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M90a. Marry a guesser.

.12.-. (.39.) .44.

The girl will marry the person who guessed her name, or someone who will fit the ring, or someone who says what material a particular object is made of or originated, etc. The deceiver fulfills the condition.

Ewe, Ashanti, Mungaka, Mukulu, Lelemi, Nubians, Arabs of Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Kabila, Portuguese, Spanish, Italians (Liguria, Campania), Catalans, Tibetans, Mustang, Marathi, Ho , Bali, Moldovans, Romanians, Albanians, Russians (Terek coast, Arkhangelsk), Abazins, Turks, Persians, Estonians, Latvians, Danes, Setu, Western Sami, Mari, Bashkirs, Kazakhs (Turgay), Kyrgyz, Uighurs (Khotan), Buryats, Northern Mansi, Eastern Khanty, Dolgans, Okhotsk Evenks, Ulchi, (Yukaghirs), Western Swamp Cree.

West Africa. Ewe [snails lived in the city, were like people; the ruler promises to give three daughters for someone who finds out their names; one of the snails, ugly Vetsuvi, knocks down a tree on the road, hides; the ruler comes to cut down a tree, sends daughter Afo for a knife, she asks her sister Vovo, Vovo to go; Vetsuvi overhears, names, gets wives; the ruler changes his mind, orders the girls to be returned; offended Vetsuvi and after him all the snails leave town forever]: Olderogge 1959:163-165; lelemi [God has three daughters from his wife; he will give them to whoever names them; the Lizard and the Goat also went try her luck; The lizard hid in the heart of a fallen tree and heard the sisters walking to the pond calling out to each other: Hey Oteame; hey Azazode; hey Setuame; hey Setuame; the lizard hurried home, repeated names and began to blow the horn; the Goat overheard; when everyone gathered, the Goat told the Lizard that she had something in her tongue; she stuck out her tongue, the Goat cut it off, gave the names himself and blew the horn; got daughters God; to take revenge, the Lizard killed God's wife's chicken, scattered feathers from God's house to the house where the Goat slept with his wife, put bones in his sleeping mouth; God's wife believed the Goat was guilty]: Funke 1920, No. 2:294-296; Ashanti: Curlander 1971, No. 9 [heaven god Nyami promises a daughter to whoever says her name; Anansi's spider hid in a tree in the garden where daughter N. was walking; dropped mangoes three times, each time The maid picked him up saying, Oh Baduasemanpensa, the mango fell; Anansi said this to Abos (the lizard); stood in front of the king to knock the name B. on the drum; the king asked him to explain what he wanted say Abos gave a name, got a wife]: 18-21; Barker, Sinclaire 1917, No. 5 [the king promises three daughters to whoever names them; Anansi threw a fruit filled with honey from the tree; the first princess called others by name; threw off the second fruit — the second named the first and third; A. asked the Lizard to trumpet the princesses when A. named them, but he did it on his own behalf and got the princesses; in order to take revenge, A. asked him to make sure that his rooster sang on time, he needed to get up early; stole and cooked a rooster, hid his feathers in the Lizard's house, put the meat on a plate, poured it his mouth with boiling water to make him speechless; they began to look for a rooster; the wives of the Lizards were given to A., and the lizards have been shaking their heads ever since]: 45-49; mungaka [girl rejects suitors; father dried the termite and promised give his daughter for knowing what it was; a man came, said it was a termite, got the girl and took her away, telling him not to take flint or knife with him; along the way, the husband turned into a leopard, but his wife was not afraid; he left her in the house and promised that a man would bring her food and water; she gave birth without seeing the child, he was taken the same night; then a second one; his wife asked for permission to visit her parents; leopard allowed, but recalled the ban on flint and knife; the mother gave a knife and flint; you have to stick the knife in the bed with the point up; the one who comes up will step, hurt himself, scream; by screaming you will find out whether it is a beast or man; the wife screamed that her husband was human; he forgave her; then she lit a fire — a handsome man next to her; he screamed and disappeared; the wife went looking, came to the house where her leopard was with a new wife; the old one was hired to work with her mother-in-law, she pushed her around, the leopard did not stand up; but when he found out that his mother wanted to kill her, he killed his mother and new wife, took the old one; their grown-up children immediately appeared, who were taken from a woman after birth]: Meyer 1942, No. 4:149-154; mukulu [God has a daughter; only a lover knows her name; God will give a daughter to someone who collects more grass and leaves, and the land under them will open; the earth squirrel dug the cave, the vault has collapsed, the earth seems to open; God demands to guess the daughter's name; the earth squirrel calls him {it's not clear where she found it}; God demands to bring the dog — this is a panther; an earthen squirrel pretends to be seriously ill; a panther allows it to tie its paws; a squirrel brings the panther to God; he requires a special bull — a lion; a squirrel tells a lion that they want to eat it, lion Allows yourself to be bound; God: make rain fall and fill blood vessels; downpour; God slap the squirrel so deaf that it becomes deaf]: Jungraithmayr 1981, No. 5:20-25.

Sudan — East Africa. The Nubians [the princess will be given to whoever guesses whose skin it is; the ghoul, the sorcerer, guesses what the princess gets, she runs away from him]: Kronenberg, No. 17:83-89 in El-Shamy 2004, No. 621:352-353.

North Africa. The Arabs of Egypt [Princess Dalal combed out her louse, put it in a jug of butter; when she grew up, the louse also became huge, broke the vessel; the king ordered her to be skinned and hung on the door; who he would guess whose skin it was, he would marry the princess; the cannibal took the image of a man, said that it was a lice skin, received D.; when he went home, he refused to take his servants and even his wife's mother with him; he lodged D. in palace, became an ogre again, brought her the head of a man; but she refused to eat, he brought her a ram; took the form of her mother, offered to run away, but she refused; the cannibal is happy; the same is a maternal aunt; but when she took the form of a paternal aunt, D. burst into tears and said that her husband was an ogre; he became himself again; D. persuaded him to let her go to the bathhouse and only then eat her; changed clothes with the old woman and quietly left; came to another king, the prince fell in love with her, married her; the queen mother is afraid that his wife is a werewolf; the cannibal came, D. asked for time off out of need, asked the saint for help; she threw a sliver into her mouth an ogre, he will lose consciousness, he will be killed; but for this D. must give her first child; she gave birth to a daughter, gave it to her; the queen mother says that she ate the baby; she was sent to peel onions; ten years later the fairy gave her daughter back; the king solemnly returned his wife; later the Sultan of Spirits needed a bowl of water from the emerald sea, only an earthly girl can bring it; D. was asked again for her daughter; brought her to the sea, she collected water, but her hand turned green; the sea weigher found out that there was less water; went to sell jewelry to meet the one with a green hand; found a girl; first her perfume beat her, then the sultan married her]: Spitta-bey 1883, No. 5:61-79; Algerian Arabs [the sultan promises to pass off his daughter as someone who says he has in his bag; there is a moth; the cannibal overheard under the window; appearing in uniform a noble young man, gave the right answer; on the eve of the wedding, he took the princess to his castle on the mountain, where he regained his appearance as a monster; beat his wife, tied her up for the night so as not to run away; the Sultan sent a dove, she found princess, brought an answer from her; wise El-Moudjarrab tells you to find a widow with 7 sons, let each of them say what he can do; 1) see and hear what has been said far; 2) jump over a high wall, carrying your brothers; 3) quietly open any door; 4) quietly steal eggs from under the partridge; 5) unravel the ball of silk threads that is thrown into the thorny bush; 6) stomp your foot so that fall into the ground; 7) wield a sword, defeating anyone; the first sees the ogre lock the doors, goes to bed; the second carries him over the wall; the third opens the doors; the fourth and fifth free the princess ; when the ogre wakes up and pursues, the sixth hides everyone underground; the seventh went out and hacked the ogre; the brothers returned their daughter to the Sultan and received the award]: Belamri 1990:55-62 Algerian Arabs (Medea) [y king 7 daughters and a peach tree; guli got into the habit of stealing peaches at night; the king sent his eldest daughter to guard; she put on a military outfit but fell asleep; the same with the other five; the youngest consistently He cuts off the head of the ghulas who approach the tree; but from the seventh she only cut off her scalp, the ghoul ran away; as a reward, the king is going to marry her first; to someone who guesses what object is hanging on the window; This is the skin of a huge lice, which the king fed and then stabbed; that ghoul took the image of a handsome man; when the princess saw him, the princess showed with signs that there was a louse on the window; having received his wife, the ghoul sent the royal entourage halfway through, only one maid remained; the ghoul gave the keys to 7 rooms, forbiding him to unlock the seventh; the princess unlocked: there a terrible ghoul devours a donkey; the princess lost consciousness; when she recovered, the ghoul in the guise of her husband asks what is on his crown; there is a scar, but the princess replies that nothing; then the ghoul tied her to a tree and went to buy firewood to burn her; the maid freed her and carried her on her back; the lion met her, invited them to his place, fed them; the ghoul demanded his wife, but was forced to leave; merchants from the girl's father's kingdom passed by; she told them everything, asked them to send rams and camels as a gift to the lion; the king sent it; his people took the princess; the lion gave her a lion cub: if the ghoul came again, the lion cub would kill him; the ghoul came in the form of a beggar, the princess lowered the lion on her, the lion ate the ghoul; but it was the one who he ate a donkey in the seventh room; when the princess remarried, her ghoul husband appeared; bribed the maid to add sleepy powder to everyone but the princess's dishes; took the princess away; she convinced him that She would not run away again, and offered to take her father's treasures; found a lion, let him go on a walk, he ate it; called the people and doctors, who revived those who fell asleep; the soothsayer said that the princess was betrayed by her maid; she cut off her head]: Desparmet 1910:407-422; Kabyles, Arabs (?) Morocco (Marrakech): El-Shamy 2004, No. 621:352-353

Southern Europe. The Portuguese [the king fed the louse to the size of a calf; the princess made a dress out of her skin; promises to marry someone who can guess what material the dress is made of; old man (boy, beggar) guesses (or overhears the princess telling her lover about it); she threatens to make the guesser unhappy, he refuses his intention to marry her]: Cardigos 2006, No. 857:206; Spaniards [princess rejects grooms; chases an ugly old man, he throws a spider at her, you can't shake it off; finally, the spider was shot, the princess ordered to make a tambourine out of his skin; who guesses for that will marry; she sees a beautiful young man, shouts to him what a tambourine is made of; a humpback beggar hears it, takes the princess; tells him to be carried across the river; she threw him into the water, but his hump grew to her; repeated her words after her; the princess was hired as a maid for the prince she fell in love with at the time; the prince is preparing to marry, the maid makes pies, gives her a hump, offers to jump into her apron if he wants more, threw it into the oven; became beautiful, the prince married her]: Shishlova 1971:93-99; Catalans (Mallorca included) [the king promises a daughter to whoever tells which animal the skin has been removed, which she has; on the way to the palace, the hero meets and companions a rat, a lion and a dung beetle; the rat overhears and finds out that it is a lice skin; the king wants to give his daughter to another, throws the hero to lions; the lion saves him; the dung beetle stains the bed of the king's chosen groom with sewage, the king drives him away; the hero marries the princess]: Oriol, Pujol 2008, No. 559:122-123; Italians: Andrews 1892, No. 3 (Liguria) [the princess did not have lice; when the maid found one, she brought it to the king and he began to fatten her louse; she grew huge, she was stabbed, her skin was hung in the window; the king promised to give her daughter to whoever told him whose skin it was; the clothing seller tried to persuade the maid to tell him a secret; began to name different animals, and when he called the louse, the maid confirmed the guess; he received the princess]: 16-17; Italians (Naples) [retelling in Aarne 1930:13; an orc (cannibal) guesses whose skin (fleas) it is; gets Princess Porciella, takes her to the forest; brings meat to humans and wild boars; P. doesn't want to eat it, complains to the old woman; she promises that her 7 sons will help; the first hears everything; the second, if she spits, will be a soap lake; the third, if she throws a piece of iron, there will be a field covered with sharp knives; the fourth will throw a splint, a forest will appear; the fifth will splash water, there will be a river; the sixth will throw a stone, a tower will appear; the seventh is a sharpshooter; the brothers run away with P., each creates obstacles; when the runaways hide in the tower, the cannibal returns to bring the stairs, but his seventh brother hits him with an arrow, his head is cut off with a knife; P. runs to his father, who rewards the brothers and their mother]: Basile 2018:86- 93.

Western Asia. Syria, Jordan, Iraq [the princess will be given to someone who guesses whose skin it is; the ghoul, the sorcerer, guesses that the princess gets the lice, she runs away from him]: El-Shamy 2004, No. 621: 352-353.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans [three Rakshasa brothers took the form of heroes, came to marry the eldest girl; her mother demands to guess her name (the Flower of Paradise); demons ask for a hare, then a fox; the hare forgot ( Paradise Apple?) , fox — too (Paradise Fish?) ; the magpie gave the right name, the demons took the girl away; torment her with work; when they leave, they do not tell her to open one door; she opened, there are human bones; the mother's apron tells her to wear it, sit on a white horse and ride away; hired the palace to carry brushwood and water, looked like an old woman in an apron; the shepherd told the prince about the beauty who was combing her hair by the river; the prince found her, married her; left on business, the wife gave birth to boys, three Rakshasa changed the letter: a creature with a bull's head was born; they changed the answer: the wife pick up the freak and leave; the horse brought her to the desert, ordered him to be killed, his skin spread, the bones on the middle of the skin, hooves on the sides, scatter the mane; the RC woke up in the palace, around the garden; the prince accidentally arrived there, the spouses are happy; the Rakshasa appeared under the guise of merchants, bringing poison; the RC of one I found out by the scar, they were pushed into a hole, covered with a stove]: Komissarov 1997:91-99; Mustang [Tsar Benda Horki Gyevo's eldest son promises to marry a rich bride, the middle son to a smart one, the youngest to beautiful; Men's father Suka Drönyok promises to pass her off as someone who finds out her name; the demon threatens the jackal to eat it if he doesn't find out; the jackal overhears the servant calling the DMD, runs to the demon, forgets along the way name; so twice; the third time I remembered; the demon called the name, leads the DMD to the golden palace, then to the mother-of-pearl palace, then to the house of dog crap; the wife agrees to live in such a house every time, if it is theirs a house with her husband; inside, a crap house turns out to be a luxurious palace; when leaving, the demon leaves the DMD the keys to all rooms; one has no key; she finds a rusty key hanging above the door; in the room there are corpses of horses and people, an old woman in the corner; she says that a demon locks aged wives in this room; tells him to run away, placing a figure dressed in a DMD dress on the terrace, gives his youthful appearance and chest; DMD in the form the old woman meets a demon, he does not recognize her, lets her through; she is hired as a king to take care of dogs, then cows, horses; all animals get fat and healthy; when roasting grain, DMD takes off her appearance old woman, younger prince sees it, marries her; princes give the youngest only a goat and a dog; let the one who wins the trials inherit the kingdom; 1) make the best yogurt (DMD puts it in it gems, her yogurt is better); 2) whose vomiting is more pleasant; older brothers swallow gold and silver keys, but vomiting is normal; DMD drinks milk, swallows rubies, her vomiting glows with a rainbow; 3) who will cover the whole kingdom with cloth; the elder covers half, the middle half, the third, the DMD is still completely left; the youngest received the kingdom; went on business, the DMD gave birth to a son whose top is golden, the bottom is silver , mother-of-pearl forehead; sends a servant with a letter; he stays with the old man, he replaces the letter: the wife gave birth to a broom and a pestle; praises the king of the child, but he is surprised that the letter is different, tells him to wait for him returns; the old man again replaces the letter: throw the child over 9 valleys and 9 passes; the DMD goes with the child to meet her husband, meets the old man, this is the demon from whom she ran away, he swallows the child; The DMD puts him to sleep, looking for him in his head; a fish appears from the demon's forehead, the DMD pierces it with a pin, the demon dies; the horse, which was previously grazed by the DMD, tells him to kill, spread his intestines around the edges of the plain, put his kidneys left and right, head to the center, four legs in four directions; when she woke up in the palace, at the entrance to the chains, a tiger and a leopard, subjects appeared from drops of blood; her king husband came disguised as a beggar, they reunited]: Kretschmar 1985, No. 15:100-104.

South Asia. Marathi (Mumbai) [When a black woman combed her princess and caught a louse, the princess told her to put the louse in a vessel and fatten her; when the princess is 12 years old and wants to be married, she promises marry only someone who understands what kind of animal she has; the guest princes could not guess; the maid quit, told her son about the louse, he guessed it; the princess was going to marry a black man; after The black man refused to be accompanied to the ceremony, carried the bride in the chest; left out of need; at this time the prince came up and opened the chest; when he found out what was going on, he took the girl, putting two cubs in the chest; bringing the chest home, the black man told the guests to have fun and ignore the screams from the bedroom; the tigers tore it; the next day they broke the door and saw them eat up the remains; the princess's father handed it to the prince throne]: D'Penha 1891, No. 7:111-113; ho [7 Raja daughters bathe in a pond, hide dirt from their skin in a hole in the ground; a tree grows there; the elder princess promises to marry whoever guesses how the tree grew; the poor sick shepherd watched the sisters, got a wife; at night he sheds her skin, becomes handsome, goes to dance at the Raja's court; the maid sees this, tells the mistress, she throws his skin into the fire; the husband remains handsome, but continues to go out only at night, because his body emits a dazzling light; the Raja went to see, lost consciousness, but his son-in-law revived him after that stopped shining like this; moved with his wife to the palace, became an heir]: Bompas 1909:474-475.

Malaysia—Indonesia. Bali [Raja Daha's daughter is engaged as a child to her cousin, Prince of Coripan; the prince is away for a long time; the princess grows up to feed her louse; Raja promises a daughter to someone who finds out whose skin is stretched on the drum; the maid advises the princess to write to the prince that it is lice skin; the dove carries a letter, is kidnapped in the woods by a cannibal unicorn; the Raja dresses the maid as a princess, but a unicorn solves the riddle, takes the princess dressed as a swineherd; while the unicorn sharpens the horn to stab the princess, the monkey raises her to the tree; trying to knock him down, the unicorn breaks the horn, dies; the monkey steals rice for the princess from the giant's house, he catches her; she explains that she must feed the princess for him, makes a doll out of poisoned dough, the giant eats her, dies; they live in his palace, there they are Prince Coripan finds; the Raja wants to make the monkey a heavenly maiden; she gets under jets of water, changes her appearance; when she gets up, despite the ban, she turns into a monkey at night]: Hoykas-van Leeuwen 1983 Bomcamp, No. 48:227-238

The Balkans. Moldovans: Botezat 1981:200-210 [when dying, the mother tells her daughter to marry whoever the ring fits; the monster Peasant with-nail found out the size of the ring, forged his grandson's finger in size; girl complains about her mother's grave that she should go for the Snake; she advises to demand a dress from the groom like sunset, noon, dawn; like morning; like night; the serpent brings three times; on the advice of the mother, after the wedding, the girl says, Light is ahead, darkness is behind and disappears; spends the night in the forest; Snakes find her with dogs, cut off her hands, give her to dogs; the girl tries to cover the fallen chicks, the grateful bird turns her into a chick, raises with others; chicks peck Green King's apples; the eldest, middle sons fall asleep, the youngest is an armless beauty; the prince goes to fetch water from under the dragon rock; takes away boots walking on water, an invisible hat, a musical instrument (carries it to any place), for which three traits are fighting; at the spring, an invisible prince hits snakes, they think at each other, fight; the last prince puts him in prison, brings water to the girl, her hands grow; the prince finishes off a snake, the girl manages to tear off her ring from his finger, the snake turns to dust], 226-234 [the master has a daughter Kyrmyz {from Turkish “red”}; he promises it to whoever climbs her tower, takes off his ring, calls her name; the Dragon succeeds; Gaitan's favorite horse teaches her to fall behind her husband, hold a sword in his hand, breaks out forward, the Dragon's head is cut off; G. tells K. to take the shepherd's clothes out of his ear, K. pretends to be a young man; Ion suspects that this is a girl, the sorceress invites her to test; but K. overtakes him on horseback, talks about a wattle fence, not a spinning wheel, chooses a weapon rather than towels, but gives himself away without stepping over a broom, but sweeping the floor with it; I. takes K. as his wife, goes to war; sends home a letter, his Dragon replaces K. with an order to burn; G. extinguishes the fire, takes K. away, she gives birth to two golden-haired sons, G. orders him to be killed, his chest has become a zamk, his head a table with food, his eyes and ears with two wolfhounds, wool in the garden, the hoof as an old servant; the Dragon in the form of another old woman asked the boys to throw hairs at the dogs, which turned into chains, but the dogs tore them, killed the old woman; K. recognized her Draconich; I. returned from the war, traveled around the world, dogs brought him to Castle K., the couple met; in the morning the castle disappeared, G. reappeared; (=Moldavian tales 1968:276-285)]; Romanians (Banat) [daughter the emperor was born at the same time as the foal; she grows and cares for him, feeds him with fire and drinks wine; when she is 15 years old, her father decided to marry her; ordered her to be made by pulling the skin of lice over it; who if he guesses whose skin this is, he will receive the princess; the magician dragon sent his son, also a magician, he guessed it; the princess's horse told her everything; the king is also terrified; the horse tells me to ask his father give her men's clothes and everything she needs, takes the princess away; tells her to look back; princess: the dragon catches up; the horse: how to fly — like the wind or as a thought? princess: like the wind; flew into the city; the horse tells you to go to the king, call yourself a prince, ask for service; the king will agree, for he is a friend of your father's youth; the king has fallen in love with the imaginary prince, and his associates became jealous and suspected that she was a girl; advised to send the prince to the bazaar, where there are various gold items; if he chooses a weapon, then a man, and if a spindle, etc., then a woman; the horse appeared and spoke about an insidious plan; the prince chose a weapon; the minister proposes a second test: send the prince to pick grapes; if he eats them unwashed from the vine, then a woman, and if she washes them and puts them on a plate, then a man; then the prince was offered to get a sorceress, the daughter of a neighboring king; her father keeps her in a glass palace on a glass mountain; the horse tells the king to ask the king for more jewelry and ornaments; when he sees them , first the princess's maid, then her mother, and finally herself, were amazed and the king gave his daughter to the imaginary prince; the lie brought her to the king, but she did not want a bearded man; the king shaved; the prince admitted to the bride that he himself is a girl; and he told everything to the king and the courtiers; the king married the princess to his son; he went to war, and his wife gave birth to two golden sons; the magician dragon took the form of the owner of the inn , replaced the letter: gave birth to two puppies; replaced the prince's answer with the command to execute the witch wife, drown the puppies; the woman was raised to the fire, but her horse rode, devoured the fire, took the mistress and her children away; said he would die: let the giblets place the giblets in the four corners of the wide field and the heart in the middle; the children herself and the children climb inside his carcass for the night; in the morning she is in the palace, and in front of the entrance there are two lions; they they guard the palace and bring edible roots and herbs; the prince returned, grieves; once he saw the palace while hunting; the hostess told the lions to let him in; he recognized his wife and children; everyone is happy; on the magician dragon sent an army, he was destroyed; after the death of his father-in-law, his son reigned]: Schott, Schott 1845, No. 16:111-126; the Albanians [Kjoftlárgu (devil) fed a louse, it became the size of a ram, brought the king, proposed a condition: who guessed what kind of beast it was, must marry the royal daughter; only K. himself guessed, took the girl to the lower world, imprisoned her in the far corner of his palace; of the king's three sons the elder hears, the middle sees what is underground, the youngest goes down a rope into the well; in front of the horses, the young man shifts the grass in front of the dogs; horses and dogs promise to help, give the young man an eagle (” doodle bird”), it must be fattened with meat; they do not give the young man to K. who comes, he leaves again; the brother puts his sister on a doodle, he flies to the ground, she feeds him meat, there is not enough meat, she cuts him off a piece of calf leg, returns home; brother stayed downstairs; a crying girl comes, she is the daughter of the richest citizen, given to be eaten by K., who closed the water sources, passes water off as girls; young man shot K. with a gun; blood flowed immediately from the springs, and clean water two days later; the young man married a girl, they were helped to return to earth]: Lambertz 1952:29-36 Albanians [king ask daughter to look for lice from him; she found a louse in her beard; the king ordered her to be put in a box (and fed); soon the louse became huge; the king orders to remove the skin from the lice and promises to give her daughter off as someone who says whose skin it was; only the devil immediately said it was the skin of a lice; the king realized that the guesser was not human; re-tested; the devil appeared in different clothes and asked to show the princess; grabbed her and carried her underground; that night the king forbade lighting the fire; an old woman did not pay attention; they came to her; she explained that her 7 sons were returning after dark and would not be able to find home; the king summoned sons; one hears a man speaking at any distance; the other tells the earth to open; the third can quietly steal anything; the fourth will throw his shoe to the edge of the world; the fifth will call the tour in one word; the sixth will knock down anything at any height; the seventh will catch everything that falls; the king sent them after the princess; the first heard a conversation underground, the second discovered the ground, the third took them away the princess, without waking up the devil, threw his shoe to the end of the world; the devil took time to get his shoe; after catching up with the brothers, the devil asked permission to look at the princess through a small the hole and flew with her high into the sky; the sixth brother shot him and the seventh picked up the fallen princess; her king asks who to marry her; the princess: the one who took her into his arms; he the youngest; the princess's husband received the throne, and the rest of the brothers received titles and positions]: Dozon 1881, No. 4:27-33 (=Meyer 1884, No. 8; 118-113);.

Central Europe. Russians [Flea meat: food is prepared from it; whoever guesses what it is made of gets the hand of a princely daughter; he overhears the answer; the princess escapes from it by throwing wonderful objects; link to one entry from Lithuanian Russians]: SUS 1979, No. 621A: 168; Russians (Terek Coast) [the tsar found a louse in his daughter's hair, raised it, took off his skin and put it on the wall; who finds out Whose skin, I'll give it back for it; the daughter asked the old man to tell the handsome guy that it was a louse, and the old man himself announced and picked up the princess; when he took him across the river in a boat, she shoved him into the water, and he seemed to he moved into her and repeated all her words; she was silent; got a job with another king as a cook; says: how delicious! sitting in it repeats; princess: delicious, so go out; she pushed him into the soup, he cooked; Ivan Tsarevich divorced his young wife and took the princess worker]: Balashov 1970, No. 132:370-171; Russians ( Arkhangelskaya) [a louse was found in the princess's hair, put it on a sheep, it became the size of a sheep, a ram on a ram; the skin was carved, her shoes were sewn; the tsar promises to give her daughter for someone who can guess what done; Damn it; the king left the key in the princess's clothes, sent her to {?} goat; Damn it, the goat replies that the princess is at home; The devil overturns the key, rushes in pursuit; the princess tells the goat to fall to the ground, listen; throws a comb (forest; cut through the road), flint (mountain, Damn made his way), flint (river of fire); Damn asks for a towel, pull it; the princess let go in the middle, the devil drowned; the princess married in another kingdom]: Onchukov 1906, No. 56:147-148.

Caucasus — Asia Minor. Abazins [the sister of seven brothers rejects the grooms; she raises a louse that does not fit in the chest; the girl stabbed her, salted her meat, promised to marry whoever says whose it is; after many attempts guesses the one from whose head this louse fell; sparrows tell the mother that her daughter is in the dungeon; each of the brothers says what gift he has (shoots accurately, leads an army underground, catches everything shot down without letting it fall to the ground, etc.); using these properties, the brothers penetrate the underground dragon, quietly carry their sister, kill the dragon that grabbed her and carried her to the sky, pick her up falling, returning home with his sister]: Tugov 1985, No. 57:172-174; Turks [(summary of the text from the collection of Ign. Kunosha); the king hangs the skin of a lice that has reached the size of a cat at the palace, promising to pass off his only daughter as someone who will determine the name of the then unknown parasite; dev guesses and demands a reward; the king's stallion hides the princess in a pavilion in the middle of the sea; driving by, the prince meets her and marries her; then goes to war; the king sends his son the news of the birth of two children; dev replaces her at night the messengers have letters; the mother, mad with fear for the babies, runs; the devil rushes after her; the stallion saves her again; she lives in his cat; the deva's slander is exposed, the prince goes in search of his wife; finds her home; children learned by their mother ask: “Can a woman give birth to two kittens?” ; the prince is reunited with his wife, they return to the king; the maiden is given a choice: forty horses or the same number of cuffs; hoping for pardon, he asks for horses; he is tied to his tails animals]: Gordlevsky 1961, No. 18:183.

Iran — Central Asia. Persians (Khorasan) [the king fed the louse to the size of a cow; he will give his daughter to the one who guessed who the skin was removed; through the wife of the vizier, the divas learns the secret, gets the princess]: Marzolph 1984, No. 621:127.

Baltoscandia. Estonians: Dähnhardt 1910 [the daughter found a louse in the king's hair, who fattened her for three years, ordered her to be slaughtered, made of leather shoes for her daughter; whoever guesses what they are made of will receive princess; a snake crawled, gave the right answer, the princess had to go with her; there was a bridge across the sea in front, water behind them, they came to the palace; at night the husband was a man, in the day of snakes; a year later the wife gave birth to a son, wanted to show her father; her husband took her ashore, explained how to call him (Kiilu, kaalu, come out, your wife, etc.); the woman's brothers began to demand that she tell me how to call her husband, she eventually let it slip; the elder brother began to call, the husband thinks that it is not his wife's voice; the same middle voice; when the younger brother called, the husband believed that his wife was calling; the brothers cut off the snake's head; the wife called in vain ; became a birch tree (Maserbirke) and her son became a drake]: 473-474; Hurt in Peebo, Peegel 1989, No. 133 (Kodavere) [the ploughman was bitten by a louse, he put it in a snuffbox, then in the cellar, she kept growing; said to kill her can only the master, having pierced his heart, let him cover the roof with his skin, which of the three princes will guess whether his daughter will take; the third answered correctly, brought his wife to the forest castle, ordered not to open the last room; the wife opened it, the horned monster came out, the castle was gone, the wife stayed with the maid, went to her husband's brothers, they drove them away; the women unfolded the tablecloth, food on it; saw gray and brown bears fighting, the brown won, became the woman's husband; said that if she hadn't opened that door, he would have won more easily; the old bast shoes that were thrown at the women of her husband's brother became the same castle; the spouses are good live]: 172-174; setu [the king made his daughter shoes on one leg out of lice skin, fleas on the other; promised to give his daughter to the one who guessed what the shoes were made of; guessed the snakes who crawled out from under the edge of the well; girl She sailed with him overseas; came with her three daughters to visit her parents; her brothers began to ask their daughters, only the youngest said that her mother was calling the snake with a song on the shore, he came to pick her up with the ship; the brothers summoned themselves, killed the snake with swords; the wife called - a bloody ship sailed; turned into a birch tree; her green bark was the eldest daughter, the white bark was the middle daughter, the stripes on the bark were the youngest]: Normann, Tammpere 1989:71-72; Latvians [the princess has lice leather shoes; whoever guesses what material they are made of will get the princess as his wife; guesses the toad (s) and takes the girl away; “further as in 425A” (under this number many different episodes)]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 425B: 284; Danes [mother tells her son to sell a cow, an old woman gives three dancing pigs for it; a young man tells them to dance in front of the princess's window; for the first pig gives permission to touch her cheek, gives her food; for the second, a kiss; for the third, she puts her head on the young man's knees; he sees her three special hairs: gold, silver, white; king will give his daughter to whoever tells her unusual signs; the young man asks the nobleman to enter him into the palace, names the signs and tells everything; the king gives his daughter for him; everything is fine]: Grundtvig 1920:110-115; the Danes [the king asks his daughter to see what is in his hair; she takes off the big louse; they put it in oil, it grows; when the barrels are small, the louse is slaughtered, the skin is removed; the king is dissatisfied that the princess rejects all suitors; promises to pass her off as saying which animal the skin was removed from; the wolf sniffs and tells the king that it is the skin of lice, tells her to give the princess; brings her to luxurious castle, forbids lighting a fire; at night the wolf turns into a man, but the princess does not see him; when she gave birth to a son, the wolf immediately took him away; allows him to return to his parents for three days under the condition Do not take anything with you from their house; but the mother gives the knife to be put on the bed; the husband will be scratched; if he screams, he is a troll, and if he moans, the man; he groaned; forgave his wife, but since then he has been limping on right back leg; when the wife gave birth to a daughter, the wolf also took her away immediately; the wife visited her parents again; the mother gave a box of matches and a candle; the wife lit a candle; the husband said that the witch bewitched him for 7 years because he refused to marry her daughter; became a wolf and ran away; she came to Sister Wolf's castle, where her son was; the second sister had a daughter with a wet nurse; the wife went to the glass mountain, saw the Wolf on she climbed; she also slides; the old man gave iron shoes to climb the mountain and ointment, heal her cuts; on the mountain in the castle, a woman was hired in the kitchen; a local young housewife would soon marry the Wolf; the witch tells wash the daughter's white flannel and black white (the old man performs); tells him to bring jewelry from his sister for the bride; a young man gives a ball to follow; the rod is put in the door, which is all time claps; give a bag of grain to geese; tongs to give two people who move air with their bare hands; ladles are given to girls who interfere in the cauldron with their bare hands; two loaves of bread are given to watchmen dogs; a pot of fat — lubricate the door hinges; the witch's sister can't eat anything, not look back on the way back; the witch's sister gave her leg to a calf, the woman threw it under the bench, she answers from there; The second time she hid it under her clothes, the witch's sister believed that the woman had eaten her leg; when the woman runs back, the witch's sister tells the guards to hold it, but everyone refuses because she treated them well; the witch's sister warned not to open the box on the way, but the woman opened it, the bird flew out and disappeared; the young man asked for the calf leg that remained under the woman's clothes, sent it again bring jewelry, her leg ran and brought it; having received the box, the witch allowed the woman to attend her daughter's marriage; gave the woman two torches; she could not move, maybe burn; the prince grabs them and hands them over to the witch and her daughter; they burned down along with the castle; a meadow on the site of a glass mountain; the couple took the children, returned to the woman's parents]: Grundtvig 1878:251-276 (= Mulley 1878:225-236); Western Sami [the king fed the flea, hung his skin on the wall, promised his daughter to the one who guessed which animal she was removed from; the wolf answered correctly, got the princess; the king dressed up the cowshed, the wolf took her like a bride, began to ask questions in the forest, realized from the answers that the girl knew everything about the barn, returned it; the cook was the same; the king had to give her daughter, she did not know the answers, the wolf understood that she was really a princess; at home, the wolf became prince charming; allowing his wife to see her family, he forbade her to tell her that her husband was human; his wife broke her promise, the prince remained a wolf]: Pollan 2005, No. 24 : 97-98.

Volga — Perm. Marie: Sabitov 1989, No. 621 [Lice skin: the tsar makes a riddle (who owns the skin); whoever guesses will get the hand of the royal daughter; the devil overhears the answer; the princess escapes with With the help of a horse and transformations, he marries a prince]: 38; Beke 1938, No. 50 [the peasant has three sons, the youngest fool; the father orders to clear the forest (the fool uproots fir), plow the field (fool before everyone), buy seeds that will harvest quickly (brothers do not know what to buy, the fool buys turnip seeds); turnips quickly degenerated; someone tears it up at night; the eldest remains to guard, the witch (osda) him beats; the same with the middle one; the youngest helped her carry turnips to her house; hits her; she gives a horn, the sound of which makes everyone dance; the father tells the youngest to herd the pig with piglets; the popovna sees, wants to buy a pig; the fool asks to lift her skirt for this; next time to hit her chest; let yourself be felt for the third time; the fool sees golden hair under her right arm, silver hair under her left arm; pop promises a daughter to someone who will say what is special about her; the rich landowner gives the fool a lot of money to discover the secret; the fool told, but tells him to go together; the fool talks about hair, the landowner repeats; pop: let all three they sleep in the same room, with whom the daughter will lie down, and will go out for it; the popovna lay down with the landowner; the fool and the landowner both coped with the need; then the fool ate the prepared candy, and the landowner believed that he ate his crap; ate his own and the fool too; the popovna smelled, fell into a fool; married him; the bishop went with him, shot the hare, went to pick him up, the fool began to blow into his horn; at home, the bishop said that his son-in-law his priest hit him; they want to hang the fool, he blows into the horn again; the bishop ordered himself to be tied to a pole in advance, but the pole broke out of the ground; the fool was released]: 498-514; the Bashkirs [when leaving, buy asks four wives, what will they prepare for his return; 1) I will shoot a sparrow with 40 ribs every day, feed it meat to a hundred servants; 2) I will sew sandboots; 3) I will sew gloves made of lice leather; 4) I will make two faces sons with golden heads, pearl teeth, silver hair; all fulfilled their promises; before returning, bai replaced the babies with a black puppy, his mother and 40 servants were sent to the forest, the children were thrown under the feet of mares; the youngest wife comes to breastfeed the puppy, finds a mare that feeds her babies; returned the children, let the puppy go; babies were thrown to cows — the same; geese — the same; thrown into water; bai ordered his youngest wife to break her arm and leg, gouge out her eye, lock him in a deaf log house with the puppy; the puppy got out, the man cut a hole in the log house, the puppy led the man to the bay, he says about a log house; elder wife: this is not a miracle, near the lake a mare gets screwed at every step, drinks on the lake at a watering hole; a black puppy asks his mother to make a halter, brings a mare, followed by a herd; everything repeats; second wife: diamonds and yakhonts at the top of the mountain; the puppy asks his mother for a tablecloth, brings gems; the third time the traveler cut through the door in the log house; third wife: there are two boys in the river, go out to play on the sand ; mother's puppy: give me a nightmare, four horns of milk: goat, cow, mare, your own; the boys began to play a nightmare when they drank mother's milk, fell asleep; the puppy brings them to their mother, baya invites them to visit, he understood everything; the eldest wife was offered 9 mares or 9 arb firewood; she likes mares better, her hair was tied to them, where her back touched the ground, there were mountain ranges, where her hair was marsh grass hummocks, where the back is lakes; the second wife chose firewood, it was burned; the third was tied to the tails of 9 mares]: Barag 1989, No. 70:336-343.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Ethnographic Materials 1898, No. 5 (Turgay) [a rich old man will pass off Ganifa's daughter as someone who can guess what material the glove is made of; two wolves heard G. complaining to a friend (this is hers daughter-in-law), which will remain an old maiden - she sewed a glove from aphid skin; in the morning a horseman comes accompanied by an old man - yesterday's wolves; the dzhigit guessed right, G. is glad, spent the night with him; tells his daughter-in-law, that at night the groom scratched her chest and knocked his teeth; the groom asks not to accompany him when his wife is taken home; G. sees how the groom became a wolf; friend: he is the one who has been taught werewolf; at night both became wolves they howled others into the yurt; when the wolves fall asleep, the pacer G. tells them to ride away, throwing small expensive things behind him at his instructions; each time the wolf picks up an item (ring, brooch) and carries back to the yurt; the foreigner tells him to slaughter him, eat his meat and blood, sprinkle blood around him, throw away his entrails, lie in his belly with his right front leg; in the morning, the horse's belly became a yurt , leg to a young husband, drops of blood to the people who elected G. Khan]: 29-33; Tursunov 1983 [childless bai refuses to give Khan a roan horse, because he protects cattle from wolves and robbers; Khan calls for a feast only those who have children; buy and his wife still come, no one has met them; dreams that a roan should be slaughtered; he stabbed, his wife is pregnant; the girl speaks from the womb, is born without the help of a midwife after her father promises that she will have power over herself; calls himself Dudar, no one should know her name; she will be married by whoever guesses him; no one guesses; once a slave called her by name; the groom came, called it by name; a two-year-old Saur explains that it is a werewolf, he dug the corpse from the grave and ate it, heard the name; you must take a slave on a black camel, a bow and an arrow with you; The savras turns into a six-year-old horse; the werewolf went forward, returned as a wolf, swallowed a camel with a slave; the horse tells not to allow the werewolf's elder wife (she is also a she-wolf) to take him as an excuse; takes D., flying away by air; D. in men's clothes, took a young man named Er Tostik as a sister; knocks a coin off the top of the poplar, gets the khan's daughter, gives it to ET, opens it to him herself, now he has two wives; he went on a campaign in Savras, ordered his son to be named Altinkhan; when he was born, one-legged Kuayak-Kempir invited a messenger to her place, changed letters, supposedly, ET ordered his wife and child to be burned; savras rushed, although he was in fetters, Kuayak-Kempir is chasing; D. throws a comb (forest), a mirror (lake); but Savras himself was in the water; killed KK by kicking it, but she ripped open his belly; on the shore he tells him to throw his legs herds of horses in four directions; the brisket is a yurt; A. hunts, sees a lame man, carries his skullcap; D. says it's an ET skullcap; ET tells how he walked without a horse; recovered; they returned to ET village, A. became a hero]: 43-50; Kyrgyz [Khan Kuluke's daughter Madylgen cut and sewed a fur coat from her father's intestines; khan could not determine what it was made of; when the daughter explained, the khan could not determine what it was made of; when the daughter explained, Khan announced that he would give his daughter to someone who could figure out what the fur coat was made of; the red-eyed old man said that the intestines were lice; the khan had to give his daughter; the horse told M. to take it with her, white a camel and a slave Kuyta, a sable hat from clothes, a damask knife from utensils, and to dress in men's clothes; when they left, the old man said: “Go where I pull along, spend the night where I pull across,” went forward; horse: this is the old sorcerer Jelmoguz; the horse ordered not to turn around — the old man will attack Kuita with a black-striped tiger; so it happened; then the old man appeared and asked: “Are you going, beautiful Madylgen? Go where I pull along, spend the night where I pull across”, drove forward again; it happened again with the white camel; now the horse warned that the old man would attack M., told me to sit tight; he would ride below the cloudy sky, above the cranked grass, so that M. closes her eyes more tightly, and when she hears “open your eyes”, let her open it; she will see how thin (like a dorsal) yurt curls out of a small (like a heart) yurt brain) smoke, this is the old man's house; in the old man's house, a three-year-old warned M. that when the old man comes home, his eyes will come out; you need to cut them out with a damask knife, let him do the rest; horse flew over mountains and deserts, descended near the city, M. settled on its outskirts; the city's khan named Akimkan had forty wives, but not a single child; he went hunting, his hunting eagle sat on a grass hut, the horseman sent for the eagle saw M., fell unconscious; when he returned, he told the khan that he had seen an angel in the flesh: boy, but the voice is gentle, his face is beautiful, girl, but dressed like a man; the next day everything repeated, the khan went to the third, fell in love, but could not determine whether the man or the woman was in front of him; asked for advice from 40 wives, one advised to give the stranger 40 twigs of meadowsweet and instruct them to cut them for spindles, the man cuts smoothly, the woman is uneven; the horse: put the rods in the left nostril, pull them out of the right nostril, they will become smooth; another wife advised to arrange jumps; the man has sleeves and floors they flutter at random, and the girl will ride shyly, picking them up and pulling them up; the horse taught M. to dissolve the floors and sleeves when jumping; the younger wife advised to invite a stranger to drink vodka and poison guest, and Khan's vodka and honey; when the guest gets drunk, it will be easy to determine his gender; horse: at every sip, say to yourself: “Sweetness to me, and hops to a gray three-year-old”; in the afternoon, one elder went into the yurt and exclaimed: “It is cruel to allow the horse to experience such torment, let the owner cut it himself”; when she heard him, M. shuddered, her sable hat fell from her head and everyone saw her beautiful hair; horse:” Blame only yourself” and disappeared; A. married M. in a separate yurt; when it was time for her to give birth, A. went hunting; 40 wives sent a slave, paid a witch, who replaced the boy who was born and the girl was puppies, the children were thrown into the river; they were caught by a gray three-year-old who rushed; Akimkan left M. with her puppies on a deserted island; a few years later, a three-year-old brought her children to M. on the island, ordered cross to the other side; “Before the crossing, an eyeless old magician will appear, ask him to be transported too, led to fill both of his boots with sand; seat the children in front and the old man in the back; when we enter the water, hit me with a damask knife; when the old man falls into the water, stab my belly with a knife, when I die, don't cry, cook my meat and eat it, name my son Aitomush, and my daughter Kyuntomush; stick my 40 ribs in the ground they will turn into an iron yurt with 40 bars, live in it”; as it happened, M. and her children settled in a yurt, Aytomush grew up as a hero; met Akimkan, who hunted; he told his wives that he had met a young man named Aitomush; soon the khan was attacked by enemies, he sent a messenger to Aitomush with the news that if he defeated his enemies, he would marry two girls, Apal and Yupel; M. drove the messenger away; his khan again sent — the same; Aitomush woke up from the noise, drove and defeated enemies; Khan with horsemen came to him, saw M., found out and fell unconscious; took her and her children; an old witch at the crossroads of 9 roads put on a stake, 40 wives were hanged; Khan put his son on the throne, married his daughter and healed happily]: Kebekova, Tokombaeva 2007:27-34; Uighurs (Khotan dialect) [tsar goes hunting, daughter puts two fleas in his stocking; driving past the cemetery, he declares that the deceased was his brother, he must cook a shroud for him; leaves fleas in the shroud; one flea ate the other, became a kid; the king tells the vizier to make a tambourine out of her skin, promises her daughter to someone who guesses which skin a tambourine is from; only the divas guessed, the princess laughed; three years later, the divas takes his wife to show her parents; the horse tells the princess that her husband is a diva, tells her father to ask her father for a certain horse and camel, not to say why, otherwise the princess sucks blood; the horse delivers the princess from the country of the diva to her father (camel, apparently, it prevents the wonder from seeing the fugitives); Andreev 1929, fairy tale 621]: Malov 1961, No. 7:16-19.

Southern Siberia — Mongolia. The Buryats [beautiful Tebek-Nogon-Abaha tells the maids to comb a louse out of her head, it is the size of a man's head; T. fattens her, she grows up from a bull; promises to marry someone who is the first to know about this louse; the 58-headed mangathai makes the maid reveal the secret; T. pretends to agree, runs across the sea; tells mangathaya that she crossed with stones tied to the hem; he drowns she sends a stone hail that breaks through all his heads]: Eliasov 1973, No. 10:92-94.

Western Siberia. Northern Mansi (Berezovsky District): Kupriyanova 1960:63-65 [the daughter finds a louse in her father's head, which turns into a horse; the father promises to give his daughter to someone who guessed where the louse came from; guesses Hot lagup hatup wirs (someone with six legs and six arms); father and daughter wrap birch bark around the horse's legs and tail, run away; every time H. catches up with them, birch bark falls, he is in it gets confused; the girl's mother tells me to tie the horse to a small tree; the girl's younger brother leans over the ice-hole, from there the beast orders to tie it to the big one; the horse pulls out the tree, pulls it along; woman on a horse (mother or daughter?) petrified; H. burst, died], 65-68 [daughter finds nits in the eyelashes of the Bald King; presses, she turns into a louse; the girl presses the louse, she turns into a flea; the flea into a horse; as in the first version; a girl gets married, tells her husband to tie a horse to a small tree; her husband's younger brother leans over an ice-hole; an animal from an ice-hole: Your brother's wife told me to tie the horse to a big tree; the horse drags the larch to the owner, she sits down, runs away on it; the horse is tired, tells her to slaughter it, hide in her stomach; the horse is petrified, her ears become nails; the beast ran into them, died; the wife returned home, scolded her husband]; Eastern Khanty (b. Pym) [the old man tells his daughter to look in his head; there is a golden louse, he turns her into a golden winged horse; whoever guesses what the horse came from will pass off his daughter as him; the cannibal overheard, turned into a young man , got a girl; she gives birth to a son, her husband eats him; the wife calls the golden horse, he takes her away, she marries a merchant; he leaves, she gives him a note to tie the horse to a thin tree; someone replaces — tie to fat; wrote a note that a son was born, the moon was on one cheek, the sun was on the other; the other was replaced by a freak with a snake tail instead of legs; the merchant writes to wait for his return; substitution: Throw the mother and son in a barrel into the sea; the horse pulls out a century-old larch to which it is attached, takes the mother and son to the island, tells him to be killed, to climb into his belly; they find themselves in a rich iron house; The cannibal comes to the roof, asks to let him in; rolls on the roof, attacks nails, dies]: Kulemzin, Lukina 1978, No. 103:99-97.

Eastern Siberia. Dolgans [a lonely dog Laaiku saw Jige Baba, turned into a child, she decided she had given birth; L. asked for meat, the old men slaughtered their only deer; asked them to move to the other side rivers, take a boat ride alone; sailed away, shouting that he was Laaika; the prince promises to pass off his daughter as the one who guessed the riddle; L. lies down in the grass, the prince's daughter stumbles over him, tells her friend that if got married, would not carry water; that my father has a pack cover made of seven lice skins; L. guesses what the cover is made of, gets married]: Efremov 2000, No. 17:277-281; Evenks (Okhotsk, pos. Tugur) [the girl rejects the grooms, promises to marry the one who guessed her name; the hare comes last, guesses that her name is Indymilenko; brings branches, grass, sand, mouse from hunting; the wife goes to To a bear, he brings her fish, goose, elk; she is happy]: Voskoboynikov 1960a, No. 7:50-51.

Amur-Sakhalin. Ulchi [the old man tells his daughter to look in his head; makes a tambourine out of lice skin; promises to give his daughter to someone who guesses what the tambourine is made of; two giants threaten the maids to reveal secret; the girl is forced to go with the giants; asks them to wait outside for her to clean their stone house; there is a lot of resin — this is their food; the girl cuts out a horse from paper, rides it away; after when this one gets tired, he carves three more horses one by one; throws a bar (became a rock), an awl (became an iron net); another block (a stone pole); she climbs a pole, the giants try to knock him down ; with the blood of the last horse, she creates an image of a house, a barn, wraps herself in his skin; wakes up in the house; the young man she wanted to marry came to her; she shot her father's boat giants, she's gone; a woman lives well with her husband and son]: Sunik 1985, No. 5:131-133.

(Wed. Navy of Asia. Yukaghirs (the place of recording is not specified) [the father promises his daughter to the one who will tell her name; he is kept secret; they whisper to the desired groom, but he did not hear, but heard by an ugly beggar; brought him to his an empty and dirty plague; in the morning he was a handsome young man, the plague appeared as a rich house]: Kurilov, Varlamova 1986:7-11).

The Midwest. Western Swamp Cree (northern Manitoba) [Wastasekoot has a daughter, he promises to give her to someone who guesses her secret name (For-Ever-and-Ever); her fiance knows the name; Wesukechak asks Spider to know the name; he flies on the web, eavesdrops; does not have time to return to the day of choosing the groom, asks Laska to run, give the name V.; Laska comes to guess himself, gets the girl; The spider finally comes to V.; having found out about the deception, he tells the girl's father everything; the girl is given for a real groom; affection still runs away from V., sometimes stops and listens]: Clay 1978:68-76.