Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M66. The root eaten, J2154. .41.44.-.46.50.

After eating certain foods frivolously or rubbing his body with his spine, the character suffers from itching, diarrhea, or an irrepressible eruption of intestinal gases.

Subarctic. Chipewayan [rain floods the ground; Visákecak makes a boat, asks the Duck to dive; she brings silt on her paws several times, V. creates land; sees larvae in a deer skull, asks let him join the meal, sticks his head, gets stuck, swims along the river like a deer; people rush to him, he jumps ashore, breaks his skull; leads the Bear to the berry tree, he eats, gets fat, falls asleep , V. kills him; cooks meat, asks juniper trees to move apart, otherwise his stomach hurts; gets stuck, birds eat meat; twists juniper, since then its trunk is crooked; V. decides that his his eyes are rather weak, takes them out, goes blind; goes asking trees for their names; rejects poplar, etc., when he finds a pine tree, makes new eyes out of resin; creates landscape features, animal habits; his ass burned, he throws scabs at the birch tree; asks geese to dance with his eyes closed, kills one at a time; one opens his eyes, the birds run, V. steps on water-hen and the loon, since then they have not been able to walk on drier; V. laughs at the bear's excrement, he rushes at him; V. asks the caress to get into the bear's ass, gnaw the heart; then washes the caress, the tip of the tail remains black; V. eats something black that causes gas erupts; sits on a hot stone, throws burnt scabs on a birch tree; asks geese to give him feathers, flies with them; they take their feathers, he falls, people defecate on it; he runs away naked, turns into stone, goes into the ground; only his hair is visible on the cliff's surface]: Lowie 1912:195-200.

The Midwest. Winnebago [the onion says Whoever eats me will relieve me; Wakjunkaga eats, blows abundantly, takes off into the air, throws others around me; relieves The need is so abundant that the mountain of its excrement becomes as tall as a tree; it falls into them, almost sinks]: Radin 1956, No. 23-24:25-27; menominee: Bloomfield 1928, No. 77 [the roots say Menapus 'u, what is their name Sweet; M. eats them, takes the eruption of his gases for rifle firing; joins the dancers, they turn out to be steppe grass], 78 [M. urinates on the baby partridge; the spine replies that its name is Eat-Raw; M. eats, takes the eruption of its gases for rifle firing; the other root calls itself Well-as-laxative; M. eats, suffers from excessive defecation; heals by eating the Puskering-Root root]: 213-215, 215-219; Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. 20 [the spine screams, everyone eats me; Myanyabush eats it, suffers from gas eruptions; after eating another root, leaves a mountain of bowel movements, almost drowns in it]: 296-297; chippewa [Venebojo hears a voice from the grass: Whoever eats me will walk a lot out of need ; V. eats, almost drowns in his bowel movements]: Barnouw 197:19-20; Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake) [Visakaijak asks berries what will happen to whoever eats them; It will itch ; V. eats, he has a terrible itch; the same question for lichens; It will let the wind go for several days; with these sounds, V. scares off beavers, remains without prey; punishes his anus by sitting on hot stones; pieces of burnt flesh from his back fall on the poplar trunk, since then its bark is stained]: Ray, Stevens 1971:39-40; fox [the artichoke sings, warning of what will happen to the one who eats it; Visakya eats, almost drowns in the lake of its excrement]: Jones 1907, No. 9:273-277; Western marsh crees (stone crees) [berries (rose berries) answer Wīsahkīcāhk that the one who ate them will suffer from itching; V. eats, screams that it itches; lichen says that the one who eats it will start blowing winds; V. eats, constantly blows the winds, scaring away the game; heats the stone, burns his ass, the gas eruption stops]: Brightman 1989:33, 36 [V. picks up pieces of dried meat from the ground and eats; birds scream that he is eating what has peeled off his ass; V. follows in the footsteps, finds a place where he burns his ass; rolls pieces into a ball, throws it against a birch tree, it turns into a birch mushroom; V. says people will use it to light a fire]; steppe crees [Visakichi saw a bubble with bison bone marrow floating along the river; he emptied the bubble, threw it away (foam has been on the water since then); he has eaten diarrhea; he began to drown in the lake of his own crap; called for help different willows, but only the red willow managed to bend down and pull it out; for this he painted its bark red and its berries white; this lake in Alberta still gives off a terrible smell]: Teit 1921:321.

Northeast. Scrape, montagnier [the moss on the rock tells Wolverine that the one who eats it will start to blow the wind; Wolverine eats, the sound of the gases emitted scares away all the game; to force his anus shut up, Wolverine puts a hot stone in it]: Desbarats 1969:81-82; Montagnier [Mesh finds antlers, brings them to the river; people think there's a deer there, they come in a boat; M. asks to send him a woman; they send a widow, he copulates with her; everyone understands that it is M., swims to the widow to help; M. runs away; asks the Crane, then Orlan, what's new; Nothing, only M. copulated with the widow; M. asks the partridge chicks what will happen to those who eat them; Nothing, but adult partridges will scare him; M. eats the chicks, walks, the partridges take off, he shies away; asks mushrooms what will happen to whoever eats them; Will release gases uncontrollably; M. eats mushrooms, even puts them in his ass; M. scares away all the game with his sounds; then punishes his the anus, sitting on a hot stone, the eruption of gases stops; M. shouts to the flying birds that mothers who lost them in childhood are looking for them, we will be happy to dance with our eyes closed; kills them one at a time finally, Orlan opens his eyes, raises the alarm; M. invites the Bear to look for lingonberries, leads further; the Bear asks how he sees so far; M. suggests improving his eyesight by pouring it into his eyes lingonberry juice; The bear closed his eyes, M. killed him with a stone; fell asleep by the river, telling his anus to guard the meat; the people on the boat asked the anus to remain silent, took the meat away; see the M49 motif, a hero in someone else's skin]: Savard 1979, No. 7:26 -28; mikmaq: Leland 1968:69-72 [three men come to Gluscap; the first asks the flute to lure game (gets); the second wants a lot of women (gets a bag, warned not to untie) him on the way); the third wants to blow the winds so that everyone laughs (gets a spine, is warned not to eat on the way); both prohibitions are broken; hundreds of girls jump out of the bag, copulate with a person he dies; the one who eats the root constantly emits gases, frightens the game, people drive it away from them, he commits suicide], 185 [The raccoon asks the berries if they can be eaten; We are coughing berries; scabies berries; he eats them, itches, almost ripping off their entire skin; since then, raccoons have been almost naked].

Plains. The character asks the plant what its name is; the name is significant. Assiniboine: Lowie 1909a, No. 40 [the berries answer Sitkonsky that their name is Itchy, his ass; he eats them, combs his ass to blood, sits on a hot stone; pieces of burnt skin fall out, he throws them on trees (the origin of wood tar)], 41 [S. asks the spine what its name is; - Edible root; - Everyone has two names; - Wind; S. eats roots, blows the winds, he likes it, flies higher and higher; tries in vain to cling to branches, gets stuck in the mud with his head; meets snakes, makes them pests, kills them], 42 [S. ate a reed named Big Wind; began to emit gases, flew; the rock, the pine tree did not hold him; he fell, falling into the ground to his hips]: 126-127, 127, 127-128; arpaho [Nihansan asks a piece of pemmican floating on the river, is it possible to bite off a little bit; after receiving permission, he swallows everything; suffers from diarrhea, gives his soiled blanket to Rock; the blanket becomes clean, N. tries to take it back, it sticks to it; he returns it to the Rock]: Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 34:69-70; {the same sheyens}; Crowe [The old coyote asks the root vegetable for its middle name; Force-let the wind; he rubs his anus, blows the wind that lifts it into the air; clings to trees; only the birch tree could hold it; asks the middle name of the berries; causing itching; rubs its body with berries, combing it to blood, recovering]: Lowie 1918 [then asks the middle names of the mouse and partridge]: 47-48; Simms 1903, No. 7, 8:286-287; Santi [The spider asks raspberries first, then at the root what their names are; Whoever eats me will itch his ass; Whoever eats me will emit gases; The spider eats, suffers from itching; thrown into the air by a stream, torn to pieces]: Wallis 1923, No. 18:84-85; iowa [grass (or a bug sitting on it) sings: If Ishinki eats me, he will have diarrhea; I. chews grass, rubs his ass; defecates profusely, falls uphill of his own excrement covering his eyes; bumps into trees asking their names; when he reaches the willow, he realizes that the river is nearby; washes his eyes]: Skinner 1925, No. 28:487-488; Kiowa [Turkeys warn Sendeha doesn't eat too many roots; he eats, blows the wind, flies into the air; clings to various trees, they fly with him; Turkey advises grabbing the vine; S. lands]: Parsons 1929a, No. 21:42; Arikara [Coyote digs up an artichoke, asks for its name, he answers, Coyote wants to know another name; "Bite it off"; the Coyote eats it, starts spewing gases, takes off, grabs a tree, then behind a stone, flies with them, is killed by a stone that falls on it; therefore, dead coyotes are often found near the stone]: Dorsey 1904d, No. 139:138; Grovantre: Kroeber 1907b, No. 8 [Nishant asks a floating piece of fat how much you can bite off it; A little bit; N. swallows whole; defecates profusely that it does not drown in its excrement], 9 [N. eats some roots; begins let the wind lift him into the air]: 69; Pawnee: Dorsey 1904b (skidi), No. 71 [the artichoke replies to Coyote that his name is Ot-Me-Bite off; Coyote bites off, thrown into the air by a stream of gases ; grabs a bunch of grass, trees, his wife, but it all flies with him; Coyote and his wife fall, break to death], 72 [Coyote eats some berries; in the cold, his excrement immediately freeze; he finds himself on top of a mountain, falls into a crack, dies]: 271-272; 1906, No. 141 (kitkehahki) [the artichoke asks Coyote to bite him several times; finally, he eats it, spews gas, he has A leg flies off, he is carried away by a stream of his own crap]: 464; wichita [Coyote sees people digging artichokes; he eats, a stream of gas carries him away; he falls into a hollow stump; people chop a stump, Coyote returns home; his family starved to death while he was away]: Dorsey 1904a, No. 48:280-281.

The Great Southwest. Chiricahua: Opler 1942, No. 45 [Mouse: Whoever eats me will blow the winds; Coyote swallows a mouse, spews gases; healed by regurgitating what has been eaten], 57 [Bear warns that these berries are berries you can't eat; the Coyote eats, a stream of gas throws it into the air several times]: 65, 71; lipan [Wild Plum tells the Coyote that its fruits cannot be eaten; the Coyote eats, from the eruption of gases rises to air, trying to grab hold of various trees; finally stops]: Opler 1940, No. 5:115-116