Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

N28D. Sea cover. .23.29.34.

Among the things that don't exist in the world are a cover or roof for the sea, ocean, or river.

Kashmiris, Varnishes, Turks, Trans-Baikal Buryats, Barguts (?).

South Asia. Kashmiris [riddle: "What is that without a covering? What is that without a pillar (i.e. support)?" (river and sky)]: Knowles 1887, No. 2:127 (quoted in Taylor 1954:408; translated into Zhurinsky 2007:328).

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Lucky ["There is no cover to close the sea and stairs to go up to the sky"]: Ramazanova 2005:193; Turks: Zhurinsky 2007 ["On There are no four things in this world," she said. "A camel doesn't have horseshoes, a mule has no children, no stairs in the sky, no roof for the sea"]: 323; Taylor 1954 ["A bird came and said, "Hak!" and said "Hyk!" and said "There are three things which do not exist in the world: a camel's horseshoe, a stairway to the sky, a lid for the sea"]: 407.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Buryats: Bazarov 1902a, No. 116 (Aginsky) ["There are three shortcomings in the world - what are they? - 1) sky without support; 2) water without a roof; 3) a mountain without a belt"]: 29 (English translation in Taylor 1954, No. 1007:365); Budaev 1988 ["There are three drawbacks in the world: a mountain without a belt, a sky without support, the sea without a cover" (p. Mogoytuy, Mogoytuy District, Aginsky District); there are three amazing ones in the world: "It's amazing that the mountain is without a belt, it's amazing that the sky is without support, it's amazing that the river is without a cover" (the recording place is not indicated); there are three drawbacks in the world: "The sea without a cover is a flaw, the sky without support is a flaw, a land without a belt is a lack" (option: "Sky without support, sea without roof, mountain without a belt"; the place of recording is not specified)]: 26, 181-182; Barguts or Agin Buryats (also possibly: Uzumchins or Arukhorchins): Bazarov 1902b, No. 12 [from "riddles collected by Sh.-Lh. Bases. Bazarov among the Barga- and Agin Buryats, as well as partly in the Uzumuchin and Aru-Khorchin Khoshuns in the summer of 1899, during the expedition of Gr. Nick. Potanina": "Three "nothing" in the world. Mount Sumeru without a belt is "nothing"; a "sea of milk" without a lid is "nothing"; a sky without a column is "nothing"]; No. 13 ["Two shortcomings in the world. There are no stairs to reach the sky; there is no cover to cover the sea"]: 104 (English translation in Taylor 1954, No. 997, 1006:365).