Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

M81C. Blind people in the sky. .

A person goes to heaven or (rarely) to the lower world, where he meets blind people (one or two), usually makes them sighted, and returns to earth himself.

Efate, Tanna, Uliti, Nukumanu, Gilbert, Nauru, Tuvalu, Rotuma, Manihiki [in the lower world], Mangaia [in the lower world], Rarotonga [in the lower world], Marquises, Maori, Chukchi, Dogrib, Tlingit [under the sea], hyda [under the sea], chickpea, quarry [under the sea], Thompson, lillouette, pentlatch, comox, chalkomel [under the sea], sechelt, clallam, curdalen, karok.

Melanesia. Efate (New Hebrides) [the heavenly maidens went down to fish, a man stole the wings of one of them, she gave birth to Maka Tafaki and Karisi Bum; her husband began to treat her badly; her sons found her wings, she flew away; the sons made a chain of arrows, climbed into heaven; a blind old woman was cooking six yam tubers, the brothers slowly hid one; the old woman realized that they were her grandchildren, named them; they found a mother]: MacDonald 1898:765-767 in Lessa 196:129-130; Tanna [two women burned dry leaves on the plot; one of them's little daughter went to the fire, smoke carried her to heaven; there's a blind old woman Masineruk feeds pigs; the girl picks up food unnoticed; M. answers when she got to heaven; M. asks not to go to a certain place; the girl tells M. to put a certain grass on her eyes, dive, that gains sight; left alone, the girl goes to a forbidden place, opens the door in the ground, sees the ground below, her house; M. found out why the girl was crying, lowered her down on the vine; she was met by her mother and sister; then M. lowered several pigs on the same rope; one of the Coal Bags is that hole in the sky]: Humphreys 1926:97-99.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Uliti (Carolina) [having been refused by the bride's relatives, Haluwai ordered the servants to sail the boat; six died, H. was the last to sail to the tree - the pillars of the sky; the trunk branched; H. sent the servant one trunk at a time, the lizard cut him in half; then he climbed the other way to the giant bird's nest; hid under its feathers, flew on it; seeing an island below (in the upper world), threw a pebble so that a bird could come down to grab it; jumped to find an inhabited island; a blind old woman bakes a tarot in the sun; H. secretly takes her tarot; confesses when she says her sons will come- cannibals; H. cut through her eyes with spicy grass, she saw the light; taught her how to bake tarot (on fire); she hid it under her chest; her sons are also grateful to H.; the old woman does not tell X. to lift the mat in the corner of the house ; he picked it up, saw his village on Fr. Yap; an old woman threw it there in a box; now it's a rock; H. marries his fiancée; the excrement of the old woman's rooster with her became yams]: Lessa 1980, No. 25:8-11; Nukumanu [Woman Earth met with the Wind that lived in the sky; then he could not go down to her, asked them to name their child Sinekepápa; this is a daughter; then the Wind came back to Earth, she gave birth to her youngest daughter Asina; Sky found out that Earth had a daughter, asked her father for permission to go down; Earth asked Vetra if he agreed to give his eldest daughter, he agreed, the eldest married; then a man named Opuna came to marry his youngest daughter, received; Sinekepapa gave birth to a son Naleau; he decided to go to his father in heaven (Kimulani); that mother is blind, N. touched her eyes, ants, a centipede, black squirrels, crabs fell out, she sees the light, glad to see her grandson; he leaves, meets men led by Opuna who are building a guest house, mocks them; when he jumps into a hole prepared for a pole, they throw a pole at him; he turns into an ant, hides inside a pole; goes out; replaces food in an earthen oven with crap; they want to bake it in the oven, it turns into an ant, crawls out unnoticed; sails to the island Keloma]: Sarfert, Damm 1931:413-436; Nauru: Hambruch 1914 [=Permyakov 1970, No. 138:337-339; older, middle sister has her first period, parents give gifts; when younger Aegigu (" eucalyptus"), they do not give; she leaves, plants a coconut, the tree grows to the sky; in the sky she comes to a blind old woman; E. drinks her palm wine; when she takes the second shell with wine, the old woman catches her; E . extracts midges, worms, ants from her eyes, she sees the light; hides from her sons; Sun, Thunder come; third son Good Month; marries E., she is visible on the lunar disk]: 435-436; DeRoBurt 1968-1976 [y Eigigu women have three daughters; the older parents loved and pampered, and the youngest was oppressed {at the end of the story, the youngest is named after her mother - Eigigu}; the youngest planted a nut on the shore, a sprout made its way, she planted it watered it and the tree grew to the sky; she named it Deigimadere; she climbed it; her mother and sisters asked her to come back, but she refused and went to heaven; saw a blind woman making syrup in coconut shells; counted 10 out loud; the girl stole one, drank syrup; when she reached for the second, the old woman caught her; first tickled her and then promised to eat it; said that the maid she does not need it; it's another matter if the girl makes her sighted; she uttered the magic word and the old woman's eyes opened; various flies and ants came out from there and the old woman saw the light; immediately fell in love with the girl; first her son Thunder came; the thunder was his voice, lightning flew out of his eyes; he smelled the man, but the old woman hid the girl until the Thunder fell asleep; the same with her second son, the Sun (he is terribly hot); the third, Month, benevolent and pleasant; the girl chose him as her husband; they can now be seen together in the night sky; Eigigu is sitting in front of their house waving to her sisters and mother; she is a happy woman on the moon]; Gilbert (atoll Tabiteuea): Koch 1966:32 [two women lived on the moon, Nei Nibarara and Nei Matanoko; NN always weaved mats; NM was blind and evaporated palm juice in coconut vessels; once noticed that one of the vessels is empty; caught NN by the hand, who secretly took the juice; angry, drove her away and was left alone on the moon], 40 [Ikuiku has three daughters, she loves her elders, does not love the youngest; on the offensive maturity arranges honorary rituals for the elders, refuses the youngest; the girl comes ashore, tells the tree to grow, climbs it to the sky; there, by the fire, a blind old woman cooks sweet palm juice in 10 coconut shell vessels; the girl quietly empties 7 shells; the old woman grabs her and wants to kill her; then lets her go and hide it under the sink from her three sons who have returned from fishing; those they smell, force the mother to give the girl away, agree to leave her to run the household; the girl did not make the juice and said that the old woman drank it; the sons believed their mother, not her, ate the girl]; Tuvalu [the couple has 10 daughters; when each reaches adulthood, the holiday is tripled in her honor; and the youngest mother did not like and did not arrange a holiday; the girl went crying into the forest; the Pua tree promised to help, told me to climb on it, grew up to the sky; the girl walked across the sky, saw two blind men making juice in coconut shells; the girl took one; missing the shell, the old men grabbed a girl; she called Pua for help, but the tree told me not to worry and be kind to those people; she offered the blind to bring firewood, they refused; let her go for promising to heal their eyes; girl brought one crab from the shore, the other from the forest; opened her blind eyes, pulled blades of grass, insects and other debris out of her eyes with crab claws, the blind saw the light; wrapped the girl in a mat and hid it under with a roof from their two cannibal sons; they smelled but did not harm the girl when they found out that she had cured the old people; she cleaned the house, weaved many mats; when she decided to return, mats and another was given to her as a gift; after going down the same tree, the girl came home; the sisters also climbed into heaven and made sure that the youngest was telling the truth; then the heavenly people came to visit; all is well] : Koch 1966:95-96; Rotuma [sisters Nujka'u; Nk; Nk) and Nujmanga (Hujmaga; Nm); caught a bird in a snare, Nm ate it; put up a new snare, caught an old woman and her grandson; while the old woman was fishing, they ate their grandson; asked the tree sprout to grow, it grew to the sky; they went up there, peeling off the bark behind them to make the trunk slippery; in the sky they came to two blind twins connected with their backs; they steal yams from them; the twins raised their legs, began to grimace, the sisters laughed, they caught them; the sisters put bugs to their eyes, they saw the light, separated from each other; all four began to live well]: Churchward 1939:328-330 (per. Polinskaya 1986, No. 15:77-80); Manihiki (Northern Cook Islands) [the youngest of the three Maui Brothers pretends to sleep, secretly follows his parents, they ask the sacred pillar to open, go down through a crevice, they bring food from the underworld; while everyone is sleeping, M. comes to the pole, asks him to open up, penetrates into the lower world, sees a blind old woman; she is his grandmother; he sees three fields, then three trees, one is good, the other is average, the third is miserable; to find out whose they are, the grandmother every time says, "Who is this in the field of older (middle, junior) M.?" ; so M. finds out which field (fruit tree) is his (worst) and which are his brothers; when he climbs a third tree, a grandmother with a stick comes to punish the thief; M. throws the fruit in one eye, then on the other, she sees the light, says that everything on earth and underground will belong to him]: Kauraka 1982:35-38 (=1989:18-19); Mangaia (Cook Islands South) [Ukupolu rejects Ako, says it will come out for his friend Tane; A. leads T. to her but is jealous; T. grabs a long branch of a huge tree, is thrown up, falls into Enua-kura (The Land of the Parrot's Red Feathers); T. comes to the blind Kui, eats it unnoticed yam; she throws a fishing hook, T. puts a banana stump in her place; then a bush; lets herself be caught for the third time; says he is T., the old woman recognizes him as a grandson; there is water on her island only in coconuts; K. tells them not to climb a palm tree to the sky, they are guarded by her children by a lizard, a centipede, a beetle, a locust (mantis); T. killed them, climbed a palm tree, tilted it over Avaiki, dropping coconuts in it, then the palm tree straightened up again; hit K.'s eyes with two coconuts, she saw the light; T. rejects K. (she later became the wife of the Month), marries her youngest; she is jealous, he weaves baskets like wings, flies to them at Avaiki]: Gill 1876:107-114 (briefly in Beckwith 1970:256); Rarotonga [ Tongoifare is Tangaroa's daughter; her husband Manuahifare; they have three sons Maui and a daughter Inaika ("Ina Fish"); the youngest Maui noticed that his father disappears in the morning, returns after dark; he put an end father's belt under him to wake up when the father gets up; sees the father telling the pillar of the house to open so that he can go down to the lower world; during the day he does the same; meets a blind old woman; she She takes the coals out of the fire with tongs, thinking it's food, and the food burns; she replies that her name is Inaporari (Blind Ina), she is Maui's grandmother; four trees nearby; Maui knocks on each one one; every time the old woman says that this tree belongs to Maui the elder, then the middle, Inaika, and finally Maui the Younger; he replies that he is Maui the Younger; immediately fruits appear on the tree; after biting off a piece , Maui throws them into the eyes of the old woman, she sees the light; says that the fire is owned by Maui's grandfather Tangaroa-tuimata ("T. with a tattooed face"); after admitting his grandson, the grandfather gives him smut, Maui leaves and extinguishes it; so four times; on the fifth, Tangaroa fires with two sticks, Maui holds one; blows out the fire; then the tern holds one; Maui understands how to make a fire; pulls out his grandfather's upper stick; the lower one in the tern, for this purpose it burns it above the eyes, the spots remain; the tern flies away; Maui invites Tangaroa to fly through the same hole; takes off with his rainbow belt; Maui pushes him, Tangaroa falls, breaks; Maui puts his bones in a coconut, opens it, Tangaroa comes to life; tells parents who have descended to the lower world to visit Tangaroa only on the third day; he returns to the upper world, opens brothers and sister the secret of getting fire; shows them the lower world]: Gill 1876:63-70 (retelling in Frazer 1930:79-82); Marquises [Koomahu climbs into heaven to look for a sister hooked blind old woman Tapa; meets T., who bakes bananas, he regains her sight, marries one of her star daughters; finds his sister, descends with her to the ground on a tree he planted on the ground at the beginning of his journey]: Beckwith 1970:256; Maori [Tawhaki is a good fisherman, his wife's four brothers are bad; they attack him, he's barely alive, his wife finds him, saves him; he tells his people to go to the mountain, causes a downpour, the village of his wife's brothers is washed away by the flood; T.'s younger brother Karihi; their parents were stolen by Ponaturi creatures; they can't stand the light of the sun, sleep on the ground at night, hide under water for a day; brothers find a mother, she says that P. killed their father; the brothers tell his mother to tell P. that it is still night; she says that the day has come when it is very bright; P. melted from sunlight, only Salmon jumped into the water, became a salmon; the heavenly maiden Hapai came down to T., gave birth to him a daughter; he said something about his daughter that offended her mother, she took her daughter, returned to heaven, saying that if he wanted to find her, let her cling to her a vine that is firmly rooted in the ground, not swaying under the clouds; T. and K. come to their blind grandmother, steal her tarot roots; she tries to kill thieves, they restore her sight, she recognizes her grandchildren; she leads them to the heavenly vines; K. grabs the swaying one, T. sends him home; he climbs the stable himself, turns into an old man, he is told to carry a Tesla, he quietly completes the half-finished boat; He is told to carry firewood, he comes to his wife and daughter; H. and her brothers will guess who he is; he is back with H., becoming Thunder; (brief retelling in Beckwith 1970:249, 255)]: Reed 1999:58-74.

SV Asia. The Chukchi [see the M75A motif; the orphan has five strong uncles; they defeat him in circles, kick him, trample him; he pretends to be dead, catches the Raven; refuses to take a ransom knife, two sisters A crow, a deer; the raven promises to make him a shaman; the young man defeats his uncle, moving the land and the sea; marries the daughter of the fifth, good uncle; Dawn takes her away; the young man stands on a spear, flies to the North Star ( Cole); that wife is blind, daughter is blind in one eye; the young man makes them sighted; they confirm that Dawn took his wife; he kills the kidnapper, returns his wife]: Bogoras 1928, No. 23:364-367.

Subarctic. Dogrib [the giant Naba-Cha caught and brought a Cree young man named Ithenhiela ("with-foot-caribou"); an elk named Hottah lived in N.'s home; ordered to take a lump of land, a bunch of moss, a stone, a branch; carried I. himself on his back to Big Water in the west, where the good Nesnabi lived; tells him to throw objects behind, hills, swamp, Rocky Mountains appear; H. carries the young man across the Yukon; when he carries the giant, he drowns; I. comes to a man who gives him 7 arrows, tells him not to climb a tree after them if the arrows are stuck; a young man climbs into the sky; two blind old women have taken the magic belt of heaven Chief Hatempka; a young man comes to old women; copper blades protrude from their backs; he throws a bag of feathers between them; old women pierce each other; the young man returns the belt to the chief, marries his daughter; the northern lights are "I.'s fingers"]: Bell 1903, No. 3:80-84 (paraphrased in Clark 1960:99-103).

NW Coast. The Tlingit (Fort Tongass, far south of the Alexander Archipelago) [the killer whale stole Chief Schagattyno's wife; he went to sea by boat and dived; at the bottom he asks two blind duck women; those they say that they saw Killer Whale drag a woman; in gratitude, the chief cut the skin that covered their eyes, making them sighted; the episode is repeated with various ducks and geese; because the knife is dull, the eyes are dull birds of different species of different sizes; the crane hides the leader, for which he receives grass from him that used to serve instead of tobacco; with the help of the Sea Lion (he is a slave to Killer Whales), the leader returns his wife, emerges from her to the surface]: Dähnhardt 1909:503; Haida Fr. The Prince of Wales (and the Tlingits? ; the author has "tlingita-hyda") [Gunarh's wife washes the skin of a sea otter in the sea, Killer Whale takes it away; taking Marten and Swallow into the boat, G. swims to two algae rising to the sea surface, ties a boat to them; goes down to the bottom; cuts the skin in front of blind Geese, they see the light, show the way; the slave breaks the teslo, G. glues it together, he promises to help; tells another slave to overturn a pot of water put on fire; in the cloud, couple G. takes his wife; puts something like tobacco in the slave's mouth, the slave swells, closing the passage; Geese send G. along the same path, and the pursuers are told where they dug up traps; Marten takes G. and his wife into the boat; among the killer whales, one with a double fin; shouts that he, the slave, will continue to help people; G. and his wife return]: Beck 1989: 100-112; Nootka: Boas 1895, No. 12 [a girl swims in the lake, takes her breath away with a second face on the back of her head; one of them is always watching her; she gives birth to a son with him; every time one of her ten The brothers come for her, the son reports this to his father, who kills the young man; the brothers' mother cries, her tears and snot turn into a boy; he kills the monster and his son with arrows; makes a chain of arrows, climbs to heaven; quietly takes food from two blind snail women; restores their sight; they help him overcome challenges and marry the daughter of a heavenly leader; see motif K27]: 116-117; 1916, No. 6 [see motif L40 ; The snot boy shoots arrows into the sky, climbs a chain of arrows; makes two blind Old Ducks sighted; in gratitude, they advise him to follow the narrow path leading to his father's house, and not along a wide path, leading to dangerous animals; on a narrow path he should not eat a dangerous woman's food; he comes to his father, who gives him salmon and candlefish; when he returns to land, he puts fish in rivers]: 907-908; Sapir, Swadesh 1939, No. 21 [see motif J57, motif L40; after killing a cannibal, a young man shoots arrows into the sky; a chain of arrows turns into a rope; he rises to heaven; rubs the eyes of blind women with his penis, making them sighted; they teach him to overcome obstacles]: 97-101; Nootka (south west coast of Vancouver) [see motive L41; after killing the cannibal and her husband, Eut-le-Ten became chief; decided to marry the daughter of heaven chief; ordered to prepare arrows; shooting at the sky, he made a chain; two blind old women in the sky are preparing food, E. quietly intercepts it, they quarrel; he confesses, makes holes in their eyes, returning them sight; old women give him the strength to overcome challenges; turning into the puddle of tears from which he once arose, E. overcomes the lake with frogs, cod (it grabs the sun during eclipses), two snakes; breaks the stakes he should have run into; unharmed in the fire; turns into a puddle of tears when a log rolls at him; gets a wife; later returns to earth]: Carmichael 2006:37-41; poppies [like a chickpea; women don't see the light; give the snot boy a root to help him complete difficult tasks; see motive K27]: Densmore 1939:212-213.

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry [seal hunter tells new wife not to look if she hears dogs chewing; woman watches; sees first wife in Wolverine guise; she bites her in half; husband burns her Wolverine, pushing into the earthen furnace, revives his new wife; one day he brings a white seal, asks his wife to wash the carcass; she enters the water, the marine inhabitants take it away; the husband dives, brings stones to the little fish, under with which fish live, makes blind geese sighted; Satsan cuts a tree to make the kidnapped woman fins; the husband tells the wedge to split; repairs; for this S. pours water into the fire; the husband takes his wife; S. prevents the pursuers from leaving the house, Geese and Fish put obstacles in their way; the sea floods the earth to the sky; the husband kills his wife with an ax, throws it into the water; the water begins to fall; first the Muskrat, then the Beaver they dive, both repeatedly bring portions of clay from the bottom; man makes a new land out of them]: Jenness 1934, No. 8:141-143; Thompson [at the beginning of time, Coyote makes a son out of clay; he bathes, dissolves in water; from resin - melts in the sun; from white stone - lives, his name is Nlixentem; Loon and Duck give him daughters as wives, one dark skin, the other is light; Coyote turns their excrement into chicks an eagle, asks his son to climb a tree after them, tells the tree to become tall, comes to his wives in clothes and in the form of a son, takes a bright one, drives away a dark-skinned one; N. walks along the heavenly plain, pulls out the big edible rhizomes, the wind blows from the holes, these rhizomes are stars; he goes into an empty dugout, takes the basket, the baskets attack it; he puts the basket back, tells the baskets to become people's servants; the same episode in a dugout of mats; awls; ridges, birch bark vessels; N. comes to two blind old women; they eat rotten wood, pass food to each other, N. intercepts it, old women quarrel, accusing them each other; they feel a man, they say that he smells bad; N. turns them into two types of hazel grouses; comes to the spider spouses, they call themselves his grandfather and grandmother, they lower them to the ground in a basket; N. finds a faithful wife and son; Coyote's people are starving, Raven finds N. back, gets meat for his children; people force him to confess where the meat comes from; they return to N., celebrate, ask him take his second wife back; N. sends the Coyote for the carcass of a dead deer, the Coyote falls into the river, swims to the dam, followed by two sisters holding salmon; turns into a wooden plate; eats food, a plate they throw him into the fire, the Coyote turns into a baby, the sisters adopt him; in their absence, he breaks the dam, releasing salmon into the rivers; goes downstream; asks three or four girls if they want salmon, the youngest answers, Yes; he sends his penis to her across the river, the end stays in the vagina, the girl gets sick; Coyote carries salmon across rivers; a group of girls replies they want meat mountain sheep, not salmon; in this place, the Coyote creates rapids; under the guise of a shaman, he comes to the sick person, asks everyone to sing loudly, leave him with the girl in the steam room, copulates, removes the end of the penis, the girl recovers; the Coyote creates fake berries on the bushes, negotiates with the Grizzly to eat her supplies first, then him; runs away, the berries dry up]: Teit, No. 2:21-29; lillouette [starting like thompson; blind women feed on rough sand; send the hero to the Spiders to help him return to earth]: Teit 1912b, No. 8:308; pentlatch [the young man shoots arrows, they pierce one another's tail , he turns them into a rope, climbs it into heaven; comes to his grandmother Kalmar, who gives him tar; comes to the Ducks, they are blind, they give him roots, he splashes them with water, they see the light, fly away; one remains to say that he should not give a hand to his older, middle sisters, they have teeth in their vagina, but give him a hand to the younger one; he comes to three sisters, sleeps with his younger; the older ones give him fish bones, the youngest gives him good food; the girls' father agrees to give the youngest]: Thompson, Egesdal 2008:90-96; comox (chatloltk) [two brothers make a chain of arrows, climb heaven to marry the chief's two daughters; steal food from two blind old women; make them sighted, they turn into Ducks; advise you to look for a one-legged old man; he gives 1) flat stones under you to sit on porcupine benches, 2) put sticks in wives vaginas, to break their vaginal teeth; brothers marry safely; women have had vaginas without teeth ever since; see motive K27]: Boas 1895, No. 3:65-68; chalkomel (snanaimuk) [hunter kills seals; his wife goes to wash the skin, Finval takes it away; the husband goes down to the bottom; quietly takes food from blind women, then makes them sighted, they show the way; the crane shows the way, gets a spear; the slave asks repair the split wedge; for this he pours water into the hearth in Finval's house; the husband grabs his wife, they get home safely]: Boas 1895, No. V.3:55-56; sechelt (sisiatl) [the young man has two wives; he shot an antelope, sent his father to bring meat; his strap bursts at the crossing, he is carried away by a river, he turns into a piece of wood, the woman picks it up, uses it as a plate, her food disappears; a woman throws away the plate, it turns into a baby; the woman raises him, four days later he grows up, leaves; turns his excrement into birds, talks about it to her son, he climbs a tree, the father tells him a tree to grow; in the sky, a son comes to two blind women, slowly takes their food; makes them sighted; catches salmon for them; they open a hole in the floor, lower him in the basket; he opens his eyes earlier time, the basket returns; the second time he goes down, his little son recognizes him; he and his mother say that the second wife left with the boy's father]: Hill-Tout 1904a: 43-45 (retelling in Lévi- Strauss 1971, #676:338); clallam [see J4B, K27 motif; two girls make a boy out of resin; he comes to life, takes one of them as his wife; melts in the sun; her two sons make a chain of arrows, climb on the sky takes revenge on the Sun; they restore sight to two blind old women Otter and Blue Jay; they show them the way to the Sun; they marry his daughters, kill him; the youngest turns into the Month, the elder into a new Sun]: Gunther 1925:131-134; Eells 1964 in Lévi-Strauss 1971, No. 692 [the first woman makes her husband out of resin; he melts under the sun; his sons climb into the sky along a chain of arrows; meet two blind men old women giving each other food; one of the brothers steals it; the old woman gives him a basket of six magic berries; the brothers let the old Sun swallow berries; he bursts, becomes less hot]: 366- 367; curdalen [Coyote's son has a wife Tern (Sterna aurantia, tern) and Black Swan (CL); CL has a child, everyone loves her, Tern is childless, disliked; Coyote decides to take the Tern for himself ; Asks his "advisers" (excrement); while the young man climbs up the tree, Coyote looks at him with his eyebrows raised, thereby forcing him to rise to the sky; he takes Tern as his wife; in the sky, the young man killed elk; hears the voices of cannibals; each has two sticks, one tied to the bones of dead people and the other to moose; one knocked the other to the ground with a stick, has long spider legs; he asks for an elk in exchange for patronage; two beaver women bring a young man to them; a young man kills a deer, then another; the first carcass disappears; the beavers say he killed their husband, smile; the young man kills the deer again, sees how long-legged, round-bodied comes to eat him; kills him; wives cry, it was their father; the young man revives him, the Spider calls him son-in-law; wives know that the husband misses his wife on earth, ChL; the young man comes to two blind strands quarreling over a hemp stem; gives them hemp, they lower it from the sky in their box; it goes down in four steps, in jerks, like spiders go down; on the ground, a young man pulls rope, box returns to heaven; son recognizes him, CH tells us how badly Coyote treats them; the young man beat Coyote, Tern, his brothers and mother with a stick]: Reichard 1947, No. 4:77-80.

California. Karok: Kroeber, Gifford 1980, No. A10 [two blind female moles cook meat under their arms; Anhush comes in, steals meat, they cry; he opens their eyes, makes a fire for them], III38 [two blind women cook meat under their arms; Laska comes, opens their eyes, makes a fire for them]: 16-17, 252.