Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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N24. Like the second moon. (.11.) .

You can see a light that resembles a second moon or a second sun. It comes from a pretty girl.

(Kaguru), Urums, Abazins, (Ossetians), Turks, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Bukhara Arabs, Baluchis, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Karakalpaks, Khalkha Mongols.

(Wed. Bantu-speaking Africa. Kaguru [two girls promise to give the third a beautiful vessel if she kills her mother; the girl pushes her mother into the river, but her friends laughed at her and did not give her a vessel; she is starving, she goes to the shore, the mother says from the water where to find the fruit tree; the friends are surprised that the girl is not hungry, they go with her, eat all the fruits; the same with the place where there are pumpkins; the chief promises to marry someone who dances well; friends try not to allow the orphan to dance, but the chief insists, marries her; one of her friends comes to braid her hair, sticks a thorn, the chief's wife turns into a bird, a friend accepts it appearance; a real wife radiated light, and when she washed, coins appeared; the husband notices that this is no longer happening; hears a bird singing about what happened; tells her to catch, at night light emanates from her, he realizes that it is his wife; notices a thorn in her head, pulls it out, in front of him; he kills a liar, cooks her meat, feeds her relatives and friends with it, kills them, throws the corpses into thickets]: Beidelman 1967d, No. 3:11-16).

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Urums ("Greeks g. Mariupol"; judging by fragments of the original texts and other lexical materials available in the notes, these are urums, not rumei) [the widow's son beat the padishah's son and the vizier's son in the bones; the vizier's son hit the widow's son; he gave back, but missed and killed the padishah's son; the padishah wanted to execute the widow's son, but the dignitaries dissuaded him (minors cannot be executed) and advised him to send the murderer to the forest, to who lives the monster; the padishah did so; the widow's son came to the forest, straightened the bulls from the arba, went to buy firewood; when he returned, he saw that one of the bulls was only his head; went into the thicket, brought the monster from there, harnessed it into the arba and went to the padishah; the padishah hid under the sofa and told the widow's son to leave his kingdom; the widow's son and his mother found a palace in the forest owned by the 40s- the head of the serpent; the widow's son waved a piece of dagger and cut off 39 heads; the serpent asked to cut off the last one, but the widow's son dragged him into the back room and piled a millstone on him; a few years later, The widow found this room; the serpent said, "Who's there? If you are older than me, then be my mother, if you are middle-aged, be my wife, and if you are smaller than me, be my sister"; the widow opened the door, brought a piece of dagger to the snake; the serpent licked its heads grew up again; he and the widow began to live together in secret from her son; they had a child; the widow put him on the road; the eldest son saw the child, brought it home and let his mother feed; the child grew up and became make a snake hiss; the widow gave her eldest son poisoned dumplings, but the youngest warned him of the danger; the eldest son killed both the mother and the snake; before going in search of his wife, he stuck him in the ceiling a dagger and said to his brother: "If honey flows through the dagger, it means that my journey is safe; if blood flows, it will be a sign that I am in danger"; the eldest son arrived to the city, stayed with an old woman; she said: there is a well near the city, the owner of which is a 6-headed serpent; every year he is given lot by lot; this year the lot fell on the royal daughter, tomorrow hers they will be taken to the well; the eldest son killed a snake, saved the king's daughter and married her; one morning he saw two suns in the sky; the wife explained: a padishah lives in the west, he has a beautiful daughter, this is her hair so they are burning; the eldest son went to that beautiful woman; she was sitting on the balcony, he went into the garden and began to eat fruit there; because of this, he was exhausted; the padishah threw him into the cellar; the younger brother noticed that the dagger was coming from the dagger blood, and rushed to search; did not eat fruit in the garden and grabbed the padishah by the beard; he let his older brother go; he returned to his former wife, and the youngest married a beautiful woman]: Markov 1892, No. 5:24-30; Abaza people [the father went blind, the witch ordered to catch the fish and anoint her eyes with liquid from her eyes; the fish was caught, her son felt sorry for it, let him go, he was driven away; he cannot wake up a sleeping man with a dagger, he woke up from a fallen tear; he is also Hasan, let the young man be called Hasan Little (HM) and he is Hasan Bolshoy (HB); HB married XM to Kara's son; at night there is a rustle, it's a twist tied in the attic; XM let him go, he grabbed his wife and disappeared; HM and HB caught up with him, cut off his head, brought the woman back; at night there is light in the window, his wife says it's the moon; then confesses that it comes from the girl Lacharkh; HM and HB come there, they stop with an old woman, build a palace for her; L.: let them hide, and if I find it, I'll cut off her head; 1) HB has become a fish, XM in his mouth; 2) (storyteller's pass); 3) HB is a button, XM is a button on a dress L .; this time L. did not find them, married XM; XM with two wives and HB come to visit their father; witch: HB is that fish, you have to squeeze out her eyes; HB teaches his wife XM what to do when his eyes are squeezed out and thrown into the river ; XM brought his father to the river, swung his dagger three times, HB came out of the river, the bird brought a leaf, HB saw the light from it, became goldfish again and disappeared into the river]: Tugov 1985, No. 38:100-104; (cf. Ossetians [every evening a poor man flew across the sea on his gelding, kidnapped a girl and a young man from the khan, married them and created his own people in this way; when he learned that the poor man had decided to get the khan's daughter, her servant warned that to do this, he must fly on horseback to the top of her tower; the young man did this, the khan's daughter became his wife and gave a whip: if she was kidnapped, the whip would fall; the whip falls three times, each time everything then, but every time the young man meets people he must bring to his house, following the laws of hospitality; then jumps in search; consistently sees the corpse of a white, black greyhound, horse, man, boar; buries all the first, and the boar cuts to pieces, for he killed the others; a buried rider comes out of the mound, becomes an assistant; in the distance there is light, it is the khan who takes the kidnapped; the rider from the crypt offers the khan a ransom: a goat and a lamb; then a bull and a buffalo; the khan does not give; they destroyed his army, then killed the khan; the dead man returns to the crypt and tells him to go without turning; but the young man returned, to find out the name of the assistant; he replied that he was Barastor, the lord of the afterlife; he gave a knife and ordered his wife to be slaughtered, but not to want her; the young man heard the child crying and turned into a crevice; the entrance closed the child became a cannibal woman; the young man called for help from the dogs he had buried, they could not gnaw through the mountain; then the horse, who pierced two holes, the dogs came through them, began to gnaw the woman, the young man stabbed her; the dogs and the horse returned to the mound; the young man returned to B., looked out the window and saw the light: B.'s wife's neck opened and the light flooded the room; when the woman fell asleep, the young man stabbed her, but could not resist and kissed; this place on her body turned black; at home he told his wife that he had committed a terrible sin: B.'s wife would be in hell until the blackness came off her lips]: Dzagurov 1973, No. 121:510-518); Turks [=Dmitriev 1967 , No. 62:331-340; Shahzade breaks an old woman's jug three times out of mischief; she tells him to love Seilemez Sultan ("the one that does not speak"); shahzade with an old educator servant comes to the country of S.; on the mountain the stones and the earth sparkle like the sun: this sparkle of S. makes its way from under her 7 veils; they come to the fortress of the skulls of those who failed to get S. to talk; the nightingale tells him to hide him under a bench, start supposedly talk to a bench; next time with a shelf, the third with the door; after S. interferes with the conversation three times, saying who the woman should belong to; the father gives her to shahzade; 1) a person who knows the secret finds out that the padishah's daughter is sick, the doctor prepares medicine, the speedboat delivers it; 2) one woman has three lovers, she tells the first to go to the grave, for her supposedly dead father is a sorcerer, got out of it (etc.); 3) one carved a woman out of wood, the other dressed her, the third revived her (she must go to the reviver)]: Tsvetinovich 1959:154-164; (cf. Turks [son of a late fisherman (SR) catches a turtle shell; someone cooks and cleans the house; SR spies, sees a girl, SR breaks the shell, marries; the king orders to turn off the lights in the city, sees the light coming from the wife of the SR; the vizier advises to give her husband tasks; each time the wife orders to press the seal against a stone on the seashore, an Arab will come out, fulfill his wishes; 1) bring 10 lions who will defeat 10 the king's lions; 2) feed the city; 3) build a wall with an iron gate around the city; 4) bring a wild mare with 40 foals from the mountains (a bridle appears instead of an Arab; fills the pond with wine; a mare intoxicated; the foals followed their mother); 5) the king personally comes up with the task of bringing the sister of the seven giants; the SR's wife cannot help; SR meets Edal, Drinker, Flutist, Omniscient; the giants command 1) eat 7 meat cauldrons, 2) drink 7 wineskins of water; 3) give poisoned bread; companions complete tasks: The omniscient knows which bread is poisoned, the Flutist makes plates dance, change places, giants died; the sister of the giants kills the king's army and himself, SR reigns]: Walker, Uysal 1966, No. 4:55-63).

Iran - Central Asia. Uzbeks [The White Shah is looking for batyrs to fight the Black Shah; the bald man offers to take him; buys a thin nag, cares, she turns into a mighty horse; the bald man asks his mother if there is left from his father a weapon; a knife and a poker; he takes them; meets a young man; he tells him to rest, turns himself into a steel-clad horse, a steel horse, a magic sword in his hand, smashes the army of the Black King, tells bald to say that he has defeated the enemies himself; the Black Shah invites the victorious batyr and promises him a daughter; at the feast, the vizier offers to give the princess to the fastest rider; that young man appears again gives a victorious horse, the bald one gets the daughter of the Black Shah; when he breaks up, the young man gives the bald man a folding knife: if you say "Vozpirahun", he will come to the rescue; the old woman tells the bald man that V. is a girl; the old man teaches how to enter her castle; in front of the dog, the straw, the bone in front of the camel must be changed; say "V.", the div guard will fall asleep; cut off the cat's head, remove the bunch of keys from its neck; the old man teaches how to go down to the bottom of the river to mother V.; she teaches to tie 40 braids of sleeping V. to 40 pegs; V. recognized the bald one, they began to live together; V. gives his portrait, but the wind flew in, threw it into the river; the fishermen pulled him out and said to the king that V. wants to marry him and sent a portrait; the old woman promises to get V., tells her to give her a boat, load her with carpets and fabrics; cuts her donkey's leg, tells the bald man that he broke his leg, bald her sheltered, against the wishes of V. and her mother; the old woman persuaded her to go to the river and get into a boat, took her to the king; V. sets the condition: to build three houses in 30 days; V.'s mother turned the bald man into a dervish, he came, began to drink with the king, the king fell asleep, the bald man and V. agreed to run; at night the bald man climbed the fence; the robbers threw him into the pit, and V. mistook the chieftain for bald, he took her away in a boat; she killed him, returned to the robbers, promised to marry the one who would be the first to bring her abandoned girdle; she sailed home, the bald one also returned; the king found neither gold nor V.; they arrived at the White Shah, who gave it to the bald daughter and throne; V. promised to give birth to a son and daughter and conceived, and the daughter of the White Shah promised two sons and was infertile; when V. gave birth, children were replaced by puppies and thrown into the steppe; V. was thrown into the zindon; elder Khizrbuva picked up the children, told the goat to feed them; the boy was Sohibkurol, the girl was Sohibjamol; they live in an iron castle; the midwife guessed it; advised the girl to ask her brother to get roses over which they curl birds; Hizrbuva gives the young man a magic sword, shows the way; the young man killed divas, brought roses and nightingales; the midwife advises to ask for a white winged horse; H. taught to catch a horse; midwife: get the girl Sangil Sopoltosh; H.: drive up to the river, there are stones, they are petrified people; call the SS 3 times; you will petrify your throat, but if you shout a fourth time, all petrified people will come to life; the SS will start asking everyone who called him; when he learned that the young man had been sent by H., he would call himself his girlfriend, and turn the others into stones again; the SS ordered not to let the midwife in, the young man hacked her; while hunting he met a bald man, he had to call her guests, but how do you receive the king? H. promises to arrange everything; the pilaf from the small cauldron was enough for all the guests; H. told everything, disappeared with the iron lock; the evil wives were tied to the tail of a mare, driven through thorns; {about V. more it is not said}; the bald man gave the throne to his son; the SS gave birth to three sons; their father saw a girl in the mirror, the sons went to look for her; at the fork in three roads on the poles the inscription: 1) Maybe you'll come! 2) You'll get there, but you won't come back! 3) Don't take risks, don't go - death lies ahead! the youngest took the last road; helped the old woman get water from the house; stays with her; at night there are two moons in the sky: the second is light from the face of the daughter of the Western king; the young man went to that A sword gave the side towards Hizrbuv, the young man cut the divas with them, grabbed the winged horse, but he escaped, the piece of mane remained; then the young man gave a cake to the lion; the ants; the lion gave a piece of mane, the ants allowed pass; other suitors were killed by a lion, died in ant possessions; the king will give his daughter to whoever throws millstones on the roof of the palace; the lion placed a millstone on the back of the winged horse, who threw it on the palace, palace collapsed; having received his wife, the young man on a winged horse brought her to the place where he broke up with his brothers; one became a cook, the other became a stoker in the bathhouse; on the way, the brothers tied the younger hand, threw her into the hole, said at home, that they are heroes; the younger brother managed to give his wife a piece of horse's mane; the wife summoned the horse, brought her husband; the elder sons were tied to the tails of mares, the youngest received the throne; then a feast at the Western king; grandson Bald began to rule two kingdoms]: Afzalov et al. 1971 (1): 174-200; Uzbeks [only the last wife of the bay gave birth to a son; by the time it was time to do that on the occasion of circumcision, bai was impoverished; friends went to war against him; the son is strong, he moved his mother, father and all property to another place; the father died; the divas came to dig up the grave; the young man chased him, he disappeared into the cave; at the entrance the young man found a baby; this his mother's son from a diva, his mother has been in contact with him for a long time, hides him in a chest; the young man found him, killed him, made a belt out of leather, left; stayed with the robbers; the diva's son grew up, found his brother; the young man left him two bowls of pilaf, by which he finds out if he is in trouble; left; comes to a city where the dragon eats people, it is the turn of the ruler's daughter; the dragon is surprised that the young man is not afraid; tells him to show his hair; the young man shows a torn donkey tail; the dragon runs away in horror; the bald one has attributed victory to himself; but the daughter of a padishah is married only by someone who transplants 40 tall trees from the forest to the garden in a day, ties one to the top of one a pumpkin snuffbox and knock her down with an arrow; the young man fulfilled the condition, married the daughter of a padishah; two moons have risen; one is the reflection of the face of the daughter of a padishah of another country; she is a batyr woman; a young man began to fight her, but she won and was thrown into zindan; the diva's son sees that pilaf turned into blood in one bowl and pus in the other; he came to the young man's wife, who thought it was her husband who returned, so they similar; he defeated the hero, married her, and the freed young man returned to his wife]: Afzalov et al. 1972:502-508; Tajiks: Amonov, Ulug-zade 1957 [Boborakhim is the son of a padishah; his father showed him everything rooms, except one; entering it, B. saw a portrait of a beauty; her father confesses that it was Robia with 40-arshin hair; flying her towards the moon for 7 days and nights; the gate is guarded by tigers and a dragon; she herself will choose a husband; the carpenter Sangsabur and his crew made a flying horse; when he reached the city of R., B. saw two moons; the brighter one was the reflection of R.'s face in the sky from the hole in the ceiling of her room; B. took barbecue coals, a flying horse caught fire and burned; S. made a new one and flew to the rescue; on the way he picked up R.'s 40-arshin hair in the river; wrapped it around his arm, hacked tigers and a dragon; R. chose S. in husbands, and sad B. was at the wedding]: 160-167; Niyazmukhamedov 1945 [the man gave the childless padishah and vizier an apple, both had sons; they were kept in a dungeon; once a horse pierced a hole with its hoof ; the padishah showed his son, whose name is Sultanmahmad Mirzo, the whole palace, except for one room; SM broke the constipation and found there a book with a portrait of beautiful Bibiruzbi; fell in love, went in search; the vizier's son was with him; the dragon tries to devour the black woman, the SM killed the dragon; the black woman promised to serve the SM; he pulled a splinter out of the lion's paw, the lion gave him a lion cub; they stayed with an old woman; half of the city is lit at night; this is the light on behalf of Bibiruzbi; the old woman married SM for her son and he was hired as a groom for a padishah; B. asked to be a gardener; fell in love, they got together; the maid also wants love, but SM refused; then she reported padishah; SM captured; padishah tells him to play chess: SM will either receive B. and the throne, or be hanged; SM won, did not take the throne, but asked B.; the padishah ordered him to hang, but the jailers only imprisoned him in dungeon; B. found him, freed them all; 4 padishahs attacked them; SM let a black woman and a lion at them, they defeated their enemies; the padishah asked for forgiveness; SM brought B. home; his father wants to kill him and sends him poisoned clothes, horse, tries to strike; knight Zahrak does not allow SM to touch the poison, deflects the padishah's hand; padishah killed, SM reigned]: 66-82; Bukhara Arabs [old woman and son went herd a cow, went into the yard; 40 divas are sleeping in the house; the young man untied two horses; the divas go out one by one, the young man killed them all, threw them into the well, one was half-alive; the young man told his mother not look into the well; she wants to have a husband; the old woman throws clods of earth into the well while the divas says she will be her younger, older brother, father; pulled it out when she promised to be husband; gave birth to him the child, left on the road, her son picked him up, brought it; the boy grew up in 10 days at the age of 10; warns his older brother that the divas wanted to kill him; the divas attacked, the mother poured millet under his son's feet, the divas knocked him down , but the diva's son killed both him and his mother; the young man was afraid that his brother could kill him, went to travel; the brother ordered to plant two reed stems: if the departed person was in trouble, blood and pus would flow; the young man met a girl given to be eaten by a dragon; taking a sword, entered the dragon's mouth, got out of the ass, cutting the dragon; carved a belt out of the dragon's back as a souvenir; the emir's daughter throws an apple at him, the emir puts them in the stable; the son-in-law puts manure in the food he has prepared for the emir; explains that it is dark in the stable; they are moved to the barn; to the house; the older sons-in-law did not get anything while hunting; the youngest gives them game, puts a seal on their backs; asks the emir to return his two slaves to him; everyone is convinced that the emir's son-in-law has a seal on their backs; now the young man is the emir's recognized son-in-law; he sees two moons; the wife, the one in the west, Chulpan-Sulyuk, shines like the moon; the young man goes to get it; her diva brother defeats him, pulls his eyes out; the boy's brother (i.e. the son of his mother's lover) comes to his wife, does not tell him to touch him in bed; defeats Brother C., makes him return his eyes ; the emir's son-in-law returns from C., receives the throne; they have reached the object of desire, and you will also reach it]: Vinnikov 1969, No. 12:84-88; the Baluchi [the king has three sons, two sons have a mother alive, the mother of the third has died; the elders took good horses, the youngest horse grazed in the wild; he saw it fighting by the river, grabbed the foal by the front leg, someone pulling the back leg; he let go and told her to water for 30 days the foal with black sheep's milk; the stepmother decided to get rid of the stepson; the foal warned the young man to give poisoned bread to the cat, she died; the stepmother dug a well, threw the carpet, the foal again warned, the young man jumped over the carpet; the stepmother pretended to be sick, she needed foal meat from a water horse; the prince is at school, he hears a whining, runs up at the last moment, asks for permission to take a ride, rides a foal away; threw a letter to his father, in which he described how the stepmother feigned illness; the diva rode to the female, pulled out a splinter from her, she gave her hairs to summon her and her children; the prince sees how the dragon wants to devour the Simurg bird's chicks; he chopped him; the chicks explain to their mother that the prince is not an enemy, but a savior; Simurg gave feathers to call her and her children to help; the prince pulled the sheep's stomach over his head, hired a gardener; the younger princess sees the gardener summon the horse, appears in beautiful clothes, combed his hair; he forgot the comb, she picked it up; all three princesses sent his father a melon; the vizier explains : they want to marry; the king released pigeons for each daughter; for the eldest and middle, they sat on the sons of the vizier and governor, and for the youngest, on an imaginary bald man; the elder sons-in-law went hunting, but all the gazelles gathered to see the prince; he gave them to his older sons-in-law, for which he branded them; the prince left his heads and legs for himself, but they were only tasty; the younger princess threw donkey manure into the bowl; after tasting food, the king ordered her and her husband to be moved from the barn to the palace; enemies attacked; the prince called for help from divas and Simurgs; the king bandaged his hand with a handkerchief, not knowing that it was his younger son-in-law; the prince asked his horse for a city and a castle, she called the peary, who immediately created everything; in the morning, the mullah does not understand: the sun is from both the east and the west {from the west, apparently, the face of the peary}; the prince says that he has two slaves disappeared; stamps on older sons-in-law, but the prince forgave them; the tsar handed over the throne to his younger son-in-law]: Zarubin 1932, No. 14:173-190.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Sidelnikov 1962:32-34 [When he dies, the father shares the inheritance between his two sons; Nurkala only asked for a gold-framed knife, and Akylbek received cattle and kicked his brother out of the house; N. came to live to childless spouses; once he saw two moons; his adopted father Susanbay explains that the second moon is the daughter of Khan; N. asks S. to marry her to him; Khan demands a golden palace by morning; N. throws a knife into the ground, a palace appears; a wedding and a feast], 148-152 [two suns]; Kyrgyz (Issyk-Kul Province) [Nurzhan, his daughters Aykyz, Gulkyz, Nurkyz, and a son Sarytai; dies wife, Nurzhan is suffering, wants to marry again, but she feels sorry for the children; in a dream, a voice tells her to give her daughters without dowry, someone hands Kyzyr Niyaz a ring, it fulfills wishes if you address him by name; in the morning ring on his right thumb; to check, Nurzhan demands good food from the ring; the family has healed for pleasure; Nurzhan announces a will to his son during his lifetime: after his death, three will appear the dervish, who will wash his body and bury him, the son must give them sisters without dowry, as well as all the goods at home; let him keep only the ring, not tell his name to anyone; S. did his will father and went to distant lands; he forgot that the ring makes wishes come true; he almost drowns in the river, the fish carries it ashore; in the forest he hides from predators in the tree, by morning they eat each other; S. reaches the mountains, cannot pass them, he falls asleep; the perishte spirits carried him over the mountains; S. finds himself in an area where the wind is raging, clouds of poisonous insects in the air; in some old courtyard he finds an old man and an old woman, invites them to become their son; they ask not to go outside at night; he goes out and sees two moons in the sky; one goes out in the morning, becomes darker; the old woman says that the ruler has a daughter for marriage named after Sahipzhamal, she plays in the palace courtyard with her friends and is so beautiful that the radiance on her face is the second moon; S. falls ill from love; notices a ring on her hand, remembers, tells her to fill it house with food; asks adoptive parents to marry him to Sahipzhamal; the old woman comes to ask her to marry S.; the vizier advises to give an impossible task: to bring 40 precious stones; S. orders the ring deliver 40 camels, 40 horses, 40 mules and 40 donkeys loaded with precious stones; be accompanied by 25 handsome people whose clothes are decorated with gem buttons, and their horse bangs too decorate with gemstone bells; give the mother a separate horse, let her clothes be luxurious, like the harness on horses; the ruler is shocked, asks the groom himself to come; wedding; S. orders the ring create a new palace on a cloud, and under it a lake of milk and a lake of butter; the vizier persuades Sahipzhamal to find out her husband's secret; S. says the name of the ring; the vizier says it, he orders the palace to be moved and Sahipzhamal to seventh heaven; S. is looking for sisters, their dervish husbands help him; the eldest's husband is guilty of sleeping for 40 days and 40 nights, all this happened when he slept, takes S. to her younger husband sisters, he reports that the Zymyryk bird can carry him to the palace, the Zymyryk bird lays 2 eggs every year, but the dragon eats the chicks, you need to kill the dragon, save the chicks and Zymyryk will help; the dervish hands the young man a one-inch long sword, which, when waving, extends to 40 fathoms, and takes him to a tree with a Zymyryk nest; S. drinks from a spring at the foot of the tree and falls asleep in anticipation; wakes up from rain, it's the tears of chicks, sees that the dragon is preparing to swallow them; he kills the dragon, feeds its chicks with meat, and after eating a leaf from a tree, begins to understand the language of the chicks; they say that he will arrive soon their mother hides it under their wings; storm, wind, tornado, rain and hail notify the appearance of the bird Zymyryk; seeing that the chicks are intact, the bird is happy, ready to fulfill any wish of the savior; S. asks deliver it to seventh heaven; they take 40 wineskins with water and 40 with meat; the bird teaches: if you look to the right, you should throw her a wineskin with meat, if to the left, a wineskin with water; supplies run out, S. gives the bird meat on her right thigh and moisture from her left eye; oh, appearing at the palace, sees through the gap how the vizier pulls Sahipzhamal to his bed, and she screams that she has a husband; waiting for the vizier to fall asleep, S. says "Kyzyr Niyaz" and the ring are on his finger; he orders them to be transferred to Father Sahipzhamal; shows him the sleeping vizier and Sahipzhamal, the king orders the vizier to cut off his head, scolds his daughter; calls imitate Sarytai, true to his word]: Sabyr uulu 2008:119-125; karakalpaks [the king has sons from his eldest wife Yesen and Usen, from his youngest wife Asan; he wants to find a king with three daughters; visits to an old woman, meets a tsar there, who is going to give his daughters, but manages to give his youngest A. to the old woman; A. comes to the old woman; asks for an assignment; the old woman offers to bring Rum's daughter Tsar Myskal ("spool" is her weight; if she meets a man, it will become heavier, so her father weighs her regularly); along the way, A. helps the queen of mice, ants, and the tiger, they promise to help in response; A. she lives with another old woman, gold falls from his hair, the old woman gets rich; in the morning she sees two suns - in the east and west; old woman: in the west, the sun reflects from the brow of Myskal, the king's daughter; the mouse makes an underground passage, the king weighs M., the weight has increased, he executes the guards; M. gives A. a magic ring, it will help his father complete his father's tasks; 1) make gold melt in two holes and silver (the ring melts); 2) collect the scattered millet to the grain (ants collect); 3) kill the dragon (the tigers killed); A. married M., they have a son; they go to the old woman who sent A. for M., by ways thieves kidnap M. and the boy; A. returns to the city of his father-in-law, who died, the bird sits on the head A, he is elected king; he promises thieves to reward them if they talk about their crimes; through them finds out about the cave where M. and her son return them; M. says that old woman is Baba Yaga, you have to tear off the head of a dove sitting on the ladder or she will eat them; she avenges her giant sons, who married M., but were executed (they did not complete their tasks); A. did everything, brought his wife and son to his father]: Volkov, Mayorov 1959:177-186.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Khalkha-Mongols [Khan Harangui did not have a gap in his ribs and no joint in the back; the arrow bounced off him; his betrothed dagini (heavenly maiden) Toli Goa, daughter of Khan Agi-Bural, lives on east in 99 years of the way; can eliminate disasters 12 years ago and 12 years into the future; resurrects the dead, extracts water where it is not available; when they sleep face back, people on the back (i.e. north-west) side they think that the sun has risen, they take out the ash and milk the cows; when facing forward, the people on the front side open the yurt's chimney and milk the cows, thinking that dawn has come; (further on p. 286-287, a retelling of everything text]: Sanzheev 1947 in Zhirmunsky 1974:286.