Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M81. Blind people. .12.14.-. (.25.) .26.-.

Wandering, the hero finds himself in a place where blind or blind (two or more) live.

West Africa. Eva [during the famine, the Spider met Death, who rubbed the flour; he took the flour, took it away; Death's hair covered Death's eyes, she did not see anyone taking her brew; Spider and Death took them one by one, them Hands met; while Death was removing her hair from her face, Spider ran into town; Death followed him and saw that there was plenty of food there and began to kill people]: Olderogge 1959:178-179; vute [Tukur (dwarf deer) came to Mekir (a mythical beast); he is blind; T. quietly eats all the meat he cooks from M.; M. grabbed him, T. promised to highlight his eyes; cooked a brew, poured M. into his eyes, he died; Tukura was once eaten by the Leopard; Guinea fowl laughed; T. praised the beauty of her plumage; the leopard wished to be just as beautiful; T. told him to get into the basket, braided it; braided it, dropped it on the Leopard the fetus; then threw the fruit away; the leopard thought that T. himself had jumped in that direction, and T. ran in the opposite direction; the leopard caught up with him; T. lay down on his back and pretended to support him the clouds or they will fall; then T. hid in the stump, but the Leopard pulled him by the ears; T.: I'm dirty, I have to be licked first; the leopard began to lick, T. ran away]: Sieber 1921, No. 14:171-173.

North Africa. The Arabs of Eastern Algeria (Souf) [the king keeps his seven sons in the palace, wanting to protect them from everything bad in the world; they are given boneless meat, almonds without shells, watermelons without watermelons skins; one day a black maid forgot to take out the dice; the young men began to play, throwing the dice at each other, broke the window and saw the outside world; told the maid to tell everything about birth, love, death; sent to the father asking him to let them go; the king married his sons; his daughters-in-law annoyed him, he decided to get rid of them; the Jew advised him to be sick, let the sons bring the blood of their wives; six wives were killed, and the youngest Ali brought the blood of the gazelle, ran away with his wife; they came to the house of 40 blind gulas; they cooked 40 tortillas and 40 servings of meat; Ali quietly took one; the ghuli got into a fight, Ali killed them and threw them into the well; the wife heard a groan, pulled out and hid one ghoul who had just been wounded; Ghoul advised Ali to be sent for golden rejuvenating apples; the old woman teaches Ali to slip between the crushing mountains; have time to jump over the garden fence (as soon as the wall sees Ali's horse, it will begin to grow); picking apples, galloping away without turning around; Ali turned slightly to his voice, the horse's tail was cut off; the old woman tells give her the rejuvenating apples and bringing the usual ones to his wife; the ghoul advised Ali to play chess for a living; Ali let his wife win, believing it was a joke, but she killed him and put the pieces of his body in a bag , attached his horse to the saddle and told the horse to ride to where he came from; the old woman put the pieces together, but the heart and liver were not enough; she sent the cat to the ghoul, she brought her heart and liver; with the juice of the rejuvenating The old woman revived the apples; he came to the ghoul disguised as a dervish, slaughtered him at night, stabbed his wife, returned to the old woman; she turned the cat into a beautiful woman, Ali married her, returned to his father, who handed it to him throne]: Scelles-Millie 1963:313-316; Iraqi Arabs [blind men duped into fighting; Trickster says he gave one of the blind money they should share; didn't actually; blind people accuse each other, fighting]: El-Shamy 2004, No. 1577:866.

Western Asia. Iraqi Arabs [blind men duped into fighting; Trickster says he gave one of the blind men money they should share; didn't really; blind people blame each other, fight]: El-Shamy 2004, No. 1577:866.

Southern Europe. Spaniards: Uther 2004 (2), No. 1577:316; Catalans [the man pretends to give alms to one of the two beggars; everyone thinks the money was received by the other, are arguing]: Oriol, Pujol 2008, no. 1577:257; Italians (Lazio): Cirese, Serafini 1975, No. 1577, 1577*: 345-346.

Western Europe. Dutch, Flemish, Germans (no place of recording): Uther 2004 (2), No. 1577:316.

Melanesia. Mountain arapes [two blind men pass pieces of pork to each other; two women quietly take them for themselves; men catch, eat one woman, another runs away, calls people; people set fire to a house the blind, they burned down]: Fortune 1942, No. 10:209-210 (=Mead 1940, No. 28:373); keva [a boy meets a man without a face in the forest with a hole on the top of his head; he gives pork, puts it in this hole; the boy steals his meat; one day he notices the loss, makes a trap, hangs the boy in a basket above the river; the basket decays, flying foxes bring the boy home to his mother; he grows up, comes to faceless, puts a hot stone in his hole; the faceless throws it into the water; the water hisses, evaporates; this is how the fog appeared]: LeRoy 1985, No. 68:207-209; Efate (New Hebrides) [heavenly maidens) went fishing, a man stole the wings of one of them, she gave birth to him Maka Tafaki and Karisi Bum; her husband began to treat her badly; her sons found her wings, she flew away; the sons made a chain of arrows, climbed into heaven; a blind old woman was cooking six yam tubers, the brothers slowly hid one; the old woman realized they were her grandchildren, named them by name; they found a mother]: MacDonald 1898:765-767 in Lessa 1961: 129-130; Tanna [two women burned dry leaves on the plot; one of them's little daughter went to the fire, the smoke carried her to the sky; there the blind old woman Masineruk feeds the pigs; the girl unnoticed picks up food; M. answers when she got to heaven; M. asks not to go to a certain place; the girl tells M. to put a certain grass on her eyes, dive, she gains sight; left alone, a girl goes to the forbidden place, opens the door in the ground, sees the ground below, her house; M. found out why the girl was crying, lowered her down on the vine; she was met by her mother and sister; then M. lowered her on the same There are a few pigs on the rope; one of the Coal Bags is that hole in the sky]: Humphreys 1926:97-99.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Uliti (Carolina) [having been refused by the bride's relatives, Haluwai ordered the servants to sail the boat; six died, H. was the last to sail to the tree - the pillars of the sky; the trunk branched; H. sent the servant one trunk at a time, the lizard cut him in half; then he climbed one by one to the nest of a giant bird; hid under its feathers, flew on it; seeing an island below (in the upper world), threw a pebble so that a bird could come down to grab it; jumped to find an inhabited island; a blind old woman bakes a tarot in the sun; H. secretly takes her tarot; confesses when she says her sons will come- cannibals; H. cut through her eyes with spicy grass, she saw the light; taught her how to bake tarot (on fire); she hid it under her chest; her sons are also grateful to H.; the old woman does not tell X. to lift the mat in the corner of the house ; he picked it up, saw his village on Fr. Yap; an old woman threw it there in a box; now it's a rock; H. marries his fiancée; the excrement of the old woman's rooster with her became yams]: Lessa 1980, No. 25:8-11; Kapingamarangi [younger brother Apart throws a chisel received from Apari's older brother at the frigate bird; the bird takes it away, Apari demands his chisel back; Apara comes to a blind old woman who cooks tarot; he makes her sighted; performs her three assignments (not a decree, which ones); gets two beauties, they have a chisel in their hands (obviously returns the chisel to her brother); Apari comes to the same woman, does the opposite, gets two ugly old women; they chase him, he runs, dies of exhaustion, and l from the eldest.]: Albert 1949:243; Nukumanu [Woman Earth met the Wind that lived in heaven; then he could not go down to her, asked name their child Sinekepápa; this is a daughter; then the Wind came back to Earth, she gave birth to her youngest daughter Asina; Sky found out that Earth had daughters, asked her father for permission to go down; Earth asked Wind, whether he agreed to give his eldest daughter, he agreed, the eldest married; after that, a man named Opuna came to marry his youngest daughter, received; Sinekepapa gave birth to a son Naleau; he decided to go to to his father in heaven (Kimulani); that mother is blind, N. touched her eyes, ants, a centipede, black squirrels, crabs fell out, she saw the light, glad to see her grandson; he leaves, meets men led by Opuna, who build a guest house, mock them; when he jumps into a hole prepared for a pole, they throw a pole at him; he turns into an ant, hides inside a pole; goes out; replaces him in earthen stove food with crap; they want to bake it in the oven, it turns into an ant, crawls out unnoticed; sails to Keloma Island]: Sarfert, Damm 1931:413-436; Nauru [from the older, middle sister the first period comes, parents give gifts; when the youngest Egig ("eucalyptus") is not given; she leaves, plants a coconut, the tree grows to the sky; in heaven she comes to a blind old woman; E. drinks her palm wine; when she takes the second shell with wine, the old woman catches it; E. extracts midges, worms, ants from her eyes, she sees the light; hides it from her sons; the Sun, Thunder come; the third son Good month; marries E., she is visible on the lunar disk]: Permyakov 1970, No. 138:337-339; Rotuma [sisters Nujka'u; Nk) and Nujmanga (Hujmaga; Nm); caught a bird in a snare, Nm ate it; put it a new snare, caught an old woman and her grandson; while the old woman was fishing, they ate their grandson; asked the tree sprout to grow, it grew to the sky; they went up there, peeling off the bark behind them to make the trunk slippery; in heaven they came to two blind twins with their backs; they were stealing yams from them; the twins raised their legs, began to grimace, the sisters laughed, they caught them; the sisters put bugs to their eyes, they saw the light, separated from each other; all four began to live well]: Churchward 1939:328-330 (trans. Polinskaya 1986, No. 15:77-80); Niue [divine boy thrown out after birth; grows up, goes to look for parents; comes to an old woman baking eight yam tubers; restores her sight; she says how to find a father]: Beckwith 1970:256; Samoa [Kalokalo-o-ke-la comes to her blind grandmother; she finds out his presence when he counts eight tarot buds; he gives her back vision; climbs a tree, where she finds an amulet shell for good fishing]: Beckwith 1970:256; Hawaii [Hina finds a man's loincloth on the beach, puts it on herself, gives birth from it Maui; the fire is owned by chickens (mud hens), they hide when M. approaches; he grabs the smallest one, who first says that fire should be extracted by friction from the tarot, from ti leaves (M. tries, in these leaves plants are left with holes); indicates correctly, M. makes fire, punishes the chicken, leaving a red stripe on her head; the sun moves too fast; M. steals bananas one by one, which he bakes it blind grandmother; she recognizes him, agrees to help; sitting on a tree, M. throws a noose over the rays of the rising sun; the Sun agrees to move more slowly, especially in summer; together with his brothers M. catches the forest is land; tells the brothers not to look back, one violates the ban, the forests are cut off, so the land mass is divided into islands]: Beckwith 1970:229-330; Tuamotu [Tahaki and Karihi meet the blind old woman Kuhi; she shows the way to the country of Matua-uru, gives a net to catch spirits; advises to catch female stars flying to her house at night; K. can't catch, T. catches a star named Tokurua Dawn {morning Venus?)} ; they find T.'s father named Hema, he's in a cesspool, they wash him with coconut oil, give him back the eyes that adorned the Roi-Matagotago woman's belt, kill male spirits]: Beckwith 1970:252; Tahiti : Beckwith 1970 [Ari'i and Tafa'i meet a blind old woman, steal her tarot, dodge her fishing hook, kill her; or Tafa'i chooses a wife from four blind Ui star daughters; it's Morning A star, he rises with her to heaven]: 255-256; Gill 1876 [Ouri gave birth to Oemā's eldest son Arii, the youngest Tavai; a father's relative beat T., his mother was indignant, O. went to the lower world out of shame; T. went to return him, reluctantly took A. with him; the brothers came to the old blind Kui, she cooks tarot, etc., they quietly take her food; K. began to crochet the kidnappers; the brothers throw a log, she catches him with a hook; then A. catches him; T. cut the forest, the brothers killed K. with an ax she used to kill others; brothers tell the red shark she is their grandfather, the shark transports them across the sea; they have a supply of coconuts , they smash the last one against a shark, it dives, but then emerges, takes the brothers to the land of the dead; the brothers kill a local priest, an old woman, someone they meet, find their father's bones, bring them to the ground]: 250-255; Manihiki (North Cook Islands) [the youngest of the three Maui brothers pretends to be sleeping, secretly follows his parents, who ask the sacred pillar to open, descend through the crevice, bring food from the underworld; while everyone is sleeping, M. comes to the pole, asks him to open up, penetrates into the lower world, sees a blind old woman; she is his grandmother; he sees three fields, then three trees, one good thing, the other middle, the third is miserable; to find out whose they are, the grandmother every time says, "Who is this in the field of older (middle, junior) M.?" ; so M. finds out which field (fruit tree) is his (worst) and which are his brothers; when he climbs a third tree, a grandmother with a stick comes to punish the thief; M. throws the fruit in one eye, then on the other, she sees the light, says that everything on earth and underground will belong to him]: Kauraka 1982:35-38 (=1989:18-19); Mangaia (Cook Islands South) [Ukupolu rejects Ako, says it will come out for his friend Tane; A. leads T. to her but is jealous; T. grabs a long branch of a huge tree, is thrown up, falls into Enua-kura (The Land of the Parrot's Red Feathers); T. comes to the blind Kui, eats it unnoticed yam; she throws a fishing hook, T. puts a banana stump in her place; then a bush; lets herself be caught for the third time; says he is T., the old woman recognizes him as a grandson; there is water on her island only in coconuts; K. tells them not to climb a palm tree to the sky, they are guarded by her children by a lizard, a centipede, a beetle, a locust (mantis); T. killed them, climbed a palm tree, tilted it over Avaiki, dropping coconuts in it, then the palm tree straightened up again; hit K.'s eyes with two coconuts, she saw the light; T. rejects K. (she later became the wife of the Month), marries her youngest; she is jealous, he weaves baskets like wings, flies to them at Avaiki]: Gill 1876:107-114 (briefly in Beckwith 1970:256); Rarotonga [ Tongoifare is Tangaroa's daughter; her husband Manuahifare; they have three sons Maui and a daughter Inaika ("Ina Fish"); the youngest Maui noticed that his father disappears in the morning, returns after dark; he put an end father's belt under him to wake up when the father gets up; sees the father telling the pillar of the house to open so that he can go down to the lower world; during the day he does the same; meets a blind old woman; she She takes the coals out of the fire with tongs, thinking it's food, and the food burns; she replies that her name is Inaporari (Blind Ina), she is Maui's grandmother; four trees nearby; Maui knocks on each one one; every time the old woman says that this tree belongs to Maui the elder, then the middle, Inaika, and finally Maui the Younger; he replies that he is Maui the Younger; immediately fruits appear on the tree; after biting off a piece , Maui throws them into the eyes of the old woman, she sees the light; says that the fire is owned by Maui's grandfather Tangaroa-tuimata ("T. with a tattooed face"); after admitting his grandson, the grandfather gives him smut, Maui leaves and extinguishes it; so four times; on the fifth, Tangaroa fires with two sticks, Maui holds one; blows out the fire; then the tern holds one; Maui understands how to make a fire; pulls out his grandfather's upper stick; the lower one in the tern, for this purpose it burns it above the eyes, the spots remain; the tern flies away; Maui invites Tangaroa to fly through the same hole; takes off with his rainbow belt; Maui pushes him, Tangaroa falls, breaks; Maui puts his bones in a coconut, opens it, Tangaroa comes to life; tells parents who have descended to the lower world to visit Tangaroa only on the third day; he returns to the upper world, opens brothers and sister the secret of getting fire; shows them the lower world]: Gill 1876:63-70 (retelling in Frazer 1930:79-82); Marquises [Koomahu climbs into heaven to look for a sister hooked blind old woman Tapa; meets T., who bakes bananas, he regains her sight, marries one of her star daughters; finds his sister, descends with her to the ground on a tree he planted on the ground at the beginning of his journey]: Beckwith 1970:256; Maori [Tawhaki is a good fisherman, his wife's four brothers are bad; they attack him, he's barely alive, his wife finds him, saves him; he tells his people to go to the mountain, causes a downpour, the village of his wife's brothers is washed away by the flood; T.'s younger brother Karihi; their parents were stolen by Ponaturi creatures; they can't stand the light of the sun, sleep on the ground at night, hide under water for a day; brothers find a mother, she says that P. killed their father; the brothers tell his mother to tell P. that it is still night; she says that the day has come when it is very bright; P. melted from sunlight, only Salmon jumped into the water, became a salmon; the heavenly maiden Hapai came down to T., gave birth to him a daughter; he said something about his daughter that offended her mother, she took her daughter, returned to heaven, saying that if he wanted to find her, let her cling to her a vine that is firmly rooted in the ground, not swaying under the clouds; T. and K. come to their blind grandmother, steal her tarot roots; she tries to kill thieves, they restore her sight, she recognizes her grandchildren; she leads them to the heavenly vines; K. grabs the swaying one, T. sends him home; he climbs the stable himself, turns into an old man, he is told to carry a Tesla, he quietly completes the half-finished boat; he is told to carry firewood, he comes to his wife and daughter; H. and her brothers will guess who he is; he's back with H., becoming Thunder; (brief retelling in Beckwith 1970:249, 255)]: Reed 1999:58-74: Hambruch 1914 [= Permyakov 1970, No. 138:337-339; the older, middle sister has her first period, parents give gifts; when the youngest Egig ("eucalyptus") is not given; she leaves, plants a coconut, the tree grows to heaven; in heaven comes to a blind old woman; E. drinks her palm wine; when she takes the second wine shell, the old woman catches it; E. extracts midges, worms, ants from her eyes, she sees the light; hides from her eyes sons; Sun, Thunder come; third son Good Month; marries E., she is visible on the moon disk]: 435-436; DeRoBurt 1968-1976 [Eigigu woman has three daughters; older parents loved and pampered, and the youngest oppressed {at the end of the story, the youngest is named Eigigigu}; the youngest planted a walnut on the shore, a sprout made its way, she watered it and the tree grew to the sky; she named it Deigimadere; she climbed according to it; her mother and sisters asked her to come back, but she refused and went to heaven; saw a blind woman making syrup in coconut shells; counting 10 out loud; the girl stole one, drank syrup; when she reached for the second, the old woman caught her; first tickled her and then promised to eat her; said that she did not need a maid; it was another matter if the girl made her sighted; she said the magic word and the old woman's eyes opened; various flies and ants came out of there and the old woman saw the light; immediately fell in love with the girl; her son Thunder was the first to come; the thunder was his voice, lightning flew out of his eyes; man, but the old woman hid the girl until Thunder fell asleep; the same with her second son, the Sun (he is terribly hot); the third, Month, is benevolent and pleasant; the girl chose him as her husband; they are now visible together in the night sky; Eigigu is sitting in front of their house waving to her sisters and mother; she is a happy woman on the moon]; Gilbert (Tabiteuea Atoll) [two women lived on the moon, Nei Nibarara and Nei Matanoko; NN always weaved mats; NM was blind and evaporated palm juice in coconut jars; once noticed that one of the vessels was empty; caught NN by the hand, who secretly took the juice; angry, drove her away and was left alone on the moon]: Koch 1966:32.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Bhutan [the son of a wealthy peasant woman went to buy a bull; the poor son also went; at the fork, the first followed a good path, the second along a barely visible path; the poor stuck his staff in the ground: if he reaches the goal, then the staff will sprout; in the hut, the blind old man and the old woman give each other food; the boy quietly settled between them, ate everything; the old man closed the door and they caught him; he begged for mercy him; he was entrusted with herding cows and not entering sinpos lands; a shinpo girl came, fangs from her mouth; promised to kill herself, but first told her to clean her head of nits, but not to crush one louse in which her life; the boy crushed the louse, the girl died; the boy dug a hole nearby, disguised it; the girl's father and mother (father with fangs, mother with breasts on her back) came up; fell into a hole; the boy asked where the eyes were old people; under an inverted pot in the kitchen; the boy took out his eyes and filled a hole; restored the old people's sight; asked them for a golden horn, the sounds of which gather cows at any distance; old people they reluctantly gave it away; the old woman ordered to blow either into the gorge, but not on the mountain; the boy blew into the gorge, all the cows (or rather females from the crossing of mitans and Bhutanese cows) went to the sound; the boy came to the place where he stuck the staff: it had already become a tree; but a rich boy brought only a few skinny Tibetan cows; at night he pushed the poor man into the fire, which burned down; but one of his cows began to lick the ash and the boy revived from her nostrils to become a wonderful young man; when they brought the cows home, the poor also pushed the rich man into the fire; the cow began to lick the ash, and an undersized madman appeared from her nostrils freak; his mother is terrified, poor boy's mother is happy]: Choden 1994:21-26.

South Asia. Punjabi [blind fakir: Who is Allah's lover who will let me touch 100 gold coins? the soldier heard and immediately found a purse with a hundred gold; let him touch the fakir, but he did not give it back, shouted that his money was being taken away; the soldier followed him unnoticed; when he entered his house, the fakir picked up a stove in the floor and added a hundred to the four hundred that were already there; the soldier went to get the money, but hit the shelf; the fakir yelled and waved his stick, and another blind man ran in; the fakir thought it was him wants to rob him; the blind are left to fight, and the soldier fled with the money]: Swynneton 1908, No. 4:39-41.

(Cf. Taiwan - Philippines. Tsoe [There were wild cats living together. It is said that one day (they) went together to get honey. It was as if one came inside the bee house and the other is said to have stayed outside. What was extracted from inside seemed to be taken by the rest outside and accumulated. But there was still a peeking man. They say that they stabbed the rest outside to take what was served inside instead of (her). When the cat had finished extracting the honey, she was said to have come outside the bee house and saw that for some reason there was no other cat but only a human being, so (she) was scared and wanted to run away as a result, she was also killed by a person, and (he) thus took away the honey extracted by cats]: Nevsky 1935:72).

China - Korea. A fox (the border between Yunnan and Burma) [two blind people hear Khwàdjasap'à cutting a tree; they think he is going to get honey and does not want to share it; K. gave them a leaf with his crap; The first took a sip, gave it to the second one, he also tried it; first: I could not warn, my mouth was full; they started fighting; next time they cooked a piece of meat; the first one bit off, handed it to the second, but K. caught meat; blind men fight again; K. laughs; both rush at him, but only hit each other again]: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:524-526; Koreans [the poor man came to the blind; they alternately They invite each other to dinner; the poor man told his wife to collect the ribs that had been thrown into the trash, fried them, the blind people smelled the aroma and thought they would be well fed; then the poor man put crap under everyone's nose everyone thought that a neighbor had ruined the air; they started fighting; the poor man said that all the plates were beaten during the fight and not only did not feed the audience, but took money from them for the damage caused]: Choi 1979, No. 676:300.

The Balkans. Moldovans [a childless man complains to an old man with a knee-length beard that he and his wife do not have a child; he sends him back home, an adult worker son, Fat Frumos; FF goes to look for whose loud scream he heard; this is Belief a hero; on the way he quietly eats the food of a blind old man; he guesses that he calls FF his son, says that V. has a sister Ilyan-Kosynzyan; gives a horse and two dogs ; V. is sick, FF asks IC to find out the reason; he tells how an old woman in a tree asked to throw a hair at his horse and dogs, went down, started frying frogs, became a monster, took him out insides, putting various rubbish, said that he would die if he told her what happened; V. dies; FF burns hairs, horse and dogs defeat the old woman, FF makes her tell her where the heart and kidneys are V.; FF takes living and dead water there; kills an old woman; revives V., gets AI; she is carried away by the Serpent; FF follows her, takes 1) drinking the river, 2) eating the earth from hunger, 3) freezing in fire, 4) running with millstones on his feet, 5) a sharpshooter, 6) encircling with ropes; Serpent 1) leaves them in a hot house (Freezer cools); 2) tells you to eat and drink a lot (Eat, Drank); 3) compare hills (The encirclement ties them with ropes, smooths them); 4) deliver water from afar faster than the messenger Serpent (The Runner pulls them out, falls asleep, the Shooter wakes him up); the Serpent gives him IR, tells him to go by sea, Freezes him freezes; wedding]: Botezat 1982:235-245; Hungarians [the old woman advised a childless woman to swallow legumes that she will sweep out of the house; the woman found, swallowed three grains, gave birth sons named Evening, Night Owl, Dawn; they grew up, went to seek service; the king asks to clean the well, promises three daughters; the brothers have done the job, but the king admitted that his daughters are on guard dragons; brothers saw a hole in the forest, stopped, began to cook one by one; every time the little man knocks down the cook, eats everything; when Dawn was left, he pinched the little man's beard with a tree; his brothers released for promising to show how to go down the hole; Dawn descended, the queen gave a multiplying ring, Dawn demolished the dragon 9 heads; hitting the table with this royal stick turned the palace into silver apple; same with two other royals (12-headed dragon, golden apple; 18-headed, diamond apple); sent the queens upstairs; tied a stone instead, the brothers cut off the rope; Dawn sees blind spouses passing food to each other; their eyes were pulled out by a 24-headed dragon; Dawn quietly took the meat; then opened; the couple ordered not to herd sheep in the dragon's realm; the dawn killed the dragon, returned her eyes dazzled; one of the woman's eyes was swallowed by a cat, Dawn put a cat's eye in the woman, she began to catch mice at night; Dawn hid the vulture birds from the hail; the mother bird tells me to cook meat and wine, brings Dawn to the ground, there was not enough meat, he cut off the meat from the calf; the bird: it was delicious, I would know it ate you; under the guise of a beggar, Dawn came to the king, the brothers did not recognize him; they answer that whoever brings his brother to the tail of a horse must be tied to the tail, and the queen who saved him must be married to her; the royals recognized their rings; Dawn forgave the brothers, married a younger princess]: Ortutai 1957, No. 5:141-150; the Greeks, [blind men duped into fighting; Trickster says he gave one of the blind money they should share; didn't actually give; blind people blame each other, fight]: Uther 2004 (2), No. 1577:316; Bulgarians [the prince tells his parents that he dreams that his father is pouring water on his hands, his mother is holding a towel; the king expels his son; he comes to a house in the forest where a blind man the old man; eats food with him unnoticed; he realizes that someone is nearby; the young man stays with the elder; he does not tell him to go to two trees; the young man walks, sees two birds, they go down to the spring, become girls; the young man hides his clothes alone, the girl agrees to marry him; washes the elder's eyes, he sees the light; shows his treasures, gives a magic horse; the prince flies home in it, where is the sister's wedding; but the sister now wants to marry only an unknown handsome man; yet there is a feast, where the prince opens after his father has poured water on his hands and his mother held a towel; after the death of the elder, the Tsarevich occupies his father's throne]: Klyagina-Kondratyeva 1951:100-104.

Central Europe. Poles [a person tells three blind men that he gave one of them a gold coin; blind people accuse each other, fight]: Krzyżanowski 1963, № 1635i: 108; Belarusians [mazurik sends drink blind beggars to the tavern with money they did not give, and to the palace to remember the tsar who did not die]: SUS 1979, No. 1577:332 (Dobrovolsky, 4:676-677); Ukrainians (Kharkiv, Lebedinsky u ., c. 1878) [Son Leo steals and sells his father's best horse, his parents send him and his coachmen to the forest, order him to be killed. They feel sorry and cut off his little finger, kill the dog, bring the boy's heart, liver and finger to his parents. The father buries what is left of his son at home, and an apple tree with silver and golden apples and branches grows. When an apple is plucked, blood flows from the tree, and the words are heard: "deception, my friend is a snake." The lion finds himself in a deep yar, enters a beautiful house, sees that the windows are open, pancakes lie on them, blind old people live here, a woman bakes pancakes and puts them on the window, the lion eats them, the grandfather asks for a treat, the old woman realizes that the pancakes are gone. They ask the stranger to identify himself (if the old one is a parent, the young one is a son), Leo responds and stays with them like a son. They rejoice at him, he herds their goats, they warn them if they herd them near fast waters - they give them a bucket of milk, but the snake forbids them: they gouged out the eyes of the old people. The serpent forbids Leo to lead goats, drives a goat, holds her ear and presses a snake, asks where he keeps the eyes of old people - under a trough in the yard, makes them insert, tells the woman to warm the milk, wash it with it eyes and insert. A lion and a snake rub the eyes of old people, and they see the light. The lion plants the snake in the oven. Old people go to look for a bride for their son, forbid him to enter the barn, he enters, for the first lock, money for the second, silver, for the third - a "personal horse with golden hooves.." a tall bay horse with golden hooves, he sits on it, the old people hear that their horse has been released, the old man harnesses six goats, the horse tells Leo to say "become goats" three times, he says they stop. Leo returns to his native village, tells his story, plays, and is asked to play for his father. He listens, asks Lev to stay with him as a son, learns his story, admits that he is his father]: Chubinsky 1878, No. 79:304-307; Russians (Moscow, the only Russian option; it's better not take into account that the origin can be any) [the man gives the blind fifty dollars and asks for 48 kopecks change; he starts shouting that he is being robbed; the man quietly takes a crutch from the blind man, but he gets to at home and at one; the man next; the blind man takes out the barrel, pours money into it: he forcibly equalized 500; the man quietly took the barrel; the blind man calls another: I rolled the barrel, and he went somewhere; the second blind: for the thief and flour; I changed mine for bank notes, and sewed it into a hat; the man also took his hat, disappeared; the second decided that the first blind man tore off his head, they began to fight]: Afanasiev 1958 (3), No. 382: 161-162; (cf. Russians (Olonetskaya) [old woman got lost; woodworker: can you make the elders sin? she knocked, the old man opened the window, she clicked it in the head: leave it on you and the other; the other asks what was given to the first; he replies that nothing; the elders got into a fight; the woodworker took the old woman home]: Onchukov 2008, No. 293:517).

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Armenians [a son in the family, a daughter was born; the dough disappears; the brother watches, sees how the baby got out of the crib, swallowed the dough, came back; the parents refused to kill their daughter; the brother left and saw a herd of sheep, with a blind husband and wife; for several days the young man has been slowly eating milk; they notice that milk is disappearing; the young man confesses that he stays with these people; they do not tell them to drive sheep east and to the west; in the west live devils who dazzled them, and in the east there is a cannibal lioness; a young man goes to hell, splits a log, offers to stick his hand, knocks out a wedge; demands that the devils return their eyes and teach how to insert them; then kills them all; lioness: if I face one lion cub, you can pass, or if more, I'll kill them; a young man hides two lion cubs in a bag, raises them like dogs; a lioness believes that she gave birth to only one ; the young man decides to go to visit his native places, leaves a saucer of milk: if it turns black, he is in trouble; the house is empty, one sister; says that she will go cook, eats the horse, asks if he has come brother on foot; he says yes; she leaves again; cock: she went to sharpen her teeth; brother runs away leaving a sandbag; sister thinks brother is in the bag, bites her, sand in her eyes; brother climbs on the plum , who grew from a bone he abandoned when he left home when he was young; his sister chews on the trunk, the brother moved to the second plum; the milk turned black, the lions were lowered, they came running, tore the cannibal]: Gardner 1944: 165-168.

Iran - Central Asia. Baluchi: Zarubin 1932, No. 4 [a newborn rips open the bellies of cattle at night; her brother has second eyes on the back of his head, he sees everything, asks to kill her sister, they don't believe him, he leaves; he returns, on the road meets three blind girls sucking milk from three goats; sucks milk, they catch it; he kills buzlangs, brings magic leaves, restores girls' eyesight; leaves two dogs, tells let go if the feeder is covered with rust; a dead city finds him at home, his sister leads his horse to drink, eats up one leg, his brother in fear agrees that he came on a three-legged horse; the same episode with with other legs, head, harness; brother asks his sister to bring water with a sieve, she tells him to hit the cup; the mouse hits instead of him, he runs away; the sister eats the mouse, chases; he throws one or the other gold hearth supports, the sister hesitates to pick them up; throws an antimony brush, it turns into a tree, it's on top, she gnaws the trunk with her teeth; he calls the dogs, they kill his sister, she says the bead is in her throat should be crushed; with this powder he revives the dead], 5 [option; the king has three sons, including Lalu four-eyed; sees her sister getting up from the cradle, gutting the camels; to the house of three blind girls fall from the sky bread; L. bites off them, drinks goat milk, catches him; he goes to the buzlanga, he whips him, L. pretends to be pleasant; beats the buzlangi, he tells him to crush him before his death three beads in his throat, the powder makes the girls' eyes sighted; as in (4); L. leaves his ash-filled clothes; three hearth supports; L. hides in date trees that grew from the ones he planted formerly bones; end as in (4)]: 52-60, 60-68.

Baltoscandia. Finns, Lithuanians [blind men duped into fighting; Trickster says he gave one of the blind money they should share; he didn't really; the blind blame each other, fight ]: Uther 2004 (2), No. 1577:316; Latvians [A fraudster quarrels blind beggars: Hits one, the other thinks he has been given alms and demands his share]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 1577:361.

Volga - Perm. Komi [the bear stole a woman, she gave birth to a son Mikhailo, who grew up and ran away; on the way he met Goryn, then Usynya; they find an empty house, slaughter a bull, eat it, leave W. home; from under Old man Buinyr comes out as tall as an inch, a beard two inches tall, beats W., turns into an armful of hay; the next day the same as G.; M. defeats him, he leaves with his beard cut off; W. and G. lower M. on a belt to the goltz; M. walks through the meadow, comes to two blind spouses, eats their food unnoticed; they realize that they have come baptized, complain about B. eating their bulls; B. turns into a bear, M. releases him wasps, beats, kills; frees three sisters, marries one, gives the others to G. and W.]: Doronin 2004:35-39.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Altaians [Olönbir quarrels with his brother, his people and property burn down, he commits suicide; brother and sister remain; sister offers to part, gives his brother the name Madai-Kara ; heroes passing by beat him with a whip; he enters the house of the blind old man and old woman, steals meat from the cauldron; remains a servant; at the foot of an iron poplar he fights with Jam-jeak, who has one eye in his forehead; he advises him to rip open his stomach, throw his guts over him; MK throws them at the stone, the stone burns; opens J.'s thumb, takes out four eyes from there, inserts them into the elderly; those they see the light, the old man turns out to be a khan, gives MK his wife Altyn-Tadi; MK hits Yerlik's blue bull in the only vulnerable place - a wart; he has been living with E. for a hundred years, marries his daughter Yerka- Kara; she rides a horse for a long time, he reproaches her for infidelity, hits her; returns to earth, becomes a khan]: Nikiforov 1915:105-116; Khakas [widow lives with her teenage son; boy went to hunt with onions, went into the hut; there are seven blind men, one plays the chathan; they tell him to bring a bear; by the power of play, he falls in front of the entrance to the hut, seven slaughter him; the boy quietly cut off, took away his right front leg; the mother beats her son for robbing the blind; the meat was eaten, the guy went again, this time the blind men called an elk, the guy cut off again and brought his leg; mother explains that Skinny made these seven eyeless, beat her son again with a rod; the third time the blind called a white deer; the boy brought his leg when his mother was away; she came back, waited for her son she would fall asleep, beat it for a long time, and then took it out and tied it to a pine tree; the blind men pulled it out and brought it along with the pine tree, because they guessed that he was robbing them; they wanted to fry it and for that purpose they untied it from the pine tree; he But he grabbed Chatkhan and ran away with him; met three men dressed in white falcon feathers, white elk skin, tiger skin; the boy told them about chatkhan and showed them how to get a bear; agreed give them a chatkhan in exchange for their skins, which allow them to turn into a falcon, an elk, a tiger; the guy flies, runs, putting on these three skins one by one, so he does not get tired; he hid the skins in the hollow, came to the khan; he promises another khan to give his daughter for him if he brings a silk shawl from his khanate in two days; otherwise the khanate will take away from him; a good horse will run to that khanate for half a month; the guy promises him go there in two days; and the khan, who gave his daughter away, had a son who could fly in a crow's plumage; the guy got there in half a day, changing his clothes, the girl gave him a handkerchief, he came back but fell asleep; the khan's son ( the one who could become a crow) stole the handkerchief and cut off the boy's head; the three who now have chatkhan came; one took out a belt from under his falcon shirt and revived the decapitated man with it; he demanded to call the girl whose handkerchief came and showed the falcon feather, elk and tiger fur, which she took quietly; the khan himself shot his son after learning about his crime; the khan groom got a bride and gave his sister (the one whose handkerchief) to the guy]: Torokova, Sychenko 2014, No. 20:355-373; the Mongols (Ordos) [the son of the elderly Chulmun made a violin from a horse's skull; father advised me to better master thieves craft; C. came to two blind old men who handed lamb to each other; quietly took it himself, the old men began to fight; in the yurt one driver sewed, the other slept; C. quietly took the awl, pricked sleeping; the drovers began to fight; as a result, C. stole their bulls and took away their yurt; stole the mule, the owner caught up with him, tied a bunch of firewood to C.'s back, threw it into the river; C. got out, told the humpback shepherd of pigs that he cured his hump with this bundle; the shepherd took the bundle off C.'s back, C. threw it into the river, took the herd; the king promises C. a daughter if he stole his ring; took the ring in his mouth, put the dogs at the gate Garja and Barge, at the middle gate of two old men, two old women at the inside, two girls at the door of their apartments; C. gave the dogs lamb, tied lamb kidneys to the braids of the elderly, a bladder with water on the hems of the old women, a vessel of blood on the hemms of two girls; he dripped bile into the mouth of the sleeping king, who began to spit out, spit out the ring, C. took it away, ran away; the lamb buds began to beat the backs of the old men who jumped up, each decided that the other was hitting him; every old woman accuses the other of peeing herself, every girl for giving birth to another; C. received a princess; she sleeps with another man; C. made a hole in the bucket, sent his wife to water the horse, strangled his lover; pretended to notice him only when his wife returned; told her to invite a man; wife: he died; C. sent her to throw the corpse into the hole, hid there himself, called out to his wife, she in She returned in horror; again with another hole; the wife asked for forgiveness; C. brought the corpse to the house of the deceased, called out to his wife in his voice; she does not want to open it to her husband, since he sleeps with his wife C.; imaginary husband: then I I'll hang myself; when I found the corpse, my wife decided that her husband hanged himself; C. lives well with his wife]: Mostaert 1937, No. 21 in Solovyov 2014.

Western Siberia. The Nenets [of the three sons of an old Khant are the youngest fool; father, mother, older brothers dream of wild deer coming from the north and south; a fool sees two argish, deer in one dark, in the other is colorful; in anger, his father breaks his arm and leg, throws him out of the plague; he gets to the plague of the eyeless old man and old woman; boiled meat is lowered from the hole above them; the old man ripped his arm and leg with a knife young men, he is well; the meat stops coming down, the young man climbs the pole through the hole into heaven to the old man's son; he is sick, the young man gives his sister a bandage from his bakers, tells him to tie a plague to the pole, the son of the elderly recovers, the meat descends again; in the plague of old people, the young man pushes the iron leaf under the hearth, descends to the lower world, takes the eyes of the old people from the sihirt, gives it to the old people, they see the light; Two argish with dark and colorful deer appear next to the plague; a young man gets an old man's daughter, rides home with her on deer, puts his mother, brothers on a filthy sledge]: Labanauskas 2001:209-214; Mansi (Berezovsky District) [Ekva-Pygris is his grandmother's little boy; she does not tell him to go far; he comes to the home of a blind menqua, takes away fatty meat; then takes sangkvyltap (plucked chordophone) ), which menkv played; began to play, menkv went into a chuval, burned down, EP and his grandmother took his wealth]: Soldatova 2008, No. 3:112-113; Northern Khanty (p. Berezov) [the grandmother does not tell her grandson to run along the path behind the house; he goes there, the devil and the devil are blind in the dugout; they put the sword with the point up, a deer falls on it; the boy takes the meat out of the cauldron, the blind ask each other who ate it; the boy steals the devil's sword and musical instrument, puts the sword upside down in his house, the devils bump into it, the boy kills them; they killed before his father, grandfather and all relatives]: Kulemzin, Lukina 1978, No. 94:83-85; Eastern Khanty [aunt does not tell her nephew to go beyond the top, which is placed on burbot; the guy goes; the hut, in it blind husband and wife; they decide to eat; the old woman set fire to the resinous logs, and the old man began to play an instrument, pointing his spear at the top of the house; this time they decided to call a three-year-old deer; with the sound of an instrument, the deer raises to the clouds and throws an old man into the hole of the hut on the spear; the old man and the old woman refreshed the deer, began to cook in a cauldron with seven ears, with six ears ; the guy cut out a sharp rod, strung fatter pieces, brought meat to his aunt; they leave, touched the chin of his wife and husband, everyone thinks the other did it; the same with the moose; when with a bear, the guy even took part in ripping off the carcass; when he left, he did not touch the old people, but they guessed that he was probably the son of the man they once ate with all his relatives, leaving only his sister with a little boy; the boy hears, finds a stone at home that covers his chest and stomach; he was picked up and carried, thrown into a hole in the hut, but the old man's spear slipped over the stone, and the stone fell on the bench; the guy started playing himself; first he called his aunt, showed her the old men; then he returned to his aunt, told her to light the resinous logs, and he called and pierced the old man first and then the old woman with a spear ; after that, the guy began to hunt animals by this method]: Chepregi 2015, No. 7:75-83; Southern Khanty (b. Konda, S. Patkanov, 1888) [A childless old man set fire to his barns so that smoke could rise to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother-why doesn't he have children? Heavenly Father sent a son, who gave three seeds, let the old man let his wife eat; she gave birth to a boy, he grew up quickly, came to one of the ends of the earth, the bear and the wolf let him see the old woman, who gave him a name Like Aspen Leaf, the Agile Husband (VM); he returned home, only one foal from his father's herd did not bend at his arm, he took it; tells his father to marry him one of the three royal daughters; the father was beaten, expelled; the priest's youngest daughter was given without dowry; his wife refuses to look in his head - she did not even look aside where the Merchant, the Wanderer (KS); his flying horse brought him to the old woman; she says that no one returned from the city of CS; gave a bundle of 60 silver rings; the next old woman gave a ball of thread, the third gave a white towel; teaches how to avoid a mountain of human bones, throw rings to 60 warriors, cross the bridge across the sea; the warriors shot, only pulled three hairs out of the horse's tail; the CS's mother turned the VM into a needle, hid it from her son; he orders to show the person who came, became his brother, ordered his wife to be beaten, when she arrives magpie and gets out of her magpie skin, with three silver bars; the wife is forty again and flew away; the COP does not tell me to open the seventh room; in others - frogs and lizards, in the seventh - the girl is CS's sister; the VM married her; goes to fight the seven-headed menqua, tells his wife not to leave the house at that time; cuts down the menqua warriors, but there are more and more of them; then he cut her husband, who carved warriors out of flint like sparks, destroyed warriors, hit something with a sword; at home I found out that the COP had left the house - he hit him, why did they release him? they found the body, put it in the coffin; wife: mother-in-law wants to kill you; he entered his mother-in-law's house, fell into the lower world; there the old man and old woman adopted him; they do not tell him to herd the cattle in the Menqua estate who stole them eyes; but grass is better on the other side, the VM drives cattle there; hacked one-, two-, etc. -headed menkvas; the seven-headed man cannot cut down his head, he drove him into the ground, the menkv asks him to take his white towel, wrap it around his neck, then chop it; then the VM cut off his head; came to the Menkwa mother, fights her, changed buckets of strong and weak water; the old woman's daughter shows that the old woman should be stabbed chin; VM did so, killed an old woman; daughter tells her to burn her, sweep away frogs and lizards that will crawl out of her into the fire; VM tells the girl to jump over the fire - if she used to live with a man, she will fall into fire; she fell, she also had lizards, he burned them; he took the eyes of the old people, brought them, they saw the light; told them to prepare meat, put firebirds on their backs; she brought the VM to the ground, the last two pieces he cut off his legs from his calves; the firebird regurgitated them and put them back; the wife lies between two men; the VM wanted to hack them, wife: these are your sons; VM cut his youngest son, sprinkled blood on his body CS, that came to life; revived his son with live water; his wife's brother (i.e. CS) set up a copper playground for games, the VM arranged a silver one; everyone lets a block of stone on his court; the VM takes flint, sparks turn into husbands ; when he throws his stone, he breaks the arms and legs of the CS people, tears them apart; the COP lets the VM and his wife (i.e. his sister) go home to the VM - he cannot live with a hero who is stronger than him; on the way they come To those three old women, his wife turns them young; at home, VM climbed onto the roof, looks into the house, where his parents are quarreling over a spark; he poured water or snowed to put out their fire; they swear; he opened, their daughter-in-law turned them young; the VM scatters chips brought from another world, they turn into a populated city; abundance around]: Lukina 1990, No. 88:220-237; Southern Selkups [ Pünegusse, who comes from the north, kills and eats It'te's parents; Ichite is raised by an old woman, tells him not to go far, he goes; on the lake, a blind old man in a boat is fishing; I. catches fish, carries ; the old man (on Tym, Tea he is P.) shamanites, tells the spirits to bring the offender; I. ties himself to the wall of the yurt; the spirits bring the old man a yurt along with I., the old woman and the dog, the old man swallows everything; I. sharpens there is a knife in his stomach, cuts it, goes out with the old woman and the dog; the old man dies]: Donner 1915:40-41 (retelling in Tuchkova 2004:252-253).

Japan. Japanese [blind men duped into fighting; Trickster says he gave one of the blind men money they should share; didn't really; blind people blame each other, fight]: Uther 2004 (2), NO. 1577:316.

SV Asia. The Chukchi [see the M75A motif; the orphan has five strong uncles; they defeat him in circles, kick him, trample him; he pretends to be dead, catches the Raven; refuses to take a ransom knife, two sisters A crow, a deer; the raven promises to make him a shaman; the young man defeats his uncle, moving the land and the sea; marries the daughter of the fifth, good uncle; Dawn takes her away; the young man stands on a spear, flies to the North Star ( Cole); that wife is blind, daughter is blind in one eye; the young man makes them sighted; they confirm that Dawn took his wife; he kills the kidnapper, returns his wife]: Bogoras 1928, No. 23:364-367.

Subarctic. Koyukon [the grandson lives with his grandmother; she sees a bear, calls him, calling him her husband; the bear enters the house, the grandson jumps out, hides in the pantry; after tearing the old woman, the bear climbs a log into the pantry , the young man pushes him on stakes; folds the parts of his grandmother's body, revives her; they have a lot of meat; when it runs out, the grandson cuts the pillars of the house, falls on his grandmother, leaves; her head rolls out from under the collapsed dwelling, the grandson walks, giving it in; throws it into the ice-hole, it does not sink; next to the house, in which there are two women sitting with their backs to the fire, do not hear {and obviously do not see}; the young man pricks up a piece lying next to them sturgeon, rubs their armpits, puts them back; women say they haven't smelled like this since their youth; the young man spits on them through a smoke hole, they fall dead; he continues to roll his grandmother's head, that does not drown again; there is a lonely girl nearby, a young man spits on her, she dies; in the third ice-hole, her head sinks; this means that he has reached the goal; marries; father-in-law gives him wolfskin shoes; tells him not to dry it in smoke; he violates the ban, finds only wolf tracks in this place]: Attla 1983:109-125; doghreb [the giant Naba-Cha caught and brought a Cree young man named Ithenhiela ("with-foot-caribou"); an elk named Hottah lived in N.'s dwelling; ordered to take a lump of land, a bunch of moss, a stone, a branch; carried I. on his back to Big Water in the west, where the good Nesnabi lived; ordered objects to be thrown behind, hills and swamps appear, The Rocky Mountains; H. carries the young man across the Yukon; when he carries the giant, he drops him, he drowns; I. comes to the man who gives him 7 arrows, tells him not to climb a tree after them if the arrows are stuck; a young man climbs, finds himself in the sky; two blind old women have taken Heavenly Chief Hatempka's magic belt; a young man comes to old women; copper blades protrude from their backs; he throws a bag of with feathers; old women pierce each other; the young man returns the belt to the chief, marries his daughter; the northern lights are "I.'s fingers"]: Bell 1903, No. 3:80-84 (retelling in Clark 1960:99-103).

NW Coast. The Tlingit (Fort Tongass, far south of the Alexander Archipelago) [the killer whale stole Chief Schagattyno's wife; he went to sea by boat and dived; at the bottom he asks two blind duck women; those they say that they saw Killer Whale drag a woman; in gratitude, the chief cut the skin that covered their eyes, making them sighted; the episode is repeated with various ducks and geese; because the knife is dull, the eyes are dull birds of different species of different sizes; the crane hides the leader, for which he receives grass from him that used to serve instead of tobacco; with the help of the Sea Lion (he is a slave to Killer Whales), the leader returns his wife, emerges from her to the surface]: Dähnhardt 1909:503; Haida O. The Prince of Wales (and the Tlingits? ; the author has "tlingita-hyda") [Gunarh's wife washes the skin of a sea otter in the sea, Killer Whale takes it away; taking Marten and Swallow into the boat, G. swims to two algae rising to the sea surface, ties a boat to them; goes down to the bottom; cuts the skin in front of blind Geese, they see the light, show the way; the slave breaks the teslo, G. glues it together, he promises to help; tells another slave to overturn a pot of water put on fire; in the cloud, couple G. takes his wife; puts something like tobacco in the slave's mouth, the slave swells, closing the passage; Geese send G. along the same path, and the pursuers are told where they dug up traps; Marten takes G. and his wife into the boat; among the killer whales, one with a double fin; shouts that he, the slave, will continue to help people; G. and his wife return]: Beck 1989: 100-112; Tsimshian [chief Gulaxnisem hunted sea otters, and their herd also included whales {probably killer whales: so on}; for this reason, killer whales kidnapped G.'s wife; he went in search; salmon pointed the road after G. painted his cheeks red and gave him a narcotic root; the following were ducks, while all the ducks were blind; they showed the way after G. cut through their eyes, although he did it badly in a hurry {what was bad is not very clear}; the bridge guard, who sounded when giving a signal to killer whales, hid G. under his cape; in the house, the killer whales they had kidnapped Salzan's slave; he was cutting wood in a hurry: killer whales were going to fry G.'s wife to turn her into a killer whale too; he broke his stone ax, G. gave him a lot of narcotic root, and he didn't notice how G. passed; spat on the axe and it was whole again; S. had two wives, both minks; they smelled G., but S. told them to go about their business; G.'s wife was already fried on one side and washed on the other; brought water, S. poured her into the hearth, G. grabbed his wife and took her away, no one noticed it in the clouds of steam; S. lay down in the doorway, blocking the way for his pursuers, he was beaten to death; G. had a knife that brought him to the ground and then to upper world; there he killed two grizzlies and a snake, married two grizzly daughters; wanted to take them to the ground, but he was allowed to go down with only his old wife]: Barbeau, Beynon 1987, No. 54:175-176; bellacula [after his adventures, the young man returns home on salmon; many blind women dig roots on the shore; he takes their food; they blame each other, fight; he spits in their eyes making sighted; spending a few days with them making love]: McIlwraith 1948 (2): 480-481; Heiltsuk [Kanekelak meets blind women cooking; spits in their eyes, making them sighted; turns into geese]: Boas 1916, No. 1:883; Quakiutl: Boas 1895, No. XV/1 (nymkisk) [Gia goes to marry a girl whose father kills suitors; meets four blind women restores their sight; they tell him about a girl]: 135; 1910, No. 16 [see motif B27; Kanekilah goes, turning animal people into animals; meets four blind women; makes them sighted, turns into ducks]: 201-209; Wallace, Whitaker 1981 [The converter goes, turns people they meet; two blind women dig roots, one smells the Transducer; it restores their vision, turns them ducks that always dig into the smelly mud]: 26-27; Nootka: Boas 1895, No. 12 [the girl swims in the lake, she is breathless with a second person on the back of her head; one of them is always watching her; she gives birth to his son; every time one of her ten brothers comes for her, the son reports it to his father, he kills the young man; the brothers' mother cries, her tears and snot turn into a boy; he kills with arrows monster and his son; makes a chain of arrows, climbs into heaven; quietly takes food from two blind snail women; restores their sight; they help him overcome challenges and marry the daughter of a heavenly leader ; see motif K27]: 116-117; 1916, No. 6 [see motif L40; A boy out of snot shoots arrows into the sky, climbs a chain of arrows; makes two blind Old Ducks sighted; in gratitude, they advise him to walk along a narrow a path leading to his father's house, not along a wide path leading to dangerous animals; on a narrow path he should not eat a dangerous woman's food; he comes to his father, who gives him salmon and candlefish; when he returns to earth , he puts fish in rivers]: 907-908; Sapir, Swadesh 1939, No. 21 [see motif J57, motif L40; after killing a cannibal, a young man shoots arrows into the sky; a chain of arrows turns into a rope; he rises to heaven; rubs with their penis, the eyes of blind women, making them sighted; they teach him to overcome obstacles]: 97-101; Nootka (south west coast of Vancouver) [see motive L41; after killing the cannibal and her husband, Eut-le-Ten became chief; decided to marry the daughter of the heavenly leader; ordered to prepare arrows; shooting at the sky, he made a chain; in the sky two blind old women are preparing food, E. quietly intercepts it, they quarrel; he confesses makes holes in their eyes, restoring their sight; old women give him strength to overcome trials; turning into the puddle of tears from which he once arose, E. overcomes the lake with frogs, cod (it is enough luminaries during eclipses), two snakes; breaks the stakes he should have run into; unharmed in the fire; turns into a puddle of tears when a log rolls at him; gets a wife; later returns to earth]: Carmichael 2006:37-41; poppies [see motif L39; Snot shoots at the sky, makes a rope out of arrows; goes to marry two daughters of the Month; meets two blind women, they help fulfill father-in-law's errands; 1) two cods hang in the door of the house of the Month, bite the incoming ones (The snot slips through, turning into snot, becomes human again); 2) The month eats lizards, snakes, frogs (Snot pretends, what he eats too, eats the root given by women himself); 3) A month makes a big fire (Snot throws the root into the fire, moderating the flame; continues to sit still; The month allows him to marry); 4) The month asks son-in-law get a wedge out of a split log; the log closes, the Snot turns into snot; then again into a person); The month no longer tries to kill him]: Densmore 1939:212-213.

The coast is the Plateau. Career: Jenness 1934, No. 8 [seal hunter tells his new wife not to look if she hears dogs chewing; woman watches; sees her first wife in Wolverine guise; she bites through her in half; the husband burns Wolverine by pushing her into the earthen furnace, revives his new wife; one day he brings a white seal, asks his wife to wash the carcass; she enters the water, the marine inhabitants carry it away; the husband dives, brings stones the little fish under which the fish live makes blind geese sighted; Satsan cuts a tree to make the kidnapped woman fins; the husband tells the wedge to split; repairs; for this S. pours water into fire; husband takes his wife; S. prevents the pursuers from leaving the house, Geese and Fish put obstacles in their way; the sea floods the earth to the sky; the husband kills his wife with an ax, throws it into the water; the water begins to fall; first the Muskrat, then the Beaver dive, both repeatedly bringing portions of clay from the bottom; man makes new land out of them], 30 [Ayas comes to two blind women; they have sharp elbows; he throws them between they pierce each other with their cape; he replaces their tips with normal hands; makes them sighted]: 141-143, 191; shuswap [a dirty young man wanders aimlessly, meets two blind moose women; takes their food, they quarrel; he makes them sighted; they turn him handsome, they marry him; they agree to go with him to his people, tell other women not to smile; one day he smiles; his wives and children turn into moose, meat and fat into caribou, moose, etc., they run away; he himself becomes as much a fly as he was]: Teit 1909a, No. 38:711-713; Thompson [at the beginning of Coyote does a son made of clay; he bathes, dissolves in water; from resin he melts in the sun; from white stone he lives, his name is Nlixentem; Loon and Duck give him daughters, one dark-skinned, the other is light; The coyote turns his excrement into eagle chicks, asks his son to climb a tree for them, tells the tree to rise tall, comes to his wives in clothes and appearance, takes a bright one, drives away a dark-skinned one; N. goes across the heavenly plain, pulls out large edible rhizomes, the wind blows out of the holes, these rhizomes are stars; he goes into an empty dugout, takes the basket, the baskets attack it; he puts the basket back, tells baskets to become servants of men; the same episode in a dugout of mats; awls; ridges, birch bark vessels; N. comes to two blind old women; they eat rotten wood, pass food to each other, N. intercepts her, old women quarrel, accusing each other; feel a man, say he smells bad; N. turns them into two types of hazel grouses; comes to the spider spouses, they call themselves his grandfather and grandmother, lowered to the ground in a basket; N. finds a faithful wife and son; Coyote's people are starving, Raven finds N. returning, gets meat for his children; people force him to confess where the meat comes from; return to N., celebrate, ask him to take his second wife back; N. sends Coyote for the carcass of a dead deer, Coyote falls into the river, swims to the dam, followed by two sisters holding salmon; turns into a wooden plate; eats food, a plate is thrown into the fire, the Coyote turns into a baby, his sisters adopt him; in their absence, he breaks the dam, releasing salmon into rivers; goes downstream; asks three or four girls, do they want salmon, the youngest answers, Yes; he sends his penis to her across the river, the end stays in the vagina, the girl gets sick; the Coyote carries salmon across the rivers; the group the girls say that they want mountain sheep meat, not salmon; in this place, the Coyote creates rapids; under the guise of a shaman, he comes to the sick person, asks everyone to sing loudly, leave him with the girl in the steam room, copulates, removes the end of the penis, the girl recovers; the Coyote creates fake berries on the bushes, negotiates with the Grizzly to eat her supplies first, then him; runs away, the berries dry up]: Teit, No. 2:21- 29; lillouette [started like Thompson; blind women feed on rough sand; send the hero to the Spiders to help him return to earth]: Teit 1912b, No. 8:308; pentlatch [young man shoots arrows, they pierce one another's tail, he turns them into a rope, climbs it into heaven; comes to his grandmother Kalmar, who gives him tar; comes to the Ducks, they are blind, they give him roots, he splashes them with water, they see the light, fly away; the only thing left is to say that he should not give a hand to his older, middle sisters, they have teeth in their vagina, but give him the younger one; he comes to three sisters, sleeps with the youngest; the older ones give him fish bones, the youngest is good food; the girls' father agrees to give the youngest]: Thompson, Egesdal 2008:90-96; comox (chatloltk) [two brothers make a chain of arrows, climb to heaven to marry two the chief's daughters; they steal food from two blind old women; make them sighted, they turn into Ducks; they advise you to look for a one-legged old man; he gives 1) flat stones under him to sit on porcupine benches, 2) put sticks in wives' vaginas to break their vaginal teeth; brothers marry safely; since then, women have vaginas without teeth; see motif K27]: Boas 1895, No. 3:65-68; chalkomel: Boas 1895, No. III.4 (lower reaches of Fraser River) [=2002:121-126; a young man visits a girl; she may have soot on his back, recognizes his brother in the morning; out of shame both go to the mountains; their son asks why the parents look alike; they They send him to their mother, burn themselves; the young man meets his cousin; washes his grandmother's eyes, restoring her sight and youth; asks his cousin to pretend to be dead, to catch a vulture; wearing vulture skin, he rises to the sky; comes to two blind women, quietly takes their food; they recognize him; help marry the daughter of the Sun; he puts stones under him, does not sit on thorns; The wolves guarding the Sun's house are dice; the three daughters of the Sun are beautiful, he gets one; the three daughters of the Month are ugly, the Month is angry that the young man did not choose them; demands 1) split the log (the old woman gives bones and white paint; when the Month knocks out a wedge to flatten the log, the young man inserts a wedge of bones together; the Month takes paint for the brain); 2) catch trout (the young man turns a stick with thorns into trout, gives the Month, the thorns dig down his throat); 3) bring a red bear (he turns pieces of wood into two bears, the Month asks them to be taken away); two sons of a young man, born to the daughter of the Sun, want to see their grandmother on earth; The sun lowers his son-in-law and family in a basket to the ground; one man spies on the young man's wife, burned by her radiance], V.3 (snanaimuk) [=2002:153-155; a hunter kills seals; his wife goes to wash the skin, carried away by Finval; the husband goes down to the bottom; quietly takes food from blind women, then makes them sighted, they show the way; the crane shows the way, gets a spear; the slave asks for repair a split wedge; for this he pours water into the hearth in Finval's house; the husband grabs his wife, they get home safely]: 37-40, 55-56; Hill-Tout 1904b (StSeélis) [an ugly young man comes to the girl; she first tells him to swim, then clean his genitals with coarse sand, then drives him away; he comes to two blind people, they work as one tesla, passing it on to each other, he intercepts him; makes them The sighted are partridges; they send him to their blind wives; they give each other food, he intercepts it; restores their sight; they send him to his Grandmother the Crane; she sends him to the Face-Maker , tells him to choose the last one he shows; when he returns, sends the girl who comes to him to wash, etc., as she sent him, drives him away; she turns her excrement into a bird, a young man with his younger brother they swim after her, the young man hits her with an arrow, the bird again turns into excrement; the bailiff to the shore, the young man hides his brother under the boat, injures himself, lies down; duck, dive, eagle come one after another; he is theirs catches, puts a duck skin on his brother, a dive on a boat, an eagle on himself; flies away, his brother and boat in the form of a duck and a dive fly home; the young man is in the sky; old people bring him down on a rope to the ground (he three times opens your eyes prematurely when the basket hits the clouds, tree crowns, then lifts it back); for the fourth time it reaches the ground, arranges a holiday]: 354-357; sechelt (sisiatl) [y the young men are two wives; he shot an antelope, sent his father to bring meat; his strap breaks at the crossing, he is carried away by the river, he turns into a piece of wood, the woman picks it up, uses it as a plate, food from it disappears; the woman throws away the plate, she turns into a baby; the woman raises him, after four days he grows up, leaves; turns her excrement into birds, talks about it to her son, he climbs on a tree, a father tells a tree to grow; in heaven, a son comes to two blind women, slowly takes their food; makes them sighted; catches salmon for them; they open a hole in the floor, lower it in the basket; he opens his eyes ahead of time, the basket comes back; the second time he goes down, his little son recognizes him; he and his mother say that the second wife left with the boy's father]: Hill-Tout 1904a: 43-45 ( paraphrase in Lévi-Strauss 1971, #676:338); clallam [see J4B motif, K27; two girls make a boy out of resin; he comes to life, takes one of them as his wife; melts in the sun; her two sons make a chain of arrows, climb into heaven to take revenge on the Sun; restore sight to two blind old women Otter and Blue Jay; they show them the way to the Sun; they marry his daughters, kill him; the youngest turns into The month, the oldest to the new Sun]: Gunther 1925:131-134; Eells 1964 in Lévi-Strauss 1971, No. 692 [the first woman makes her husband out of resin; he melts under the sun; his sons climb into the sky along a chain of arrows; they meet two blind old women handing each other food; one of the brothers steals it; the old woman gives him a basket of six magic berries; the brothers let the old man swallow berries to the Sun; he bursts, gets less hot]: 366-367; upper chehalis [Brother Spear catches fish and eats alone, and his sister collects fern rhizomes and when he brings them, the brother comes to eat them; realizing that she is deceived, the sister leaves; where the sky meets the ground, she marries Salmon, she has a child; the Spear comes there; the old man calls the elk, kills, takes the carcass out of the skin with his legs, tells the elk to leave, that one (i.e. skin with legs) leaves; sister Spear's sister's sister's sister (her name is the End of the World) gives him a bit of berries, but there are a lot of them, you can't eat them all; at dusk, salmon people come into the house to dance, everyone in their hands something for catching or cooking fish; so 5 types of salmon; The End of the World killed Sister Spear's child, cooked it, ordered not to throw away the bones; then the bones were covered with a handkerchief, the child came to life; so everyone day; on the fifth day, the Spear hid his cheek bone with meat; the child could not be revived, he died; his sister told him to leave; he came to Thunder's house, who allowed the Spear to take his daughter; father-in-law teaches the Spear to become Thunder , he can't do it, he is afraid that he will be killed, leaves; he marries in another house, cannot get up in the morning, a board sticks to his back; the old woman separates her, tells her to leave - these are the Resin People; The spear comes to the old man warns: when you meet another old man, you must climb a dry spruce tree, its bark will fall on him, otherwise he will eat it; that old man is killed by bark, his Spear burned; the giant offers his daughter, asks help defeat another who breaks his peaks; the giants began to fight, the Spear killed both; comes to a blind old woman, blows in her eyes, she saw the light; warned to shoot first when Puma will meet; The Spear killed, burned the Puma; Wild Rhubarb screams that they will kill the Spear but do not recognize it; he has turned them into wild rhubarb; his sister is waiting for the Spear at home; it has turned into a flower that blooms in May, the children play with it; the sister has also become something]: Adamson 1934, No. 45:87-94; curdalen: Reichard 1947, No. 4 [Coyote's son has a wife Tern (tea headed tern - Sterna aurantia, tern) and Black Swan (CL); ChL has a child, everyone loves her, Tern is childless, disliked; Coyote decides to take the Tern for himself; Asks his "advisers" (excrement); while the young man climbs up the tree, the Coyote looks at him raising his eyebrows, thereby forcing him to rise to the sky; he takes Tern as his wife; in the sky a young man killed an elk; hears the voices of cannibals; each has two sticks, one tied to the bones of killed people, to the other moose; one knocked the other to the ground with a stick, he has long spider legs; he asks for an elk in exchange for protection; two beaver women bring a young man to their place; a young man kills a deer, then another; the first carcass disappears; the Beavers say he killed their husband, they smile; the young man kills the deer again, sees how long-legged, round-bodied comes to eat it; kills him; wives cry, it was their father; young man revives him, the Spider calls him son-in-law; wives know that the husband misses his wife on earth, ChL; the young man comes to two blind strands quarreling over a hemp stem; gives them hemp, they let him down from heaven into her box; she descends in four steps, jerks like spiders descend; on the ground, the young man pulls the rope, the box returns to heaven; the son recognizes him, the CH tells how badly the Coyote treats with them; the young man beat the Coyote, the Tern, his brothers and mother with a stick], 23 [The Skunk and the Fishing Marten (Fisher; KR) live together; they hunt deer; the Skunk tells him to give him only giblets and meat and fat at the tail; Chief Eagle sends his daughters Chipmunk and Squirrel to go to the Kyrgyz Republic; their mother warns that Skunk eats garbage and KR eats good meat; sisters hide in the house, hear Skunk come up, blowing the winds in front of everyone Step; The chipmunk giggles, the Squirrel tells her to remain silent in vain; the Skunk heard, hid the girls behind his bed; when the KR brings deer, he speaks as if it were him - the KR (telling him to give him ribs, not giblets); The skunk offers to feed their pillows, the KR is surprised that the plate of meat for the "pillow" is soon empty; prevents Skunk from extinguishing the fire at night, although he tries to do so; the next morning the KR pretends that leaves; waits for Skunk to leave too, finds the girls in Skunk's bed; tells them to set fire to the house, take the meat and go with it; when Skunk sees the smoke, he thinks it was the kayuz who attacked the curdalen, but then runs home; not finding girls' bones in the coals, begins to pursue; drinks water under a rock, sees the reflection of KO, demands the girls back, lets a stream into the water; when he looks up, he sees fugitives on the rock; lets a stream into the eye of the Kyrgyz Republic, makes the sisters go down, tells Belka to lie under his head, the Chipmunk under his feet; in the morning the sisters leave pieces of wood for themselves, run away; the Skunk comes to people; says that he ran away from the cabins, they captured his three sons; kills everyone with his jet; two blind old women make her see; they agree to take him in a boat for this, he tells him to be treated like a leader; they sail to the village, to him they honor, raise them in their arms; everyone is transformed (perhaps turning into stars)]: 77-80, 158-162; takelma [Daldal (dragonfly) lived near the mouth, chopped bodies float along the river; goes up with the flow; shoots an arrow into the sky, it falls to the top of his head, separates from him, a second man, his younger brother; they successfully fight oaks and fir trees; they come to Blue Jay, she is the mother of the forest man K'uk'u; reluctantly agrees to give them her son's big shell in exchange for bundles of dentalium money; the son comes, kills her for it; catches up with the brothers, demands that the shell be returned; D. breaks his leg with a stone; he weakens and dies, repeats everything they say in front of him (he is probably an echo); the old man always turns into blood, travelers try it, die; his younger brother almost died choking, D. took it out of him throat blood with a flint squeezer; a woman offers to warm her back by the fire, D. tries, burns, turns a woman into a burning plant in the swamp; another woman lies with her legs spread apart, offers copulate; Brother D. tries, is wounded; D. puts a push-up in her vagina, turns her into a freshwater shell, throws it into the water, it will become people's food; two blind women push seeds; brother D. quietly takes, ties women's hair; they accuse each other of stealing, fighting; D. touches their eyes with the burning end of the stick, they see the light; D. looks into the house, there are tendons, this is a character, trying to burn entering; D. turns him into deer tendons to attach feathers to arrows; in another house, D. sees baked salmon, eats, Ostrog attacks him; he turns it into a prison to beat salmon; brothers they look into two empty houses, in the fourth an old woman and a girl; the girl is afraid to go for water; D. sends her, she is grabbed by Cancer, D. turns him into cancer, they cook crayfish; the brothers meet two bad people older and younger brothers; defeat them; D. turns the elder into the Evening Star, the youngest into the Morning Star; tells the Coyote to catch not salmon, but gophers; turns into a low mountain, his younger brother into high]: Sapir 1909, No. 2:34-42; Klamath [Antelope trusts the Frog's son; his name is Swaya; the Frog swims further down the river with him; kidnaps and adopts; someone tells the young man that the Frog is not his mother; he kills the Frog's daughters; goes in search of the mother; meets Louse, asks what she is doing; I'm waiting for S. (obviously to attack him); Show me how; Louse pressed his finger; the same episode with Flea, Ant and others; Dragonflies are all men, S. turns some into women, so they began to breed; one says his wife is pregnant, asks what to do; S. teaches; Gmokamč tells S. that his mother is an antelope; but he forgets and kills her; five blind Pelican brothers are frying fish; S. steals one at a time from each; but then catches fish for them]: Barker 1963, No. 5:51-57; upper coquill: Jacobs 2007:132-135 [Noise-under-ground and Big Fat talk about the ocean overflows; people get into boats, but boats and oars turn into snakes; to prevent this from happening, they had to be smeared with crap; at the top of the mountain, a young man, a girl, and sails in a boat the old man, his wife, daughter and son are with him; the Red Squirrel brings fire to the back of her head, so she has a red head; after a while the waters have come down, the survivors are married, repopulated the earth; the Coyote comes to the woman tells her daughter to bring water; she is afraid that those who come for water are dragged away by Cancer (crawfish); Coyote insists, the girl is coming, Cancer grabs her, Coyote turns Cancer into cancer, it has been cooked and eaten; two blind women they push acorns; the Coyote slowly picks up a handful; the blind feel it; he cuts through their eyes, turns them into partridges, tells them not to grind acorns, but to speak out while sitting on a branch; the man says what's across the river they don't go, Ostrog's salmon there, kills people; Coyote turns her into a salmon jail; the River Oyster woman lies on her back, offers to copulate, bites off men's penises; Coyote turns it into a river oyster; Deer tries to hook Coyote, Coyote tells him to be a deer, deer are hunted], 263-266 [Laska is Norka's naughty younger brother; they travel; they fall down the mountain stones, Laska in front, dodges, almost died; Mink stabs a knife into the stone, the stone turns into a baked kamas tuber; Mink tells these creatures to be camas tubers, not rolling stones; woman lies with her legs apart, calling to copulate; Caress her, wounded; this is a river shell; Mink opens it, throws all the shells into the water, tells them to be shells; Laske replies that the place to sleep is called "Fight Fire"; at night, Fire attacks Laska, who dodges; Mink sleeps peacefully; two blind women grind seeds (Indan oat) on a grain grater, pass them to each other; Laska eats everything unnoticed; they say that Laska must be here; Ostrog attacks, Norka turns it into a prison, catches salmon].

The Midwest. Menominee [two blind men have ropes stretched out to the river and to firewood; a raccoon ties ropes to other objects, steals blind meat; they fight and then curse it]: Bloomfield 1928, #94.3 [Raccoon ties the rope so that the old man who goes to get water does not fall into the river, but into the thickets; when another walks, the Raccoon ties it back to its original place; eats meat, the blind fight; they understand that they are being fooled by a Raccoon , put a net in the doorway; Raccoon throws their bowler hat at it, they hit him to pieces; Raccoon runs away]: 347-351; Hoffman 1896:211-213; Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. II36:413-415; Western Swamp Cree ( stone crees) [grandfather takes Ayās to the island to collect bird eggs, tells him to move away, sails away in a boat; the Horned Serpent says he is grandmother A., tells him to sit between the horns, drives him across the lake, asks me to speak , if a thundercloud appears; A. denies that the cloud is close, says that it is only the noise of water being cut; jumps off the shore, lightning strikes the Horned Serpent; in the morning A. collects blood in a birch bark vessel, The Horned Serpent is reborn, directs A. Frog; she does not repair his moccasins well, the stitches are wide; the next grandmother Mouse repairs well, warns of two blind old women with sharp elbows; A. comes to their house, says he is going to go out, he gets out of the teepee in another place, the old women pierce each other; from another old woman A. feeds poisoned food to a fox hidden under her clothes, throws a fox at the old woman, the fox kills her; A. comes to a scabbed woman who cuts wood; a bird tells her that her son has returned, she does not believe it at first; says A. that those people burn her face and hands every night; A. tells her to ask for a baby throw him into the fire, call him; A. says he will burn the earth, his grandfather and his people do not believe; he fires arrows, everything lights up; A. turns into a crow, his mother into a woodpecker; the woodpecker has a black back and a white apron on the chest]: Brightman 1989:105-112; Eastern Cree [two blind old women kill guests with their sharp elbows; a young man sticks a rag between the old women instead of himself; they pierce each other friend]: Skinner 1911:93-94; Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake) [see motif L70; Wai-Mishus leaves his son Iyas 'a on the island; he returns home; two blind old women with sharp ones Travelers are killed with their elbows; I. throws clothes between them, old women pierce each other; I. revives them, cuts off their tips, heals their eyes]: Ray, Stevens 1971:112-120; Ojibwa (Western, Ontario) [ Nanabushu asks geese to allow him to search for wild rice with them; they allowed them, but he found nothing; geese say they are going to fly away; they agree that N. should fly with them, but he should not look down if there are people below; people see him flying with geese, N. looks and falls into the middle of the village; he is tied up and everyone has relieved him; two blind old women are the last to come; N. says they must untie it first; they did it, they killed them with a stick; went to wash in the lake; crap floated on the water; N.: let the name of this lake be "Smelly Water"]: Jones 1917, No. 15:127-132; Ojibwa ( Western) [two blind men tied a rope so as not to get lost when leaving home; a raccoon ties it in another object; blind men quarrel, fight; a raccoon laughs; a woman wants to kill him; he teaches her how make her daughter tall by throwing her into the river; gets this girl as his wife]: Radin 1914, No. 44:80-81; ojibwa (timagami) [like a Cree; a young man throws his clothes at the door, old women rush after her, pierce her each other; he cuts their bodies to pieces, they turn into bats]: Speck 1915d, No. 10:62-63; sauk [two blind old men argue who would get a woman if she showed up; Visakia Hits one, they start fighting; V. sets fire to their house]: Skinner 1928, No. 12:152; kickapoo [see K1K motif; the chief has two wives; one does not love the other's son; he shot a bird; a woman puts it to herself between her legs to scratch her; complains to her husband that the young man wanted to rape her; the husband tells everyone to sail across the sea, leaving his son alone; two blind old men sing: This is how I will hit the Abandoned; a young man ties the ropes they use to walk to the water; old people fall, accuse each other, fight; the young man invites them to attack him from both sides; they kill each other]: Jones 1915, No. 10:75-89; potauatomi [A raccoon steals food from two blind old women; a wolf asks where he ate; a raccoon tells you to lower his tail into the river, tie stones, the fish will cling; the tail freezes into the ice; old women They kill Wolf thinking he's a thief]: Skinner 1924:358-359.

Northeast. Seneca [two blind sisters go to fetch water, feeling the rope; the Mischief Maker ties the rope to another place; one woman can't find water, the other says her sister is lazy; he throws hot porridge in both faces; women fight each other]: Leland 1968:196-197.

Plains. Hidatsa [The Coyote comes quietly to two blind people; one catches fish, the other cooks it; the Coyote steals from both, gives back bones; the blind accuse each other, fight]: Beckwith 1938, No. 38:287; santi [see motive K1; older brother's wife accuses younger brother of trying to rape her; husband sends Unktomi to take brother to Unvisited Island to collect bird eggs, throw them there; young man meets various monsters; comes to two blind people (?) old women who have awls; throws a blanket between them, they pierce each other]: Riggs 1893:139-143 (probably also in Deloria 1932:174-175); arikara [Coyote comes to the house of two blind people; eats their food, pokes the end of the hot smut at each of them; first they accuse each other, then grab the Coyote; they hole his ears, tie pebbles to them, tell them to leave without looking back; he looks around, the pebbles become big, he can't walk, he dies]: Park 1996, No. 51:357-359; throw off the pawnee [two Morning Stars live on earth in the guise of blind old men; Raven and Coyote steal from them meat, they blame each other; the Coyote hits one or the other; they guess they kill Coyote with a spear; the stone door in their house closes and opens at their word]: Dorsey 1904b, No. 11:52-55.

California. Yurok: Curtis 1976 (13) [Pilukhu-Kerrek converter (P., "far downstream sharp buttock"; he has a really sharp ass) travels; ten brothers take turns offering pipes with increasingly strong tobacco; P. puts a flute through his throat and body, blows smoke through it, is not poisoned; in a hot steam room, tells an invisible assistant to pour water, does not burn; turns the brothers into ordinary people; the old man asks to install a wedge, knocks it out; P. slips through a log to the ground; asks the same old man, knocks out a wedge, the old man dies; the husband of two women kills everyone passing by; P. puts his heart between his toes; arrows do not harm him; P. removed a tip with deadly fiery poison from his body, told the bird to crush it; the fragments were grabbed by the Rattlesnake, the Hornet, Scorpion, the Spider, has become poisonous; two blind women are pushing seeds, handing each other flour; P. sprinkles ash on their palms; they close the door; he promises to make them eyes; they release it, he burns them together with his house; a man throws them to the forest with a hook, catches P., brings them home in a bag; his children can't find the eyelid; while the old man is looking for it himself, the children open the bag, P. runs away, hides on a dry tree in the middle of the lake; the old man sees the reflection, dives after it; goes to rest; P. catches him on his hook, kills him with a club, burns his two sons with the house; other episodes follow (not recorded by Curtis)]: 185-187; Kroeber 1976, No. C1 [two blind old women kill those entering their house by clamping them with a door; the converter hero Pulekukverek burns old women into their home]: 217-218; villote [the water monster eats the most beautiful people; the Puchuri-gurru converter ("sharp buttocks") pretends to swallow a hot stone (it passes through it along a pre-inserted stone wooden pipe); the monster agrees to swallow the stone, dies; two blind old women catch people with a net; P. announces that he is their nephew, released; burns old women with the house; log splitter invites passers-by to get a wedge, knocks out another; P. pushes red alder juice into his mouth, as if crushed; then he asks the splitter to get a wedge, it dies; P. dries the three streams that killed people - yellow, brown, red]: Curtis 1976 (13): 191-192; Karok: Kroeber, Gifford 1980, No. A10 [two blind female moles cook meat under their arms; Anhush comes, steals meat, they cry; he opens their eyes, makes a fire for them], III38 [two blind women cook meat under their arms; Laska comes, opens their eyes, makes a fire for them]: 16-17, 252; waylaki [(the text is difficult for understanding); a person comes to two blind old cannibal women; (steals their food?) ; they try to grab him, he sets fire to their house]: Goddard 1923, No. 5:93-95.

Big Pool. Northern Payut [two blind old stars tied rabbit trap ropes to their ears; Orlitsa takes and eats the food they pass on to each other; one blind man recognizes Orlitz his father's sister; Orlitsa regains their sight by running her pen over their eyes; warns them not to name the objects they see; they call them, they will soon go blind again]: Lowie 1924, No. 19:238-239; Eastern shoshones [two blind women kill guests by piercing them with their sharp elbows; a young man puts a blanket between them; women pierce each other]: Saint Clair 1909b, No. 4:267.

The Great Southwest. Jicarilla: Opler 1938, No. 44 [the old man is blind, his wife can hardly see; their eldest daughter left them a pot of boiled corn; the old man always touches the corolla with a stick; Coyote puts it under it his stick, pulls out the pot, eats corn; the old man thinks that his wife took the porridge; they quarrel and fight; when the daughter returns, the children say that Coyote came into the house; she washes the pot]: 314- 316; Russel 1898 [two blind women cooking porridge; two boys changed an empty pot of porridge; hit one woman on the lips; she thinks she hit another; women fight]: 269.

NW Amazon. Chikuna [hunter Choe loses prey; he guards, cuts off his leg reaching for meat with a jaguar; brings him to the village, shows everyone; among the audience is the Royal Vulture, which was a thief; taking his paw, he puts it to his body, flies away, pulling out C.'s eyes; in his house in the sky, he hangs a bundle of eyes from the ceiling beam; a grasshopper and one type of termites cannot gnaw through the vine; others termites gnaw, a bundle with eyes falls to the ground, C. puts her eyes back; the old vulture gives a boat to escape from the Royal Vulture; C. pushes off so hard that she falls under land; there he meets strange creatures; the Blind have a lot of food; C. steals it, the Blind can't catch it; dwarfs are incredibly strong, throw C. like a ball; people without anuses feed on steam from prepared food; C. marries, his wife eats with him, he cuts through her anus, she dies; C. returns to earth]: Nimuendaju 1952:118-119.

The Central Andes. Quechua (San Martin) [{the main story is European}; brother and sister lived with their father, mother died; went to look for food, noticed smoke; there was a big house, bread was being baked, two blind old women began to live nearby, stealing bread; the old women noticed that there were fewer cakes; one hid in the basket, grabbed the boy; then the girl; began to fatten; instead of a finger, the boy showed a lizard finger; next time decided to cook; the boy invited the old woman to go up to the cauldron herself; pushed one, then the other; the children got all their possessions]: Weber, Meier 2008:61-70.

Southern Amazon. Paresi [the mother of frost came from the south, began to fish with poison; for her, fish is firewood, Erone eats fish, she is frightened; E. met the Toloa forest spirit; he does not like to be seen from behind, there he has his gut sticks out; E. shouted from a distance what he saw, made a deer, T. thought it was E., took it home; E. killed people who were frying fish, left the old woman; went out on the road of lost souls; they want to eat it, he says what's salty, they go to the river for a drink, he hides in a tree; How did he get in? - Feet forward; he killed the first arrow, screams, Here E falls, they ate theirs; E. came to people without an anus, defecate through their mouths; put fried fish under them, saying it crap; asked them to make anuses; E. pierced them with a stick, they died, the old woman remained; one blind man in the tree pulls out honey, the other below; E. catches honey, gives wax to the lower one; the upper one threw an ax down, E. his took it away, threw it into the water, he became a fish; E. met a tapir family, his daughter was sick; sent his parents for edible leaves, cooked and ate his daughter; tapir and tapiriha chase E., hides a nightjar under his body, the pursuers look into his mouth, tearing him up, now he's big; the female saco-boi swallows E., tells the tapirs she has a sore throat; the tapirs are gone, E. stayed overnight with the woman saco - boi, burned the man's boat; in the morning he was chasing; E. to a tree, telling him to grab the fruit, hit the head, killed; at the house cabore-do-sol hid in shallow water, covered himself with a piece of bark, like fish, children they shoot arrows, throw them at fish and onions, E. took it all away, in the evening he came to this house, the children recognized the arrows, E.: No, these are mine; they go swimming, the children wash it, everyone says, My hand, leg, ass and etc.; Father will come, kill you with this spear, we will eat; E. swapped spears (one hits, the other always passes by); killed the owner who came; the same episode with spears in the turtle house; into marten houses ( irara), they went for honey, ordered them to look after the children, did not order them to untie the parcel; E. untied it, the children died, their parents revived them; the owner of the forest came, E. turned the fruit into stone, threw it from the tree, killed her baby; she wants to spray milk from her chest into him, but E. does not look at her; called for other spirits, but E. did not get it; E. returned to his mother, was absent from April (when it was frozen) until September]: Pereira 1986, No. 17:261-282.

Chaco. K1081: blind men duped into fighting. Nivakle [Owl and Chunga (Chunga burmeisteri bird) spray hot fat on blind people, they fight with each other]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987b, No. 141 [warriors raid another village; to their camp The woodpecker comes up, sings, people laugh at his singing; at night the Woodpecker blinds them; one does not laugh, remains sighted, leads them; the hive answers where he is, how much honey there is in it; the lake is where it is, is it enough waters; their bags catch eels themselves, which the blind grab with their hands and throw them ashore; the owl watches it, rips off the baked eels, the hot liquid splashes on the blind, they blame each other they fight; the owl laughs, says Chunga; he repeats the trick, but the blind hear his laughter, send fire at him; he hides under a termite mound, but his legs are burned; the blind have built a village on that place] 142 [a group of warriors stops for the night; an old shaman sings, others laugh at him, he promises to deprive them of their sight; in the morning they wake up blind; they easily get honey; they call water, water answers, they catch eels; the owl catches their eels, holds back their laughter; agrees to bring Chungu there if he does not laugh; taking away the eels, he laughs; the blind let fire after him, now the chunga has red legs], 143 [people have gone to a new place, four blind are left; the young man has returned, led them; the beehives answer them themselves; the young man pours honey on the blind, they accuse each other, fight; the young man laughs silently; eels from the lakes respond; blind people find the fattest ones, throw them into their bags, they open themselves; blind people fry eels; an owl picks them up from a tree, fat drips on the blind, they fight blaming each other; Owl laughs; at home, Chung asks to be taken to that tree, repeats the trick; after running away, laughing, the blind set fire to the savannah; Chunka hides in a termite mound, his beak and legs turn red; Owl in a tree suffered from smoke, turned gray (flesh-colored); the nivacles fled south from the fire beyond Rio Bermejo], 144 [the man smeared his face, told others to do the same, they refused, he made them do the same at night except for one, they are blind; he led them; honey, the lake answer their call themselves; they fry eels, the Owl stole eels, sprayed hot fat on the blind; they blame each other, fight; his companion Chunga began to do the same, but laughed; the blind let fire after him, his legs turned red; the smoke ate Owl's eyes, he can't see well now], 145 [the blind roasted eels, Chunga and Owl were sitting in a tree; Chunga picked up a hot piece, threw them at them, they accuse each other, fight; The owl tells them not to laugh; Chunga runs away, laughs; the blind throw coal after each other, the savannah burns, Chunga hides in a termite mound, his legs turn red; an owl in a tree gray with smoke]: 315-319, 320-322, 323-329, 330-331, 332-333; toba: Wilbert, Simoneau 1989a, No. 351 (oriental) [two blind people had food at their will; people are starving, asked Hawk pick up food from the blind; the blind grabs food when the blind pass it to each other; they quarrel, fight; the Hawk filled the bag with food, ran away; after that, the food no longer appeared on its own], 393 (Western) [two blind and dumb friends are good fishermen; a woman sat quietly between them, picking up the fried fish they were passing on to each other; they understood, caught up with the woman, twisted her neck, ate her fat vulva] , 394 (Western) [two blind people give each other baked meat; a man sits between them, takes meat for himself; the blind catch him, he pretends to be dead; they go for salt, he runs away; they reproach him for it each other, fighting, filling the vessel with blood from their broken noses, drinking it]: 454-455, 542-544, 544-545; poppies: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991a, No. 100 [were blind honey pickers; the woman is unhappy that her husband brings her little honey, goes to the forest, eats blind honey; tells him that she is a woman, offers himself as a wife; he calls his comrades; they feel all parts of her body, she calls them; when She comes to the vulva, says that people sometimes fight because of her vulva; blind people also decide to fight, injure and kill each other; a woman first tells you to fight only with her hands, not with hardwood axes, then tells her to stop the fight altogether; the woman became the wife of the nephew she first approached; the blind catch blackheads with their hands; the blind drank honey, got drunk, fell asleep; the woman smeared their eyes menstrual blood, the latter was only enough for one eye; blurred eyes saw the light], 101 [the husband does not bring his wife enough honey, she goes to the forest to see the blind intowoolei; eats the honey they shed from trees in calebasses; says she took that she is a woman; she takes the blind to her village; they consistently feel parts of her body, ask them what they are called; when it comes to the vulva, she says that men fight to have access to her; blind people also fight, the woman tells them to fight not with sticks but with fists; when her husbands fell asleep after drinking honey, she smeared their menstrual eyes with them with blood; they saw the light, left alone blind, he did not have enough blood; so there are still blind; before they saw the light, the Lizard laughed that they ate eels raw without fire], 102 [woman loved honey, always looking for honey pickers; once she found a skillful one, he was blind; he felt her, called others, they had never met a woman before; they felt her genitals, then wanted to fight on sticks, she persuaded it is better to go eat honey; they ate, they fell asleep; she smeared their eyes with her menstrual blood, they saw the light; one blood was not enough, he saw the light in one eye; they began to scream, the woman used these screams to name the objects that surrounded her in the land of the blind], 103 [intowoolei blind men collected honey, caught eels; a lizard climbed a tree, set fire to the end of the stick in the fire on which eels were cooked, poked at blind men; they began to blame each other, got into a fight; the lizard laughed, ran away]: 219-223, 223-226, 226-227, 227-228.