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M72. Hand in the back of the tapir.


The character puts his hand into the anus of a tapir or other large herbivore and is unable to pull it out. The animal rushes to run and drags a person with it for a long time.

Von, Tumleo, Rengma, Bali, Karok, Sikuani, Warrau, Pemon, Carijona, Tatuyo, Tariana, Munduruku, Urubu, Guaraçu, Pauserna, Sinta Larga, Trumai, Mehinacu, Camayura, Rickbacza.

West Africa. Background [Yo (trickster) and orphan Nochiovi go to a tree where pigeon nests; climb a ladder made of nails; N. puts the chicks in his pocket, Yo eats them right away; angry about it, goes down, taking out his nails, N. cannot get off the tree; the hunter shot the goat, he fell by the tree; N. shouted to the hunter that the goat was here; the hunter helped him go down, wanted to give half of the carcass, N. asked for giblets; Yo told him at home that a buffalo would come, start defecating, he had to put his hand in his ass, pull out his giblets; the buffalo clenches his ass, drags Yo, tears off his hand]: Herskovits, Herskovits 1958, No. 70:298-300.

Melanesia. Tumleo [a person does not believe that turtle eggs were brought, thinks they are pig eggs; on the shore he sees a turtle coming out of the sea laying eggs; wants to take everything, puts his hand in the oviduct, the turtle clamps him, drags him into the sea, turns him into a girl, brings women into the country; while he goes to the garden, leaves her husband at home; he sees girls through a gap in the wall; deliberately throws him through the gap net; one of the girls comes to put it in place; he throws it off again, she comes up again, notices a man; copulates with him; tells others; he satisfies them all, gets tired; returning wife stabs him to blood, scolds the girls; one day a crab woman says that they will have a holiday; his wife does not let him in, but her husband goes; negotiates with the husband of a crab woman {apparently, Crabs have both men and women}, he takes him home; his wife searches, finds her, but he shoots at her, she returns to sea]: Schultze 1911, No. 6:63-69.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Western rengma [Iki cooks pork; tells the boy that he took out the meat with his hand in Mitan's ass; he does, mitan drags it until the boy is stuck in the bushes and his hand pulled out of mitan]: Mills 1937:257; oriental rengma [Ichu tells his brother he pulls out meat by putting an ivory bracelet on his hand and putting it in the ass with mitan; he does, the bracelet is stuck Mitan drags a man until he is stuck in the bushes; when free, the man has blessed this bush, it now has powerful roots]: Mills 1937:257.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Bali [a rich widow does not give poor rice; in the forest, a deer asks a poor widow to put her hand in his ass to get jewelry; the rich tries to do the same, the deer squeezes the sphincter, drags her along stones and thorns, she's barely alive]: Hoikas van Leeuwen Bomkamp 1983, No. 43:215-217.

California. Karok [The fly teaches the Coyote to cut fat out of a live deer's ass; he squeezes Coyote's head, drags him for a long time]: Kroeber, Gifford 1980, No. II21-II22:171-172.

Llanos. Sicuani [the old woman loves tapir's liver; he invites her to get it out of his ass; she sticks her hand first, then her head; he drags her, she dies; the woman's pet turtle looks for her; Tapir's excrement told her what happened; The turtle pretends to be dying of thirst, asks Tapir to urinate to drink his urine; Tapir grabs his penis, he rushes into the lake, drowns; the Turtle told the woman's grandchildren that she avenged the death of their grandmother]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 148:491-492.

Guiana. Warrau: Roth 1915, No. 162B [a person asks others what they eat; they say that tapir's liver - let him put his hand in his ass; the fool found a sleeping tapir, put his hand in, the tapir ran; when relieved, the fool was able to pull out his hand, all the skin came off]: 226; Wilbert 1980, No. 135 [man; get tapir's liver], 203 [old woman; thinks there is fruit inside the tapir]: 272, 469-470; pemon [old woman; thinks there's food inside the tapir, puts his hand in his ass; he drowns it]: Armellada 1973, No. 7:32-33.

NW Amazon. Carijona [the hunter wants to get the tapir alive, puts his hand in his ass, he drags him to the river; he transports him across the river; there's a field of pineapples; the tapir falls into the Amazon trap pit - Giirinomo ; the hunter touches their leader's vulva; she first combs scorpions, ants, spiders out of the pubis; G. copulates with objects from which seed splashes; the chief allows the hunter to have sex with everyone, but only gets pregnant herself; the rest want to kill him for it; he and the leader fill the mirrors in which G. everyone sees; one old woman has a mirror; the fugitives sail in the boat, taking them with them deer; G. throw a harpoon, pull out a deer; fugitives swim to carijona land, live among people]: Schindler 1979, No. 14:120-128; tarian [a woman saw a tapir on the plot, wanted to get it liver; the next day, a tapir came up and asked if she wanted his liver; offered to put his hand in his ass and reach it; clenched the sphincter and dragged the woman, dragged him until she died; the turtle asked an old woman, where her mistress had gone; she replied that if the turtle were a man, she would avenge the tapir for her death; the turtle came to the tapir when chicha was drinking in his house; tapir: I'll go pour out pineapple juice; turtle: I would drink it; the tapir went out and started urinating, offered the turtle to drink; she grabbed his penis; he screamed that he would kill her; turtle: I can't be killed with a stick; the tapir says throw it into the fire; turtle: I'm not burning; when the tapir was about to throw the turtle into the water, it cried; the tapir immersed the turtle in water, but it kept holding his penis until the tapir died]: Brüzzi 1994:178-180 (quoted in Bidou 1996:76-77); (cf. tatuyo [the woman found a turtle, she began to live with her; went to collect umari fruits during her period; saw that the fruits were eaten by a tapir and promised to bite off his testicles as punishment; a tapir appeared and offered to do it; she tried it, and he opened his ass and pulled it inside; the turtle was left alone; people told her that her mistress was killed by a tapir; the turtle went looking for him, bumping into him excrement; the first time they say that the tapir passed about two years ago, then the period is shortened each time (var: the turtle immediately finds a tapir when it comes to its path); the tapir offered her his erected penis: this is what your mistress ate, try it too; the turtle clenched its jaws, the tapir tried to throw it off, but died; when the turtle came to Maloka, the turtle showed signs where to go to pick up the tapir carcass; the same text for barasana: the turtle eats the penis and tapir testicles before returning to Maloka]: Bidou 1996:75).

Central Amazon. Munduruku: Kruse 1949, No. 33 [Peresuatpë went hunting with his older brother; he went into the bushes; P. shot the tapir, missed it; this brother took the form of a tapir; his grandmother advised him to the next time pull the tapir inside through the ass; the hand is stuck, the tapir ran, P. pulled out his hand when the tapir relieved himself; along with the tapir P. ended up on the right bank of Tapajos; local people killed the tapir, cut it into pieces, P. saw it sitting on a tree; those people mistook him for a bee nest, began to poke his pole, on the advice of a parrot, P. described the pole, the Indians began to lick urine, thinking it was honey; to to cross back over Tapajos, P. called a caiman named Uàtippanpàn'a; first smaller caimans sailed out, P. rejected them; on W.'s back was grass and trees; the caiman regurgitated, P. compared the aroma to the smell Uruku; once on the shore, he shouted that W. stinks, he was furious, dived, the palm tree on his back broke; at night, the jaguar called P. by name, he asked what he wanted, fell asleep; woke him up the next night inumbu chicken, P. broke all her eggs, three left, since then Inambu has laid three eggs; the next night P. sleeps in a hollow; Jaguar wants to bite off his finger, P. gives him the finger of a dead monkey; so Jaguar got and ate all his fingers, then the liver; left; the next night, the Jaguar promises to bring a stone; P. leaves his bowel movements in the hollow, climbs a tree; sewage is responsible for P., Jaguar throws into the hollow a stone, finds crap; the next night the caterpillars prevented sleep, P. handed over half, now these caterpillars are few; P. sees two girls in the palm grove; agrees to marry; they ask not to be afraid of their father; he came, P. ran away; P. sleeps with Jaguar's wife; in the afternoon he replies that he did not see her; running away, he screams that he had slept with her; Jaguar accidentally rushed not at P., but at the Anteater, who scratched his eyes; Jaguar's wife made him new eyes out of resin, since then Jaguar's eyes shine; P. asks Rain Mother to drop his bananas; she throws the peel; he threatens to shoot, replies that he will cover himself from the rain with a banana leaf; he shot, it started raining, P. got wet; the Inambu woman plays the flute, her hammock had fire; he refused to lie down with her, she flew away, taking the hammock and the fire; P. took the bone out of Jaguar's throat, who showed him the way home; his mother painted him uruku, P. died of a strong smell]: 642-646; Murphy 1958, No. 29 [Akainoatpyo is his nephew, Karujuribo is his uncle; K. turns into deer and other animals, A. not can kill them; Grandma A. advises him to kill tapir with his hand in his ass; tapir - K.; he jumps up, drags A. through Tapazhos, frees him by emptying his stomach; advises him to cross the river back choose a third crocodile with trees growing on its back; now the name A. is Perisvat; P. rejects two smaller crocodiles, swims on a large one; lies that the crocodile's belching is fragrant; jumping on the shore, screams that it stinks; at night, Inambu prevents P. from sleeping with conversations; P. breaks her eggs, since then the Inambu has laid only three eggs; P. kills a monkey, sleeps in a hollow; this is the Jaguar's lair; that requires P. to give him parts of his body one by one; P. gives him the limbs and liver of the monkey; leaves excrement responsible for himself, climbs a tree; Jaguar devours excrement instead of P.; P. conducts night with a man whose leg bones are devoid of flesh are pointed; he tries to pierce P.; when his leg pierces a tree, P. ties it with a bowstring; frees it in the morning; copulates with Jaguar's wife; he chases P., P. turns into a battleship, scratches Jaguara's eyes; Jaguar makes new ones out of wood latex, they have been shining ever since; P. spends the night by the Inambu fire; refuses to lie down in a hammock with her; she flies away taking away the fire; P. falls into the trap of the hunter with both hands and feet; he leaves the old woman to guard the prey; the old woman falls asleep; the ant, the bee, the wasp, the monkey release P.; the hunter beats the old woman in anger, she turns into a bird; P. returns to his grandmother; dies when she rubs his uruku]: 95-102.

Eastern Amazon. Urubu [male]: Huxley 1956:80

Bolivia - Guaporé. Guarazu [the hunter sees the tapir sleeping, puts his hand in his ass to get his liver; the tapir drags the hunter, the villagers find him in the footsteps, kill the tapir, laugh at his friend]: Riester 1977 , No. 45:299-300; pauserna [the hunter puts his hand in the ass of a sleeping tapir to get the liver; the tapir dragged the hunter with him for a whole year until another person kills the tapir]: Snethlage 1936:287-288; syntha larga [Tapir asks the young man if he loves the liver, offers to put his hand, Tapira, in the ass and pull out his liver, squeezes the sphincter, drags the young man with him; the young man has been living with Tapir for 10 years; Tapir warns that people will kill him soon; when Tapir was killed, the young man cries; but he still went home to eat his meat]: Leonel Queiroz et al. 1988:77-78.

Southern Amazon. Trumai [10-12 year old girl]: Monod Becquelin 1975, No. 49:172; Mehinacu [the boy was left alone in the house; Tapiriha came and said that she, like his mother, asked me to put her hand in her ass dragged; in the evening she began to eat fruit, her hand came out defecating but was mutilated]: Gregor 1985:178-179; kamayura: Münzel 1973:78-80 [forest spirit], 344-346 [girl]; Seki 2008, No. 6 [ Five girls went for fruit; one's mother asked if they found a tapir killed by hunters to bring her liver; the girl saw the tapir sleeping, thought she was dead, put her hand in his ass, the tapir ran, swam across the lake, the river, the lake again, to her house under the roots of the tree; the girl stays with the tapir for a year, her hand is inside; as the fruit ripens, she says that they are ripe at her father's house; every time the tapir replies that he does not eat these fruits; finally, the girl calls him favorite, the tapir runs to the girl's father's house; the tapir agrees to let the girl take out her hand; she is thin, so some women have thin elbows and wrists; the tapir falls into the hunting hole of the girl's father; she descends his poles to climb back, but they are all rotten, break; the tapir names parts of her body, asks which of the girl's relatives will be theirs yes; she answers; the tapira was killed, fried, eaten, at that time everyone wanted to eat only meat, not fish; the girl's tapira mites were removed, although she did not want to, she got used to them; she was terribly thin]: 291-323; rickback [tapir asks the boy (girl) to put fruit in his ass and climb himself (herself); runs, the child's body is half left outside; the boy eats fruits in the tapir's stomach; gets out several times and climbs back; his father kills a tapir, a boy dies]: Pereira 1994, No. 17:147-150.