips off the vulture's feathers, making it bald]: 331-332; Dusenberry 1962, No. 4 [Visakachak offers two bison determine which one is older; feels their testicles, pierces their bellies, bakes meat, convenes birds and animals to a feast; tells two birch trees to pinch it; then pushes it apart; but they pinch it again animals and birds eat all the meat; V. whips birch trees, traces remain on the trunks; V. splits the bison bones, extracts fat, tries to freeze it, fat spreads along the river; animals come to eat it; the hare ate a lot, but V. squeezed fat back out of it; determines what and how all species of birds and animals feed]: 238-236; Skinner 1916, No. 1 (2) [Visukezhak wants the same eyes as the Bear; the Bear smears him eyes with glue, leaves; V. goes, stumbles upon trees, asks their names; hearing Mountain Elm thinks he is in the mountains; falls into the river; glue dissolves in the water; V. calls the Bear to the steam room, kills, cooks meat; two trees rub against each other, creak; V. puts a piece of fat between them, his hand gets stuck; The wolf eats all the meat; when the wind blew, V. is free]: 347-348.

Northeast. Viandot [The raccoon invites the Geese to dance around him, tells them to close their eyes every time he stops hitting the tambourine; chokes one at a time; one goose watches, the rest fly away; the raccoon bakes meat falls asleep, telling creaking trees to wake him up if necessary; the fox steals meat; the raccoon is angry at the trees because they creak and for not waking him up; puts his hand between the branches, it gets stuck; he is released with difficulty]: Walker 1995, No. 2-3:16-36.

Plains. Assiniboine: Lowie 1909a, No. 11 [And n ktumni invites the Black Bear to take a steam bath; closes the exits from the steam room, finishes off the Bear with a club; invites all animals to a feast; Rock I. grabs and holds for two days; animals eat all the meat; I. promises daughters to fly by; they produce the wind, breaking the Rock; I. says he has no daughters], 16 [And n ktum n and pretends to cry for his murdered brother, calls the fattest Ducks to dance; whoever opens his eyes will turn red; The turtle must stand in the center, tell you when to open; The duck from She opened the fourth row, screamed; the surviving eyes turned red, Turtle I. also killed; sits on the Rock, she grabs it; he promises her meat, but everything is useless; coyotes and wolves take away meat; I. asks for help birds; they break the Rock with flapping their wings; The turtle grabs I. by the lip when he drinks; he roasts it, it promises to miss more people]: 108-109, 112-115; crowe [Coyote bakes game; two dry trees rub against each other creaking; Coyote sticks his hand in the crack, his hand gets stuck; The fox has eaten all the meat]: Lowie 1918:25; teton (oglala): Walker 1983 [Iktomi tells the ducks what he has in his bag songs; agrees to sing if they dance with their eyes closed; kills ducks; one opens her eyes; I. tells trees not to creak; sandwiched between two trunks; Wolf carries baked duck meat]: 166-170; Wissler 1907, No. 2 [like Walker; the duck that opened its eyes has been red ever since; the Coyote carries meat]: 122-124; Yankton [Iktomi tells the dancing Ducks he brought songs; you have to dance inside the house dancers - close their eyes, whoever opens, they will turn red; one of the Ducks opens his eyes, the survivors fly away, now their eyes are red; I. bakes ducks: hears the crackling of a tree: climbs a tree, his leg he was pinched; by the time he managed to free himself, the Wolves had eaten all the meat]: Zitkala-Ša 1985:5-15; Omaha, Ponca [Iktinica tells the Turkeys he has songs in his bag; tells you to dance with your eyes closed; whoever opens it will turn red; the turkey opens his eyes, the surviving turkeys run away; I. bakes meat; the tree branch gnashes in the wind; I. climbs to punish him, him hands are sandwiched between branches; wolves eat meat; the tree frees I.; he catches and bakes chetepakha, goes to bed, tells his anus to guard; man takes meat, greases I.'s lips; he believes he ate all by himself]: Dorsey 1909:67-69; iowa [Ishinki asks waterfowl to dance with her eyes closed; whoever opens will turn red; strangles birds; Mud-hen opens, her eyes remain red; And . bakes bird carcasses; two trees creak, I. wants to hit them, his hand gets stuck between the trunks; Wolves eat meat; when I. is released, he finds only bird bones sticking out of the ash]: Skinner 1925, No. 24:484-485; from [Ichthínke shouts Ducks not to run away from him, but to come dance with his eyes closed, to his song, chokes one at a time, one duck opens his eyes, raises the alarm; when I. cooks meat, the creaking of trees annoys him, he puts his hand in the fork, clamps it; the Coyote and his brothers take all the meat away]: Curtis 1976 (19): 174-175; Sheyens [Weehuk kills and bakes birds, puts his hand between with three creaking willows so they don't quarrel; willows stop swaying, his hand gets stuck; Coyote eats meat; Weehuk chases him, he defecates in his face, Weehuk dies]: Kroeber 1900, No. 9a: 165-166; arpaho [Nihansan kills and roasts beavers; two poplar branches creak in the wind; N. climbs to separate them, gets stuck, Coyote carries meat; N. finds him sleeping, burns his wool from behind] : Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 24:57-58; skid pawnee: Dorsey 1904b, No. 60 [about 1906]: 246-253; 1906, No. 124 [The Coyote asks the Protein to feed it; The squirrel allows its testicle to be cut off, from there pecans fall; tells you not to repeat the trick more than four times a day; when the wife cuts the Coyote for the fifth time, blood flows; the Squirrel heals him; the same with Beaver (cuts the scrotum, oil flows into a piece of bark, turns into a pemmican); The bear allows fat to be cut out of his thigh; the Coyote cuts deep, kills, roasts the bear; the trees creak, the Coyote threatens to kill them, his hand gets stuck between the trunks; coyotes they eat meat; the Coyote asks the doctor how he will treat the chief's wounded son; kills him with a club, puts on his clothes, kills the chief's son with a hot rod, cooks and eats his meat, gives him to the snake; she she almost choked, hardly told, the Coyote ran away; asks the Vultures to ride him; they throw him into a hollow stump; the Coyote crashes raccoon tails from the quiver, sticks him into the holes, the women chop it a stump to get raccoons, the Coyote pretends to be angry; when he comes to two women, he kills their child; the chief throws a Coyote into the fire, and a hairy man jumps out, he has not been heard from again]: 439 -445; kiowa: Parsons 1929a, No. 10 [Sendeh tells the Gophers to dance with his eyes closed while he hits the tambourine; the last cub opens his eyes, runs away; S. bakes meat, climbs a tree, asks he wrap around him; the Coyote tells the tree to stay that way, eats meat], 11 [see the M60 motif; P. kills and roasts an elk, climbs a tree; a bird tells the tree not to let it go until all the animals and birds are full], 12 [S. roasts a deer, climbs a tree, tells it to wrap around it; for the fourth time the tree does not open; animals and birds eat everything]: 27-29, 32-33; Kiova-Apache [Coyote dances, calls the fat ones closer, kills one at a time; says they died of happiness; child raises the alarm; the Coyote bakes the dead; asks the tree to wrap around it; the tree clamps it; while someone steals meat]: McAllister 1949:29.