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N33. Drives the enemy into the ground .22.27.-.32.35. (.44.)


hero drives the enemy into the ground, or he and the enemy alternately drive each other into the ground (ankle-deep, waist-deep, etc.).

Khmu, Hungarians, Romanians, Russians (Teresky Bereg, Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Pskov, Voronezh, Tyumen), Belarusians, Western Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Transcarpathia), Eastern Ukrainians (Cherkasy, Kharkiv), Northern Ukrainians (Chernihiv), Slovaks, Crimean Tatars, Adygs and/or Kabardians, Abkhazians, Abazins, Ossetians, Balkarians, Ingush, Chechens, Nogais, Kumyks, Avars, Dargins, Georgians, Tajiks, Sarykols, Uzbeks, Latvians, Lutsi, Setu, Mari, Chuvash, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs, Southern Khanty, (Steppe Cree).

Burma - Indochina. Khmu [7 years pregnant, gives birth to Aay Cet Reey ("Seven Wooden Steamed Rice Jars"); he immediately eats seven vessels of rice, fried buffalo, goes to his father, who has gone to cut down a wooden stupa; he cuts a tree for this purpose; A. orders the tree to be knocked down on it, drags it home; stops to swim in the river; livestock traders tie animals to the tree, hang the washed ones on the branches clothes; allow A. to carry it all with the tree if he can; A. takes it away; the father is frightened, tries to destroy A.; leads to cut bamboo; throws cut down bamboo at him from the mountain like spears, A. catches everything and takes away; tells the demons to collect the debt, supposedly they owe him money; A. takes seven helpers; they dig up a big grasshopper, but he kicks each with his foot, they fall into the water, they are swallowed by sturgeon; A. tears off the grasshopper's leg, eats, catches, cuts the sturgeon swallowed in the stomach wove 7 salt baskets; first demons, then A. eat iron; try to drive each other into the ground; demon drove A. to his ankles, A. drove him up to his throat; demons give money; father asks for the liver of a banteng (Bos javanicus), an elephant; A. brings; the liver of the moon; A. puts iron rods on top of each other, climbs to the moon; when she almost reaches, the mother lubricates the lower rod with fat, the father rubs salt into it; the rod rusted, fell apart, A. fell and crashed; earthquakes - the demon he drove into the ground tries move]: Lindell et al. 1978, No. 8:84-88; Romanians [the mighty king always laughs with his right eye and cries with his left eye; he has three sons; the mighty tall Florea, the dense strong Costan and the younger Petru - tall but girly in character; the older brothers refused, P. agreed to ask his father about his eyes and received a slap in the face from him; but he thought his left eye cried less and his right eye laughed more; and he I asked again; both my father's eyes laughed: that three sons are good, but they are unlikely to be able to protect themselves from their neighbors; therefore laughter and tears; but if you bring water from the well of the Morning Dawn fairy, I will moisten eyes and both will laugh, for I will understand that the sons are brave; F. rode his best horse to the border of his father's possessions; there is a bridge and a three-headed dragon: one jaw in the sky, the other on earth; F. turned, but a year later , did not return home for a month and a day; K. went; the dragon also has three heads; also turned, but did not return home; P. went, the dragon has 7 heads; the horse stands on its hind legs, P. returned to take another horse; old nurse: you need the horse your father rode; he replies that the horse fell long ago, but there are only scraps of bridle in the stall; the nurse tells you to bring such a fragment and hit the pole with it; immediately appeared a beautiful horse under a precious saddle; now there is a 12-headed dragon at the bridge; the horse tells you to cut off the main head and flies forward - one day like the wind, the other as a thought; in front of them there is a copper wall and trees, copper bushes and herbs; flowers whisper, but the horse forbids them to be plucked; otherwise you will have to fight Velva; but he tore it off to see her; she has a horse's mane, deer antlers, bear face, ferret eyes, different bodies creatures; after three days of battle, P. threw a bridle on the velva and it turned into a beautiful horse; this is the brother of the horse P., who was bewitched; so they galloped through the copper forest; then silver (all the same - more one velva horse); golden (the strongest and youngest of these horses are disgraced); now they travel through the frozen country of Saint Sereda, and around the edges there is fire; this is the frost that freezes the calf in the womb of the cow and the rocks crumble; when they reached the house of St. Sereda, she gave a box that will show the way home and tell you who is doing what now; P. asks about his father; a box: his eldest sons have taken away his power; now they are traveling through the red-hot land of St. . Thursdays (Joi, Jupiter); rocks began to melt under their hooves; from the cool valleys, where springs and flowers, girls turn to P.; St. Thursday: Next will be the country of St. Fridays, tell her my wishes for good health; it is not cold or hot there; but darkness has descended and Tornado's daughters are in it; Tornadoes guard Friday's house; the horse tells me to throw a copper wreath, the spirits rushed behind the wreath ; a silver wreath showed Friday and she allowed her to enter; Friday is an ancient old woman; when the world arose, she was a child; asks for a mug of water from the spring of the Morning Dawn Fairy on the way back; gave the flute, the sounds of which make them fall asleep; in the morning P. fed his horses with hot coals; Friday: leave one horse here now, and enter the Fairy dismounted; she has a terrible appearance: owl eyes, fox face, claws cats; her gaze deprives her of reason; the Fairy's palace where the earth touches the sky; flowers along the way; neither warm nor cold, eternal twilight; P. sedated the giant watchman and seven-headed dragons with a flute; the milk river is not in sandy or jelly shores, and on shores made of gems and pearls, flows quickly and slowly at the same time; lions with golden skin and iron teeth; beautiful fairies sleep in flowers; P. tied to a sleeper He woke up the giant's fingers, told him to carry him across the river - then we'll fight; but the giant hammered P. into the ground to his knees, and P. to his waist; giant P. to his chest, P. his neck; then a half-bound giant agreed to carry P., standing with both legs on different banks of the river; on the table in front of the fairy's bed, the bread of strength and the wine of youth; he bit off bread and took a sip of wine, kissed Fairy, put a golden wreath on her, and picked water and left; gave water to Friday; Thursday warned not to communicate with people on the way back; gave a handkerchief protecting against lightning, spears and bullets; a knowledgeable box warns: the brothers found out that P. would bring water, they want to kill him; P. does not believe him, broke the box; the brothers met him, asked him to get water from a deep well, left it there, took the Fairy's water and came to their father; the Fairy woke up and sent all the guards they did not find it; they did not find it; the Sun looked for 7 days, but P. was where its rays did not reach; the Fairy ordered darkness to come, and now only the king father, who saw the light from that water, began to see, but everyone else did not; Florea came to see the fairy, but could not say how he got that water; the Fairy blinded him; {the same with his middle brother}; The fairy told everyone to come to her so that the winds, flowers, springs, people and giants would all cry; Friday sent tornadoes to look for P.; and only one spring breeze heard P. end up in the well; now there were only bones and ashes; Thursday boiled ashes in a cauldron with the dew of life, she got an ointment, she was rubbed bones, P. came to life; tells the horse to fly fast like a curse; came to Fairy, kissed; the flowers bloomed, the sun shone, the world came to life again; P. brothers found sight to see his happiness]: Kremnitz 1882, No. 20:237 -295.

The Balkans. Hungarians [the Queen says that if God gives her a son with golden teeth, then his wife should be the Beauty of the World Sharkan Roja; the son was born, spoke right away, mastered all sciences, became innumerable strong; asked his mother what she promised him before he was born; she says she does not remember; then he split the pole and clamped her hair in it; his mother remembered, he let her go; when he went in search of SR, he saw and pulled out a stuck wagon drawn by six white squirrels; it contains the Queen of Wonderland, whose daughter is SR; she says that the SR was stolen by the Dragon King; gives three hairs and a piece of linen; they have turned into a six-legged horse that eats fire and into a golden saddle; the horse will bring to a spring, bathing in which will increase strength, and next to it a magic sword; gave three bottles of strengthening water; on a copper bridge, a young man entered the dragon's kingdom, "The cloud is in front, the cloud is behind so that no one can see me"; SR brings the young man a goblet of strong water from the barrel from which the dragon drinks; he came and suggested fight; crushed a stone with his hand; the young man also crushed and squeezed water out of the stone; they hammer each other into the ground, and when the young man hit the dragon to the very nose, he could not stand up; agreed to give the SR, but how only the young man took her and went out of the castle, the dragon got out, drank strong water and decided to fight again; the young man won again; the SR turned the palace and treasures into an apple; they returned to the young man's parents; wedding]: Curtin 1914:79-90

Central Europe. Russians (Terevsky Bereg) [Tsarevichi Semyon, Vasily, Ivan; each asks his father to allow one of the three sisters to ride; as soon as the brother turns away, the sister is stolen every time; the father has gone blind in grief; C . traveled for a year, V. - two years, both returned with nothing; I. found all the sisters, their husbands Raven, Falcon and Hare; everyone gives them the opportunity to call them if necessary; I. goes on to look for medicine for his father and himself bride; baba yaga first swears, then gives water and feed, gives a diptera horse and a towel ("rags"), sends it to another (four-winged horse), the other to the third (six-winged); she sends it to her niece king maiden; you have to jump over the wall without hitting the strings; that trio sleeps between two nannies; "You know what to do"; "she sleeps in the middle, naked"; "he already knew what to do there" (note: missed an episode where the hero collects living water); on the way back, the horse hit the string, the king maiden is chasing an eight-winged horse; each baba yaga calls her to the bathhouse; I. managed to cross the border; the king maiden sailed at 12 ships with two twin boys; when S. leaves, then V., the king maiden tells the children that it is their uncle, not their father; takes I. with him; does not tell them to enter the same room; someone asks to take them off the box the cross; I. took it off, the devil got out, took his wife; I. finds, takes him away three times, the devil takes him away, driving I. knee-deep into the ground; up to the waist; up to the throat; each time one of his sons-in-law pulls him out; then all three drove him again the devil in the box, put a cross; I. and the tsar-maiden still live, they will survive us]: Balashov 1970, No. 65:220-226; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, 1929, Ust-Tsilma, Vasily Sobol, Nenets, walked all his life" leader" in front of herds of deer, i.e. he was a farmhand shepherd) [The queen cannot give birth to an heir, the king decides to buy a gold-head fish, goes to the fishermen, and catches it in the third tone. The fish is eaten by the queen, the maid and the bull (he gets the garbage), on the same day they have sons: Ivan Tsarevich, Ivan Devi and Ivan-Bykovich, grow up by months, do not feel their strength - they are maimed in games other kids. The children's parents are complaining. Three fellows go to the field, meet an old man, he says that going to the right will kill their horses, and to the left will kill them. They return to the king, asking for horses, Ivan Bykovich does not find a horse in the royal stable. He asks the blacksmith to tie a hundred pounds of club, throws it up so that he can hardly see it, catches it easily (his hand does not move), asks him to tie a club of two hundred, then three hundred pounds. He throws the last one, and she comes back quickly, he almost drops it when he catches it. At the crossroads, the fellows turn right, throw a tent at the Iron Bridge and agree to watch one by one. The first two fellows fall asleep on guard, instead of them with a 3-headed one, and the next night, Ivan Bykovich fights 6-headed, Poghany Idol. It invites Ivan to blow into the open field, but he gives way to Idolishch, it blows, and all living things burn three miles in the field. While she admires her work, Ivan cuts off her heads. In the morning, Ivan Tsarevich and Ivan Devi say that they did not sleep at night and did not see anyone. When it is Ivan Bykovich's turn, he leaves a knife to his comrades and warns that if he bleeds, they must run to the bridge. The beginning of the fight repeats, Ivan cuts down 8 heads from Idolishche, the latter remains, he asks for permission to take off his left boot, launches him into the tent, then his right one - the brothers wake up, see that the knife is covered in blood, they help fight, go waist-deep into the ground and defeat Idolishche. Three fellows come to the big house, Ivan Bykovich turns into a "goosebumps", overhears how inside an old woman ("nose to ceiling") advises daughters-in-law, wives of three Idolishches, to take revenge on Ivan, turn around poisoned with spring water, berries, and a golden bed. Ivan Bykovich saves his brothers from death three times, water, berries and a bed turned into women when they began to cut them, their heads were cut off. They hear the chase, they hide in the forge. The old woman demands that the blacksmith give them away, he asks her to stick his tongue through the door, and hits him with a copper, tin and iron rod, only the tin rod does not tear. The old woman turns into a horse, Ivan Bykovich saddles it, the old man asks if Ivan will give up his horse if he manages to overtake him, Ivan agrees and loses. The old man hangs his horse on his horse, promises to return it if Ivan gets Elena the Beautiful for him. Ivan Bykovich agrees, he meets Yaryshek on the way ("a thin leg, a golden cap, his forehead is covered, his eyes are out"), one knows how to carry people across the sea, the other to marry, the third to wash in the bath, the 4th carry people in space ("from place to place"), eat the 5th bread, drink water on the 6th, meets a woman who can travel 3 miles in 3 hours. He takes everyone with her. He meets three more Yaryshki: one brags: "I'm buzzing with a foot", the second can shoot with a cream, and the third catches what falls to the ground. One Yaryshko takes a spoon out of his pocket and carries everyone across the sea. The other performs the king's task - washing in a very hot bath ("heat for five soots"), the third goes to marry. The king locks visitors in a ram and sets them on fire, Yaryshko takes them to a safe place. The king makes you eat all the bread in the city, Yaryshko eats everything. The other drinks all the water in her magpies in the city's shops. The Tsar promises to give his daughter if the visitors drink all the water in the well, Yaryshko drinks. Then she orders the princess to get a dress from the state far away in 3 hours, send the old woman, on the way back she falls asleep, Yaryshko "whipped with a foot", she woke up and arrived on time. The king gives his daughter. Yaryshko carried the first one across the sea, at night the princess flies to heaven and turns into a star. Yaryshko saw an extra star in the sky, another shot a cream, the latter caught a shooting star and gave it to Ivan Bykovich. The princess does not want to marry the old man, and persuades Ivan to deceive him when he asks him to walk on the boards above the hole and let him go first. He does so, loosens one of the boards, the old man falls into a hole on the "iron sperm". Ivan takes the old man's good, burns a mare, marries Elena]: Karnaukhova 1934, No. 163:340-348; Russians (Karelia) []: Lyzlova 2013, No. 78:309-313; Russians (Pskov) [the tsar has two kingdoms; he sends people to find out why people in one kingdom do not know where to go; old man sent: you have to throw the seine three times; the first two times you will catch a lot of fish, throw it away; on the third, three pike -white fish; let the princess eat - then the tsar will find out where the people are going; the cook cooked fish, tried it herself and gave it to the female; everyone gave birth to a son: Ivan Tsarevich, Ivan Kukharkin, Ivan-Suchkin-Ploshkin (ISP) ); they grew up quickly, went in search; before that, the ISP whistled in three stables, there was only one horse left in each, the brothers took them for themselves; they chose the one who would throw the club higher as the eldest; when they threw ISP, had time to drink tea before she fell down; made him the eldest; stopped at the bridge over the Kalinovka River; they guard one by one, but Ivan Tsarevich and Ivan-Kukharkin fall asleep, all three times at the ISP Bridge; each once a snake drives an ISP into the ground "on the trail", and the ISMP cuts down all three heads of the snake; the third snake drove the ISP to the waist, and the ISP demolished only two heads, but the horse finished off the snake; becoming a fly, the ISP overheard snake conversation; one will thirst, the other will turn into a spring, the third has one mustache in the ground and the other into the sky: as they go, so in her mouth; the brothers went, thirsty; the ISP crossed the meadow - blood, crossed the key is also blood; he told the brothers to go forward, they drove into the snake's mouth, and he told the blacksmiths to light the horn; the snake gnawed through the iron doors, stuck its tongue, began to beat her tongue with a hammer; the ISP beat to until the snake regurgitated the brothers and died; the golden-haired ram ran out; the ISP threw a club at him, and the ram grabbed it and carried it down the hole; the ISP tells the brothers to lower it on a rope; picked up a club came to the copper kingdom, there was a girl, a serpent flew in, the ISP killed him; the same in the silver kingdom; in gold, the princess hides under the hem, the serpent flies around, the ISP, according to the princess's teaching, grabbed him by the tail, the serpent flew, hit the ground and shattered to pieces; each of the princesses turned her kingdom into a testicle; the princess of gold branded the ISP with her ring and ordered the snake to take the tail: it will take where you like; the brothers pulled out the princesses, began to argue over the princess of the golden kingdom, decided to get rid of the rival, raised the ISP to half the hole and threw it; the ISP shifted the snake tail from hand to hand, it turned out on earth, changed clothes with the old woman's son, came to a feast; the princess saw her stigma on him; traitor brothers were shot]: Chernyshev 1950, No. 2:10-18; Russians (Voronezh, Ertil district, p. Pike, 1965) [Cripple Ivan does not get up from the stove, his parents go to the forest, he stays at home. The old man knocks, asks to let him drink. I. says he can't walk, he orders. He gives me a drink of water twice, I. gains strength, "Yes, if there was a pole in the ground, I would turn the ground upside down," the old man gives a third drink and his strength becomes a little less. I. brings lunch to his parents and easily uproots trees. He goes "to look at the white world, show himself", on the third day he sees sleeping heroes, wants to kill them, but thinks about it, wakes them up, asks him to take him with him to save the girl from the snake. He says that the oldest will be the one who lifts the big stone, becomes the oldest. They approach the crack, one of the heroes descends on a rope, refuses in the middle of the way, and I. He walks into the hut and learns from the old woman about three girls and three snakes (3-, 6 and 12 heads). He comes to the first girl, hides, the snakes return, they go out to fight, the snake drinks water from under the oak tree, Ivan offers a drink from under the birch tree. The serpent blows, Ivan kneels into the ground, Ivanov's whiff of snakes leaves him to the waist, Ivan knocks his heads down with a baton. She frees the girl, takes her personalized ring, defeats the second and third snakes more easily (she drinks water from under the oak tree), the girls give him personalized rings. The heroes raise the maidens, and leave Ivan behind. Baba Yaga: If she catches a white sheep, it will fall to the ground, if the black sheep falls down to two more lands. And enough black. He sees a nest with chicks on an aspen tree, asks their mother to carry it to the ground. She agrees on the condition that he has a vat with animals to feed her on the road. I. flies to the tsar, goes to the wedding, shows his personalized rings, the rescued girls recognize him, the tsar gives Ivan his daughter as his wife]: Kretov 1977, No. 42:81-83; Russians (Ural Region, Tyumen district, Tavda district, d. Letnaya) [Two tsars, one is Tsar Tsarevich Tsysar (Ts.), the second is Tsar Pavel of Chernoy (PE). The three-headed serpent takes Princess Elena the Beautiful (EP) to the underworld, locks her behind 12 doors and 12 locks, and the heroes go in search. C. turns to the sorceress: let her determine which of them will not reach the king's daughter. The sorceress gives an apple, tells me to cut it into more or less when talking to an emergency about the princess. If he takes the big one, you won't see her EP. The state of emergency takes a larger part, goes to his kingdom, C. goes to the EP. He comes to a certain area, breaks through a cast-iron door with a club, the horse senses the rider on his own, and also breaks through two, then three doors. This is how they break through 12 doors together. The horse puts C.'s head on his right shoulder, says in a human voice: "I will be, C., your servant." T. walks into the house, where 12 people are playing cards downstairs, rushing at him, killing them, cutting off their tongues, throwing them on the floor. He goes to the second floor, where 12 people play pawns, rush at him, he kills them, cuts off their tongues. The EP is sitting on the third floor, with a three-headed snake sleeping on her lap. The EP advises going to great heroic fields, where the snake has two barrels of wine. They should be rearranged. This wine is strong and not strong. The prince changes their places, returns to the Ep., and the snake begins to wake them up. He hits him in the side with a ten-pound club - he shudders, does not wake up, hits him a second time - the snake says through his sleep that he is being bitten by bugs, hits him a third time - the snake wakes up, raises its eyebrows at seven weights, looking at what kind of person he is. C. replies that he came to fight, the serpent is angry. They go out to fight in the field. The serpent hits first, drives C. into the ground ankles. C. knocks down the snake's head. The snake wraps around his neck with a magic ring, his head grows, drives C. knee-deep. He knocks down two heads, the Serpent circles him with a ring, grows back, offers a cup of drink. C. pours himself strong, the snake - mild wine, they drink, the snake hits a small child with force, C. blows off all three heads. The EP picks her up, takes her on horseback to the white light. She puts up a tent, falls asleep in a heroic dream, putting her head on her knees. The Tsar of Emergency cuts off his head with a sword. The EP seals his body in a box, puts a box of gold, a magic ring in it, and lets him into the sea. She agrees to leave with an emergency if he does not marry her for three years. He signs a promise. In the third year, fishermen pull out a box with the body, and their elder learns from a letter how to revive a victim with a ring, putting his head and circling him around the neck. T.: "Ugh, I slept for a long time!" The senior fisherman gives him a certificate describing how the emergency killed him. Ts says goodbye, hurries to reach the realm of emergency in the last days before the wedding. Drinks a potion, becomes an old man. The cook interferes with the beer in the tub. C. asks to give the beggar a drink. The cook refuses because this will not leave the king with beer for the wedding. C. strangles the cook, throws him into the vat so that the king can drink thicker beer. He enters the royal court, the horse hears him, worries, breaks the stable. No one can calm a horse. The beggar is summoned and given a key to the stable. Once there, he drinks a rejuvenating potion, makes C. The horse calms down, puts his head on his shoulder. He comes out of the stable again as an old man and is being rewarded. The EP has already forgotten about it. Travelers are coming. The old man is told that the wedding is at the table, brought the last food, and will soon leave the table. The old man drinks a rejuvenating potion, Ts is made, the EP rushes around his neck, the state of emergency is sitting crazy, the prince shoots him]: Onchukov 2000, No. 10, P. 64-67; Belarusians: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 134 ( Hrodna oblast) [two brothers go to plow in the forest, mark the road with straw, the sister must walk along it to bring them lunch; the seven-headed Serpent overheard, changed signs, the girl came to the Snake; one, then the second brothers come, The serpent shows its wealth, offers iron bread, hangs his brothers on a beam; their mother's pea turns into a boy Pokatypea (P.), he grows up, the blacksmith makes him a seven-pound mace, he throws it to the clouds, it falls, breaks; he orders stronger; comes to the Snake, eats iron bread, breaks the deck without an ax, burns it without fire; P. and the Serpent drive each other into the ground, P. drives him whole, kills him with a mace; kills a horse, hides in a carcass, grabs the Crow that has descended, orders him to bring living and dead water; he brings, P. tears the Raven in two, glues, revives him with water; revives brothers; on the way back, brothers tie him to an oak tree, not believing that he is their brother; he drags the oak tree to the house, leaves his parents, leaves; meets, takes in comrades Vyrvigoru, Vyrvidub; P. kills a six-, seven-, nine-headed snake, brings tongues to the king; the wives of the Snakes turn into a bed, into an apple tree, P. cuts them without allowing their comrades to sit down and taste apples; in the third Snakes fall from ground to sky; P. throws three kani (stones?) into her mouth , three falcons, comrades; each time she Snake returns to drink; P. hides with blacksmiths; they tell the Snake to wipe the doors with their tongue, grab her tongue with ticks, P. kills her]: 254-263; Romanov 1901, No. 42 ( Mogilevskaya, Western 1888-1891, Ryasnyanskaya vol., Senn. u., from the local kr., recorded by G. Anikevich) [Two merchant sons of the hero Ivan and Mikita Igrivichi go to see the light after their father's death, their mother punishes them not to beat anyone and greet everyone (take off their hat); they meet in the forest an old man, an old man says how heroes can find their horses, the elder Ivan finds a birch tree, an oak tree, an iron slab under the oak tree, a crypt behind the stove, a horse in the crypt waiting for a hero; younger Mikita Igrivich walks to the far kingdom and finds a horse in the same way (the horse has been waiting 200 years); they come to the city, buy guns, meet a lion with lions in the forest, Ivan wants to kill, Mikita is against (order mothers), a lion asks for mercy and gives a lion cub as servants, they meet a bear, a wolf, animals give their cubs in exchange for life; at the crossroads, Ivan chooses the path where he will be "full", Mikita, where he will be hungry; Ivan leaves a golden saucer on the oak tree at the fork, Mikita sticks a knife, agrees that if they die, their objects will bleed; Ivan goes to a rich land, lives well; Mikita Igrivic falls into a poor city, the city is covered with black cloth, learns from a kisser where he stopped that there is a dragon ("cmok") on the Polym River that eats a person at night, today is the turn of the king's eldest daughter; Mikita Igrivich buys a bunch of hairpins, puts a candle on the table, punishes the kisser to release the animals, when the candle bleeds, the kisser falls asleep; Mikita Igrovic prays in the house with a candle and a book the river where the princess is brought, Mikita asks the princess to look in his head and wake him up, falls asleep; the dragon arrives, calls the princess, says that she is not afraid of anyone but the brothers of merchant sons, The princess wakes Mikita up with studs; opponents argue, Mikita refuses to blow, the dragon blows and builds a city 3 miles with copper roofs; Mikita summons her horse, opponents fight, Mikita cuts off 2 (out of 3) heads, the dragon hurts his leg, takes a break, Mikita cuts off his third head, throws the pike's body into the river to be eaten, his heads under a stone; the princess bandages his leg with her handkerchief, calls him to go to the king, but Mikita returns to the kisser; the king sends the servant to collect his daughter's bones, the servant finds out where the heads are hidden, makes the princess imagine him as a savior (threatens to drown him), the king thanks appoints him minister; the next day the same with the royal's middle daughter (the dragon's brother, 6-headed, blows on the city and shoots it, Mikita blows and builds, the serpent hurts Mikita's hand), the king's trusted hand in gratitude for "saving" the royal daughter from the minister becomes a count, Mikita returns to the kisser, wants to cut off his head for not letting the animals in, but going to bed; on the third day of 9 the younger princess is prepared for the head dragon, Mikita puts a handkerchief on the table, a candlestick with a candle on her handkerchief, punishes the kisser when everything turns black to release the animals, goes to the house by the river; history repeats, they fight; when the dragon drives the horse knee-deep into the ground, Mikita throws her hat (removes the roof from the tavern), throws her boot (knocks out windows), the animals come to the rescue, decapitate the other 6 dragon heads, the princess gives him a personalized ring; Mikita returns, repairs the tavern, forgives the kisser for feeding his animals; the royal count makes the princess introduce him savior, the king appoints the wedding; Mikita sends a lion with the princess's ring to the courtyard, the princess recognizes the ring, hands over the hotel (fruit in a handkerchief), asks her father to drive around the city before the wedding, looks for Mikita, sees a lion in the window, tells his father the truth; the royal servant is forced to raise a stone under which dragon heads, he cannot, he is executed, tied to horse tails field; Mikita Igrivich marries a younger princess; Mikita goes to visit her brother in the capital city ("as we have Moscow, and the tsar lives in St. Petersburg"), the city has gone underground, the place is covered with dense forest; fishermen Mikita is told the same story about Ivan with 3 dragons and 3 royal daughters, the snake (the mother of dragons) has cursed the city, no one can drive through the forest, she will turn it into stone; Mikita goes stops for the night, a grandmother (snake) comes, asks him to spend the night by the fire, asks his cane to drive away the dogs, swings, turns everyone into stone; Ivan gets bored, he goes to the oak tree to see how is his brother doing, sees blood from a knife, goes to look for the grave, sees 5 stones, reads in a book that it is his brother with a horse and servants; he sits by the fire, waits, his grandmother comes, asks him to spend the night and a cane to drive away the dogs, Ivan realizes (that it is a snake), beats her with her servants, she brings living and dead water from her garden, revives everyone; the grandmother is beaten again to return the city, she breaks 4 logs, crowns them, the forest goes into the ground, the city appears, the snake is killed; the brothers go after their mother, they do not find them, they return to Mikita Igrivic, he rules, the brother becomes minister]: 382-394; Western Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia) [a son under 16 sucks his mother's breast, becomes a hero, pulls out and drags a beech alone, goes wandering; meets, takes as companions 1) Pulling oaks, 2) A month old iron; they are given jobs, but they have so much strength that they break everything; they take turns cooking in the forest, hell comes, eats everything, hits the cook; Messiiron asks the devil to help split the log, knocks out wedge, hands clamped; M. hits him, making him say where the three kidnapped princesses are; hell runs into the hole, Vyrvibuk, Vyrvidub is afraid, M. goes down, hell says princesses have 6-, 9-, 12-headed dragons; the 6-headed one smells a man, the younger princess says her brother has come; they are fighting, M. drives the dragon into the ground, cuts off their heads, cuts off tongues; this is how he frees all the princesses, Vyrvibuk and Vyrvidub pull them out, throw them; he covers the chicks, their mother, from the fiery rain takes him to the ground; to feed her, he cuts off the meat from his leg, on the ground she puts it back; the king gives her daughters, M. shows dragon tongues, rings presented by princesses, takes senior]: Giryak 1978:215-237; Western Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Khust District, p. Gorinchevo) [in the 77th state, behind glass mountains, behind milk streams, grandfather and woman live, there are no children; the old woman asks her grandfather to make a child and a cradle out of wood; he cuts down a sycamore, combs the boy, him they call Yavorovy Ivan (YAI); makes a cradle, a woman shakes her, the child does not come to life, grows up; two years later he goes to the forest, helps his grandfather; snakes (shufflers) took three royal daughters; their savior will receive one of them and the state; YAI goes in search, meets a gypsy, becomes friends; they find a hole, wind a rope, fix them on the stove; one will take the youngest daughter, the second will take the middle daughter, the eldest will serve; YAI goes down, hears a girl singing, she is in a hut rotating on a chicken leg; girl: her husband has five heads, he has strong water; YAI drinks water; an iron club falls into the yard, YAI throws her back, snake sees that someone strong is in his yard; comes in, says he smells sinful; wife: this is my brother; they shake hands; the serpent eats melted tin dumplings, drinks water, then goes to fight; snakes He hammers JAI knee-deep into the ground, YI to the waist, the serpent to the arm, YAI to the neck; begins to beat off his heads with a club, but they come back again; the girl sprinkles ashes on them, the head cannot grow, the snake kill; the girl says that she and YAI belong to each other; YAI tells me to collect everything valuable, lock the house, wait for him; puts on a snake's clothes, takes his sword, comes to her middle sister; she also plays harmonica and sings; her husband has ten heads, drinks special wine; YAI swaps barrels of water and wine; when approaching, the snake throws a club of 12 quintals; YAI drinks wine, throws away the club; (hereinafter the same as in YAI changes his sword to the one that the stronger snake has, comes to the third hut; there is a younger princess; the snake yells at his wife who found her with her lover, breathes fire from 12 mouths; Yai hides from by the door; when the heads show up in the hut, tells her sword to cut them; the elder princess puts all the jewelry in cream, the middle princess puts them in an apple, the youngest in a walnut, Yai puts them in her pocket, sends them upstairs the royal daughters, the gypsy pulls them out and goes away with them; Yai walks along the path day and night, comes to the hut, there is a woman, she has eyelashes to the ground; she calls him a dog son, agrees to take up duty, tells her to take a pitchfork and raise her eyelids, otherwise she does not see him; YAI raises her eyelashes to the woman, she recognizes him as YAI: the sycamore from which he was made knows him; she will take care of the mares: herd three times and bring back, otherwise your head is down; mares are women's daughters; the woman gives YAI a sleepy cake; when YAI wakes up, there are no mares; the fox asks for a cake, tells me to go home and become in a manger: mares have become chickens, the fox begins to torture them, the chickens run into the barn, become mares, YI ties them up, reports to the woman, who hits them with an iron pitchfork for letting themselves be caught, tells them what they should do; on the second the day is still the same, the wolf promises to help if YAI treats him to bread; explains that mares have become crows; the old horse lying on the manure will say everything to do; horse: there is a twig in its tail, they need wave and say: "Stay in place"; three crows sitting in a tree fly into the barn, become mares; the woman hits them with an iron pitchfork: they probably sleep with Ivan, love him, want to destroy her; On the third day, YAI gives a cake to the bear; he advises him to go home, there is an ox on the second pile of manure, he will explain what to do; the ox tells him to take two twigs from its tail, one wave to the left, and the other on the right, until the mares appear, ask the woman for an old horse for his service; the mares turn into crayfish, swim from pool to pool, YAI hits them with twigs, turns them back into mares; the woman tears her hair, tells him to ask what YAI wants; he asks the old horse; the horse advises the woman to bow down, the woman spits after him, he has time to close the door, otherwise he would burn down; the horse asks how to go - in the wind or against winds, soars up, asks to see what's behind them; YAI sees a black cloud, it's a woman, a horse tells you to throw the comb (thickets from ground to clouds); the cloud is almost catching up, but they cross the border of the earth; woman screams terribly, falls to dust; the horse offers to go to the royal city; woman: three royal daughters have returned, the wedding is being prepared, the gypsy takes the youngest; YAI is hired by a shoemaker; princess ordered to make shoes like they had not done before; Yai takes out her younger sister's shoes out of the walnut, hangs them on a carnation; in the morning the younger princess comes and tells the shoemaker that he did not do it, but she also it is necessary to go to the tailor; YAI runs to the tailor, takes out his dress from the walnut; the princess calls the craftsmen for her wedding; YAI tells the horse to climb into his left ear, there are beautiful clothes; they fly to the palace; gypsies to the king: this is an angel going to the wedding; when she sees YAI, the bride cries for joy, but the gypsy does not confess; YAI puts plum, apple and nut on the table; the older sisters take out their wealth, and the youngest's nut is empty; she Understands everything; gypsies are executed, YAI marries a younger princess]: Lintur 1969:151-160; northern Ukrainians (Chernigov, Nezhinsky u.) [The widow has two sons and two daughters, they were kidnapped by a snake; a pea is rolling, she swallowed it, and Katigoroshka gave birth to them on the same day; three days later he goes to the blacksmith and tells them to tie a mace of 25 pounds; he threw it up, put his knee up, it broke; the same with a mace of 35 pounds; a mace of 50 pounds came up: it fell on his head, but did not break; on the way, shepherds of sheep, pigs, oxen offer to eat a ram in one sitting, pig, ox; if he can, let him go to the snake, but not, let him return; K. eats easily; iron house, snake sister hits lice on the porch; K. ran out on the porch, the snake ran out with a 40-pound club; steel drive each other into stone; K. drove the serpent; K.: Where are the brothers? sister snake: hanging on poles; K. took them out alive; on the way back they cook food by a huge birch tree; K. fell asleep; the brothers chained him to a birch tree: the snake killed us and would kill us; K. woke up, pulled out a birch tree, caught up with the brothers, put the birch tree on the cart; brothers: throw it away; he threw it away; the same with aspen; then the brothers wanted to kill him with a mace, but could not lift it]: Malinka 1902, No. 25:297-300; Eastern Ukrainians (Kyiv region, now Cherkasskaya, near Chigirin, p. Adamovka, V. Kravchenko) [the elderly are 70, the wife tells her husband to hand over the ax in the forge, cut down an oak tree, slaughter his son; the child came to life, named Ivan Belodrev; he instantly grew up; tied the oaks with a church, knocked down everything at once; cut down the hut, sold my father and mother to my father, came to the hut: she is spinning on a chicken leg, where the wind will blow; there is an old woman telling me to buy a horse from her priest - not what is in the stall, but what is in the yard; information security gave all the proceeds for parents have money; the horse's magpies and crows have already pecked its sides; the horse tells you to dig a hole, burn coals, jumps twice in the heat, becomes a heroic horse; for the third time he pulls out harness and equipment; brings air to that old woman; information security asks for a drink; old woman: stepmother collected all the water in one well; whoever needs water, either carry the child or eat it himself; information security killed a snake, brought water; the king's daughter is sitting at the well, the other the snake was given to be eaten; the water rustled in the sea, the princess is trying to wake up IS, he woke up when her tear dripped on his face; the IS snake hit - only the soles stuck to the current, the IS hit - drove the snake into the earth knee-deep; killed, cut out tongues, burned bones, scattered ashes {languages are no longer mentioned}; wedding]: Pankeev 1992:161-166; Eastern Ukrainians (Kharkovskaya, p. Nizhnyaya Syrovatka, Sumy University, 1878-1893) [A woman gives birth to a son, at the same time a horse gives birth to a foal, a father gives it to a newborn son, and dies. My son grows up and visits a stallion every day. A snake flies to her mother, admits that she is afraid of the boy, offers to kill him: she gives lard, on which she cooks borsch. On the horse's advice, the boy pours borsch out the window, the dog eats it and dies. The snake gives the mother powder to pour into her son's tea, who is again warned, pours tea out the window, the dog licks and dies. The snake gives bacon, on which the mother makes pies, the horse advises to eat the smaller of the two pies, throw the other out the window, the dog eats the big cake, dies. The serpent realizes the horse's help, the mother pretends to be sick, asks the horse to be slaughtered, his heart will heal her. The son wants to ride his horse through the yard three times before slaughtering him, the third time his mother curses and jumps away. On the road, he lies down and wraps himself in his skin, the king drives by, asks three times what is in his skin, the guy answers "I don't know", the king takes him to the cart, leaves him in the palace in the oven ("on a jump"). The guy falls in love with the elder princess. The serpent demands three carts of gold from the king or the princess to eat, there is no money, the princess is brought to the field. I. gets out of his skin, whistles, his horse appears, comes to the princess, asks him to look in his head and wake him up, when the serpent appears, to hit him with an awl. The princess's tear falls on I.'s face, he wakes up. The serpent beats I. on the mountain, with three blows I. drives the snake into the ground knee-deep, waist-deep, neck and cuts off its head. The princess bandages I.'s hand with a red ribbon, he leaves, wraps himself in his skin, hides in the oven. The same applies to the next two snakes (when I. wins the snake, the middle princess wraps his hand in green, the youngest with a blue ribbon). I. hammers the third snake into the ground, then tramples. In the palace, it seems that he accidentally flaunts his hand, the princesses recognize their ribbons, the tsar is one of her daughters for I.]: Grinchenko 1895, No. 157:149-155; Slovaks [mother breastfeeds her son three times for seven years; when makes sure that he is able to uproot a beech tree, says that it is enough - let him take care of it now and provide it with housing; the son found a dragon castle in the forest, broke into it, killed the dragons; In the tenth room, another one is chained to the wall; asks to be released, he has been chained by other dragons; the young man refuses, brings his mother to live in this castle; forbids entering the tenth room; she goes in, agrees to release the chained man; to do this, bring wine from a barrel in the basement; after each cup, one of the hoops falls; to get rid of her son, the dragon advises the mother to pretend to be sick, bring an earthen pig; the young man came to St. For a week; she tells her to sit on her horse named Tatoshik, gives the pig a pig to prick; he screams, the pig will chase him; the second time the pig will not scream for fear of the pig, it can be taken away ; next time, the mother, on the advice of the dragon, asks for living and dead water; The week teaches: the water of life is on the right mountain, it will rise at noon; death is on the left, will rise at midnight; the mountains are almost squeezed out the young man's hands; Week left alive and dead water for themselves, and gave the young man an ordinary one; the dragon offers to send a pelican for the bird; Week: the wind pulls trees from the flapping of the wings of the pelican; the young man brought a pelican, Nedelka kept it for herself, and gave the young man a simple eagle for his mother; bring a golden apple from the dragon garden; A week gives a ring: if you turn and think about it, you will have a hundredfold strength more; the horse carried over the garden wall; apples are guarded by a princess kidnapped by dragons; if stolen, she will be killed; she also gives a ring that multiplies strength by a hundred times; dragon under the apple tree; began to fight, dragon drove the young man into the ground up to his ankles; raven: who will I help? dragon: to me, promises gold; young man: to me, promises the carcasses of all horses grazing in the meadow; the raven jumped the young man with water so that he would not be burned by the heat of the dragon; when the young man turned the second ring, he drove the dragon into the ground up to his shoulders; cut his head; the princess picked an apple for the young man herself; the young man promises to come for her in a year; brought his mother a golden apple; she offered to tie him: is he strong like his father? young tore the rope; then tied it with a silk cord: he did not tear it; the dragon cut it to pieces, loaded them on T. and drove him away; T. came to the Week, she revived the young man with dead and living water; but hearts no: his mother took it out and hung it from the ceiling; a week told him to dress up as a beggar, come to the castle to play the bagpipes and ask for a heart as a reward; the mother began to dance with the dragon; the bagpiper said that too old to take money, but his heart would like; a week washed his heart with living and dead water and told the pelican bird to put it in its place; then let the pelican go; turned young man into a dove: let him fly to find out what the mother is doing; to become human again, you have to think about her; the mother tells the dragon to shoot the pigeon, but he turned into a young man and cut off the dragon's head; mother He took her out into the court, threw a sword; when he fell, he pierced her heart; the young man came to the king, whose daughter he saved, and married her; if they did not die, they are still alive]: Wenzig 1857:144-156; Slovaks: Dobšinsk ý 1970, No. 10 [an old woman gives birth to a son Lomidrevo at the age of 90 (=Valibuk; Valigora), breastfeeds him until the age of 7, then, at his request, three more years; he is incredibly strong, pulls oaks easily, leaves at the age of 17 wander; meets, wins, satellites 1) a mountain rearranger named Valivrych (Kopivrych, Scalilamay; Studnyak - digging wells), Meat iron; they contracted to threshing grain; fee - how much they would take them away; they carried the grain to the lock and carried them away; the rich man sent after the bull, then a boar; L. killed them, carried them with him; he chased the servants on the wagon, but L. piled oaks on the road; told M. to make him an iron club; threw it up, put his back, the club fell apart; ordered another one to be made; the king lost three daughters, the dragons dragons dragged them into a hole in the ground; three promised to return the princesses; settled in a hut in in the forest, they cook one by one; a dwarf comes out of the chimney, a beard from his elbow, hits the cook, dumps hot porridge on his stomach and eats him; when L.'s turn, he pinched a dwarf's beard in the log, beat him with an iron with a club until he gives his beard in which his strength is; the dwarf has disappeared into a hole under the stone; the companions are jealous of L.; V., M. try to go down, but tell them to lift them back - there are frogs and snakes; L. promises a dwarf return the beard, for which he tells you to show the way to the older princess; there is a copper lock on his fortieth leg; L. stomped, he stopped shaking; the 6-headed dragon throws his iron club, L. throws it back; the dragon eats lead bread, calls for lead current, offers to drive each other into lead; they drove each other to the waist; then L. drove the dragon up to the neck, blew their heads off with a club; princess turned the castle and all the riches into a copper apple, L. sent it to the ground; the same in the silver castle (9-headed dragon, iron bread), in gold (12-headed, steel bread); before asking herself to pick herself up , L. sent a stone upstairs, his companions cut off the rope; L. came to the Knochta (Knofta; a giant mythical bird), killed a snake that always ate chicks; or protected the chicks from the rain, alone a drop of which always killed them; the chicks told their mother about L., who did not swallow it, but promised to help; tells them to stock up on a hundred rams and a hundred barrels of water; flies with L. to the ground, there was not enough lamb, L. cut a piece off his thigh; bird: if I knew that human being was so tasty, I would eat you; but burped a piece and put it back; weddings are being prepared in the city, but princesses demand the same dresses they had they were underground; L. hired a tailor; at night he took out copper, silver, golden apples, took out their dresses; let the princesses come for them themselves; L. called the elders freaks and drove them away, gave the youngest gold dress, married her; took out apple locks; gave two older princesses to his companions (forgiving them)]: 50-66; Nmcová 1970 [the king tells three sons to see the world; the eldest in a year reaches the copper forest, brings a branch; the father says that he and his wife got there in the morning; the average reaches the silver forest in two years, the father arrived there by noon; the youngest is only digging in the ash; a pile of manure, a plain horse tells him to take it, take a rusty sword; the brothers laugh, the father knows that the choice is right; the younger one feeds the skate with grain and fire, he turns into a heroic horse, carries through copper, silver, golden forest to the friend of the father-king, who fought together with the witch; the young man's sword cuts the heads of the witch's warriors, but the heads grow; when a witch kills, all warriors die; triumphant The young man returns to his father; he says that his friend's three daughters were kidnapped by the witch's three dragon sons; they have 4, 8, 12 heads; the young man drives each shoulder up to the ground, the sword cuts off their heads; When he returns, the young man learns from his father that the Iron Monk has kidnapped the youngest of the freed girls; the horse says that FM is the strongest in the world; in the ZhM house, the young man turns into wheat grain; FM tells his rooster swallow; the wife caresses you to say how to betray her former appearance to the transformed (placed between two swords hanging on the wall; she cuts the rooster, pulls out the grain, puts it between the swords), what is the power of the FM (once in seven years old, just today, a golden duck is arriving, you have to get an egg out of it, swallow it, you will become the strongest); the young man swallows an egg, ZhM appears, he turns it into a wild boar; returns with his wife to his father, inherits the throne]: 164-185.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars [padishah has a son; when a daughter was born, he ordered her to be killed; son grew up; padishah: I don't want daughters; son: if another one is born, give it to me; the young man gave the girl to an old woman for upbringing, he wandered himself, defeated everyone; his sister grew up, he took her; in the palace of robbers he killed 16 while they were sleeping, threw the 17th into a well in room 31 and covered it with a stone; one day the girl entered room 41st, I saw the robber, offered to become her husband; he advised me to pretend to be sick, ask for grapes; the brother flew into the garden in his flying duldula; his owner was Azhdakha with 41 heads; drove the young man into the ground is knee-deep, and he is waist-deep; his ajdaha is waist-deep, the young man Azhdahu is up to his throat; he cut off 40 heads, left the last one to die in agony; a girl came out of the palace: you saved me; he took her to Istanbul to see her Padishah father, she gave him a ring; his sister invites her brother to tear the ropes with which she would tie him; he could not tear the rope out of his horsehair; cut out his eyes, the robber was frightened of him kill him, they threw him into a well in the forest, leaving his hands tied; the padishah's hunters pulled him out, sold him to a lame man; he left the blind man at the spring; the maid of the padishah's daughter came up, and the blind man asked for water, threw up the ring; the padishah's daughter found it, ordered it to be brought; the fool saw in the forest how the wolf knocked out the fox's eye, chewed the leaves, put it on the eye socket, saw the light; the fool healed the young man, passed it off as his daughter; they achieved their goal; the young man asked permission to go to kill his sister - otherwise he would die; cut his sister's head into pieces, let the robber go]: Zherdeva 2020, No. 5; Adygs (Kabardian people?) : Lopatinsky 1891a [Hagor got lost, got into the cave of a one-eyed giant; having heated his spit, gouged out his eye; got out hanging under the belly of a goat; told his big sons, they asked show them the cave, the giant grabbed them all at once and ate them; another hunter puts on a refreshed doe, runs away; the first hunter tells the second about his grief; he drives the giant into the ground up to the neck; the giant revives the young man from bones; the hunter cuts off his head; marries the youngest daughter of the first hunter; she was the doe, arranged everything for her current husband to save her brothers] : 80-86; Sokolov, Broydo 1936 [Hagur got married, his wife whipped him, turned him into a dog, got a lover; the dog left, bothered the shepherds; one of them has a wife near death; the old man advises leaving the dog overnight with her; he sees a witch who has arrived stab a sick woman with a fork, drinks blood; on the second night he grabs the witch by the leg; she promises to restore X. to human form, but he orders the patient to be cured first; the witch regurgitates blood, tells me to wash the patient in it, she recovered; H.-the dog returned to his wife, who turned him into a rooster; the witch asked X. to wait another night; stole the whip and restored X. to his human appearance; he whipped his wife and lover, turned them into donkeys; forced him to work; after many years he hunted, went into the cave; a one-eyed frog came, filled the exit with a stone; fed lamb, promised to eat it raw tomorrow; at night, H. burned his eye with a spit; in the morning he groped every ram, H. clung to the goat's belly, returned home; his second wife has 8 sons and 2 daughters; the sons asked to show them the cave of the frost; he grabbed them with one hand, ate them; one hung a doe, hung his skin on a tree; the skin fell off, became a doe; shouts that this was not a miracle, it was a miracle with H.; the hunter found H., ordered them to lead them to frost; they they began to drive each other into the ground, the hunter hammered the frost up the neck; ordered the sons of H. to be revived; the hoarder revived them from their bones; the hunter cut off their heads and took their cattle; H. gave him his youngest daughter; when I undressed her, I saw a scar; the girl says she is the same doe: she became a doe to save her brothers; everything is fine]: 94-100; Abkhazians (western 1933) [=Shakryl 1975, No. 30:153-161; in winter, the princess sees two apples on the apple tree; she knocked down both, one was carried away by the river; the princess ate the first apple in half with her husband, the second by the mill and her husband, both women became pregnant and they gave birth to a boy; the prince's son cries all the time, the parents sent the children to throw him away; they were met by a miller, said that his baby was also crying; as soon as the children were near, they stopped crying and began to cry to play; the miller gave his prince; the young men asked them to make two iron balls; threw the balls up, they fell to their knees three days later, crashed; then asked them to make two golden balls; they fell over 10 days and only bent; the young men went on a journey; at the fork, the younger Pycha went to the left, and Pycha to the right; if blood drips from the tip of the sword, then the owner was in trouble; P. came to the dead city, the inhabitants were eaten by a giant, only the old woman hid in the stove; P. and the giant grabbed each other and put them in the ground; P. - waist-deep, jumped out, put the giant up to the neck, cut off his head; but into place one head grew two, then three; the old woman sprinkled ash on her necks, then the giant died; P. promised the giant's sister to marry her on the way back; defeated seven hero brothers and also promised to marry them sister; an old woman came to the fire in the forest, asked to tie a horse and dog, then swallowed them and P.; it was an aroupap (witch); K. followed in his brother's footsteps, both women mistook him for P., he asked them wait; his horse and dog began to beat and bite the aroupap, she had to spew the swallowed ones intact, then K. cut off her head; P. heard a voice, went looking; old man: this is the voice of a girl who you can't do it; but P. decided to achieve it; old man: an arap is tied at her iron gate, he can't answer; P. and the girl fought checkers for 64 years; finally P. defeated her; she gave him a ring; P. answered arapu, he fell off the chain, they began to fight; bird: tear out the gate, there is a chest under it, there is a bird in it, a piece of paper in it, the soul of an arap in it; P. tore the piece of paper, the arap died; on the way home, P. captured the other two women and brother; K. chose a sister of 7 brothers; she asked to bring her younger 6-year-old brother; he was stronger than P., but gave him his sister; they both came to three sisters, the 6-year-old fought them for 120 years, won, took the youngest; feast; whoever listens to the fairy tale will turn right - he will have wealth, turn to the left - there will be a lot of money]: Khashba, Kukba 1935:1-12; Abazins [the widow's son hunted, went to another's home, one of them is sitting in a hole where his brothers threw him; a young man killed six other people who came one by one, found out from a person sitting in a hole where the treasures were, brought his mother, told him not to open one door; a woman opened it and pulled him out when he promised to be her husband; she gave birth to a son, threw him on the path, the young man found him, called him brother; he grew up, heard his mother and other people going to kill the young man, told him; They began to fight with the young man, the boy gave water to his brother, not his father, who killed the other man by driving him into the ground up to the neck; they drove his mother away]: Tugov 1985, No. 50:144-146, 373 (note 50.2) [during the competition fairy-tale heroes, they drive each other one by one into the ground: usually knee-deep, then waist-deep, and in conclusion, the hero beats the enemy "to the throat"]; Ossetians [the widow's seven sons go to face off by force with a giant; on the way, the shepherds gave them a ladle of milk, they could not drink even half; they cannot separate two bulls fighting; catch horses in a herd; the giant's wife sees that the brothers are not going straight, but looking for a ford - an easy life for her husband; pears and apples cannot be knocked down in the giant's yard with arrows; Watzilla sends a swallow to ask the widow if she wants 7 new sons instead of the missing, or one, but so that by force like 7; the widow chooses one; gives birth to a boy named Late; he breaks the jug of the old witch's daughter three times; the girl tells him to better find the murderers of his brothers; his mother gives him a weapon and a horse I take my father, and the horse is head over heels in manure; Z. took up his weapon, washed his horse, galloped to the giant; on the way he drank a ladle of milk, separated bulls, caught horses, rides straight across the river, shakes apple trees and pears, they fall off them arrows, swords and bows; eats meat, throws bones to the giant; drove the giant up to the shoulders into the ground and cut off his head; his wife confesses that it is necessary to cut her husband's little finger, from there brothers appear; on the way back, they dug a hole, Z. fell into it, they threw earth and stones at it; the horse asks the fox, the wolf, the bear to dig Z., everyone promises their back leg, but they did not eat the horse; the eagle promises his eyes, for which he pulled Z. out of the pit, but did not bite the horse's eyes; Z. fired an arrow at home: let him hit the guilty; the arrow split into 7 parts and hit the brothers; the mother found it for Z. good bride]: Britayev, Kaloev 1959:118-131; Balkarians [the hunter refreshed the deer; he jumped up; running away, he replied that it was not a wonder, but Blind Aliyuk would tell about the wonder; the man went to look for him; in the house on the bed, a man with a skewer branched in two, stuck over his shoulder, stretched out over his heel, two women are crying next to him; the man says that he is SA; he and 9 sons met emegen , he invited him to the cave; when he left, closed the exit with a rock; ate horses and sons; plunged a spit into the SA; leaving for a while, did not close the exit; the SA rolled out, the travelers picked him up; by the bed - his wife and daughter; hunter went to that cave; shook hands with Emegen so much that he broke two phalanges of his fingers; began to fight; emegen drove the hunter to the ground waist-deep and he drove him up to his shoulders; made him explain how revive horses and boys (whip the remains); SA will recover if the spit exit is filled with red sheep fat; after my death, take my large intestine, tie it to my belt; the hunter revived the dead; opened the chest, a dagger jumped out of there, but the hunter dodged; tied his gut to a tree, she cut it; gave the sheep meat to the dog, which died; took the skewer out of the SA, cured it; the SA gave his sister to the hunter; gave a casket; the hunter does not know why it is, whipped, a herd of horses jumped out of there; wolf: I'll put it back, but give my only son; the hunter told the wolf to come in a year; a year later the wolf disagrees take the hunter's son, but let him marry him; the fox promised to help; turned into a fat ram (boulder), let the hunter change him to a gray horse; when he returns, the fox tells him to play for violin; girls will gather, you have to grab one and ride away, it is impossible to catch up with the gray horse; in order not to give it to the wolf, the fox itself became a girl; the wolf pursues; the fox has become a mufti, tells you to ask for a wolf ask the mufti for advice; mufti: my stick knows whose head will break through, it's his fault; killed a wolf with a stick; the guy brought home his wife and wealth]: Malkonduev 2017:358-362; Ingush [in man many cattle but no children; the cow gave birth to a boy; he was named Makhtat ("born of a cow"); after 7 months he became 15; he was stolen by three Vampala brothers; after that, the mare gave birth to a boy with the sun and a month between ribs; his name is Pakhtat ("born a mare"); he offends other children, he is advised to find his brother better; his father tells him to get a horse out of the dungeon; a horse of monstrous power, but P. tamed him easily ; goes, meets the son of the Sun, then the son of the Month, the son of the Star; they promise to help if trouble (blood hits the left bullet); the first vampala P. he put him in the ground first up to the waist, then up to his throat, cut off his head; released the kidnapped girl Tanya Hooke, married her; the second wampal sent an old woman; she advised TG to find out what life P.; P.: in a pole in the yard; in the leg of a chair; the old woman cleans, lubricates the pole, the leg; P.: a box with three chicks in it; at night the old woman lifted her skull, threw the box at sea; A. died, his friends splashed blood from bullets; Star's son found a fish that swallowed the box, P. came to life; goes to take revenge on the vampala; towards the shepherd (this is M.); approaching the sheep, cries ("Mine Brother P. was killed by a vampal, kidnapped his wife, tomorrow they will cook meat at the wedding, and sprinkle scum from the broth at me"), and when he approaches the bag, he laughs ("Tomorrow I'll go to herd sheep with a bag full of meat"); P. found out M. gave his wife a ring; first shot an old woman with a bow, then wampala, took possession of all the wealth;; parents at home are poor and blind; they will believe that the sons returned if they bring the head of a third vampala; his brothers killed him and brought his head, his parents saw the light; "Let the unworthy not be born, and if he is born, let him die"]: Tankieva 2003:57-65; Chechens [Nart story episode: "Gezama Ali Tolam-Ago lifted him up to his lower leg and drove him into the ground; Tolam-Ago lifted Gezam Ali and also drove him to the ground. He grabbed Ali Tolam and drove him into the ground up to his chest"]: Dalgat 1972:100, 318; the Nogais [the wife finally gave birth to a son; he immediately becomes a hero; he climbed the mound, a dwarf came out of the ground; the boy hit him once, he went waist-deep into the ground; hit him second and third - the dwarf went underground; father: and I met a dwarf, but could not defeat him; the father said that the overseas khan kidnapped his wife one person; the boy came to that kingdom; woman: I will marry someone who can overcome me {obviously catch up}; the boy sees how the khan and hundreds of genites cannot beat a woman; the boy grabbed her and brought him to his wife]: Khalilov 1965:136-137; Kumyks (1934) [fairy tale episode: a giant says to Akhmat: "You have a great ability to eat, but what else can you do?" ; A. replies: "I have other abilities, let's fight!" ; the giant grabs A. and, shouting: "The sun is mine!" , hits him on the ground; A. He enters it to his knees; then he grabs the giant and, shouting: "Allah is mine!" , drives him waist-deep into the ground; the giant rises; grabbing A. and shouting: "The sun is mine!" , hits the ground and hardly sticks him to the waist; A., who gets out, shouts: "Allah is mine!" and hits the giant against the ground with such force that he enters it up to the throat; then cuts off his head, takes it with the rams and goes to his kunak]: Dalgat 1972:100; Avars [from paraphrase archival record: "Can you throw this steel bar up and catch it with your hands?" - well asked the giant sledge, hoping that he would not be able to hold the bar; the sledge threw the bar so high that it almost disappeared from sight, and then caught it with one hand; well done, offered the sledge to fight; they grabbed each other and fought from morning to night; none of them could defeat the other; the struggle resumed in the morning; the sledge lifted the young man high and hit him on the ground so that he was knee-deep entered the ground; did not kill, recognizing him as brave; well done, offers the sledge to perform various difficult tests, as a result of which the sledge is bound by 50 meters thick ice, from which he can't free himself; well done, at the insistence of the sledge, goes to his house for a sword, which only one can cut off his head; the sledge asks the man well after he dies to pull him out of his stomach a piece of bacon and eat it, and gird his gut around the camp; well done, cutting off his head, began to break the ice to get to his stomach; when he opened his stomach and took out a piece of bacon, he saw his own a breathless wife who ran to him with her dog; his wife said, "I've been looking for you for a long time because I knew you were in danger. Give this fat to the dog"; well done, listened to her and threw the lard to the dog; after eating it, it fell dead; the wife said: "You see, if you ate it, you would die; now take the gut and surround this tree with it"; When well done took out the gut from the sledge and surrounded the tree with it, the gut crashed into the tree so much that it split in half; well done if his wife hadn't warned him]: Dalgat 1972:75-76; Dargins [ The widow has 21 sons and daughters; 7 brothers are peasants, 7 are students, 7 are robbers; the daughter carried food to the peasant brothers through the forest, they left notches in the trees, disappeared; the brothers go in search, find others the notches, they follow them, go to the witch, who throws them into the same hole as their sister; the same with the students and the robbers; the mother of the missing bit off a golden apple that fell from the sky, the rest was eaten by a mare; a hero and a horse were born; the hero drove the witch neck into the ground; she showed where the brothers were, and she ate her sister; the young man cut off her head; the robber brothers threw the youngest into the hole, divided the witch's wealth; the youngest dug a passage into the old woman's house; killed Azhdah, who closed the water in that village; he came to the wedding of the robber brothers as a beggar; no one can pull a bow, they offer it to the beggar, he kills robber brothers; their brides married peasant brothers]: Khalilov 1965, No. 62:183-185; Georgians (Kartli): Chikovani 1954, No. 1 [the wife of a childless blacksmith caught three apples from the river, ate it with her husband, gave birth to three sons; each flies to heaven after baptism; their names are Evening, Midnight, Dawn {in the text: Ivan Evening, -Midnight, -Zarya}; the king has lost three daughters; the grandmother of the blacksmith's wife says that only his three sons could find them; the brothers spend the night with their mother and see each other for the first time; only Dawn saw a deva carry girls; Dawn met an iron giant (Iron Man); but even he could not climb the mountain where the Dev; Dawn climbed himself; consistently drives him into the ground, defeats the 7-, 9-, 12-headed devas, who keep three in a copper, silver, golden house sisters; Dawn takes the youngest for herself, the elders for the brothers; Dawn brought the girls down the mountain, after which Iron broke the chain and took them away; the bride had time to shout where the deva's horse was hidden; on him Dawn rode home; hired a blacksmith; my younger sister does not have a ring, she gave it to Dawn; during weddings, Dawn beats brothers, drives Iron into the ground; marries a younger princess], 34 []: 15-21, 192-197.

Iran - Central Asia. Tajiks [blacksmith's son Halim tells his father to tie him a 40-pound iron chain, goes on a journey; meets, wins, companions Sadakan, who uprooted trees; someone ate all supplies, took away animal skins; at the bottom of the gorge of divas, H. kills him with his chain, the heroes descend, free the captives, the most beautiful X. takes the brides; throws a chain to the edge of the gorge; S. rises, there is a girl behind him, then he drops the chain over H.'s head; a cloud flies up, throws H. a ram, he eats, recovers; threw the chain up again and got up; saw that the chain helped him pull out a huge bird; came to a city where the dragon devours a camel, a ram and a girl every day; when the dragon comes out of the river, H. kills him with a chain, saving the daughter of the padishah; padishah: the bride of H., kidnapped by the insidious S. only the Simurg bird can find; H. killed a snake crawling to devour the chicks with a chain; Simurg carried H. to the island where his fiancée; on the way, H. feeds her sheep, cutting off the last piece from his thigh; After flying, Simurg touches the wound with his beak, the wound healed; H. raised S. and threw it with such force that he went all to the ground; returned home with his bride]: Amonov, Ulug-zade 1957:103-108 (=Ulug-zade 1967:103-112); Sarykoltsy [a childless person sees a pomegranate in the river, takes it; a dragon comes out, gives two grenades, let his wife, a mare, a dog eat them; a son, a foal, a puppy must be sent to him; then all three give birth Again, these people can keep for themselves; Joneyhair is born; after finding out what is going on, he rides a horse and with a dog to the river; the dragon orders to get the princess; wins, takes the Ice Bearing Beast, the Beast, Fire-Bearer, Shooter Beast, Shovel-Bearer (lifts them up and throws them to the ground; Ice Bearer goes ankle-deep into the ground, Fire-Bearer knee-deep, Shooter waist-deep, Shovel Bearer shoulder deep); not presses ants, their king gives his mustache to summon it on occasion; the same with mice; the princess's father offers challenges; 1) sit in a cold house (The Firestorman warms, 2) in a hot house (The Ice Maker cools down ), 3) turn the forest into arable land (Lopatonbearer performs), 4) collect millet scattered across the field (ants collect); 5) bring firewood on the donkey (the witch turned into a donkey, then became a bird, flew away with firewood, but the Shooter hit her, she became a donkey again); mice gnaw the wall into the princess's room; she warns that her father will put his horse against J.'s horse, the dog against his dog, tells her to cut the iron a deck with a wooden ax; gives a bunch of his hair, they help cut; horse and dog J. win; the king gives his daughter; sends after the old woman to turn J. into a donkey; J. changed the potion, it was eaten the old woman and the dragon became donkeys]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 27:273-285; Uzbeks [the Shah ordered to throw the net, but not to pull out the fish; when everyone left, the son of the vizier Kasym pulled out: the head is golden, and the body is silver; he let go of the fish, put a millstone in the net; the shah wants to execute him, the teacher begged him to expel K. into the desert; the mother teaches him to choose someone who will reach out for small pieces of cake as his companion, and he will leave big ones; K. rejected one man and the other took small pieces, his name is Kalandar, he is a released fish; a black diva kidnapped the Shah's daughter; brothers came to the witch, killed her, released her from the girl's chest; she tells him to wait under the bridge of the yellow diva; they drove him waist-deep into the ground, cut off his head, took his beak, unlocked the palace, and the yellow cat's keys to 40 rooms; the girl killed her , they unlocked the rooms; one has chained women, the other is children, the third is old, the fourth is men; they have released everyone; they met a green diva, killed; waiting under the bridge for a black diva; he knows about them; 40 they have been fighting for days, his captive threw millet under his feet, he fell, his brothers cut off his head, but the divas lived; found the key from a black cat, opened a gold chest, in which there were 40 boxes one in the other, in the last one blue and black pigeons, they were strangled, the divas died; the Shah married his daughter to Kasym; at the night, the parrot sprayed poison on the girl's face: whoever tells will petrify; Kalandar began to wash the poison, Kasym decided that he wanted his wife, he said, petrified; the girl smeared the stone with blood from her little finger, Kalandar came to life, became that fish and went into the water]: Afzalov et al. 1972 (2): 65-71.

Baltoscandia. Latvians [the fish tells the childless widow to cook and eat it; the maid ate the piece, the giblets are eaten by a mare; each gives birth to a son, the son of a mare is the strongman Kurbad; all three go to free the house from evil spirits; the first night K. killed a three-headed giant on the bridge, a six-headed giant on the second night; on the third night he was a nine-headed giant, his heads grow back, he drives K. knee-deep, then to his armpits into the ground; the brothers are sleeping, they do not see that the water in the bucket has become blood; K. threw pastals (shoes) at them; the brothers came running, began to burn their severed heads; K. hears insects talking in the cracks: he killed ours husbands; let one wife become a bed, the second a spring, the third a cannibal snake; K. does not let her lie down, get drunk, cut a bed, a spring; the king lost three daughters when they were washing in the bathhouse; K. pinched a line there in the doorway, he gave a pipe (10 dwarfs would come out to do the job), said that there was a stone in the swamp, there were stolen; K. threw off the stone, told the dwarfs to bring a rope; the brothers are afraid, K. went down, cut off the line's head; in the princess's silver, gold, diamond castles; they gave K. strong water, and the six-headed drank weak instead of it; the sisters turn their locks into diamond, gold, silver eggs, give to K.; K. sent the girls upstairs; the wife of the 9-headed giant cut off the rope and filled the hole with a stone; K. comes to the old man, who says that the cannibal sucked his eyes and beats him a giant bird with a hail of children; K. killed the cannibal, smeared the old man's eyes with a potion, he saw the light; covered the chicks from the hail; the bird promises to carry K. across the sea, tells him to prepare meat; cut off the last piece of K. his caviar; K. opens his eggs, lives with the youngest queen in a diamond castle; we must kill the 9-headed wife; K. came to the forge, where Debess Kaleis forged a golden crown for the daughter of the Sun, a silver belt and diamond ring; forged a horse for K. to catch up with the witch, ordered not to look back; K. looked around, thunder and lightning, the horse was gone; K. fell asleep, the witch changed the vessels with strong and weak water, K. drank off, lost his strength year; went to hell as a worker, whoever gets angry, cut three strips of meat from his back; 1) herd hares, 2) cows; dwarfs collected everyone from the pipe; K. beat off each cow's leg; hell forced answer that you are not angry; 3) horses (the same; cut off their lips); 4) plow how much the white female will run (beat the female, she lay down); 5) clean the stable (the dwarfs cleaned); 6) bring firewood on the mare (mare - mother is a devil, K. threatens to cut her belts from her sides, the mare is lucky); 7) slaughter the sheep that looks at you (everyone looks, stabbed everyone); 8) eat a pound of dumplings; K. puts the dumplings by the shirt, and the hell ate his pound , bad with his stomach; K. pretends to rip open his stomach, the dumplings fell out; 9) hell leads K. to the forest to cut an oak tree; K. brings a hare, his younger brother; the devil can not catch up with him; agrees to carry him together felled oak; hell carries, K. rides on an oak tree; killed the devil's children; pulled out his mare's eyes; put a pot of sour cream instead of himself for the night, hell with his mother think they broke K.'s head; hell with his mother they run away to the witch, K. hid in his belongings, here again; at night they decided to drown K. in the river, K. swapped places, the hell drowned his mother; K. killed the devil; the power returned, K. killed the witches, threw the ogre into the fire, killed the cannibal eagle; enemies attacked; the witch poured bile on K.; K. killed her and the ogre, but died himself]: Nierde 1952:116-146; Latvians [the king, every night, disappears in a pile of hay; he commands three sons guard the meadow; the eldest, the middle fall asleep; the youngest fool climbs to sleep under the haystack; a white mare with two foals woke him up, he grabbed the reason and tamed the mare; she tells him to give it to his older brother, the elder The foal is average, take the youngest; the elders have sold their horses, and the youngest takes care of his own; the witch gives the queen poison: if you don't fool you, he will kill you; the foal warns twice the owner; the witch tells the foal to slaughter; he advises the young man to ask permission to ride for the last time; the foal rose to heaven and descended in another kingdom; tells him to dress in a fur coat with wool outside and answer "I don't know" to everything; the king gave the idiot to the gardener; the young man shakes his bridle, any work is done right away; he tied the forest with a rope and drags everything with him; the king tells three daughters to choose suitors; the youngest does not know who, the king passed her off as a fool; but they live well; the devil demands to eat people, turn for the royal daughters; every time the young man calls a horse, climbs into his ear, goes out in luxurious outfit, kills devils (they have 3, 9, 12 heads; the sword, the horse are silver, gold, diamond); each time he climbs into the horse's ear again, regains its former appearance; the last time the giant is about 12 The younger queen demands his heads, the horse warns that 12 blacksmiths will come out with him; we must kill the blacksmiths first, because if they manage to hit the anvil, another 12 will come out, etc.; the young man managed to kill the blacksmiths, but the giant drove him waist-deep into the ground twice, and the horse pulled him out twice; the young man cut off the giant's leg and then his head; the wife bandaged the wound with a handkerchief; in the evening he sees his fool husband's handkerchief; fool became a favorite son-in-law, inherited the throne]: Alksnite et al. 1958:135-142; Lutsi (1893; the informant heard a fairy tale from people who did not know Estonian) [the spouses are childless, the husband died, the widow cried, and grew out of her tears peas, the only pea in the pod; she ate it, gave birth to it nine months later; the boy is a strongman; mothers: if she waited to eat, he would be even stronger; ordered a five-pound iron club from the blacksmith, threw it up, a day later she fell, he put his finger up, the club split; the 10-pound one bent; the 15-pound one remained intact, good; The pea meets, takes 1) pulling oaks as companions; 2) rearranging the mountains; they hired the owner for the right to carry what they could; he ordered the mountains to be leveled; they began to make ropes out of sand, throw them over the mountains, pull them off, now a flat field; one took away the owner all the flour, the other all the grain, the third of all the cows; they set up a farm in the forest; the demoness (mustabaaba) began to go to them, eat everything; he remained guarded by the tree pulling; she spat in his eyes ate everything; the one who moved the mountains was the same; G. beat her with a club, she grew to the clouds, he continued to beat, she shrunk again, he tied her to the oak tree; she pulled out the oak tree and went to the lower world; only G. dared go down; killed the woman's five-headed son; the girl knits stockings, G. pulled the rope, both were picked up, he gave it to the oak puller, went down again; killed the 1-headed, gave the second girl to rearrange the mountains; the third time he fights with the 15-headed; drove him into the ground waist-deep, and he was up to the neck; agreed to take a break; G. drank strong water, and gave the enemy weak, killed him; went upstairs, but G. went down to the fourth once; it's a shame for the companions that G. took the most beautiful girl for himself, threw the rope down; thunderstorm, eagles on the Christmas tree say that whoever protects them from the weather will help their mother; he covered them; chicks: don't go away, until the mother arrives; eagle: I know G., when he was born, the earth trembled for three days; the eagle agrees to carry them across the Sea of Fire, but let him fill three barrels of forest bird; he spit them; in flight there was not enough meat, the eagle tells her to cut off and throw her little finger first, then the calf of her leg; then the little finger of the legs; flew; G. caught the little boy, began to twist; told the daw to bring live from the island in the Sea of Fire water; my body healed with this water; came to my wife, forgave his companions, but drove them away; they began to live, they probably live now]: Annom et al. 2018:93-100; Lutsie (West 1893) [the family has two sons and a daughter; mustababa (must - "black", est.) took the girl; brothers went in search; shepherds: if you can kill all the sheep at once, free your sister; brothers: it takes a week to slaughter everyone; the same with cow shepherds; horses; they say that the sister is married to Big Yuda; they came to their sister, the BU hung them from a tree; the sister put a block under her feet; the mother cried, peas grew out of tears, the only pea in the pod; she She ate her, gave birth nine months later; the boy is a strongman, grew up quickly; asks if there were siblings; ordered a five-pound iron club from the blacksmith, threw it up, a day later she fell, he put his finger up, the club split; the 10-pound club bent; the 15-pound club remained intact, suitable; killed all the sheep; cows; horses at once; horse shepherds order to make an iron hand, heat it, put the BU in the face; Pea ate, drank more than BU; drove BU three times into the ground, on copper, silver, gold fields; BU drove him to the waist, and he killed him up to the throat; put BU's palaces and treasures in a ball, put him in his pocket; freed him captured girl, married; began to live again, they still live now]: Annom et al. 2018:101-105; Seto [the king's three daughters reject suitors; one did not like the long-nosed prince, she said that rather go beyond the line; the devil has carried them to the lower world; the king promises a reward to whoever returns them; a soldier enters the cave, comes to the lower world; in a copper, silver, golden city, he sees three successively kidnapped, every time a local trait kills, driving him into the ground; each time he gains strength, thanks to the princess, who gives him a drink of strong water, and the devil drinks weak water; every princess turns his city into a headscarf, a soldier takes them to the ground, gets a cauldron of gold and gets the rank of general]: Sandra 2004:257-261.

Volga - Perm. Marie [Buran Buranich kidnapped the princess; the elder prince goes in search; the shepherd sends the sheep to the cow, he to the horse, the herd tells us to go to the silver palace on the mountain; BB treats nuts, no young man can gnaw; in the bath he weakens from the heat, BB ate it, and threw the bones under the shelves; the same with his middle brother; the younger one split and ate all the nuts, whips BB with an iron broom in the bath, until he does not promise to revive his brothers; to do this, he orders to sprinkle the blood of the crow on the bones, the brothers have come to life; on the way back with his brothers and sister, the younger one takes the belts he ordered from the shepherds, goes to the snake Nora and tells his brothers to lower him down on his belts; there is a girl, she was kidnapped by a three-headed serpent; the young man gives the girl a bowl of water: if foam appears, he defeated the snake, if there is blood, then his snake; the young man cut off the snake heads, foam in a bowl; (when they reach the ground) they approach another hole; there is a six-headed serpent in it; the same; in the third, a nine-headed serpent; he drives the young man into the ground up to the neck, but the young man still cut off all heads; there was foam on one half and blood on the other; at home, the young man marries this last girl and gives the other two to his brothers]: Beke 1938, No. 35:298-310; Chuvash [the king asks sons to see who is stealing his horses; the youngest of three sees a copper bear hiding with a horse underground; brothers dig a well, lower the hero; he meets a princess of copper, silver and golden kingdoms; kills a bear, brothers raise princesses upstairs, raise the hero, think it's a bear, throw a rope; the old man gives the hero a sword, he kills a snake crawling to an oak tree, saves eagles; eagle takes him to the ground; on the way, the hero feeds and gives her water, finally cuts off a piece of his flesh, the eagle heals him; the brothers marry three princesses]: 57-64; Chuvash tales 1937:27-40 [the snake knocked him down from the sky with its tail and captured the sun and the month, swallowed peoples and tribes; three babies were left, and each foal - white, black, savry; one in the steppe, the other in the forest, the third in the crevice of the rocks; grew up, became Ser-Pattar, Yuman-pattar, Tu-pattar ("land-, oak-, hero mountains"); S. met Y. first, then T., went together; stayed in a house, near the bridge over the river; at midnight S. woke up: the wave carries a man sitting on a copper on the throne a snake with three crowns on three heads; S. fights him on the bridge, killed him, hid his heads and pieces of body under the bridge, did not say anything to the brothers; they drove up to the village; S. peeks through the window of the hut: there a woman rocks a baby, she has a star in her forehead, stars in her ears; she tells the baby that to avenge the death of his father will become a raspberry bush, the heroes will eat berries and die; S. cut the bush, flowed black blood; brothers stay in another house at the bridge over Shura-Shyv ("white river"); J. must guard, but falls asleep, S. sees how the ninth wave carries a snake on the silver throne, silver crowns on 9 heads; he drove S. waist-deep into the ground, but S. cut off all the heads, hid them under the bridge; S. peeks into the hut again; the same episode, there are even more stars on the woman, sits on a silver chair, promises turn into a spring; S. cuts a spring, black blood has flowed; brothers spend the night at the bridge over the Black River, T. goes to guard, falls asleep; the twelfth wave carries a 12-headed snake, golden crowns on their heads; he drives S. into the ground, but S. went out, cut off 11 heads; to save the last one, the serpent took the sun out of one ear, gave it a month from the other; S. still cut off his head; in the hut, a woman with stars on her body sitting on a golden chair, promises to turn into a bed with a feather bed; S. cuts, black blood flowed; the mother of snakes surrounded the heroes with her body, swallowed J. and T., S. on her horse jumped over, jumps away, the snake chases; S. locked himself in the forge, invited the snake to lick the iron door, grabbed his tongue with hot forceps, went out, began to cut off the tail, all the swallowed ones came out, everyone threw a handful of land, a mountain formed; S. took the sun and moon out of his pockets, they returned to heaven]: Chuvash tales 1937:27-40; Kazan Tatars [the padishah has Aigali's youngest son; herds disappear, two older brothers go in search; A. plays, threw the golden ball, he pierced the bottom of the woman's bucket; she advises to look for her father's cattle better; A. chose a shaggy horse Catch up and the Wind; comes to the old woman , she sends to the other, the other to the third; she tells the diva to cut down two heads, and she will come to cut down the third head with her sword; the fox brought the sword for the third head, A. and the divas began to fight; divas He hit three times, A.'s legs went to the ground; A. hit three times, the diva plunged into the ground with his legs, then to the waist, to the neck; A. cut off two heads, the fox brought a sword, with which he cut off the third; drove home herds, met the brothers; they tied his sword to the feet of sleeping A.; he jumped up, was left without legs; an armless man came to him - his brothers cut off his hands out of envy; then came blind (blinded by relatives) ; he stole the padishah's daughter, she began to cook for the cripples; the fire went out, she came to the witch for fire; when she went back, ash fell out of the sieve; the old woman follows the trail, sucks the girl's blood from her finger; blind and armless guard, afraid to say A.; A. grabbed the old woman, forced them to swallow and belch, everyone became healthy; the old woman did not regurgitate A., she was chopped, A. was found in her little finger; at home A. showed her father his ring, squeezed water out of the stone; forgave the brothers]: Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 42:139-148; the Bashkirs [Akkhan and Karakhan decided to marry children if their wives give birth to babies of different sexes; A. has a son, K. has a daughter; And . died, K. forgot his promise; A.'s eldest daughter-in-law to his son: what to flirt with me, it would be better to go to the bride; the son asked his mother to fry wheat, held it in her hand, she had to confess; K.'s wife died , telling him to take a new wife more beautiful than her; K. did not find anyone more beautiful than his daughter; she made a condition: sew a flea fur coat and a lice leather handkerchief; K. did; she dug a hole in the bathhouse and covered it carpet; K. went, failed; daughter left, began to live with the elderly; son A. found K., pulled him out of the hole; K. says that his daughter killed her mother and went to the maiden; A.'s son came to the house where daughter K. lived; began to pluck wool from the ram, put the meat on an inverted pot and poured water on top; the girl, seeing this, laughed and became more and more beautiful; they fell in love, he brought her mother, married her; poor K. came; at night stabbed his daughter's son, put a knife on her; said that this witch killed her mother; the mother kicked out his daughter-in-law; the young returned to those old people, taking the child's body; son A. sees how the snake has revived another, dragging her around the hummock; revived his son; the young man grew up, went to fight the devil; stopped at the old woman, she wants to burn him in a copper bath, he drags her there himself, tells her to show the way to the maiden; she sends to to her sister; she has a silver bath; the same goes to her older sister; a golden bath; the old woman tells her to grease the deva's gate with oil, chop snakes and lions with a sword, gives a handkerchief to heal the horse's leg if a lion hurts him; the young man drove the deva up to his throat into the ground, then put him in a cage, freed the beauties, the princess gave him a ring; he brought his mother to him; K. came, opened the cage with the deva, who advised him to send a young man for a bear's milk; K. called himself the young man's grandfather - his mother is unconscious, he must be cured; the young man pulled a sharp stone out of the bear's paw, she gave milk; K. released the deva, the young man defeated him, he fell into the ground; the young man sprayed milk on K., who became petrified, the millstone closed the place where the devil was; the young man threw a ring into the jug of the princess's maid; she recognized him; wedding]: Barag 1988, No. 54:377-385.

Western Siberia. Southern Khanty (b. Konda, S. Patkanov, 1888) [A childless old man set fire to his barns so that smoke could rise to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother-why doesn't he have children? Heavenly Father sent a son, who gave three seeds, let the old man let his wife eat; she gave birth to a boy, he grew up quickly, came to one of the ends of the earth, the bear and the wolf let him see the old woman, who gave him a name Like Aspen Leaf, the Agile Husband (VM); he returned home, only one foal from his father's herd did not bend at his arm, he took it; tells his father to marry him one of the three royal daughters; the father was beaten, expelled; the priest's youngest daughter was given without dowry; his wife refuses to look in his head - she did not even look aside where the Merchant, the Wanderer (KS); his flying horse brought him to the old woman; she says that no one returned from the city of CS; gave a bundle of 60 silver rings; the next old woman gave a ball of thread, the third gave a white towel; teaches how to avoid a mountain of human bones, throw rings to 60 warriors, cross the bridge across the sea; the warriors shot, only pulled three hairs out of the horse's tail; the CS's mother turned the VM into a needle, hid it from her son; he orders to show the person who came, became his brother, ordered his wife to be beaten, when she arrives magpie and gets out of her magpie skin, with three silver bars; the wife is forty again and flew away; the COP does not tell me to open the seventh room; in others - frogs and lizards, in the seventh - the girl is CS's sister; the VM married her; goes to fight the seven-headed menqua, tells his wife not to leave the house at that time; cuts down the menqua warriors, but there are more and more of them; then he cut her husband, who carved warriors out of flint like sparks, destroyed warriors, hit something with a sword; at home I found out that the COP had left the house - he hit him, why did they release him? they found the body, put it in the coffin; wife: mother-in-law wants to kill you; he entered his mother-in-law's house, fell into the lower world; there the old man and old woman adopted him; they do not tell him to herd cattle in the Menqua estate, he stole their eyes; but grass is better on the other side, the VM drives cattle there; hacked one-, two-, etc. -headed menkvas; the seven-headed man cannot be cut down, he drove him into the ground, the menkv asks him to take his white towel, wrap around his neck, then cut; then VM cut off his head; came to the Menkwa mother, fights with her, changed buckets of strong and weak water; the old woman's daughter shows that the old woman needs stab her chin; VM did so, killed an old woman; daughter tells her to burn her, sweep away frogs and lizards that will crawl out of her into the fire; VM tells the girl to jump over the fire - if she used to live with a man , she would fall into the fire; she fell, there were lizards too, he burned them; he took the eyes of the old people, restored their sight; they told them to prepare meat, put firebirds on their backs; she brought the last two pieces to the ground he cut off his legs from the calves; the firebird belched them and put them back; the wife is lying between two men; the VM wanted to hack them, the wife: these are your sons; the VM cut the youngest son, sprinkled blood on his body CS, that came to life; revived his son with live water; his wife's brother (i.e. CS) set up a copper playground for games, the VM arranged a silver one; everyone lets a block of stone on his court; the VM takes flint, sparks turn into husbands ; when he throws his stone, he breaks the arms and legs of the CS people, tears them apart; the COP lets the VM and his wife (i.e. his sister) go home to the VM - he cannot live with a hero who is stronger than him; on the way they come To those three old women, his wife turns them young; at home, VM climbed onto the roof, looks into the house, where his parents are quarreling over a spark; he poured water or snowed to put out their fire; they swear; he opened, their daughter-in-law turned them young; the VM scatters chips brought from another world, they turn into a populated city; abundance is all around]: Lukina 1990, No. 88:220-237.

(Wed. NW Coast. The Tlingits [a woman has four sons and a daughter; a drop of blood drips from her husband's box; she finds her uncle's hands severed off; her sons sail to her native village, make a boat out of leather and the hair of the dead; they return to the father's village; they magically begin to immerse him in the ground; the father gives them the hands of their relatives; the village disappears; in the mother's village, brothers resurrect her relatives from their skulls]: Swanton 1909, No. 31:90-91).

(Wed. The Midwest. Steppe Cree [Thunderbird woman and Wolf are the leaders of the two halves of the village; during competitions, the Thunderbird people exterminate Wolves; brother and sister run away; brother creates many wampum from beads sisters, strings on his hair, now he is a head from Wampuma; goes north, tells the person who comes from the south at noon not to answer; he will be his copy, ask her to marry him; sister believes that a brother has come, answers, indignantly refusing to marry; now the brother is forced to compete with a southern man; they drive each other into the ground, cut off their heads; the sister is afraid to grab the severed head of a southern man; he took her brother's head; V.'s body remains alive; the sister marries a man from the west, gives birth to twins; they have knives on their elbows; the twins fly their arrows, visiting V.'s body; the raven guards V.'s head; one of the twins turns into a swallow, the raven drives him away; the other turns into a hawk, brings his head, revives V.; all three return to sister V. and her husband; husband, V., the eldest twin disappear one by one, is swallowed by the Snake; the elder rips open the Snake with his sharp elbows, swallowed out; the twins turn their parents into two thorny trees; V. command stay in the West, people will dream of it; they turn into two stars themselves]: Bloomfield 1930, No. 19:152-162).