Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

N28G. A horse has no bile.


It is said that a horse or donkey doesn't have bile.

Stavropol Turkmens, Kazan Tatars, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks, Kyrgyz, Buryats, Yakuts (central?).

Caucasus — Asia Minor. Stavropol Turkmens [riddle No. 25 of V. Zavarina {according to the Caspian Turkmens} corresponds to the following mystery of Stavropol Turkmens: Jer asti jeddi matal (seven mysteries underground); The bird has no milk (kushta with witt jok ), the feces do not have bile, there is no cream in the stream, horses do not chew, cows do not have felting, stones have no roots (Dashta damar jok)]: Samoilovich 1914a: 206-207.

Volga — Perm. Kazan Tatars [riddle: “There are seven no in the world. What are they?” ; answer: “The bird has no milk, the foal has no bile, in a spring there is no cream, a mantle has no sleeves, a horse has no cud, a cow has no intellect, a stone has no roots”]: Poppe 1971 : 227.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Baskakov 1951, No. 3 (Chimbay) [“Birds don't have milk,/Horses don't have bile”]: 138; Potanin 1972, No. 1 (East Tarbagatay, 1864) [“The stone has no friend/The frog has no lung./The bird has no milk/The horse has no bile”]: 209-210, 348; Kirchner 1993, No. 767 [“The horse has no bile, the bird has no milk” ( 1 undocumented entry, 1 made in Istanbul in the early 1990s by an immigrant from Xinjiang)]: 154-155; Karakalpaks (Chimboy District) [“Horses don't have bile,/And birds don't milk”]: Baskakov 1951, No. 6:166; Kyrgyz [What doesn't have cream? /- Clean water doesn't have cream./ What doesn't have roots? /- A stone has no roots./What doesn't have a bridge? /- The lake doesn't have a bridge./Why doesn't it have a support? /- The sky has no support./What doesn't have a soul? /- A log has no soul./ What doesn't have a language? /- Fish don't have a tongue./ What doesn't blood? /- The herb has no blood./ What doesn't have bile? /- The horse has no bile. /What doesn't have milk? /- Birds don't have milk./What don't they have hair? /- The snake has no hair]: Orozova 1998:25.

Southern Siberia — Mongolia. Trans-Baikal Buryats (Aginsky) [riddle: “Horses have three drawbacks — guess which ones? — a) Without a horn, b) without bile, c) they don't chew gum”]: Bazarov 1902a, No. 5:23.

Eastern Siberia. Yakuts (the place of recording is not specified, the mediation of A. Kulakovsky; probably central) [riddle: “A good man without a cauldron. — A horse (has no bile)”]: Tolokonsky 1914, No. 180:44.