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M7B. The fox asks for help from people passing by. 39.40.


zoomorphic character (usually a fox) finds himself in a place he can't get out of, and consistently asks for help from animals (fish) passing by or approaching him. The latter helps.

Estonians, Western Sami, Itelmen, Kereks, Chukchi, Asian Eskimos, Northern Alaska Inupiates.

Baltoscandia. Estonians [(=1987:60-63); Lisa bothers the fisherman with stupid questions (why does he make a raft, why will he throw a seine; asks him to make a raft for her), he throws her on a rock in the middle of the water; The fox pretends not to know how to swim, calls the fish to transport it ashore; rejects Pike, Burbot, Ruff; agrees to the Eel's offer, grabs it, throws it ashore; roasts the eel, takes a crack fire for the barking of dogs, gets frightened, then the fire hits, hot coals burn her eyes; the Fox asks Birch, Pine, Spruce to give her eyes, they refuse; Aspen believes that the Fox has forgotten her eyes on the mountain, what she is going for and will return it to Aspen with her own; the fox leaves, singing as she deceived Aspen; she rushed after her, but only stepped on her tail blindly; the tip of the fox tail is now white, and the leaves of Aspen tremble with anger]: Jakobson 1954:91-95; Western Sami: Klaus 1995 [A fox pretends to be dead, a man with a sledge caravan picks her up, throws her on the first sledge, she slips off; only stays lying down when abandoned at the last one in which salmon; throws salmon off the sledge, runs away; the Bear, Wolverine, the Hare replies that she caught fish in the ice-hole; ties one salmon to the tail, says that it has pecked; screams that a man is walking, others jump up, her tails are cut off (Wolverine has it in the middle); the fox is hiding under the roots of a pine tree, the Bear is trying to get it, she says that he grabbed not her leg, but the root, and when The bear grabs the root, the Fox pretends to grab her leg; yet the Bear took out the Fox, carried it, she sees the Motley Woodpecker, says she painted it at one time; The bear also wants to be in specks, promises to endure; The fox ties him up, leaves him in a hole with burning brushwood; The bear is burned, the fox carries his bones in the bag, hits him one in the bag, answers the passerby that her inheritance is in the bag parents; the shepherd agrees to buy it, gives a reindeer team in exchange; Lisa hired Stallo, Wolf and Mouse, told them to slaughter deer, Flea and the Hare told to cook meat; went to wash her stomach, hit against a stone, shouting that it was not her who killed, but the workers; Stallo and others were afraid that the owner of the deer had come and ran away; the fox threw hot guns at the Hare (hit the tips of her ears) and Flea (burned her tail) , they ran away; that shepherd came, Lisa said that everything had been eaten by her workers and relatives, one of them was Laska; the shepherd threw his head at him, the tip of his tail turned black; the fox on the shore called fish for them to transport it to the other side; consistently rejects everyone (listed), accepts salmon's help; calls it to the shore, grabs it, brings it to the empty plague; the roast hisses, the Fox thinks that People came, jumps out; realizing what was going on, they hit the salmon, the splashes of fat burned her eyes; the fox walks, asking the trees, but if they would lend her eyes; two species of pine do not give, the birch gives, the fox runs away, the birch manages to hit her tail, since then the tip is white]: 3-10; Kohl-Larsen 1982, No. 29 (including Balsfjord, Karasjok) [an old man named Anders melted resin in the cauldron to tar the boat; the fox came up and became say she would do the job better; A. grabbed her tail and threw her into the sea; she swam to a rock, called fish; answered the trout that her back was too slippery; sea perch that he too prickly; praised the salmon; asked to bring it to the very shore, otherwise she would soak her winter shoes - she hadn't changed it yet; she grabbed salmon at the shore and ran to the fire; threw salmon on the coals, but the fire blazed so much that the fox got scared and ran away; the salmon turned into coals]: 162-164; Poestion 1886, No. 1 (Karasjok, North Sami dialect) [when the fox saw a man with a sledge caravan, the fox pretended to be dead; man put it on the first sledge, the fox slipped off; shifted it to the second one, etc.; once on the last one where the fish was, the fox threw it off and jumped off on its own; tells the bear that it caught the fish with its tail lowered into ice-hole; when the tail froze, the fox began to call people; the bear cut off its tail, ran away; the fox also ran away, hid under the root, asked its dicks how they helped; leg: ran fast; ear: sensitive listened; nose: sniffed well; tail: showed to run here; bear pulled the fox by the tail, carried it to eat; passes by the spotted woodpecker; fox: that was the time when I was a bird painted! the bear also wants to be colorful; fox: to do this, you must tie you first; the fox tied it and burned it, put the bones in a bag, they rattle, the person he meets with deer pulled into sledges believes that gold and silver in the bag; gives deer for a bag; fox: you can open it by passing five or six mountains; wished a person's skis to break; they break; for the remaining deer to break their legs; broke; when the fox came to the deer received for the bear bones, the fox called his assistants to kill them: bear, wolverine, ermine, mouse, fox, snake, snake, snake, frog; the bear shot in the chin (now deer spot - "bear arrow"); wolf - in the back leg (there is a "bear arrow" spot); wolverine - in the back of the head ("wolverine arrow" spot); ermine - in the throat, mouse - in the hoof, even in the ass (everyone has the same), fox - at the base of the ear (there is now a "fox arrow" bone), in the intestines (a sign on the interior fat), the frog is in the heart (there is a "frog arrow" cartilage under the fat); so they killed all the deer; the fox went to wash the intestines, disappeared behind the stone, screamed as if she had been captured; the animals were frightened and ran away, leaving only an ermine and a mouse; at that time a deceived man came up; fox: it was my assistants who swapped gold with bones ; the man hit the tip of the tail with a pot hook over the fire, the tip turned black; the mouse hit the smut so it turned black; the fox came to the man who made the boat; I also want like this; in response, a man threw a fox into the river, it climbed onto a stone; each fish offers to transport it ashore, the fox rejects each; the pike is slippery, I can't resist; the perch - the dorsal fin scratches ; trout did not fit either; salmon; fox: swim closer; the fox grabbed it, threw it ashore, made a fire on its own, began to fry salmon; the branches are cracking, the fox thinks people are coming; then I realized; threw a stone at the salmon, fat splashed into her eyes, the fox went blind; she goes, asks the trees if they have an extra pair of eyes; the birch refuses to give, the aspen agrees to borrow for a while; the fox took it forever her eyes; the aspen only hit her on the tip of her tail, it turned white]: 7-15.

SV Asia. Itelmen [the fox wanted to marry; found wormed fish that had swept away the eggs; sat down and shakes it like a child - she is very pregnant; she eats worms herself; two loons are swimming along the river; the fox asks her to take it, calls himself the wife of a loon; loon: I am not a father to your child, his father is swimming behind; seagulls are swimming; the fox calls himself the wife of a seagull, sat on rafts; seagulls agree to fly; fox: what? seagulls: we say: swim carefully; seagulls flew up in a deep place, the fox was in the water, barely got out; lay down, taking off her skin and taking out her eyes, fell asleep; the raven Kutkh came up and poured water on it; the fox now naked and blind; she is called out by blueberries that pick themselves up; she makes eyes out of blueberries (all blue); the same from lingonberries (all red); from shiksha; finds her dried skin; soaks in a puddle , wears]: Menovshchikov 1974, No. 166:506-508; kereks [mice roll down the hill; this is the yaranga in which the Kala woman lives; she sews; something blocks the light; she thinks it's her cheek, eats her; then the second cheek is the same; when she saw the mice, she put them in a bag, hung them in yaranga on the upper crossbar; a fox lives next to her daughter Imyna; went to wander, hears crying; the mice teach: to make the bag fall, we must promise to fill it with mouse oil; the fox released the mice, was left alone, which died; the fox filled the bag with shiksha branches; told the mice to go home; let everyone migrate, leaving them in their original place sheep carcass; at home tells Ymynne to cook alder bark; feces returned with firewood; got an answer from the stone who released the mice; the fox says she is sick; gives tiny alder feces, says it illness, asks to go to the mountain and throw it away; she came up from behind and pushed the feces off the cliff; eiders are swimming on the ice floes; the fox asks to take her for a boat ride; they say that their boat will disappear; seagulls they take the fox into their boat; the seagull has attached the fox's wings; tells her not to sneeze when the sun rises; the fox sneezed, fell into the sea; swam on a log to the shore; went to bed, taking out her eyes and telling her to guard it; the old Kala woman got out of the abyss, poured water on the sleeping one; the fox was angry at her eyes for not guarding them well, ate them; went to look for new ones; the eyes made of berries are not suitable, everything around is red; she did new ice floes; shot at a sleeping bear; herself offers to cure him with hot stones; the bear is dead; the fox's daughters ate meat; the fox imposed the vertebrae on a rope, tied the sleeper to the tail wolf; shouted that toothy and fanged ones were chasing him; the wolf cut off his tail against the bushes; the grandmother sewed a new one, but it was no longer fluffy; and ordered the daughters to sew parts of the fluffy fox; now the tip of the fox's tail white and the fox black; the sea used to be clear; after the fox fell into it, it became salty and cloudy]: Menovshchikov 1974, No. 116:364-371; the Chukchi [the fox lowered its tail into the ice-hole, became to fish; the tail is frozen; a wolf, a hare, a bear, an ermine, an evrazhka, a wolverine, a fox pass by with argish; each fox asks to gnaw through its tail, but everyone replies that he has no time - from The argisha will fall behind; the mouse replies that it is weak, but agrees to gnaw for at least a month; when free, the fox says that she will be grateful all her life and promises two reindeer carcasses to the mouse]: Brodsky, Innecay 2018, No. 4: 18-19.

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos [the fox asks the rowers to take her to the kayak; the rowers in the first and second kayaks ask them to wait for the next one; the third fox picks up; it sings and hits the tambourine to make the road appear short; suddenly I felt the cold, was in the water, and a flock of teals was flying away; the fox swam to the shore, something was pulling back - the tail; on the shore, the fox spread its skin, took out its eyes, began to dry; the raven pecked eyes; the fox put on the skin, still looking for his eyes]: Menovshchikov 1969:20-22 (=1985, No. 16:51-52); Northern Alaska Inupiate [Porcupine asks to be transported across the river; from each kayak they answer that the next one will transport; it was Muskrat, Norka, Otter; Beaver moved; where the bodies of a beaver and a porcupine came into contact (back to abdomen), these animals have no fat]: Cleveland 1980:40-43.