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M83C. Who gets drunk faster.


Animal characters are arguing which of them gets drunk faster. The latter immediately falls — he gets drunk just talking about drinking.

Chinese, Adygs, Balkarians, Ossetians, Ingush, Kumyks, Khalkha Mongols, Mongols of Inner Mongolia.

China — Korea. The Chinese [drunkards argue who gets drunk faster; 1) from one glass; 2) from one sip; 3) it's enough to wet your lip; 4) from the wine grounds; 5) from the smell of alcohol; 6) from the pie (it's also made of rice like and vodka); 7) from the type of pie; 8) from the look of a shaved head that looks like a pie]: Riftin 2007:273.

Caucasus — Asia Minor. Adygs [bear, wolf and fox argued who would rather get drunk from wine; bear: already from three buckets of wine; wolf: from one smell; fox (swaying): from talking]: Kapiyeva 1991:77; Balkarians [bear, wolf and fox discuss who gets drunk faster; bear: I'll drink a bucket of wine and I'm already drunk; wolf: I barely lick the wine, I'm already drunk; the fox falls, it's picked up; fox: when I hear about wine, I get drunk right away]: Malkonduev 2017:737; Ossetians [a fox, a wolf, a bear each have one bread and one more; they agree to give it to the person who saw the best dream; the wolf ate honey in his sleep, the bear ate lamb fat tails; the fox : watched you feast, couldn't sleep, went to eat bread; bear: then we won't divide 3 breads equally, we'll give it to someone who gets drunk faster; bear: when I smell fermented wort; wolf : when they put the wort to drive the araka; the fox (pretends to faint): intoxicated from your conversations; she got 3 loaves]: Dzagurov 1973, No. 5:25-26; Ingush [fox, wolf and hedgehog argue which of them gets drunk faster; wolf: you just have to lick your tongue; fox: gets drunk with the smell; the hedgehog falls to the ground: gets drunk talking about drinking]: Malsagov 1983, No. 145:285 (=Sadulaev 2004, No. 32:77-78); Kumyks [y wolves and foxes are three chureks; the fox offers to lure the badger — there will be meat; calls the badger to the fair; suggests: who is the most truthful will eat all three chureks; wolf: I don't drink; badger goes aside, about drinking he can't even hear; he eats a chorek; who is older will eat the second chorek; the wolf does not know when Alibek-Haji appeared; the fox: I was a bride then, my fiancé went to war; the badger cries: my two adults my son died in that war; the second chorek eats; the third one who saw the most interesting dream will eat; the badger ate a chorek at night; the wolf and the fox say they were at a wedding in a dream; badger: I was not treated there, I came back and ate a chorek; the wolf and the fox are hiding in the badger's hole; he sees traces, asks the “brother” why he does not greet him; the wolf answers; the badger ran to the shepherd, who laid the hole with a stone]: Khalilov, Osmanov 1989:13-15.

Southern Siberia — Mongolia. The Mongols (recorded by C.J. Zhamtsarano in Russian in 1904 in Urga by Ilbek Gabzhi, 58 years old, in Gandan; the text was kindly sent by D.A. Nosov) [Turtle, Fox, Wolf found a jug of wine, let him drink the one who is older; The wolf replies that he is 100 years old, the Fox is 120, the Turtle cries, says that it remembers its sons, the eldest is 120 years old, the youngest is 100; the one who gets drunk faster will drink; The wolf gets drunk with the smell , Fox from the sight of wine, Turtle from the word “wine”; decide to jump who's next; The fox jumps further than the Wolf, the Turtle clung to its tail, fell on; the Wolf and the Fox decided to eat the Turtle; she agrees, but she has no hair, her upper meat is dirty, she must be washed; she was thrown into the river, she swam away]: Zhamtsarano 1904 {archive}; the Mongols of Inner Mongolia [fox, wasp and frog found a piece of butter; fox: he will take it who will jump into the hole and jump out of it further; the frog clung to the fox's tail and goes on; then: who is older; wasp: I'm 100 years old; fox: I'm 1000 years old; the frog cries: my eldest son was so old how much is the fox now; the youngest grandson - how much is the frog now; the fox: the one who gets drunk faster will get oil; the wasp: from one glass; the fox: from the smell of alcohol; the frog: from talking about alcohol]: Coyaud 2012, No. 76:215-217.